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  1. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    I was thinking more picnic themed than camping myself... I could see that being Genny... I hope she has an interesting weapon type! (Also please don't do a ton of armors...)
  2. Draug was trying on accessories with Bunny Chrom and NY!Corrin. Chrom kept running away after Draug put on some of the accessories! Also, LA!Hector tried out an axe that wasn't Armads and the game even said it looked strange! (Which I kind of agree with)
  3. Some way to increase movement range temporarily that's a little bit easier? I see a lot of people complain about their movement range as well...
  4. Shin Sakura Wars: Coming West, New Details

    I'm really excited about this! Even though I don't have a PS4 (hoping for a Switch release, but not getting my hopes too high...) I really like the design of the "main" girl! She's very cute! 😊
  5. I didn't know that it was being co-developed by Koei Tecmo... :o That's interesting! Also, I can't wait for it to come out! :)
  6. Stories About Your Jobs

    So I work with preschool age kids... And one day there was this one little girl playing with this little ice cream stand that we have. Well, one of the other kids pretended to call her on the phone, and she replies "What kind of ice cream do you want?". The other kid said she didn't want anything, so the little girl at the ice cream stand then went "Then don't call me!" in a really sassy tone! XD It made me and my coworker laugh so hard.
  7. While I definitely don't see it letting you freely trade units between them or anything like that, I don't think it's too farfetched to say that they could implement some sort of compatibility. For instance, if you have Three Houses connected, you could get a free copy of a unit or some cool items or something like that... I don't think Heroes would do something like that, but I think they would be able to.
  8. [DATAMINE] Special Heroes Arrive! Greil's Devoted!

    Mist is so cute! I'm only a little bummed that she's the same type of unit as Lilina from last year though... I still wanna get her though! (Plus green has Greil too!)
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna a wait till I see more as well! I tried the mobile game, and while I feel like it's a pretty good game, I'm not big on it cuz of the controls... :( Touch controls and I don't get along too well! XD I really hope it will have a decent amount of content as well... :)
  10. Unintentional FE Connections in real life?

    There's quite a few countries that share names with real life areas. Just to name a few: Bern, Ostia, Pherae, Altea, Crimea (as mentioned before)...
  11. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    NY!Corrin for me! I love his design so much!
  12. Yeah... I get frustrated with this problem too... :/ I wish we had more options! I always have to get creative with my fashion!
  13. A Bomberman game for 2+ players?

    Bomberman 64 was always a really fun one! :)
  14. What game is that?

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      oh wow

      Can't see the full image ),:<

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      nevermind found

      omg that's adorable

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      Aww thank you! It took a lot longer than I had expected it to! 😅

  15. What games are you playing on your various devices?

    3DS: Style Savvy: Styling Star Android: Fire Emblem Heroes Phone: Pokemon GO Super Nintendo: Kirby's Avalanche