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  1. Some of us have said that Fire Emblem should have died with Awakening. Not sure if there's people like that in Japan, but we set the bar pretty high even before that one.
  2. From what I've heard elsewhere, the total number of voters in that poll was significantly small.
  3. DLC is coming, and it's fleshing out the cast of the focus games! That makes me hyped!
  4. It's not that I saw him talking or anything, but the sprite used for the "Lord" unit for that History Map is Male Corrin's, much like how Chrom's is used for the Prelude/Chapter 23 map and Marth's is used for the Shadow Dragon one. (Incidentally, I love my dorky dragon male Corrin so that was nice to see.)
  5. Male Corrin, believe it or not, actually seems to be the main protagonist for the History Mode version of Fates Chapter 6.
  6. Robin by far. He looks so fun to play as.
  7. Of course not. But they don't matter because for gameplay purposes, their whole purpose is to be the rank-and-file soldier who doesn't really have any skill or talent to speak of so your units who do can get experience fighting them. Perhaps because these kinds of soldiers typically don't receive much of a training except "poke spear at enemy" and that's it. For these kinds of soldiers to survive further, they need to exhibit further talent with it other than just stabbing enemies with spears (and in Aran's case, he's tougher and stronger compared to your average soldier + someone in the army already knows who he is and can appeal to him to use his skills serving your side instead of dying at your sword/spear/axe/magic, etc. etc.).
  8. But isn't a lack of both character and depth exactly why you need mooks to begin with? Also, isn't it so much that the characters you get don't have the rank, but moreso has the skill: Take Awakening for instance, many of the game's characters are part of the Shepherds which consist of a rag-tag group of knights and promising upstarts (a mage to serve as magic artillery, a fighters to serve as muscle, cavaliers to serve as fast-moving units). Then characters hired outside of that have skills that contribute to making the Shepherds more and more of an elite group of soldiers once the training kicks in (an archer for physical ranged attacks, a thief to pick locks, a peg. knight for airborne battling, a master swordsman, etc. etc.) And all of these roles would be harder to replace than your typical unskilled rank-and-file soldier. In Aran's case, he is stronger and hardier than the typical Soldier. He also displays sensitivity and kindness and has a backstory with Laura as being fellow orphans in Daein, latter being adopted by a merchant family in Begnion (which leads to him joining the occupational army). He latter secretly smuggles the Dawn Brigade into the Glaive Prison (being posted as a guard there at the time) so that they can help Laura and Micaiah. So... are you saying every soldier is an orphan who are friends with one another?
  9. And your characters are never the typical rank-and-file soldier: They have characterization that goes beyond that, helped by the games never giving you control of an actual rank-and-file army, instead having it be composed of characters who learn and grow different from each other even if they ostensibly have the same class. The typical rank-and-file soldier never improves beyond that.
  10. That might actually be it: Spears and pikes and the like were generally seen as the rank-and-file infantry weapon since it was easy to use and relatively safe. So soldiers, the general mook class in Fire Emblem, wield lance-type weapons because the common rank-and-file infantry is exactly the kind of mook you'd see appear in number to be easily overrun/slaughtered by your elite unique snowflakes.
  11. If they didn't deconfirm them through talk, they were surely deconfirmed by the fact that the Blazing Sword part had Marth, Chrom, and Robin take on the role as the protagonists of that part.
  12. It's the same as Marth's orb mechanic, I believe. Which was in itself similiar to Zelda's rapier mechanic in Hyrule Warriors so you're probably referring to C1.
  13. With the way you worded it, it was kinda hard to understand.
  14. I dunno. He could still be nonplayable for all that means. Though having him be playable isn't an impossibility with what we know either. That said, if he is nonplayable, it could possibly mean that some of the characters we've had confirmed playable could have been conceived as nonplayable first, then made playable latter on.
  15. Robin can apparently cast Goetia! He is now on my list of characters who'll be permanently added to the team lineup whenever possible.