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  1. Yeah. I still didn't get a laguz yet so there's just no way this banner will steal any orbs from my attempts to.
  2. Ok they need to stop showing all 4 units at once at the beginning of those reveal videos. Why have they started doing that? I like to be surprised as it goes on.
  3. My favourite pegasus knight is probably Subaki. A man tortured by his own obsession of being perfect (or at least looking to others like he is). Shamed when inavertedly weakness is shown. He's a bit like the modern person putting on a front on social media about how their life is wonderful and eventful when it is in reality only ordinary. Fates characters might be one-toned gimmicks but I thought it was a rather unique and interesting character trait. Also enjoyed every minute of Hana taunting him. Or Clair, a bit of a rehash of Maribelle but that's a good thing because both are great characters.
  4. Selflessness is honorable when a mother protects her child. It needs to be for a good reason. Helping the weak is a good reason but that is not what these retainers are doing. They are maintaining an order that inferiorizes them. They protect the elite, the strong. When a soldier protects the noble class, I see it as them diminishing their own value. What has the noble done to earn that they'd throw their life away for them on the first command? Our worth shouldn't be decided by what family we were born into. Fred and other devout and zealous soldier types seem to believe it is. I'd love Fred a lot more if he defended Chrom and Lissa, who seem to be great human beings from what I recall, for reasons other than them being royalty.
  5. I guess I was fishing for a reaction. You like Fred and to each their own. He's apparently popular enough to get alts so you're not alone. Personally, I generally dislike the loyal to a fault, self-sacrificing gang that believe their lives to be of less importance than those they protect who by sheer luck of birth, where born into noble/royal families. That is why I hated Forsyth so much as a character in Echoes and in reverse loved Python so much. As for game stats, I don't think they matter. Unless you want me to tell you Fred's got the poorest stats at comparable levels when compared to basically everyone.
  6. It's interesting that you don't like Kent considering I find him so similar to Frederick in both looks and personality. Maybe I'm missing some of Fred's quirks. I brought up Fiora because I see her wished for occasionally when Blazing Sword is mentionned and I just don't see what she has going for her. I find her bland in all ways. Her sister Farina is much more interesting in my opinion.
  7. The one Tellius villain I'd love to see and hear voiced for the first time in Heroes is Petrine. I just love the tough, slightly more mature looking chicks and there aren't enough of them in Heroes (I'd say Nailah is one though). Some member the other day posted a list of remaining characters from each game and singled out Vaida as a character whose style makes it so that despite being a woman, she'll never be in Heroes. Then I look at her Blazing Sword art and I feel she looks amazing (plus she could come with her god spear). I don't understand why a character as boring as Fiora would be a better sell.
  8. I'm just annoyed that all alts bring about is complaints from fans of other characters that they also feel their favourite should get alts. We just end up with more alts as a result rather than new characters. Ike is still there three times which is three times more than so many, irregardless of how many Camillas or Lucinas there also is. (pretty sure he'll get his bare chested alt eventually anyway!) If I see Ike again, personally, I'd prefer him as a Goddess-killer Mythic hero, vanguard class, not in some weird festival outfit that would just be uncharacteristic of him. I still shudder at Xander in a bunny suit. He would never wear that.
  9. Ugh. Ike is already there thrice. Do we really need him in a bunny outfit? :(
  10. Innes is probably the character I hate the most in FE so of course I pulled both his versions and am now on his team.
  11. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    I missed it as well but I believe you need to finish chapter 15 before the paladin reinforcements show up.
  12. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Yeah but her caps (minus def) are rather low. I was also using Warren (who is really bad imo) and he capped none of his stats while having 27 strenght (two more than Aceline who had capped it). 22 Speed and 25 skill are also not so difficult to reach. As far as total stats go, while she had more capped stats, she was still behind Algimas, Martel, Chiara and Odin and tied for 5th place with Sven (to whom I DID give stat boosters though).
  13. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    None of my other 20/20 units had 4 capped stats though and only Algimas had 3.
  14. Yeah you'd think he'd include Edward otherwise.
  15. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    By end game, I had a 20/20 Aceline that had capped Strenght, Skill, Speed and Defense and had 56 HPs without stat boosting investment (that I remember). So I don't think that Aceline here in the picture is all that artificial.