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  1. Yeah, Ice Dragon's explanation is what I've been thinking. For whatever reason, the first round of reruns passed them up, but they did say they'll get reruns eventually, so I'm sure they'll be in the second once it gets to them.
  2. Holiday banner predictions

    I'm not assuming anything. Like I said, it's possible that the pattern is the one you predicted; there's just no reason to insist that it has to be the case. Do you think we'll ever see a seasonal TT?
  3. Holiday banner predictions

    Start of month and mid-month is just relevant because of when the TTs happen. The past three TTs started in the second half of the month rather than the first half, and they all were based on the main banner that had just started, which was therefore the mid-month one. It's possible that they'll change up the TT schedule again or base it on the Children of Fate banner, but I don't see any reason to assume that has to happen. I'm sure we'll eventually get one or more TTs with a seasonal theme, and this is just a case where it'd fit nicely because of how things are lining up.
  4. Holiday banner predictions

    Each of the past three mid-month banners have been followed by a TT associated with them. No need for a seasonal banner to be any different, especially after we had a seasonal gauntlet a few months ago. Not in place of associated story maps or anything, but in addition to them.
  5. Do you think if they hadn't rerun the Warriors maps, we'd be getting something new instead? The Warriors maps rerun wasn't even on the month's schedule they posted, just a fun little bonus they threw in. And a very, very welcome one at that.
  6. I've seen lots of people with little or no investment in the main series get really into Heroes. For me, involvement with the main series is a big part of the appeal, but it's not universal.
  7. The Warriors maps are the most effective training areas that have ever shown up. They've valuable to all players even without quests, and I don't see any reason to believe they're replacing anything meaningful. As for the GHB reruns, providing additional copies of the limited GHB units is always handy, as well as the free orbs. I'm not about to complain about them not giving more rewards for redoing the maps I've already done without any additional restrictions: I've already done that with a far weaker team, so it doesn't prove anything. Although I do think they could stand to introduce a difficulty level above Infernal by now. BHB reruns are a bit silly, but only when they seem to be taking the place of something more meaningful. Personally, as a long-time player, I already have most of the things I need. New players joining now have missed a lot of free orbs and other items and have a long way to catch up: working to make that easier is perfectly understandable, and is important for the game's long-term health.
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Are you sure? I looked it up and don't see any listed. https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/N_%26_H:_Bound_Hero_Battle
  9. Holiday banner predictions

    Only if they skip or push back the TT. Plus, seasonal banners have consistently been 4 units. Diluting one with a larger unit count could get people to spend more money on them, but it could also mean people pass on it because of the decreased chance of getting the units they want. (Although I do think a larger banner size is another possibility worth considering.)
  10. Holiday banner predictions

    They've consistently been doing TTs for mid-month banners over the past few months, even last month where it was a CYL banner rather than a specific game. And no one had expected there to be a Voting Gauntlet based around seasonal banners, but they did it anyway. Because why not? Which brings to mind an additional detail. For the summer gauntlet, in order to get the bonus for fielding your team's unit, you needed to have a seasonal unit. A seasonal TT would probably be the same way: all the 1.4x units would be from the seasonal banner, so that would become an additional incentive to go for one of them.
  11. Holiday banner predictions

    Scenario A: Christmas banner with 4 seasonal units, TT with some new unit Scenario B: Christmas banner with 4 seasonal units, TT with a fifth seasonal unit I'm really not seeing why you think the second scenario would be any worse for them. It wouldn't hurt the sales of the seasonal banner because it still has 4 exclusive units. Perhaps if people only wanted one, they'd stop being interested in the banner ones because of already getting a free one... but you could just as easily say that about every TT that gives a unit related to the current banner, such as CYL 2 giving Joshua for free. You know what did hurt the sales of a high-profile banner? Giving a CYL unit away for free. Giving Fjorm away for free, too. Because apparently they think the goodwill they can build up by being generous with cool free units is worthwhile in the long term, even if it means in the short term, an exciting banner won't sell quite as much as it would otherwise. And again, those are cases where they were giving away units actually on the banner in question as free bonuses that didn't have precedent, as opposed to my suggestion where they just take a time when there's a free unit expected and give them a design similar to the units on the banner.
  12. Holiday banner predictions

    Having 4 seasonal characters exclusively on the Christmas banner does not keep them from having the TT unit also be seasonal-themed. For a given TT, knowing that they'll make a new free unit for it, there's nothing stopping them from making that free unit be a seasonal variation rather than a new unit.
  13. Holiday banner predictions

    Things have been changing lately, such as the ways Ayra, Rhajat, and Fjorm were added. In addition, the past three TTs have all been associated with the mid-month banner, and this is the first mid-month seasonal banner. I'm not saying they'll definitely have the TT bonus unit be a special seasonal variation, but I don't think it makes sense to assume it necessarily won't be the case, either.
  14. Holiday banner predictions

    Of the 6 previous seasonal banners, 3 have had an even Awakening/Fates split, 2 have been all one of the two, and 1 has been four separate games. In any case, we don't actually know for certain that we'll be getting both Robin and Tharja: their plans may have changed in the past year. Even if we do get both of them, it's not certain that they'll both be on the banner as opposed to being released other ways. A TT is expected later this month, and possibly a GHB as well.
  15. Hmm, I guess especially with Lightning Breath? I don't have any 5*s with Lightning Breath yet, but I've been thinking about upgrading a!Tiki. (I don't have regular Nowi.)