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  1. I just realized something? Did we get confirmation on what skill type the Bolster Sword skill is?
  2. Well, unlike the other Hoshidan/Nohrian siblings, they got costumes. (And Takumi isn't anywhere near shafted when it comes to DLC supports either, getting a respectable 2 Supports which is equal to Sakura and more than Elise currently has.)
  3. Well, Caeda is the original FE Heroine so it's not surprising that she gets so much on the grounds that she's quite an important, and very notable character on top of being fairly popular. (Indeed, I suspect that none of the Whitewings would make it besides getting a mention because Caeda is that important, and thus keeps the position as the SD Peg. Knight rep with an iron grip.) And let's not kid ourselves, the Fates royals are all very important, very popular characters.
  4. Well, currently, A+ Supports among the characters are (not counting the Awakening DLC ones because they aren't out yet), with Base + DLC/Cross DLC: The big winner when it comes to both DLC and Base appears to be Marth, which is fitting as he's the iconic FE Lord. Besides Marth, the biggest winners in regards to the DLC currently are Ryoma, Hinoka, and Leo. At base, besides Marth, the big winner is Lyn, but she got very little from the DLC in terms of Supports.
  5. It's all the same speed and it doesn't stack. Whether you pick that or Astra depends on whether your character has weapon slots or character skill slots to spare for your build.
  6. C1 to Aerial Strong. Excellent Crowdclearer. Wyvern Rider is honestly one of the worst ones. They have the best crowdclearing in the game yes, but their dueling is absolute garbage.
  7. Eh, Niles being the worst of the Archers still make him pretty good because he has access to everything that makes Archers good picks in this game. Like, if I did a tier list right now, it would look something like: Top Caeda Hinoka Cordelia (Peg Knight moveset is generally the best moveset in the game and they alongside the Wyverns also have the best mobility.) High Robin: The Mage moveset is better than the Archer moveset. He might drop to below Anna and Takumi because of their stats, but that's for another time. Anna Takumi Sakura Niles: Archer moveset is worse than Peg Knight and Mage, but it has so much going for it by default that it handily takes the throne of the third best moveset in the game. From there, it's basically sorting the Archers by stats. Elise Leo: Dark Knight moveset is probably the fourth best moveset after the other three because it's exceedingly easy to get crits with it. Plus, they, along with Xander, have the second best mobility after the fliers. Xander: Cavalier moveset is honestly the best of the Sword movesets: C5 to C5 (not using the aerial attacks) is a crit on character enemies, C4 projectile can outrange the Archer C1 which means he can force Stun Gauges from range like the Peg. Knights, C3 is a good crowdclearer, and his mobility alongside Leo and Elise are the second best after the fliers. He also has stats in all the right places. (Special doors to open would be cool though.)
  8. "Paladin with Wingslayer has appeared on the map!" "Paladin is hunting down Minerva!" You have any idea of the "oh fuck" look I had on my face when that happened? Niles has the Archer moveset because the Archer moveset takes attack animations from pretty much all the 3D infantry archers we've had. C4 in particular is basically the Outlaw/Adventurer jumping flip attack, just aimed at the ground to create a tornado instead of aiming an arrow at the player. The Thief class's most iconic feature is also that they open things without the need for keys which did make it in.
  9. "Anything you need, Noire/Morgan? You deserve a reward for being my guinea pig." "Noire/Morgan, can I practice on you? ...I mean, practice WITH you?" "Oh, you know—hex this, hex that. I’ve always been a girl with dark tendencies. And since you’re my daughter you should probably learn the trade. ...Or at least sacrifice to advance it. Care to help me test the teethgrinder hex?" Well, it turns out that even without the Father/Noire supports AND the original Japanese translation, Tharja's daughter(s) remain guinea pigs for curses and hexes and whatnot.
  10. Honestly, it's great! Nothing is like watching as your allies gang up on and brutally murder your enemies in cold blood.
  11. Besides upping their attack power, it seems to make them hella lot more aggressive, ganging up on Validar like he'd killed their goldfish or something. (You can also see Robin wield Thoron in this pic too.)
  12. The support conversation. I thought they'd name her skill something other than Vengeance, but nope.
  13. Apparently, the Tharja mission rewards Tharja's prf while Olivia's mission rewards Olivia's prf. We don't see Owain's prf on the Owain sprite. That seems... interestingly weird considering how the other packs did it.
  14. The Healing Axe was probably meant to be named "Lissa's Healing Axe" and "Frederick's Armored Axe" to go with the usual naming schemes for character-specific weapons. (And which they indeed are named in that manner now that they're officially unveiled.) The odd one out was Gungnir which was either never intended to be in in the first place or replaced with Cordelia's Love Spear that is appearing. Otherwise, all the weapons from the datamine did in fact make it into the game. Tharja and Olivia's prfs appear to follow the same naming and design schemes as the other character name weapons so it's highly likely that they'll be named Tharja's *insert name that has something to do with magic or books here* and Olivia's Sword (or something else that bring sword-type weapons to mind) respectively.