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  1. That's the sort of thing where either everyone can do that or no one can do that. I'd find it unfair if only one "team" gets effectively two RPers. It's the sort of thing that I probably wouldn't allow for this War, but it's a good idea that I think can be implemented in future Wars if this goes well :)
  2. Yo that's pretty awesome dude. I need to get round to making mine :p Tbh, one of the main attractions of the Jumper class is that it is a complete anomaly; basically none of us can really comprehend for certain the qualifications to be a Jumper. Also, the added degree here is that Jumper and their master remain anonymous within the War itself (not the user but the master and servant do) unless they present themselves, giving an advantage. However if you peruse the character creation document you will see a clear disadvantage that balances this out (look at the base stats for example). Alright, just waiting for Saber, Archer and Lancer's respective Masters, the deadline isn't for a while so can't jump to any conclusions yet!
  3. Awesome! I've noted you down. Yeah for some reason trying to tag you just isn't registering on my end, I tried the spaces and everything I also remember that you were Caster but switched to Rider in January, I note these things as soon as they happen :p
  4. Yeah a deadline sounds good. I'll include both active and inactive members in it, just in case. Alright, paging @EdwardSunnyDisposition @Leona @bioky858 @Sarki @HeraldofHector @Lunar Eclipse @GreenYeah @ARandomPlayer You have until Wednesday 26th April (a week today) to confirm your continued presence on this thread. If you don't by that date, I will be privy to offer the spot to someone else. On another note, Rider's master can't be @mentioned, this is already worrying considering they actually had a super awesome idea for their master :/ I'll confirm @EdwardSunnyDisposition straight away :p
  5. We are active in a sense, recruitment seems to be full so there are currently no slots available for this War, although that could change. It's taking a while to get started, we don't have all the input we need to officially start. :/ As for the location of the RP, I actually did post this in two roleplaying forums for 3 or so weeks each. I got no responses. :'( So then I decided to post it in the SF Roleplay section (it's not as if they only do FE) as I've seen reliable enough traffic, certainly better than some sites dedicated to RPing ironically. Also it may have been that the Fate series wasn't so hot there, whereas here I find a lot of people have heard of or enjoy it. I hope that answers all your questions :p
  6. How are those Master profiles coming along? @Leona @Lunar Eclipse @GreenYeah
  7. I'm really bad at art :'( But I may try at some point soon.
  8. Both Breath of the Wild and Persona 5 should keep me entertained until Echoes :D

  9. My body is so ready for this. Will play whenever the next patch/build is released.
  10. Yeah all the info you need should be on the first page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop a PM :) Woooh, we have a full set! Just need to collect and collate all the Master profiles (I'll send you all a PM attaching this), and we'll be on our way!
  11. I wanted Berserk because I thought it would work thematically as a disease that makes people insane or rabid, thus causing them to turn on each other. That being said, I like Topaz Light's idea because it keeps the core Berserk mechanic, while still giving the player fair options to save their units. Yet if the player does not plan accordingly, the necessary evil will come to fruition etc.
  12. Not negative at all. Honestly, I agree with everything you've said, and can see how people would be put off by the luck based thing. I'm going to update the main post with ideas/reasoning that make more sense, so I appreciate more of this:D
  13. Heya. I had an idea for a rom hack. I'm no programmer though, it just came to me and I was wondering what people thought of the idea. Base game: No clue. I suppose this concept may work in some and not in others. Concept: Story: A wicked disease is scourging the land, and no one knows how it is contracted. Whole armies have fallen victim to it. One brave expedition group take it upon themselves to find the root cause... Gameplay: Original: Be prepared to lose units. At the start of each map, a random unit from the roster is permanently "berserked", (cannot be cured of it), and will most likely have to be killed to proceed. I say most likely because if a chokepoint and sturdy unit successfully keep them at bay, the unit will be cured at the end of the map. Of course, that unit still has the chance of contracting the disease again, this malady seemingly cannot be defeated by resistant strains. The random element could lead to your best or worst units being killed, which is horrifying in its own way. EDIT 1: Suggested by Topaz Light: (Makes more sense from an engaging gameplay perspective than relying on random luck) Isn't actually random, but appears to be at first due to its method of spreading being unknown to the player until later on. A very perceptive (or lucky-guessing) player should be able to sort of pick up on it early, but probably not completely figure it out all on their own without extensive experimentation. Is sort of a "normal" ailment or thing that can happen to your characters during gameplay instead of something that's just randomly inflicted at the start of each map. Is gradually explained/learned about over the course of the game, in terms of both its story explanation and how it works in gameplay. Make it so that the player and the expedition team each learn to combat it in unison with each other. Is manually-curable, but not in an immediately-obvious way. It should make sense, of course, but it shouldn't just be a plain ol' "use a Restore staff and presto!" dealio. EDIT 2: Suggested by Eclipse: The disease evolves over time - more status affects can surface other than berserk. Units: Initial thoughts I had was either the Expedition Force is the main and only army thematically, or as another option there are two playable armies: The Expedition Force trying to find a cure, while the Main Army is at war with the antagonists, losing men/women by the day and clinging to the hope that the Expedition Force is successful. Anyways, I was just wondering whether the concept can be implemented, as well as what people think of that kind of story. Cheers :)
  14. Yep an Archer servant, as well as master bios for Berserker, Jumper, Archer and Lancer. Any tips/ideas for advertising this?