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  1. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Hmm, I guess. Guess it made sense for cats to stick together, even if one of them was... half-human now. Velvet seemed fine with whatever would be their next course of action, anyways, and Thalia seemed to need some time to decide on things. It seemed her knowledge on Timaeus was rather limited as well. "Well, until we meet, then. The more information we gather about Timaeus, the better." That was all there was to it at that point. Kolmar seemed to have something to add, showing one of the siege arrows to Raz. "That's a special kind... she was using some kind of longbow, imbued with some magic. That's how her arrows could be so accurate despite the distance. At least that's my best guess." She took a closer look, "Unfortunately she knew what she was doing. It's going to be annoying to get her. Hopefully it didn't hurt too bad?"
  2. Well, things were going to sort themselves out, more or less, by the looks of it. Alex decided to focus on what they needed now: a new horse. "If sunlight is a problem, we can always go and shop for you, I suppose..." It was really weird to offer services to a vampire when she was conscious of it, but Alex had already decided to keep on with her contract. "Haa... well, on your orders, Misea." And that was that. Nothing to do now but to follow the knight vampire around. Taking the chance, Alex held her fire tome open, already a flame sparking up over her right hand. "I can clean up here. If you think we should... not that there's much else we can do about them." It was funny to see Almira so taken in her own antics, though.
  3. Ah, Astrid was a selfish one... whatever her reasons were, Alex made a mental note not to let her guard down too much around her. "I see..." She shot a glance to the countess again, neutral and not giving off too much of an impression. There was more to digest as it were. Misea's plan was a tad on the convoluted side, wanting to see an archive of sorts for anything that could help... and then was the last resort, which certainly left an impact. "I... that has to do with the fact she has yet to bite a human, right?" Misea did say that before. For whatever reason, it seemed to be a key to the ritual that Almira had no human blood in her. "Well, I guess since our best option is to keep going towards Hrolt, not a lot has really changed." Alex nodded, still trying to wrap her head about how the rest of the journey was going to pan out... Almira was forty-seven? Gee, I wonder how old Astrid and Misea are, then. Well, no matter now. Astrid also pointed out that, since they left in a hurry, they don't know how many supporters they would actually have among the vampires. For some reason that calmed Alex down a little. "I guess not everyone is on-board with a plan to kill all humans then, that's less bad..." Thank goodness, "Sorry, Astrid, but I don't think anybody here matches your body frame." Alex herself was too small for any chance of compatible clothes.
  4. "So, not just some random noble but the actual princess and all that, huh?" Now that was something... they were certainly caught up in something very big now, and from what Misea was saying... "So you're not sure if there's a sure-fire way to stop the ritual... but either way you're gonna get hunted by the vampires thanks to what your king wants..." Alex was racking her brain, what the heck was this all about? Why did the king just up and wanted to kill all humans in the continent like that? Was that why they started attacking humans again? Now I'm really glad they can't use magic either. Really seems like they're all bad... Except for this little, meek vampire she just couldn't raise a finger against. Ugh, what was up with this predicament? "I... Honestly, I'm not sure if poking in vampires affairs is something I ever wanna do, but I don't want them to lay a finger on Almira like that. If they're gonna sacrifice her for some dumb ritual to get rid of us, then that just makes it more important to keep her safe." Yeah, that made sense. For Alex. "I'll stay around for her sake, until you got that sorted, yeah? Since it's a big thing and risks human lives, I might as well." Ah... and there came Astrid, the flamboyant vampire... Alex didn't even know they could come in that kind of package too. "And I'm guessing Astrid here is the only one you could convince to help your cause?" Man... that was real trouble, if so. More against than for them.
  5. Alex still had her sword drawn, breathing anxiously. One vampire had been successfully downed with her help, and now there were... oh. They were already being handled. "Ah... g-good job." This Astrid was definitely a vampire as well, and so was Misea, no doubt. It hardly seemed like they needed help, even... "Well... that could have been dangerous." Astrid went off racing against the remaining vampire, all the while leaving Misea and Almira to handle the revelation. "Yeah... so, uh, vampires huh?" Alex's gaze unconsciously fell over Almira again. "So, this is definitely not about some arranged marriage. I'd like to know what you guys are doing all the way over here." Other vampires were giving chase to them, so it's not like it was some undercover operation to harm humans... it couldn't be, could it? Alex sighed. "And they... are there going to be more of them here on out?" She unsheathed her sword. There was no point in being so alert after all of their assailants either died or were escaping. Almira was a vampire, but something in Alex made her doubt she wanted to do something harmful for them.
  6. Creatures of the night... they were at a clear disadvantage. Alex herself wasn't the most experienced sellsword already, but when it came to vampires, she was completely clueless. How poorly could things go...? Very, but the group was short of options other than standing their ground and fighting. Right now, Alex's best option was to play by ear. Her strength was dragging things out, and hopefully something about the vampires could be revealed in that time. ...Yeah, seemed like as good a time as any. "I'm going in!" Raising her sword, Alex charged one of the vampires, the first in her sight. Alex to (6,10), attack vampire 3 with her iron sword!
  7. "Really? I can't make out very far when the sun settles... but I know some people have trained for that kinda stuff... and I guess being in a keep made you better used to the dark, huh?" Alex let her stream of thoughts go without much of a filter, trying to spot out the same deer Almira had pointed... ah, was that it? She could make the moving silhouette, but not much else. Could be a large wolf for all she knew. Quickly, the mood had changed to dire. It only took a few words from Almira. The guards. Alex drew out her sword, moving closer to the girl. Already she could make out voices in the darkness. A command to surround them was issued. "Oookay, scratch the rocks for now. We're gonna get back to the others, I'll watch the front and you--" They were armed, finally showing their faces as they left the covers of trees and bushes, Alex moved in front of Almira without a second thought. Shoot, that's a lot. They were all... bizarre, not how she'd expect usual guards to be outfitted. As one stepped up and voiced their offer to Almira, the obvious seemed to hit Alex hard in the head. The assailants weren't human... and neither was Almira, by correlation. It made Alex wonder how she'd never taken notice of Almira's fangs before... they were so unimposing, but they were there for sure. What... what was she going to do now? "Alex, p-please help!" Her pleading eyes stirred something fierce in Alex. That girl in front of her was a vampire, but could she really find it in herself to abandon her now? Vampire's business weren't her business... but Almira looked so desperate, hopeless. "Damn it..." Cursing under her breath, Alex took Almira's hand. "Come on. We can't let them surround us two, let's go!" Alex wasn't going to live down leaving a girl that could be her little sister on her own. She was going to fight vampires for the sake of Almira.
  8. "Heh, I gotcha... when it's your first time being out in the world, no dad or mom to tell you what to do... it's great. You feel so important." Alex could relate to that, smiling as Almira had her fun, picking some few rocks as well --she wasn't gonna stop Almira from jumping at what caught her eyes--. "If it feels heavy you can give me some of your loads." So far it had been a rather calm forage, thankfully. Only the sound of insects and the full moon above them. "Always a nice time to be out when the moon is this bright... you get to see just a bit more." Night forests did have a nice hue to their vistas.
  9. "Mmm... oh, we're stopping?" Alex rose to attention, feeling a bit sluggish. She totally nodded off, didn't she? "S-sorry, rides make me drowsy." Alex gave a quick apology to Astrid, hoping she hadn't been a bother in her sleepy state. Now, it was time to prepare the camp... and Almira was already on it, wow. "Can't believe you read that on a book too. You sure know all kinds of things, huh? Though you could have asked me too, you know?" She chuckled, "But it's fine. Let's go find some stones, and if you see anything off, just warn me!" All sorts of creatures could pop up at night, after all.
  10. Seph and Almira were really hitting it off, it was a nice sight for whatever reason, Alex smiling a bit. She didn't share Seph's optimism, but perhaps things could turn better in future days, between vampires and human. At least becoming neutral again, right? Meanwhile... "Hmm? Ah." That was the woman that was tagging along, right? She seemed to be more than just a barmaid, for sure... well, as long as she wasn't an enemy, that didn't matter to Alex. "Name's... just call me Alex. Nice to meet you, Astrid." Alex nodded, taking a seat next to the woman. "It's going to be quite a ways to the capital... better get comfy." But sitting down for too long always sucked, left her sore.
  11. "...I don't know an awful lot about vampires or politics, but I do know they started these attacks and people died. If they want to own up that's fine, but we hardly hear from them unless it's more attacks. Too much bad blood as it is... n-no pun intended." Alex wasn't an expert at the topic, it was a bit uncomfortable, really. "If one can look at me eye-to-eye and tell me they don't wanna force themselves on me to get my blood... maybe we could talk. Right now I'm not taking chances though." That was pretty much her stance on it, to stay. Almira seemed very knowledgeable, and almost... upset? "...Do you like vamp-" Cut by claps, Alex turned her attention to Misea, intruding at quite a time, and nodded in agreement to what was said. "Yeah, I'm ready to go. Let's get some distance done today."
  12. Swirly and misty... Alex observed the shadowy haze with a fair amount of interest, eyes following the spell as it traversed the air. "Cool, that looks really different from elemental magic. It's really interesting to see how much each magic school kinda branched into its own thing for combat." Alex was no historian or magic expert, but she couldn't deny some interest in how magic got where it was today. Almira had expressed some curiosity in her own magic... Alex couldn't help but notice her drinking some juice from a straw now. D'aww. "I... nah, nothing elegant or abstract like dark or light, just the elements." Alex offered a friendly smile to the curious girl, unable to help thinking of her two younger sisters. Picking the fire tome she procured from the carriage on her left hand, Alex spent a brief moment in concentration, eyes closed, before a flame lit up and flickered above her right hand. "'s a bit harder to control and make it the size I want, but I don't wanna make a ruckus here." She raised her hand, the flame following and keeping itself a short distance from her skin, keeping the somewhat consistent shape of a wisp of fire. "Not all that bad, right?"
  13. "Oh... that's quite a bounty, yeah, color me impressed." This was all basic equipment, but a sword for free was a sword for free. "I'll take a sword... tomes are in the back, you said? I'll go grab something there then, and some first-aid just in case..." Some of that training Alex's brother had given her would come in handy, then. She'd always fancied herself swords over magic, not exactly the most talented mage around, but it was an ability that could come in handy when a blade just couldn't cut it. Adaptability went a long way, as her brother used to say. It was interesting to see what kind of weapons the others seemed to prefer, as well. Guns were definitely beyond Alex, and she was pretty sure she'd never seen dark magic in action before, that was bound to be interesting. "Got a nice repertoire of skills, don't you, Seph?" She couldn't help the comment, it seemed noteworthy to her. Despite how much the guy kept to himself, Seph certainly seemed to show some competence. "I've never seen somebody cast dark magic before, actually. I kinda wonder how different it is." It was always interesting to see new things.
  14. In A Flash "I..." Vera had issued a challenge to Makoto, he knew that, he understood well the implications. Could he stand up to Apotheosis? Hardly on his own, not yet, but that challenge stirred a response in him. "I will! I'll get him back no matter what!" He promised, holding a fist close to his chest. Makoto wasn't about to give up, outmatched or not. Esther looked at Vera expectantly, hoping the Lieutrnant would whisk her awat at the last moment... sadly, that wasn't how things were going to go. Vera left her, dumped Esther with the Riese crew and left... The sinking realization made Esther tear up, looking down to the court's sand and making no motion to move. She had been handed to the enemy, despite trying so hard. Esther had nothing left to say, waiting to be cuffed and sent to a cell, whatever the Riese crew was planning to do. Caroline had to take a moment to herself, still breathing far too fast from the scare. "Apotheosis... they're crazy. What were they doing here." At least the purple haired woman's disappearance reduced the sense of threat, enough that she could function again. "Y-you're the Riese captain, right?" Caroline did her best to regain some composure. "Are... are we going to be okay? Something like that... I don't know what's protocol for this occassion, should we evacuate the place?" "Jessica!" A yell interrupted the conversation once again, this time the XO, Roxanna. She was making a sprint to the volleyball court, having retreated to a corner of the facility prior. "I--I called the Admiral." Roxanna huffed, braking herself, feet on deep sand, now catching her breath. "He... he said he was coming. HQ launched a security patrol as well... we're probably going to be escorted back to the Riese." At least, she could be useful sometimes.
  15. Well, it didn't seem like there was going to be much else left to wonder about. Their mission was set, clear as could be, with a carriage and everything. What could possibly go wrong? With everybody here, it wouldn't be much of a hassle. They even got that worried lady to come too! It was going to be a full carriage, alright. "Alrighty, no complaints here. You can count on getting your money's worth from me." Alex reassured, rather content with her prospects for the future, that was a well-paying gig. "And you guys too." It was good to acknowledge her co-workers. They'd be seeing a lot of each other for a while.