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  1. Valter will be a bonus unit in the arena soon, and possibly next month's TT as well. So he could be a good choice if you think you might be able to get good use out of him there.
  2. If we get an FE8 TT next, there will have to be at least one 1.4x bonus unit available below 5*, since once the current banner ends there should only be three 5* exclusive FE8 characters. So at least there's that. (My guess is that if that happens, the 1.4x units will be Eirika/Ephraim/Innes/Tana, which means I could upgrade my Eirika to have a 5* bonus unit, so I'd be happy with that.)
  3. The Askr unit varies and isn't always that convenient. It'll probably be a few months, so I don't think there's any need to worry about that yet, especially since it'll only require Lunatic.
  4. I managed to quickly get my goals of pulling Genny, Ninian, and s!Corrin, and got a 5* Catria along the way. Because I got all that with a while left on the Hero Fest banner, I sunk another ~100 orbs into it pulling red in hopes of getting Ike, but didn't get any 5*s from that. Did get a Hinata to use as fury fodder for Xander, though. And I'm happy enough with what I did get, since I wasn't sure I'd get all three of the most important ones at all, let alone fast enough to be able to start accumulating orbs for next month. I've also upgraded Palla and Michalis to finally form a proper flier team, which has been a lot of fun, and upgraded Frederick to further enlarge my cavalry army. Between all that and Clive, that's 8 new 5*s this month, and it'll be 10 if I can get enough feathers to upgrade both Ursula and Valter. All in all, very solid month.
  5. I did the first four on Hard with Luke/Clive/Frederick/Ninian, but they proved a poor match for the fifth and could only do it on Normal. I'm planning on coming up with a more powerful team to deal with that. The third map was scary, but I barely managed to find a way to finish it in time.
  6. Do you think you might be able to set up a cavalry team that can give Reinhardt Hone/Fortify Cavalry buffs, either now or in the future? If so, he should be able to get a lot more mileage out of it. Although of course when he's using it, he can't use Dire Thunder. Personally, I'm planning on upgrading Ursula to be my cavalry Blarblade user, so she can do that while Reinhardt still uses Dire Thunder. (Although I'm only using regular Blarblade because I don't have a 5* Odin and don't want to bother upgrading one and I think that should be enough anyway.)
  7. If they don't need to quad, Windsweep/Watersweep doesn't matter because the enemy would already be dead. If they're failing to kill on their own turn, they're risking retaliation on the enemy phase. Plus, you can only pick one of Windsweep/Watersweep, so there are some weapon types it won't even work on.
  8. Quickened Pulse has a white border, not a silver border. It's like Grani's Shield: it doesn't have levels. If it did, it'd have a number next to it. The fact that Phantom Speed 1 gives a +5 boost suggests each further level adds more than 1. I'd expect Phantom Speed 3 to give at least +9, although I'm still not sure that would make it worth using when other level 3 seals will be available as well.
  9. Could also be like Wrathful Staff and Dazzling Staff, where it extends to 50% and then any HP amount. Given how narrow it is, on top of keeping the unit from using those skills themself, it seems reasonable.
  10. I'd already be happy with bow Lyn, but it'd be especially cool if she turned out to be a mounted archer, so we'd finally have a character in that role. Nomad Troopers are mounted, after all. Having another unit type locked to a limited-edition unit would be annoying, but the fact that they've done that twice now suggests it may be their preferred way of introducing the unit types that have yet to show up, at least at first. (At least, if CYL really is limited-edition. I forget if that was ever actually confirmed.)
  11. Not just Hardy Bearing, but also the Squad Ace skills. Makes no sense to have a Squad Ace A 1 unless there's going to be a Squad Ace A 2.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm confident about it, but it'd make sense for it to at least get this. Recently, FE2 has been getting a lot of focus, across multiple banners, a GHB, and two TTs. I don't think FE8 is necessarily going to get any more focus in the near future than a TT, but a banner, a GHB, and a TT would make a nice set, and it'd be a cool way to pick one game to highlight at a time over the course of about a month. Plus, people predicted an FE8 banner based on the Valter GHB, and that came true. And now that we have seven FE8 characters, an eighth one being added through a TT would make exactly eight to fill eight bonus unit slots. As for the previous lack of attention for FE8, I think all that means is that it's one of the games they decided to save for later. FE2 took even longer than FE8 to get its first characters and maps into the game, and by now it has a lot of them. Every game will get plenty of characters eventually, so why not have the upcoming TT character be one of them, when it's the game everyone's eyes are on right now? Regarding Tellius: there are actually more Magvel characters in the game than Tellius ones right now. I don't know why people would suggest red for Myrrh. I don't think affinities are relevant, but her wings are greenish, she has a similar role in her game to Fae, and it's the color that really needs another dragon right now, only having one so far.