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  1. I recall people praising FE Heroes for being pretty generous with it's summoning currency, when compared to other gacha games. I'm pretty sure they give more orbs now than they did at launch so I wonder what happened that makes some people say the opposite now.
  2. I don't agree that Archanea's got everyone and Nyna is a very important piece. She's also playable in two of the four BS chapters although I suppose not many people have played those. She is a major loss to me. Much more so than any of the Fates characters that we don't yet have and I don't dislike Fates at all. Coyote Hardin should be there. Julian as well. Lena and Elice were important in New Mystery's plot. Kriss isn't there and while many hate him, he's all over New Mystery. Xane has a lot of dialogues for an Archanean character. I hope they go back to those games soon.
  3. I was afraid you were talking about crossovers with non-Fire Emblem games. That, I would hate. I wouldn't mind crossover banners at all, especially if there's a cool theme to it and it could be an occasion to release characters from less popular games amongst characters from more popular games.
  4. I enjoy an eye candy, don't feel in the slightest "a little guilty'" about it, but it's still not what I want to see most when new units are released. I would be just as excited with 4 new male units for as long as they aren't alternates.
  5. But it just wouldn't be Loki anymore.
  6. A new Tempest Trial+ is coming! (DATAMINE)

    It's weird to me that they're putting seasonal alternates as tempest gift rewards when they could so easily use this mode's excuse to release unpopular characters instead.
  7. This Loki looks a lot younger and leaner. Is this intentional? The way summoning works, it might just well be a younger version of her.
  8. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    I think something like Fallen Heroes could have been a good way to make a seasonal banner. Alternates that exist in canon, I'd like. If people want them in funny suits, while that might not be my thing, I just feel we could at least mix it up and not just recycle the same theme every year. Are bunnies really all there is to 'spring'?
  9. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Getting annoyed we're just recycling the same events when we could do something new.
  10. I really wish we can do something else with the special banner this year. What's the point of a third year straight of bunny units? Let's do anything else.
  11. Meg is an example of a character I've seen mentionned here on this thread a few times that I find unique and adorable. There's nothing like her in Fire Emblem. I'd personally love to see her in Heroes.
  12. Vaida is awesome but yeah don't you dare have Vaida in this game without her trademark.
  13. I really want to meet the person whose favourite FE character is Valtome.
  14. Sword Larcei Lance Petrine Axe Haar Bow Python Dagger Cath Red Tome Calill Blue Tome Sonia Green Tome Bastian Staff Mitama Breath Mila Beast Lethe
  15. He's at least got an interesting backstory and a reason to be so vile towards humans. I guess Validar's also got somewhat of a backstory but I don't believe Iago has anything going for him (although I like his design).