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  1. Gonna have to with Alm on this one. Mostly because Celica's maps after Act 2 start getting increasingly unfun and devolves into a slog, with very few high points. Alm on the other hand, had bland, but rather solid battles,
  2. Hey now, Hyrule Warriors had a fair amount of unlockable content and not just DLC (though I suppose having content in the DLC that needed to be rewarded is also something I like).
  3. The fact that I'm actually playing a FE game that has never been seen over international shores until now is quite frankly baffling in a good way, but I actually like how characters get their own unique spell lists (though I wish I could set any of their attack spells as their personal spells because having my mages cast Excalibur or Seraphim on the counter would have been nice).
  4. Cantors, Witches, Arcanists etc. can all go back to the hellish pit from which they spawned from! It's making Act 4, now that I finally got there, into a right slog! I'm actually really happy I recruited Deen because I can never have enough Dread Fighters on Celica's side. God, I'm starting to miss Awakening (and Fates for the matter)!
  5. And, judging by Clive's animation, get's effective damage against terrors as well. EDIT: Must say, I completely love that Sages essentially become Cantors because I've been wanting a class that's something like a Necromancer for a good while since Sacred Stones.
  6. Up to the start of Act 2 so far, and I can say I do like it. Not as much as either Awakening or Fates, or Sacred Stones for the matter, but it's pretty neat. Went with canon promotions for Alm's male Villagers and made Faye a Cleric. Honestly, having a second healer is a godsend in this game compared to other FEs. Being the OCD I am, I somehow managed to get all my units in Act 1 up to their final tier class through battling Terrors + Kliff as a Lv. 9 Sage, and both Faye and Silque as Lv. 10 Saints. I then went to retake Zofia castle, and because I could hit Desaix twice with Sagittae (from Kliff) for 11 damage per cast, and could Warp/Rescue him in and out, I got to see the (in)famous "body double" speech from Slayde (who promptly retreated, the asshole) and snagged a swaggy Dracoshield which went to Faye. With 20 Resistance and even higher Defence, she's not going to get killed by anything for a loooong time. Storywise, I like it so far. I also like the characters, about as much as I liked the Awakening and Fates cast (which means I like them a lot). Gameplay-wise, I'm kinda fond of the stuff that sets it apart from the other FEs, including the Arts, the different spell lists, and the "cast spells by spending HP" thing. Unfortunately, grinding in this game is quite a bit more boring than it is in Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates, mostly due to the dungeon maps I've seen being small, empty maps (good thing I got grinding for the Act 1 units out of the way for now), but the gameplay stuff unique to Gaiden has kept me from being too bored with them. Art-wise, I love Hidari's artwork (not as much as Kozaki's, but Hidari's art is better than the other Fire Emblem artists). Model-wise, they don't quite reach up to the quality of the models of the other 3DS games up close, but most of the time, you're not seeing them up close, so that's really a minor complaint. Music-wise, so far it's pretty great. Almost on par with Fates.
  7. With that kind of stats and the Regal Blade's effect, he seems to be an answer for mages, particularly green mages.
  8. About as good a time to update as any. My main arena team are the first four units listed: M!Robin (+HP, -Def) Julia (+Def, -Res) Reinhardt (+Atk, -Def) Xander (Raised to 5*) Lucina (+Res, -Spd) Ryoma (+Def, -HP) Ryoma (+Atk, -Spd) Cain (+HP, -Atk) Eldigan (Unsure) Eirika (+Spd, -Atk) Tharja (+Def, -Res) Leo (+Def, -Res) Leo (+Atk, -Res) Sanaki (+Res, -Def) Tiki (Young version, +Atk, -Def) Azura (+HP, -Res) Abel (+Res, -HP) M!Robin (+Spd, -Atk) Spring Lucina (+HP, -Spd) Spring Lucina (+Def, -Atk) Nowi (+Atk, -Res) Michalis (Raised to 5*) Camilla (+HP, -Res) Camilla (-HP, +Spd) Spring Chrom (+Spd, -HP) Merric (+Spd, -HP) Cecilia (+At, -HP, Raised to 5*) Gordin (+Atk, -Spd) Jaffar (+Atk, -Res) Lachesis (+Res, -HP) Priscilla (+Res, -HP) I did get other five star units, but those have been mulched to other units for their skills.
  9. Cleared both on my first try, using what has now become my main team: M!Robin, Julia, Reinhardt, and Xander. With two units capable of taking hits and Reposition widespread around them, controlling the pace of the battle was a cinch.
  10. Well, after the Mage Gauntlet + pulling a +HP, -Atk Klein on the Battling Lloyd banner, Reinhardt can now learn Death Blow 3 and my +Atk, -HP Cecilia just got 5*ed. I also got a +Atk, -Res Leo a while back during a desperate gamble on the Male Mages banner (desperate gamble as in I had either 5 or 9 Orbs and two or three potential reds to pull on that attempt) which means I can mulch the +HP, -Res Leo I currently have to Xander so that he gets Quick Riposte 3 and up my potential arena score. And since I have a spare Tharja (albeit a 4* one), Leo can inherit Raudrblade+ at some point along the line. This Gauntlet (and the Battling Lloyd banner) really helped me along to make my normal Arena team and my budding Horse Emblem team reach new heights.
  11. Time to spend, spend, spend! Whatever happens from now on, I am glad I gave my all for Team Robin! (And Robin has been very kind to me in return: I'll have enough feathers to make some SI dreams come true and I didn't have to back a child abuser to get them.)
  12. Any good unit that isn't a blue unit.
  13. Red: Sword - Xander, Tome - Leo Blue: Tome - Robin (Male) Green: Axe - Michalis, Tome - Julia I have no favorites among the other colors/weapon types.
  14. I'll admit that I laughed. Well, it's all or nothing now.
  15. He's my favorite simply because I like male mages and his element of choice (through Brynhildr) appears to be earth which is my third favored videogame element (after lightning and darkness). He is also nicely designed and aesthetically has the black knight vibe going for him which is always great! It's just, well, Robin is also pretty much a mage with a good design and he wields lightning (and darkness in Super Smash Bros.) and also has ties to a dragon that also uses darkness. Plus, since he's an Avatar, I can pretend I am him. You either love or despise Tharja. There's almost nothing in between.