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  1. Just a Bystander "Me? Oh no, no. I'm not that good, I just want to watch, if you guys don't mind." Thorvald's offering was quickly deflected. Perhaps the girl was intimidated by their overwhelming pressure? Or maybe voleyball just wasn't her thing. "Thank you, though... I'm sure I'll be seeing something great no matter what." And there went that trust in the crew. Quickly two of the members asked to drop it, which left the girl a bit disappointed, but nothing actually serious. "G-good luck with your game..." Pulling up a chair, as suggested, Caroline was still intent in watching the game some.
  2. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Raz to O9, Silver Bow Cav A.
  3. Heroic Customers "W-wait, really? Oh, thank you, mister..." Thorvald's nice gesture seemed to catch Caroline off guard, the ice cream girl taking a pause before handing one of the popsicles to the man, and keeping one to herself. Seeming a bit interested about the gathering of people, likely a good prospect for customers, Caroline gave in to curiosity and followed Thorvald a few steps behind. "You're all in the army too, right?" As she looked into the group, Caroline seemed a bit surprised by their overall appearance. "You've got quite a pack, some of them look real young." An argument could be made that they could be children or something, but it wouldn't be necessary as the topic subject quickly shifted. "...Wait. Are you... are you from the Riese crew?" Her eyes seemed to widen for a moment with the sudden realization. "My squad leader mentioned you guys... Thorvald Eriksson, there's a Kim there too --an ex-idol, right?--, a-and a Russian guy! Brant Abrams, doesn't really sound very Russian..." Caroline seemed quite elated with her realization, a sparkle coming to her eyes. "You guys are heroes around here! Wow... m-mind if I watch?" At least, she had a snack ready. Spike Two "W-whoa..." Makoto certainly wasn't expecting the sudden spike from the janitor, of all people, but the man sure proved he was capable of some good volleyballing! "That was fast! Nice!" Makoto went after the ball, having to pick up his pace to catch it before it rolled onto the water. If they could learn from Bill, they wouldn't fear a shameful loss... probably! Time wasn't on their side, though. "Alright... so I can strike with a punch like that... I can leap high just fine, I think." There was no need to be nervous, it was just volleyball! "What about you, Tarquin. Why don't you give it a try now?" He turned to look at his younger friend, seemed lost in thought as always. Some things in life just weren't easy to pick up from a book! "Ready? One, two... go!" He tossed the ball up again, Tarquin's way this time, hoping he'd get to see some initiative! Hopeful Prospects "...You are right." None of them would have a future at all, Roxanna understood that well. Things would change drastically at best, at best assuming they'd keep their lives. It was relieving that her argument didn't fall in any further scrutiny. It was disheartening to be turned down after finally trying to move. "I figured... I took a gamble and assumed you were going to focus on mobile suit development for now, what with the machines already in hand... knowing that you have a few other ideas is reassuring." If Firmia wanted to provide safety, she was working well to have some of the XO's fears calmed. "I must admit I'm curious. If you're going to branch out eventually, what were your first targets? Off the top of my head, I imagine security --people will still be on high alert once the war is over, scrambling to ensure they're safe as can be." It was just a sensible guess, though. To hear the android say she sympathized with Roxanna was a bit... well, Roxanna knew about Hannah's quirks by this point, but seeing them in action was a shock. She didn't know how to react at first: Did a machine really say that to her? Firmia's own follow up was the edge Roxanna needed to ease up and accept it. "Thank you... thank you both." Honestly, Roxanna was a pile of nerves, yet these two were being thoughtful of her... that was nice.
  4. Crash Course Of course, Makoto and Tarquin weren't going to get a lot done if they didn't get a feel for the ball to begin with. "Y-yeah, we're probably not getting the star roles on our teams, but at least we should make sure we're not bringing them down!" A chain was only as strong as its weakest link, or something like that. "So, what do you think of... let's start with a few throws then?" Makoto considered throwing the ball right there and hoping Tarquin would have the reaction to catch, but they were quickly interrupted by a somewhat familiar man with a very strong accent. Who was he again? One of the ground crew? If your feet are in the right place... I think I get it. A proper stance would help them get a better shot lined up, or stuff like that, Makoto imagined. "R-right, yeah, thanks for the tip. Heads up, mister!" Planting his feet a fair space apart on the ground, Makoto threw the ball up as instructed. Offers and Motivations "M-my offer..." Perhaps it made some sense for Firmia to be the one asking, since Roxanna did come after her. The XO wasn't quite expecting that, though, and had to stop for a moment to think. At least the Alkaev had taken the offer positively and was interested, Roxanna should have considered that a blessing on its own, but she couldn't help but feel more nervous about being put on the spot when she hadn't even thought that far, not thoroughly. Why did I decide to do this here... "Right now, the most I can offer is funds... perhaps some intel with ANF battleships, if you ever need that, but mostly I have flexible access to my father's inheritance now." Probably not, with that android by her side. "Obviously, if it comes to that, I'm pitching to become a shareholder. As an ANF citizen, I can strike deals taking advantage of the federation's trade laws, I could save you a lot on limitations and taxes depending on how your company is labeled. And... I know a couple of corporations that do owe some forgiven debt to my father. Specifically, I think I could get a hold of Bismarck Industries, if you need it." Roxanna wasn't completely oblivious to politics ever since she left, but she certainly lacked the charisma on her own. Then came the android's question. That sort of question was quick to put the XO on edge too. She knew the implications, they were already worried enough with moles in the Riese alone that somebody from the ship trying to make such a timely offer was almost too suspicious. Roxanna hoped she wasn't looking too iffy, but having a machine suspect her was something else. "I want Apotheosis to end, more than anything right now. Terrorists like them took away the last support I had, and now I'm being forced to make a move. I... really don't know where my future stands, but I don't think my time in the Earth Navy is going to last very long." And in the Space Navy she'd just been a bitter afterthought... "I need to branch out, but much as I try, my mind only comes back to this war on Apotheosis." It was almost pitiful, she was basically admitting revenge was the only idea her business mind had. Firmia would probably be disappointed. More Customers "Please, don't think about it." Caroline seemed to have recovered swiftly, or maybe it was just easier to suppress her emotions when in a business mind? "We're all going through horrible things right now. The least we can do is have each other's back, right?" It seemed her successful attempt to cheer up Aliza also reflected well on the girl, taking a slow breath as she started digging around her cooler again. "And you, mister. Red, white and blue, right?" She picked up a couple of the colored popsicles from the cooler, still in their packaging. "Yeah, I got a few from this brand, in the mood for a patriotic snack?" She snickered, "I just heard these sell better on the 4th of july, don't mind me. Personally I never tried them, so I don't know how they taste."
  5. A Tough Request Roxanna had gone this far and caught Firmia's attention, as well as the android's. "I see. Good, Well..." Now wasn't time to start having second thoughts, Roxanna held her breath for a moment. "Firmia, it's true you've been trying to get your own company off the ground, right? From the deals you've struck with high command, the resources and ship you have... I didn't get to think on it during the Riese, but I wanted to know... if you're still searching for investors." Maybe it was a bit sudden, or a bit too late. "As of earlier this week, I'm the sole heir of the Minister of Finance, Martison's money. If you've been following the news, he was shot down by an Apotheosis attack while flying over Canada's border with the United States. Now... I have a lot in my shoulders." Perhaps it was thanks to what Apotheosis had done to her, but as much as Roxanna tried to think of ways to invest and keep her family inheritance safe, her thoughts came back to the war efforts. "Right now, there's nothing I want more than Apotheosis going down, but Admiral Alphonse, my uncle, doesn't see me eye to eye... That's when I thought of contacting you." Roxanna tried to hide a wince, as she mentioned her uncle. It was a troublesome relationship, and at this rate it would only further harm the ANF, but it couldn't be helped. "I know the ANF is already helping you, but I have my own offers." At the very least, there was real estate in Canada on her family name that could be repurposed, if it came down to it... Sad Customers "Ah, I'm sure real combat must be a mess... once during a scouting mission we caught unidentified fighter planes in the radar. I could feel my blood freeze." Caroline tried to offer some comfort, but she couldn't speak anything about the death of an acquaintance. "It... really sucks. When it comes down to it, I don't want war, to fight or kill, yet Apotheosis is threatening to kill us no matter what, so I hope I'm keeping people safe, if only a little. I wouldn't know what to do in real combat, especially if my squad was getting shot down... but..." In the end, it seemed that negativity had rubbed off on Caroline, who bit her lip and cut the talk short. "Yeah, we're definitely counting on you guys. I'm just support." She tried to offer Aliza a comforting smile in return. "Well, uh, I'm sorry I had you relive that moment, Aliza. I really don't want to let a customer leave on a sour note, so, uh..." Caroline shot a hand at her pouch, quickly grabbing a small, square-ish item from inside. "Here. I'll add a brownie, on the house. I'm sure you'll like it, I make those myself!" At least it was something? Think Fast Hoo, it seemed like they were up against some tough competition. So many of the TKs! Could Makoto even stand a chance? "Well, looks like we got our work cut out for us, Tarquin." He wasn't a volleyball pro by any means either, but certainly he could do well enough to be on par? Certainly it couldn't be worse than his simulation training struggles against Chris. Speaking of... "Wait, what?" She asked him to just catch, right? Why did she throw it with so much force?! Makoto jumped to cover the ground, grabbing the ball like a desperate goalie and crashing on the sand himself. "Oof! That was mean." Really, he could've used some more warning... he picked himself up, slowly, trying to play off the silly maneuver. "Well, so I guess we can practice now, Tarquin. Want to get a feel for your throws?" That'd help a bunch, probably.
  6. Curious Customers "Just the rocky road and water, alright. Can do!" Sales were sales, Caroline seemed pleased enough with the result, handing over the ice cream next and taking up a card reader from her denim's pocket to complete the transaction. "Nice doing business with you, Aliza! I'm Caroline, Caroline Schmidt. I just... work, kinda. I rented one of the spaces to sell food during the day, I'm here every other day. I also work at the mall complex at night, but... that's just while my main job remains slow and keeps me around. I don't know how long that will last." She swiped the card and handed the reader to Aliza. "Long story short, I'm employed by an outsourcing company and was assigned to help the ANF --not enough pilots to make the squads they want--, so I'm kind of like you, except I never went to pilot school and am just learning on the fly. Pretty badly." Caroline kept the mood light with a giggle as she confessed her ineptitude, but it did paint a more desperate face to the ANF. Outsourced pilots, people that were crash coursed at best were being enlisted to bolster their forces. The Riese's consecutive victories seemed like localized phenomenoms in contrast. "It's not so bad, I've never been to the frontline, I just patrol. The timeslots are pretty generous and I really need the bonus my company gives." Caroline waved it off, possibly trying to reassure Aliza. "My squad is going to be disbanded soon, though. I heard the ANF were letting some captains call dibs if they wanted more pilots, I just hope whoever I work under next is as calm as the Major." Moving On ...That was enough laying down on her lonesome by now, Roxanna wasn't in the mood for artificial sunbathing, honestly. "Ugh, I should've brought a sun hat." Too late now, but whatever. Standing up, Roxanna was quick to notice a crowd of their crew was gathering. The pilots were all kind of tightly-knit, from her impression. Roxanna's people really never seemed to interact that closely aside from the odd couple, in her Kraken days, so that was a curious sight. Perhaps it was why they seemed to have such incredible teamwork. But nonetheless, Roxanna wasn't that interested in sports. No, her target quickly shifted, spotting a blonde who interested her far more than the sports crowd. "Firmia?" Roxanna approached the rich girl and her companion droid (when did Hannah change her hair?), trying to act as casual as she knew how. "I've been meaning to ask you something... you're not awfully busy right now, are you?" The beach break really seemed like the perfect time.
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Owen grit his teeth. Baron Esclabor was right, and there was nothing he could do about his dear friend's death right now, nonetheless, he was to live and keep pressing onwards. "Very well, Esclabor, I will leave his burial to you. I tire..." Owen confessed. The prince never found the ground a suitable place to rest, but in another life maybe he'd find himself laying there uselessly, wanting nothing but for the world to stop. Owen closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "We're definitely weaker, in mind and body. I need to return to Wyke and gather my people under my banner. Only then can we be respected as a force again. We should get a boat soon." There was only so much he could do, though, while waiting for an answer fro. King Olaf. That delay would quickly prove itself inconvenient. "I'll see what Ceirch has to say... he seems a bit busy as well." But a sight that caught his eyes was quick to sway his train of thought. As quickly as the prince dismissed Esclabor, he was met with Sidney getting attention from Nona. Her injuries were nothing to scoff at. "Sidney, how bad are your injuries?" He approached her and Nona, concern quickly springing to his face. Owen didn't need to lose anyone else anytime soon. "This wretched man and his soldiers... I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier. Are you hurt too, Freya?" It was probably excusable that he was distracted with the attempted murder on his person, but Owen was far more concerned with everyone else's well-being after the fact. Claire, too...
  8. Super Friends "Well, on the beach you swim and everything. Play sports, surf, enjoy the salty wind... stuff like that I think." It wasn't like Makoto was a pro at that, but between him and Tarquin, he'd be the one selling the idea of enjoying the beach that day. "If it's a no-go I'm sure we can enjoy the food at least." They sure had different option, from ice cream to steamed clams, there was a dish for all tastes. At a moderately inflated price. Speaking of, they'd been scouted by Christina rather quickly. Seems like they weren't the only ones entertaining the idea! "Oh, volleyball? We were just considering finding people to play with, sure!" Funny how things turned out. Makoto beamed his best smile back, giving Christina a thumbs up. "I'm not too shabby, and Tarquin here said he's learning. You can count on us to do good!" He glanced back at his young friend, wondering if he felt any more invested. Extra Creamy "Ah, t-thanks--Yeah, two bottles, right!" Caroline didn't seem as sure to reply to Aliza's casual compliment but was quick to return to business, taking out two chilly bottles of water from the box. "Alright, here it is, and I do have rocky road here! Fancy choice ma'am." She picked the pots up as she rummaged through her products. "Got a couple left of that, actually... I've also got plenty of others. A lot of fruit flavored --lime's a favorite over here--, also chocomint... milky way and dulce de leche are popular too. Also, if you don't find the flavor you want I might still have them back at the stand!" She was truly eager to sell, and it showed in how earnest her expression was. In fact, some might think it overblown. "Anything for a happy customer."
  9. Coast to Coast Saleswoman A lone girl was walking through the beach, carrying a styrofoam box which looked a bit hefty. Though mostly aimless in her walk, she seemed to look at each passerby with some hope, and had her eyes peeled for something... which was apparently Aliza. As she spotted the pilot, the girl made a beeline, quickly waving a hand as she got close enough to get Aliza's attention. "Hi! I haven't seen you before, did you just get here?" Now that she was close enough, Aliza could tell the girl was a bit on the young side, or maybe it was just her face. The girl was a bit on the short side, and dressed comparatively modest, with denim hot pants and tank top over a red bikini, also wearing simple sandals and, weirdly, a red beret. Her neck-length blonde hair ended in wavy splits, and her face boasted a few freckles. "Well, first of all, welcome to the desert beach! It's been pretty popular despite the war, somehow." From the way the girl held herself and greeted Aliza there seemed to be a business-like courteousness behind her mannerisms. Swimming and relaxing was probably not the reasons she was here. "Now, are you interested in some ice cream?" Ah, there we go. "The desert sun is way worse than inside here, a lot of people get in here real thirsty, and what better way to start enjoying the beach than with some cold ice cream, right? So I'm going around selling some, if you're interested." She patted the top of the styrofoam box she was carrying, bringing it forward. Not that Aliza could see it, there were stickers of some of the products and their prices, as well as seeming to identify itself as 'Caroline's Ice Cream Shop', assumedly the name of the girl. "We've got popsicles, ice cream, or just a bottle of water if that tickles your fancy. A couple credits each --five credits for the big names. I've also got some brownies back in the cart if you're interested!" Well, at least she had some enthusiasm.
  10. Agreements Beach Episode: On! Now that was unexpected, they were at the beach, in the middle of the desert. How... different. Now Makoto understood why he was told to bring swimwear, but it didn't mean his expectations didn't take a serious hit. To think just a few days the crew was in some kind of pool party... did they just enjoy this kind of stuff? "Well, I guess leisure is the best to relieve tension..." While getting complacent with the global landscape, the ANF sure prioritized a lot of comfort for its soldiers. He had to admit it was a good incentive to keep their numbers high at a time where most people just wanted peace and globalization. Well, now that aliens and Apotheosis are involved, it's a different matter. Life of a volunteer sure was awkward. Speaking of awkward, the beach really wasn't his favorite scenery. He was around because he felt the need to be around the others, and the Riese was being shut, but he'd really prefer being at an arcade. Ah well, it couldn't get that bad, could it? Off to enjoy the day in swimming trunks and sleeveless shirts our hero went. "Ah, sup, Tarquin!" His young friend was fairly easy to spot, all in all. "How are you doing? Well, I gotta say, this beach looks great, but I wanted to be trying out some new moves on the simulator, heheh..." Makoto couldn't hide himself to his friend, but it was good that both were here. "What do you plan on doing? I was thinking maybe playing soccer or volleyball would be nice if we could gather a crew." Yeah... that would be nice. Sand, Less Coarse Than Before Getting another break felt pretty generous to Roxanna, though she knew it was for the crew's sake. Just like during her time at the pool-party, she was wearing her white monokini under her summer dress, but right now she was planning to enjoy the beach some, basking at the sun and sitting in one of the chairs. It's been some time since she's had seafood, maybe she could order something nice from around these parts... it'd probably be expensive since this was nowhere near an actual beach, but her craving spoke louder.
  11. I can't wait for the return of honorable Luíz
  12. the extended april fools is the deadliest
  13. Name: Luíz Augusto Valentino Pereira da Fonseca Jr. VII Age: 39 Gender: Gentleman, I do say! Appearance: History: Forsooth! What is a man with a soul as noble and age as... experienced! as Luíz, doing in Japan of all places? Well, a mighty fine question, my good sirs! You see, in the fine Year of Our Lord 1993, pious and pure Luíz had come to a crossroads in his life. You see, Luíz comes from a prosperous family of enterpreneurs the wealthy 'da Fonseca' Family, owner of great vineyards for their popular wine brands and also branching out as alternative medicine distributors. You could say he'd lived the good life from an young age, and you'd be correct! With the best tutelage that 1970s Portugal could offer, and the high expectations of his father, Luíz quickly became a man of culture, stoic, and sharp opportunist, aiding his family in achieving new riches with the rise of recent enterpreneuring trends, helping create the first Multi-Level Marketing brand name in Portugal: Herbaright! Bringing such necessities as Detox Tea™ and Homeopathic Treatment to the common Portuguese man! Unfortunately, at the peak of his company's success, in 1992, the tragedy of scandals came to light. Luíz's father, whom he thought a man of equal caliber, was judged guilty by Portugal's justice system for several tax-evasion practices, and even had the family's bank accounts in foreign countries confiscated! It was a dire tragedy, but worst of all, in a revision of Portugal's company laws, Herbaright was deemed as a hostile pyramid scheme, and had to be terminated! Such events marked the fall of his family name, and instead of being wealthy and healthy, Luíz was now a poor, lost member of the middle class, and a door-to-door salesman at that! Truly, could God offer respite to such a mistreated soul? Indeed, as in 1993, his beautiful child with his dear wife Mikoto, a demure japanese immigrant and true definition of an 大和撫子, had come to the world. Such a gracious event gave the man a bright idea: If Portugal forsake him, why not try his chance in Japan? Yes, of course! The brilliant idea had some opposition from his family, but nothing was to deter such a noble man! Painstakingly, he took to learning the exquisite culture of the land of the rising sun, becoming rather enamoured with the country, Luíz seemed content with his new lot in life. Now, as a man of standards, he dedicates his life to teach the young, so that they too may, one day, have a life as rich as his! His dedication to studies at his youth had paid off, and now Luíz was a renowned, if a bit eccentric, homeroom teacher in a honorable high-school in Tokyo. You see, having latent special powers from an young age, Luíz had struck a deal with the People's Republic of Japan. As an immigrant with powers, his powers were definitely ones to look out for, but Luíz was a man of Justice, and had sworn to help keep the peace in this little piece of Japan he called home since 2009! Ability: Luíz's rather exquisite powers convey him the ability to manipulate alcoholic liquids on touch, rather exquisitely! Luíz's powers allow him to shape any liquid containing a sufficient amount of ethanol, by interacting with the molecules and exciting them. This way, he can make anything from evaporating hot beverages, to magical floating wine... he could even make a high-pressure spinning spear of Vodka! But that's not very nice, so he doesn't do that much. He can also drain the ethanol from a beverage by draining it with the tip of his fingers, sapping it to his very bloodstream! Egads! That's not very comfortable and makes him feel drunk quickly, so it's not particularly useful, however. And finally, his honorable stats! Strength: 6 Agility: 9 Endurance: 5 Charisma: 10 Intelligence: 7 Intuition: 5 Mastery: 7 (9-2)
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "The Deirans are definitely puppets. Capture one of them and you'll quickly realize they believe everything about their 'righteous crusade' story to be true. What baffles me is how the king has passed this narrative over to..." The prince took a moment, his eyes had opened wide as a grim realization set in. "No, it sounds even worse. The king must be the one being fed this tall tale, but... that's ridiculous. For an openly pious kingdom to fall victim to such subversion without the king's vassals or the church trying to intervene... could the church itself have a hand? But that's--" Heresy. Just to imagine the church as warmongers would make Owen be cast as a heretic by most. It made sense, though. Right to rule was divinely ordained, but the only group with power to interpret divine messages was the church itself. That made their power absolute, but they were meant to be heavily principled and incorruptible, right? Just as Owen had tried to base his ideal virtues on the scriptures' austere teachings, the priests of Engel must have worked thrice... no, ten times as hard to achieve virtue. But what if one of them was deceiving all? That... was a bit too much to think of. Was Owen just being overtly negative over his constant losses? I need to come back to this later. Any longer and I feel like my mind will give. Any other topic was favorable over this right now... excepting talking about his good friend's corpse, that was hardly an improvement at all. Ugh. "I think a proper burial would be best, but... I'm afraid we can't just carry his body back to Wyke." Keeping a body from rotting through a ship route was out of the question, let alone with the possible delay that King Olaf might entail to. "It seems our best bet is to bury him among the people, here. If the villagers are fine with it, we can engrave a tomb in his honor, for his sacrifice and the lives of many lost today." That seemed like the best way to do that battlefield... a semblance of justice. "Hopefully no more battles will disturb the peace here."