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  1. TA is a good skill, Alfonse is a good unit for it. I like how goofy Anna's refine is. Below 50% HP, move to any ally. Above 50% HP, still move to the nearby ones. Functional, but still funny.
  2. If Hrid has a sword, he can't be this month's legendary, but he could be next month's. Whenever he shows up, I plan on pulling for him. I'm just glad they still have an actual plan. Loki is causing trouble, but that's not really news.
  3. New Tempest Trials!

    I'm happy for the reruns, although another month of no new TT unit is a bit disappointing. I think I'll merge BK and save the extra Joshua as fodder.
  4. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Ares dropping was a lot less strange than people think. His weapon is great, but we'd already gotten both Brazen skills and dual Seal skills at 4*, so neither of his passives were an issue. On the other hand, both Dance-enhancing skills and Valor skills have been 5* exclusive so far. On top of that, all dancers other than original Olivia have been 5*, Lene has a weapon potentially significant for inheritance, and then there's the matter of her art. Personally, I'd started out expecting Lene to be the drop, but by the end of the banner, I'd concluded that Ares was at least as likely, probably more. On this banner, though, it's 100% clear-cut. Libra will drop, the other three will stay 5*.
  5. How many F2P orbs have you saved up?

    145 at the moment. Record was almost 500, I think, but I ended up putting most of that into Summer's Arrival.
  6. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Neat additions, but nothing I'm feeling a need to pull for. I do like that we're continuing to get occasional 4-character New Heroes banners.
  7. Looking at the full Top 20 placements for CYL2, all the non-OCs except Alm, Micaiah, and Leif have at least one alt by now.
  8. As much as I like Eirika, personally I'm just glad that Veronica is finally getting a playable version at all. It does feel unfair to her, though. Celica, Hector, and Ephraim all got alts in February alone.
  9. It took me a while to clear some of the Tactics Drills. Whenever I found one I couldn't clear, I set it down for a while. There's no time limit, and solutions are always available online, so there's no pressure to push yourself. If they're fun, play them. If they aren't, don't.
  10. Personally, I like having challenges that make me think this much. Heroes tends to be a bit short on challenges for experienced players, so every additional one is really valuable. And it's nice how it's guaranteed to be completable by anyone, since even if someone really struggles, they can look up the same solutions regardless of their own units.
  11. Yeah, the length is a big factor.
  12. There's also the Japanese version:
  13. IIRC there's been exactly one previous Feh Channel the night before a main banner release (Nohrian Summer), and it had the trailer released that night.
  14. Thinking about why they'd pick now of all times to have a Feh Channel. Likely main topics are the next big version update, any semi-anniversary events like a new Hero Fest, and maybe the start to Book 3. But none of those are likely to be happening this week. So why not wait a week and a half so this coincides with the upcoming Legendary Heroes banner instead, and is therefore closer to the events in question? My best guess is that it's because of CYL further down the line. If it's the late August banner, in about a month, they'll probably want a Feh Channel then, to introduce it. And they don't want the Feh Channels to be too close together. Last year, the closest they got was a month, and it was also the semi-anniversary one followed by the CYL one. So it'd make sense for them to do the same here. So aside from the upcoming new banner (which will probably be pretty conventional), my guess is that the real highlights here will be features being added at the end of July and/or early August. Version 3.0 could very well be one of those things. Maybe even as early as the legendary banner, if they want to do something like add Hrid and have him immediately available free at the start of Book 3, Fjorm-style. That could also be more reason to announce this a ways ahead of the legendary banner, so people have plenty of warning about the legendary hero being free, if they go that route. As for beast units, we know they can't be on the upcoming New Heroes banner (since there's been no maintenance announcement), they're highly unlikely to be introduced through the following Special Heroes banner, and if the main banner after that is CYL, they won't be on that, either. So unless they're one of the next two Legendary Heroes, it looks like the soonest we could get any playable beast units is September. That said, if we really are getting version 3.0 soon, it could be a great time for them to introduce beast units as enemies, as part of updating the generic enemy roster. That would also build hype for their eventual playable introduction, and bring them to the attention of any players not yet familiar with them.
  15. Throughout the series, dragons have varied between hitting Def, hitting Res, and bypassing defenses entirely.