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  1. Firmia does the thing! Enemy Phase / Turn 2 Stuff will happen as I contact every PC under fire!
  2. Royal Pants Meeting (Castle Tytila, Evening of 17th April, 812) (Suleiman recruitment) Olden Allies (Castle Tytila, Late Morning of 28th April, 812) (Constance recruitment) Owen deploys at 3,12! "Let us waste no time, then. I will lead my group, General Tarasque." Nodding in accordance, the prince set out with the rest of his group, motioning for Esclabor to follow. "Very well, Baron Esclabor, come with me, and bring one of your men along." Esclabor is to deploy at (2,15), putting his bronze axe and hand axe (8/20) in the convoy and taking out a mighty mace! Accolon is also to deploy, at (2,10), taking out the hammer from the convoy! Or perhaps another one would do well for their group? If their frontline was overcrowded, walking inside the village in any formation would be a hassle... but eyeing the wyverns that had come, Owen would feel safer with at least another winged ally around... He looked to the allies that walked further behind, spotting the Valter sisters. "You," He pointed a finger, "Lady... uh, pardon me, it has been a while." Which one was the green haired one again? "Lady... Dizima? Would you be kind enough to aid us? A pegasus rider would be of great help." Decima has been called to arms! Deploying at 2,14, taking the frost tome from Alain (if Ves is okay with it ;-; ) and steel lance from Morta!
  3. "... What." What was up with these girls? It was getting to Thales as much as he tried to handwave it. "<People not going be fine with kiss out nowhere. Or try ride around town. Not do that if they not know you, is bad.>" Thales grumped, frowning at the girls. "<Need to smooth, know they okay with it. Not be a pain.>" He tried to defend his view, likely in vain against these two, but Thales felt they wouldn't get it otherwise.
  4. Sasha casts Strike! A beam smart gun! The Russians really know how to make fancy things, and Sasha is going to make it known! Firmia casts Invincible(Dreams)! As her current move is invalid with her target dead, I'm giving phee a grace period to change it. Elaine moves to 20,20!
  5. Thales could only agree with Haruhi's notion. Trying to argue with Lumi or ask her to stay would be too selfish a request for him, especially when he was so young to the group. "<I hope she will be okay...>" He worried, but it wouldn't really change much. Best to let it stew and simmer down after a while... Meanwhile, the girls certainly knew how to change the subject. "<What is 'man-eater'?>" That term was gibberish to him, not in Common but in Kigenese. Thales sighed at their antics. "<What part of trying to ride me is tease? Or the surprise cheek kiss? Think I forget that?>" Really, what was up with Haruhi trying to use him like a toy at times? She didn't bother him, but if she got that willing to take advantage of him, maybe Thales would need to be more stern. "Honestly... Kigenese girls..." He'd say more, but being though of as some protection was a bit refreshing. Thales was reliable, he'd take that.
  6. Nikolai casts Focus! With his moral introspective curbed, Nikolai does as a soldier does! Brant moves in for the kill!
  7. Abigail casts Alert! Abigail leads the charge in the tiny policebot! So brave! Thorvald casts Shield! The big mech follows dutifully!
  8. "<Well...>" It wasn't like what Haruhi had said was the best idea, Thales knew, but could he chastize her for it. "<Careful, her emotions not easy to deal. Want support... but Lumi leaving.>" Another wince, ugh, why did things have to be that way. I want to see her one last time before she leaves for good, at least... She was set, and proved their relationship wasn't worth staying for... which he couldn't blame on her. Staying in a dangerous situation with a guy that you just met just because he is cute wasn't an idea he'd be fine pushing. "<Not... know what to say to Lumi.>" He was feeling down, now, dang. I don't want to get her killed because she chose to stay either... what a situation. "<Why not ask mage?>" He turned to Rin, wanting to brush off that tinge of sadness. "<Her name Hoshi, can talk with Haruhi... Kigenese.>" That'd probably be the best person to update this 'guardian' on the group's mission, anyways.
  9. Brant uses Focus! Tarquin uses Sense! Tarquin takes good aim and shoots that Hunter out of the sky! Astin goes in deep! So fearless!
  10. So he was a threat because he was a man? That's stupid, he wasn't even Kigenese. "<Alright, I understand.>" Thales huffed, but there was nothing else that was really adequate to say with his grasp of Kigenese. "<Just remember follow us when leave, then.>" Haruhi wasn't technically alone now, which made his concerns a bit pointless, but it's not like Thales had a crystal ball here and could predict the random stranger or her trustworthiness. "<Lumi from Ursium. Not stay in Kigen, might go back.>" Thales explained, drily. The more he thought back to it the more sour he'd feel. "<She free to make choice, not tied to man. Not that bad there.>" They certainly made it sound like men were awful here. Not that it made him sympathetic if they started doubting him.
  11. "<What would tell Lumi? Ask to stay? No, she want space, now. Not push to stay from me. Push us away. Let breathe.>" Thales insisted, stubborn and confident Lumi would doubtful be convinced by him. At best, she would stay just for his sake, which didn't feel right. "<Not idiot. Not make miracle. No forcing Lumi.>" He shook his head. "<Did not tell me, before. So...>" She probably didn't want to make the decision harder... not that he agreed with it. It was frustrating enough to deal with the fact Lumi was going to leave suddenly and only told him now, Thales didn't need Haruhi berating him as well... Meanwhile, there was this girl casting a doubtful eye at him, great. "<Guardian? What? And let her on boat alone?>" Sure... sure thing, he didn't need that right now, and an audible sigh made it very clear. "<Whatever say. Haruhi with us now.>" As long as she had no ideas to take the girl away...
  12. Well, that was surprising. The woman seemed to scare Haruhi's lights out, which made Thales eye her suspiciously. "<Oi, what is-- What? 'Sob story'?>" Whatever that was, it seemed Haruhi wanted to send him back to Lumi, like he wasn't supposed to come here after her. "<She wants to leave, will not force her. Said wanted to talk to her... then you ran off. On own.>" He stressed, trying to point out how much of a weird move it was, if Kigen was as dangerous to her as she feared. "<Not make stupid move then blame me for worry.>" Honestly, this girl... And who was that other girl to be wanting to ask the questions here? She didn't seem a friend of Haruhi... was she? "<Worry she run off to danger. Know Haruhi.>" Was all Thales offered, "<What your name? How do know her?>"
  13. Oh goodness, there she was. Thales cut his sprint short for a moment to glance at the many Kigenese men gathered in front of Eva and Angelica --what was up with that?--, hoping nothing too wrong was going on, he slowed down his pace as his eyes caught Haruhi... ducking behind some crates? Well, at least she stopped running... "<O-oi...>" He spoke up, slow steps towards the crate, "Haruhi--" However, somebody also seemed to have shown up, one girl that seemed to be speaking directly with Haruhi as well. What? "<...Huh? You know Haruhi?>" He said, a bit cautious. Who in the gate was this stranger danger?
  14. "Ah..." Ouch, it was a good thing Lumi couldn't really understand her, because those were things that would hurt her a lot in that state. Should he even try to translate it? "I... she didn't like the sound of it... yeah. She thinks you're only being a burden to yourself, that it's because of stuff like what we saw that everybody is going to try their hardest. That everybody would want you to be there for them, at least." It made some sense, but it wasn't the most tasteful thing to say to somebody so shaken. "I... don't know what to say, like before, I'm sad that you're going away more than anything, because... yeah, we might not see each other again." He winced just thinking of that. Standing up to help keep his emotions checked, Thales at least tried to offer a sad smile back. "We haven't met that long ago, but, uh, I'll miss you. Just... don't go dying out there, I'll try not to here, okay?" It really sucked to be saying farewell to Lumi so soon. "At least... even if our other promise is broken, I'd like to see you again someday." It would also put him in an awkward spot, having one of the people that recruited him bail so briefly after. "Ah... I should go... go find Haruhi, she shouldn't go out alone before the rest of the group. I'll... I'll see you before we drop off for good, okay?" It could at least take a while before the ship departed, right? He could come back one last time... but right now, he needed to go and find that crazy Kigenese girl before she got herself on trouble, and thus he sprinted to the docks.
  15. It wasn't getting anywhere, and the hug only seemed to be making things awkward for her, so Thales let go as Haruhi did. "I... well, good luck, wherever you go." He really had no say in what she felt, with how soon they've become friends. It wasn't like he could ask her to stay and get away in good conscience. His gaze dropped to the floor, wondering why things had to be that way for her... but he really shouldn't say anything. "<Sorry, Haruhi. Lumi... think she should leave.>" He started, realizing they probably didn't make a lick of sense to the frustrated Kigenese girl. "<Got... really bad during big boat fight, scared. Think she... weight for us. Bring down group.>" He said, no other synonym for 'burden' really coming to mind quick enough. "<Want, to not see people die because get scared.>"