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  1. I was lucky enough to pull Hector, who laughs at Takumi. I started out using m!Robin before I got Hector and really integrated him into my team, but eventually I was cutting all my mages for being low-rating and Hector was handling Takumi perfectly fine on his own anyway.
  2. It's more that you can't make assumptions. If you see an Ephraim in the tower, you can't be sure about what stats or skills he might have; you just have to treat him as a lance infantry enemy that could do anything until you check to confirm otherwise.
  3. As I commented earlier, you really want to check stats and skills more carefully. It's why you often seem to get surprised by this sort of thing: it's possible to avoid surprises, but you have to play more carefully. It'll go a long way towards improving your win rate in the tower. Even enemies other than the one you're immediately fighting can be important, if they use some sort of skill to buff the others.
  4. The current banner expires at the usual day change time, in about 8 hours.
  5. Does Seliph need anything special to fight Hector? Calculations are very valuable. I reccomend getting good at them; they've saved me many times.
  6. Managed to get 4,379 points on my first completed run for a rank of 15,484. Three deaths, so hopefully I can do a lot of improving over the course of the week. Also secures my Offense feathers, and I got a Defense win with exactly 251 for those feathers as well. Apparently my all-red defense team of Marth, Ogma, Lilina, and an underleveled Olivia can do its work. I sometimes feel like I should try to work in Tiki because she's normally better than the non-Marth ones, but the other three all have so much potential for cheap kills that going fair with Tiki doesn't seem worthwhile.
  7. That doesn't follow. "These characters do not serve the game's primary purpose" does not equate to "these characters do not serve any purpose at all to be worth including". Giving the game more depth and enjoyability helps it serve its other purposes.
  8. The characters aren't going to disappear from your roster after a while if you get them; it's just that they won't be added to the regular summon lineup like the other focuses are.
  9. If Ike is going to have at least two outfits, maybe more through events like this, it makes sense for those outfits to cover both of his games one way or another.
  10. The level of sexualization of shirtless muscle guys is another thing that's very overstated. Like most of the other stuff that's been mentioned, it's for the male power fantasy, not for the sex appeal.
  11. I would have had any silly bonus stuff be a side banner in addition to a regular banner. Which, now that I think about it, might still be the case unless anyone has reason to believe otherwise?
  12. I don't think there's been any indication of that. Regular Xander has Distant Counter built into his sword, like Ryoma, so it doesn't seem like he'll get the skill separately, and I doubt Easter Xander will get it at all.
  13. Clarine once boxed herself in when I was playing the fliers quest by using Wings of Mercy to teleport to a space she couldn't get out of.
  14. One nice side of this for me is that I don't have the original versions of any of these characters yet, so any of them would still be a new character, although I know I'll be getting Xander through the GHB eventually.
  15. Wow, this seems to be the closest poll yet. Earth Dragon is winning, as it should be, but it's only at 36%.