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  1. Hmm... I'm kinda lukewarm on this one... Ike being the legendary hero feels... Kinda lame... :/
  2. English Website! (Sort of)

    I wonder why Camilla isn't on the list...? They must have forgotten! ^^;
  3. How do you do the hide content tab?

    You mean like a spoiler tag? When you are typing in your reply, there should be a button you can press (looks like an eyeball on my phone) and it'll bring up a box you can type in. Hope that helps! (Also, hope I'm not mistaken...)
  4. I have that problem as well... I've had it for as long as I can remember too... :(
  5. 2nd Feh Channel (27th July 2017)

    The video highlighting the new heroes is up now! ^^
  6. How much longer will Wii U Online last?

    I'm not really sure about the online services for actual games, but I think they'll still be around for at least a little while longer. As far as the eshop goes... I think it'll be around for quite a while. The original Wii's online shop is still totally functional even to this day! :D
  7. A PSA from your FE Warriors Editor

    I'm really excited for FE:W! I've only played Hyrule Warriors (and like 30 minutes of Dynasty Warriors with my friend), but I really had fun with it! :) Part of the reason I'm excited is the fact that I get to be a Fire Emblem character that I get to directly control. It's really cool doing that! :D
  8. Aww! I loved KaBlam! Henry and June were awesome hosts! I liked most of the cartoons they had... (except Prometheus and Bob... which still kind of freaks me out today... ^^;;; ) "And Meltman... with the power to... MELT!"
  9. [DATAMINED] Banner Leaked! Girls and Guys!

    I got Frederick (after a bunch of staff users I already have... ^^; ) It was really funny, one of his lines when you select him is "Whew! Hot out..." and literally the first map I had him in, it was snowing! XD
  10. Male Robin & Lissa potentially confirmed

    Aww cool! Lissa should be interesting to see! :) In regards to weapon types (not necessarily with Robin and Lissa only) is there any way characters will double up on weapon types? For instance, Robin would use both swords and magic, which you pick before the start of the map (or during I guess). I've only seen Hyrule Warriors, so I don't have much to go on... ^^;
  11. Favorite playable character so far?

    I haven't seen a lot of her, but after seeing Lianna in action, I like her a lot more!
  12. Favorite playable character so far?

    I haven't seen a lot of her, but after seeing Lianna in action, I like her a lot more!
  13. E3 Gameplay

    Anyone else hear Karen Strassman's voice during the Coliseum mode segment? Anna as the announcer maybe? ;)
  14. Banner Idea

    This would be AMAZING! I really like the prom idea! Seeing the characters in dresses/tuxes would be really cute! :)