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  1. IIRC there's been exactly one previous Feh Channel the night before a main banner release (Nohrian Summer), and it had the trailer released that night.
  2. Thinking about why they'd pick now of all times to have a Feh Channel. Likely main topics are the next big version update, any semi-anniversary events like a new Hero Fest, and maybe the start to Book 3. But none of those are likely to be happening this week. So why not wait a week and a half so this coincides with the upcoming Legendary Heroes banner instead, and is therefore closer to the events in question? My best guess is that it's because of CYL further down the line. If it's the late August banner, in about a month, they'll probably want a Feh Channel then, to introduce it. And they don't want the Feh Channels to be too close together. Last year, the closest they got was a month, and it was also the semi-anniversary one followed by the CYL one. So it'd make sense for them to do the same here. So aside from the upcoming new banner (which will probably be pretty conventional), my guess is that the real highlights here will be features being added at the end of July and/or early August. Version 3.0 could very well be one of those things. Maybe even as early as the legendary banner, if they want to do something like add Hrid and have him immediately available free at the start of Book 3, Fjorm-style. That could also be more reason to announce this a ways ahead of the legendary banner, so people have plenty of warning about the legendary hero being free, if they go that route. As for beast units, we know they can't be on the upcoming New Heroes banner (since there's been no maintenance announcement), they're highly unlikely to be introduced through the following Special Heroes banner, and if the main banner after that is CYL, they won't be on that, either. So unless they're one of the next two Legendary Heroes, it looks like the soonest we could get any playable beast units is September. That said, if we really are getting version 3.0 soon, it could be a great time for them to introduce beast units as enemies, as part of updating the generic enemy roster. That would also build hype for their eventual playable introduction, and bring them to the attention of any players not yet familiar with them.
  3. Throughout the series, dragons have varied between hitting Def, hitting Res, and bypassing defenses entirely.
  4. There are currently at least three updates a month (two main banners and a legendary banner), but when I say "version update", I mean the "version 2.6", "version 2.7", etc. ones. Those are the ones that add new game modes, UI changes, etc. beyond new characters and regular events like banners and TTs. Those always come with maintenance. This is why colorless breath was added weeks before Female Grima and colored bows were added weeks before Legendary Lyn. They were part of the major version updates preceding the smaller updates where the actual characters were added.
  5. That'd make a lot of sense. That said, as much as I'd like beast units to be added, I don't think they could be on the upcoming banner. That'd require a version update, and there's no maintenance announcement.
  6. Hmm. There's no word about maintenance, so it doesn't seem like beast units or version 3.0 are possible. So with them clarifying that it isn't CYL, I have no idea what to expect.
  7. I think Tethys's best shot at getting in is Performing Arts, and in that case, she can have whatever weapon she wants.
  8. New Heroes banners last year from late August on: Brave Heroes Dauntless Crimeans World of Genealogy Farfetched Heroes Children of Fate So counting the upcoming one, that suggests about 6 New Heroes banners remaining this year, if they continue at pretty much the same rate. Continuing past the new year, we get: World of Dawn Sacred Memories Fallen Heroes The Righteous King So March sounds about right.
  9. And you'd pretty much get stuck if you burned all his level-up SP on non-weapon skills for some reason.
  10. Has the SP glitch been fixed? I finally decided to give it a shot but it isn't working.
  11. My first promotions were Sharena and Anna, then Xander when I decided to build a cavalry team. Camus, Reinhardt, Alfonse, and Cecilia were the next few, to round out the Askr trio and cavalry team.
  12. Why you should go F2P

    Personally, I stay F2P for reasons pretty similar to those, but things have different value to different people. I won't claim that others should share my priorities. I certainly don't think this post will convince anyone to stop spending money.
  13. With the other thread already having some untagged spoilers, I'm not sure this entirely works? One exception? That doesn't sound quite right to me.
  14. Glad I stayed out of all these threads until I finished everything. I beat Grandmaster 1/2/4/5/7 the first day, then took some breaks and started slowly examining every angle of 3/6/8. Ended up figuring out 6 yesterday, then 8 and 3 today. I found the Infernal maps really satisfying, especially 6. 4 was my least favorite: I din't even really remember what I did, just tried a bunch of random stuff until one thing somehow worked out. It's neat getting to use a bunch of rare units even without actually having them. They're also available in Voting Gauntlets and brigades, but this really brings out their potential in a new way. (Plus I just stick to my own units with brigades, personally.) Exactly. The Grandmaster maps in particular are about flipping your thinking around to get strange little advantages you wouldn't normally prioritize. I think it's really fun as the thing it is, but you can't go in expecting it to be something else.
  15. What's your opinion of buying orbs?

    I'm surprised there are that few "never bought orbs" votes. I don't see the appeal in it. There are enough free orbs to snipe plenty of desired characters over time. The kind of money it takes on average for each character beyond that is so much more than any individual character is worth to me, especially compared to other entire games that money could be spent on instead. Any orbs spent to fail to get a character would feel really unsatisfying, and I don't think I'd feel satisfied even if I got the character I wanted. With each month offering free orbs worth like $160 or more, it takes so much money to really make for a noticeable increase at all. As for supporting the game, it gets plenty of money through rather unethical business practices without my help. There are plenty of other forms of media I'd rather use my money to support, especially after the last few seasonal banners. Closest I came to spending money was the Black Knight starter support pack, back when I was using him in the arena every week so the merge would have meant a lot. But I thought about the potential for similar packs in the future and how continuing to buy them would feel just as worthwhile while really just being a money drain, so I decided to avoid getting into that entirely. The later packs have been even less compelling so it doesn't look like it would have been an issue, but regardless, my feeling is still why even start on something like that.
  16. July-August Event Schedule

    Eventually, but not immediately. Phina, Sylvia, Lara, Larum, Elffin, Nils, and Tethys are all still missing from the game entirely. Also Laylea, if she counts. And the fact that most of them use either swords or no weapon at all means they could be easier to implement in seasonal banners than other ones, since that lets them use any weapon type. So I think future PA banners would be a great chance to add some of them. Plus, they could add other non-dancer characters and say they just decided to join in. Inigo and Shigure do have canon justification for it, but they don't actually function as dancers in their own games, and seasonals have given characters plenty of abilities outside of canon justification anyway. (Like Ninian riding a pegasus and using magic.)
  17. I used Alfonse, Fjorm, Male Grima, and Bride Lyn for the four Alfonse/Fjorm quests. For infantry, I swapped out Alfonse and Grima for Olivia and Dorcas.
  18. Despite being an antagonist, Sonia seems much more likely to be summonable rather than a GHB.
  19. I don't think it's as strange as it looks. Recently, the tendency has been for each month to have main banners around the 10th and 20th, and a legendary banner around the 30th. May and June both had their second banners be Special Heroes, so they lasted the full month regardless, but New Heroes banners in either of those slots would have lasted about as long as this upcoming one will. It could very well be CYL 2 regardless, but I think the length is just what's expected for a New Heroes banner in that timeslot now.
  20. I'm not sure it'll be that soon. So far, all of them have been rerun at least once first.
  21. July-August Event Schedule

    @Ice Dragon do you have any ideas about the seasonal theme?
  22. July-August Event Schedule

    I'm guessing the third unit on the BHB banner will be Camilla, since she's the other Nohr royal in the regular summoning pool.
  23. Continued 3:1 isn't ideal, but it's better than the fears of no guy at all. Not really a fan of the redundant seasonals, especially with repeated weapon types. Might try to grab one of the colorless units since there's two of them, but Takumi would be pretty underwhelming. Or I might just not bother, tbh.
  24. Release banner units: Male (43): Marth, Jagen, Cain, Abel, Draug, Gordin, Ogma, Barst, Jeorge, Merric, Wrys, Roy, Raigh, Bartre, Eliwood, Hector, Matthew, Raven, Hawkeye, Chrom, Male Robin, Frederick, Stahl, Gaius, Donnel, Lon'qu, Henry, Virion, Male Corrin, Gunter, Jakob, Ryoma, Saizo, Azama, Takumi, Hinata, Subaki, Kaze, Laslow, Leo, Odin, Niles, Arthur Female (45): Caeda, Linde, Minerva, Maria, Palla, Catria, Est, Sheena, Young Tiki, Lilina, Gwendolyn, Cecilia, Clarine, Shanna, Fir, Sophia, Fae, Lyn, Serra, Florina, Nino, Lissa, Sully, Cordelia, Olivia, Tharja, Cherche, Adult Tiki, Nowi, Lucina, Female Corrin, Azura, Felicia, Kagero, Hinoka, Setsuna, Oboro, Sakura, Hana, Peri, Camilla, Selena, Beruka, Elise, Effie That's actually slightly more female than male? Huh. I wasn't expecting that. At release, the banner units were pretty much the whole lineup, aside from the Askr trio (1 male, 2 female). And I guess you could arguably count the initial GHB lineup (6 male, 2 female) which would put it at 50 male, 49 female. Also, while making this, I noticed I'd incorrectly listed regular Takumi as female, so I'll have to correct that in my original post.
  25. Now I'm curious about the exact breakdown. Regular units: Banner: Male (75): Marth, Jagen, Cain, Abel, Draug, Gordin, Luke, Roderick, Ogma, Barst, Jeorge, Merric, Wrys, Alm, Lukas, Gray, Boey, Saber, Leon, Sigurd, Eldigan, Seliph, Ares, Leif, Reinhardt, Roy, Raigh, Klein, Bartre, Eliwood, Hector, Matthew, Raven, Lucius, Dorcas, Karel, Hawkeye, Jaffar, Legault, Ephraim, Seth, Innes, Ike, Soren, Oscar, Sothe, Zelgius, Chrom, Male Robin, Frederick, Stahl, Gaius, Donnel, Lon'qu, Henry, Virion, Male Morgan, Male Corrin, Gunter, Jakob, Ryoma, Saizo, Azama, Takumi, Hinata, Subaki, Kaze, Laslow, Leo, Odin, Niles, Arthur, Shigure, Shiro, Siegbert Female (87): Fjorm, Gunnthra, Caeda, Linde, Minerva, Maria, Palla, Catria, Est, Sheena, Young Tiki, Katarina, Athena, Faye, Clair, Celica, Mae, Genny, Mathilda, Delthea, Sonya, Tailtiu, Ayra, Lachesis, Dierdre, Julia, Lene, Ishtar, Nanna, Olwen, Lilina, Gwendolyn, Cecilia, Clarine, Shanna, Fir, Sophia, Fae, Lyn, Serra, Rebecca, Priscilla, Florina, Karla, Ninian, Nino, Eirika, Lute, Tana, Amelia, L'Arachel, Myrrh, Titania, Mist, Mia, Elincia, Nephenee, Micaiah, Sanaki, Lissa, Sully, Cordelia, Olivia, Tharja, Cherche, Adult Tiki, Nowi, Lucina, Female Morgan, Female Corrin, Azura, Felicia, Kagero, Hinoka, Setsuna, Oboro, Sakura, Hana, Peri, Camilla, Selena, Beruka, Elise, Effie, Female Kana, Rhajat, Soleil Non-banner: Male (25): Alfonse, Michalis, Camus, Legion, Navarre, Tobin, Clive, Berkut, Arden, Arvis, Julius, Finn, Saias, Zephiel, Narcian, Canas, Lloyd, Linus, Lyon, Valter, Joshua, Oliver, Gerome, Xander, Male Kana Female (6): Sharena, Anna, Clarisse, Ursula, Marisa, Female Robin Seasonal units: Banner: Male (16): Spring Alfonse, Valentine's Roy, Valentine's Hector, Summer Innes, Spring Chrom, Winter Chrom, Winter Robin, Summer Frederick, Summer Gaius, Halloween Henry, PA Inigo, Halloween Jakob, Spring Xander, Summer Xander, Summer Leo, PA Shigure Female (29): Spring Sharena, Bride Caeda, Spring Catria, Valentine's Lilina, Bride Lyn, Valentine's Lyn, Bride Ninian, Summer Tana, Bride Sanaki, Summer Robin, Winter Lissa, Bride Cordelia, Summer Cordelia, PA Olivia, Winter Tharja, Bride Tharja, Summer Tiki, Halloween Nowi, Spring Lucina, Summer Noire, Summer Corrin, PA Azura, NY Azura, Spring Kagero, Halloween Sakura, Spring Camilla, NY Camilla, Summer Elise, Bride Charlotte Non-banner: Male (3): Groom Marth, Valentine's Eliwood, NY Corrin Female (0): [none] Non-seasonal alts: Banner: Male (10): Fallen Hardin, Sword Reinhardt, Brave Roy, Legendary Hector, Legendary Ephraim, Brave Ike, Legendary Ike, King Chrom, Fallen Robin, Legendary Ryoma Female (9): Fallen Celica, Righteous Olwen, Brave Lyn, Legendary Lyn, Excalibur Nino, Anamnesis Eirika, Legendary Robin, Brave Lucina, Blue Sky Hinoka Non-banner: Male (2): Black Knight, Fallen Takumi Female (1): Masked Marth That's only 263 rather than 264 so I guess I'm missing something? Either that or I miscounted something. Well, close enough. According to this almost-accurate tally, there's 131 male units and 132 female units. 101 of the male units are summonable, while 125 of the female units are. BK/Zelgius and Hardin are in somewhat ambiguous territory as alt/non-alt distinctions go, but this is how I arbitrarily decided to count them. Not the most significant distinction in all this, anyway.