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  1. The Worst of the Best

    My double L&D unmerged Raven fields an impressive 9 resistance (but 60 attack & 48 speed).
  2. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    That's a lot of turns of leaving her alive to smite your party with mjolnir. I'm usually in a rush to kill her as fast as possible because darn she's powerful (although if I recall well, the 3 peg sisters that charge just ahead were the actual biggest threat).
  3. I always struggle when it comes time to make a unit inherit a Special skill? Is there a rule or guide most of you go by or use to know when Luna/Draconic Aura/Bonfire/Iceberg, Moonbow/Glimmer is preferable to use?
  4. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    It probably would be difficult to join Seliph's army regardless considering they killed both her parents and brother.
  5. I also did. May just be that the horse weeks are just that much easier. I couldn't even win with autobattle on lunatic last week.
  6. Personal skills and weapons (or new class niches) are the way to go now to preserve some form of uniqueness between characters considering basically all new characters will be released with similar min-maxed stats.
  7. Hey who knows. Erk is related to Pent and Louise enough that he could be third-string.
  8. You must have loved Awakening's late game Paralogues.
  9. You purist. You make sure you mail them about it once the game is announced because I'd bet a little something that stuff like new playable, perhaps dlc-bound characters, or from side quests, will be a thing. They resurrected Michalis and gave Celica a semi plot-important new brother.
  10. Any problem with their fate being made clearer though? Or even meeting them down the road?
  11. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Assuming the brides (don't expect any groom outside perhaps a free unit from TT or something) are all alts, some of ponytail girls with weaker art I'd like to see in new wedding dresses. Like Serra and Selena. Felicia I'd love to as well. (I'd also like Camilla although you can save that one for the summer banners, *ducks under projectiles)
  12. If they do one day remake Genealogy, I really hope it'll answer all those questions I have about the fate of those 1st gen characters that just disappeared. Perhaps even make some of them (like Lachesis) recruitable?
  13. So do most Shadow Dragon characters. Still would hit reset if Radd, Thomas or Belf would die. Nobody with a name I'm allowing to die.
  14. Ugh. If they have names, portraits or just any sort of individuality, they are not disposable to me. :(
  15. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    I think I'd be a little annoyed if the Awakening kids made it into the game before their mothers did.