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  1. I... suppose this is something... some people did. Anyway, maybe disabling idle animations can help on a map like that.
  2. Yeah, "consequences" is the theme that the game has truly been neglecting.
  3. Oh yeah, the Power Staff does only raise strength, my bad. I thought it raised attack power. Well, here is that guy again. It's probably worth noting that having Yuni say "No" would lead to the Lyria version of this scene. So if Lyria were around, it would be "little girl abduction fun" either way. On the bright side, this is the last time we are going to see this guy. Or at least it's the last scene that I am aware of. The game has so many hidden events, it's hard to make such a claim with certainty.
  4. You do get +10% resistance against pierce and impact too compared to the Dwarvish Steelclad line of the same level. Of course with that loss of HP I really doubt it makes them any more durable.
  5. As long as dwarves draw breath in this world, bards shall sing the saga of Larry the Thunderer.
  6. Magia Record

    Yeah, I don't see myself so desperate for entertainment that I would settle for a game that is deliberately designed to frustrate it's players into spending a bottomless amount of cash anytime soon.
  7. Update on Vestaria Saga English release

    That build still has the issue with the weapons disappearing during attack animations, huh? I hope this translation ends up working out.
  8. Great. I'm getting my butt kicked by the new version of DiD6: Orc War of all things. Didn't see that one coming.
  9. Ah, darn it. (Endgame and 3-7)

    Now mere survival really is not much of a problem. The Black Knight got 56 attack. You literally get two units on this very map that can tank that at base. And so does Ranulf. Most other frontliners should be able to survive that damage too as long as they can avoid getting doubled. But hitting 27 speed is not that big of a hurdle at that point. Especially considering you already get your first Master Crown in 3-3. And Haar may well have reached 3rd tier even without it. (Titania too of course, but she can't cross the swamp) And of course there are two Speedwings that might potentially find their way to the Greil Mercenaries.
  10. Ah, darn it. (Endgame and 3-7)

    Kinda an irrelevant deduction, wouldn't you say? In any case, the Black Knight is easy enough to kill no matter the difficulty. Hammers are a thing after all.
  11. No "tearing me part" but he's trying his best. "The soul. Dela always said I was a creature without a soul. I suppose she was jesting at the time, but perhaps not after I killed Drogan." "Bah! Two can play that game. I have only ever fought to protect my people and my family, but the only thing I received in return was scorn and exile. My own sister would not listen to me. My people would rather feed themselves to orcs than follow my ‘sorcerous ways’. Drogan, Dela... all of them! They are the ones without souls, not me!" Edit: "None can stand against me any longer! To those who cursed me prior: I spit at thee! For I am Mal Keshar the Damned, spurned by all men, forsaken by all who live and draw breath! I laugh, for now, you are all naught but remains and dust, and I live on, alone..."
  12. I took a little peek into DiD11. Seems like Malin is even more whiny now. "Yes... yes. The book. That half-rotten, tattered tome which I gave my blood and soul for. I forsook my people, my family, my home... to follow that damned necromancer! And in the end, he betrayed me too, just like Drogan, just like Dela..." "Everyone has betrayed me. I am alone. All that is left..." Edit: Okay yeah. Chapter 11 really is completely different now. It's quite a marathon though, since it's essentially a whole bunch of different maps in a row. It's not like "A Small Favor" which were three different maps. It's played as one map that just keeps getting rebuild. Honestly, I think it may actually be worth checking it out.
  13. He still is. It's just that his death is now a game over condition, like with Katri and Enteh. Edit: I don't think Ruben mentioned this, so let me say that you do not actually have to kill off Shigen to get Sierra. Buuuut otherwise she will join a lot later. So it's still well worth it.
  14. Come to think of it, the phrasing of the victory condition is really unnecessary: "Force Li'sar's surrender (reduce her hitpoints to 0 or lower)" Sure, Li'sar is different because unlike previous bosses she doesn't actually die. But those map objectives in this campaign so far only ever talked about "defeat" anyway. So there is no reason they couldn't just have stuck to the established phrasing and write "Defeat Li'sar" instead of phrasing it in such a way that results in them still having to explain the objective in brackets in order to avoid confusion.