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  1. Mareeta is as likely to be a first banner entry than Finn and Nanna, in my opinion. Other possibilities include Othin and Eyvel. I'd personally want to see Lara as a dancer/thief, Asbel with his personal tome, Linoan for her design and Dean or Edna. Not sure who would be the first GHB from this game but I'm assuming Raydrik or Shiva.
  2. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    So they can get some cash first on a banner for a unit they planned to give away for free, perhaps.
  3. I very much hate all these non-canon alternatives outside seasonal banners. To me, mage Roy does not make any lick of sense and it would make me as bitter as I was when they released mage Eirika.
  4. I personally don't want them but wouldn't really mind them. I don't feel they fit the Fire Emblem universe and I'd rather get the Fire Emblem Warriors or Cipher exclusives instead. Or maybe Al/Tiena/Gant from the manga.
  5. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Radiant Dawn Mist is also physically significantly different than the Path of Radiance Mist that had already been released.
  6. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Thracia is going to get it's Leif+(Finn/Mareeta/Nanna) banner at some point this year but I seriously question whether it is ever going to get a second one. I love the game but so few people have played it.
  7. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Let's just say that the cutting of Lucia's hair is one of the great tragedies of the Tellius games.
  8. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    It would need to be the short hair version since Bastian has canonically not made any progress with her between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.
  9. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    It's not happening but I want to see Lucia give in to Bastian's over the top (and frankly probably harassing) advances. :o
  10. Just a grumbling female player...

    Marisa fits as well but I left her out because we were discussing male units.
  11. Just a grumbling female player...

    I would agree entirely with this if they weren't actually using popular male characters such as the Black Knight and Joshua, who are banner worthy, as tempest rewards. Seems like occasions wasted to introduce units that are less known/popular instead. They had the right idea with Tobin, Clive & Arden.
  12. What reason is there to suggest Mystery of the Emblem over it's (much better, in my view) remake?
  13. You have experience with 5 games in the series thus far so I wouldn't call you 'new' anymore. Perhaps it is time for you to tackle Genealogy of the Holy War if you want a different (and difficult) Fire Emblem experience.
  14. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Oh I apologize, I thought you said you've gotten two which would have been fairly average luck for that amount of orbs. I'm guessing 5* should pop up on average once for every 40/50 orbs spent on 8% odds. Getting none is an annoying string of bad luck though but probably not anything exceptional.
  15. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    How many orbs did you spend on the banner? Two 5* units does not seem like bad luck to me if all you've had to spend are the f2p orbs.
  16. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Puts you right back at 8%, which is higher than you normally get when you get your first 5* unit on average on normal banners. Seems like a great deal to me. Besides, I don't often snipe for units, I just collect those I miss and generally in legendary banners, that is most of them. :)
  17. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Got a Performing Arts Azura fairly quickly and always had decent luck with Legendary banners. How exactly are they traps?
  18. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Radiant Dawn Ike is quite unlike a random uncanon Eirika with a dark tome right in the middle of a normal banner, I feel. I am biter about Eirika but not about Ike. Radiant Dawn Ike and Path of Radiance Ike are significantly different enough that it warrants a version of both. Still voted for Hector.
  19. 5 most popular unreleased characters in each game

    I'd rather final bosses or characters like Mila & Deghinsea to never become playable. They shouldn't stand on par with regular units. It just seems wrong to me. I'd enjoy them as superbosses though, if that were possible.
  20. Your Personal Tempest Trial Play Style

    Generally use my newest 5* units and those in need of SPs, along with the units that receive boosts. I play nearly only on days with double SP and I don't use those that have maxed Hero Merit. I beat the hardest map normally and then just chain the lv35 map on autobattle until I hit enough to points to collect all the prizes. Then I stop.
  21. How many 5 star units do you have?

    With 76 5* units, today marks the day I officially have more unique units at 5* than I have at 4* (74). Weird.
  22. I'm aware but that just too much investment for a single unit for someone with limited resources that would rather promote new units. Or at least it is to me. I might just do Reinhardt eventually, I don't know, just for how useful he is.
  23. I don't think I'm ever going to have a 5*+10 unit unless I'm given several of the same 5* (my Masked Marth is highest at only +2). That's just too much investment for a purely f2p player (although I probably don't count as one now that I've bought the Black Knight package..). I prefer using my feathers for getting new units to 5* or lately, for skills.
  24. Least Favorite Character

    Forsyth stands out as a character I really dislike. His tendendy to see himself as inferior and unworthy in comparison to the noble-birth knights he worships just annoys me tremendously. Thankfully, Python is there to offer the right contrast.
  25. Just a grumbling female player...

    Darn. It is at least a good thing that both Silque and Tatiana are clerics since it means they won't be introduced together in the same banner. Got 44 females at 5* vs, 30 males.