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  1. As others have said you can just clear all of the other enemies in a chapter then just have a thief attack your healer until you're happy with their level. I suggest not bothering with leveling them, though. Magic users can't promote until you get a bishop ring very late in the game, and all of the unpromoted healers just have awful bases and growths across the table. Just stick with Wendel and Boah as your primary healers since they actually have stats and combat much, much earlier in the game and actually have comparable or better stats than a promoted healer. If you feel like promoting any magic users just use Merric since he actually has good stats and you don't have to mess around to level him up.
  2. I posted this in a duplicate thread: Whether this is some sort of a ban on rooted users or not seems speculative at this point. I have been told that bans of that nature are not an uncommon practice, but other than that there is no evidence that this is intentional. I agree with FangXV that the random nature of the error at least suggests that it is an actual error and not some sort of ban for certain users or devices so I remain optimistic. Either way, I think the most important takeaway from all of this is to link your account to keep your data safe from things like this happening.
  3. Currently, there is a nasty thing called communications error 803-3001 going around, and once it hits you will not be able to play your game, and your data may be compromised. You may have to delete your game and/or data, re-download and start from scratch. However, you can recover your data if your account is linked to Nintendo. Apparently this is especially likely to hit rooted devices or emulators. If you are running your game on anything like that, I advise that you link your Nintendo account to it if possible as a precaution. Even if you're on a "normal" device, you still should consider linking your account since this error is still possible even if it's less likely. There is a chance that this error gets fixed in the future and everything is fine, but again I recommend being cautious and linking your account. It's a hassle, but believe me: even if you end up having to re-download the game, at least you still have the option to. I have multiple 5*s after only a couple hours and my account is in complete limbo until things either get fixed or I give up and restart. The best write-up I could find on the topic: Have fun, but be careful!
  4. These are rationalizations for poor map design then reasons why the map designs are great. Sure, Gaiden works as a game, but it's much more in spite of its map design than because of it. There are just too many maps that are just have way too much going on in them (Celica chapters 3/4) and maps that have nothing going on at all (most Alm maps) to say that they are beneficial to gameplay. Having large open spaces does not add any interesting to the game like putting chokepoints at a premium. It just means that you park your best 1-2 units out in front while most of your utility units get to barely do anything or flat out go run and hide because the entire map is a frontline.
  5. Easy mode isn't necessary but it makes the game more enjoyable. Basically you don't need to grind no matter what mode you play, but if you prefer to have a larger team and not only use the higher-tier units (think pegasus knights, Thundersword!Cliff, Saber), you're going to want to do easy mode. I don't think Very Easy mode is really necessary unless you're a beginner to the series.
  6. Also keep in mind this game uses the promotion item system of the GBA games, NOT like Shadow Dragon. You will need the Hero's Crest for Mercenaries, Knight's Crest for Cavaliers (armors can't promote), dragon's whip for pegasus, orion's bolt for archers, and bishop's ring for mages/clerics. This normally isn't a big deal, but promotion items are incredibly spread out in this game. The first promotion item is a hero's crest that appears in chapter 10, then a knight's crest and orion's bolt a few chapters later. The problem is, the bishop ring and dragon's whip don't appear until Tiki's map, so don't count on promoting people like Merric or Caeda until very late in the game. If you want a sage and dragon knight at a reasonable time, you should look towards Wendell and Minerva (use a speed ring on her) since they are some of the better units in the game anyway. A few of the characters are also a bit different aside from the promotion thing. Don't bother leveling up the healers since they need to be attacked to level up and are worse than Wendell, Boah, and Merric (excaliber to locked to him this game.) The axes users are kinda worse in this game since axes are heavy and can't promote. Still, they do have really good defense growths to help compensate, and Barts in particular grows to be an okay unit. Wolf and Sedgar lose their insane growths and once again can't promote. Sedgar is really only good for helping vs dragon knights but Wolf might be the best bow user in the game unless you're really patient with Gohdin. Xane copies a unit's current HP in this game so he's effectively a double of your strongest unit. Very handy unit to have around. Experience point gain is flat this time around, so prepromotes with good growths and mediocre bases like Astram and Midia are quite a bit better than in the DS game. That's all I can remember for now. That should be plenty to get you started towards building a team heheh.
  7. I don't think you can really do it in a normal playthrough without grinding or on easy mode. The Grey pictured was done in a normal mode without grinding, but he probably killed the majority of units in both Alm and Celica route of chapter 3, which is a far from normal playthrough.
  8. While Gaiden's status screen would give that impression, oddly enough physical attacks will use the boosted power stat while magic attacks only use a character's base power.
  9. If your characters are SUPER overleveled it's usually a good idea to promote back to villager, then to archer, sniper, and arch knight. I've done this with pretty good results in both an easy mode run and a low character count run where I used Grey in both Alm and Celica chapter 3 (by killing him off and resurrecting him.) You lose quite a bit of movement and res, but it tends to pay off in the long run since you get tons of fast level ups and once you get back to arch knight your character tends to have op stats alongside perfect 8 movement and 1-5 range. Here's a screenshot of the Grey in question when I got to endgame. (Power is skewed up because he has silver bow equipped) Notice how he has insanely high speed for a Bow Knight even with his horrible growth rate because he got 18 speed back when he promoted to demon fighter. If I did the same thing with Cliff his stats would probably be off the charts.
  10. In addition to Jedi's run in progress, I finished a minimum recruitment run pretty recently where I only recruited characters mandatory for completing the game. Link to the thread and playlist is here
  11. You have to get to them very quickly before they get out of hand. They will usually spawn more bigls unless they have a unit to attack in range, so it's vital to send your Falconknights and/or a unit with the Quick Ring (obtained from the Fear Shrine in Alm's route) to distract them from spawning ASAP as well as to start killing them off. Also be sure to prioritize the first bigl on the map, because Judah will leave the map once you kill that one, preventing Judah from spawning further bigls. It may also help to restart the map if you have a very unlucky first turn, such as both the initial bigl and judah both spawning multiple bigls, because they get out of hand extremely quickly since spawned bigls will spawn more bigls. Also iirc Jenny using the spell "Dear" should clear a lot of the Bigls and make the map a lot more bearable if you lack Falconknights.
  12. Dean is better and it's not even really close. The later part of the game (read: right after Sonia joins) is miserable with its huge maps with bumpy terrain, which are both horrible for Sonia and her 4 move. She has trouble doing much of anything at all late game without the magic ring, which Norma uses almost identically without costing you Dean. Sure, her bases look good for her level and her growths are good, but she's going to have trouble gaining many levels without grinding and her promotion might as well not exist. You might even look into having a mercenary go demon fighter > villager > mage instead if you want a high stat mage. Promoting at level 20 is just that slow. Dean meanwhile is a welcome addition to any of my teams. Sure, you might already be using Saber and Kamui or even both, but Demon Fighter is one of the best classes in the game and you have a wealth of powerful swords to spread among them (Demon Sword, Holy Sword, and Dean's already equipped Hero Sword). Demon Fighters also have high movement, letting them get into the fray before the Falconknights have already killed everything, and have solid stats in all areas. The best part is Dean gets to demon fighter without much effort at all; he already joins as a level 5 hero with great stats! Honestly the only downside to him to me is that Sonia's map is more difficult than Dean's map because of the witches' teleporting shenanigans.
  13. I have played the game quite a bit and have never had this happen to me. My first instinct is to think that you're using a bad rom, translation patch, or code. Change one of those things with the same save file and see if the problem persists. I hope that helps!
  14. You just have to accept that weapon balance just wasn't quite there until at least Thracia 776. FE1 was especially bad about it. However, just because one weapon has better stats than the other doesn't mean the other one is totally useless. For example, the steel sword isn't for sale until like chapter 5, so you might as well at least use the free one that comes with Cain. The same goes for the silver lance. Its stats are way worse than the silver sword, but it does have better durability, is cheaper, and is for sale much earlier than the silver sword. Honestly I'm more offended by the quality of bows and axes than anything else. Like you said, at least lance users can always switch to swords once the good ones become obtainable. All of the bows besides partia are mediocre against non-flying units and the axes are simply a liability.
  15. Hey, I finished uploading my updated run in honor of the Echoes announcement. You can see the full playlist at: It's an interesting way to see some Gaiden in action if you don't feel like watching a normal playthrough. You might want to watch another run if you want to see the full roster in action.... This is unedited footage of me recording so the whole playthrough is over 6 hours long. If you don't feel like sitting through the whole thing, I recommend the finale since the final battle is pretty exciting and you get to see Alm at his broken-est.