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  1. No, but I've got it on Lilina & Xander. They trivialize Lunatic, really, but the blue reinforcements units were my problem if I recall, when I tried Infernal 2-3 months ago. Maybe it'll be easier now, with a Nino on the roster that I did not have back then.
  2. You were smart about Legion yet still haven't trained your Askr trio who always appear on quests and are always bonus units in the arena. :o! I just use a character like Jaffar with his HP draining dagger (+poison strike) to take characters down to 1 HP in these cases for weak characters to finish. I'm guessing even lv26 2* Alfonse could get the kill then.
  3. Did the quests today... and will try to take my revenge on Infernal tomorrow. It terrifies me. It kicked my ass the first time around in june (may?) but that was a while ago. It is the only infernal I haven't yet beat.
  4. Leif is most definitely not going to be his FE4 Master Knight version. Not only because Lachesis wasn't, but because it would be ridiculous not to include his Thracia 776 Lord version instead.
  5. L'Arachel Bastian Ophelia Noire Lethe I just love some of these over-the-top personalities and they'll all be a blast to listen to. I didn't think I'd get her but Athena was on my last list and it was solely to hear her speak. I expect L'Arachel to be introduced but I don't know for the others.
  6. Just tell yourself that you're much more likely to feel like posting your pulling results when they're good. :) That is why it may seem like everyone is getting luckier than you are. Way more good summoning sessions get reported than uneventful ones. A 5% chance is still a very small chance.
  7. Yeah now that we field 7 teams in some game modes, my one dancer doesn't cut it anymore. I lucked out in the last hero fest, getting no 5* despite the better odds but I do not expect it to happen again. (I still have none of the last big 4 hero fest characters :(! )
  8. Does it stay at 5% after the first 5* focus pull or does it drop after that? If it stays, I'll go for both Genny and Ninian.
  9. I very much enjoy the idea of healers-exclusive infantry buffs. I'd even make them slighly better than the cavalry/flier/armor ones considering it means that you would probably still only use one healer rather than a full team of them.
  10. No way. Even if people did not purposely lose, the amount of unoptimized teams being used in arena assault would largely boost defense scores and I sure haven't witnessed that thus far.
  11. I'd be content to just collect a 7 win streak as I don't have many (or actually, any) truly optimized unit. I'll manage it before the end of the weekly session. Certainly won't aim for a deathless run and high rank is unattainable to anyone not whaling anyway. It's crazy how much money people are willingly spending on this game.
  12. What? Really? I fought a single team that had two Reinhardts and two Camus. Unless that was regular arena.. perhaps I'm confusing them. (It's the dancer spam that I'd be glad to get rid of, actually. They always screw up my defenses)
  13. Had 82 orbs saved for the coming Hero Fest but was baited by the Tempest Trial banner because I didn't have a 1.4 multiplier unit. I'm not too interested in doing Tempest without one... Went for it and at 15 orbs remaining and hope wearing thin, I got an +att -res Delthea saving the day!
  14. You don't HAVE to use the same units, you just need a strategy to build on. I copied someone using Selena and replaced her with Ike as all that was really required is a sword unit with reposition, which he was. I used my 4* Klein while he used a 5* one and I could have used another Brave Bow archer like Gordin instead. You just need an idea on how to tackle the map, not necessarily the exact same team.
  15. There isn't a single Infernal map I beat using my own strats as an entirely (by principle) f2p player. I bust my ass to find a way to beat Lunatic and then I look up videos of someone beating infernal with lesser units than I have and just copy the strategy with some tweaking if necessary. If something in the strat fails by just a little, it's not too hard to fix it with seals or some minor skill inheritance. I assume you have plenty of fodder. It does not need to be top skills. I DID still struggle a while to beat this particular map's infernal though, even by copying people's strategies but eventually, I did it. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have felt too bad about it. The only infernal I didn't beat thus far is Legion's and... it looks like I'm going to have a second chance soon.