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  1. Strike Two Roxanna's spike had caught Thorvald off-guard, which was reason to feel pretty proud. She wasn't the one needing to be in tip-top shape to pilot mobile suits after all, but it was short-lived as the stray ball seemed to easily have been caught by Jessica, of all people. "Nice..." At least she hadn't hit one of the Russians by accident, the XO reasoned, ready to catch the ball as Jessica spiked it back to the pool, receiving a fast ball crashing straight on her chest. Oof! W-what? She caught her breath, staggering, the ball already bounced off to the surface of the water by then, leaving the XO to pick it up again, rather embarrassingly. Why did she throw it this hard? Damn it, pipsqueak... It seemed the bad blood among them was not to be forgotten so easily... ah well, she was trying to enjoy herself with Thorvald and Elaine, not pipsqueak. It'd do better not to think too hard on certain prepubescent captains for now. "Ahem... alright, next up..." She raised the ball, aiming her next throw. This wasn't too bad... maybe it was best to take her mind off of things for the moment, after all. Pool-Ready "Ah, I guess... I don't really feel right yet, since I'm not part of the crew like you. But if we're going to stay here, then I'll find something to wear real quick." Makoto saluted Tarquin, relying on the boy a great deal to get his wishes. Despite their age and height difference, it was almost as if Makoto was starting to look up to the boy! Nonetheless, after a confused glance to his surroundings, searching for where the swimwear would be stored, Makoto started his search for appropriate swimwear. --- Peaceful Intrusion "Hmm?" Mai Watanabe slowly rose her head to look at Megumi as she was called, rather surprised that she was needed at all. Usually, Makoto wouldn't need Megumi to warn her a heads up before showing up, so the notion that somebody else needed her in the ship was... confusing, but Mai nodded acknowledging it nonetheless. A blonde woman walked through the privacy curtains, the curiously hesitant way she was holding herself catching Mai's attention. She looked at the woman with a puzzled look, but the mention of her son brought some clarity to her eyes. "Oh, you've met Makoto? I hope he's not being too much trouble, he's very excitable, I'm sure you've found out." Mai held a soft smile as she said that, speaking of her son seemed a quick way to get her spirits up. "My name is Mai Watanabe. And yours?" She replied, "I don't think any of the other pilots stopped by... you are a pilot, right?" Despite all the concern from Abby, Mai still had no idea who she was, exactly. "It's not like you owe me a visit. I'm sure you have a lot to worry about as it is." She offered another sympathetic smile.
  2. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "O-Ow! Stop it!" Thales flinched and braced at the cruel kicks by Jam, trying to push the angry blonde away, only to be thrown off further by her shout. "Wha--" He couldn't help follow her eyes to meet a gargantuan... human-like creature? Lizard-human? Four arms? He shrank even further, "E-Eva, what's--" Thales was pushed into the room, feeling even more threathened and pushing himself back against Eva as she kept him in place. "What do you mean? I mean, I've never seen anything like that --who is that?" There was no race in Nature's green Sardius that looked like that. Was it a demon? Why were they helping a demon? "Explain." Thales' thoughts weren't getting anywhere he liked, it was best to hear what they had to say before jumping to conclusions. He was fairly fearful, but had calmed down his struggling, if only because it was pointless with the door shut.
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Accolon to (14,8), salve Sidney, canto to (16,9). Decima to (5,10), make sure Esclabor equips hand axe and drop Esclabor at (4,10). Let him gloriously insult the scavenger.
  4. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "The nerve!" Thales was easily startled by Jam, backing away from the door (a little bit) to look at the source of the voice. "Wait, this isn't what you think --Oooow!" A painful kick had him flinch and pick up his shin. Why did she need to do that to make a point? Thales had no idea what Jam was thinking, but he wasn't in a position where he could excuse himself, so he had to spin a tale, and fast, and quietly! "L-look, they just dropped this--" Before Thales could even start his lie, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He shrunk, blood running cold, as he meekily turned to face Eva. The height difference between them couldn't feel more sharp now. Damn his short stature. "H-hey there... I was just passing by, really..." Jam please, please be quiet...
  5. Coordination Well, Thorvald was theoretically giving them equal chance to get the ball, but there just wasn't a chance to compete with Elaine once she got going, so Roxanna didn't move from her position, simply enough. How eager... it was kind of closer to me, you didn't need to do that at all. Elaine would exert her strength too soon this way. Whatever suited the woman, Roxanna supposed. With the ball caught, Elaine thought to suddenly give Roxanna a game plan, having her set up to do a spike on Thorvald. "I don't think --Wait." She didn't have much time to react as Elaine already threw the ball on the air. Needing to align herself hastily. When was the last time she actually did a spike? Oh well, it was the pool, she'd learn through osmosis. "Ha!" Setting herself in a similar manner as Elaine did in her earlier spike, Roxanna did a short jump from the pool floor to catch the ball at a better height, spiking it with less wobble than her last attempt. That wasn't so bad, for her... getting used to coordinate with Elaine if it came to it was a bit awkward, though. It's not like she ever needed to before. Poolcrashers Makoto was content with following Tarquin and Nikolai to the pool. The older boy seemed to have reservations with regards to the pool itself... why did he think it was dangerous at all? No matter, Tarquin quelled his concerns well enough with some logic. It'd be the best (and probably only) way to get the captain's attention while that pool party was going on. Of course, not being a pilot himself, and leaving most his stuff at home, Makoto certainly didn't feel right in entering the pool in his usual casual pants and shirt, but it couldn't be helped. He needed Tarquin's help. Even if the captain was preoccupied now, they'd have good odds to get a talk in soon. "Uh, Tarquin... I'm just a civilian still, and this place seems kinda crowded. Is it really fine if I stay here?" What if some people just enjoyed talking about important things over their pool time? Makoto didn't really know what to do in the Riese. "Oh, that water doesn't seem that deep, Nikolai... can you really not swim?" Now he was curious. Makoto figured it was part of military training to swim... "And, uh, should I change, Tarquin? I don't know if I should, but I really look like an outlier in normal clothes here..." Perhaps it'd be for the best.
  6. Rebound Ah, so Elaine had reaped her reward with a ball back to her face. Roxanna couldn't help a brief smile at that, but it seemed all in good fun, nobody was hurt, and both players seemed in good spirits. Perhaps it wouldn't be a waste to enjoy herself as well... It was still a jarring time for Jessica to decide they needed the break, but as long as they made the most, it wouldn't hurt to abide the captain's decision. Just this once. Furthermore, the Russians seemed to have joined them quite readily. Interesting. They weren't just rushing and diving, though, they certainly gravitated towards Jessica. It made sense, they had to sort things out completely, but the swimsuits probably hinted that they would stay after that. What was with the other woman's swimsuit, anyways? Wasn't that a bit small? Russians... Sure, they had a father in speedos, but at least it fit his size. Before getting too in-depth thinking about the Russians and what they wanted to do or wear, Roxanna had to remind herself she was supposed to be playing catch. Elaine picked up the ball from the water and was aiming at her. Quickly enough, she seemed to strike at her direction, aggressive, but not as much as Thorvald. Roxanna had raised her arms in advance preparing a quiet heave, stepping back as she caught the speeding ball, throwing it in an arc above with a target already in mind-- Thorvald! The ball veered a bit more to the right than she wished, but it's not like it was going to fall out of the pool, was it?
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The heavily armored man had fallen in the center, leaving only a battalion of archers in the vicinity. How timely, I suppose now is a good time to see how I've improved in that regard. Taking out Lionel's gift sword from its sheet, Owen brought it to level with his head, staring at the curved blade before setting his eyes on the nearest bowman. "Our job is not only to take their leader, but to secure the village. Come." He reminded his vassals, before walking forward to combat himself. Owen to (7,6), attack Archer #6 with his Killing Edge.
  8. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Well, that was interesting, just what was going on in that room anyways? Thales had his ear against the door now, having moved slightly closer. Eva was the easiest to hear, even able to make out some words. Something about fighting and cool? She repeated the latter, for sure. There was a different voice, also female, which Thales quickly attributed to the other woman that was leading the ones taking the chest. He knew that one hadn't come out of the room, so it checked. A third voice surprised him, much lower and... almost speaking in growls? Something like that, they were whispers, but it was an accent Thales had never heard before. Was it because he was whispering. Wait, there can't be a man in there, didn't they all leave? What in the... The key was probably sitting in the lock, much to Thales' chagrin, he was hoping to take a peek, but it wouldn't hurt to make sure. Now this is interesting... something that doesn't add up. Was that the chest? Now why would there be a human in that large chest? That seemed... roundabout. Hopefully his movements weren't catching the attention of anyone, slow and steady...
  9. Interception Well, Roxanna had only raised her arms for a moment, but as the redhead devil made her way to almost her exact location in a blind charge, the XO had to step back to give herself room, which Elaine took to throw the ball so far from them that it basically got thrown off the pool. Oh, so she's one of those players... Wasn't that the kind of things kid did? It was fine to get some exercise by playing catch or pass, but doing all these exaggerated moves and trying to make the ball as inconvenient as possible to the other players? At least Thorvald was taking it in stride, the gentleman he was, deciding to strike Elaine with his best spike shot. Roxanna quickly sidestepped in the case Elaine ducked --that wouldn't be very nice--, and had her arms raised in case Elaine was going to throw one of those dumb balls her way. "So we're playing hard already? Gee..." Elaine did instigate it, after all, so she would be getting the fast balls back if the XO could help it. Official Request Tarquin seemed far less hesitant than Nikolai about this enlisting idea, which was a bit curious. Did Tarquin not feel it harmed a person' life as much to sign up for things like these? I guess he's been a soldier from this young... so he wouldn't know the other side of the story. Or maybe he wasn't experienced enough to have felt the things Nikolai did? Hmm... "Well... I suppose talking to the captain is worth a shot..." And then there was an announcement. On the pool? Was he allowed there? I guess I wasn't even supposed to be here, so the point is moot. "Ah, let's go. We'll just be going to talk to her about this, so it can't be that long, anyways." That's right, Makoto remembered, the captain was a rather young girl... what was up with this ship?! In a sense, that made things a bit more in favor for him to enlist, perhaps it wasn't that bad a life choice if all these youngsters were hopping onto it fresh off of high school.... or middle school. "Uh... so where's the pool? I don't really know where things are in this ship. It's so big, I really should've seen about a map." Maybe that was a worthwhile investment for the future.
  10. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Raz to N12, fire her longbow at mage A.
  11. Wet Towel Roxanna had pretty much ignored Abby's salute and any other comments coming from the hot tub. She didn't need to worry about the opinion of an ex-rebel, especially when so many other important things were busying her mind. How long was it going to be until HQ contacted them, honestly, what a mess the US forces were in. On top of that, some hothead seemed to want to tease her for... being scared of the cold water? What? "I know the water is just fine. I'm in no rush." She retorted, what made the sergeant think that, honestly? Sighing again, Roxanna slid her lower body into the pool, the refreshing water doing a fair bit to calm her mood down. "Hmm... --Eek?" Sprinkles of water had hit her face and hair, making the XO flinch. There went the effort she did to keep her hair dry. Just... Who in the world did-- "Ah, uh, h-hello, Thorvald?" That... was unexpected, the man certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, at least. "Ah, um, thank you, Specialist." The compliments weren't something she was expecting from anybody in the crew. Wasn't she their superior? It was true that they were relaxing, but, hmm... "Tossing the ball?" A game of catch... she was just going to enjoy herself in the shallow water, but now that her hair-related troubles were moot, it probably wouldn't hurt to indulge the request. It seemed the redhead was prepared for it as well. "Well, sure. Why not?" Physical exercise was a good way to destress, after all. When was the last time I did something like this? Huh. Meat to Shoot and Rot Those had been surprisingly nice words at first. Makoto was really hesitant of what Nikolai was going to say, but he didn't sound like a bad person, or want to scare him away. Well, his face looked like it wanted to scare him away earlier, but waters past! "I... see. I don't know if... being a 'meat' is what I want. No, it's definitely not something that I would like to do for the rest of my life." His life could end with a bullet, he could imagine... that wasn't pleasant. "But just waiting and hoping things get better isn't really right. I don't... don't want to keep things up to chance." Makoto lowered his head. That... was a complicated thought.
  12. Crowded Tub Jessica had been... less affected by her presence than Roxanna wished for, she wasn't even stuttering. "Hmm." I'd rather you not get out and issue orders like that. Maybe I could make a sprint for the bridge first. "Well, just make sure--" A slap on her back caught Roxanna off-guard, the woman a bit jumpy at the gesture. T-The captive, who does she think she is? Getting touched by such a person, so casually... ugh. "Don't speak to me like that." Roxanna was a bit too flustered by the sudden contact to give her trademark scowl, sighing instead. "Honestly..." "I am here... because I felt I should." Roxanna would explain herself following Kim's question but that could come out quite petty. Saying that she didn't trust the captain to hold a pool party that didn't last too long was a bit out of left field. Not unfounded, though, not at all. "In case anything happens." That was vague enough to work. "... Enjoy the hot tub." Roxanna had no plans to use it when that crowded, no. Instead, Roxanna's first order was to find a pool chair to leave her sundress on, a fairly simple piece to get out of. Hmm, can't get my hair wet, though. She moved to the edge of the pool, eyeing down the water, lowering herself to dip only her legs. O-oh... a bit cold. Reason to Be A bullet through a head... that was a way to get Makoto to think of the unpleasant. The mall back in colony 1 felt like a piece of hell, memories vivid enough to make him shiver, and he could've died with a heracles bullet through the cockpit, easily. "I... ah, y-you probably have a point." Makoto conceded. Nikolai was a bit intimidating and... just different, but he knew his stuff well enough. It wasn't really a privilege to serve and risk getting killed. "I... was thinking if maybe I could do something. A bit of a difference, you know? We don't really have a place to go back home for now, and my father is..." He bit his lip, "I don't know where, but Apotheosis took him. I figure maybe if I tried... maybe I could enlist later. Make a difference to find him." Did... did it make sense to them?
  13. Dismissed "Good, then. You'll receive your electronic passes in a while. I'll let support know to contact you." That was easy enough. With Brant not really wanting to add anything else, the meeting was pretty much over then and there. "That's all." It was more than time to leave the meeting room... was ground crew doing well on their scavenging hunt? Perhaps it'd do well to contact them on the way to her room as well. So much to do... --- The whole event seemed so silly and out of place, but Roxanna had to make sure things weren't going to get out of hand. What if it went for too long? She was self-aware enough to know her presence would make people feel a bit more uptight. Relaxing was fine and all, but they were still in dangerous territory, as much as they had just fended off an Apotheosis unit, their safety was only certain for the near future, if even that. At least the scavenging group could act as scouts if they were to face imminent danger, which was what made the whole idea passable. Roxanna sighed, picking up her swimsuit for the occasion, a casual white monokini, covering a decent amount of her front, and adorned with a few frills. Perhaps she'd to better with a higher cut swimsuit from the basic ones provided by the rooming... but they were too basic. She was still a proud ex-captain. Roxanna could just wear her sundress over herself on the way to the pool, and so she did. Quickly finding a familiar captive not too far from the pool's entrance --making her way to the changing rooms presumably--, Roxanna couldn't help a small sigh. I don't get how she can trust people that easily... And there the pisqueak herself was enjoying some hot tub relaxing. "...I see you're enjoying yourself. I've warned the ground crew to be extra careful, in case a strange signal shows up." Roxanna had to make her presence known, after all, attempting to be neutral as could be... which wasn't much.
  14. Hardly the Time for Levity So her not wanting to stay had to do with this Rex. Of course, the way it looks like from the report, he completely turned on them. "I have to agree that going out alone after somebody that might have the EU backing them is unwise, but you're not legally tied to us, I won't stop you." Roxanna shrugged, taking a good look at Brant right after. Now that was somebody that was tied to them, and with what Jessica had said... "You know, Brant, now that your situation has changed, it's best to come out with anything else you were told to keep quiet on." She had no idea how much he shared to Jessica personally, and had a small beef with that sudden relationship they seemed to be having, but that was neither here nor there. If he were to side with Jessica, it'd make sense for them to know how deep the baggage was... wait. "No need to go into detail if it is... sensitive information, of course." And there was the call for... what the-- "W-we do have a pool, but, uh..." Was now the best time for that? Honestly, Jessica... Roxanna sighed, bringing digits to massage her temples. "What a time to choose..." If it wasn't for the fact that she was pretty tired, Roxanna would not hesitate to criticize Jess right there and then, but she was pretty drained ever since the meeting... and Jessica was acting weird, not fun. "I... I'll be making sure they don't waste too much time there. After I make sure of your rooms... I'll get you one even if you decide to hit the road soon, too." Whatever, she was just going to oversee them, totally... no time for this silliness... Introduction to Human Bean "Four days ago?!" That was honestly... incredible. Were simulations getting this real and efficient? Sign Makoto right up! "S-so I guess I should get started too... man, I wish we had those at the Colony, if it helps this much." If only. Perhaps that was more his calling... well, no, he'd probably never think of it unless the attack happened. In times of peace, building the mechs always seemed more enticing. Weird how these things turned out. Guess I was going to pick up after Dad... I wonder how he's doing. Hopefully he was too important for Apotheosis to do mean things to. Hopefully... "Nikolai?" So that was the other boy's name... he was a friend of Tarquin's, despite his everything looking like the creepier rocker kid in the spaceship. W-well, if Tarquin trusted him, he couldn't be bad news, right? "H-hello!" He extended his hand in return, shaking Nikolai's hand with a much firmer grasp than intended. "I'm Makoto! Makoto Watanabe, from Colony 1! I'm, uh, staying on the ship kind of by accident, but I wanted to know if I could use the simulation machines!" He was still pretty intimidated by the boy. Why was he looking at him like that? Eep! A-and what had he just said? Wait, that was for Tarquin, wasn't it? "Huh... what languages do you guys know? At the colonies, we mostly just use english, but I learned japanese from my parents."
  15. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    After Mikhaila moves, Raz to O13, casts Illuminate on Pirate D.