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  1. Too Positive? Well, Christina's reaction wasn't something Makoto was expected to deal with at all. She seemed... shy? Maybe scared? It left the boy a bit confused as to why she felt that way... flustered? Too many compliments? I guess I'm laying it on too thick? I think girls don't like that, or was it something else... Makoto wasn't really the best or most experienced at things, though like most things in life, carrying a positive outlook led to a sense of competence that made things work themselves more. At least until he was stumped pondering the details --ah! That's no good! "Ah, yeah! Well, if you need anything, just say the word, okay?" That was probably enough pep talk, anyways, the episode was halfway done already! Now was the part where Sousuke entered the temple of the Gemini knight, a fight of brains, if memory served well. A slow start to a pretty cool fight overall! "Ah... are you hungry, by the way?" Makoto remembered he sort of skipped lunch with all the meeting rush... it was half past noon as it was, Christina probably didn't eat either. "It helps with a headache if you're not on an empty stomach!"
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "I see... so odds be that he might still be around--" And no sooner, Cass appeared in a mad rush, storming the small village in search of Gewaint, if it even was Gewaint. Owen couldn't fake the tired sigh that escaped him if he tried, his shoulders almost like they'd give in. "I should go make sure she is safe, shouldn't I...?" It was without question, and certainly Nelon needn't stress the point, the prince was keeping track of his sister's movement at the corner of his sight. "Thank you for your work, Baron. It's best to take what little rest you can, still. These trials will only become harder from here on out. As for now... I doubt she is in dire trouble, but I'll keep an eye on Cassandra." Dismissing the Baron with an apologetic smile, the prince gave his sister chase from a distance, best not to disturb her... too much. Cass had passed through the chapel and two other buildings before stopping in front of an unsuspecting house. One would guess it was just one of the simpler villager's house, but it seemed to hold enough to keep her interest. Could this be...? Stepping to the corner of the house before it to keep himself from sight, Owen peeked through to see what was about to happen, and was left with mouth agape. Was it... Gewaint, of all people?! And not just that: He'd grabbed Cass by the arm and dragged her into the house. Just what was he planning? Owen had seen enough, the sound of his footsteps sure and forceful as he stomped the ground on his way to the same house. He made no ceremonies as he knocked the door harshly. "Cassandra!" His voice, loud and clear, was sure to be heard all over the building. "Come out this moment!"
  3. Still Cool! "Sure, there are other TKs, but none that... earned through exposure, or however you want to spin it. And you had to deal with the T-Link stuff since an early age, so isn't that deserved?" Really, it was a big enough differential, already. "Most people are just sort of born with it or not at all, and it helps you in battle stil, right? So... it's still a power." Of course the other TKs were stronger, but they were kind of hardcore pilots, by the looks of it. "So--" "Oh, I'm sorry..." Makoto's little excited spiel was interrupted by Christina's old news about her father. Apparently it wasn't a sour spot for her anymore, but it was still awkward to figure that out after being all impressed about her life. "At least, I think you're helping around here... Kim says you're helping, and she's a strong pilot, right? So that must mean you're doing right, Christina." It wouldn't do to push compliments until they meant nothing, but it wouldn't do to see Christina so down either, so it was worth seeing her cheered up a little. "So yeah, I think you're still cool. Not everybody needs to be the ace pilot to be cool and strong, right? Or else we wouldn't need the rest of the crew!" With another thumbs up, the teen hoped he'd made her day a bit more tolerable. On Four Wheels "Too soon, is it..." That was a bit disappointing, but Mai would have to bear. The Doctor wasn't entirely out of options, however, considering a wheelchair for the patient. Mai wasn't immediately hot on the idea, from her expression, but it seemed after a moment of consideration, she found it in her best interest. "I'll take it, then, at least until my leg recovers fully. I hope that won't take long." She nodded to the doctor.
  4. So Cool! There it was, Christina had resolved to tell him the story on his request, and it ended up being rather perplexing. Makoto's understanding of TKs was certainly thrown for a loop, and he had to collect himself and blink as his brain tried to sum it all up. "So, you just.... became TK?" Makoto was looking at Christina with a sense of wonder, absolutely impressed by the unprecedented situation Christina found herself in. "That's kind of... amazing!" He had to admit, starstruck by the news. "And your father runs the TCI... s-so, you're pretty important, huh?" It was news after news, and honestly it was a bit much to absorb it all, so Makoto focused on what really mattered: She kind of... became a TK!! "I, uh, wow, yeah, now I get what's going on!" The boy adjusted himself upright, practically forgetting about the animated show --a rare thing--, attention completely stolen by these exciting news he'd learned. "Well, I don't think it's silly at all! You're one-of-a-kind! At least, I never heard of anybody else just up and turning TK from sheer exposure... I think that's cool. Something only you were able to do!" It was a much more positive spin than what Christina herself seemed to be implying, but hopefully she wouldn't find it offensive. "So, uh, I really hope the headache goes away then! I don't know how I'm helping, but if you say so, I'll stay here!" He chuckled, giving her a thumbs up. A charming blonde girl with one-of-a-kind powers, she was like a heroine of an action show, but in real life! Check Up, Once More Please. "Yes, Doctor." The mother looked at Megumi expectantly, clasping her hands. "If at all possible, I would like to know if I'm ready." It had only been three days, but with the tense awareness of a war happening around her and inability to go back to normal life immediately after, Mai could only hold for so long until the restlessness was unbearable. Surely there was something she could do if she was up and running... "How long do you think it will take until I'm walking fine again?"
  5. The Yamcha Honestly, it always did feel a bit awkward in a self-conscious way to talk about the shows he liked with somebody so out of it, but Christina was being understanding, as much as she could, so Makoto did his best not to dial it down. "Hmm, I think my favorite has to be Josh --Ah, he hasn't shown up yet--, he's a sidekick to Sousuke, the main dude, but he doesn't know the secret solar arts and learned to fight on his own. He's kinda the scrappy but it's fun to cheer for him, sometimes he actually helps out! He's mostly the butt of jokes though..." He chuckled afterwards. Not all characters were winners, but you could always relate to some more than others. Nonetheless, it was nice to sit down and watch a show after all the mess they went through the past few days, refreshing for the teen. Suddenly, Christina had given him the chance to know what was going on with her. Makoto had all but forgotten, but he wasn't one to dismiss something so curious that easily, even with the possibility of being an uncomfortable topic. "Ah, uh, yeah. If it's alright. You seemed to be in shock back there..." Hopefully it wasn't intrusive still. Mother's Care "Thank you." Was all Mai had left to say as she clasped her hands, looking expectantly as the nurse talked to Megumi, hoping that something would come out of it after all. Her hopefulness was no secret as she kept staring at the doctor.
  6. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Discussions with Tarasque only went on for so long, but Owen had acquired a good deal of information from it. It had only been three days since their encounter with the Justice Friends, but the campaign against Deira was doing well, and they've even assured this village for their troops. What a crowd we make. Well, it can't be helped here. They wouldn't overstay their welcome, hopefully. "Very well, Commander Tarasque. We will meet this evening, then." Nelon's notice was of greater import at the moment, however, the prince heeded the Baron's information with a nod and humming of understanding while they were still accompanying the commander, but as soon as that was done, the prince turned to Ceirch with a glimmer of curiosity. "So it was here? Do the villagers know of where he went, or are the rumors not precise on that?" If the lookalike was still here somewhere, then that one issue was going to be resolved sooner than later, at least. Perhaps it could actually be Gewaint...
  7. Quiet Gossip "Oh, that would be great, thank you." The positive response from the nurse was at least hope for the next hour, she had no idea how long this Lieutenant Kim needed attention, but surely it couldn't be that long. As courtesy, Mai smiled back, "I bet hearing all these compliments would make his day... but it's scary to think of him out there, I hope he'll only come to the infirmary to check on me, and nothing else." It was still a daunting prospect for a mother, no matter her son's convictions... but she couldn't stop him forever. She could only pray that it wasn't the worst outcome, as a grim chill briefly ran through her. "These girls are risking themselves, too... the young sure can be brave. I hope the older pilots can keep them safe." Spying Makoto as he left with the girl, Mai couldn't help but have that motherly overprotection stir inside. She's not going to try anything, is she? Hmm... is she his type? One of Those??? Makoto looked back as he was called, eyeing Christina's new outfit for a moment. Huh, Makoto didn't see people donning sweaters that often in the Colony, but Christina was pulling the look well, even if hers was a bit baggy. Now, her two first sentences already set Makoto's mood to awkward again, a bit self conscious of his taste in animation as soon as Christina proved to not be as acquainted. It always felt silly to come out to other people as a fan when they weren't interested, but Christina was the one asking, so... "It's Knight of the Seven Suns, yeah. O-one of those." Man, 'animes' just broke his heart, but it couldn't be helped. At least she wasn't making fun of him, and seemed at least mildly curious. "It's a dystopian future, over-the-top action story about a martial artist trying to find his missing family. The English version has some funny lines, so I thought I'd give it a watch." There was just something satisfying about seeing some of the more exaggerated moves like punching a high speed bike animated in such detail, too. "Oh! Do you have anything you want to watch, too? Honestly, I'd avoid the news channels, it's gonna be the same thing over and over for a while now..." At least he could bring up a change of channels if she wasn't into it, to avoid things getting more awkward...
  8. Guest in the Room "Ah... sorry." It wouldn't do to act so nervous, huh? For the sake of making things more comfortable, Makoto would have to at least show some confidence back! He was being invited to a girl's room, and he was damn well going through with it! With some positive reinforcement and a deep breath, Makoto followed her inside the room, and helped himself to look around a bit. Naturally, it had a bit of a nondescript feel to it, thanks to being a military appointed bedroom, but it was still curious to look at the furniture and the way it was arranged. It was to Christina's taste to some amount, right? At least, there was a different smell to the room than the hallways before. "Video games, huh? Yeah, I guess it's hard to grab some to play while on duty... maybe if we have some internet we could." An RPG could take too long, but maybe something that was easy to pick up and drop anytime would be more appropriate for a pilot. Video games did help with motor coordination, to a point! The greatest issue would be freely accessible internet in the Riese, which honestly he was too busy to check the past few days. Christina went straight to the bathroom after checking out her drawer for some clothes, leaving instructions for Makoto to mess with the panel and keep himself entertained. Man... some TV would do just fine. Unfortunately they were flying over America, so Makoto doubted his preferred channels would be broadcast in this region, let alone in the middle of a phantom war like this one. Still, it wasn't like he could do worse, contemplating the options as he begun flipping through the channels. Hmm, news channels wouldn't feel good to watch in their situation, the hottest topic to talk would probably be Apotheosis, and they knew more than enough about that group for one day. Sitcoms weren't really his thing, either, which left him less guilty as he focused his search on animation channels--Oooh, Knight of the Seven Suns rerun, the dub was hammy enough that he'd choose it over Japanese sometimes. That would do. Sporting a silly grin, Makoto pulled over a chair and made himself comfortable. There wasn't much else to do but stay there and be a helpful, uh, positive brain for Christina to focus on, huh? He just needed... not to think too hard about it. Nothing wrong with it.
  9. No Ulterior Motives! "N-no, it's fine! I figure it has to do with your headache! Haha..." Old habits died hard, Makoto ended up scratching the back of his head as the awkwardness piled up. Ugh, he was one thousand years too early to act smooth and friendly like Seigiranger Black! "But yeah, I don't really get how this TK stuff works, so I'm trusting what you're saying." He tried to encourage her with a thumbs up. Whatever was going on with Christina's brain was beyond him, but it seemed that Makoto's positivity was helping, so hey! Ah, so they were getting to the rooms... one of them was Christina's, huh. Would he be getting one too, eventually. Ah, there was also the question of how they looked! Were they customizable? Well, Makoto'd find out as soon as he entered Christina's... a dry gulp followed as they neared the door. "Hoo... are the rooms big inside?" Makoto had to wonder, with the spacing between each. "Oh and, uh, when you're not piloting, what do you like to do?" Maybe getting a sense of her hobbies would give them a good way to kill time.
  10. Heavy Load "Ah... Okay!" That made things less awkward, at least, and Makoto could lead the way with less of a hassle if she wasn't struggling to walk. As Christina confessed her origins --as far as piloting for the Riese was concerned, even Makoto's optimistic self couldn't help but be a bit staggered: He'd opened his mouth as she'd confirmed being kidnapped by Apotheosis, but held his words and blinked, thinking on how best to word it. It was a pretty heavy load. "So, uh... you were forced to fight for them?" From the way Christina worded that the crew needed to capture someone, it seemed to imply that much. "That sounds horrible, at least... you're okay now, yeah? We'll give them a beating back for that!" It was still jarring that Apotheosis would just force people to fight for their cause against their will... did that mean some of the enemies they fought... I-I don't want to think about that! Taking in a deep breath as he stepped into the elevator, Makoto tried to push the thoughts away for something brighter, it just wasn't like him to worry that much, and if they could do anything to help other people captured, surely it'd come up eventually. They were the good guys! "H-Huh? Uh..." Christina's invitation, presumably to her room, had certainly taken the boy by surprise, hiding a slight blush as the opportunity presented itself to turn away for the sake of choosing their destination floor. A girl asking a boy to her room was very intimate... in Japan, and Makoto ended up taking the memo from his parents, but this was neither Japan nor their apartment in Colony 1. "Well, if it helps, of course!" He'd taken a moment to pinch the side of his cheek discreetly before turning to Christina. "I'm not busy at all! I'm... not officially a pilot yet, so I've just been poking my nose around, really." Maybe it was for the best, even if he had no idea how that would pan out...
  11. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    As far as their entrance was concerned, the group wouldn't have much trouble. In fact, they had better chances of finding out the meeting's purpose by staying, though Kaya didn't seem as interested in meeting her father than others would hope. It did come back to that vision she spoke of, huh... "Well, if our journey brought us here, we might end up seeing Duke Bereen eventually. It probably won't be for long." She shrugged, not quite as sympathetic of Kaya's predicament but trying not to sound rude. "Hmm, so the time mage took all this..." Raz had to question how much of their power was ceremonial, then. It came without saying that while it was amusing to imagine Timaeus to be as vain as to steal decoration, there was no reason to attack a city for that. "Did these weapons serve a purpose?" She threw the question at the guard, hoping for a quick answer before she got inside the city proper. Speaking of, she had to throw a curious glance at Mikhaila, wondering how much was she out of it, after a smirk to her favorite fighter, Raz turned to the guard again.
  12. Hang in There! "Ah, right, um, I'm 18, actually. Just turned a couple months back..." It was a bit awkward for Makoto to out his age, did he look too young? There was still some growth the teen could do, but he never saw his height as a problem anyways, figuring he would catch up to his dad at the age of 21, probably! "Alright, ah, hope you get better too, Kim! See ya, Doc!" One wave of his arm was enough, and then his attention was back to Christina, whose destination was now given. "Bottom floor, right hall, gotcha!" He led the way, cautious of going too fast, he had to start slow and figure out the rhythm that Christina was comfortable walking. One step and a short pause, until he could see she wasn't struggling, then another. "Uh... is this good enough?" Makoto kept his attention on Christina until they were out of the infirmary door, where he'd gotten used to the new pace. "Whew, it's already quieter here." Aside from the humming of machinery, the hallways were at their normal level of noise. "I didn't expect the infirmary to be so full, but then again, we didn't expect Apotheosis to show up there... or for Tarquin to leave first. I guess that and me following him caused all you guys hustling to help us, so, uh, sorry about that..." He scratched the back of his head, forcing an awkward smile, though it was hard to not feel a pang of guilt, that he was partially the reason Kim and Christina got so hurt. "...How long have you been with the ANF, Christina? I thought people started older, but it seems most in the Riese actually started it pretty early, like Buck and Tarquin!" They'd reached the elevator in no time, the boy throwing out the question as he pressed a button. It was curious that a pilot could be on missions at such an age... or be a field engineer! It felt a bit embarrassing for Makoto, to think he was 18 and still just starting on a degree... A Good Samaritan "Hmm... honestly, I'd love if the doctor could do another check up on my legs. I understand the medicine here is for the crew, but I think I've spent enough time resting..." There was only so much Mai could do, anyways. Her leg had been hurt badly, a broken bone and not a trivial amount of lost blood, but staying at the infirmary of a military crew made her restless. With how much the Riese moved, Mai didn't want to be a bother, but she really needed something to put her mind off, maybe getting a different room, maybe she could get a wheelchair, or a crutch... Ah, there was her son, interacting with the girls. "Y-yes, thank you. I'm glad he's become this kind. He's always been an energetic kid, but I worried he was getting lonely as he grew up. I'm glad he's talking and helping." Mai felt a bit conflicted, seeing her son being so eager to help, so alive... but it was the military, and he seemed more and more accepting of the idea of risking his life. She couldn't help but wish he had a stronger sense of self-preservation. And these girls... "Hmm, these girls are pilots, huh? At their age?"
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    A Time to Catch Up (Owen's chamber, Raewald Castle, April 27th, 812) --- It seemed Alain had a word of warning to give Owen, as soon as the enemy commander was released, Owen heeded his words, a blink of the eyes as he tried gauge the diplomat's concerns. "Sir Alain," Owen started, "The reason I doubt what they're saying is true comes from what I know of my father's health. There is hardly a chance he would also be conspiring with Raewald with the rest he needs to fight his illness. He would barely leave his chambers." The prince knew there was something suspicious about that letter, but he just sorely lacked the information to discern who forged it, only to guess. King Olaf? Malaphar? Or perhaps Mr. E and some Wykian nobles had more sinister ambitions after all. "My plan is not to stick an arm to be chopped, you can be sure of that. I will prioritize my safety, in case they devise a trap." There was something that got Cass and Constance arguing, apparently his name had been involved, Owen had been too absorbed in his talk with Alain to tell, but he hoped it wouldn't develop poorly. It didn't, or at least not much worse than Cass just getting some distance for herself and Claire. Owen could only offer Constance a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry about Cassandra. She has always been opinionated, but in the end, she listens to me." He had always been soft towards her, but Cassandra understood how important her brother's role was, for her own benefit. At least, that's how Owen saw it. With Oshea by the Justice Loudmouths' side, negotiations were over, and Johnathan gave the prince a farewell before the group vanished in a smoke... or something to that effect. "Thank you, I will count on those promises, and do my part." What a puzzling group, for Deiran enemies. It seemed their army truly thought their cause was righteous, but that was natural. No king would tell his soldiers to fight an unjust cause, but it didn't stop their blind righteousness from earning some sort of pity from the prince. If it is our divine right to rule, we certainly spit on Engel's face...
  14. One Fear "I didn't mean to make you a liar. It was personal, I--" That was the first time Jessica had so effectively shut Roxanna up. She had done something that jeopardized their safety and the HQ's for personal reasons, at the end of the day. Once the girl threatened to fire her for any more backtalk, the XO shrunk against her chair, gaze falling down to the floor beneath. Her blood ran cold and her body tensed, hands holding at her pencil skirt. "I..." Her voice came out almost akin to the squeaks she judged Jess so much for. Combined with Jess' anger, the threat of being dismissed was too much in the end, and so Roxanna shut up, head hanging low. It took a moment of intensely uncomfortable silence for the XO to stand up from her seat, her walk far more shaky as she made it to the door, seeing herself out as fast as possible. Roxanna was at a loss at what to say, and had been told to get out, so she sure wasn't going to remain there, looking more pathetic than ever... not that she looked that much less pathetic right then. The XO made as quick a sprint as she could towards the elevators, hoping for one thing at that point: The calm and peace of her bedroom, once again. She was relying on that too much ever since she joined the Riese crew, but still... what was she to do? Split the Weights "Ah, maybe she'll know what to expect, but maybe the new prototypes we got will push the edge in our favor, huh? Unless she does some massive upgrades to her machine, we can try catching up to the worst scenario... I think!" Sheesh, this Kim was not optimistic at all about their chances, but it's not like the group could do much better, could they? They certainly didn't have good chances fighting Vera one-on-one. "A-Anyways, she retreated, so it isn't like we lost-- Nevermind that, there's no point in worrying while you need to recover first!" Whatever her mindset was, she was still the Artemis pilot, and that thing kicked butt out there, and it couldn't kick butt while she was out. They could at least agree to that. Ah, Christina was complimenting his Phalanx piloting skills --at least that was a compliment as far as he was concerned!--, which made the boy sport a big grin. "Well, big guns still cause damage whether they're from a tank or a Velite, right? And there were a lot of bigger targets... I do have to be careful, though." His grin faded for a moment as the memory of the Hyperion's beams came back, their cannons able to fire shots larger than the Phalanx meant real trouble for him, and there was also his promise to Mai on top of that. At least Christina was considering his help, though not to the point of getting carried. "Ah, just make sure your legs aren't hurting. Can't go around making things worse!" Makoto wasn't the strongest, but it's not like Christina was that tall, she was shorter than him! ...Alright, maybe his stamina would make that sketchy if it was a long way across the ship, but still!
  15. We've Achieved Conversation "Ah, yeah, I'm Makoto, Makoto Watanabe! Sorry to hear about your headache, but you already got some medicine for that, right? I guess the next best thing is to keep yourself distracted and wait for it to die down." It wasn't very inspiring advice, which bothered the teen a bit, internally, but it was the best that Makoto had. ...And she heard about him fielding that day, oops. "I... waaaaasn't really supposed to be out there, not in that Phalanx, but I managed. Missiles and bullets still work against those bulky monsters, they just take more to drop!" That was enough said, right? He wasn't about to go on a long spiel about Apotheosis' mechs in front of a resting girl... was he staring too much? He didn't even know, would it be better to look at her hair? It was pretty, flowing locks. Blonde was a pretty color for hair-- Ah! The other girl spoke! "Uh, it sure can't be nice, to almost lose it... but thanks to you working together, you're here, right?" Makoto didn't want to say 'die' outright, but was that childish of him? At least, the team tangent that was ever present in his shows was no less effective in real life "As long as you're breathing and the machine can be fixed, well, I don't think anybody would ask for more." Really, it's been risky, but they managed to disarm the Luna thanks to it, and had Apotheosis turning their tails. "We'll just have to prepare for Apotheosis' aces better. We got a lot of info." Strength was nice and all, but there were more ways to win a fight. The Riese was a team, a very strong team when they managed! "--Right, water, give me a moment!" Quickly, the boy turned away to get them the precious cup of water... there was a water faucet in the infirmary, right? Right. Across the room he went. Coming back in hardly a minute with a cup of water, Makoto was able to catch Megumi there, questioning the girls on their health and comfort. At least things seemed positive enough with... Christina, that was her name, right? Anyways, it seemed the infirmary was no longer the peace and quiet she needed --understandable. "Ah, uh, here's the water." He interjected, offering the cup to Kim with extended hands. "I've never seen the infirmary this crowded with visitors, to be honest, but it's mostly just been my mom. People care about you two." Not just them, but it was a nice thought to share, nonetheless. As long as his mom didn't think he was downplaying her, goodness, he was basically living in the infirmary. "So, uh, if you need help..." Makoto wasn't tactful enough to suggest carrying one the girls back. It'd probably be annoying with him not knowing where their rooms were and needing guidance... but he wasn't doing anything else that time of the day. Why not? Saving You From Your Angry Boss! That was enough to make Roxanna flinch back against her chair. Jessica was... actually upset at her. Crap. In retrospect, the way she worded it made it sound much more important than it was... no, it was probably important to say nonetheless. Ugh... "It was private, and it wasn't a formal contact, just... I needed to talk with Admiral Alphonse, for personal reasons." Saying that she was indignant about her current predicament with Jess and the Riese crew and wanting answers wouldn't help things go along, even Roxanna knew when to refrain on that. "I wouldn't say it was a safe connection, and that's not smart... but I wanted to talk to him, a lot, so I did it." She was fiddling the tip of her hair over two busy fingers, avoiding her gaze from meeting Jess', it was unusual to see the XO this meek. "...I contacted him very early today, around six in the morning, I want to say. Admiral Alphonse told me about the attack during our conversation. It seems HQ is very busy with meetings, since he was in the main building that early in the day." Roxanna needed to start talking before the atmosphere got more awkward and less in her favor, and so she did. A part of her was honestly scared of pulling that last straw that would convince Jessica to dismiss her, and with her mind awash with feelings of her father's likely fate, the sense of insecurity that it brought was... new, and very scary. "I didn't get much more than that, though... I... s..." Roxanna winced and closed her eyes, it seemed she was having trouble spelling out whatever she wanted to. When she did, it was quiet, under her breath, and hard to discern. "...rry."