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  1. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Kind of hard to keep a low profile when you're the top player of the moment..." Karina couldn't help the quip, side-glancing Monika with a bit of a judging expression --though perhaps that was just how her neutral face looked--. "If you don't want to join a team, then don't mind me taking your place eventually. I'm sure I'll rise leaps and bounds with an organized team. Fight better enemy teams too. Bonus." Boastful as ever, Karina seemed decided that she would make the cut. "So, I guess her team will decide on auditions or something... unless she's up to talking as soon as this presentation ends." Karina honestly wasn't sure how to proceed on that end. Well, as long as it wasn't technically over, she'd keep holding Mewlanie up.
  2. Aeon - The Odyssey

    As information for the battleships was passed around, Karina took a moment to check the info she'd received on her own device. It was daunting indeed, she could afford it, but not without raising great concern on her father over her spending, that's for sure. He already doesn't think very highly of this... It was unfortunate, very. On the bright side, they weould probably not impact solo ranked matches, or else the balance would make a dive too deep into p2w. That'd really be a jump for Battlenet. It really does seem tailored to team matches... And there was another announcement, curiously starting at the height of the lull from their first announcement. "Who's that?" Karina questioned the girl's presence at first, but her device, now directed at the pair presenting, seemed to identify the girl as a relative of the host's. Huh... "...We really could use some team members too." Her attention was caught instantly, eyes stuck observing the pair. That was... an opportunity, was it? It definitely was an opportunity. Karina made quick work of searching up Hitomi in Frame Ops, sending a friend request as well as a rather short-worded message: Yo. just heard the announcement and im interested in joining. been rising up high recently, if you wanna know how good i am feel free to ask a duel i guess. Karina had just been promoted, it had to give a good looK --and what was that? It seemed like Melanie had similar ideas. "I'm counting on my luck. Maybe I'll get in, that'd help me stand out." And fight better people than solo.
  3. "Well, if somebody's going to take the first blow out there, it might as well be me." Alex justified herself, before giving the door a good push.
  4. "No monsters, just... that." Alex spoke slowly, observing the light with doubt. It seemed too suspicious --even the color was unnatural. Why should they try messing with that? "I don't trust that much... but I guess I'm the one better equipped here. And if we're going to stay here, we should figure out what that's all about before it surprises us..." Taking a deep breath, Alex walks towards the door, examining its design... it wouldn't be too cryptic to open it as well, would it? Alex to (4,15), check the door.
  5. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Mewlanie was going nuts, too, and almost forgot she was being held while watching the video. It was cute, but a less attentive 'totem bottom' would have let her fall in one of her reactions, for sure... what was more curious was her plead to go down, right after the video ended. But, wait... "Uh, isn't there more to the presentation?" She had to ask, it's not like Karina wanted to keep hold onto Mewlanie for any longer than needed, but she preferred seeing a job to its completion when asked of her.
  6. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Hmph, treat me to something, alright..." Karina mumbled, and couldn't help but chuckle as Monika joked about it. Wouldn't it be funny if she fell again? Well, it'd be rude, in quick second thought. Besides, Karina was fairly sure she was built of stronger stuff than that to just fall from a back swing of Mewlanie's --no offense meant to Monika--. "I've got her down secured, no worries." Karina assured, with a firm (though hopefully not constrictive) grip on Mewlanie's thighs. Thankfully, she wasn't having as much issue seeing the presentation as her neighbour, though the view still wasn't perfect for Karina, too many people on the front indeed. Felix started speaking, and that was a good trigger to grab her attention. He was about the player she'd looked up to the most, expecially since his past, what little was known, was a topic of interest to her. One day... She'd often think, One day maybe I'll be taken seriously, even by the military, and my family won't stop me. Perhaps one day, but that would be very far off. Quickly, the presentation turned to a video, showcasing a cinematic to get them started with the new season. Warships, alright. The whole presentation was very well done, and Karina couldn't help but look at the fringe details of the cinematic. From the missiles to the refitted warship, somebody was working incessantly to get the most of the camera angles, informations and hints to new weapons the enemies were using... some nerds would have a field day dissecting the video in social media, for sure. And then there was the fall from grace from their main suit. Seeing that towering warship ready to finish off their silent protagonist was dreadful, and there was a notable silence at the convention at that point (moreso than the other parts of the film). Still, when light quite literally rained from above, the woos and cheers started without pause for the cinematic to end, and Karina had to admit she was impressed with the idea. It was rather fresh, for a game like this. "Nice. Nice nice nice..." She kept holding Mewlanie tight, but at that point Karina had her head somewhat pushing against the girl's stomach, looking up to meet the warship's fading light show.
  7. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Ugh, alright, fine." Mew really wanted this, huh? Stooping as low as her cat act she'd do on her streams... not that Karina cared. "I'm just doing this so you can stop begging like a cat. Hop on." Like she'd cave in to Mewlanie's thighs, hmph. "Yeah, that's just how this girl operates Kei-- hm, Monika, right?" Whatever she wanted to be called.
  8. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Sure. Monika." Karina repeated the name to help sink in as this girl's preferred name. "Of course I'm talking about after the presentation! I want to fight you, but I'm not about to take attention away from this. You know, I was glad to watch the battleship from a café before Melanie decided to show you to the world... it still feels like a better option than sticking here." Karina didn't get why being closer but squished into the masses sounded good to some people. "Wait, uh, what." Melanie wanted her to ve a totem pole... it was at that point that Karina realized she was probably the most fit in that regard, out of the three, but totem pole role...? "... maybe? We could like, watch from the café upper floor, if you want?"
  9. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "I'm not plat! I'll have you know, I just won my promotions to plasma yesterday... no, today, past midnight. Still." Karina retorted strongly, hand turned to her own person as she snapped a finger. She turned her attention to more pressing things --Keizerin. "I'm Karina, FireMiko in the game, and like I just corrected Melanie, I'm on a roll, and who knows, maybe I'm closer to the number one mechanically and solo matchmaking is just dragging me down. Still..." Pause for breath, "Nothing staked, nothing gained. If I lose, I'll learn how far I am from the top players and try later, and if I win, I'll have everyone know I did. Sound fair?" Karina's confidence was almost obnoxiously unwavering, that was for sure. "What do you say, miss number one?"
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "We regroup." Owen to (14,13).
  11. "Well, I'll be..." That was one discovery that painted the place even more suspicious. Was it a bright idea to investigate? Why was it wallled off, compared to the other rooms? "At least we got some way over that stream now, if you guys are interested. I don't know though..." Alex seemed to ponder for a moment. "Eh, I'm checking the room first, let's go." Sword drawn out, what could possibly go wrong? Alex to (14,16).
  12. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "There you are!" Finally, Karina struggled through the crowd hard enough to reach the streamer. Goodness, these people could really complicate traffic over some announcement, why were they so hyped up? Ugh. "Mew... Melanie... you've been with the Keizerin all this time? This can't... I know I just looked at their info but, ugh! What a time for you to show your face." The fact they were with Melanie was somewhat ticking, but the showoff catgirl streamer did say they just kind of met. Lucky girl. "So yes! You're Keizerin, right? Like, the real one, number one and everything?" Karina stared at Monika, silently judging the girl. There was no time to wait in her books, with such a big catch. "Fight me."
  13. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Hah! Sticking her tongue out, what a piece. Melanie's reaction only made Karina's smug smile wider, as she stared down the window. It reminded her of the time she beat Melanie. Good times. And then, another message. Mewlanie wasn't completely done with her, which was probably a good thing... yeah not hard to figure out your name. its not that hard to find mine if you look into my account tho, im Karina. There was no need for animosity anymore, even if reminding Mewlanie of the loss was amusing. Contacts were contacts, and Mewlanie was fairly popular, maybe it would lead to some opportunity for Karina later. Speaking of opportunities, it seemed Mewlanie had made another public post, and... that couldn't have been a more unlikely person for her mystery friend to turn out to be. "That son of a gun, she found Keizerin? Yeah right--" The replies were coming in hordes, some agreeing with Karina's initial stance, some telling to check their ID... no way. With a touch of the smartglass at the red-headed girl in the picture, Karina had her doubts debunked. "Are you... holy shit." Mewlanie was just there hanging out with the Keizerin? Unthinkable, but, that was them, which meant... The totem, it was no longer in sight of the smartglass, Karina zoomed once more. Good, they were still there, she had to mark that spot on her navigator. "Ugh, that crowd... but..." She wouldn't let that chance pass, antisocial as she was. "I'm going to have to ask the waiter to hold my table for me. This might take a while..." A couple minutes later, Karina stepped on the ground floor, taking in a deep breath. That crowd absolutely wanted to make her give up, but she wasn't known for backing down. "Fuck it." She walked out of the café, into the incoherent mass of people watching the host's talk. At least that played to Karina's advantage, with most spectators calming down and paying full attention to the man's speech, it was easy to swerve to her designated target, and those who didn't move... well, elbows worked wonders. Where was she now? There, the cat hat.
  14. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Heh, sore winner?" What a piece, Mewlanie was. Still, it was flattering to be deemed important enough to private messaging. Winning that one did get her places. Now... totem pole, was it? Karina excused herself from her warship sightseeing to focus the lens on the crowd. Now where could it... oh, cat ears hat? Was that--yep, that was totally Mew. The use of hoodies was clever, but still... that tail wasn't hiding itself. I see you. Found a friend to lift you up? Don't wanna deal with that crowd myself, but I got a way better view here anyways. :p To the right, third window. Whether Mewlanir bothered or decided paying attention to the stage was more important, Karina held a satisfied, smug smile at her nonetheless.
  15. Aeon - The Odyssey

    The ship was slowly coming closer, fuller into view. Karina continurd to observe it through the smartglass, a hint of a satisfied huff as she leaned on her table, elbow on the surface, and knuckle to her cheek. It was nice to hear the muffled noise of the streets, accentuating the relative quiet of her vantage point. The ship loomed ever closer, and let her thoughts swerve towards her dream a bit. While it was nice to be good at this game, maybe, one day, piloting could be more than that... Social media was certainly exploding over the stunt, notifications constant at the corner of her screen. Sliding down with her hand, Karina opened a new window to amuse her, seeing the reactions and few replies to her post. Other players and streamers were reacting to it, too. Things were going to get cluttered. Oh look, even that Mewlanie girl did. Karina still had the memory of her win fresh, grinning as she stumbled upon the message. Mewlanie seemed to be out in the open, if her picture was an indicator. "Quite bold to go out there with your cat parts." Karina wondered if she could spot the girl from her vantage point... Hmm, seemed unlikely, no cat ears stood out. Some hoodies, but no cigar. A surprisingly good hiding place... Ah well, at least she could leave a message. yeah its looking good. Watching it down there? Hmm, not that 'Mew' would answer. The catgirl's thread was already cluttered with fan replies.