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  1. Holy. Are you serious. Maybe I SHOULD be saving my orbs then. Didn't the past hero banners that started at 5% go back to the usual 3% after the first 5* pull?
  2. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    People keep hoping for him and it left me wonder: what is it that I don't see in Shiro that makes him an appealing character?
  3. A lot interests me but I'm only planning to pull until I get a unit to break the 8% initial rate for now so I'm not saving orbs for it. Will be pulling green as I've still yet to pull an Hector and I really want Spring Camilla. Any of both would be great. Deirdre I don't have either but I feel she is rather redundant consider I have a Julia+1.
  4. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Maybe it's going to be Raijinto Shiro. :)
  5. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    The royal children like Shiro and Siegbert are insanely boring and Kiragi was a loud mouth and the character I hated most in his entire game. The Kanas were also pretty annoying. Forrest is awesome however and I loved both Mitama and Ophelia's over-the-top personalities. These would be my top 3.
  6. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    Why the rush though? L'Arachel is my favourite FE character and, knowing she's pretty much a lock, unlike some of my other favourites like Bastian, I'm at ease just waiting for it to happen and it might take a while considering the next Sacred Stones banner might only be in months. Plus the longer you wait, the more she'll be powercreep. :)
  7. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    New hero banners need at least one strong, popular and important unit so it makes no sense to release them all together. Micaiah is just being saved to be the centerpiece of her eventual banner. It would have made no sense to put her amongst the CYL units that were just released this week.
  8. So.. hmm. I'm confused. Will Dark Aura now be both a Green AND blue tome now that Linde can get it? edit: Scratch that. Confused Sonya's Dark Excalibur with Delthea's Dark Aura.
  9. Oohhh. Mia on first summon. I saw this happen to other people but not to me yet. But of course, she's minus speed, which seems rather terrible considering her skills (although it's still high enough that it can be patched and I upgraded the Phantom Speed seal right after the pull just for that reason).
  10. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Loki looks fantastic. Just felt I'd at least give her my support to contrast the many that consider it in bad taste that characters be 'too sexualized'. I understand the struggle about women characters in gaming and the way they are represented but Fire Emblem is a game with several hundred units. Can't we drop the prude act an instant and just allow a few of the characters to fit the sultry archetype? I like big-bosomed seductress older women. Should I feel bad about it?
  11. Julia, Reinhardt, Black Knight & Olivia did the job for me. Turn 1 - Olivia positions BK for him to take hits from both Takumi (who nearly dies to bowbreaker) and the axe cav (who dies) to Black Luna. Turn 2 - B tomebreaker Julia kills the blue tome cav, Reinhardt Dire Thunder kills both the red mage & Hinoka via dancing, BK finishes off Takumi. Turn 3 - Last remaining sword flier attacked BK for little damage, Reinhardt finishes it off.
  12. 4★ +10 Units.

    So by curiosity, what happens when you promote a 40+10 4* unit to 5*? Do they lose stats? O_o
  13. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    First time I'm lucky enough to get 3 of 4 seasonal units (Jakob, Sakura & Nowi). I'm still going for Henry but I'm already happy with the outcome. Didn't even spend that many orbs. Things DO even out eventually. :o!
  14. I don't personally see the problem with them and I care not for merges as it mostly seems like a whale mechanic to me. Been playing since feb and I don't have a single +2 merged unit.
  15. Version 2.0

    The mages we have. They are the dragon units.
  16. Potential new units according to CYL

    I wish they actually did banners like that. Like why introduce Leon and not Kamui and Valbar. Why Elincia with Nephenee and Oscar rather than her retainers? I'd like related characters to make their appearances together.
  17. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Beat Infernal with Reinhard, Xander, Bow Lyn and Julia. In essence, I deserve no praise.
  18. Potential new units according to CYL

    Hahaha. The entire knowledge we have is that we know it's not going to be a L'Arachel banner.
  19. Potential new units according to CYL

    Most of these are locks to be included eventually. Haar should be his Radiant Dawn self though (although quite frankly.. he does not change much between the two games) just because this is where he is uber. Marcia should also be her Radiant Dawn self otherwise she'll look EXACTLY like Est. And... I'm not sure how Marty belongs on that list. I'm assuming he's a meme joke answer?
  20. Potential new units according to CYL

    I don't think there's a good reason to exclude beast units. They most definitely are enough of a draw that IS will find a way to make a banner out of them eventually. Also, Quan is not a Thracia character. Did you mean Finn?
  21. Forsyth. Annoying brainless nationalist soldier-type who sees himself as less than the priviledged nobles he admires and envies. I don't know how Python, who is probably the game's most sane character, manages to tolerate him.
  22. What do you do with your grand heroes?

    I keep a single copy and use the rest as fodder like everyone else since I just don't do and don't plan to do merges for any unit. (sole exception is when I get a good nature for a character I already have at 5* like when I upgraded my neutral reinhardt for a +att one) Been playing since the first month, entirely f2p, and I've yet never had to expand my barracks. Promoted Michalis, Zephiel, Xander, Camus, Berkut & Valter to 5*.
  23. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    It's a stretch but in the games, The Archanean and Jugdrali generals can use bows, I suppose. So maybe one of the old dudes like Lorenz, Hannibal or Xavier who all have a decent starting rank level for bows. These are not exactly amongst the most known and popular units, however. Sadly, if 2nd gen Arvis doesn't ever come along, there are no other mage armor units other than secondary important characters like Bloom and Reptor (although they both would pack the legendary Mjolnir, which is cool).
  24. Guessing Thracia's banner will be Leif, Finn, Nanna and Mareeta.
  25. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Legion's GHB was the only one I had to wait for the second encounter to beat all difficulties. It was the first infernal and first one with reinforcements. It was hell.