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  1. 6th Holy Grail War: Act 01

    Ryuudou Temple, Miyama Outskirts, Fuyuki Mark sipped his tea on the steps of the shrine building with a calm disposition. He had decided to try to switch from coffee to tea, as there was less caffeine and well, it was supposedly healthier. This particular tea was imported from China; a fruit tea, popular among students there. I almost feel, well...British he mused to himself quietly, but then a hushed but noticeable humming interrupted his thought. The red lines which Assassin had materialized upon their arrival started glowing and pulsated mildly. Mark did not move. Slowly and stealthily, a pair of flashing eyes, appeared out of the darkness, edging from the forest just beside the shrine gate. Two seconds later, another pair of eyes accompanied them. While Mark did not have night vision, the shrine lamps were well lit enough for him to make out two mongrel-like figures edging slowly closer towards his end of the shrine entrance, in an almost prowling manner. Both sets of eyes shone with a yellow tinge, but neither figure made a sound. Mark viewed the figures curiously. "Yo. I'm guessing...this is meant to be an attack on me? I think it's hardly coincidence that two large dog like creatures would appear at my doorstep right as the War is to commence". The creatures were, as expected, silent. I don't know what I was expecting to be honest. It's not as if talking animals is outside of the realm of possibility... Mark's thoughts trailed off as the two figures had edged close enough into the light to be discernible. They were wolves. They didn't seem rabid or maddened; instead they were collected and poised, edging a paw closer towards him every so often, never averting their eyes from the target. Like a professional killer. Mark smiled wryly. "You two are very good at this stealth business. Probably can't hold a candle to my new buddy, but still very impressive. But the fact remains that you wandered into my territory. HIS territory. It was nice meeting you, at the least." And then Mark promptly turned his back to these beasts and continued sipping his tea in silence. The wolves both inched a bit closer until they were merely 50 metres from Mark, and then they couldn't contain themselves. They had judged the distance, and within 7 paces or 3 seconds, they would have him in their respective jaws. The wolves got ready to pounce when... There was a sudden flash of red light, coming from the veins in the ground. They pulsated quicker and quicker. One of the wolves tried to make a break for Mark, but a vein in front of it flashed brightly and caused it to jump back dizzily. The other wolf started snarling. But this was not aggression. This was fear. Then, it stopped snarling. Both wolfs stopped dead in their tracks. They both suddenly and slowly, averted their gaze away from Mark, and towards their left (or Mark's right if he were facing them). Something there had caught their attention. In fact, it had them petrified. But two seconds later, the attack came from the other side. It was silent and quick; one could not capture this attack with the keenest photography. But a keen mage could, if they focused, catch a red blip enter the side of one wolf's skull, exit there and do the same with the other wolf. But this occurred in the space of nanoseconds. The angle of attack was sublime. Both wolves stood there, for at least 1.5 seconds, before they collapsed. They also immediately disappeared. Mark had finished his tea. He turned back around, amused to notice the disappearance of the wolves. "You sure clean up quick Assassin...anyone who would be foolish to enter this place when it augments your abilities the way it does, is simply foolish". But who ordered this attack I wonder? As he pondered the recent events, Mark heard screaming coming from somewhere in the distance. It was muffled due to distance, but definitive. "Are there other animals? Maybe a pair of Servants are clashing?" Just what is going on here?" Mark wondered if it this was an opportunity or something to avoid. Assassin. "YES COMMANDER" blared the Servant, and upon materialization it was of note that the area around his hands and arms were freed of fog. Assassin's true arms were likened to a lean but muscular male, and they were fair in complexion. They seemed normal otherwise. Mark made a mental note of this, and started to decide whether to venture out into the night...
  2. 6th Holy Grail War Feedback Thread

    I suppose this should be moved to chat? Not for just participants but for everyone, although you can critique the quality here too
  3. 6th Holy Grail War Feedback Thread

    Hi, This is the creator of this RP, to any lovely spectators: 1) Are you enjoying this RP 2) Are you rooting for a particular character/who is your favorite character 3) Would you watch a ufotable adaptation of this :p 4) Wanna place bets on who a certain servant who hasn't been revealed yet is etc. 5) Who do you think will win the War? Just so you guys know this RP is very much meta, we as role players only know as much as our characters, to keep it as authentic as possible Ah well, signing off! :)
  4. 6th Holy Grail War: Act 01

    ACT 01: The Meeting of the Minds Shinto, Fuyuki City Mark sipped his coffee, and looked out of the window at the bustling crowds of people on the panoramic walkways that formed the crossroads of shops and restaurants in Fuyuki. Black, one sugar, no cream. He smiled to himself, and then cleared his throat, before standing up and addressing everyone inside the cafe. "Hey everyone! Pay absolutely no attention to me. I was never here. You also can't hear anything I say, and won't disturb me for the duration of my visit here. Oh, and forget about the weird saiyan things you saw the other night too." Mark stated assertively. The crowd of customers and servers looked at Mark, nonplussed, and then continued on with their daily affairs. While Mark's memory manipulation would have done little to nothing to an experienced magus, these civilians were easy to influence. Great, no disturbances, and you've wiped a section of the incident damage, albeit not much. Mark removed his phone from his pocket, and waited for the call. Shortly after, the phone buzzed, and Mark picked it up. "Are you ready Mark?" asked the familiar voice, to which Mark responded "I'm patching in, with your permission." All of a sudden, Mark blacked out, and then his view showed a fancy metal lift door, with an outer wall sliding up besides it. The lift was going down. Mark had shared perception with his benefactor; he was seeing what the old man was seeing. The lift eventually came to a halting grind, and the doors opened. Down a small hallway was an enclosed glass cubical, with no entrances apart from a small circular hole near the top, with a height of 20 meters from the base. In the middle, sitting on the floor was an emotionless looking old man, pale as can be, wearing rags which were hidden by a large white beard and long slender silver hair. Even in rags, the man looked regal. This was Jubstacheit von Einzbern, the eight head of the Einzbern family. He had been with the family since the Second Grail War, but now he simply sat in this castle of glass, head hanging low in his personal prison. While it is true that publicly the three founding families of the War had been wiped out, a Magus expedition to the Einzbern castle in Germany found a secret room deep underground. Housed in it was a collapsed Jubstacheit. Technically this "thing" was artificial intelligence, research had shown, being fundamentally linked to the nature of the castle and homunculus within. The old man tried to ask questions in interrogation regarding the nature of the the Fifth Grail War, but the relic of a man stayed silent, unresponsive. "This is boring...let me guess, there's some evil braniac mastermind who directly controls it? That would be so cliche...but still awesome" Mark thought to himself, and almost in reaction, Acht (named for being the 8th generation model of his kind) snapped his neck up, with cold dilated eyes, staring at the old man/Mark. The old man froze in place, and Mark felt a deep chill within him. This was a first. "ThE hOmunCulus LiVes. ThE swEet, iNnoCenT sOul, mY cReaTIon, the UltImAte cReaTIon. AwAitIng tHe nEw WaR, hIdDen aWay iN ThE eVeRpreSeNt CiTY." And then the man was silent. Mark was shocked enough to lose concentration. He briefly blacked out, and then returned to himself in the cafe. He looked around, and no one had bothered him or acted like he was even there, as planned. Immediately Mark received a call, which he picked immediately. "A homunculus? That's what I gathered from that short outburst. Mark. If this is the case, you have information that other Master's do not. HOLD. ONTO. IT. We have to find the vessel. It gives us an immediately important advantage for the long term." Mark was the one to end the call, and he looked unusually serious and in the zone. "Time to REALLY get to work. Assassin. Take rooftop views and scout. Let's get on with the pleasantries, and then we'll get to looking" There was no response, but Mark had a gut feeling Assassin would obey this time. Before leaving the cafe (without paying because he could get away with that), Mark once again checked his phone, and he viewed the interesting email for what seemed like the umpteenth time. "Hi Mark, We managed to scrub the relic of corruption, finally. I think we have a good idea of who this could belong to but...it's just unexpected. What you described as Assassin's appearance really doesn't match with or make any sense to my hypothesis. I've attached a picture; I think with some minor research you can figure out who it is. Don't want comms getting comprimised and all that. It's been too long man...you should come see the team again. I think they could use it. Be well, Rutger Archaeological Excavation Manager Clock Tower Mark inquistively clicked the image file, and he saw an envelope with a certain item inside. The envelope had a name and surname on it, and through some quick research, Mark did indeed find the identity of his Servant. Mark thought long and hard, and then sighed. "Bloody hell...I don't think I can wrap my head around this kind of man. The mad enhancement...it actually kinda makes sense, to an extent. But really, getting a man so divisively debated as to whether he was in the right or not...I'm just lucky he looks nothing like himself currently. Although maybe there is a reason for that..." Mark realised there was work to be done instead of pondering, and left the dim lighting of the cafe for the bright sunny streets outside.
  5. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

  6. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

    Ryuudou Temple, Miyama Outskirts, Fuyuki “Assassin, how’s the watch?” pondered Mark. Silence, and then, “IT GOES WELL BOSS”. Through the last few days, Assassin had become a bit more talkative, although it was still limited to short phrases on rare occasion. Maybe this is the limit of his speech mused Mark, before turning his attention to his ringing phone. “Yes, how fares London old man?” he cheered into the phone. “So loud…there’s a clean up to be done Mark. I presume you heard about the skirmish that took place?” replied Mark’s mysterious benefactor. “Yep. Had a familiar in place. Assassin isn’t quite on the trust radar yet. That Lancer woman really had the Archer’s number. I searched Wikipedia for the things that the Lancer said to the Archer, and the identity that matches the most would be Paris from the Trojan War. The one in this war at least looks a little bit cooler than the one on the article” said Mark. The old man sighed and retorted with “While your means of discernment are…questionable, I admit that I came to the same conclusion. What of the Lancer?” “OH mate, she was smoking!” “…And what else?” “Oh, nothing. Her master seemed off her rocker though” “I don’t even know why I bother holding conversation…that’s my first and last mistake. Look. The association has ordered all mercenaries, disciples and others involved in the War to help clean up that shambles. What the fuck was that Othinus woman thinking? The mind trembles.” I can’t believe he referenced that? The old man might have some fun inside him after all thought Mark bemusedly. “Okay, so it’ll look good to the Association if I get there first compared to the others, and also it opens up potential for alliances?” “Finally you’re learning. Report back on your findings.” And then the line was abruptly cut short. Mark walked down towards the shrine entrance and without looking back called out “Mate I could really use someone watching my six, if you feel what I’m saying?” Assassin is very receptive to this kind of language. Him and that Michael character could probably get along thought Mark. Assassin jumped down to Mark’s level, then dematerialized. “TAKE POINT, I’ll FLANK”. “Time to get to work”. They departed for the streets.
  7. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

    Mark awoke to the sounds of cicadas chirping. “I’m definitely in Japan” he mused comically, and slowly rose from his futon. These low, quilted mattresses were a lot more comfortable than they seemed, and Mark, who usually had a hard time sleeping, felt very refreshed. After a few minutes of sitting near the futon in a reverie, he found the willpower to slowly get up and amble to the main room of the temple shack. Placed on a table towards the end of the room was a metal box about the size of a shoebox. Mark snapped open the buckles holding the lid in place, and opened said box. Resting there was a gauntlet, about the size of the average Western man’s forearm. It was jet black with gold embroidery running down its length. 4 reddish jewels were placed in the four corners of the gauntlet, filled with a vast reservoir of mana. This mana was not Mark’s, in fact it belonged to the original owner of this ancient relic, a mana so rich and pure that Mark’s own paled heavily in comparison. The old man had explained when he handed it over that there was enough concentrated mana in this gauntlet to keep it functioning for several years of constant use. A quick spell of memory manipulation had dealt with the airport staff checking the luggage scans, and one could say it was instrumental to Mark’s survival. “The old man never clarified, but I posit that this belonged to some famous warrior who fought in a colosseum” Mark wondered, and then promptly slipped it onto his left wrist and forearm. His right arm was his shooting arm and while the gauntlet had surprisingly little density (there was most likely some enchantment in place for this effect), it wouldn’t feel right there. Feeling a lot more secure, Mark stepped out onto the temple grounds, and saw Assassin on the roof of the neighbouring cottage, sitting down and keeping what seemed to be a very vigilant watch. He had not moved an inch throughout the whole night. Mark attempted to make communication “Assassin! Anything happen in the night?” Silence. Mark stood unperturbed; he was used to this by now. As a last-ditch effort, Mark exclaimed “It won’t do you any good cooped up in here all the time…we could go to the town, do some recon, you know? How about it? Assassin?” Assassin’s beacon-like eyes swivelled to regard him, and then he heard “MOTHER WOULDN’T ALLOW IT”. And then silence. Mark merely shook his head, and then ducked back into the main building.
  8. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

    "Wow". Mark was speechless. It was the only natural reaction as he made his way out of the woods and onto the stone path paved before him. The path led up to a rectangular shrine gate, which Mark knew was commonly referred to as a "torii", and beyond that lay an almost quaint shrine building. It looked almost like a shack or cottage, but Mark suspected it was of more import than that. "Well look at that Assassin, we may have just struck gold!" Mark exclaimed, turning to the red cloudy mass. Assassin did not respond, but merely walked up the stone path, without so much as a glance at the Master. Mark issued his trademark sigh, and followed after Assassin. Ryuudou Temple, Miyama Outskirts, Fuyuki "Wow the Wi-Fi here is pretty good Assassin!" exclaimed Mark, "They have crazy good Wi-Fi and no one lives here? Absolutely criminal." Through research, Mark had learnt that he was currently residing in Ryuudou Temple, although there were surprisingly few hits for it online of any relevance. "Not that popular is it? Maybe Shintoism isn't in anymore" Mark wondered. Although he was ignorant now, Mark would very soon discover just how many leylines of Fuyuki converged here, and that by chance he had stumbled upon a key strategic location for the War. His first hint was waiting for him outside. Mark suddenly felt a chilling pressure, coming from outside. Making his way to the sacred grounds, he saw Assassin kneeling to the ground, and all of a sudden red veiny lines shot out over the grounds, and on the walls of the building. Mark stood agape for a brief moment, then quickly collected himself. "The old man was lecturing me about things like this...was that like...you know, a Reality Marble? Or some form of territory creation?" Assassin's red beacon's that represented it's eyes darted round and fixated on Mark. "NEITHER." Then silence. Before Mark could open his mouth to retort, Assassin surprised him by speaking again "I LIVE TO SERVE, EVEN IF THE PEOPLE THINK I AM WRONG." Then once more silence. "O-oh, okay then." What more was there to say? Mark headed back inside and got back on his laptop. "Assassin, do you think they do delivery here? Haven't eaten in almost a day." No response. While one might think this man was a fool, he was anything but. Under this cheery and lackadaisical demeanor, Mark had begun plotting and formulating oh so many different plans and contingencies. If he had learnt anything, it was this saying. "Let the opponent think you are unwise. Knowing is half the battle, and in thinking you know nothing, they know less than nothing". Hmm, who said that again? Mark pondered this, as he searched for the best takeaway while simultaneously trying to figure out Assassin's identity.
  9. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

    ???, Fuyuki "Man, where AM I?" bemused Mark as he stumbled over a pebble. He had been walking down a winding road, with a forest of trees to either side of him. It almost felt like a highway, but Mark couldn't say for sure. "Oh bloody hell. It'd be nice not to think I'm way over my head with this Grail War business, but right now I'm not exactly sure what to to or even where to go!" he thought, and grimaced after feeling some stomach pain. He hadn't eaten in about 12 hours, that having been at Narita International Airport, and in attempting to avoid any locals within Fuyuki had found himself lost. He was just thinking about what to have for dinner when a sharp but quiet humming emanated from his jacket pocket. Mark was trying to avoid having his phone on anything but vibrate if he could help it. Checking his cell, he was mildly surprised to see this particular caller ID so soon. "The old man is calling? I'm surprised he'd pay international fees to speak with lil old me!" chuckled Mark happily, as he accepted the call. The voice on the other end of the line had gravitas, and sounded measured to say the least. "Mr Gatling. You know I'm actually spending a lot just to call you from here, so be grateful." Mark sighed theatrically into the phone. "Oh you...I was actually thinking the exact same thing. You should get out of that dusty Clock Tower every so often; I'm surprised you aren't supervising me here. It's not like you to put any semblance of faith in me. Actually you may have been absolutely justified in that thought process to be fair". "That really doesn't bode well Mark", the voice said steadily, continuing on to say "What is the matter? Have you secured a base of operations?" "Yeahhhhhh no. I don't even know where I am, and that bloody Servant is like a mad dog without a leash! He keeps wandering off. Actually scratch that, I don't even know if it's a he or not." "You...cannot be serious. I stressed how important this was for the Clock Tower did I not? You're earning much more than you do for those normal jobs, and you may even be granted a wish if you actually survive. Put some more bloody thought into your strategy! Also, what's wrong with your servant? You didn't add anything extra to the summoning chant did you?" "No siree, I recited it plain as day, 100%" Mark replied, "I think it has something to do with this guy, or gal's past. That's my best guess anyway, and I don't have a second best." "For goodness sake...I need you to get your shit together. I will try and assist in anyway that doesn't violate the rules of the War, but you've got to throw me a bloody bone here. Secure a base of operations. Learn more about your Servant. Try to discern their identity if possible. And avoid contact with other Masters this early. In fact try to avoid all contact unless it's an alliance. Given your Servant's class, an alliance may be your best bet in the early stages." And with that the line was abruptly cut. Mark sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time, and called out into the woods. "Seriously mate...mate? Are you there? I'd like you to co-operate, it would make both of our lives easier!" Silence. I can't believe you're, bloody making me do this he thought, and he inhaled sharply, then closed his eyes. Within seconds, he was suddenly racing through the woods at an insanely high velocity. His vision was cloudy and red, and his thoughts felt distorted. It was so nauseating that Mark had to slip out of it almost immediately; but this seemed to have an effect on his Servant, who finally zipped out into the clearing. A red mass of shadow. That's what was in front of Mark currently. If one were to squint, they'd make out a somewhat broad, yet still slender figure in the middle of it. Red circular lights which Mark assumed were meant to be eyes drilled into his mind, and he winced. "Independent fucking action, and Mad Enhancement eh? That's my guess anyway. It's like the Grail is playing an elaborate game with me. Well I consider myself quite the gambler...you know I don't have much mana right? Making me use Shared Perception in hopes that you comply is quite draining, and I haven't eaten in a while". The mass of shadow spoke nothing for a few seconds, but then uttered a small phrase boldly. "THERE ARE NO CHAINS ON ME" And then more silence. "You spoke! Well...well yes there are indeed no chains on you. It looks like the Mad Enhancement isn't too severe, although you definitely aren't the most charismatic chap I've liaised with. Look mate, I really really hope we can communicate in some way. It may take some time, but that is in very short supply. Let's just look for a way out of these...woods, or whatever they are. Okay...Okay? More silence. And then the mass spoke "I'LL TAKE POINT" "Point? Hmm, that is an interesting way to put it...but very well!" Mark replied, relieved that they were going to get somewhere after all. And so the mass and the mortal slowly made their way down the winding road.
  10. Fate/Stay Night Role Play: The 6th Holy Grail War (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

    Sorry dude, we've filled out and have already started even :(
  11. 6th Holy Grail War: Pre-War Stage

    Here, we will start making preparations for the War. Preparing the catalyst, undergoing the ritual, summoning the Servant, forging alliances, or simply watching the other participants from the shadows. None of the above is required to be shown; your Servant may already be summoned if you wish. Ultimately it all comes down to you...fate rests in your hands.
  12. Fate/Stay Night Role Play: The 6th Holy Grail War (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

    "monfernova" is mine https://discord.gg/hVPbe7Y That's the chat link guys!
  13. Fate/Stay Night Role Play: The 6th Holy Grail War (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

    Doesn't return any users :/
  14. Fate/Stay Night Role Play: The 6th Holy Grail War (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

    Yea can everyone do that below please. I've also just realised that SF PM only extends up to 6 people, so it wouldn't be ideal for the OOC chat anyway.
  15. Fate/Stay Night Role Play: The 6th Holy Grail War (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

    If everyone makes a Discord account then yeah, I'm sure a few of us do, but it'll add some time to starting the War I imagine. What about the rest of you: do you think Discord is more viable for the private chat?