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  1. Grima, Tibarn, Chrom, Reinhardt, Owain... Doesn't look that rare to me. Less common than with female characters, but it's clearly not something they're unwilling to do. While I agree that Lukas's skill set is underwhelming, a 5* exclusive (non-staff) unit having 4 skills is still not particularly unusual, even for female units. Looking back a bit: On the Gallia banner, only Caineghis has 5 skills, while Lethe, Ranulf, and Mordecai each have 4. (Mordecai probably won't stay 5* exclusive, but Lethe and Ranulf almost certainly will.) On the spring banner, Palla has 5 skills while Marisa and Veronica have 4. (Bruno also has 5, but as a staff unit, he's irrelevant.) On the FE6 banner, Idunn and Sue have 5 skills while Lugh has 4. On the beasts banner, only Selkie has 5 skills while Kaden, Keaton, and Velouria all have 4. To be fair, the Valentine's and hot springs banners had 5 skills on everyone, and the laguz royals banner had 5 skills on everyone except the demoted Reyson. New Year's also had 5 skills on everyone. I guess it was really common for a while and then they dialed back?
  2. It's not just a matter of having ideas, but fitting those ideas into big-picture plans. Something that's compatible with a full banner they want to do, and a banner that compliments the other banners they have planned. Summer was what I expected too, but they ended up deciding they'd rather attach the Tellius theme to a Valentine's banner rather than a summer one. Probably dagger.
  3. Indeed, and I'm glad he finally got one. It's just that those are all reasons for IS to have taken longer to find a place for him.
  4. Okay, it's more like 1%. There's some room for error. I do think Ike and Anna are very different situations. Ike is a serious male character from Tellius, while Anna is a goofy female character from Awakening, Fates, and Heroes. That makes her several times easier to fit onto a seasonal banner, the way IS has been doing things. And Ike still made it onto the first dedicated Tellius seasonal banner. Plus, by now, they've already hit most of the highest-priority seasonal units, which leaves more room for others. I would not be surprised if we have multiple seasonal Annas by this time next year. Probably Fates and Heroes Anna if they go for it, alongside a non-seasonal Awakening Anna.
  5. Awakening Anna scored #5 on CYL3. The odds of some Anna not getting a seasonal alt for a whole more year are 0%. This is how it always goes. IS goes a while without making a type of character that would obviously be popular, and people say they hate them, and then suddenly they do it a bunch. We're currently seeing that effect with both Tellius and beast units, and there have been a bunch of previous examples. I remember when IS seemed to be allergic to adding more armors or OCs, and people wondered why they hated them so much.
  6. People said IS hated Marth and then he got his second and third versions pretty much back-to-back. I think it's a pretty safe bet that by this time next year, we'll have at least three versions of Anna in Heroes, maybe more.
  7. Valentine's, Halloween, and Winter. They have my favorite outfits, even though Winter hasn't had a ton of variety. Also, I like armors.
  8. Leo's art is great. Lukas's still kinda bugs me for seeming so much like his usual art, though. Maybe it's the color scheme?
  9. That's #4. Which is where all the main banner units here fall, so that's something at least.
  10. I'm always down for more armors, but this does seem a bit more random than even Valentine's Day. I do like that Flora has a new unit type, though. I don't plan on going for anyone here, but she's my favorite of them regardless.
  11. Hmm. Not bad, but nothing jumps out at me either. I do like the free Leo, though, since he's currently the only Fates royal I'm missing.
  12. Past seasonal axes include: Flag Giant spoon Bell Inflatable pool toy Melon on a stick Bag of gifts Seems to be include basically any handheld object you'd rather use to bludgeon someone with than stab them. Similarly to how "seasonal dagger" means "basically anything you can throw at someone". Plus, seasonal weapons tend to favor weapon types that show up less in the regular summoning pool.
  13. I've never seen a silhouette leak before, and they seem feasible enough to fake.
  14. No. Trailers go up 4 hours before the reset 1-2 days before the banner goes live. Silhouettes go up 24 hours before the trailer, so 4 hours before the reset 2-3 days ahead of the banner. Tonight's reset will be the one 3 days before the banner.