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  1. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Thank you! I totally forgot that the support page exists, will look into this. I might also consider adding some more supports or paired endings in the future for the characters who don't have very many atm. Glad you liked it :)
  2. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Thank you so much! I'll take a look at those supports & boss convos loading the wrong faces. Fordra actually has one of the highest growth totals in the game, but her growths are very lopsided (65% mag, 25% spd), so if you cap the stats like magic and luck it becomes somewhat probable that she'll get 0-stat levels. Now that I've solved (most of?) the gameplay issues I'm thinking a mass portrait overhaul is my next big project, starting with Gallea, because I agree he looks really strange - I think his head is too small. Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it!
  3. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Released v1.1.1, which hopefully solves this - let me know if the problem persists.
  4. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Looking into this now, stay tuned!
  5. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    I was returning to take a look at this issue. In my version of the game, none of the bosses have been screwed anywhere remotely close to the screenshots you posted. This got me thinking - what difficulty did you select at the start of the game? I don't mean which patch, but on the difficulty select screen, did you pick normal or hard? I had been under the impression that I'd removed all differences between Normal and Hard, but as it turns out there's still autolevelling differences which I hadn't removed. Since I developed & tested the game using a hard savefile, it's possible that the screwiness occurs as a result of picking Normal (perhaps some value goes negative and loops around?). As of 1.1, new save files automatically start on 'hard', so if my theory is correct then this issue is solved. People who have current 'normal' savefiles may want to consider restarting, or prepare themselves to face nasty bosses later. (Not the final boss though, I made sure he's always identical)
  6. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    ooopsss i was using that for debugging LOL Feel free to throw it away in that save, will remove asap for others update: fixed
  7. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I've released v1.1.0, a significantly larger update which addresses a number of presentation and game-balance issues. Unlike previous patches, this update is not entirely compatible with previous savegames. If you have any characters that are between lvl. 12-14 in their promoted class and you update to this version, they will be unable to learn their final class skills, as these skills have been moved from lvl. 15 to lvl. 12. In all other respects, it should be compatible with previous saves. Full changelog from 1.0.10 to 1.1.0: While creating this patch, I discovered a minor bug with no apparent solution: Getting a game over on ch.11 or ch.17 as a result of running out of turns will result in the game softlocking when you restart the chapter to try again. This is easily fixable by closing the rom completely and re-opening it before you restart the chapter. As always, let me know if you find any more bugs!
  8. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Good catch with the map, it looks so obvious in hindsight but somehow I missed it. Will be fixed in the next patch!
  9. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    No worries, I've encountered that too on SF. I suppose if anyone clicks on the video with "final boss" in the title it's their fault for getting spoiled
  10. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Also if you could please edit that post so that the video is under a spoiler tag, it would be much appreciated!
  11. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Thanks you so much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that the difficulty curved out nicely in your playthrough.
  12. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Thank you! Nobody's really given me comprehensive writing criticism yet, so I appreciate this a lot. I've also went ahead and (finally) made a thread in the spriter's section, so hopefully the game starts to look a bit nicer in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy the rest of the hack!
  13. Help make my completed romhack pretty!

    Hello all, A week and a half ago I released a completed 19-chapter romhack called "Heaven's Bloom." However, there are many things on the artistic side of the project which are somewhat beyond the scope of my talent, so I've come here in search of volunteers to help with a few aspects of this. 1. Mugs I've made mugs for all* the playable characters and major NPCs, but they're fairly sloppy splices of other FE assets, and they aren't 'clean' by any means. Additionally, minor bosses currently just have re-used FE8 mugs, and *two of the playable characters (Hands and Derruk) currently use un-used mugs from base FE8. I would ideally want all of these mugs to be re-done, while keeping things like hair / armour colour intact. 2. Maps For the prologue and chapters 1-9, I was working with someone who was really good at making maps look aesthetically pleasing. However, he got burnt out for the project, so the rest of the maps were done by me, and I'm much less talented in this regard; there's a noticeable drop in the visual quality of the maps after chapter 9. For this, I would want someone who can touch up these maps in the colour / shading department while retaining the current layout & terrain 3. Music This is probably the least urgent of my goals. I've written original music for much of the game, but sort of got burnt out and didn't end up doing everything - all the map & battle themes are done, but most of the cutscenes still have FE8 music. I know this is a spriter's forum so it's a long shot, but if anybody is good at composition and wants to send me MIDI files that thematically fit with the music I've written, I would not be opposed in the slightest. Anyone who's played the hack probably also knows that the battle palettes are also a bit of a mess, but somebody has already volunteered to take care of this, and they're doing a really good job so far. I'll be very grateful for any & all help with these aspects of the project! You'll be included in the special thanks section of the main thread & eventually the in-game credits screen. Just send me a PM so that I can make sure you're not working on the same asset as someone else. With that said, hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start
  14. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    Thank you! I'll take a look at the boss base levels and maybe make their stats fixed to reduce randomness.