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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Pokémon "cheating" and a proposal

    So max out IVs if the player battles online, make grinding more interesting, make the rng less random and keep everything else the same? Although people are probably going to cheat anyway even if everything gets streamlined/improved because it's easier and less time consuming.
  3. Anybody wanna witness an outpouring of angst?

    Sounds like you're just putting too much pressure on yourself really. A change of scenery or making some plans for the future can be a good start.
  4. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    You were right, I loaded the wrong character for the fight scene. Now it works like a charm. I haven't done much with my ending events yet since I am still following some tutorial guidelines. However I'll make the following adjustments. Thanks for helping out kagnus.
  5. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    As soon as that event starts, most of the screen becomes a white pixalated mess but the fight scene still plays out (just map animation though). After that, the pixalated mess remains on the screen and hangs the game, just leaving the music working. Sometime a random unit appears on the top left corner despite not being loaded in.
  6. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    I have been trying to have a scripted fight occur during the opening events but the game always end up glitching. If I take that section out, everything else works fine which means I'm missing something.
  7. Is It Just Me? Or is FE2`s RNG Cheap?

    If I remember correctly, Gaiden's RNG rolls only once while newer games roll twice.
  8. SONIC 06

    Sure if you just count the soundtrack.
  9. Again? I think you only said it once. Thanks though!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  11. It sounds like something already done in SRW though. It would be sweet in a steam-punk setting though. Another idea to bring this back on-topic is to give more bonuses when you increase a weapon rank up like in FE 11/12. Would make more sense that as you gain the ability to use stronger and more efficient weapons that the user would also improve in hit, strength,etc.
  12. The ability to alter a character's promoted class depending on the promotion item they are using? Like if Lucy uses a Guiding Ring she becomes a Droid, uses a Knight Crest she becomes a Mage Knight, etcera.
  13. Feedback for Itsuke's The Promised Rose

    I am interested in seeing what happens next but it feels like you were fusing three different chapters into one and its kinda noticeable with its pacing. You also lost me when you keep on adding details on top of details that you just introduced. I think it would be better if you withhold some details like the role of the Honor-guard until later and expand your current details like the story's world and the characters in it.
  14. Other Fire Emblem remixes

    I think Together we Ride is in this game also.
  15. Best/Worst in the Series Round 166

    Most: Hector Worst: Roy