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  1. "Wow". Mark was speechless. It was the only natural reaction as he made his way out of the woods and onto the stone path paved before him. The path led up to a rectangular shrine gate, which Mark knew was commonly referred to as a "torii", and beyond that lay an almost quaint shrine building. It looked almost like a shack or cottage, but Mark suspected it was of more import than that. "Well look at that Assassin, we may have just struck gold!" Mark exclaimed, turning to the red cloudy mass. Assassin did not respond, but merely walked up the stone path, without so much as a glance at the Master. Mark issued his trademark sigh, and followed after Assassin. Ryuudou Temple, Miyama Outskirts, Fuyuki "Wow the Wi-Fi here is pretty good Assassin!" exclaimed Mark, "They have crazy good Wi-Fi and no one lives here? Absolutely criminal." Through research, Mark had learnt that he was currently residing in Ryuudou Temple, although there were surprisingly few hits for it online of any relevance. "Not that popular is it? Maybe Shintoism isn't in anymore" Mark wondered. Although he was ignorant now, Mark would very soon discover just how many leylines of Fuyuki converged here, and that by chance he had stumbled upon a key strategic location for the War. His first hint was waiting for him outside. Mark suddenly felt a chilling pressure, coming from outside. Making his way to the sacred grounds, he saw Assassin kneeling to the ground, and all of a sudden red veiny lines shot out over the grounds, and on the walls of the building. Mark stood agape for a brief moment, then quickly collected himself. "The old man was lecturing me about things like this...was that like...you know, a Reality Marble? Or some form of territory creation?" Assassin's red beacon's that represented it's eyes darted round and fixated on Mark. "NEITHER." Then silence. Before Mark could open his mouth to retort, Assassin surprised him by speaking again "I LIVE TO SERVE, EVEN IF THE PEOPLE THINK I AM WRONG." Then once more silence. "O-oh, okay then." What more was there to say? Mark headed back inside and got back on his laptop. "Assassin, do you think they do delivery here? Haven't eaten in almost a day." No response. While one might think this man was a fool, he was anything but. Under this cheery and lackadaisical demeanor, Mark had begun plotting and formulating oh so many different plans and contingencies. If he had learnt anything, it was this saying. "Let the opponent think you are unwise. Knowing is half the battle, and in thinking you know nothing, they know less than nothing". Hmm, who said that again? Mark pondered this, as he searched for the best takeaway while simultaneously trying to figure out Assassin's identity.
  2. ???, Fuyuki "Man, where AM I?" bemused Mark as he stumbled over a pebble. He had been walking down a winding road, with a forest of trees to either side of him. It almost felt like a highway, but Mark couldn't say for sure. "Oh bloody hell. It'd be nice not to think I'm way over my head with this Grail War business, but right now I'm not exactly sure what to to or even where to go!" he thought, and grimaced after feeling some stomach pain. He hadn't eaten in about 12 hours, that having been at Narita International Airport, and in attempting to avoid any locals within Fuyuki had found himself lost. He was just thinking about what to have for dinner when a sharp but quiet humming emanated from his jacket pocket. Mark was trying to avoid having his phone on anything but vibrate if he could help it. Checking his cell, he was mildly surprised to see this particular caller ID so soon. "The old man is calling? I'm surprised he'd pay international fees to speak with lil old me!" chuckled Mark happily, as he accepted the call. The voice on the other end of the line had gravitas, and sounded measured to say the least. "Mr Gatling. You know I'm actually spending a lot just to call you from here, so be grateful." Mark sighed theatrically into the phone. "Oh you...I was actually thinking the exact same thing. You should get out of that dusty Clock Tower every so often; I'm surprised you aren't supervising me here. It's not like you to put any semblance of faith in me. Actually you may have been absolutely justified in that thought process to be fair". "That really doesn't bode well Mark", the voice said steadily, continuing on to say "What is the matter? Have you secured a base of operations?" "Yeahhhhhh no. I don't even know where I am, and that bloody Servant is like a mad dog without a leash! He keeps wandering off. Actually scratch that, I don't even know if it's a he or not." "You...cannot be serious. I stressed how important this was for the Clock Tower did I not? You're earning much more than you do for those normal jobs, and you may even be granted a wish if you actually survive. Put some more bloody thought into your strategy! Also, what's wrong with your servant? You didn't add anything extra to the summoning chant did you?" "No siree, I recited it plain as day, 100%" Mark replied, "I think it has something to do with this guy, or gal's past. That's my best guess anyway, and I don't have a second best." "For goodness sake...I need you to get your shit together. I will try and assist in anyway that doesn't violate the rules of the War, but you've got to throw me a bloody bone here. Secure a base of operations. Learn more about your Servant. Try to discern their identity if possible. And avoid contact with other Masters this early. In fact try to avoid all contact unless it's an alliance. Given your Servant's class, an alliance may be your best bet in the early stages." And with that the line was abruptly cut. Mark sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time, and called out into the woods. "Seriously mate...mate? Are you there? I'd like you to co-operate, it would make both of our lives easier!" Silence. I can't believe you're, bloody making me do this he thought, and he inhaled sharply, then closed his eyes. Within seconds, he was suddenly racing through the woods at an insanely high velocity. His vision was cloudy and red, and his thoughts felt distorted. It was so nauseating that Mark had to slip out of it almost immediately; but this seemed to have an effect on his Servant, who finally zipped out into the clearing. A red mass of shadow. That's what was in front of Mark currently. If one were to squint, they'd make out a somewhat broad, yet still slender figure in the middle of it. Red circular lights which Mark assumed were meant to be eyes drilled into his mind, and he winced. "Independent fucking action, and Mad Enhancement eh? That's my guess anyway. It's like the Grail is playing an elaborate game with me. Well I consider myself quite the gambler...you know I don't have much mana right? Making me use Shared Perception in hopes that you comply is quite draining, and I haven't eaten in a while". The mass of shadow spoke nothing for a few seconds, but then uttered a small phrase boldly. "THERE ARE NO CHAINS ON ME" And then more silence. "You spoke! Well...well yes there are indeed no chains on you. It looks like the Mad Enhancement isn't too severe, although you definitely aren't the most charismatic chap I've liaised with. Look mate, I really really hope we can communicate in some way. It may take some time, but that is in very short supply. Let's just look for a way out of these...woods, or whatever they are. Okay...Okay? More silence. And then the mass spoke "I'LL TAKE POINT" "Point? Hmm, that is an interesting way to put it...but very well!" Mark replied, relieved that they were going to get somewhere after all. And so the mass and the mortal slowly made their way down the winding road.
  3. Sorry dude, we've filled out and have already started even :(
  4. Here, we will start making preparations for the War. Preparing the catalyst, undergoing the ritual, summoning the Servant, forging alliances, or simply watching the other participants from the shadows. None of the above is required to be shown; your Servant may already be summoned if you wish. Ultimately it all comes down to you...fate rests in your hands.
  5. "monfernova" is mine https://discord.gg/hVPbe7Y That's the chat link guys!
  6. Doesn't return any users :/
  7. Yea can everyone do that below please. I've also just realised that SF PM only extends up to 6 people, so it wouldn't be ideal for the OOC chat anyway.
  8. If everyone makes a Discord account then yeah, I'm sure a few of us do, but it'll add some time to starting the War I imagine. What about the rest of you: do you think Discord is more viable for the private chat?
  9. Ladies and gentleman, it seems we have all 7 Master Profiles! I'll run some admin, but the Pre-War stage should be underway fairly soon once I establish the group PM for shared documents and out of character discussion :)
  10. My finals start 1st of June, so I'm at the calm before the storm I guess.
  11. From what I saw, all the sections were mostly there and the character seems interesting, all that was needed really was some backstory of past events leading up to the War, similar to what was done by others. My finals start 1st of June, so I'm at the calm before the storm I guess.
  12. I like this idea, but surely the element of surprise is vital for some people, like when Kiritsugu used his origin bullets on Kayneth. Nevertheless, it does stop asspulls, I prefer the third party idea though it would require someone not participating to watch intently.
  13. I'd put it under the idea that a lot of extensive research has been conducted such as survelliance, similar to Zero. As such Masters can draw conclusions from the actions taken in the past (like how Kiritsugu basically does a verbal thesis on Kirei based off of his life choices), also; there are things beyond the bio obviously, or the characters may have a hidden side that isn't reflected in the bios, so it should be fine :)
  14. My idea was that since the 4th and 5th Grail War had bias judges, the Church can no longer be trusted to act as a mediator, and they were lowered to equal contenders when it comes to seeking the Grail...but I kinda forgot Karen exists... I'm tempted to just be like in a timeline where Kirei never had a child, or alternatively, she could be missing too haha. As for the vessel....um, sure the Church had one left over (man there is clearly so much I didn't take into account xD) I never really thought about it (silly me), but it's as Juan says to a point: a) You use the exact incarnation of the Servant, say Artoria Saber from the main line. Honestly this is the one exception to the 1000 point limit, and my reasoning is we would all pretty much figure your identity out at first glance; we'd know all your abilities, NP. So these known Servants can keep all their stuff. b) You can create your own version of a known Servant, complete with different appearance, class, skills and although less likely, different NP. Example: I create an Assassin Artoria (NOT Mysterious Heroine X, legit Artoria as an Assassin) giving a context such as "Oh King Arthur had to hide her identity, this is Arthur before drawing the sword from the stone, a mysterious hooded robed figure" and that servant must adhere to the 1000 points, and you can give her any build you desire.
  15. Yeah, I completely forgot about that! Alright yeah, in a skirmish, PM privately your servants physical stats to your opponent(s). I'll update the main post too, thanks for bringing that to my attention!