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  1. Ms. Captain There were many point in Jessica's argument that would have made Roxanna hiss, if not for the ridiculous chaotic environment the situation devolved into. After rolling her eyes, the XO had a glare set on the pilots, waiting a moment for all the antics to die down. "First, I want to see everyone sitting properly on their seats. Second, neither me nor the captain are fucking deaf, I don't want to hear another yell unless someone feels like helping the janitorial team off-mission. And yes, the captain and I are allowed to speak as loud as we want, not you." If everybody was going to act like they haven't learned discipline in military school, Roxanna would be more than happy to play instructor. Her glare had more or less centered somewhere between Nikolai and Elaine, a not-so-subtle way to tell them to suck it and stuff it. Something Jessica mentioned was alarming, but pointing it out in the middle of talks was going to be too disruptive. Goodness... these people have been trained by the ANF, right? Why are they bringing guns to a meeting? Just pointing a loaded gun to another acting officer, lazyness or accidental, is a serious fucking offense... I'm going to need another bottle of wine. Faction tensions and terrorism allowed armymen to carry loaded guns off-mission... but stun guns or not, bringing them to the tiny meeting room was off-putting, begging for disaster. She'd need to talk Jess about enforcing protocols when she could. This was war, but guidelines were there for a reason, which brought her next point... "If there's no time, you should've brought the matter up earlier so we could have options, captain. That you've let it go to the point where we need another captive out there is on you. And don't bring those dated pilot scores in account, it was years ago and in that case I'd be crash coursed aga-- it was just hypothesis anyways, fuck." Damned Jessica, derailing the conversation with her attempts to dig dirt on Roxanna, and definitely not Roxanna derailing herself. "I can say I at least... if Doctor Amparo has examined the subject, it makes for a bit more consideration." Which really was information the both should have said first and foremost, the XO shot a glare at the doctor this time. "But I'd rather no comments on our original crew's trustworthiness be made, in light of the authority that selected each one. It is not your place to poke holes in that, Doctor. Neither is to say our pilots should have become acquainted with a person whose relevance to our operations has been as an enemy, up until this point." The top brass was the top brass, but Jess... well, she was the highest authority as far as the ship went, but she needed to talk things with Roxanna, ideally. "So I'll ask, Captain." Roxanna stared Jessica in the eyes, "Considering the need for more numbers out in the field should not have been just as sudden, why her?"
  2. Wine and Blue Cheese (July 29th wrap-up) On Assignment Crickets Oh, it's your fault, Roxanna, being so harsh on the girl. Give her a chance, she knows what she's doing, Jessica passed captain training with flying colors! Every time Roxanna thought maybe she could see competence in Jessica, that maybe she could... tolerate working under her, she pulled a new idiot move from her magical top hat of who thinks this is okay? The silence was fitting, complimented by a sharp glare from Roxanna at their Captain. If stares could cut through flesh, Jessica would be Swiss cheese right about now. But oh, finally, the pipsqueak spoke up, finally an opening! "I do have a question." Roxanna spoke up, raising her head as she traded glances with Abigail. "Why a woman convict of terrorism and murder over anybody else in this ship?" There was no excuse to not be blunt this time, and Roxanna would damn make use of it. "If we're so short on pilots, crash course one of the mechanics. Hell, send me out in a mech, that'd still make a lot more sense than this."
  3. Somehow the cavalry felt underwhelming, but it also might have to do with them completely ignoring Raz's side in favor of snake meat. Well. Raz opened her mouth, but before any question could be asked, Telmara showed he was breathing and well. Back to a silent analysis, Raz drew her bow, taking the opportunity as she found it. If I can take that one down... Back to dealing with these images as quick as possible. Raz to M11, shoot at cav image B with her steel bow, quickswap to illuminate as usual.
  4. Keep Your Hands Makoto followed Elaine more cautiously after the man's complaints, though still showing a starry-eyed admiration to the unfinished pieces and schematics if Elaine bothered to look at him. As they progressed, he seemed pretty curious about the unfinished beam sword, puzzled at its assembly. "So that's how they generate the field to hold it together..." It seems he was getting some classes school would never teach. Elaine's curiosity at the rifle brought his attention to it too, listening to her fully before adding a comment, perhaps by lack of experience in comparison. "I wonder... it seems like the goal is a swiss-knife kind of weapon, right? Depending on how accurate the gun is, it should make for its weight because you're carrying less... maybe?" Considering it was unfinished, maybe it was too early to judge. The mechanic made it his duty to keep following Elaine and Makoto around, though he was silent enough to let them do their thing. Once Elaine spoked up, he sighed, following with a shrug. "That's Avery's project... you should ask her what's the deal with that. She likes keeping details to herself about this stuff --Case in point, that new unit she kept locked in until now. Hmph!" The man crossed his arms, though this grumpiness didn't seem to differ from his usual expression, maybe he wasn't all that bothered? "She was kind enough to give data on a portable V-drive design, though. That, I can't wait to work on."
  5. Well, it seemed talks had devolved into aggression. It was a tell they wouldn't get much of anything else done. So some entrust this job on us, but the scale is ridiculous. If we have to fight a massive chunk of the Fallen army, then I guess things get unrealistic. I don't know what everyone here is capable of except for Amon... we can probably have a chance with his power? Well, not if said Aisha find her survival a bigger priority. Damn. There were too many ifs at that point. What was certain was that they needed a plan. Well, if the Fallen are anything like the Ursian army... who am I kidding, they couldn't be more different. Boy, things never looked more bizarre! Thales had a lot to learn about these Fallen, and probably about the Avians as well. Sighing, Thales cast a glance towards Amon, hoping he could bring some closure to the reunion, or at least deal with the air of animosity ever growing. Speaking up completely unrelated after the pegasus rider made such airs about his question felt awkward. Besides, Thales had no idea the guy existed until now, the question clearly didn't apply to him or to the boat eavesdroppers.
  6. "Guh!" Raz flinched, not being able to dodge the arrow in time. Her accuracy wasn't as good as she hoped, and the sand images kept closing in... There were even some riding horses (supposedly also made of the same sandy aether). That wasn't good, cavalry backup was bound to give them trouble. Speaking of backup, a familiar face made her way into the heat of combat, Telmara herself! "Wha-- you idiot..." Raz murmured, lowering her shoulders as she watched the snake woman come out unscathed from a sudden attack to an image. And right when Raz thought her efforts to keep the group glued together was for naught. She and Kaya are such a handful... I'm glad I had my break. But that was enough of that... attention to combat! Things were looking grim! With the cavalry coming closer, they were solely exposed now. Vulnerable. What to do... It was time to test her instincts. Raz was hurt, but she could at least buy time... it didn't look good with the quality of weapons these images sported this time around, but if there was anyone who could try, it was Raz. "Aaron." She spoke up. "We have to clean these up as soon as possible. Give me a hand." Going first, Raz shot an arrow at one of the remaining images nearby. Quick steps. If I don't call his arrow, this is going to suck. Raz to O9, shoot at archer image A with iron bow, quickswap to illuminate.
  7. Off Duty For once, Roxanna returned the gesture with a soft smile, thankful that at least the Ensign was about to listen to her requests. Roxanna was at least number two in this ship now, so she'd better use her opportunity well! "Thank you, Ensign." Dismissing him with a nod, Roxanna decided to stay on her desk. A passing thought tempted her to leave for her room... but that would solve no problems now. They'd help overseeing the vicinity while Cabello prepared to leave, and then she'd call HQ. Yeah, that seemed better... Strangers in the Labs The mechanic took Elaine's ID brusquely, he took reading the information seriously, perhaps to make sure the card wasn't falsified. After a few moments, something shifting his head up to stare at Elaine, he seemed convinced enough, giving her back the card. "A pilot huh? Well, you guys are authorized to check the labs... why didn't you just swipe your card on the reader? Did you not see the machine to the left of the door?" Resting his arms on his hips, he took a moment to sigh, shaking his head at the goofy duo. "I told the guys that painting it the same color as the walls would be confusing... well, whatever, come in." Signaling for them to enter, the man stepped aside, giving full vision of the room. "A-Awesome! So it'll be alright, then?" Makoto got his hopes up, at first things seemed uncertain, and the man's mood certainly wasn't cooperative, but it seemed that Elaine was very much an important person in these parts. "Alright!" Dashing in front of Elaine, Makoto went to check out the labs for himself, but an unexpected hand pushed his rushing step back to a halt. "Oof!" "Calm down! No running in the labs." The mechanic had stopped him, waiting for Elaine to walk in and guide the boisterous kid. "You're free to look around, but please don't try to break anything. It's already bad enough with the work we have." The man was very cautious about the work in the labs, it seemed he was going to supervise their little sightseeing session, at least.
  8. In a sense, things have slowed down to a crawl, with their options narrowed. It seemed some people (well, one dude), was really insistent that they'd mess up without a spirit spring or emblem piece to aid, while others fell somewhere else in the spectrum. In the end... it was really a matter of how much they actually understood the situation, how much they were certain of, and it seemed at that point Thales was as certain as everybody else about their situation, which was most definitely not a good thing. What came as a surprise was when it seemed like people had sort of clumped his opinion into a group. He still felt so new to the group, it was jarring to... just be acknowledged like that, though the group didn't seem all that tightly-knit, in retrospect. Now Thales understood the hesitation when he asked who was the leader better. "Yeah, I think finding out more about these things first is the best idea. If this spirit spring talk is clearly the better choice, it'd be nice to figure out more about them than just hear-say, no offense." And if they'd come up with a way to beat back the Fallen without resorting to that, then all the better. "It's not like we're out of time and have to make the decision now, is it?" In a sense, he was just parroting the avian now... but that wasn't a bad thing if he agreed with the avian's stance (concerning that much, at least). "...How much time do we have, anyways?"
  9. Oh dear, that was more information than Owen expected. The shock and surprise from the commoners was understandable, but the realization the guard knew of his father, and held him in such regard no less, was a shocker for Owen. Was he really that kind of man? It's hard to see him that way... though he did father me at a late age. It was such a curious coincidence, the more his father faded, the more Owen learned of Oswald's past. If only I'd made this journey at an earlier age, huh... "Thank you for your words." There was little else he could add, pleasantly surprised with the guard's reaction, only hoping his blade would stay sharp for this sake. "I must say, I never heard these stories of my father, this is a first." For a man he knew for his whole life, it still struck him a bit odd. Even if recent events showed his father had a part of his life hidden, surely Owen would know were his father such a popular figure in combat. "I only know him as a skilled diplomat, it's hard to imagine that."
  10. Insular "Hmm." Roxanna simply gave a weak nod, "I'll be fine, really. Anything shows up, and... I'll try to be relevant." She shrugged, deciding it was best not to waste the Ensign's time any further. There was a bit of an awkward pause as she looked down to the floor, her mood as foul as it seemed, albeit her best efforts to not show the rest of the crew. It was then that something moved her enough to speak again. "Actually... Tristan?" She lifted her head again, some faint courage in her tone. "If the Admiral... or anybody else, calls us and the captain isn't here, please put me on the line." If it was a matter of pushing herself... she would probably fail, but she'd try. I'll call him myself, later All Aboard Once again, Elaine left Makoto's questions unanswered, had the boy done something to tick her off, or was it meant to imply it was alright to go to the labs? "Uhh, sure." Being taken to the labs, Makoto hoped it would be the latter. It was hard to keep up with Elaine, but eventually Makoto could match her pace well enough. That said, he was practically jogging to keep up, and at that point the boy seemed pretty clear something was up with the pilot --from her impatience, tone, and overall body language--, it seemed she was uncomfortable, or so the boy assumed. He glanced a curious look as Elaine knocked on the lab entrance. "You know... what if there's nobody inside?" Makoto placed his hand under his chin, concerned about the possibility. "You can just come in if you want, right?" This was really confusing to him! No sooner though, a beep sounded from the mechanical door, and it opened itself to reveal them the inside of the mechanic labs... and a very confused mechanic looking at them incredulously. "What? What was that about?" A skinny man with hoary hair and sideburns stared at them, not bothering to hide his annoyance at the sudden call. "Do you just think you can yell as loud as you want at these parts? There're people focused on projects here, for God's sake. You scared the lights out of me! We need silence here, maximum precision, tit-for-tat! Those spare parts trashed in combat aren't going to fix themselves." The lecture had an ounce of irony with how loud the man was being himself, but it seemed he was either oblivious to it, or simply didn't care at that point. With a huff, he leaned forward, squinting judgingly at Elaine. "...Who are you, anyways? ID?" He held his hand in front of him, demanding Elaine's identification. The man seemed almost comically upset, but at least he wasn't shooing Elaine just for that?
  11. Huh, that was better than I expected... I feel more nimble, is this the Crusader's Calling effect on me? Raz managed to take the soldier down in a couple arrows, which ended up bringing her the attention of two more images, another archer and a mage. The archer's arrow thankfully only grazed Raz, but the mage's light magic actually managed to harm her. O-ouch, that was just an Illuminate spell, how could it be this strong? Hers was definitely far from that damaging... how confusing. Taking a step back, seeing that others were coming to deal with the two images, Raz turned her sights to a more efficient target. "Watch your back, Kaya." Drawing her bow again, Raz set her sights at another archer. Raz to M11, fire at Archer Image B with her steel bow.
  12. The bow was drawn, though Sally's hesitation was almost infectious. Taking a deep breath, Owen nodded, eyes drawn to the arrow itself. It wasn't supposed to hurt, but it was still a small, relatively pointy object being thrown at him. Before he knew it, Owen had started to fear the worst, and grit his teeth. The arrow was released, and thoughts gave way to instinct. It all happened in a fraction of a moment. The sound of a hit on metal resounded, and before he knew it, the arrow had flung astray, the flat of his sword absorbing the impact. Owen let out a relieved breath, his stance relaxing. I shouldn't let my worries take over, that could've costed me more than it helped. His mistakes, once more, haunted him, but for now he'd done well, showing his swordsmanship wasn't just a formality once more. In fact, his prowess took the interest of his tutor guard, whom asked a fair question about his identity. It took a moment for Owen to rightly reply, a bit surprised that he wasn't immediately recognized in these parts. I thought a foreign prince would be the talk of the city. It was ...different to not be recognized instantly, Owen had so long figured himself a public figure. "Oh, I am not a noble from this kingdom, my apologies." Owen sheathed his sword, looking once more levelheaded, as the tension had gone by. "I should have introduced myself in full. I am Prince Owen of Wyke, here to speak with your Queen about Deira's actions. There's been some free time before our last meetings, so I helped myself to know your city." Surely that was no overwhelming speech, able to explain his intentions well enough. "I'm flattered you think so highly of my swordsmanship. I've practiced it since an early age, but there aren't many nobles in Wyke dedicated to the sword either, so I have no idea where I place."
  13. More Concerns It seemed... no, it was obvious that Tristram wanted to avoid that question, which honestly Roxanna should have expected. She sighed, only respite being that she couldn't sink further onto her 'second-in-command' chair. "Well, okay. I suppose she's sufficient." Whether Tristram's words were trying to get Roxanna to cheer up or not, the result only worsened her concern. Jess certainly seemed capable at times... and it made no sense, it shouldn't even be. It just left... herself as the outlier. "Somehow..." I doubt it'll come to a point where you'll need me, unless I create it. It was a bit of a pessimistic thought to part with the ensign, so Roxanna stopped herself, but it didn't escape her thoughts. "Well, I'll make sure I won't drop the ball next time. I'll be fine..." She tried to brush off the rest of the ensign's concerns. Perhaps some me time was in order...
  14. Concern Trained to be a captain, weren't you... Competition wasn't lacking in the Riese, which was to be expected with the caliber of ship they were dealing with. Only the most competent or promising crew members... and then Jess at the helm and Roxanna as XO. "Hm... uh." Roxanna wasn't in the mood to talk about it, at all, but telling Tristram to let her be didn't seem very smart at that point. "I'd like to ask your opinion, actually..." It was time to address something increasingly obvious, as uncomfortable as it was. "How much do you think I actually contribute to the crew?" It seemed like there was little use to her, honestly. The crew was self-sufficient in many ways whenever Jess faltered, and not even the admiral took her reports as valid. All in all, she had no reason to be there, and the fact she was transferred... No, Jess had to be making things up, but the pieces still didn't fit... Deflected "Huh?" Makoto was confused by Elaine's change of topic. While the engineering labs were interesting, there were still many things he'd like to know about what happened, could it really just be glossed over like that? "Well..." He tilted his head, "Can I even go see those? I mean, if so, then alright." He managed in the hangar because nobody yelled at him, but it was still a blind shot. It wouldn't do to jeopardize Elaine because she was showing him stuff that was meant to be secret! ...That was what the mechanics lab was for, right? Super secret stuff!
  15. Memories of a Fun Night With Aaron and Kaya's opinions set, Raz only nodded non-chalantly. "Well, okay." No sneak attacks this time, but they should be able to handle if it were the same weak things. Now to hope this Dimitrius wasn't an issue of his own either. --- That was a quick greeting, but it made sense since they were so close to the town to begin with. The man spared no time in grandstanding, which took a sigh out of Raz. This really only makes you guys look worse... Hopefully they could send the images packing quickly enough... An yelp beside her made Raz turn her head, surprised at Velvet's antics. "If you're going to try something... you should at least grab a weapon. Can you wield a sword? Well, if you can't, I bought a trinket in madrigal mart yesterday... should be in your stuff, see if you can use that." More help was more help, but she wondered if it was okay for the demicat to be risking herself like that, with her concerns... Digressing, Raz drew an arrow on her new bow, excited to test it out. These things shouldn't be a challenge... here goes something. Ready for combat, Raz set her sights at an image that was trying too hard to be sneaky... Raz to P10, shoot soldier image A with her steel bow.