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  1. Presents for a Pal Despite her initial demeanor, Caroline did not seem displeased or bothered that the boy asked for help. Sales were sales, probably? She seemed to take a moment to figure out what he was asking for, initially. "Hmm... Is your friend, about your age?" The words rolled off her tongue slowly. Age would probably factor into what a boy found funny or not, and most importantly hint what shirt size they probably needed. Nonetheless, the clerk seemed to have a few things in mind already. "Maybe one of these..." In her own leisure pace, the clerk picked up a few shirts from the racks, she seemed to struggle a bit and pause for a few moments. "Hmm, maybe these are good? I'm not that good with dark humour..." One of the shirts seemed to be a play on the Apotheosis' logo, depicting the three hydra heads in different stages of melting, with the image of a buff eagle with shades holding a modern laser rifle and smoking a cigar and the phrase 'America, f*ck yeah!' below the picture. "...Too patriotic?" Another one seemed to be of a cartoon show named 'Dick and Barty', though its art style wasn't exactly appealing, maybe it wasn't for kids? "Too mainstream..." Another shirt seemed to have the depiction of a rather creepy yellow-and-red clown calmly smiling at the viewer, holding a soda a rather stuffed hamburger seeming to contain a human heart instead of a burger patty. "Too vegan?" The last shirt she seemed to grab had pretty pleasing, child-like visuals in contrast, with happy dolphins swimming, a sun with a smiley face, and cute squirrels decorating the borders... with the phrase 'I'm dead inside :)' smack dab in the middle. "Uhh... would he like pants, maybe? There are some cool ripped pants..." The clerk didn't seem like the most adept at this, but at least she was trying? Weeb Talk "What, Partially Recyclable Biochemist in two days? That's a lot of dedication, geez... It's really good, though, I understand you wouldn't want to stop at a cliffhanger!" Two days was insane, was she on break when she did it? No matter, at least they had something in common to talk about, at least, and that was good! She seemed to be a bit of a shipper, too. Makoto wasn't particularly hot on that, but it seemed like a topic she could open up to. "Huh, did you have any pairings you were cheering on?" Not like Biochemist was that big on pairable characters... but fandoms always found a way. Makoto shuddered to think. It was good that she didn't freeze up in the library then and there, Makoto had his doubts, but as she seemed to have some volumes to pick up herself, the manga section was a likely stop for both of them. "Oh! Magisphere is up to volume 7 right now, people were complimenting it so I was going to pick it up early. They say it's focusing more on the side characters like Garland the gray knight and setting up for something big." It was nice to focus on side characters, but the antagonist of the first arc that got its butt kicked was always an interesting choice. "Oh, the Gospel spin off... I haven't seen it, myself. Is it worth watching?" She seemed to have close enough interests, surprisingly. Of Use "My stake...?" Roxanna was at a loss for words. Maybe it was the alcohol slowing her down, or the fact she never expected this kind of talk from anybody in the Riese, or maybe she just lost control of her life too much. "I don't... I used to be a Captain, before being assigned here." Maybe it'd make more sense to explain from the beginning, she wasn't too sure herself... "Not the best one... I made a few mistakes in space, I lost my crew... No, I'm not proud of that. I hoped I could prove myself again, but instead... I'm here, serving a girl I never thought could lead a ship." Roxanna let out a long sigh. "I... don't want to quit. I could live off of my inheritance, but... I don't. I don't want that at all." Then again, she wasn't making a case for herself lately.
  2. Subordinate of Pride Still more questions, taking a breath and closing her eyes, Roxanna had to wonder how she'd tackle that one. "My uncle believes I've disrupted her authority too much, I think she does too. I have challenged her a lot because she's too young to be captaining this battleship on her first mission... but she hasn't messed them up thus far. Somehow." A grumble escaped Roxanna, it was really an incredible streak considering the difficulty of her missions. That was almost too good to be true... but it was. "She has the final say on whether I am dismissed or not, now that we're back on Central. I'm guessing her reports haven't taken kindly to me either. Ah~, I'm fucked..." How despairing.
  3. Continuous Prodding Of course, she wouldn't let up at just that. Why would she? Just like the other girls, she was a TK, so she could probably see how much of a mess Roxanna was. No point in trying to avoid it. "The Captain hates me, my uncle wants me to quit, and my father was confirmed to be killed yesterday morning by some terrorist sniper. It's just... horrible, a horrible week. And I don't really want to deal with it anymore..." She slumped, resting her head on the table again. "I don't... I have to be on standby for a meeting, but I just want to black out..." Her voice was defeated as could be. She wasn't that tipsy, curse her tolerance, the buzz wasn't helping at all.
  4. A Newer Face Roxanna thought the night couldn't get worse, but getting dumped by two girls and looking this pathetic proved to her just how terrible her situation was. Everybody would feel this way, huh? That she was worthless, couldn't be helped. Fuck. She was starting to believe it. Even her uncle was starting to treat her with curt and blunt words. Maybe it was pointless to stay after all... "H-Huh?" Another voice, it was... richsqueak. How rare. "I-I am... The bottom floor is mostly empty, so I just grabbed a few snacks... ugh." The crackers were just mediocre, it helped deal with the aftertaste, but staying at the cafeteria for convenience was the worst thing yet. She'd only made a fool of herself. "I didn't expect people to show up this fast... I wasn't staying for long." She grumbled, holding her head. That half-empty bottle only seemed more damning now. How stupid and miserable did she look? What a cursed couple of days.
  5. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "Mmm? Well, what's so wrong about showing you affection?" Raz smirked, enjoying the reaction she'd gotten from Mikhaila. She had turned so red~. "We could find something interesting for you to do. It's a shame you have no interest in dresses... but at least spend some of your money on your weapons, things aren't getting any easier." Raz stepped back from Mikhaila, holding the flustered girl's hand and taking the lead. "Come on, let's take a look around." Buy Mikhaila a Falcata, put killer axe in inventory if possible @[email protected] --- They were under attack, great, Raz readied a bow in hand as she hurried outside. It was still early in the day, Timaeus surely knew how to make unwelcome entrances. It seemed another of his subordinates were there, and these constructs were likely stronger as well, thanks to the natural passing of time. "To attack us at this time... yeah, let's not give them any ground." Sighing, Raz analyzed their options. What about this Valerie made her so special...?
  6. Rejected Well... Roxanna had finally shooed the girl away, but what was with that feeling? She was almost hurt, at the way Christina said her piece before deciding to be done with convincing her. Was she too far gone? Biting her lower lip, Roxanna put her glass of wine down for the first time since she picked it up. "I..." She winced, that girl was probably done with her too, just like Jessica. The rest of the crew too. She just wanted to curl up, why was this happening? It wasn't... it really wasn't that simple. At least it didn't feel that simple at all. "S-Sorry... I, need to." The words were stuck in her throat. Why was this so hard. "Ugh... S-sorry about that. I don't want to... Make your night worse."
  7. Big Sorry An issue of pride... Roxanna winced, she was aware of that, but it wasn't like she had a choice, did she? She was put in this world bearing the name of one of the most influential families in the ANF, was always expected to achieve greatness, and lived her life in a mansion fit for somebody of her status, learning with the best conditions. She couldn't afford to be less than exceptional... in that sense, it was always a matter of pride. "I don't really want to think about apologizing, right now. Ugh, I don't think she wants to see my face, anyways, even if it was painted gold. Probably make it worse." Roxanna was trying so hard not to avoid the girl's attention now. She'd die before acting all sorry and apologizing to the pipsqueak. It wasn't a scenario she could even stomach imagining. Sure she'd done wrong, but pipsqueak was a bit of a dick back, right? "I... just keep to myself around her. We got in an argument once, it got a bit heated... physical. She actually punched my jaw so hard I had to go to the infirmary... I-I did slap her first, I guess. It's not something I can really apologize and expect everything to be fine. Shit." Thinking back to that was the worst. Bottoms up.
  8. Lively Night The sight of a boy Tarquin's age by his own wasn't particularly strange by the mall, families were still around, but the demographic was certainly leaning to teens and teenagers by that time of the night. Most adults around seemed to be staff or security, likely a side effect of the war. As Tarquin entered Cold Topic, he was immediately approached by one of the teen employees standing by the entrance. "Welcome to Cold Topic! Looking for something special? Boy's fashion is at the left side." She didn't seem that much older than Tarquin, reciting a greeting that was probably rehearsed, and with notable bags under her eyes. Did a job so simple push unreasonable hours? Then again, somebody needed to work the midnight shift. "If you need anything more, just give me a holler." In true modern convenience, asking her name wasn't necessary, as this girl and every other employee had name tags. This one in particular seemed to be called 'Caroline' if he was reading the shoddy writing in the tag right. Cold Topic wasn't that awfully busy, but maybe it was the fact that it was so expansive inside that gave that idea. The rows of shirts, shorts, and more, seemed to go on forever, assorted by design first and size within the rows, it was quite a complex layout. Did picking out one's clothes really need to take that much effort? Nerds and Books Well, that was... a reaction. Still, it wasn't like Talia was squeaking and looking like she was going to collapse, so it was better than what Makoto remembered from back in the infirmary! "Mmm, yeah, I guess they can put a strain on your eyes sometimes. I think it's worse when you binge watch a series and wake up feeling dead the next day, at least if the series isn't even worth it." Makoto fell for that way too often, for shame. He was kind of lucky he didn't need glasses yet, his dad had to start using them at an early age. "Ah, let's go, then!" He still couldn't believe how similar she looked to Tarquin, at least superficially. Did they age the same as everyone else? Well, he hoped so... The bookstore in question was rather expansive, making use of the large space to make a second floor with a few tables for reading and a small café space at the corner. Despite the existence of a food court, the place seemed modestly popular, and was probably pricier. The atmosphere was fairly pleasant, and it wasn't all that busy. "Mmm, there's the e-book section, but I really want to see if they have a print of the new volume of 'Neo Arts Magisphere', the new act was finally picking its pace, and the holographic cover was really nice." It was a shounen manga that was really picking a cult following lately, volume 7 was focusing on the world building (finally), and was being well-received by critics. It was probably going to be the next big hit if they made a TV adaptation. "Oh, anything you wanted to see first?" It wouldn't do well to run off to the manga section on his own and leave Talia hanging! More Drinks "Ah, uh.. right, the Artemis was surprised by those units. Right." It made sense for the girls to be up and about if they had been resting for a while already. Ah, and Jessica probably wanted Seung-Min to be around for the meeting. "Yeah, the meeting. Captain wants you and Brant on standby. I also have to be on standby..." Which in retrospective made her decision to drink away seem real dumb, "D-don't worry, I'm holding back on the drinks." Totally. Christina wanted to help her, but the fact she was feeling the early mid-life crisis Roxanna was so desperately wanting to drown out with alcohol only made it a harder subject to approach. What could these kids help her with, really? They were still relatively young, and none of them really needed to know her issues. "I... just, messed up, hard, since I stepped in this ship." She downed her glass of wine faster than before. Despite Christina's pleas, Roxanna really needed a punch to her senses to continue this line of conversation. "H-honestly, I shouldn't be talking about this stuff or making your day worse. I just... I don't gel with the Captain, but I fucked this up --uh..." She unconsciously jumped to strong language in front of subordinates, she never did that. How embarrassing. "I think she's going to fire me..." Ugh, what an idiot she was making herself look...
  9. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Owen was still feeling himself at an adrenaline high, deep cuts, quick slash. The fact that he had actually performed his family technique in combat was still boosting his confidence. For such a trivial reason, he was feeling amazing. "Hah... they insist on fighting us?" No, he had to calm down and sheathe his sword. Most enemies in the vicinity were wiped, but who knew what these horrible people had in mind. Sacrificing their lives to spread chaos put them rather low in Owen's opinion, even if they were clawing at any chance to increase casualties on Owen's side. And he calls himself a Justice Fighter. What a joke. Owen to (10,11).
  10. Wine, Crackers, and Lilies "Gah!" Of course, of course somebody was there to see her, and Roxanna was too self-absorbed in her misery to see it coming. She jumped in her seat, knee hitting the table --oh God hold the bottle don't let it drop--. Inhale. "W-who --oh, C-Christina? And, Lieutenant Seung-Min..." Well, that was bound to be awkward, here was two young girls showing up at the cafeteria and Roxanna was drinking her sad ass off. And failing. "Uh, hello. W-what are you doing here so late?" She'd try to force a smile if she wasn't aware that it would look disconcerting as all get out coming from her. And now she had to hide her sheer embarrassment from these girls... Wait, weren't they TKs?
  11. Black Wind (August 2nd, 1245 PST, Northwestern Utah) --- Golden Pit (1725 PST, Heion Riese on its way to Central) --- Alphonse's Decisions (Moments after arrival, ANF HQ) --- Contemplation Roxanna had half a mind to leave the ship and go to the mall --a decent escape from HQ and all the awkwardness it was sure to bring her--, but she knew she had to be around for the meeting with Commander Vance and others. Missing that would probably mean the end of her career for good. Resigning herself to waiting in the ship, Roxanna had ended up in the cafeteria, having taken the rest of the bottle of wine Thorvald had gifted her earlier to enjoy a drink with some crackers. Mild appetizers. If anything, the lack of people around was a boon, she could decide to feel miserable without other people catching her. Not that they had a good opinion of her to begin with, probably. Everybody loved pipsqueak. Except maybe richsqueak. "Ugh..." The wine wasn't kicking in nearly as quickly as she hoped, Roxanna dropped her head on the table, eyes lazily staring at her glass as she let that bit of despair wallow her through the night. What do I do, now? If I'm kicked from the army... who's gonna want me? Politics is already out of question. The bitter possibility of surviving through her father's estate was too real. No, she had to be worth something more. She was a Martinson, she had to matter, and not just because she had lots of capital through inheritance... Midnight Mall Madness Honestly, Makoto really wasn't a night person, but with how the rest of the day had set up to be, he wasn't complaining about leaving the ship and taking a breath of fresh air, even if it was at this foreign nighttime. It'd do good to get his mother out there too, and contact some of their family members here in Earth about their situation, but she probably wanted to stay on the safe side. Still... the mall wasn't a horrible idea, if only to get himself in touch with society again. The last time Makoto and Mai went to a mall, a war had started and the building descended into chaos... but there was no point in being so negative! It wouldn't be that way this time! And with his mother incapacitated, it was a good time to get his driving skills back to speed. It really wasn't that hard considering how complex piloting a Phalanx was in comparison. The mall had been surprisingly lively inside, even if the parking lot wasn't overcrowded with cars. Perhaps a lot of people found that place to be a respite during this war. It made sense, with the ANF HQ not so far away. The area was relatively safe, and had most needs an average person would want covered. They even had extended hours for the sake of their newfound traffic. "So here we are. Probably most lively place we'll ever see around... so, you had a place in mind?" He turned back to his tag-along, Tarquin's sort-of-sibling, Talia. Since she was his new neighbour in the ship, Makoto figured he could ask her if she wanted to come --she never seemed to leave her room, after all--. It was kind of a surprise that she agreed at all, he wasn't sure if she was just too scared to say no, but here they were. "I want to check out if they have a bookstore, honestly. I think they have a Birch & Royals here."
  12. Messy Bridge They had finally arrived. Half an hour earlier than estimate, too. The bridge was a mix of relief and joy as they heard the confirmation from... Commander Vance. What an immense greeting. Usually I'd expect my uncle to handle the Riese... I guess something's got him busy. Or the commander had something in mind for that meeting. Right. Jessica already left, casting only a glance at Roxanna, and she should be getting ready soon enough too. "I'll excuse myself. Good work, ensign." Tristan had really been the suporting pillar once the captain failed to make the cut... and Roxanna too, but only sometimes. Either way, they now had a short break until the meeting time. I don't... really want to go to HQ yet. She'd already talked to her uncle enough. Maybe the pool was a good option... no, 9 PM pool wasn't exactly the best plan. Maybe instead she could check up the pilots? Down the bridge elevator, Roxanna at least was reminded of the infimary while walking through the hallway. Eh, might as well check out. There was the rescued pilot to talk with and figure out about... and Nikolai. Even Roxanna thought that he'd suffered way too much. Walking towards the infirmary, however, Roxanna opened the door to find Megumi quite busy. "Ah... bad time?" How awkward... "D-don't mind me, just wanted to know if Jezebel was consious." Well, now she was certain she was being a nuisance... Anime and Friends Makoto had trouble napping in the latter half of the voyage, after all that training, it seemed his body and mind didn't exhaust during the exercises. But really, napping was something he was real bad at. At least he got to catch up to his series. Stretching, the boy got out of his room, wondering how central looked. Add that to his list of places on Earth that were still a mystery. Locking his room behind him, Makoto shot a glance to his neighbor's door. It seemed like Tarquin's sister really had no interest in leaving her room. A poor state considering their relationship... did they even share any blood at all, now that he thought about it further? They looked the part, but genetics was weird. Speaking of Tarquin, it'd be nice to keep an eye on the boy now with... what happened to Nikolai. Maybe I could get him something. Hmm, what does he like? He wasn't at all sure about Tarquin's interests, aside from reading. Would he be interested in a video game? Some junk food? A soccer ball perhaps? Books were always the safe option, if Makoto knew which the younger boy had already read. Aaaah, what a braintwister! Scratching his head, Makoto went for the cafeteria first, grabbing some post-dinner snacks while he contemplated how to get to a general store from there. Maybe some of the other pilots would have plans and knew their way around the place. Makoto certainly would appreciate the help...
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Emerald glow. Five slashes. Only after taking hasty breaths to catch himself did Owen realize. Wait. That was... His eyes opened wide, in shock. Owen looked at his sword, held a hand to his chest, gazed down at himself. He had finally done it. The technique his family was prided for. It felt like a surreal rush of adrenaline, and a moment passing in five all the same. The prince was even shocked at the speed of his swordarm, slashing and tearing in spite of his mind barely processing it. "So... this is it. I can't believe it." He'd finally done it. Astra had been such an eluding technique that the prince was starting to doubt his legitimacy. Even Cass was able to do it... even if partially. Still, the realization couldn't help but make the prince smile. Even in the face of one of these suicidal explosions... truly disgusting. At least this surge of confidence would stop the prince from faltering as he brandished his sword. "Begone! Stop destroying this land!" Owen to (4,11), attack swordfighter #13 with his killing edge.
  14. Estimated and Counting "10 PM, huh..." It was better than expected, then. At least that could cheer Roxanna up a little. "I see, then. Thank you, Ensign Calvin." She was subdued after, staring at her command desk in a vacant sort of way. "...Then let's keep going this route. Remind me to make contact at 5, please. " She looked up in fron of her again to heed the Ensign, lazily staring at the data concerning the Riese. "Do we know how long it will take for the structural damage during this battle to be repaired?" If they were attacked while repairs were still ongoing, then the ship would have to stay back for the whole thing. That would be an issue.
  15. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Reaper, Reaper... (January 6th, 3 AM. Camping on their way to Veiro) --- Raz had finally found Mikhaila, and it turned out she hadn't gone anywhere since they split. How... very her to not like a big place. "I can't believe you had the patience to sit around, I imagined you'd find an excuse to escape." Raz said, getting close to Mikhaila and wrapping her arms around the warrior, growing a wry smile. "So do you just want to stay outside here? I bet there are good places for fighters inside, or maybe we could buy something useful for you." At least Raz certainly wasn't complaining being this close to Mikhaila, though the latter probably might