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  1. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid announced

    Yeah, I'm gonna a wait till I see more as well! I tried the mobile game, and while I feel like it's a pretty good game, I'm not big on it cuz of the controls... :( Touch controls and I don't get along too well! XD I really hope it will have a decent amount of content as well... :)
  2. Unintentional FE Connections in real life?

    There's quite a few countries that share names with real life areas. Just to name a few: Bern, Ostia, Pherae, Altea, Crimea (as mentioned before)...
  3. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    NY!Corrin for me! I love his design so much!
  4. Yeah... I get frustrated with this problem too... :/ I wish we had more options! I always have to get creative with my fashion!
  5. A Bomberman game for 2+ players?

    Bomberman 64 was always a really fun one! :)
  6. What game is that?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Junkhead


      oh wow

      Can't see the full image ),:<

    3. Junkhead


      nevermind found

      omg that's adorable

    4. DancingDanny


      Aww thank you! It took a lot longer than I had expected it to! 😅

  7. What games are you playing on your various devices?

    3DS: Style Savvy: Styling Star Android: Fire Emblem Heroes Phone: Pokemon GO Super Nintendo: Kirby's Avalanche
  8. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    I'm really glad Ryoma is a flier! ^_^ I feel like there aren't very many male fliers, especially on non-wyverns. I'm gonna try to get Ryoma, NY!Takumi, and Christmas Chrom (if he doesn't evade me like usual -.-; ).
  9. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    It is indeed!!! :D
  10. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    Mhmm! This describes the title (which in this case sort of describes the movie in a way... XD).
  11. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    Not Dracula. The wolf section is sort of separate from the other two emojis. There's just a specific word you'll need from the wolf. ^^
  12. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    Neither of those. I think the wolf is throwing you off... ^^; (They are excellent guesses though! :) )
  13. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    Nope, but that is an excellent guess I hadn't thought of! ^_^
  14. Emoji Game! Guess the movie or video game!

    The American Flag was throwing me off for a second... 😅 🌙🐺 👣 🏰 This is a movie! Hope it isn't too tricky...