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  1. I get what you mean. A decent part of the maps in Awakening, especially the Paralogue maps, has secondary objectives besides the main objective that gets you something additional for the trouble (and a sense of achievement) for doing them in addition to the main objective, and I still think Tiki's Paralogue is one of the best Defense/Hold-The-Line Maps of Fire Emblem without actually having that as a main objective.
  2. Just to be clear, the initial Hyrule Warriors game had OG incarnations of the mainstays (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf/Ganon), an OG incarnation of the most important reoccuring character after those three (Impa), an OG of someone who's mostly known through Smash (Sheik AKA Zelda's alternate identity), and two characters from Ocarina of Time, three from Twilight Princess, and two from Skyward Sword, in terms of characters from the actual Zelda games (with Sheik and Impa being regarded as OoT and Skyward Sword characters since they take heavy inspiration from the Sheik and Impa of those games). There's also aesthetics and elements taken from the original Legend of Zelda for stuff like Adventure Mode to giant boss designs to weapons, meaning that four games were represented at base. OCs were relegated to one playable character and three characters that were initially unplayable until an update hit (with two of those being based on recurring Zelda enemies). It took until DLC to get representation for Majora's Mask, the making of Legends to get representation for Wind Waker, and the DLC after Legends to get representation for Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds.
  3. Well, by the end of it, L-Targeting is essentially an at-will lock-on mechanic, so it shouldn't be too hard to adapt.
  4. I'd also note that, despite Hyrule Warriors sticking it close to the Musou formula in regards to the core gameplay, some Zelda gameplay elements and mechanics did get into the game. The biggest two would be sub-weapons (for use in puzzles) and the lock-on feature (which lets you lock on to more powerful enemies), but Adventure Mode also feels like a retool of the initial dungeon exploring idea, especially if you're on a mission that uses the "Final Battle" template, and it's probably the meatiest part of the Hyrule Warriors games.
  5. Taking this, making it a list, and adding 5* units I've gotten between this post and now: M!Robin (+HP, -Def) Eldigan (Unsure) Eirika (+Spd, -Atk) Leo (+Def, -Res) Tiki (+Atk, -Def) Spring Lucina (+HP, -Spd) Spring Lucina (+Def, -Atk) Reinhardt (+Res, -Def) Reinhardt (+Atk, -Def) Michalis (Raised to 5*) Camilla (+HP, -Res) Camilla (-HP, +Spd) Spring Chrom (+Spd, -HP) Julia (+Def, -Res) Gordin (+Atk, -Spd) Priscilla (+Res, -HP) I think I actually lucked out with a couple of these (the second Reinhardt and Spring Chrom in particular). M!Robin I believe is not of one of his best natures, but Triangle Adept + a -Breaker skill and Reposition has kept him relevant and he'll stay until I get one with a better nature. I'm considering calling Eirika a success as well since her buffing skills gives her roles outside of battle as well which has helped me out of a lot of jams.
  6. Cleared the Hard and Lunatic versions: Used Eirika (for buffing), M!Robin (deals decent damage against most of the armors + he has Triangle Adept 3 and B. Tomebreaker for the mages AND Reposition which helped with the mages and otherwise trivialized the map once the mages were stone-cold dead), Julia (nukes the armors and the blue mage), and Serra (for healing, which I occasionally had to do).
  7. Yes, but I can think of worse fandoms.
  8. As far as toxicity among FE fans go, I have not seen much of that here (other than a couple or so posts). I have however seen it in other places where FE fans gather. However, there are definitely a lot of other fandoms that I would put above Fire Emblem fans when it comes to horrible videogame fandoms as it's nowhere near my Top 10 worst.
  9. That assumes that Tellius representation actually gets more than Ike at base though, which is not guaranteed by any meaning of the word. I don't think Ike is as guaranteed unlike many other people here, but he is a character who can pretty much appear without any of the people from the game he comes from by virtue of his character being a ridiculously strong sellsword who canonically travels the world at the end of his game. Whatever character relationships he can form could possibly be with any of the characters from the other games, and you could even get in a few mythology gags to Tellius using Ike and characters from other games as well. (Not to mention that something like how Tadakatsu Honda essentially became the Lu Bu of Samurai Warriors could happen with this game.)
  10. Gonna completely redo my prediction:
  11. Just looked that up and oh my God, that is awesome! I am now going to be extremely disappointed if Hardin doesn't have GBA style General attacks with the Gradivus.
  12. On top of that, FE3!Hardin has the Gradivus which, on top of him being the original "Emperor" type enemy (well, kinda; Rudolf actually came first but he is very atypical compared to the usual "opposing king" characters, and FE3!Hardin codified a good deal of the things regarding that type) makes him rather well suited as an on-foot Lu Bu-type enemy in this game.
  13. I believe Musou games often pander to Japanese fans. Mostly because Musou games, much like Fire Emblem, was essentially a niché series in the west until recently. (Or still is.) And of course, what Jedi said. I think we should expect at least one Jagen character, and in terms of villains (which is the main topic here), I think we should expect at least one Gharnef and one Hardin as fightable characters. And at least one villain is probably gonna be playable since a lot of them (whether old or new) has high potential for interesting movesets.
  14. I'm gonna make a new prediction: We will get both genders of Corrin as playable characters. The male Corrin will be on the side of Hoshido (or at least support Ryoma's faction), the female will be on the side of Nohr (or the faction with Xander). And I'd also say that this won't necessarily give us both genders of Robin.
  15. Grima could also probably be made playable by exploiting his connection to Robin. Oh, and in terms of playable villains, Garon would be great due to, um, spoilers!