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  1. They ignore everything around them except their own blind ignorance.
  2. No DLC has 9 full characters, several history mode maps (read 20 to 30 fights each), costumes and such.
  3. Fair, sorry I just get a little confused when people just do the whole "Musou games shouldn't get X kind of recognition" blanket statement. And also to be fair in the case of HW's case its not exactly the best at showcasing musou stuff, considering its slow and tedious boss fight nonsense among other things that slow it down due to all the Zelda additions.
  4. And why do you say that? Considering stuff with even more barebones gameplay (Assassins Creed, the Batman Arkham games etc) get higher scores just from their source material alone? I mean I say this as a huge Musou fan who sees them having deeper gameplay than most, but this comment just seems to come out of spite. Then again I highly dislike scoring systems for reviews as they are very usually heavily scaled or make little sense.
  5. It unlocks more options with Anna memories and I think the revival is behind one of those benchmarks.
  6. Nice also this Piano version of the main theme just popped up too and its gorgeous
  7. @Lord Raven and @MrStardustRicon will be streaming the game alongside me Our various Twitch Channels are thus I'd advise using multitwitch for this one considering all of us will be in a call with each other. I will be using Rowan as my MC in this run as I used Lianna in the original Japanese Stream. We are also going to be using certain characters after they show up Raven is pretty much using all 3 SD characters, Stardust is going to use Robin and Lissa for sure, and I will likely stick with a couple of Fates characters + one from Awakening or something This will be at around 5:00 PM PST tomorrow if all goes right, I hope to see you all there, I'm also not sure how long this stream will be, I will also be using the 60FPS 720p option this time. It is SUPER smooth.
  8. Depends on what she'd want to cosplay :P
  9. Dusk confirmed for Bannings relations. Yeah its all good, now I just wait for a PS4 charger cable for my controller oops.
  10. DLC characters announced

    You gotta remember that Hyrule Warriors Adventure maps were pretty bad all things considered, considering how much you had to grind in all of them just for items. the History Maps are just the right size, HW's were way too big and had too much padding. I'll throw some salt for Camus though since I really wanted him.
  11. DLC characters announced

    This is the FE fanbase after all, if they can't have their particular Husbandos or Waifus its crap.
  12. DLC characters announced

    It's not a commonalty with KT, so either its a little greed or IS had the say with this. Considering how Ayra was handled in Heroes recently I almost wanna say its the latter out of salt.