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  1. I think that stems from a misunderstanding. Heroes already does plenty to incentivize survival, but Tempest was advertised specifically as a permadeath mode. To make that "permadeath" feature come into play (as opposed to in traditional FE games, where it's such a big issue that players just avoid it by not letting their characters die), Tempest incentivizes playing in ways that will risk letting characters get killed but offers enough rewards to make it so that that doesn't constitute a "failure" like it does in regular FE and regular Heroes. This means the "make backup teams with your surviving units" option actually gets used. What that works out to is that incentivizing speed over survival to encourage sacrificing units where necessary is exactly what Tempest needs in order to function as it's supposed to. It's just that there's some misunderstandings about how it's supposed to function, because it's at odds with what we're used to thinking of "permadeath" as meaning.
  2. You don't need to get through on your first team to get close to a perfect score, as long as you can get a good speed score.
  3. Counting it by months works out equivalently, because there's been two banners released per month. Next banner is the early July one (which will release right before the end of June), then late July, then early August (which should release right before the end of July). So the early August one is the third one coming up and should be the next seasonal one.
  4. It does look that way so far, yeah. We'll have to see if the pattern holds.
  5. I was able to do the quests with Alfonse/Reinhardt/Anna/Olivia and Xander/Reinhardt/Michalis/Olivia.
  6. Seems you're both right.
  7. Has 4800 made it up from Tier 18 to Tier 19 on previous weeks? My cavalry team apparently has an even bigger score drop from my previous team than I expected, and my old team is having trouble getting a deathless win.
  8. Even if they missed the loophole originally, I'm sure they're aware of it by now, and they haven't changed the quest requirements to prevent it. I think they're fine with offering the option, and it costs more stamina that way anyway.
  9. Quickened Pulse isn't a full Killer weapon effect, but it's typically most of one, which is a bigger impact than the other seals so far.
  10. Man, I need to get back on training Alfonse back up to 40. I trained him a bit after promoting him to 5* but then switched focus to Katarina and Luke, so he still has a ways to go.
  11. I have plenty of stamina; I'm just burned out on the mode and don't feel like playing it more this week unless I have to. Especially since if I keep playing past 90k, I'll be tempted to go for 100k, and that would be a pain to do in what's left of today. I'd already be at 100k even without using potions if I hadn't been taking breaks to do other stuff the past few days, although by now I'm sure I'm past the point where I could hit 100k without potions. Getting to 90k was my way of staying on the safe side, anyway, although it looks like it may not be quite as safe as I'd hoped. (I'd previously planned to stop at about 80k.)
  12. You get feathers at the end depending on rank. Falling out of the top 10k would mean only getting 4k feathers rather than 6k, so I don't plan on letting that happen.
  13. Rank has fallen to 8,090. Hoping I don't need to keep playing past my 90k point total to stay in the top 10k ranks, but I'll do it if I have to.
  14. 1) They are still expanding. They won't stop expanding until they grow to the point where as many players are leaving them as are entering, and currently, players enter the top tiers much faster than they leave. For all the tiers to be stable, there would need to be about 7% of the Tier 7+ players in Tier 20, 14% in Tier 19, and 23% in Tier 18. With an active arena population that seems to be over 200k players, that means Tier 20 will likely grow to contain over 14k players. 2) Dancers are tricky, but this may help, particularly the bit about movement order: http://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Enemy_AI
  15. That'd be cool. It'd give more motivation to mix things up, and having seal reruns be that way rather than at the same or lower point thresholds would feel more fair to players who put a lot of effort into getting the points for them the first time around.