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  1. Quite recent, but holy hell is this a good piece of music!
  2. Honestly, what makes it more annoying is that in the end, I still know so little about Robin and Lissa and I fear it's going to remain that way since there's only two videos out there showing gameplay of this particular demo and it's probably going to stay that way in the near future. The wait is going to be extremely agonizing.
  3. Might be, but I don't think that justifies spending 10+ minutes or so on one character, especially if it was done to pad out the video. That was annoying.
  4. He should have just gone to defeat Chrom if he was going to spend the gained gameplay time playing one single character that we've seen a good deal of off before.
  5. I don't particularly care for her since I think she's somewhat bland in both abilities and personality, but I do find it an entertaining thought regardless that her Japanese VA is voicing someone who's serious and nice for a change (and is not someone who's overwhelmingly psychotic), and who tends to be somewhat calm.
  6. Well, the rapier is a rather light weapon that's lends itself well for thrusting, but I'd say that since the Falchion she wields is more like a longsword, Chrom's fighting style would be better suited for that weapon, and for Lucina herself by extension.
  7. He's been spending too much time with his female counterpart.
  8. From the looks of it, at one point, he makes a ground mark similiar to Lucina and Chrom when they channel lightning through their weapons and slash through/stab into the ground, so I think his element is Thunder like the rest of the main Ylisseans.
  9. Storm Clouds, Id -Purpose-, and Miscreant/Malefactor are heard in the remix, yeah.
  10. One more thing, one of the attacks that Frederick did left a mark similiar to some of Chrom and Lucina's attacks, so I think Frederick is another Thunder element user.
  11. Another thing about Robin: Like Marth, his C1 has a gimmick to it. I didn't get to see what happened, but attacking with Robin fills up a meter separate from the other meters which you can use with C1.
  12. Hm... Robin's C2 is Elfire and it appears to be a standard C2 in terms of function (i.e. it launches enemies up so you can begin a combo) and seems inspired by his Arcfire move in Smash Bros. C3 is Elwind and seems to be a crowdclearer, he conjures wind blades all around him to hit enemies before gathering them up to be blown away by a big blade of wind. With how early it comes out, it could perhaps be useful if he's swarmed by multiple officers. C4 is a lightning spell (I think he says Thoron) where he summons a big ball of electricity that arcs lightning all around it before he fires it forward (so it seems). I'd peg it as a frontal AoE. His regular attack uses balls of lightning. He typically fires them forward, but for one, he has them surround him which is kinda similiar to Kanbei and his ghostly spheres. His regular musou makes use of the magic of the Levin Sword, first by slashing three times to create sword beams, then sticking it to the ground, gathering enemies up, to conjure forth powerful lightning magic. But then again, we already knew that.
  13. It's random what he says at the end, but "I have a plan!" is indeed what he said at one point.
  14. Robin's regular attacks look very inspired by Kanbei. He also looks very very awesome! Also, he has the highest magic I've seen of the units we've got so far. And Lissa looks absolutely brutal! It's magnificent!
  15. It's not as if they weren't enjoyable.