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  1. Which of the first two games is better?

    FE2 is so much freaking fun to play. One of my top three favorite FE games. FE1 on the other hand, I find torturous to play. Not saying it's bad, necessarily...I just have issues with it for some reason.
  2. Aww it's over? Well, that was fun. Thanks for doing these!
  3. Didn't know there was one of these for Echoes. I'm excited!
  4. Skill Request Thread!

    You're welcome. And no worries, I got the notification that you visited. Got Shura's skills, thank you~
  5. I vaguely recall these titles. But nothing more. Early concept or rumor, I have no idea.
  6. Upper left, inner sigil: Cantor (wielding Medusa, and they summon status-inflicting Revenant) Upper left, outer sigil: Arcanist Upper right, inner sigil: Dread Fighter Upper right, outer sigil: Villager Middle left, inner sigil: Deimos, Titan Middle left, outer sigil: Garuda, Vestal Middle right, inner sigil: Sage, Falcon Knight Middle right, outer sigil: Gold Knight, Baron Bottom left, inner sigil: Guardian Bottom left, outer sigil: Fafnir Bottom right, inner sigil: Priestess Bottom right, outer sigil: Bow Knight I'm in Thabes final right now, testing. 107 turns worth of data, now I'm bored. They usually spawn two at a time but sometimes only one will spawn. They spawn randomly and if the random sigil happens to be covered up (by a player unit or an enemy unit) they won't spawn. The sigils for Cantor, Dread Fighter, Garuda/Vestal and Guardian have 1667 turns worth of data. I was grinding for Luna and Astra way back when. :v Why I bothered when I don't even have Sol yet...
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    You're welcome. :3 And thank you for more skills! These are the last skills I have for you: Soleil: Magic+2, Vengeance, Underdog, Profiteer, Future Sight
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    Next. Everyone's done except Soleil. As for Xander's skills, I was seeing things; he's done. @anniec8711If you still need M!Kana with Aegis, I have him up.
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    Got him, thanks! Um...would it be too much to ask for all but Draconic Hex and Grisly Wound? xD I feel silly. Right now I'm all excited, YAY SKILLS \o/ Hinoka, Felicia and Shigure are done. Asugi and Shiro are done unless I manage to pass down some skills. Xander and Nyx are done for now, but will have more at some point. Still going: Soleil, Camilla, Kaze, Saizo, Ryoma, Azura
  10. Skill Request Thread!

    Sort of starting to wind down. Beruka is done. Thank you thank you! Saizo and Shigure are up with Certain Blow.
  11. Skill Request Thread!

    Anyone have Aptitude on Shura? And any other skills he can't get with heart seals. You're welcome. :3 More! He's up. I just got him yesterday!
  12. Skill Request Thread!

    Still going.
  13. Skill Request Thread!

    Skills. ...I just realized I said heart seal instead of partner seal. :v You know you can use heart seals and partner/friendship seals (if they have S and/or A+ supports) on characters you recruit? Just nabbed the skills you put up, thank you! :3 Random stuff again, before I delete this "alternate reality". I'm working on supports, I need the save slots. So. Much. Bloody. Grinding.
  14. Skill Request Thread!

    -poke- Let me know when you get the current batch. I, uh...managed to lose all my visitor info from yesterday afternoon. >_>; So I don't know if you already visited. Ugh! /table flip