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  1. New Game Already having enough, Esther was glaring fiercely at Louise, Vera was pleading for the back-and-forth to stop, but Esther had a mind to show Louise how angry she could really get, at least with insults. Or so would be if a surprising voice hadn't interrupted it. It was Jessica, herself, following right after Buck and the android. What a turn of events. "Captain, I--" She... already seemed fully on board with it, only needing a bit of insught with Louise's comment. "Ah..." And then, the... other, android unlocked the door to the glass prison Esther had been confined. Finally. Of course, it came with terms. Specifically, the term of basically having to hang with Kim 24/7. That... would be an experience. "As long as, I don't get to sleep somewhere that is made of see-through walls." Privacy was nice. Solitude where you weren't sure when you were being watched could go away, even if Esther needed to be strapped with Kim most of the time. "Naturals... I'll handle it." It couldn't be helped, Esther supposed. Kim beat Vera, and now I'm going to hang with her, huh... Now someone had the ammo to mock her forever. Esther sighed, slow steps guiding her out of her cell. "Vera..." The thought of Louise getting a free pass by being a snitch was repulsive, but at least the Rieae considered Vera too competent to pass up as well. "I'll be seeing you later." The captain was already leaving, urging Esther to follow behind. Any questions, though...? "Ah, uh, do I get a room?" Hopefully she wouldn't become Kim and Christina's surprise roommate. That'd be awkward. Esther could only glare back at Louise once more before walking off.
  2. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Ah, um..." I think pink clashes too hard with everything else, but if you say so... Mewlanie did as she liked, but sometimes Karina had to wonder if she really enjoyed the stream all that much. Well, Mewlanie did seem to enjoy streaming, she did it so much... "Alright, ready to roll." Being catapulted into space on her machine was always satisfying, for some reason. Karina enjoyed that relatively silent part of the journey, machine pretty much on auto-pilot, and shifted it into jet mode until they had to land in the colony. --- As soon as JETMAN, her machine, had landed, Karina could make out multiple Soldaats in front of them, although they weren't shooting --fine by her--. Accelerating quickly, Karina had the machine's vulcans trained on the nearest Soldaat to the group, ready to fire... only to abruptly brake as a different nametag showed in front of her. "Wait, Keize--?" Oh, that was a mean one-two stab. The Soldaat was a goner. Hot damn, that was quick! She had to hand it, Monika's machine was pretty good. "...Wow." ...And now Karina had to quickly switch targets. A concentration of players had engaged some Soldaats to her left, including Mewlanie, but the range seemed just a bit off for Karina to fire something. Right it was. Ah, there, JETMAN's systems were already targetting one --no, two, Soldaats in the right position to eat a rain of missiles. "That works, unload!" Firing the trigger, Karina sent volley after volley at the bundled foes. The spread missiles had done some considerable damage, and now they could be picked up by others of the group, however, two of the volleys had failed to connect altogether, hitting the ground next to the Soldaats... and some buildings. Welp. "Final accuracy... 50%?! Damn it. I was sure I locked on..." Haste did make waste sometimes.
  3. No More Games "Shut the fuck up!" Esther was already fed up about Louise, she wasn't about to take the berating, especially after tearing up. "I was still waiting, for Vera, or anyone. Now I know it's pointless, but whatever!" ANF weren't her friends, not as far as Esther cared. She wouldn't fight for them, unless the situation was really that hopeless. "If it's that easy to get a mech here then I'd better do it. I don't want to stay around with you. I hate garbage people like y--" They had visitors, at last, new parts had come to replace Vera's old. It was a good time to be quiet. Her mind was riled up after Louise's comments: after all, how dare that ghost of the past come back and judge her life, when Louise's own was far more pathetic? Esther bit her lip, turning her back to the conversation. It was pointless to keep beating the glass walls. They were far too thick, and only would raise suspicions about her behavior. Instead, head dropped to a low angle, the girl exhaled some of the anger away in a heated sigh. "...I would like to talk with your captain, whenever they're available." She tilted her head to meet the kid mechanic and android, once they had done their work. Vera was sure to chastise her about it, but it l couldn't be helped. She never did care for a normal life. That was already over the moment she became an artificial. She didn't want Louise to be right, either.
  4. Not That Simple "It's... I don't, believe it could have gone this way." No, it was too sudden a shift for Esther. "It felt like a home, I liked you, I liked Astin, Duane... we all believed our goal and things were so much easier... and then this stupid ship came in." Esther's perception had been particularly tainted by the Riese. Vera only voiced doubt after them, aliens were only brought up after them. The Riese was a catalyst for bad things. "I believed in it! I wanted to go out on a mech because I wanted to do my part, like the rest of you. Then you decided to hand me to stay in this brig, and even Louise talks about it with doom and gloom. It's too much!" Everything was shifting upside down, and Esther had enough. She never had agency over any of these things. It only made it hurt worse. "If the aliens are the problem then let me go out there and kick their ass, at least! That's what this garbage ship the ANF stitched together is doing, s-so, why can't we..." Ah, the tears started flowing. This sucked. Embarrassed and hurt, Esther turned her gaze to the floor "I... I don't want to sit around, and... play video games, all the time."
  5. New And Edited Louise "Muh, I'd rather talk to Helena." Esther still wasn't buying Louise's words so readily. Was she really defecting Apotheosis like that? Were the changes really that bad? "If the cats are ruining it, we should get rid of those." It had occurred that she hadn't thought as deep about the whole 'transhumanist ressurection' part, but, considering the target was Louise, Esther very much skirted any empathy. Still... there was a touch of futility to discuss all that from a brig in an ANF battleship. On top of that, being the only one to speak about Apotheosis with any motivation was demoralizing. Esther let out a sigh in resignment. "Being in the brig sucks." Acquaintance, of sorts? "Nope! It's my first time really talking to her, but if she talked to my mom, then I can trust Jess." Tarquin seemed a bit lost in the conversation, wasn't a bad thing from Makoto's perpective to break the topic and fill him in. "She should be either at the infirmary or at the cafeteria right now... do you have any plans for right now, Tarquin? We could go eat something." Yeah. That seemed like a good idea.
  6. Putting Up No Fight "What, you're just here to give up?!" Esther was fuming. That was even more absurd than Louise being alive at all. "They made you an android and now you're gonna decide to bugger off? This 'rabble' is all you know?! I never undertood you, but I'm starting to think your brain works backwards!" Esther kicked the glass --a poor choice, reflected in an ensuing yelp as she flinched and picked her kicking feet--. "Hnng, you got nothing in your mind for Apotheosis? Not even for Helena, or hell, Vera? You didn't know she was captured, it was just now!" Esther was absolutely livid. Why did she have more fighting spirit than anyone left at Apotheosis right now? Brief Pause For Limbs "Alright then. Just give me a heads up whenever you're done. Okay, Buck?" That should let Ignatius focus on his work for a while now. Ground crew was already sent out... and hopefully they should be flying without complications within the next hour or so. "She could have charred the whole engine if it went any longer... that double-crossing wench." Ignatius made sure to close his channel with Buck before letting that comment escape, followed by a defeated sigh. A lot of crewmen were in shock that Avery turned out to be a traitor, himself included, but none must have taken it as hard as Buck, from his story. "Poor kid's gonna have trouble sleeping today..." Maybe he should keep company.
  7. Liquid Jess "Uh--yes! My mother is Mai! Right, and you're also Jess... well, you're gonna be Jess and the Captain's gonna be Jessica. It's nice to meet you, Jess!" It was surprising to hear somebody talk about his mother. All this time Mai had been at the infirmary, so Makoto never expected another pilot to bring her up. Of course, this Jess said she was recovering, so she must have spent some time there too, made sense. "She mentioned me, huh?" It put the boy to think about his situation a bit, what would his mother tell to others? Makoto had just butted in and decided to fight in a Phalanx out of stubborness, and definitely stuck out compared to any of the trained pilots in the Riese... "I'm not really an official anything, I'm sorta winging it, but so far I've had... I've made it out alive everytime." He saluted, though more due to the uncertainty of how to behave in front of Jess. Out of the Riese pilots, Makoto mostly interacted with people his age. Or younger. "You're helping Tarquin out?" It certainly seemed like she was following him, too. All Clear "Understood, we'll be on standby." Bonner finished his report with a final voice message, throwing a glance at his co-pilot as they continued out of the hangar. "That is probably all for today, what do you plan to do, Lieutenant?" "Hmm. Dinner is soon. It's a good time to get started on cooking." Lynx noted, cracking his knuckles. "Oh! I was hoping you'd do that. I'd rather a shower right now, but I can clean our rooms before that. Only fair." Bonner was content. They had their evening set. So long as circumstance did not push surprise missions. They would have an easy night. "Yeah, sure." She Who Should Not Be "Mrr, because not both--" Esther froze. That was not a voice she ever expected to bothed her again. Looking at its source, Esther was greeted with... a very robotic attempt at Louise's face. What. What. "What." Esther couldn't help it, processing that information was a task too ridiculous. Who asked for this? In her mind, that should have been an impossible scenario. "Helena wanted you alive? ... are you even alive?" This Louise certainly didn't look organic to Esther. "What kind of fresh hell is this where you get a second chance at life but I can't even pilot my mech anymore?" Esther had to make that comment. It still bothered her something fierce. "So wait, why are you here, and not on a murderbot trying to get us out?" More Work "Right. That will have to be later, Buck. Crew is going to scavenge what they can from the fight. You'll have a lot of alien alloys to work with." At least that should get the boy excited, as for Ignatius, he'd appreciate feeling less overworked. "I'll forward the fact she's getting different parts to the captain. Sounds important. You need help there?" Hopefully they wouldn't need to start racing against time... time for Ignatius to briefly pause his work. Captain. New captive is handing out her artificial limbs, getting standard ones. That's what Buck is working on.
  8. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Honestly, Karina wasn't the biggest fan of crowded places, nor was she ecstatic to see other fans of Mewlanie --a negative perception rightfully acquired from her streaming's chat channel--. Karina didn't even bother getting a word in, seeing their audience made her roll her eyes. The crowd that came to see Mewlanie gravitated towards their idol, some others staring confusedly at the megasim. Karina sighed and follpwed suit, entering one of the simpler sims herself. It would do well not to be the last one to join, after all. "Finally we can get started with this." With a smirk, she loaded her data: Her trusty mech, painted red like she preffered. It was a decently customized Valkyrie, a type she enjoyed for its mobility. The ability to switch to jet mode was also a nice touch. The most bang for its buck... except her weapons loadout was fairly conservative. Stil, just behind Keizerin and Mewlanie, Karina got herself in the simulation, her Valkyrie --nicknamed JETMAN, all-caps definitely intentional-- had joined the launch bay. "Fire Miko in. Ready to go." Now was the fun part. Keizerin's machine was something else, but not unfamiliar for someone that followed the solo scene like Karina --the Nacht was a pretty cool design, an assassin--. It definitely gave a different impression of Monika, so it was a surprise that she ended up being such a wallflower. And a girl. Mewlanie... was on her usual machine from the streams. It definitely stuck out like a sore thumb when one was playing with Mew and not just watching her stream. Why go all pink like that? Surely a paler pallete would be fine... it wouldn't actively attract attention to yourself, something Karina imagined Mewlanie didn't want as a long range fighter. "Do you really like pink that much, Mewlanie?" It seemed, a bit odd.
  9. Busy Hangar! That... had been so much. Makoto just witnessed Elaine damn well break down in the middle of the hangar. Louise was quickly taken by the androids, but not without first getting in a short brawl with Alriana that ended as abruptly as it began. Makoto subconsciously stepped back at the chaos. Wow, what's... what's going on? Things resolved quickly, Alriana defusing after brave attempts from Aliza and the ensign. That group also seemed to be going, now... "Get better, Elaine..." Makoto was still impressed at just how shaken Elaine was. I know Louise is pretty messed up, but... did something happen? It was curious. Elaine also seemed to be leaving, for all purposes the hangar situation was pretty solved now. Or was it? One woman he wasn't acquanted with came running and... was hugged by the Captain. What. Under closer inspection the machine she came out of was familiar --one of the farthest distractions dealing with the aliens. The group had some reason to thank them, so it made sense that Jess hugged her. Makoto made a salute, though it was unlikely that the woman would notice it, wrapped up in the hug. But that wasn't all, another friend had finally made his way out of his machine --Tarquin! "Heeey!" Makoto waved at Tarquin, walking towards him. "How did you manage it? These aliens are pretty strong, but, I think I did better than before, it's weird." Makoto fell back to the usual tactic of scratching the back of his head, letting ouf a chuckle. "But it's good. I was underwater most of the time, so I didn't get to see you in action much, but I'm certain I saw some shots that could only come from the Aria!" It was nice to see the two of them could put up a fight. ...It took a bit to realize Tarquin wasn't alone, as his usual self. "A-ah! Hello miss... uh!" He had no idea what her name was, who was she? Makoto clearly wasn't paying attention to some things, such was the cost of intense simulation runs. "Name's Makoto! What's yours?" Orders Acknowledged "Ah? Parts acquisition? Understood, I can give the boys an order. It'll be harder because most stuff's underwater now, but I reckon we can get them ready before the next half hour?" It actually was a tall task, but Ignatius could drop engine repairs until they were done collecting enemy parts now. He'd much rather have the ship flying sooner than earlier, but they weren't going to sink anymore. "Buck is... making parts for something. Said he'd be right back." Ignatius honestly had too much on his mind to keep track accurately. The boy should be back by now? Nonetheless, that reminded him enough to call the kid. "Hey Buck, how are things going over there? Android seemed to be a bit incompatible with people, but the Captain and our own androids handled her " Lot to Learn "Can I just talk with Christina instead? She's a weird one, she wasn't supposed to be a natural or something." And was also really nice to look at, Esther rationalized. "I don't need to be reminded of how good miss genius is." Kazue being a shrinking violet wasn't something that Esther gave much thought, but that one was truly a shy woman, how curious. She wasn't the antisocial kind like Esther herself... it was mystifying that Vera looked up to her as well. Esther wouldn't have pegged Kazue for a martial artist. "I'm just reporting... the very few things that happened while you left me here. It's not hard." Esther honestly didn't have much to do in the brig, aside from gaming, so visits like Thorvald's helped stave off boredom. It's not like the brig was getting any livelier. Cooped Up Caroline had sneaked her mech into the hangar --as sneakily as a Legionary could move, anyways--, but kept from leaving the cockpit. Her feed was revealing a mess at the hangar floor, and one she watches very skeptically. Who was the android? Why did the alien attack them? Everyone was converging towards the scene, so that didn't look good. Nope. Not leaving the cockpit right now. Thankfully it was short-lived. As things dispersed Caroline felt safe enough to open the cockpit entrance, making her way out with no haste to her pace. Things could still get hairy. As the lift reached, she stepped in breathing a sigh of relief. These machines could be so tall... Unsortied "Captain Alkaev, mission over." Bonner sent a voice message, more protocol than anything. "If you have anything else for us to do, say the word. Lieutenant Lynx and I will be on standby." "So what will you be doing now, Major?" Gordon seemed less curious than just moving the conversation on. "I think I'm hitting my bed for a short while. I had lunch late," The Major stretched his arms out, unintentionally giving stock to his following point. "About two hours later, it's time for a quick nap. It's a habit from home." "I see, I'm going to the showers and then prepare some food later. Everybody should be at least a bit hungry." Lynx's next course of action was a bit more complex, and perhaps helpful to the crew. "That's nice. Wake me up whenever food is ready, if you can." Both made way for their respective rooms.
  10. Trouble Town Well, Makoto'd certainly seen enough happen now. That was the snake lady alright, brought back somehow, and about as unhinged as she sounded at the comms before. "Okay, uh, so we're taking her to the brig, right?" It was about time to speak up again. Most people seemed too shocked to deal with her, which was understandable... Elaine seemed to take a horrible hit to the psyche herself. "E-Elaine, pull yourself together!" That was definitely too strong a reaction, maybe she should be taken to the infirmary while they were at it. --- "Goodness gracious..." Ignatius hadn't a lot he could do but focus on the damage at the engine room. If Jessica had arrived to deal with that weird android, then jurisdiction was on her hand... now all that was left was waiting on Buck. "Alright, give me a warning when you're done over there." That'd make him remember. A Few Contacts "I'd rather not deal with miss genius." Esther scoffed, "But yeah, she came to check up on me, Fujiwara too, she's better." One of the few people on the Riese that seemed alright at a glance. It seemed like she would get along well with Vera too, if circumstances allowed. "Just them and a man named Thorvald, really, aside from the doctor whenever she administers my medicine. Being stuck at the brig is boring otherwise, Vera." It really didn't look like it was paying off. Suspicions Having landed safely, Bonner and Gordon left the Mantle quickly, the Major noting how the machine seemed to shut down after they left. "Hmm, I suppose that's what a private company would do, when their pilot no longer needs to go out." "Major, who do you think those unidentified machines work for?" Gordon was still stuck on them, even after the alien machines retreated. "Can't say. I don't think reinforcements from HQ would keep their identities hidden from us, though their machines seem familiar." The Major remarked. "They resemble Lieutenant Seung-Min's Artemis a bit, less so because of the color scheme. Both machines resemble the Velite line, in a way." Gordon seemed intent in cracking his head at the situation. "I don't think they are affiliated with the ANF either, but they might be involved with Bismarck. It's possible that they could be mercenaries." "Interesting. Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough." The lift's descent was rather uneventful for the two, aside from the continuous, casual chatter.
  11. Left in Charge, of Sorts "You're going to meet--" What a predicament, Roxanna ended up being the highest ranking officer left on the bridge again. "It's still going to be some time until the ship is able to fly again, I imagine." With the damage dealt by Avery, the mechanics would have a lot to deal with... and the bridge would have little unless Apotheosis tried to be smart again, but that couldn't be helped. They couldn't leave the bridge unmanned, should the worst of situations happen. "I'll just, stay here, I guess." Roxanna leaned over her command desk, staring the vast sea outside. You... could still tell there was a skirmish there recently, but she'd wager that wouldn't last long. That Prioxis had already arrived and landed by now. I wonder who that might be... Check Up "Everyone get ready to patch up the machines." Ignatius had to beat some coordination onto the ground crew, it was simply terrible. With the ship struggling to stay afloat, their work was two-fold, but the old man decided to split the load in a more hierarchical spread. In fact, he was relaying his orders through radio from the engine room. The heat there was something unbearable, alright. The old man wiped his brow. "A machine comes in, a group moves to make check ups." He'd already primed a small squad to deal with the Artemis as Kim left the unit. The video feed at least helped him coordinate. "Buck. Are you going to be busy for long. Engine room is uh, a bit of a mess." It would stay that way for a while, without an extra hand, but at least Ignatius wasn't in much danger aside from dehydration. As he removed a pipe compromised by Avery's sabotaged and dragged a new one across the floor, another peculiar person showed up on the feed. "Another android? Uh, what's going on over there?" That plane was definitely unfamiliar too. Mysteries were bound to happen with the Riese working as multiple autonomous cells, but something about this unknown felt very off. Stuck Here "So they were... I really wish I'd been there to help you, Vera." Esther sighed, still wishing she had any agency at all. "We could have dealt with them if we had more people, I'm sure..." As usual, the girl's frustration was apparent, even as she knew Vera wanted to avoid her involvement as much as possible --it only exacerbated the feeling, truly. "..." But after that, there wasn't much else she wanted to say. Her enmity towards the Sacarians meant nothing from behind a glass cell. "...Stupid Kim, she had to go and take the last hit." She could at least whine about circumstance. Feeling Competent Even while piloting the Phalanx, Makoto had made some waves this time, and not just on the figurative sense. "We fended off the aliens... wow." It was a rare sense of accomplishment, but an welcome one. I did a lot this time, I guess I'm improving. It put a smile to his face, he could speak to his mom about it without that air of reluctance. Onto more results next fight! They'd need it. Entering the Riese's hangar quickly, Makoto was quite surprised to see a plane landing. He didn't recall any pilots being as suicid--brave as him in the Riese. "Who is--" An android, completely foreign to him. Makoto was perplexed by the visitor, until a not-unfamiliar name was uttered. "Louise... the same name of the lady in the weird snake bot?" Makoto remember that from how close to getting crushed he was, but that couldn't be her, right? Stick to landing "No more hostile signals in the vicinity... We'll be returning to the Avalon now." After confirming safety, Bonner followed suit and changed the Mantle to its mobile armor mode, flying through the sky over the Riese in the direction of its proper ship. "Hrm..." Gordon was busy in his thoughts, personally. "I think we should contact that unidentified suit. I haven't seen anything like it, but it kept pace with the alien alone." "I think Firmia or Captain Gefalscht will get to it quickly. I imagine it's in their best interest." Bonner had understood his position as more rank-and-file within the Avalon, evidently. "...I suppose we could reach out to Firmia and see her plans, if you want." Surprisingly, he seemed to cede room for his partner's concern. "That would be for the best, I think." "Alright then." Bonner focused communications towards the Avalon bridge. "This is Major Edson. I'll be landing shortly, please keep the gate open for a moment."
  12. More To Think "I see..." The mention of it being a team effort and the distrust of the Sacarians had calmed Esther a little, although her face still contorted into a wince for the split of a second after the mention of who landed the final blow. "It sucks that it came to that... I don't trust these guys much, but I was sure we could handle them if they got rowdy..." Esther's stance slumped, eyes suddenly more interested in watching the floor than anything else in the brig. "We lost too many good people now, so I guess it's not the same..." Still, she was finally coming to terms with it.
  13. "'That's all of them..." And that was the end of it, for Caroline, despite the scare at the start, she made it out quite safe... Wait, there was still that whole commotion on the distance, huh? "Ah, geez, I didn't even catch... that's a different looking suit. I hope they're doing fine...?" Whatever fought Apotheosis was a friend of theirs, right? Caroline to (11,20), cheer Abigail. --- Unthinkable "I... but... buh..." Esther wasn't going to just up and take it that her idol got defeated like that. Vera was stubborn, even in defeat. "But you're way too good at this! And I mean, if they come close--" Vera already went on a tangent, praising the ANF pilot in their presence. It was always a bit like talking to a brick wall, with her. It frustrated Esther so much, she punched the glass wall. "Damn it!"
  14. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Oh, Karina was glad she was out of that café already. They had certainly overstayed their welcome. Still, her goal was met. While in the grand scheme of things a confident tryout mattered less when so many people auditioned before her, Karina still counted her chances on the live trial. What better way than to speak with your actions instead of your mouth? Still, things already weren't going to be that easy. Mew had roped Monika into some garbage PR thing to rope in people for an... audience? Karina just remained in the sidelines, thankfully. She was fine as long as she got to play the game. "Good job, I guess." It's not like she had an allowance to break on these things. Still, following and helping set up could be a good idea...
  15. Offline We Go "Jessica?" Oh, it was one of these times again. The captain was getting too spent from operating at full capacity in this dreadful situation. "E-everyone, back to position! The ship is still above water, but we have limited range. Uh, focus on disrupting these machines for our pilots, maybe?" The Riese had a decent supply of weapons for that, at least. Why do I always get to be captain at the worst times?! Brig Buddies?! "Let me talk to her!" Esther responded in earnest, pressing herself against the glass wall, Kazue's warning had fallen on deaf ears. "Do you think I don't know who she is? 'Cause she--" Brought her there. Vera herself had cut the girl off and explained it to the ANF pilot, and then continued --explaining to Esther how things had come to be--, Esther, in turn, shook her head. Esther's mind was struggling to process that idea. "They can't, they couldn't do that to you, right? The Luna is too strong!" It was an impossibility, or had been in Esther's mind. The girl now stared, wide-eyed, at the ANF pilot in between them. "How did this happen? How did you get her?" She fired the questions at Kazue. In position "Shouldn't we do something about that lone unit? I can feel their presence from here... it's distressing." Lynx complained. "Perhaps, but not alone. Let's hope that unidentified machine can keep fending them off for longer" Bonner had no focus to spare on them, they still had work protecting the Riese. "One of the Riese pilots launched that way, full speed. It's insane. I don't think they survived that." "Can't you sense them? Heads up, switching to MS mode." As the machine morphed midair, Bonner focused on its descent careful to maintain a steady altitude. Hitting the floor, the Mantle's hip cannons were already raised. "Not from this far, no." "I see." Bonner turned to the comms. "Specialist Eriksson? I'd like to ask some backup fire, we'll be helping your side now." Bonner to 9-19, transforms into MS mode and lands, hip beam cannon attacks Praxis Gamma #10 with fire support from Thorvald (Rocket Barrels) "...It seems they were weaker than expected, apologies for the false alarm."