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  1. General Trails thread

    Not yet, but there is a transcript for CS3 at least now, rough but works. Although as i've been told as I go through Crossbell I need their context before even considering CS3 via transcript.
  2. DMC V Dante's theme is released

    Speaking of music
  3. General Trails thread

    I have to avoid the TGS stuff so hard so I don’t get spoiled. Working through Zero now haha.
  4. DMC V Dante's theme is released

    Eh one bad song won’t bring down a game.
  5. Capcom Beat Em Up Collection

    I'm getting this as soon as my pals do, so i'm kinda waiting for them before I jump on it, but i'm still uber excited.
  6. I'd love to see Sigurd, Seilph, Briggid, Leif, Altenna, Cuan, Finn, Ethlyn, Arden, Tinny, Ced, Ares, Arvis, Ayra the most. Who we'd get? Sigurd, Seilph, Lewyn, Ayra, Arden, Eldigan, Lachesis if I had to guess I think Chapters Prologue, 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and Final would be cool from those as stages.
  7. So what is your favorite character?

    My favorites to use in the game are Marth, Anna, Ryoma, Linde, Minerva, Navarre, Chrom. Everyone is pretty fun though
  8. It just seems like it’d be really weird, and I see most other people I’ve talked to about this have the same opinion that it’s likely not going to be on there for that reason or the whole Kojima thing.
  9. Since they're using the old model PS1 controllers I don't see MGS being on there, but maybe i'm wrong.
  10. I hope Legend of Dragoon, Suikoden, Brave Fencer Musashi and Tomba are all on here. Symphony of the Night seems like a no brainer too.
  11. So Sony is taking a leaf out of Nintendos book.
  12. Interesting! I like questions like this. Hmmm one from each eh? I'd look at the popularity of characters from both games, and stuff in heroes. Nino becomes an obvious choice from Blazing Sword, as she's generally popular with both Japanese and Western audiences, she has some good support material from the home game that they could expand on even further in Warriors. With Echoes this becomes a bit harder, but i'll go with Lukas, as he's not on Celica's route, generally popular with those who've played Echoes, has a lance, and would be our first General/Thwomp character.
  13. Honestly, I can't be entirely sure on if we'll get one. With how much they talked about it I think they will if they can, i'd say about a 40% chance? Roughly. But I wouldn't expect it anytime before 2020 personally.
  14. Yeah unless we get someone from another FF in there. The listings clearly show it as FF7, so I personally feel if we did get anymore FF content it'd still be from 7. But they could always change this of course.