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  1. This made me wonder which of the FE villains I would have liked to play as a Lord in their own adventure. Came up with a top 3, not in order: Rudolf has a plotline that would make him work as a Lord. He even engages Mila directly in combat which should have been epic to experience. Zephiel would be absolutely perfect and probably would be my pick as best villain turned Lord in the series. I'd pick Sonia as a lord for Blazing Sword. She's pure evil and the manner by which she denies her own nature as a morph is fascinating. Have me manipulate the Fang for most of the game until I betray everyone, hopefully including Nergal and the other morphs.
  2. Oof. There's such a thing as being "too pure" to like the beach? I really just so much dislike this concept of "pureness". It's so dated and I feel insulting to women. Elise is a child though, I would have prefered Sakura be used as an example here along with the priestesses of Jugdral. I can imagine Sakura being shy in her swimsuit, being more wary of her sexual appeal and being a shy woman in general, not so for Elise who I'd prefer to say is innocent rather than "pure". There's this thing that makes "pure" characters, and by that we apparently mean characters that should be void of sexual appeal (?), or something, actually sexually appealing to men. All through history, virginity has been a fascination for men. Domination over submisssive women was sought and still is. Men used to even sell this "pureness", which the father possessed and would get compensation for from the future husband. An equal gender modern approach demands that we drop this concept of pureness.
  3. so much for castlevania emblem

    I actually thought Edelgard looked pretty vampirish!
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Yeah I'm more familiar with the Tactics series as I've played several of their titles. The Ogre Battle style was my favourite amongst this series though. Is the Genesis game the one you say was just fan translated? How does it compare to Fire Emblem (or other srpgs)? Seems to have some sort of Advance Wars generic soldiers mechanics.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    So, as I'm looking for new things to play and don't mind older games, is Langrisser any fun? I had never heard of it.
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    That's reassuring, thank you.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'm having concerns about characters having squads of other soldiers on the map with them. I'm fine with it as it cuts to the battle scenes where it looks great but on the map, they just seem to clog the whole thing and it seems like it makes for a Fire Emblem where you control much less actual units.
  8. Have you tried one of the f2p guides online?
  9. A calendar that includes two seasonal banners and no no new unit banner and in which the Tempest Trial and GHB units have already been revealed leaves me without excitement. At least last year they had a new unit banner in between the summer seasonals.
  10. Is this new Tap Battle event entirely half-assed? I went straight to expert-hard as I always do and there's little to no sync to the music.
  11. Yeah, pretty sure they'd like to go back and make Olwen a 4* unit rather than Reinhardt. That was a miscalculation on their part.
  12. No matter that the Black Knight is powercrept by Zelgius, he is still probably way too strong to be made available at 4*. Plus, they haven't put any unit with DC there yet.
  13. Nobody is. It was reset by mistake with the update. Apparently, we'll get compensation orbs.
  14. Well there's the Askr trio and their weapons. Perhaps they could actually give weapons like Durandal and Tyrfing real upgrades rather than a new weapon.
  15. Who deserves to be in the game the most?

    Yeah Sumia not being in the game is quite an oddity. You'd think she would have gotten priority but then again, there actually hasn't been a gen 1 banner for Awakening yet.
  16. I still prefer promoting new units (particularly those with legendary weapons) and using feathers for SI than using them for merges. +10 merges is way too much of an investment of rare resources for a f2p players. Yes, I know some do it but I don't want to spend the next few months investing in only one character. Plus, the arena "meta" is entirely uniteresting to me. I do my run every weak and hover between tier 17 and 18 without a care, just collecting the rewards. It's not an enticing mode at all. GHB, LHB & BHB are where the fun is at. I like to give a maximum of units some attention. I have 7 Reinhardts in my barracks though so eventually, if I ever decide to go for merges, which won't be in the near future, it'll probably be him.
  17. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    There is no way they are going to make Lewyn a refresher and give him the BST penalty. They are going to have him rock Forseti and he's going to be a monster. Maybe they'll make Homer one though.
  18. Ideas For Book 3

    I understand the problem that is oversexualising women in video games and I know it can be very frustrating in particular for the female players. Most of which also feel very badly represented in video games as so much of it panders to the guys. But still, the sexy character archetype does not need to stop existing in video games. I like them. They just need to not be so overly prominent. I don't feel Fire Emblem crosses that border, even with characters like Camilla existing. For every Camilla, there are many more Eirika, Celica and Lucina. The reason I think Loki will win CY3 has a lot to do with last year's placement and Veronica's win. Loki has become more important than her now. Heroes OCs apparently do good in these.
  19. Ideas For Book 3

    Really? Have you forgotten Fates's cut scenes involving Camilla? Loki is a more interesting character to me than Camilla is and I'm actually intrigued with where the narrative takes her. She's a trickster, clearly derives pleasure from it and she's got an ulterior motive in the story. She's quite enigmatic and I think she's a good villain. Most definitely a better one than Surtr, at the very least. Plus, yes, I like the sultry, busty type. Is that really so wrong? Should I lie to myself? Loki is just one character in a huge cast. Some characters can be this way just like there are women aware and proud of their charms in real life. Sometimes, this type of charms. Can we stop being prudes? It's not as if all the cast were Camillas and Lokis. I actually voted for Camilla last year because I'm annoyed by the hate she gets but I might switch those votes for Loki.
  20. Ideas For Book 3

    Overlooking that she'll win CYL3.
  21. Ideas For Book 3

    As long as they never call them transformers. Because I can only think of large robots when someone does. :) I'd like the current OC characters to be expanded on more before they move the plot elsewhere and begin ignoring they existed like they did for Bruno.
  22. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    I'm not sure they want to hand over more DC free units so I'd be personally surprised if Linus came with a Tomahawk. I'd love it though. I'd like a DC axe guy in my army that's not one-movement Hector.
  23. New Heroes: Scattered Fangs

    I suppose I just like over-the-top personalities which is why someone like Miriel registers so much more with me than someone like Canas, who I just find bland. I love some quirks, some uniqueness. There are less of these characters in the earlier games but there are still some of them (like L'Arachel & Bastian, my favourite two FE characters) and these are generally those I want included in the game the most. They are just the most fun characters to hear voiced for the first time. Blazing Sword doesn't have a lot of them though but amongst those unreleased there's Sain I can think of. I believe Farina came on to me as having a strong personality but I don't really remember why. Sonia also would be amazing, but that's also my love for mature women talking. Plus, I'm not sure I can think of a more inherently evil character than her in the whole franchise. Unlike someone like Julius, you can't even probe her for an ounce of goodness. She's got none. Maybe even Fargus would be fun.