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  1. A nice thing about a bunch of Muspell units being released at once is that it convinced me to give up on trying to keep up a collection of all the OCs so far. That'll make it easier to avoid the temptation of a Hrid banner.
  2. How's your luck in Heroes?

    Having a mix of fast and slow banners is pretty normal. I've sometimes gotten units I wanted on my free pull, other times needed hundreds of orbs like with Halloween Henry and Valentine's Lyn. I usually try to stockpile orbs to mitigate that, but stockpiles can disappear fast. Recently, I used about 300 orbs unsuccessfully trying to get CYL Hector at the end of his banner, leaving me with just a handful. Got back up to about 110 over the following week, then spent half of that this morning getting Laevatein. Going to see if I can hold off for the next month or so to build back up.
  3. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Also, apparently the Training Tower stamina costs were considered a half-cost discount on the planned long-term costs. At a time when it was the most efficient training location, and stamina capped at 50.
  4. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Since around launch, after a day or two of figuring out how to get it working on an emulator. Later got a tablet and switched to playing on it. F2P, 182 unique 5* units as of today. Only a handful of merges.
  5. Got Laevatein in about 65 orbs, plus original Celica and 4* Silvia! I used all my feathers yesterday on getting Garon and Lukas to 5*, so I'll have to build back up to upgrade Silvia as well.
  6. Thing about Surtr is that his weapon is broken. Also, his stats are too high: his BST is 181.
  7. Personally, I think a 3-character banner with two 5* exclusive reds is a pretty great deal in general, that's a 5* rate of over 10% when pulling red and only about 80 orbs on average to get a focus unit if you're happy with either. I don't really care about the duel skills, but the characters are all pretty neat even aside from that, and they're the first Muspell units. Speaking of rates, it looks like green's off-focus 5* rate has finally caught up to blue's. That's interesting. Fewer 5*s, but proportionally fewer units overall. The one thing that does grab my interest about the duel skills is their SP costs: 70/150/300. I think they're the first three-level skills to go above 60/120/240, which means we finally have a costing system that could support skills like a hypothetical Def/Res Ploy. Based on each of them having 5 skills, and what those skills are, I think no drop is a pretty safe bet, and is appropriate for an OC banner.
  8. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    Took a few tries with my seasonal flier team (Tana/Ninian/Corrin/Azura), but nothing too bad.
  9. Reiterating my stance that Silvia is a guaranteed drop. She's redundant, Quan isn't.
  10. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Total uniques: 140 > 180
  11. I think it's a sort of mix, where the PA and NY banners together were replaced by the additional summer and fall banners.
  12. I think the summer festival banner is taking the place of that. With main banners being around the 8th and 20th of each month, it seems like there will only be one in proximity of both Christmas and New Year's, unless they screw with the schedule again.
  13. Is it any different from the same number of seasonal banners spaced out more? If we get two Halloween banners followed by a Christmas banner and a Valentine's one, for a total of 9 for the second "seasonal year", that's the same number as before.
  14. Muspell trailer is up! No sign of even a Paralogue. I guess it'd be pretty hard to write. Perhaps that's part of why they wanted it to share a month with two more conventional banners.
  15. You're being awfully demanding over an argument you jumped into without being familiar with the characters in question, to the point where you had to immediately ask for an explanation of the stuff that was being objected to.
  16. Yeah, it's really grating. I want to be commanding powerful warriors from throughout the FE series, not creepy sycophant doll versions of them.
  17. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    I put a few stamina potions into auto-battle grinding and got to around the halfway point.
  18. That was her first conversation. I've gotten to her later ones now, and I'm less enthusiastic.
  19. Honestly, after all the obnoxious fawning over the Summoner, Nina threatening to kill me is a nice change of pace. Of course, Silas just had to ruin things right afterwards.
  20. Ideas For Book 3

    Gunnthra specifically mentions contacting the Summoner in the dream. It's the same Gunnthra, just at an earlier point in time. There's full gameplay and story segregation here. If Fjorm dies, it will have absolutely no gameplay impact, just like Gunnthra dying.
  21. Ideas For Book 3

    They didn't seem to have a problem with killing Gunnthra just months after her release. Or with
  22. Ideas For Book 3

    There should be a few Paralogues before Book 3 starts, maybe even an Interlude. So if we get any more about her illness, it could be there. But whether she gets better or dies, I think her illness will be resolved by the time Book 3 starts.
  23. Ideas For Book 3

    Honestly, I think it's fairly likely that Fjorm will already be dead by the time Book 3 starts.
  24. Well, we'll find out in the next ~2 months whether or not your conclusion jumping about the order stays plausible. Being a meme didn't keep Dorcas out of Farfetched Heroes. Like I said, it has its flaws, but it would be foolish for either us or IS to neglect to get whatever information we can out of it. Rearranging the seasonal lineup isn't too big of a surprise. If they're sticking to ~9 seasonal banners per year and want to make new ones, they have to get rid of old ones that don't seem to have as much of a future. Randomly eliminating a new character banner that many people are looking forward to as a highlight of CYL would be another story entirely.
  25. You could make that same argument about any other unpopular character using weapons already supported. Not all characters already supported will get in before they add beast units, and there's no reason to think dragon laguz have to be among the ones that do. There's a big game update expected in the next couple of months, close to the expected release of Farfetched Heroes 2. Farfetched Heroes features high-scoring units not yet added, of which the highest-scoring non-OC is Selkie. CYL is a way for IS to assess popularity, so they have an idea of which units people will be most interested in pulling for. It's a valuable piece of market research for a game like this, despite its many flaws.