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  1. On Your Marks! "Hah, gotcha, then!" At least Talia was asking him to not go easy, that eased Makoto's worries some. It's not like he wouldn't need to put the full effort, anyways, the Legionary was a pretty bulky machine, not what you'd exactly use for a race! "Let's get started then, when I say go..." He readied himself, leaning towards the legionary(or rather, simulator board)'s controls, and getting his machine in position by the Ceres' side. "Three, two, one... go!" He started moving his legionary without hesitation. The bot needed to use its space thrusters to lighten some of the pressure from the simulated earth's gravity, when walking at that brisk pace, it was a rather expensive decision, but since this was all merely simulation, Makoto decided to keep the leg thrusters burning. He still wasn't at the level of skill to manually turn them on and off during a walking cycle... maybe next race! About a quarter into the race, he was getting used to the Legionary's movement controls, as for the Ceres... Taking a Peek "Right..." Jezebel would probably answer quickly, but Roxanna thought it no bother to keep checking on the hangar. "These bots... yeah, I think Vance had requested some help from Antartica to get them done in time, actually. I'm surprised they complied, Antartica hardly interacts with the ANF and EU, but I suppose even a neutral has to see Apotheosis as a threat." And if Antartica was getting itself involved, then the Mars Colonies would soon after, with both places closely allied. I wonder what's taking them so long... I'm sure they'd be the first to care about alien threats. "Maybe their transforming mechanisms make it easier to leave the ship." Roxanna was walking behind Jess, "Still, it's very different from ANF standard machines. I hope our pilots can get used to them soon." It'd be pointless otherwise. Medical Treatment The Doctor and her assistant seemed completely taken aback by the revelation. It almost got a chuckle out of Esther, her subsided expression continuing to observe both girls. It was hard to express yourself much when you had such a headache... "It's kinda hard to care about a cyber TK when you can just clone naturals... it was better when I first got in." She whined again, letting out a bit of the bad taste in her mouth. The girl was very resentful, or maybe it was just being emphasized by that annoying tug. Whether the ANF had anything on cybers, though, was a tossup to her. Maybe? "Best bet is to search the EU databases if you want anything on cyber treatments." Not that they could. That other woman's threat, showing her sidearm, almost brought a smirk to Esther's face, looking at the weapon. "If you let a tiny shrimp like me get the jump on you, you kind of deserve it." Esther mocked, both the woman and her own ability to do things at this situation. How depressing. "I'm good enough to walk for now." She walked towards the entrance to her cell. It would be nice to go outside, at least.
  2. The stables weren't her favorite spot either, but Alex could do with a change of scenery after the mess she almost caused at the clothes' store. "Don'tcha worry none, Almira. We've got this." How puzzling that a vampire could be this easily intimidated by some absentminded farmer... then again, she was raised in seclusion, of some kind. Ah well, that was nothing. Since she was mostly unburdened, Alex followed Mina, following up on her question. "Just a healthy one that can help a carriage move along, y'see. One of ours... kinda fled in the forest. Got scared by something while we weren't lookin'." ...And then, a not-so-unfamiliar face. "Uh, hey there, Astrid... what's the matter?" The sudden intrusion did make Alex curious.
  3. "Uhh... a, horse. Yeah, just that. One of those." What was that? Alex really didn't know what to feel about that. Almira and Sephtis? She looked at the two, suppressing a confused feeling. Does that even work? Besides, don't vampires live for way too long? The two races just seemed incredibly incompatible to her. What good could come out of this? Was it even worth thinking this hard about it. Maybe I should ask... it seems Mina is okay with it, though. Would the other vampires be okay? ...Astrid feels like she would. Hmm, was Alex just overthinking it? "I don't remember if we have anything other than the horse to buy, I think we'll be free for a while after we sort that, yeah?" Mina should know.
  4. Prospectful Interviews (THE FUTURE, 4PM of the same day, ANF HQ Meeting Room) Wacky Racers "Ah, okay! That machine you got is really good for ground operations! How does it handle." Makoto never thought of trying the Ceres' data, that was going to be interesting! "I'll start counting, then. Our stopping point..." Makoto input some information in his control panel, creating a building not unlike the ANF army's HQ quite a distance away from them. The road he chose was a bit curvy, but in good condition. "Best not to go all out and crash into the building. In this race we wanna slow down on the curves to keep our units from stable." He chuckled, "I didn't want to make it just a beeline race. That's just holding forward. It's good to use your brakes!" Hopefully that wasn't too intense for Talia. Priorities Simple enough, Roxanna was kind of curious if having an android patrol the living quarters was a good idea. People were bound to get scared at sleeptime. Ah well, nothing to it. Hopefully they would acclimate as well as Hannah. As for their next task. "Jezebel has been hanging around for longer than the prisoner. We should talk to her first." At least, Roxanna doubted the prisoner had as urgent a need for help after being dumped by their own organization. "Just contact her first, in case something went wrong and she needs more rest." No point in making a vain trip to the infirmary. Time Left "Hmm... it's been nine hours or so about now. One and a half hour until it gets nasty." And two hours to lose consciousness. "I need treatment before that." At least Esther had gotten their attention by now. "The name is..." Hmm... good question, she really should have paid more attention to her lifeline meds. "I forgot the ingredients exactly, but we were using a brandless alternative to an epilepsy medication. ...Triexanth was the popular brand version, yeah. What the doctors did was crush 4 pills and dilute it in plasma before injecting." That was very much not the recommended dose for an epilepsy patient, let alone intravenal. It brought to question if it wasn't just a desperation bandage. "It usually worked faster that way, lasts about ten hours. When I go to sleep, though, they just let it drip overnight, weaker concentration..."
  5. "No, no, I figured it was your personal..." They had enough money to do a purchase like that, even if it was... very taxing. And now Alex was quite a deal short of money too, ah well... Guess I'll go with her and talk to Misea. I'd feel bad if she asked for payment only to give me half. It was okay, though, right? Misea seemed to carry more than enough money with he... him. "That's all the clothing we want to buy, right?" Alex almost sounded hopeful, "So, next comes the horse..." As she followed Mina out, Alex was quick to notice Almira and Sephtis. Indeed, the boy hadn't gone too far. "Heh, well, I was going to ask to share the load, but if you want so bad, feel free to carry them." It's not like it was heavy at all, though. It was just clothes.
  6. R-Race... "Christi--" Oh my, there she went. That... that was something else indeed. "G-guess our machines aren't really on the same level, haha..." Hmm, that would be a problem, but as long as Christina decided she was cool trying to figure out her bot alone, it meant Makoto could oversee Talia without guilt. "Come catch us when you're done figuring it out, alright?" That'd hopefully not leave Christina out of thing. Now, it was for Ms. Rusty Princess herself. "Alright... I think my machine's a bit slower than yours, but I've been on the field recently, so... still wanna try that race?" It wasn't like he was an expert with the legionary suit. It made things even, totally. New Members "Two of them, understood." Roxanna turned to her device, taking notes. Hmm... there were five of them. Maybe Firmia would want one? At least as a bodyguard kind of pilot. The Avalon did seem a bit understaffed in firepower. Then again, Firmia had Brant and that Russian Ace with her... I'll message her later, I guess. What mattered most was getting them to the Riese now. No need to get ahead of yourself with your business mind, Roxanna... Sure enough, their own bodyguards were quite ready... and they really seemed to behave like Han4 when she was first found. "Ah... H-how nice." So these would get human names as well... hopefully they wouldn't become as complex as Hannah. That seemed like an android revolution in the making. "Tiffany, Elizabeth, and Rachel... I see." More names to jot down, and now that they got to meet them... "I think our plan was to have them maintain the security of one level each, within the Riese. That seems like the best option, anyways. Perhaps we should get them acquainted with the crew first. Make sure nobody is in for a surprise." More Visits Esther slowly pushed herself up from her bed, roused by the voice coming through the receiver from her side of the glass. Great. It seemed like the matter of her nature had become common knowledge, at least to... a doctor. Yes, that's what the woman looked like. What was up with the other one, then? An assistant? That one wasn't dressed like such, rather, it seemed like she had bruised herself somewhere. How careless. "I... yes, I'm the cyber TK." Up and out of her bed, Esther now walked towards her end of the glass wall, looking up at the doctor, then back to the floor. Esther's eyes moved erratically, as if she was trying to collect her thoughts. "That... I don't know if it's common knowledge. It means I was made a TK, through surgery, not natural means." She wasn't even sure if the ANF had medics that could treat her, it sounded and was a very underground practice. No, the ANF army had to have people that knew about this, because... She cut her thoughts, looking straight at the doctor, once again, with an ever blank expression. "If don't really have a... 'filter', like naturals. If I don't take regulating medicine, I can't stop feeling thoughts that aren't my own." Esther paused, not really expecting either to understand how back that was. Neither seemed like a TK, Esther felt no pressure from that direction. "Even if nobody is around, my brain tries to receive signals. That's bad. Without a way to stop, it... overworks and cooks itself. It's slow, but really painful." She'd finished the explanation with one eye closed, tilting to the right, where her palm massaged her temple. That pang once again. "It's not really the way I want to go. If you guys want to execute me, just shoot it instead."
  7. "Oh?" That was a very pretty robe indeed, the price was a bit staggering for Alex, but as it hit her that this piece of clothing was enchanted, the price started making some sense. Not that it helped Alex feel less bothered by the pricing, getting told that out of the blue certainly made her feel toyed with. "Hmm... one thousand..." She mumbled. Ah well... if it was Mina's decision, she was free to do whatever she wished. As long as she could pay back in time. "Alright. I'll fill in for you and you give me back whenever you get the rest." There wasn't any rush, but she supposed Mina really wanted it... Now to count her coins again. "So, how much do you have with you?" They still needed to purchase a horse too, damn...
  8. First Steps "Yeah, we'll get better together." Makoto reassured Talia, giving the girl a thumbs up before returning to focus on his screen. Christina seemed to have already loaded, so that only left the two of them. Makoto was mentally committing himself to the few routines he wanted to try this go around --focused training seemed to be the key--, but he also needed to pace himself... The Legionary felt like the best idea for the boy. A machine he was unfamiliar with could be a good handicap, even if it slowed down his progress... if need be, it meant he could pilot one in the future, too. "Legionary, online." That was cool, it was one of the older models, but he could adjust its in-built beam cannon closer to the power of the newer model's. It'd be good to get a feel, for now. "Alright, here we go!" He started walking in the virtual field, moving his machine close to the Artemis. Talia appeared to have chosen the... Ceres. That was the name, right? "Ah, nice choice!" It was a pretty cool machine. "Let's get some routines done first. You guys wanna race, or do you think you've got the controls down good?" Hmm... should he have said 'you girls'? ...Nah. Situation Assessment Roxanna nodded... it seemed she had no complaints about Jess' decision, for once. "I think two at most would be okay. We can't operate with many more suits efficiently, nor do we need fighter pilots... I hope." Fighter planes were at such a disadvantage all the time, it made Roxanna shudder. Memory lane certainly colored the XO's opinions as well, "I'll put in the request." That should be enough, they could trust her decision making at least this much, right? Jezebel Barnes, however, was a special case. "Sergeant Barnes' report indicates she suffered considerable physical damage to one eye. Even if she were to take surgery and be assigned to a new squad, she'd need some retraining." It was really unfortunate for the Sergeant, escaping death only to be reassigned to a new scouting squad that ran the same risks, most likely. "We should probably get her opinions first." Prison Patience Boring. Boring and painful. Esther was rolling on her bed, trying to sleep away that tugging on the right side of her skull, she knew how it went too well. Give it an hour, and her frontal lobe would feel like somebody was pushing needles through it, and the feverish symptoms, oh god. "At least give me a game if I'm going to die here..." She mumbled, covering herself under the bedsheets.
  9. "Oh, he's just outside?" Well, that made things simple. Alex paid off the twenty coins for Almira's outfit, an apologetic smile as she thanked the storekeeper, and calmly made her way back to the group of two. "Alrighty then, if that's all... huh, nice dress, Mina." Was she gonna use that black one for herself? Somehow it didn't seem her style either. Ah, no matter, "Well, if he's just waiting outside, then we'll get him when we leave. Glad you got something you liked, Almira." It seemed to suit her. Alex had no expectations for herself wearing any of these... would a dress suit her? It would probably look silly, or so she thought. She didn't even take proper care of her hair and face, it would look, and feel, weird.
  10. Onwards Both of the girls had some rust in their own eyes. That was fine by Makoto, he could afford being a teacher, it wouldn't be that hard, would it? While he wasn't leagues ahead of them, the brief training session with Chris did make him feel smarter. He could probably apply all of the training he had done so far and explain anything else on the fly. "Right, I don't think there's data for the Umbra in there, but maybe we could tell it to modify a Velite enough to work. There's a function like that, I think." To give the players handicaps or boosts. In that case, they'd be able to find something that would match Talia's style in due time. "And Christina got the Artemis, alright." Things seemed pretty set for them. Makoto's plans to train more had turned into an interesting session with two friendly girls, but there was no time for the nerdy boy to think of that! His dad needed saving! "I'll take a Legionary, this time. I still haven't used that machine mode, so might as well." There were some new types in the databank right now, a mark IV, the type they found at Corona Ten. "Well, let's get the system started, then. We'll get you two used to moving your bots first." That seemed like a good idea. Makoto opened the simulator's door and jumped in first, though Talia wasn't done talking, still thinking back to when she had used the Umbra, apparently... it made Makoto's memory jog a bit. Like Tarquin, she wasn't a normal person by any means. She started young, and the taste of a big failure at that point must have been traumatizing. "If anything feels bad in the simulation. Tell me and I'll pause things, alright? No need to push things if some training isn't going well." They could always adjust the pace. Onto Assignments Roxanna wasn't all that sure whether keeping Nikolai would be for the best, but Jessica did raise a point that it affected Tarquin a big amount. It wouldn't do to put Nikolai somewhere else if it affected Tarquin negatively. Signs of this were already apparent in the meeting, Tarquin almost seemed not all there, unusual from his usual calculative self, or so Roxanna thought. "Right..." She nodded afterwards, walking behind Jessica. In that case, we're really still using him... I wonder if he'll recover any time soon. Getting out of that SIEG tank would at least help cheer Tarquin up. Probably. "Ah... Jezebel Barnes is a Sergeant, actually." Roxanna stepped into the elevator, "It's an HQ-based group that will be dissolved soon to funnel resources into others. It seems the Admiral wants to reassign their mech pilots shortly after. He said you could choose whether to have first dibs or not, if you feel we need the extra help." Roxanna shrugged, "It was a squad meant for support, so I don't think they're at the same level as our pilots. Your choice whether we can handle more people." It meant more resources on upkeep, as well. "But yes, we need to check up on Sergeant Barnes as well."
  11. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Boey: 4 Gray: 6 Mae: 4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The fight had started, it'd only develop faster now. With allies outnumbered, drastic maneuvers were necessary. "I'll lead the charge." Owen could do it... he'd trained to fill that role. "Once we clear the lower deck, we'll have a better fighting chance." Owen to (10,13), attacks mage #5 with his killing edge.
  13. "Yeah, no problem. Just, making sure you're alright." It'd be awful if she had been bitten indeed, so Alex had to make sure! Anyways, that was that, Mina had things to do, and Almira was there... well, her mind wasn't. "You sure...? Well, if you start feeling funny, just warn us asap." That could've been the blood, a dangerous venue. She was talking so weird, too... "Well, just wait here for a moment, I'm gonna pay for your stuff, and Mina's paying for hers. Yeah, probably getting the horse next..." Which reminded her, "Ah, guess I'll go seek Seph out too, shouldn't be too far." With that, her coins already counted, Alex walked towards the shopkeeper. "Uh, the 20 for her clothes. Sorry about the trouble, again." Just a bit of politeness, for good measure.
  14. Forward Course "Right... I guess so. Just, I really want to do more." It wasn't enough if people were getting shot down still. Who would be next, Makoto himself? Well, perhaps that was too pessimistic. I did promise mother I would stay safe. I don't plan to break that, at all. Even if Apotheosis had locked his father in the tightest security chamber, Makoto would have to step up to the challenge, but enough of that. No point worrying about the future that you forget the present, and the present had pretty set goals: to practice and get better than he was yesterday! "Alright, three is a party! I can help with what I know, but just as a heads up: I'm not that great with military terms, so if I sound too vague, feel free to ask me to clear it up." Some maneuvers and concepts didn't have very intuitive names, for the boy. As soon as the two felt comfortable, Makoto led the way to the simulators. "Right, before we hop in, I should ask what it is you're trying to focus first..." Training was always better if you had focus, after all. Talia implied she wasn't that confident in her piloting skills, rusty and all, so... "Right now I'm trying to get myself to do more things at once, without losing control. It's pretty complicated... but some target practice, or dodging practice is fine too. I still haven't quite aced these." He admitted, with a bit of a chuckle.
  15. "Heh, yeah. If you wanna go buy something for the others, feel free. I'm pretty sure I'm not cut out for this." Her fashion sense was pretty basic, Alex reckoned, you'd do better just asking one of the guys... well, maybe not Glendwr. "Well, maybe it fits the countess better. I guess so, I don't know how much you wanna keep your wardrobe diverse. Guess we don't really have a lot to worry about on that end for a while." Traveling and all. The description of what went down fit pretty much what Alex was thinking. "Yeah, no, she sounded so excited, I was worried she, uh, actually bit you." That couldn't be the case, or else Mina would be bleeding a lot. "Even if it was just a little bit, it's good to have it checked with Misea, though. I agree. I'll go with you." Something unexpected could happen, they said. Alex wasn't having any of it without knowing what they might be in for. "Even if it was just a little..." Leaving Mina to change out of her dress, Alex started counting the coins she needed to pay for Almira's dress, when the same dashed back in and into a changing room, before coming out after several squeeing noises. "Uh... everything fine?" Was this part of the blood-drinking side-effects? "You're... red like a beet."