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  1. General Trails thread

    Missed ya sorry, I'll find the links for you soon.
  2. General Trails thread

    All I know is that it plays more like Ys or Zwei, but since its Falcom i'm gonna assume its pretty good at the least, and pretty amazing at its best. There is also a Japanese only gacha game for Trails, which iirc has some vague canon connections but nothing super important. When you get to CS1's near end tell me so I can hand you an Audio Drama for a segment that got cut out and for a short Manga that connects some Sky related things to CS related things. Still need to play Tokyo Xanadu, also Cold Steel IV is up for preorder on Amazon Japan and is already a best seller. and theres this news of the PS4 re-releases of CS1 & 2. Looks like China & Korea will be getting them. Along with III and IV
  3. Video game music

    Actually Sonic still had vocal themes in pretty much every game till around 2009ish, Heroes & Black Knight in particular are sprinkled with quite a few, and in fact Sonic Rush had nothing but vocal themes for the most part. But unrelated to Sonic
  4. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Some dub samples from the upcoming Under Night people Carmine, Orie and Vatista.
  5. General Trails thread

    Very good thread for learning order and methods of playing all the games Also our first official big time trails figure is up for preorder.
  6. An unfortunate bit of news has hit us here in the gaming community, I figured i'd post this here so people can collectively both find this out and pay whatever respects they may have. Rest in peace, I didn't always agree with you, but you were very entertaining and a likable guy. I hope your friends and family can find peace in this trying time. As far as I know the cause was cancer, but I'm not 100% sure of the exact type or anything, so i'm sorry.
  7. I'd rather not include something that makes me single handedly rank Hyrule Warriors below several other Musou games.
  8. Nights of Azure 2 has some frame issues, and i've heard things about their currently Japanese only Warriors ports to the Switch, nothing super big but frame drops can mean alot for people.
  9. Hopefully it runs well, KT ports to the Switch haven't been too great so far.
  10. Cipher Series 13: 25 May - Lyn SR!

    I love when they reference actual scenes in these.
  11. General Trails thread

    The CS options to turn to Japanese in the PC ports is for the menus only, people have done mod patches for them though for those who cannot live without their precious Japanese OG subs.
  12. General Trails thread

    Be on the lookout on twitter rn more details on Sen IV are coming out and I got spoiled on some things because people didn't tag their posts properly
  13. Yeah honestly it's really neat we're doing both a demo and a tournament before the game even comes out. A proper test drive, kinda like what Splatoon and Arms got but on a little bit of a wider scale?
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Actually the main idea of FE casts (and why they used to be so gigantic) was that they were effectively replacements if people died. That was the older mentality anyways. Also the generics tend to have funny stats and people use them for challenge/goofy runs.
  15. I think the little quirks would be nice if they ever showed them, but ontop of their tropey quirks already I think it'd just cause more complaints.