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  1. Short Hop aerials now have weaker damage. A 0.85 multiplier
  2. Cloud is still gonna be really good now he mostly will probably have to worry about Sheik needles with the limit charge thing, I agree with Crimson. It's a nerf but won't effect him much. 15 second thing is far more significant.
  3. Yep plus it only lasts 15 seconds now. Also EVO is gonna have the demo so I can play it since I'll be there.
  4. I write for Smashboards now too

    You'd pick Roy but then the Smash affiliation
  5. I've become a writer for Smashboards, just thought I'd let people know ^^; I'm under SHSL Jedi there.
  6. Octopath Traveler

    We have a thread for this already
  7. Bit of a bump with some more discussin topics Video brings up several good points regarding this.
  8. Star Ocean: Anamnesis

    So far I can't tell very well but parties like to be balanced between character types, I think Invokers are super strong if given the best support but I dno if anyone of this set is particularly broken. I think i've heard Clair (from SO3) is busted but she isn't out in Global yet. I'd have to do some more research and such.
  9. Star Ocean: Anamnesis

    So does anyone else play this mobile game? Global just launched a few days ago, I'm enjoying it a lot, need more banners but the first one had quite a bit of SO3 so i'm pretty happy with that, waiting for more of the SO3 cast and of course the SO2 cast among others. I want Dias so badly in this game haha, figured i'd see if anyone wants to be mutuals since the multiplayer is the big draw of this game and having mutals gives you more benefits with follows. List of Ace characters in the Japanese version right now, including Valkyrie Profile and NieR: Automata. My player ID is XP5F4FTM8P
  10. Octopath Traveler So it's doing really well sales wise in Japan right now, so much so SE is recommending people get it digitally because they're running out.
  11. Around 20 early entrants so far. We'll likely be trying a 3 Stock format, although stage choice is gonna be kind of weird to decide that early into the games life.
  12. Octopath Traveler

    I'll be getting the game likely when I get some Extra funds, nice to hear that all 8 have indivdual stories, but I guess we can't get on Seiken Densetsu 3's level in terms of interconnectivity, good to hear about the skits though.
  13. Origin clip he means Mewtwos birth and loss of his human friend who triggered his want for revenge. Without it the English version kinda loses almost entirely its context on why Mewtwo hates humanity.
  14. First Broly becomes canon in dragon ball, and is being written by Toriyama, now Mewtwo is coming back to the Pokemon movie spotlight. Seems to be a remaster.