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  1. Busiest Meeting Roxanna had been sitting there... midly silent, even after Jess was once again open about her robotic nature. Truth be told, it still baffled the XO. Sure, it did explain things such as the time Roxanna got slapped, but now it brought the matter of why to the forefront. Why did her uncle decide to keep this from her? Was she truly that unreliable. "I think... I'll agree that it's best to get those scans done soon. The sooner we can remove our doubt, the better for the ship's morale." If they still took missions while under Apotheosis' watch, they'd be at great risk. Especially after the events of that day --no way was Apotheosis letting it happen twice--. It was a shame Alphonse hadn't been present for the meeting, but, knowing the man, he'd already gotten what he wanted anyways. Does he even care about these aliens? It's like he isn't even surprised... "Now... Commander Vance, I can't say I know your full intentions with Jess or the ship, but I hope that now that she knows her nature we can get started on improving her control of the ship." It made sense, right? If Jessica was made to integrate with the Riese, but held herself back simply by virtue of not knowing, then it was time to fix that now. "Right now, I think it's imperative to finish what we started. What Lieutenant Doyle suggests makes sense, Apotheosis and the Sacarians musn't be trading information all that well. This is the best time to move out to finish Apotheosis while they're recovering... I think." It seemed the most sensible option for the XO. And for the aliens... "The Sacarians are definitely a problem, too, but I just think we have a better chance if we remove the human faction out of the equation." As long as they could use the lack of communication from their enemies as an advantage... Too much to worry about indeed. Could they trust the Stygusian to pull her own weight? Could she pilot a human machine at all? --- Fighting for Evil --- First Report
  2. Because I'm in sleepwear. Does he have no shame? Ugh, Alex still couldn't understand vampires. This wasn't the time to worry about these embarrassing things, though, they were in a hurry. "Oh, thank you, Mina. I'll put on my clothes and ask your help with the straps. It takes forever to get my limbs covered." That'd speed them up, thankfuly. --- And of course, they weren't going to leave without a fight. Kind of a tall request when the whole village seemed rallied against them. "W-wait, Mina. Don't charge too far ahead, there's more coming. Stay behind me." Alex to (11,6), rescue Mina
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "We need to break their ranks, but we can't leave the entrance downstairs open, wait for an opportunity." Owen to (13,15), finish pirate #11 with his epée. Nelon (12, 13). Accolon (14, 14), rescue serge, canto to (13, 13).
  4. Suprise Hugs Huh, Makoto had expected something more out of the doctor, but maybe it was just a quick checkup on him. No issues found, or something. Wasn't that good, anyways. "Alrigh-- oof!" Oh, and there was a sudden... hug? "H-huh, Talia?" That had taken him by surprise, honestly quite shocked, just standing there taking the hug. Wait, what was he supposed to do? Return it? Pat her head? He didn't know how those things worked when it wasn't a relative hugging you! In the end, Talia stepped away, and looked rather embarrassed for her sake. He couldn't blamed her, Makoto was fairly flushed and confused himself. What was that all about? "Ah, yeah... ha, hahaha." An awkward laughter was forced before the situation got any weirder. "I thought I was a goner, that thing towered over me... but the phalanx here is made of tough stuff. Well, tougher than the asphalt, and really that's all I needed!" Bless the designers for the CT frame. "Oh, yeah, I heard about the intruder too." Yeah, that thing was taken care of right now, and thankfully his mother was safe. "I should check out the infirmary, honestly. Want to go with me?" Talia didn't seem to be here for much but to check his status, which was flattering. "Heheh." Old man Ignatius was fairly amused, sneaking a glance while he let the rest of the mechanics work on getting the Phalanx's skeleton repaired. "This here is going to take some time. Go enjoy yourselves." Great. Makoto totally needed that. "I-if you're busy, I understand." Xenobiologists Needed After asserting that the alien wasn't harmful, Mai had pretty much let her eyes wander over Alriana's body, trying to make sense of the alien physique. "That's going to take... a lot, just to accept. So aliens like these are real." Maybe the stories Makoto liked reading weren't that far from reality... at least Mai didn't feel alone on how shocked she was. Thank goodness the doctor could handle things without needing her to do an errand, though. She was still feeling a bit out of it. Of course, what better time to find out other aliens were a thing than now, with another lifeform showing up. This one seemed a tier more human-like than the other, though... almost too human-like. It was less off-putting, but still surreal, and then they also held a conversation... "Luqari and Stygusian. That's a mouthful." Mai mumbled, a shake of her head and she was already making way towards the 'Luqari' one. Probably that underlying feeling that she had to do something. "H-hello there, uh, she called you Vvi... is that your name?" She tried to acknowledge the alien first, but with how much more comfortable she... they? seemed with Aliza, Mai turned her sights at the pilot as well. "Um, is there anything else she needs? Since, you brought her here and everything..." One would imagine other people would care to get acquainted with the alien before the infirmary crew, like the captain. Space Given Alphonse had let the duo, and Lieutenant Kim, to their devices, he'd only caught a glimpse of Abigail and Kim's argument, but it was insubstantial in the grand scheme of things. It was all about how Jessica could sort out the Heion Riese, now. There was a constant frown on the Admiral's face as he took the elevator back up, a man with naught but worries in his mind at that point. It was too late to interfere in Jess' actions, however, and he had enough pressing matters to solve with Vance. Once hitting the hangar again, Alphonse was no longer in a brisk pace to get to where he wanted --his own mech, this time--, but one could easily tell he was barely paying attention to his surroundings. You need to take control of your crew, Jessica... Chopped Liver "Hm." Whatever took hold of Firmia's attention must have been quite important. Carlos expected wringing out info from him was top priority to the little heiress at that point, but perhaps it was naive to think the battle was as one-sided as it felt. The Heion Riese certainly took a heavy barrage from himself and the Saturn squad. It was no matter, so long as he could get his arm checked up soon. Perhaps the infirmary was spacious enough for him to have some privacy, even if they were to do a check up on his body first. "Too bad I can't just sleep away this wound..." It was a bit too deep for that to be a realistic option. TKpeculating The silence of the brig was maddening right now, especially with all those emotions flying around the ship. Esther preferred going back once her treatment was over, if only for the fact that seclusion was far more appealing than sharing her room with others. Still, if it wasn't for the filtering medicine, she'd probably have gone nuts receiving all this negativity surrounding her. One particular wave of emotions seemed to have stuck with her since halfway through the battle. "That maddening pressure was definitely Louise... and now I can't feel her anymore." God knows what went through her head, but it did make the woman an emotional beacon, easy to identify even without seeing person-to-person. What shook Esther was the overwhelming sadness she could pick up right before Louise's emotional signals vanished. "She didn't make it, right? She's dead..." Esther curled up on her bed, "Damnit... I don't even know if Vera is okay..." There was a presence akin to Vera on the battlefield, but it was... off. It lacked some confidence, resolve. Vera was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders too. "Ugh, I can't believe it. We lost..." What was going to happen to her now? That was far from everybody she knew in Apotheosis, which was a small comfort.
  5. "...The church? Ah, crap..." Alex knew well that this couldn't go well. Some of her biases were a byproduct of the sun church's beliefs itself. If they heard about vampires around, and the head was bothered enough... well, it spoke for itself in their situation. What struck Alex as odd was their decision to attack now, rather than the middle of the night. Then she remembered who her contractors were. "They were waiting for the sun to rise on purpose, right. Tryin'a catch you guys while you're weaker. I'm gonna get Mina to--" Oh, geez, even if Misea was still taking heavy note of the situation they were in, the odd equivalent to a compliment threw Alex off. "Bwuh, I-- It's just sleepwear... I'm not gonna sleep with my armor on, you know?" Alex couldn't make sense of why he had to point it out. Off-hand as it was, it still made her blush. "Lots to do, gonna hustle." She closed the door, agreeing with the vampire on a point: They needed to get out as soon as possible. "Mina? Hey, rise and shine, girl." Getting to her roomate's bed, Alex gave Mina a fair shake, not enough to hurt, in an attempt to rouse her. "We gotta hit the road fast. Can you pack our things? I got, uh... gonna be busy here." That armor wasn't going to outfit itself.
  6. Alex was definitely not signing up for the abrupt knocking. It was late enough that such noise would wake her up, but early enough to not appreciate it. "Mrr... what? What's going on at this time of day? Ugh." She stirred herself lazily, up and out of bed before Mina for what it was worth. Hopefully she would just sort out that issue and go back to sleep. "I'll answer..." Was that Misea's voice? There was a sense of urgency, but at that time of the morning it honestly bothered her. What possibly went wrong? "Hello... oh, it is you..." Alex stifled a yawn, rubbing the stupor out of her eyes. "What's going on, Misea? Uh..." Judging by his face, this wasn't good news. Alex clutched the side of her basic white sleep gown, starting to feel the inadequacy of it. "Umm, are we leaving?" She had to ask.
  7. Man-Made, and More "Not Apotheosis. This was directly... well, perhaps that organization was blossoming in the minds of its creators, but it hadn't reached the level of today. It was with the help of Doctor Tanya Goodwill, the only one in contact with the Sacarians back then... before she involved others into this. Including the one that now speaks to them, Ex-Field Major Helena Wayne." That was a bit of background story kept under the rug, and no doubt one that would get a significant rise of people, now that Alphonse made it as public as it could have been --he was indeed aware of the civilian volunteers that the Riese housed, but reasoned it was a matter of time--."Antarctica received first contact, and chose her as ambassadok. Back then, none of us knew how the Sacarians looked, nor their purposes... and merely superficial understanding of how advanced they were. Relations were controlled by that place to give them a sense of unity from us... one that Helena and eventually Goodwill herself felt best to dispell." That was a lot, and Alphonse knes it was a lot, cutting it short with a sigh. "Anyways, your databanks are at least half Sacarian. Technologically." That was what he wanted to drop, this whole time. Seeing Abigail react that way was not too far from expected, the Admiral almost casting a dissapointed glance at her, before Jessica admitted to share a similar feeling. "Is that so..." That, had certainly punched the air out of the admiral, unable to help a wince. A shake of the head. "...very well. I'll give you your space to sort out things. Jessica Gefalscht. You have a lot to work out with your crew. Just remember, we depend on you, and you should depend on us as well." There was nothing else he could do, or so he seemed convinced. Turning as soon as the conversation had ended. He wasn't the happiest man that day, for sure... but he was perhaps hopeful they could come to terms again. Calls Being out of the Phalanx was good, and while Makoto took the time to stretch his limbs, he was already hit with a call --from the doctor, huh--. "Hey there." He answered. "The Phalanx got a bit dented but I'm okay... this is about my state right now, right?" He could only guess so, "I didn't get hurt when that snake monster slammed me, thankfully..." That was pretty much the most dreadful memory he'd lived in a good while.
  8. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    ~funpolice Calling @#!/dev/haru.
  9. More Questions Relief. Alphonse's feet finally found the floor again, and the pressure on his neck was relieved. He gasped a breath of relief. With that choking feeling gone, Alphonse could continue... not that he was short of questions to handle. "Explain... very well. You already know you were built, Jessica, and your body, made of steel." More than steel. For a moment, Alphonse glanced at Abigail, expecting any doubts alluded by Jess to surface now. "However, you are a level above common androids like the HAN series, even HaN4. You were created with the neural map of Tabitha's Gaertner daughter, whom died at an early age..." His tone implied he'd continue speaking, but Alphonse stopped. There was something he hesitated to mention. "...On top of that, you are the Riese's strongest computer. The Riese was made in mind precisely with your ability to integrate your conscious with it." It was a prospect that alienated Jessica's humanity even further, unfortunately. "Tabitha wished to create a thinking machine that could surpass our conventional technology. I wished to 'create a protector." In the end, however... "Your ability to engage with hardship is improving spectacularly. To me, It's clear that you do have a conscience." And there he went again...
  10. Confessions Abigail following his steps was nothing short of an unpleasant surprise, not only because the Admiral really preferred to talk to Jessica alone, but that this was one of the few people that definitely held a grudge against him. She held no punches when speaking of the ANF, and try as he might, Alphonse had to take a pause to close his eyes and sigh. "No. Casson, this is not about the mission. I need to speak her urgently, precisely because of the attack. I know you--" He was cut abruptly when Jessica opened the door to her room, heeding him blankly and Abigail... less so. In fact, she seemed more than fine ignoring his present for the moment --brief as it was--. It was clear she was upset. Alphonse couldn't afford to waste any time. "Jessica, it's good to see you--" He was cut once more, when she presented her robotic arm, and grunted as he was hoisted by the collar, "Jessica, don't do this." He needed to plead, suffocating a bit as his collar's pressure on his neck increased considerably. While her frame wasn't tall, she was still beyond the strength of a normal human. "I knew about this. About your nature, Jessica, but this isn't meant to be common knowledge, not even for others in the ANF..." Heave. This wasn't how he hoped it'd go at all. This was not the moment Jess could go rogue. "I was supposed to let you know... once you became capable enough to integrate yourself with the Riese's dataframe. Or... if you chose not to. You are... not just the Riese's main computer, you are sentient life... Dr. Gaertner's, late daughter." He coughed. That was more a principle he believed, that Jessica shared that girl's soul, at this point. It wasn't a matter or robotic clones, but a resuscitated person. "If you were, treated as a weapon from the start... you could have not, aligned yourself with human life." She was Jessica, not a weapon. One of them, and not an android. That was the whole point. "In this conflict, against the Sacarians..."
  11. Escape The Mech Thankfully, it didn't take much for Talia's pleas to be noticed, an old man quickly had waved at two other mechanics as soon as he'd heard her, leading the small group over. "That one's a bit deformed, huh? We're gonna have to force that open first." Ignatius, the old engineer, had taken just a glance, but it had told enough of the story. "Crowbars are going to take a year and a half on this damage, get the jacks ready." It'd be a bit sad to compromise the skeleton, but they'd worry about repairs later. Thankfully, the mechanics worked quickly, and with a bit of noise, managed to wrench that hatch open, letting the boy breathe fresh air for the first time in a good while. "Whew... thank you guys!" Makoto was very thankful he wasn't going to be stuck in there any longer. Only when his piloting skills were needed! Quickly, he hopped off of the unit, wasting no time stretching his legs. "Hmmm--Alright! Hah... I couldn't even stretch my legs up, it was such a bad position..." He chuckled, "Not that this guy didn't hold its own ground, I'm still glad." Limited as it was, Makoto was going to make full use of the mech yet! "Heheh... sorry about that, Talia. I'm safe, but kinks like that can happen. How's the situation here in the Riese? I heard there was a breaching." That's right, he did remember Tristan saying something like that. Girl Aliens "I... guess so? I don't really know what aliens expect of mates, but I suppose it's not too far on our own?" Mai was no biologist, though she was also pretty doubtful that a biologist or even sexologist would know what to say there. "Well... she seems, not that bad, now...." Laying down obediently certainly helped with the trust points. Maybe this one was trained well? Though the way that tail moved... "I guess she is impressed with you prowess, Tristan." Oh dear. "And thank you, for the information on my son. Really." It was disarmingly good to hear such news directly. It certainly calmed Mai's heart. "No casualties is incredible. I can rest easy he's around such competent people." But of course, as a mother, she'd continue to worry. Going Down The Admiral himself was in too much haste to pay attention to the other conversations going on, even the alien on the hangar. Worried as he was, he turned many eyes towards him as he hustled towards the elevator... but that was fine to him. His mind was set. The elevator was quick, and so was his arrival to the sleeping quarters. Of course, Alphonse was familiar enough with the Riese's structure as the ship ANF had worked so proudly on... but having a bit of previous data on which quarters resided whom helped too. In a short moment, he stood in front of Jessica's room. For all the haste, Alphonse still had the subtlety to knock gently. "Jessica? Jessica Gefalscht... are you willing to talk, right now?" He could always use the communicator... but it was too delicate a moment for that. Information Carlos knew where this was going. Now, he'd never been on that side of these negotiations... and that took more than a moment to consider. "So you're saying I might be spared... how convincing." Kicking himself while he was down, nothing better than to take the deal as wishful thinking. "I'm pretty sure my life hangs on how spiteful Bismarck is most of all... they've been hit by quite an inside job." The man wanted to get something out, at least. "Right now... I'll have to think on your offer. I can't really say I'm happy with the decisions my group made today." Now that was a weird feeling. He'd never think of himself that easy a defector. Did Fatima's death really hit him that hard? "Hm." A low grunt.
  12. Help Me Out! "Talia?" Makoto was surprised to hear the voice. Talia wasn't one to go out to the hangar... or out of her room at all, normally. "Uh, nice timing. Can you call one of the mechanics over here? This thing took a bit of a beating." It wasn't looking too back with the frame parts atop the Phalanx's skeleton, but as the pieces were stripped away by the mechanical arms positioned around the unit's parking lot, it was quite clear to notice that the unit's front had been... flattened, that being the side that opened up for entrance and exit. "I'm going to need some brute force here. It's jammed... I'm good though, no need to panic." He was... still feeling accomplished, honestly. Foreign Treatment Mai honestly wasn't sure how on board or not she was... she kept mindful of the alien's tail. "So, it... it's a she?" That seemed to be how it was, from the snippets of Cheryl's excitement. Nonetheless... "J-just let me know if there's anything I can do, I guess..." And there was the disembodied android head too... Goodness, the imagery on the infirmary was grim. Hopefully that wasn't an indication of ill things on the battlefield. The opportunity provided itself as a young man came to ask for headache medicine from Megumi. "Ah, hi, you're from the bridge, yes?" She hoped not to sound too intrusive, but needed to speak to him desperately. "What's the status on the pilots? Were there any casualties?" She needed to know. One at a Time Honestly, Caroline was as confused as one could be after a day like that. Her machine hit the hangar and parked at its proper spot... right next to what she was sure was the alien's machine. The one that cooperated with them, at least. "Aliens... I can't believe they're like, actually a thing..." She was half considering staying cooped up in her Legionary, just hiding herself... but that wasn't going to get her anywhere. I really hope there's a meeting soon... A debriefing would do wonders. Sighing, Caroline took the lift down, hoping things wouldn't turn out too odd now with aliens willing to help. As much as she was less trained than even the recent additions, it did mean more money to her, provided she lived. And there was the alien, already chatting up Aliza... well, it wasn't as imposing a figure as she expected, at leas. That was nice? Talking with the alien straight up was a jump too far in caroline's confidence, however she could still muster the courage to... peep on them.
  13. Captured Beast "Oof, just don't... haul me too hard if you need to." Carlos warned the bots, complying as he was led towards the infirmary, hopefully. Of course, his visit to the Avalon was anything but short of onlookers, no doubt most had beef with him for his actions. For a man that preferred sticking to the sidelines, it was a pretty unfortunate situation, and reason to be uncomfortable two-fold. Hopefully he could get his arm checked. At least being escorted did give a sense of security, that somebody wouldn't up and come punch him... not even the head herself, which was the first to come closer. Carlos wasn't exactly being a master of disguise about his situation: he was tired, beaten and downtrodden. Fatima was dead, and the one reason he wasn't dying of pain was because the adrenaline was still kicking. "I guess this is the first time seeing each other face-to-face, Firmia Alkaev." He mentioned, though almost like a whisper, tired as he was. "I'm guessing you didn't pick me up for charity?"
  14. After the Battle "It's over... haah." Roxanna breathed a sigh of relief, being just able to feel herself melting against the chair... the captain seat certainly was comfier than the XO's. She was sure of it. "I... thank you, ensign Calvin. I'll see to it..." There was still much to be done, oh dear. She couldn't even linger on the topic and feel happy for her accomplishments. W-wasn't it a good idea, when I told the bridge to spin to avoid that battleship fire? It felt innovative... she hadn't tried something like that in years. Not in any... successful capacity. "Hello, yes, this is... Roxanna." And now was another issue, the new alien in question. The one that wasn't gung-ho invading the Riese, but peacefully requesting it. Whatever it is, it knows how to communicate with us too well... it's also disconcerting. She couldn't really put it off... and it's not like the crew was completely unprepared to handle it, right? "Per... permission granted. If you don't mind, we'd like you to accompany us to HQ." That seemed like the right choice to make... right? "If we can continue negotiations like this, I'm sure we'll reach some common ground sooner than later." It was good, probably. At least... I'm not freezing up as much as Jessica... That had to count. "What's next, what's next... r-right, Brant, long time no see." She nodded, receiving the notice. "Yeah, open space for the Regalia." It was probably fine. Roxanna certainly didn't mind, Firmia's crew being more of an asset to her than to the ANF. "And... you. Uncl--Admiral Alphonse. Can you hear me?" She switched channels... honestly looking less forward to this conversation than the one with the Alien. "Yes, I can hear you, XO Martinson. I will enter the Riese's hangar, and I'll need space." He put plainly, "It might not be for long... where is Jessica Gefalscht located?" "You're not seriously going to play this off, are you?" Roxanna hesitated, even winced as she mustered the courage to confront him, but she had done it... and had to keep pressing. "She's under all this stress because... basically everything she knew about herself was a lie. You knew you were lying to her. I don't think--" "Save it for later. I know it doesn't look good, but right now her mental state matters more." It was so pushy, Roxanna had to wonder what was going on in the old man's mind... "Jessica is more important than anyone here, and she might as well be a human. I've put my faith on her from the start, and I will keep doing it." "You..." Roxanna was already on her wits' end just from the way Alphonse was handling this. She grit her teeth. "Fine! Be that way! Show her what to do! I don't even care... she's in her room, I'm pretty sure." Huff. What an outrage, she thought. That he could be so foolhardy... "I hope she slaps you harder than she slapped me!" "...Understood." Stoic. He parked his vintage Velite, making haste as he could to leave the unit. --- The Hero Returns His machine was beaten up, drained down, and honestly overheating a little bit... but Makoto couldn't be more relieved. "I did it... haha, yeah! I did it!" He felt himself progressing each day, and that was good. He could definitely fight with the others, despite his struggles. He was useful! After a good boost and jump, he'd finally reached the hangar, getting his roughed up machine to its designated spot... It'd feel even more dwarfed by the super units that the ANF received. Now Makoto just... needed help getting the cockpit to open. "Uh... anybody got a crowbar?" He tried to reach what crew was working around his vicinity.
  15. Right Behind You! These Saturns sure were trouble... but Makoto was unscathed, that was good. Deep inside, the boy still felt like he hadn't done enough, he was far less drained than some other pilots. Kim and Christina had gone all out, as did Elaine, surprisingly. It was... pretty hard to compete with them, with his unit, honestly. I need to... adapt more. He wasn't about to blame it on his machine, he trusted the Phalanx with all his heart, and sometimes that made the difference! No, he had to be daring, too. "Victory goes to those with courage!" He kicked the engine to full speed, using the Phalanx's maneuverability, he launched a hook high into a building next to his target, drawing the line and sending the Phalanx jumping with its modest thrusters, it was enough propulsion to give it the height to climb atop the building. In the battlefield, all was fair, right? And at this advantaged point... Flying or not, you're not safe from me! Makoto prepared the thrusters once more, already firing the pistol and missiles midair, until he stopped rising, peaking over the Hyperion. "貴方は百年早いだな!ナイトロン・キ ィィィィィィック!!" The guard trooped descended, leg-first, towards the bulky foe. Makoto moves out to (16,13) and readies an ALL OUT ASSAULT on Hyperion #1! --- I get to roll apparently! Makoto attacks! Target: Hyperion #1 Weapon: All-Out Assault Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 50 Roll: 12, 2 Hit! Crit! Damage: 108! Hyperion #1 is kicked into the ground! Makoto gains +300 EXP, +3 Will (capped)! Well, that was successful! Elepha... Xenomorph In The Room Some color had certainly escaped Mai's face as she looked at the being in front of her. Something completely mutant had been brought to the room, and was holding a conversation? English, broken as it was. And what was that tail?! A glimpse of her teeth seemed horrifying. Was that the thing causing noise outside?! They were breached by that... and were now treating it. I... I have to agree with the nurse. This is crazy. "I... I, is this, what they're fighting out there?" She had to ask, figure out if she had the right to know. "I've only expected them to be fighting... humans. This one..." Why wasn't it under surveillance, or fighting back at all for that matter. "Is this a normal occurrence that I haven't been told about? Just... aliens, exist? And there are some with that terrorist group, or, with the ANF?" Mai wasn't even sure anymore, goodness. I'd have preferred if aliens were just a thing from Makoto's cartoons... She couldn't hide the fear and reluctance within her. "So what... what are we going to do about that one?" Best to... focus on the now, or something.