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  1. "O-oh dear..." Watching the Artemis zipping and zooming was something else, alright. Caroline started wondering if she was still needed for the rest of the mission --no, that was too hasty. There was still the matter of making sure the Riese could still function past this barrage. A rather pressing one. "T-their numbers are dwindling. I think we can make it..." Caroline cheers Jessica![-20sp]
  2. "The Riese sure is taking a beating... can't say I'm too happy with that. Hope they can blow these aliens up quick enough." Lynx devotes Roxanna... twice! [-40sp] [+20sp to Roxanna] --- "A-ah, I'm on the helm. Okay. I can do that." Roxanna took a deep breath. Getting shot at by the aliens was still very daunting, but she still had some qualities. Naturally. She could do it. "Thorvald, keep the Odin close, alright? It's our best shield right now. I'll help you out with the Riese's predictive systems." Roxanna attunes Thorvald![-25sp]
  3. The mass-produced Praxis units follow their commander's order and continue to rain harm on the Riese and its pilots Praxis #1 fires at Riese with LB Beam Rifle. (range 2) Praxis #2 swings at Vvi! Praxis #3 goes to (8,16) and rains beam against the Aria! Praxis #4 decides the Riese wasn't getting focused enough! Praxis #5 decides it ain't gonna pick a fight with a top dog and fires at Tarquin instead. Let's see how that goes for him. Praxis #6 joins the Riese fusillade! Praxis #7 decides, in such proximity to the ship, that perhaps a hands-on approach was more ideal! Praxis #9 is tired of all these kamikazis pointed at the Riese, and fires at Vvi for... good measures? Praxis #10 finalizes the assault by shooting up at the Riese as well. PLAYER PHASE/TURN 2 OBJECTIVE: Defeat All Enemies! BATTLE MASTERY: Reduce the Ceres to below 500 HP by the end of turn 3 Enemy Phase! DEFEAT CONDITION: The Riese is sunk, or, all player units are destroyed! Jess interfacing: Turn 3 of 3. Stats!
  4. Thorvald sets out to bomb one of the mass-produced Praxis! The Odin was truly robust. Even the Praxis' powerful weapon had little hope but to chunk it slowly. ---- "Terry, Jones, Frederick, charge this fucker! I'm backing you up! Sena, rifle detail!" The Vergloria's engines revved to burning, as the others flew ahead of her. A massive sword was unstrapped from the back of the machine, beam bladed edge whirring to life, clearing being overclocked, and flashing a bright crimson. "You're gonna pay! YOU HEAR ME!?" "Ahahahaha! Come and entertain me then, humans! Fools though you are, I applaud your courage!" Terry moves first, to 21,14, and tries a stab at Soor'kan! "...Dull. Is this what humans consider a fast machine?" His pal flies to 20,13, and attempts to blast Soor'kan with the palm of his unit! "To spend energy fighting this rabble is an insult. So, I won't." How hopeless! Still, the last of the rebel goons doesn't relent! "I expected so little, and yet... come. Surely you're more of a challenge." Calina activates Fury and Sense! "DIE!" Calina moves to 22,13! "Ho..." Calina's cry barely registered with Sena, as she stared dumbstruck at the monitor. She repeated his name again. "R-Robert...?" His real first name, not the 'Hilling' that everyone always called him. A name for only her to use. Unreal. Unbelievable. Unacceptable. Unfair. Unforgivable. As the inevitable truth of the matter fully sank in, her eyes widened uncomfortably, as her face warped with rage and despair. If she could have seen herself in a mirror, the ordinarily unassuming hacker would never have recognized the ugly visage that was reflected back. After an awkward delay which honestly somewhat belied her reply, Sena's cold, monotone voice came back over Calina's comms. "You don't have to tell me. I know what needs to be done." It was almost eerie, how dead she sounded. And nary a trace of her stutter. Sena activates Fury and Sense! --- (Enemy Phase next)
  5. "Systems stabilizing... ah, geez. I'm glad they stopped focusing me." Caroline murmured under her breath, leaning against the Legionary's controls. She'd stick out like a sore thumb out there atop the Riese, especially lacking the experience of other pilots. "G-going to take cover underwater! Take care!" It felt wrong to leave the Riese so exposed, but... well, Caroline wasn't exactly at the best condition to protect the ship either. Hopefully one of the bulkier machines could do it. Caroline moves to (7,18)!
  6. Guns out There was a lot happening at once for Makoto to follow, so he chose to focus only on the immediate danger --while Vera was a real threat rearing her ugly head in another front, the swarm of aliens and escaping traitor was just as heavy an impact. Those that didn't take it to the sea were getting pelted heavily, and the result was daunting enough that first order of business was finding his ground underwater. A good position where he'd have range on most of the Aliens. As the team came to counterattack the Alien's heavy storm of plasma, it was uplifting to know such coordination was prepared that Makoto was on his way to receive some predictive data. It was time to show this traitor his salt. "Understood, I'm firing." Elaine's namecalling of 'pipsweak' was bizarre and put a frown at the boy for once --it was weird for her to call him out like this, he thought them better friends--, but that was a second too long spent worrying over pointless drivel. He had his gun trained at the Ceres, following up the Oberon's fire, and by goodness was he firing. "Out of the skies! 当たれ !!" It had been impactful enough to shock the Ceres' flight considerably. The machine would be losing altitude quickly --if it weren't for the warping ability it had been keeping a secret all this time. "Ah..." That took the sails right out of Makoto, blinking and moving back to the reality of the situation again. The Ceres was lost to the radar, but the alien mechs flying over the water's surface was still very real. It was no time to be slowing down. The Phalanx moved upwards, closer to the surface as it readied another round. Its weapon had done a good job piercing through the Ceres' armor, so he had no reservations on his next target. One of the alien mechs stood from the rest, and, in fact, was a face Makoto was familiar with. "You again!" Once, the beam rifle equipped by that unit had nearly scorched him underwater. Who knows what it could to to the Riese. Only best to challenge its attention out of the behemoth ship hosting all the people he was fighting for, especially his mother. Makoto had to do it. No, he could do it. "Fire!" Makoto attacks the Praxis (Gaal'Bathy) with the Hybrid Chamber Rifle! "That hit... good." The boy was still shaking, all things considered. --- "Should we intercept that Alien machine, Major?" Lynx had to ask, hand ready on the trigger. "No. Not yet. Let's not break formation, the rest of the Avalon crew --our crew for now, spent their fire on the Luna. We can reposition to the front, between the aliens and those irregular ANF machines." Quick to voice his concerns, Bonner kept the Mantle on its MA mode while drifting carefully close to the center of the area of operations. "Brevity seems like an important asset, Major. These machines could warp out of here in an instant." Lynx objected. "Hitting a potshot against that alien machine would be fortunate, but we would give it a forewarning to react. Let it get preoccupied with those unnameds, we'll pincer with the rest of the Avalon crew if they move forward. A stronger flurry of decisive blows." "Mrr. Alright." And that was settled. Major Edson moves to (17,19)!
  7. "I-I'm, I can do this, I think..." Caroline still had backup shielding, for what it was worth. And the Artemis... it was almost toe to toe with that terrorist machine, huh? "Keep going, you almost have her!" Caroline uses Faith on herself [-30SP], uses Cheer on Kim [-20SP].
  8. What a right mess... the ship was getting pounded something fierce, and it was nothing more than a sitting duck at that point. "We need them to pull our weight..." Roxanna was truly antsy. What was taking the Avalon so long...? The Luna, right. That monster right there. With their numbers, They would need all the support one more time. "Disable it quickly! We need you here!" Maybe Hannah still needed some help predicting its movements... Roxanna attunes Hannah! [-25SP] "That mech is very durable. We'll need to use our heavy guns!" Gordon assessed. "Probably... hmm." The whole picture was a bit puzzling to Edson, "You see it? They're trying to rendezvous with the unit that escaped the Riese... it's parameters seem entirely off from our data. It shouldn't be able to fly. Let's fix that." Bonner analyzes the Ceres (Marianne)! [-20SP]
  9. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Hmm..." Now, that was conflicting. Felix felt it would be detrimental to take the reins away from Hitomi at any point, but with how the line was turning out to be, one could argue it would be cruel of a teacher to leave their students to fend off a task on their own until way past evening. ...Others would say it was a healthy dose of hard tasks, a test of the student's will. Personally, Felix was having an itch, the 'do it yourself' lifestyle wasn't letting him have it comfortably by just sitting there. Felix knew what interpretation he was going to take at the moment. "I suppose the scale of the task is a bit too high. The public announcement was possibly *too* effective." Felix started, putting the last of his shake on the tabletop --no content left to worry about--. "You keep that line, Linus takes a part... and I take another." Now it was time to intrude, if only a little. "It's in your best interests to finish it early, so you can spend your night analyzing the data, rather than packing up. Consider that this scale is a bit much, for a team with only two members to handle." Not only that, but a potential third member had been whisked away in a near tragedy involving civilian transportation, all of this made Felix's intrusion just a bit more justified. "Of course, I will not be making any decisions here, that's your job. As long as you're ready to parse impartial comments." 'Impartial', of course, aside from catching the obvious duds. Felix considered himself a decent judge of character... at least as far as Frame Ops youngsters fared --aside from lingo, those hardly changed--.
  10. [Part 3/3] PLAYER PHASE/TURN 2 "Long range scanners... What now!? More reinforcement-- these IDs are ANF, what's--" This was puzzling. Despite being ANF, these IDs matched none in Jess' database, just who could they... Speeding across the ocean towards the Riese's engagement, several Velite Mk.III models skimmed across the water. Their leader, heavily outfitted, gun and sword at the ready, sported a grey paintjob, and a skull & crossbones across the chest. "Come in, Jess the girlfriend stealer!" "Wh-Wha? Wait, then you're--!" Calina growled over the comms, trying to bite back her frustrations. "On good faith that you're keeping her safe, I've decided not to bomb the fuck out of your little dingy today! But when this mess is over, if I don't get to see Abby, your head's rolling, do you understand!?" Jess couldn't hold back her smile. Reinforcements, now, even if it was the most unexpected of people. "Of course! Abby's on the field right now, the modified Heracles model, you can talk to her all you want, just help us out of this mess!" "You're having her fight Apoth in that!? What the fuck!?" Calina blamed Jess, but it was probably Abby's fault, the girl was way too attached to that machine. And if it was the same one... "Abby, we're here." Codes punched in, hopefully the message sent. "I've really missed you, I love you, and when these fucks are dead, I've got so much I need to talk to you about. Stay alive, you hear me!?" Hilling had a slight bit of a smirk on his face. Calina was certainly a far cry from her momentary crisis of confidence the other week, Sena's information had been just what she'd needed to hear. Even with the added... complications. In any case, he was glad they hadn't needed to go through with that discussion they'd had, of passing the mantle of leadership, and that she'd bounced back stronger than ever. And Sena too, had certainly come away with a bit more cheer. Sure she spent a little more time on that whatever-it-was game, paying back some promise or something she'd said, but she seemed to be enjoying herself there as well. Maybe she'd branched out and made another friend, in the course of her investigations. "All right people, eyes on the prize here, before saving Abby from these ANF jokers, we gotta save them from these crazy c--" Hilling cut off his quip mid-syllable as the radar signatures showed one of the craft abruptly vanish, and then almost immediately reappear, right in their vicinity. "Oh hell," he swore, kicking into action as he saw it begin to draw a bead on Sena. "Look alive folks!" "Yes, I hear you loud and clear." It was almost monotone, Soor'Kan's response. The Praxis had warped from its original position in front of the Riese, now facing down Calina and her small group of machines. "And I tire of these antics. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to deal with some of you myself." Before the woman could react, Soor'Kan's rifle was already painting a target on Sena's machine-- Like hell I'm gonna let you hurt her after everything she's already suffered. Hilling punched it, hurtling to intercept, push her out of the way or help to cover her. But the angle was bad, or the enemy's weapon was just too strong, and warning klaxon immediately filled the cockpit, before the electronics powering the alarms failed, fried, and everything was replaced with utter silence. ... .. . One violet blast of energy was all it took, the mass produced model unable to withstand such an unguarded beating. It ruptured, caught fire, and while it was falling to the ocean, exploded mid-air. Calina sat frozen, staring at what had just occurred. "H... Hilling, you..." He wasn't picking up, his vitals were offline, that... N-No...! "YOU, MOTHER FUCKER!" Calina's Will increases by 30 points! "I'LL KILL YOU!" "You may try." Soor'Kan scoffed. "R-Rob... ert..." Sena's Will increases by 50 points! OBJECTIVE: Defeat All Enemies! BATTLE MASTERY: Reduce the Ceres to below 500 HP by the end of turn 3 Enemy Phase! DEFEAT CONDITION: The Riese is sunk, or, all player units are destroyed! Jess interfacing: Turn 2 of 3. Stats!
  11. [Part 2/3] Praxis gamma #8 holds position, as the former pivot, and swings at Vvi for being too close! Praxis gamma #9 is raring to go to (9,13) and duel the Fury as well! Praxis gamma #10 moves to (5,18) and you know what, let's fire at Caroline as well. Not bullied hard enough. Gaal'Bathy has thirst for blood and Alriana's name on her blade! "I'm going to TEAR you out of that machine!" --- "... I know. This is truly embarrassing. Retreating towards your position." The Luna moves to (18,19)! Ceres moves to (13,14)!
  12. Abigail casts Focus![-15SP] Abigail moves underwater, and readies a gift for their feline intruders! That turned out fairly well for Abby! ENEMY PHASE/TURN 1 "Hmmm... I suppose I should show them how serious we are. Men, continue to dismantle their machines, Gaal'Bathy, fetch my pet. And you, metal woman, controlling this sinking vessel. I suggest you do not take me lightly!" Soor'Kan aims at the Riese! Oh dear! "Ugh...! That, blast was... Stupid barrier, someone get down there and check on these engines!" With so much to oversee, Jessica had her hands tied. --- The slimmer Praxis units move! Praxis gamma #1 moves to (11,18) and fires at Caroline's Legionary! Praxis gamma #2 moves to (10,14) and readies its sword to fight the Fury Arachnid! Praxis gamma #3 moves to (8,13) and fires at Vvi as well! Praxis gamma #4 moves to (6,16) and fires at the Riese! Praxis gamma #5 moves to (7,16) and fires at Caroline! Uh-oh! Praxis gamma #6 moves to (12,17) and furthers the dream of making the Riese sink. Praxis Gamma #7 moves to (11,19), fires at Caroline as well! Oh my days! [Part 1/3]
  13. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Yes. Only sometimes. That was the end of that topic. "Battleship package comes with a few suits, hmm? Yeah, that could be a good thing." It really would help out if Mewlanie joined as well, assuming the team needed the financial support. If not, at least Karina could get a new suit in without chipping too much, right? ...If Mewlanie was willing to share, of course, but why wouldn't she? Karina struggled for a moment to process that Mewlanie had actually complimented her, her face brightening up for a moment before her ever judgemental expression settled in. "Yeah, that's right. I'm pretty sure I can make it --I didn't grind to plasma for nothing, dammit." Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if Mew joined after all.
  14. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "I-- what?!" Shit, why did Mewlanie have to go there? "I only watch your streams sometimes, alright? Only when your matches start. Besides, I'm not that kind of person!" Gee, what did she imply? ...Honestly, what a bother. "Nuh-uh, not happening. Anyways... if anybody like that shows up, I'd show them the door, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone, don't worry." It was a good thing that topic didn't last long, Karina didn't want to be pushed to shift topics so soon. "Twenty thousand is quite a bit... guess it's nice to have a sponsorship. Maybe on a team I'll have more freedom to set up my frames." It would be a decent change of pace from the usual 'cheap and janky' setups, not to say that she wasn't fine piloting some less than straightforward builds. Interestingly, Mewlanie gave her the ok to keep to come along to whatever she had planned. Karina took a moment to look to the side. In thought, even if the maneuver seemed excessive. "Hmm, alright. I guess I can play bodyguard." Only after deciding, she met eyes again.
  15. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Huh..." So Mewlanie took that rather seriously. "A battleship is a lot of allowance to people, so yeah. Nearly impossible from the figures unless you share, with a team or whatever. So when you say you're gonna pay for it all it sounds like... supremely burning your cash." Even Karina wouldn't do that, and her family was rather well-off. "I guess your sponsorships are better deals than I thought..." Seeing her so out of her element because of the lack of a screen separating them was... a bit hard to relate to, though mostly because Karina was rather socially oblivious. "Well... I-I know a thing or two about your chat. They're not the nicest, but I bet they wouldn't have the balls to say it in your face. Don't worry about them." Honestly, most of them were probably just horny frustrated teenagers. "If anybody tries to get physical with you, tell them no. If they insist... well, I'd give them a kick in the balls if I saw them. That's deserved." It wouldn't do if Mewlanie got demotivated, not at all!