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    Cathuria is the abode of gods and the land of unnumbered cities of gold. Its forests are of aloe and sandalwood, even as the fragrant groves of Camorin, and among the trees flutter gay birds sweet with song. On the green and flowery mountains of Cathuria stand temples of pink marble, rich with carven and painted glories, and having in their courtyards cool fountains of silver, where purl with ravishing music the scented waters that come from the grotto-born river Narg. And the cities of Cathuria are cinctured with golden walls, and their pavements also are of gold. In the gardens of these cities are strange orchids, and perfumed lakes whose beds are of coral and amber. At night the streets and the gardens are lit with gay lanthorns fashioned from the three-coloured shell of the tortoise, and here resound the soft notes of the singer and the lutanist. And the houses of the cities of Cathuria are all palaces, each built over a fragrant canal bearing the waters of the sacred Narg. Of marble and porphyry are the houses, and roofed with glittering gold that reflects the rays of the sun and enhances the splendour of the cities as blissful gods view them from the distant peaks. Fairest of all is the palace of the great monarch Dorieb, whom some say to be a demigod and others a god. High is the palace of Dorieb, and many are the turrets of marble upon its walls. In its wide halls many multitudes assemble, and here hang the trophies of the ages. And the roof is of pure gold, set upon tall pillars of ruby and azure, and having such carven figures of gods and heroes that he who looks up to those heights seems to gaze upon the living Olympus. And the floor of the palace is of glass, under which flow the cunningly lighted waters of the Narg, gay with gaudy fish not known beyond the bounds of lovely Cathuria.

    - H.P. Lovecraft, The White Ship
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    Cathuria: The Abode of Gods

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  1. Upon the ceiling of an Italian basilica as a fresco I would paint our love, so upon our deaths people would know that we’re in Heaven together.
  2. I’ve had a ball and chain for about three years now.
  3. I love Valentine's Day

    I think you’ll find college a very liberating experience. You’ll have a lot more responsibilities on your hands but also a lot more freedoms as well. Also if you think 18 is old, try being 25, its a hoot!
  4. I love Valentine's Day

    Look on the bright side, at least you don’t have a girlfriend who is trying to bankrupt you on Valentines Day. Not that I’d know anything about that... *Quietly cries to himself*
  5. Happy International Single’s Awareness Day everyone! Make sure to go out and celebrate with your mates, for this magical time comes but once every year!
  6. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

  7. I love Valentine's Day

    What I got my dearly beloved for Valentine’s Day. Now, where’s that bread and butter I’ll be eating for the next month?
  8. The pain of getting ready in the morning.

    I get up at 6:00 A.M, take 15-20 minutes to get ready, and then have an hour and a half commute to work.
  9. The problem is during the narrative of Fates characters such as Xander and the playable Nohrrins aren’t the ones reveling in the slaughter of innocents like Hans, Iago, or Garon. However, I will concede that the problem with Xander and the others is that they capitulated and allowed the actions of evil characters to happen when rank is pulled on them. While this puts these characters under an unflattering light and makes me question them for there actions, I still think the word villain is too strong a descriptor for them. Caitiffs will suffice more for the playable Nohrrin’s nomenclature then calling them villains. Even when Xander and the others capitulate to allow these evil actions to happen they never condone them and earlier in the game there are instances when the Nohrrin royals subvert Garon’s intentions. The problem for the Norrhin royals is that the consequences of a war are some much larger then what they’re use to in terms of subverting Garon’s will that it becomes nigh impossible for them to do so. I feel that if Xander and the others had an the options of subverting Garon’s will during the war without the threat of getting slaughtered themselves, they would have tried. Again caitiffs but not villains. Also Elric is not evil incarnate, that would be the Lords of the Higher Worlds.
  10. Enter Elric: The Original Edgelord

    Yoshitaka Amano's (Faris' artist and famous Final Fantasy artist) artwork of Elric:
  11. You think that Peri and many of the other playable characters of Fates are villains? Flawed? Yes. Do morally questionable things? Yes. Villains? No. Characters like Elric of Melnibone are goddamn villains. Elric has slaughtered untold hundreds of innocent people with his hellsword, Stormbringer, to please his patron god, Arioch, Lord of the Higher Hell and to keep himself alive. And the funny thing is that Elric is the protagonist of his own saga and saves the day in the multiple times over the course of his adventures. P.S. Stormbringer doesn't just kill people but also devours the souls of its victims.
  12. The Prince of Ruins, Womenslayer, Kinslayer, Dragon Emperor, The Thin White Duke, Godslayer, The White Wolf of Immryr. Since 1961, Michael Moorcock's infamous Elric of Melnibone has been a major influence on many famous anti-heroes, anime villains, and edgelords the world over. Join me in traveling back through the mists of time to rediscover a character that has left an indelible mark on the fantasy genre for over half a century.