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  1. I know the units are preselected from the moment the 5 spheres appear. What I ask is if I snipe for a colour with two focus units in it, are the odds higher of getting a five star unit than if I snipe for a colour with one focus unit in it. I keep hearing about how annoying it is that Ayra shares her colour with Eldigan and some people insist that the chances of getting her are reduced by half because she shares her colour. Is it? In the Ayra/Eldigan/Lachesis banner, do I have a higher chance to get a 5* unit if I snipe red (two focus units) rather that colorless (one focus unit) or are the chances the same?
  2. Arden is actually a very popular character according to the CYL poll. I believe he ranked third in his game after Sigurd and Ayra. Besides, it wouldn't be wise to release all the bigger names in a single banner. It is best to leave some of them for subsequent ones to insure people still pull. Mixing very important characters with less important ones (like Amelia & Tailtiu) in banners makes sense. Tempest Trial should also be releasing mostly less important/popular characters that you may not think would be much of a draw as focus.
  3. What I'm asking is, after the summoning session has started, when pulling on a red stone, what are, from that moment on, my chances to pull a 5* if the banner includes two red focuses. Is it the same as if there were only one red focus or is it more because there are two?
  4. I heard conflicting reports on pulling 5* units chances when two focus units of the same colour appear on a single banner. So using the Ayra/Eldigan banner as an example, by pulling from a red stone, do I get a 1.5% chance of getting each and an additional 3% to get any other red 5* or do I get a 3% chance for each? I always avoided colours with two focus units when I had one of both units already and that might have been a mistake if the odds aren't actually divided. As I don't have either Ayra or Eldigan, by pulling red, am I getting a 6% chance of getting a new unit, either of them, plus the 3% additional chance of getting any other 5*? If so, I like the 9% odds on red and I'm pulling on the banner right now.
  5. IAP confessions

    I haven't spent a dime on the game and by principle I don't want to spend more than it would cost me to buy a full packaged video game. I find their orb package prices to be insulting, quite frankly. Gatcha games are an abomination but I'm too much of a Fire Emblem nerd to stay away entirely from this one and do appreciate new content whenever there is any. I do realize the hypocrisy as I need to rely on whales players spending their money for me to get new things to do. I enjoy making it work and clearing most content as f2p.
  6. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Imagine the ire of people that paid for her after you start handing her to everyone for free.
  7. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Went the cheapest route possible with Bow Lyn (without Brave Bow though), Reinhardt, Xander and Olivia. Infernal and Lunatic on first try (but lost once at Hard trying to use a lesser team..)
  8. Holy war banner

    You can feel bad for Gonzales as well once he gets added. Being ugly is part of some characters' traits and I'm glad it was preserved in this case. Also, I just looked at Ayra's stats and skills and damn. What are they thinking? The power creep is most definitely on.
  9. Holy war banner

    I believe he is meant to look ugly and creepy, though.
  10. Chain Challenge: Chapters 11 & 12

    This is the one challenge I will only seriously tackle once I build a few seals to their max level. I feel I'll need all the help I can get. (then I'll steal someone else's strategy)
  11. 12-4 and 12-5 are quite difficult maps to end the whole run but the real problem is in the first half of the challenge, I believe. 11-3 forces you to split your units and includes reinforcements. It is a very tough map and 11-5 is even worse. It is simply Hell. Might be the game's most difficult story map. A limited turn count and mages that insist to stay in their protected coccoon. Ugh.
  12. CC 11-12 intimidates and even terrifies me. It includes a collection of the game's most difficult maps. I probably will need a guide and my hand held through it and I might wait until I get more powerful seals. I have yet to mount the courage to tackle it and probably won't until I'm really out of things to do (and as far as CC goes, the only other one I haven't done yet is P11-12).
  13. Holy war banner

    Both Robin and Arlen use it as their signature weapon as well. So there's one left. :o
  14. Holy war banner

    Well hopefully this helps having people play this amazing game that is Genealogy of the Holy War.
  15. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    Oooh. Second try win on Infernal with bog standard Reinhardt, Bow Lyn, Xander and Olivia. Didn't need to think too much outside the box here. Just backing away taking one out at a time.