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  1. There is no chance Leif will carry his Genealogy version into Heroes before his Thracia one though.
  2. They did stretch it a whole lot with Lyn and her father though. We barely know anything about "Hassar".
  3. Fairly certain some of them will be added eventually. Rooting for Ophelia & Noire.
  4. Julia. I still use her all the time.
  5. Never spent a dime on it, never will, and that's still enough for 43 5* units in my barracks, which is more than enough to make all sorts of teams for all sorts of situations. Sure, I don't have the best builds, or all the units I'd want but making progress with the limited resources I'm given is rather satisfying.
  6. Hector has unsurprisingly been elusive but I'm highly annoyed that Tharja has also been. So these two. Or any other female red mage not named Lilina.
  7. From memory, Reinhardt is like the most terrifying enemy unit to face in any Fire Emblem game though. (save perhaps Julius when he shows up with Ishtar in Genealogy) Oscar is just a good unit.
  8. I use Jaffar a lot for these sort of quests, which is the only use I've found for him thus far. His weapon & poison strike 3 nearly always leave the unit that needs to be defeated with the weaker/untrained character with 1 or few HPs.
  9. Ah damn. Bastian is in my top 3 favourite characters. Would have loved to hear his over-the-top flirting of Lucia and what accent they would have given him. I thought his only chance to be in this game was in a banner alongside Elincia and Lucia (and probably Geoffrey). Now I don't think he's going to be in Heroes anymore.
  10. Axebreaker Lilina Julia Reinhardt Olivia For the Infernal win.
  11. Luck is this thing that doesn't really exist and pulling results aren't influenced by anything we do. I don't look for patterns that would simply be mere coincidences. It's not a superstition of mine as it doesn't change the results but I like to not look at the screen when I'm pulling to just hear out the number of stars I'm getting before finally having a look. Gives me a cool amount of excitement to know I just got a five stars without knowing yet who it might be.
  12. fire emblem

    I didn't say that Americans (who are still the majority here) necessarily learn Spanish but only that it's the second language that would make the most sense to them considering their geographical position and demography. Spanish is, after all, their biggest minority language and is spoken quite a lot in the southern states. As for your French, I might eventually want to test that out. :o
  13. fire emblem

    I would think Americans would in large favour learning Spanish over Japanese as a second language but I suppose things can get weird amongst the nerdy'ish communities.
  14. Very happy I could this one on my own rather than having to rely on a strategy found online. Then again, I did use a terribly cheap team of Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, Xander and Olivia.
  15. Niles, Innes & Takumi?
  16. Seems to me the Firesweep Lance+ would be fitting enough. (and I also don't want any more DC weapons..)
  17. Petrine was definitely memorable enough to also fit the bill.
  18. Has a character ever won, thus far, from a last minute multiplier? I haven't paid much attention but I cannot recall one. Gaius?
  19. Or maybe they couldn't find real people with red, blue and green hair colour and wanted, seeing this is live action, actually make it look like real people. :)
  20. Nephenee and the Black Knight? Sweet. Guess we'll see them in Heroes eventually.
  21. Banking on that. (Why in hell did they have #1 face #2 in the first round rather than #4?...)
  22. In this scenario, we're not pulling until we get a unit though. We're just using the one free pull. If we pull until we get one of both units, of course you'd be right. Edit: Never did Silent Shifter mention the free pull. He just said he wish he could summon first and I thought it meant the free summon. Perhaps it didn't.
  23. The only scenario in which this would be possible is if you were to draw 5 orbs of the same colour as the one you first picked. Otherwise, any other colour ensures you won't pull a combination of two candy bars.
  24. I don't see how. You get your prefered choice either way and an equal chance at your second prefered choice in both scenarios.
  25. Which isn't very different from getting a unit first and trying your luck after.