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  1. Yeah I meant Kalos oops. I'll likely be pinning up this list in the next few weeks. I'll have to see how everyone else is around the time too, we'll figure it out and plus I plan on tons of events. I want to get these done asap but the structure is still in dev, part of the issue that grew in later 4 tournaments on here/the sf smash discord are that people stalled for tons of time or got incredibly lazy or busy, so I want to not have that happen again.
  2. I've seen this and I don't fully agree with it is more the thing. I'd rather have Fountain of Dreams instead of Unova for one and also Pick/Counterpick aspects are even in this, since that's how the 4 stuff was ran here :p
  3. Bump Time is getting shorter, the 14th of December is when this will be starting, in the meantime i've been trying to figure out a ruleset to start with. Currently planning on 3 stocks 8 minutes, however I'm still figuring out stages (also sign up if you haven't)
  4. Still relatively tame compared to most other companies, but I don’t see them decreasing that price if there’s more. This is Nintendo after all gotta make bank and never give discounts.
  5. Well, Sakurai did say "and we don't mean Echoes" but I think 1 or 2 of the DLC fighters might come with Echoes of the characters that get added, like Simon & Richter showing up together, but who knows really? I'm not thinking we'll get many more if any more sorry to say.
  6. Not always, she does have Melee to an extent, while not one of the big 5 she still makes tournament appearances and gives Leffen a hell of a time every time he fights one.
  7. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    Starcraft Ghost, while I was back in my Starcraft high it looked so cool, and unique for the series before getting just straight up canceled.
  8. General Warriors Thread: Orochi 4 Gameplay

    Some sales going on today. Considering 8XL is one of the best warriors games period, that is a very good deal.
  9. Haha, just figured i'd say, it's fun to look at and speculate with of course, and who knows it might be on the money, but yeah everyone legit looks super fun to play as.
  10. Yeah dude, he looks pretty great. I honestly agree from what I've seen.
  11. Important to note it’s before release so it’s not going to hold very much water in a few months.
  12. Video game music

    This remix is awesome.
  13. Ryu kills way earlier. Sounds like he overall has better options too.