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  1. “It’s Hendrick.” Elaine corrected the XO before letting her continue, nodding at the comment about stress. “Yeah. I can get that. I haven’t been doing well with the captain as a whole, either.” Elaine’s relationship with Jess was no where near as brutal and confrontational as it was with Jess and Roxanna, but she hoped that it would help Roxanna to at least say she wasn’t the only one that had issues with the captain. Maybe? Well, either way, it was yet another stressed out woman part of the Riese crew. But as Brant had only begun to help her, maybe Elaine could help Roxanna? Her interactions with the XO were limited to, in all honesty, just this one meeting they had in the food court, but Elaine felt like there were similarities between the two that couldn’t be denied. It was like a dark mirror of how she was before breaking down to Brant, if only slightly. ”I can’t say I’m good at thinking up solutions to these kinda things...” Great fucking start, Elaine. “...But if you wanna talk about it more, I can listen. Is that alright?”
  2. “Well, yeah, I’m planning to eat.” Elaine let out a little laugh as she sat down. “But...Well, you looked a little lonely over here, so I just wanted to come over and talk. I mean, if that’s alright.” It was then Elaine noticed Roxanna’s meal of choice for the day. “Oooh, Ravioli. I haven’t had some good pasta in a while. How’s it taste?” Small talk first. That’s what Elaine thought best to do in a situation, and talking about how good the food might be sounded like an excellent starting point. Especially if it was pasta.
  3. Well, whatever the reason Chris was here, Brant didn't seem to concerned about it, focused more on the food he wanted, instead. Or, maybe he just didn't hear either of the ladies next to him? No, Elaine didn't think Brant wasn't the type to ignore his surroundings like that. But did that mean he had faith that Chris wasn't going to do anything wrong? Or that he believed that if she did, she would be easily taken care of? So many questions about Brant's apparent apathy towards the situation, yet all of them she didn't want to actually ask. She had trusted his judgement with leaving his AI device, A2, with her in order to monitor her and keep her safe, so she could at least trust his judgement on this, couldn't he? That was, of course, if he had even noticed the three girls to begin with. Speaking of noticing ones surroundings, out of the corner of Elaine's eye was a certain character with long, light blue hair, sitting in the food court all by her lonesome. If there were people on the Riese that she knew next to nothing about, their XO Roxanna would definitely be one of them. She had heard some things about her distaste for the Captain, but again, her own time of isolation didn't help matters. Hell, the only thing she knew for certain was that her...uncle?...was stationed at the base, and even then, Elaine had forgotten where she had heard that from. Still, as Elaine turned her head to get a better look at the lone XO, the more she started to feel something inside of her. Something telling her, egging her on, to leave Brant and Hannah to their date, and instead spend some time with someone new, someone who looked very lonely. Could she trust Roxanna? Could she say for certain that she wasn't one of the three moles part of the Riese crew? Elaine would have liked to say that it didn't matter, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Still, the little voice in her head kept telling her to go and try to make conversation. "...You know what, maybe I'll catch up with you two another time. See you later." With a small wave to the couple, Elaine left them to their own devices, and walked over to Roxanna. "Hey." She said, gentler than she would have with a surprising number of people. "Do you mind if I sit here with you?"
  4. Why was Chris with them, indeed? She hadn't been on the ship for the past several hours, but there wasn't any notice of Chris being allowed outside of her room for any reason. There had been a meeting for Abigail joining the crew of pilots, last she recalled, so no such announcement for their newest prisoner was concerning. Very concerning. Granted, if Kim's own physical prowess was anything to go by, thinking back to the time where she slammed her onto the table in the Main Meeting's Room, she could probably take down Chris if she tried anything, and from the albeit small interaction she had with Chris, as much as she liked to push buttons, she seemed smart enough to try anything. The keyword being 'seemed.' "I...don't know."
  5. "Well, I'm glad." Elaine said in response to the lack of pettiness Hannah had. Another benefit of being an android, maybe? "And...No, I don't really mind you clinging onto him." Okay, maybe she did mind a teeny tiny bit, but signs of affection weren't something that bothered Elaine to the point of being uncomfortable. If anything, she just thought Hannah might be going a little overboard about it, albeit with no experience with loving relationships of her own to go off of. Elaine followed the lovely couple into the mall, and slightly regretted her decision on short shorts. Slightly. Air conditioning was something she should have accounted for, as she did feel it within the mall last night, but at that point the summer heat wasn't bearing down as hard, and thus temperatures balanced out. Here, the difference felt a little more jarring on her bare legs, not enough to make her shiver or complain, but enough to feel chilly. Though, like diving into cold pool water on a hot day, she would get over it soon enough. She almost said something about going to their immediate right for the food court, but decided against it. This was a date for Hannah and Brant, as the now blonde haired android said literally seconds ago, and she was able to bring up a map of the place to direct them. So, making her own suggestions on where to go did *not* seem like the wisest move. She just stood back, silently, unless it looked like an okay time to speak up. Is this what a third wheel on a tricycle feels like? Elaine thought to herself, jokingly.
  6. Top 10 Fire Emblem conspiracy theories

    This is shitposting that needs to stop.
  7. Elaine’s eyes widened ever so slightly at Hannah, and she looked away for a second, a shameful smile on her face. She did have quite the reaction to Hannah, and it was clear Hannah was trying to get Elaine to worry less about her changes. Bringing that up made the situation awkward, but not enough to make her leave. Hannah wanted to prove to her that this wasn’t a ‘bad decision’, and for today, Elaine was willing to let her. All the same... ”I, uh...Guess I should apologize for my little reaction to your question, all that time ago.” It wasn’t as much time as Elaine implied, though at least to her, it felt like it was ages ago. “But, yeah! Let’s get going. I’ll let you two lead the way.”
  8. First...date? Hoo boy, this was news to her. Then again, this was probably something much of the crew knew already, and she was only finding out now because of shutting herself in. Still, there were plenty of worries in the back of her mind about Hannah, the same as they had been when she had asked for 'proper skin'. But, she let those worries stay there, instead smiling back at Hannah as she let her...massive cluster of hair free. It was just as much as Christina's, she reckoned. "General shopping sounds about right. I didn't have anything specific in mind, besides clothes. Of course...I guess that's not the only reason. Admittedly, I'm looking for somebody to hang out with. Eheh..." At this time, she heard the car door open and close, and was able to get a closer look at Brant, who looked pretty tired, himself. Active, awake, but tired. "You really think so?" She responded to Brant next, giving herself another look over. "Well...thanks. And, no, I didn't always have this. I was actually with Aliza at Orange Theocracy last night, and she ended up picking this out for me. I definitely like it. ...So uh...Do you two mind if I tag along?" A very awkward question, considering Hannah just said they were on a date, even more so with the fact that she also admitted that Hannah wouldn't have gone with anyone else. But, it didn't hurt to ask, right? ...Okay, maybe it would, and being a third wheel in a date was never a great feeling for anyone, but she wanted to ask anyways, hoping that the response wasn't...too harsh if the answer was 'no'.
  9. Sleep had, quite honestly, been more difficult in the living quarters than she had hoped. Though, that wasn't due to anything regarding how well the rooms were prepared for pilots and personnel, but rather Elaine's own personal feelings. It had only been a few days compared to the year she had spent in her apartment, but already, her room on the Riese felt like a new, cozy home to her, despite whatever differences in quality it had to the quarters off base. And because of that, Elaine was rather thankful that she hadn't immediately unpacked upon arriving at her room, and though the advantages of being much closer to the central mall could not be denied, she felt it best to go back and take up residence on the ship, again. It felt childish, going to a new bed, saying 'not comfy enough', and just going through all the hassle to go back, especially with all the prep work put into her change of scenery in the first place, but there was something about the Riese that just made it a far cozier place. ...Even if it was home to a captain that probably wanted little more than to get her out. Elaine shook those thoughts from her head. Positive. Gotta stay positive. If I go back, then I go back. Let's just see what happens today. Elaine walked from the living quarters to the central mall, feeling the midsummer heat in full force in the daylight, and was quite thankful for the new clothes Aliza had picked out for her, last night. She wore the light blue short shorts and accompanying white top, along with the rather fashionable light blue jacket, with a sense of...well, she wasn't quite sure, what. Pride? No, that wasn't quite right. It wasn't her that picked up the outfit, but to her, it represented the friendship that Elaine had made with Aliza, so maybe that was her accomplishment. Satisfaction was more the word for this feeling. Maybe comfort. Either way, she walked all the way to the central mall, hoping today she could possibly pick out some more clothes at some point, but also something to occupy herself on times of calm. Maybe a book or two would help? Possibly an audiobook if she didn't feel like carrying it around all the time. Her little smart phone was more than able to provide that, and once again, the salary of a military sergeant more than supplied her with the necessary credits. All of this, the comfort that they were allowed to experience, reminded Elaine just how privileged she was, in the end, despite all the hardships she had to face and was still facing. "Hm?" Out in the distance, a tuft of blonde hair. It was around the area where military jeeps were parked, and it was there she could make out two figures inside. There were a few on the Riese with blonde hair that Elaine could think of, so it was a guess as to whichever one it was. Either way, she walked closer to the jeeps, before making the figures out to be Hannah and Brant. Wait, Hannah? She blinked a few times, and confirmed that it was, indeed, Hannah with the sitting next to Brant, having undergone quite the change in hairstyle. "Heeeeeey!" Elaine called over and waved, before jogging over to the jeep. As she got closer, Elaine could see the finer details of Hannah's new hair bit by bit, tied up in a style someone with really long hair would use so it wouldn't blow so much in the wind. A consequence of the jeeps not having any roofs. When she reached the jeep, her paced slowed until she stopped just outside the doors. "Wow...You really gave yourself a makeover. Are you two heading into the mall?"
  10. Aliza brought up a good point. It was getting late, and even though plenty of stores would still be open for the next few hours, she felt pretty tired, especially after the events of today. Elaine let Aliza lead her to the checkout, and she purchased the outfit that had been picked out for her, now placed in another bag she had to carry. Well, she did say she would need to burn off all that fat with exercise, though this was a far cry from lifting weights. "You know what, yeah. It's late, so let's head back to the residential area. ...Er, is that where you're gonna stay for the night? Or are you gonna go back to the ship?" It had only now occurred to Elaine that she might have gone and dragged Aliza on her own little adventure off-base when she was fully intending to still make residence on the ship, which would mean another 2 hour drive back for her, and it made her feel guilty in doing so. Granted, she had asked Aliza to come along in the first place if she wanted to come along, so it didn't make her feel completely awful about, especially when they had a good time.
  11. "My hair?" Again, Elaine felt unsure of the prospect. Sure, she had never really tried to do anything with it, but it also felt comfortable that way. To have it styled, possibly braided considering Aliza's earlier suggestion, made her uncertain. That being the case, Elaine was too eager to please her new friend, despite her own feelings, and thus nodded her head. "Sure. Let me just go get changed back." Elaine stepped back inside the room, quickly getting herself back into her earlier set of clothes before neatly reassembling the new set on the hangar, making sure nothing was messed up. She stepped out, her traveling bags back around her shoulders, and the new set of clothes in her hands. It was likely that she would spend time tomorrow looking for some other sets, but just the one for tonight would be satisfactory. "So, uhm...What did you have in mind?" Elaine asked, wondering if there was even a place inside Orange Theocracy for hair styling.
  12. "Thanks." Elaine was able to return her bright smile, for once. "It feels nice, too. It'll be good for the summer heat. Heh, maybe I should go to you for fashion advice, more often." She spent another few seconds showing herself off to Aliza, before deciding. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna buy this. Let's see how much it is?" She said, trying to get a good view of the price tag. Not like it mattered, as the salary for an ANF soldier was enough to set them for a lifetime, barring the most expensive spending spree that could possibly be feasible in this day and age. It was more than enough to help her pay rent for the rest of her time spent in an apartment, before finding a good house to live in, and even after that, plus any necessities, there was still spending money left. It wasn't quite riches, but it was enough to not have to worry about money, anymore, and that was fine for Elaine. "Hm? Looks like you bought some things, too. ...Actually a lot of things." Elaine really wasn't good at noticing things today, for only now did she see the bags that Aliza was carrying. She couldn't see what was inside, though it was easy to figure out clothes, but it was way more than just one set. Guess some girls wanted a lot to wear. She wasn't about to judge.
  13. There was some slight discomfort from the way Aliza observed her and her body, another way for her to be very forward, but Elaine knew she had the best intentions, and thus let her do her thing. The only comment that seemed to bother Elaine was the one about her hair. Up to now, her hair had been natural, not really going so far as to style it beyond making sure it was properly washed and making sure to comb it. Did she really need something like braids to make her look good? Well, she was the inexperienced one when faced with Aliza, so far. It felt almost immediate when Aliza shoved an outfit into her hands, her bags thankfully around her shoulders. She trusted Aliza, and with a nod, and a small ‘okay’, Elaine walked off to the changing rooms, not noticing Aliza’s choice of words. The rooms themselves weren’t far, and there were plenty that didn’t seem to be occupied, though that was probably because it was late at night, and most people were asleep. Even Elaine started to feel a little tired, but her ‘food coma’ could wait. She stepped inside one, the door was locked, and Elaine was finally able to rest her arms, again, and put her bags down. A large mirror adorned the small-ish box of a room, helpful for getting a good look at yourself, and indeed, Elaine did as she undressed from her own set of clothes. In her own honest opinion, she felt...average. Barely worth a head turn, especially compared to plenty of others aboard the Riese, perhaps a result of her own low self-esteem that she never really tried to look like anything more. Until tonight, that is. Elaine picked up the shorts Aliza had picked out, and finally got a good look at them. ‘Short shorts’ was right. That would be a lot of leg she would be showing, though her own swimsuit showed slightly more, last she remembered. She made a mental note to compare sizes as she slipped them on, surprised at how comfortable the fabric felt. Next was the top, plain and white, not that different from the top she had just worn previously, but still slipped it on regardless, feeling the slight irritation of the price tag kept on it, but overall was satisfied with it’s feel. Last was the jacket, with the insignia on the back captivating her for a few seconds. Maybe it was just the feather itself that made her think about her dream to soar through the air, but if nothing else, she would definitely buy this jacket separately if she could. With the final piece of the set on, and her shoes quickly added after, Elaine took another small moment to look in the mirror, posing in different angles, before stepping outside the room. She hoped that it had been enough time for Aliza to choose her own set of clothes. She had asked Elaine to take her time, after all, and she thought that had done just that.
  14. Elaine wasn't sure, but she thought she heard some sort of...groan? Maybe she was just imagining it, but she could've sworn she just heard Aliza annoyed with something. But, when Aliza turned around, she was back to her usual smile, so Elaine decided not to pry. She probably was just imagining things. Before she could react to anything, however, Aliza grabbed her by the hand and pulled her over somewhere, asking her questions along the way. "Well, I'm definitely a shorts girl. Skirts just aren't for me." That was probably the easiest of the three questions to answer, with the next being the absolute hardest. Flaunt it? Did Elaine even have anything too flaunt? She thought back to her days in school, where at least a few classmates, both male and female, had called her cute 'in her own way'. "Uhhh...I guess I'll...go either or?" She probably should have said to keep it subtle, but she wanted to at least try and step outside her own boundaries and test the waters, even if it was with clothes, of all things. She was sure she could handle any cat-callers out there, anyways. And, as for accessories, Elaine thought for a moment as she felt the earring on her left ear, a pair that she and Jane had bought during their time together in Italy, with Jane currently owning the other on her right ear. "Yeah. Accessories are fine." She said, nodding. "I like scarves, but uh...Well, maybe not for summer."
  15. Already, Aliza was off to take a much closer look at the different selections of clothing Orange Theocracy had to offer. It got a small giggle out of Elaine, seeing how eager her newest friend seemed to be. Elaine walked over to the general area of the store where Aliza was browsing, and soon saw several sets of clothing that were far more stylized than she ever cared to think about, before. Fashion was not a strong suit of hers, pun completely intended, and she normally just bought whatever was comfortable to wear in public, and whatever she could get away with wearing in private, hence the yoga pants she was wearing today instead of any jeans or sweat pants, though she had plenty of those within her wardrobe. Shirts and coats were usually the same deal, save for the leather jacket she owned, and admittedly hadn't worn since her first day on the ship, and likely wouldn't wear during the midsummer heat. The last thing she wanted was the black of the jacket to attract all the sunlight that she didn't need to her. However, it had been a while since she had gone out to shop for clothes with a friend, or anyone, really. The last time that had happened was with Jane, and she hadn't seen her for a year, now. Normally, Elaine would simply ask whatever store clerks were at the desk for recommendations of the latest fashion, or what might look good on a redhead like her, but standing here, eyes quickly looking around for anything to catch her interest and finding nothing, she wondered about asking Aliza instead. 'I can't possibly see me coming to you for fashion advice' Of all the times for her to once again hear the words of others in her head. It was just that single piece of a sentence that made Elaine think back to Abigail, and everything it had meant. She recalled how Abigail thought that they would never become close enough to warrant that kind of friendly relationship, and as Elaine turned around to look at Aliza, seemingly lost in her own thoughts, she wondered if the few hours that the two girls had been speaking together allowed that kind of advice, or if it would just make things more awkward between the two. So far, Aliza certainly hadn't seemed like the kind to aggressively put someone down, though she did seem just as forward as Abigail in her own way. Elaine took a deep breath, and decided it was worth it to at least try. "Hey, Aliza?" She said. "I'm honestly not that good at the whole fashion business. And, uh, I'm having a hard time picking out something new to wear. I...I was wondering, maybe...what do you think would look good?" In hindsight, Elaine had offered many decisions up to Aliza, and they had more often than not resulted in the same 'It doesn't matter to me' response, except for the music that they had listened to in the drive over. Elaine wondered whether or not Aliza would give a similar response, or if she had her own set of preferences. Well, Elaine had put out the question, so it was too late now, as she doubted Aliza would take a 'nevermind' so well, and didn't want to disappoint.