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  1. Free Update / Nov 16

    I don't think it was "fixed" as much as "changed", but eh.
  2. Free Update / Nov 16

    This update makes Robin and Corrin exempt from the Deploy Limits based on gender. Previously, Robin would be restricted to Male Only and Corrin would be restricted to Female Only, no matter what your costume was.
  3. Different damage from different moves in a character's arsenal is likely explained by there being different kind of multipliers assigned to various attacks (along with some attacks being multi-hit).
  4. Free Update / Nov 16

    Plus, with datamining, we know Robin has Thoron as his (currently languishing in unused data hell) prf weapon and Thoron is part of his moveset so eh.
  5. That was a nice touch

    And Celica if her 1000 KOs achieved quote is something to go by. His ability to attract beautiful women apparently transcends time and space.
  6. Free Update / Nov 16

    That's because all of those characters, regardless of status, is a part of the base game. Also, we're already being blindsided with new weapons in this update. (The weapons that give us Armor Break.)
  7. Yeah. If I remember correctly, due to Luna and how it works thanks to Tables figuring it out for us, Luck is essentially the highest-priority stat you want to boost, followed by the stat you're attacking with (Str or Mag), then Skill.
  8. Nice. This should provide a base from which we can work from latter down the line.
  9. Free Update / Nov 16

    The Broken Armor models you get from the DLC will likely be freely selectable as normal costumes.
  10. The supports in this game are really good

    Robin x Lyn fanfics when In general, I liked just about all of Robin's supports, but the one with Rowan, the one with Corrin, the one with Leo, the one with Xander, the one with Tiki, and the one with Lyn stood out to me. As did Leo and Frederick's supports because holy shit, that is hilarious and amazing! It's comedy gold! I also liked the one with Rowan and Xander (where we get insight into why Rowan only wants to be a knight and not a king) and the one with Xander and Marth (particularly when Xander brought up Garon).
  11. The supports in this game are really good

    Helps that Robin's supports (and that one especially) are generally written with the male version in mind.
  12. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    It really isn't. Then again, GBA Myrmidon was essentially inspired by Navarre anyways.
  13. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Nah. The Bolt Axe is used for her Dual Special Finisher.
  14. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Yeah. That's the one I was thinking about. I think that's just her looking "ohmigod, where's mah axe!" as lightning conveniently strikes in front of her. Actually, I think I see what he means. The C3 is way too embellished to let us be certain of whether or not it's a shout-out to GBA Myrmidons, and the last hit basically has her smash the Mani Katti into the ground which isn't exactly the sort of thing I'd associate with either Lyn or the GBA Myrmidons. Same with the C5. Her C2 is also not as similiar to the Swordmaster upward strike as you think it is because she holds the blade in a reverse grip as she jumps up. The regular moveset does not appear to be inspired by the GBA Myrmidons as you're saying.
  15. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Very well, I will concede this.