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  1. I just instantly promote them like every other class.
  2. An old Christmas ornament that a friend got me quite some time ago, it got lost to storage.
  3. We got some release dates from a NISamercia stream Ys VIII launches September 12 on the US for PS4, Vita and Steam September 15 for Europe Thanks to @Tonton for managing to catch this.
  4. Like how Dragon Quest Heroes had Tower Defense elements?
  5. While the ideas are overall really neat I don't see it happening for a non DW/SW game.
  6. I just hope its not CS1 mk2 with how it plays out, I really don't want to be back to Square One.
  7. It looks really good! :D
  8. Hahaha you did give me a good laugh :p
  9. I find relationships are generally written better if they just focus one (Not just FE but almost any game), except for Sigurds, that one is still pretty bad.
  10. Nice job! I quite liked this line
  11. Her magic is the magic that will PIERCE THE HEAVENS!
  12. Mine got some solid def & hp, the rest of his stats (well not str he had 19) were lacking but I didn't have issues with him tanking, magic however... Also getting RNG screwed harder would be impressive considering his growths are pretty bad too. But yeah he's not on the same tier as Mathilda or Zeke by any means, I just like him.
  13. Yeah Seven's skills adding onto like a team of them Shulk & Dunban also put tons of chain attacks into the equation as well, which was hilarious. Also I loved Melia's starlight kick abuse.
  14. While Forsyth & Python have pretty bad starts they grow into fairly good units pretty quickly if you give them the chance, for instance my Forsyth has 24 str and 14 speed right now as a Baron, with the usual tankiness of one, he's better than my Lukas by far, and Python well he just has the utility of his bow range and str & spd after he gets going, promotion gains help the rest. FE2/15 are designed with you using most of the units in mind, which is why theres so many encounters I think. Clive yeah he's pretty bad but if you can manage to get him to Gold Knight it fixes him decently, his supports with Lukas & Mathilda also help them pretty well. Atlas has been the opposite for me, he currently has 22 str and 19 speed, I used the Dragon Shrine after I got him so I didn't have to wait and it paid off.
  15. I quite liked the game when I played it a few years back, Dunban is my favorite character, gotta love him. I just hope evasion tanking isn't quite as op in 2, although XCX toned it down a bit iirc.