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  1. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I would hate for there to be a 3H banner before I even know anything whatsoever about the characters, even it they were careful not to include spoilers.
  2. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    Still predicting a Louise/Pent Blazing Sword banner somewhere this year. Would like to see an Archanean banner though.
  3. Last Blessed Garden was brutal. Probably the toughest that I remember. First two maps I dealt with rather quickly with: 1) Inigo, M!Morgan, Saias & Cecilia 2) Fallen Takumi, Leanne, Titania & Ishtar Before I was stuck on the unrelentlessness of the 3rd map and juggled through a lot of my wind units. Finally managed it using Dancer Shigure, Oscar with lancebreaker saphire lance to deal with both swords and lances, Katarina to deal with the green mages and A!Tiki with a lot of newly invested skill inheritance to tank and wing of mercy around to block threats. My last two turns were essentially me escaping the assault with dance, repositioning skills and wom. I'm getting lazy for basically all of the other content by going straight to guides so I kind of appreciate when the game forces me to find a solution. I will miss the Blessed Gardens/Grounds maps. I've worked hard to balance my army by elements so I'm kind of sad blessings are looking to be losing their use now beyond the SPP gains.
  4. Pretty partial still to FF6 and FF7. I've fond memories of SaGa 2 as well.
  5. I have 11 water blessed green units alone. This is more or less true for all colours and all elements. I made sure I had variety to tackle all the Gardens. What did you do with all your blessings? Where did they go?
  6. While Berkut's art and spritework is so good and probably the best we've seen in Heroes thus far, I hope this doesn't mean we won't get a flaming witch Rinea at some point. Pretty sure we're getting regular Rinea this year though. Pretty strong candidate for Brave Redux 3.
  7. Yeah with the one exception being that Shadows of Valentia hadn't been released yet which means all Gaiden characters are severly underperforming.
  8. Yeah, that is pretty much how I felt at the end of this chapter. The Lif in Hell isn't the first Askr King, which is why Alfonse said that he's missing something. They've been assuming he was. That is older Alfonse from another, destroyed Askr in which Sharena was killed. From there, it becomes easy to assume the same for Thrasir, especially now that it's made clear that Veronica will enter the realm of the dead as well, as she was shown doing so in the Book's trailer. The one thing I'm wondering about is Loki's role.
  9. I think this makes it so that you won't see normal Mareeta in Heroes. It also decreases the chances of there even being a Thracia banner, considering she was by far the best ranked unreleased Thracia hero in CYL.
  10. No, that is your definition, not "the" definition of what "player-friendly" means as that is that is rather subjective. If the mode cannot be completed by the great majority of players without the help of a step-by-step guide that does the entire work for them then it just cannot be, by my definition, "player-friendly". You're not really playing the mode. If at least not f2p player-friendly. Most f2p players, with lesser resources, wouldn't find their way out of Abyssal reinforcement maps even if their lives depended on it. I've no doubt that is less of a problem for players that have invested much money into the game though and the mode likely exists to accomodate their desire for a bigger challenge. Even those with the talent to come up with these f2p guides mention how many hours they spend finding solutions for some of those maps. Phoenixmaster1 is pretty much the best at this at the moment and there aren't too many others that do it/manage it. Maybe I can also be told I could beat Bobby Fischer by reenacting a chess game he played in which he lost, by just copying the moves that were made against him. I guess I'm technically "playing chess" and "beating Bobby Fischer".
  11. If one's only mean to complete a challenge is a step by step guide on how to do it, there is no way the mode is players-friendly. It isn't really playing the game. For most f2p players, that would be their only mean.
  12. I'm a bit sad to see Blessed Gardens go because I felt it was the one game PvE content that made sense for a F2P player like myself with a wide variety of units amassed over the years, as far as difficulty goes (well that and Squad Assault). I worked hard to make sure all four elements had a varied and effective amount of units that could tackle most enemy unit combinations. Now, the blessings will mean nothing to me other than serve as a boost to SPP. People talk about how all other PvE modes are F2P-friendly because some have demonstrated they can be beaten with only free units but that is complete bull. All the guides we see online required massive investment in time for those that put them up there, something most players aren't so ready to invest in such a game. To me, Abyssal maps, particularly those involving reinforcements, cannot be considered F2P-friendly at all. I don't even bother trying them anymore without a guide.
  13. I've no problem with a character like Karla not being introduced as the deadweight she was in her game.
  14. Scored high enough in CYL to warrant it. Might be held down by being a sword infantry so perhaps they'll just throw her back in with a seasonal.
  15. Oh, right. Had my 3DS games mixed up a bit there.