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  1. Some Warriors games have unique NPCs or unique generals who weren't playable. It's not nearly as common as it used to be though.
  2. I believe Nintendo is there for 3 days, not sure how much of the focus will be on FE:W they're likely gonna focus on Super Mario Odyssey.
  3. I agree, but its just weird to have every one of the siblings EXCEPT them as well, you know?
  4. Not 100% sure yet but it'll likely be around 5pm pst
  5. I was recommended the genesis version and thats what I went with.
  6. Just a few more days before we actually see if they go with the super obvious reveal or they decide to surprise us then.
  7. "Marcus isn't bad" is implying you don't think he's good either, also on Arran, he's solid in FE3 and is able to get the gems like everyone else, and in FE12 especially on lunatic he's one of your earliest and best contributors and when he falls behind he can continue working as a bishop still thanks to the innate stave rank.
  8. Marcus is the best unit in the game period. He has far more long term contributions than anyone else in the entire game. Is this myth of prepromotes still in 2017 for real? Good Lord.
  9. I saw the totality for about a minute, then it got lighter again.
  10. He's not only good, he's ridiculous.
  11. This stream will be starting in a few minutes Waiting for my co-host Refa though.... Never mind might be longer than a few minutes.
  12. This is excellent news, bless you Kaga.