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  1. Skill Request Thread!

    Next up: random stuff kicking around this file.
  2. Skill Request Thread!

    She's up. Next.
  3. Skill Request Thread!

    A'right, I'm going to ask for the difficult stuff. Skills from classes that can only be gotten by marrying the Avatar with that talent: If there's anything anyone has, I thank you now and I'll thank you again later. I'd be glad for class-change access. (Gives me something to do~) You don't even have to heartseal the character, just put them up. And don't worry if they're low level--I can use the logbook exploit, easy-peasy! For Scarlet at this point, all I really want are Tomebreaker, Aegis and Countermagic. Next set.
  4. Skill Request Thread!

    Good grief! How did I miss that? Sorry! Next set:
  5. Skill Request Thread!

    Next! Felicia and Saizo are out, Azura has 2 more. CertainBlow!Azura is still up. I'm having issues with spoilers.
  6. Skill Request Thread!

    Ok, next set is up now. She's up. ...I feel like I should put my cards in my sig, but Miiverse is gone. >_>;
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    ...Heh. You're Azura is almost as bad as mine. 35-37k a pop. The next set isn't up yet; was just about to, but Nintendo is having maintenance and I'm going to sleep.
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    Got him up. Sorry for not getting him up sooner... Had to grind him, I was lazy, excuses, etc.
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    I've got him up: 01500-76475-73973-20837 In hindsight I realize I should have told you sooner: the next set is up. Sorry.
  10. Skill Request Thread!

    Lemme know when you've nabbed the skills and I'll put up the next round for the next day. I hope you have gold. Lots and lots of gold.
  11. Skill Request Thread!

    Wow. Quite the endeavor. I'm trying for all skills on my top 15, so I can help you out a bit. Honestly, I'm shocked at what you don't have. Where do I start? D: I don't have impossible skills other than Aptitude, so you'll have to get those elsewhere. Here we go to start: 01500-76475-73973-20837 (Wait, you already visited me...!)
  12. Skill Request Thread!

    Scarlet with Vantage/Life and Death: 01500-76475-73973-20837
  13. Skill Request Thread!

    Got her up: 01500-76475-73973-20837
  14. Your favorite games.

    Can't vote because I have nothing to do with the spinoffs. Dislike them equally. Blazing Sword/Shadow Dragon/Echoes/Gaiden
  15. Who is Claus?

    Here's the project thread, you can download it from there. Klaus is an OC for this manga.