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  1. I think it's more forgivable on a Chill effect, since Catria doesn't have to be in proximity to the enemy to use it. It won't make her own attacks more effective, but it's fine for supporting physical-attacking allies.
  2. Looks like the base focus rate on green orbs is 7.81%. Tempting. That assumes m!Morgan drops, but I don't think any other possibility would change the odds much. I'm sure they'll do seasonal variants of Anna and other OCs eventually. Seems like they wanted to spread them out more rather than giving them more than half a banner to themselves. iirc, Alfonse has castle dialogue remarking on the existence of other versions of their own world, including alternate versions of himself. So it seems easy enough based on what's established.
  3. First alts for Heroes OCs, and also the first seasonal banner in a while to not have any repeat characters. That's neat. The Chilling Seal eggs are tempting, as well as the new axe cavalry and first colorless flier, but they all fall just a bit short of being exciting enough for me to want to spend orbs on them rather than building my stockpile back up. Although I could try to go for just one of the greens, I guess? That has pretty good odds of going fast.
  4. That's specifically a colorless dragon, and Panne isn't a dragon. We should be getting a colorless legendary by the end of the month, so most people are expecting that to be the colorless dragon.
  5. True, I forgot about that. That would be weird. I'm still not sure why they did the New Year's banner that way, so I have no idea how to predict if/when they might do something similar in the future. The Valentine's banner had a TT unit but as a fifth one, which seems to me like the more typical way of handling it.
  6. Yeah, that too. If they don't have a spring vs spring Voting Gauntlet, either the calendar is missing something or we're not getting a rerun of the original spring banner before we move on to the next main banner, which would be very disappointing. And for a spring vs spring Voting Gauntlet, we need four new spring units.
  7. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    Just hit 40k for Def Tactic and upgraded it. I think my most common user of it will be L'Arachel, because Def+Res Tactic translates to "Fortify Whatever". Seems like a fun way to support blade tomes on mixed teams.
  8. Thinking more about the possibility of a Tellius seasonal banner: Ike is now the only one of the original CYL winners not to have a seasonal variant, so while he does have three versions already, he does seem like one of the higher priorities. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that this is the one they have in mind for him, and spring might not be the theme he's best able to work with. When we do inevitably get some sort of Tellius seasonal banner, whatever it is, the other characters who got top 100 in either CYL are Nephenee, Soren, BK, Mia, Micaiah, Sothe, Ranulf, Lethe, Tibarn, and Haar. So some combination of those is likely, depending on the focus (FE9, FE10, or both) and whether the Tellius characters are constituting half the banner or the whole thing. As for the spring banner in particular, it's worth bearing in mind that while all the pre-Christmas seasons featured both Awakening and Fates characters, the original spring and summer lineups featured specifically Nohrian characters rather than Hoshidan ones. So even if they avoid general Awakening and Fates repeats from last year, it's possible that one or both of those seasons this year will include Hoshidan characters. So if this spring banner features a 2/2 split like the last one, it could end up with something like Ryoma and Hinoka as a Hoshido pair plus something else. If they want to try out an FE15 seasonal without making another Celica alt this soon after her previous one, maybe Alm and Faye? It's possible that decided to avoid putting too much more focus on FE15 until they could get the results from CYL 2, to assess their popularity. If that's the case, it raises the question of how long that'd take to actually impact a banner. Probably not quite this soon.
  9. I'm pretty confident it'll be another Easter-ish banner like the previous spring one, but I'm not sure about the characters. If they're going for something that hasn't gotten seasonal attention yet, like Valentine's Day, I'm guessing either FE15 with Alm/Celica or FE9/10 with Ike. Might not be the best time for another Celica banner, though, since she was on Fallen Heroes just a month ago.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    I used Zephiel/Hardin/Lyn/Grima. Infernal got a bit complicated, especially at the end when I had to have Zephiel tank Lissa and the green mage for a few turns since my other units couldn't get close, but he was able to last long enough to finally break through Lissa's healing by OHKOing the green mage with Bonfire.
  11. I think it's fine as is. Letting it trigger repeatedly would have little to no relevance in fast battles and only serve to encourage extremely slow play.
  12. FEH catalog of heroes bingo?

    Horizontal: Alfonse/Sharena/Anna/Fjorm/Gunnthra Merric/Hardin/Camus/Sheena/Tiki Nino/Eirika/Eirika/Ephraim/Ephraim Valter/Amelia/Joshua/Marisa/L'Arachel Vertical: Ursula/Ephraim/Lyon/L'Arachel/Soren/Nephenee (6) Diagonal: Nino/Ninian/Dorcas/Raven/Hector BK/Oscar/Ike/Marisa/Lyon
  13. I think if a character has 5 skills, that's a pretty safe indicator that they're 5* exclusive. I can't imagine a reason why they'd put 5 skills on a character they planned to drop, and I don't think that's likely to change. Any individual skill could show up on a 4* if it gets common enough, but why 5 of them? So my guess is m!Morgan, with a possibility that no one will drop. I don't think there's any real possibility of f!Morgan dropping. On top of the 5 skill situation, mage fliers are still very rare. And while legendary weapons no longer seem to be an obstacle to dropping, Serpent tomes seem like an exciting enough inheritance pick that they'd have the first one stay 5* exclusive. I think it's likely that the 4* roster will eventually get one or more mage fliers and Serpent users, but not yet. There's no precedent of a fully normal banner having no drops yet, and m!Morgan seems fine at 4*, so I'm guessing he'll drop. Dull Ranged is neat but not that novel at this point, and Grima's Truth is fine compared to Peshkatz.