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  1. Endgame Team in Binding Blade.

    Ja. My first endgame team was: Roy w/ Binding Blade Fae w/ Dragonstone (and Firestone for memery) Dieck w/ Durandal Milady w/ Maltet Gonzales w/ Armads Hugh w/ Forblaze Elen w/ Aureola and Saint's Staff Niime w/ Apocalypse Igrene w/ Mulagir Astolfo w/ Wyrmslayer Astolfo was brought because I wanted to finish off his support conversation with Igrene. I mean, yes, I could have brought Lalum or something, but it's not like the last two chapters of Binding Blade really warrant that much attention.
  2. jfc i think you've got bigger problems than taco
  3. aw yiss, huge girl taking the field even if it's horribly sub-optimal, the novelty of making her a big ass general will never not appeal to me at a fundamental level, and i'm glad they've mentioned her ties to based duessel too
  4. Igrene in the top 10? I see you're a man of culture as well.
  5. DLC characters announced

    oh boy it's another where's fucking camus episode, just when i thought i didn't care about this game anymore it disappoints me one more time Linde and Minerva are decent news. Minerva should have been in the base game, and Linde... I would probably have chosen Merric over her, but she's fine too, not a whole lot worse. But at least they're here now. Everything else is pretty horrendous though. It goes without saying that Niles, Owain, Oboro, and Navarre being sold as the DLC pack frontliners is kinda shaky since they're involved with the plot and three of them are likely to be clones. Tharja and Azura being sold as DLC is equally shitty, since it's not like the devs weren't aware of their popularity and Azura is pretty goddamn important/unique to boot. Olivia is an okay choice on paper, but I'll reserve judgment on her until seeing how she's implemented; if they don't take full advantage of her dancing ability, they would've been better off just adding Basilio or Vaike or Donnel or something.
  6. Aye aye. Assuming three non-NPC characters from each game, let's go with something like: Fates: Azura, Felicia, Kaze Shadow Dragon: Minerva, Merric/Linde, Camus (it should be merric, it will be linde) Awakening: Tharja, Donnel, Gaius Maybe with an Armor somewhere in there. Or not. If NPCs are included in these packs, uh, I don't even really care enough to make a resulting roster.
  7. If we're talking Gaiden-related crack character espionage ideas, I enjoyed messing around with the idea of Celica being an Anna. We never actually got to see what "Liprica" looked like in the original, but Celica had red hair and they could conceivably retcon Anthiese/Anteze as a very formalized variant of Anna. Doing so in a remake would be the only way to retroactively get Anna into Gaiden, and thus every game in the series (does she appear in BSFE, actually?) That didn't happen though, and since we do actually get to see what Liprica looks like in Echoes (as well as getting more information on Celica's family life), ripperoni. Admittedly Liprica having a name in the first place was a big strike against it, but I was having fun and that was all that mattered.
  8. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? why are you upset that the banner is providing units that you can use year-round instead of units that you will apparently lose all desire to use on november 1
  9. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    even ignoring the fact that dancers are literally guaranteed to be useful (even base three-star olivia is worth using if you have nothing else) and that all of these have completely unique weapon types that compete with no other characters in the series except arguably lara singer shigure and dancer inigo have been popular ideas practically for as long as they've existed, and seeing them come to fruition not only as real characters but as some of the most incredibly unique units in the entire series is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting than generic halloween costumes to me at least getting an olivia that doesn't have art that makes me want to kill myself and a non-wasted-potential version of dark azura is nice too
  10. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I learned today that Iago apparently does actually have fans. Presumably we're dealing with some of the people responsible for him being a more popular character (according to CYL) than Tethys, Ashnard, and Est. And both Validar and Gharnef, for that matter! and my waifu nimue but that goes without saying I... actually don't remember what I was going to post as a conclusion to that because those results caught me so off guard that I don't remember what I was even trying to look them up for. They weren't even necessary for the point, I just wanted to start my post with a joke to lighten things up, but man. Ashnard. Wow.
  11. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I would imagine that the ease of doing it is probably why they did it in the first place. Garon and Hans would need to be based off of Lissa, or otherwise be given an original moveset. Still, that's all the more reason they probably should have used Frederick as a base for Walhart rather than including Darth Validar.
  12. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    but for real how did they manage to pick the worst memorable bosses possible within the three games chosen They'll earn a decent sum of good will with me if Owain, Navarre, Oboro, and Niles are actually playable. If not, eh. And if they're being saved for DLC, ehhhhhhhhhhhh.
  13. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    is it really digging if i don't even need to go below the surface is it really complaining if i'm actually being generally positive for once despite my well-justified pessimism i should be complaining about the fact that there's now zero defense for azura being withheld for dlc specifically because spineless consumers will pay for her now that niles may destroy the logic used to justify her exclusion, and i should be complaining about owain being yet another sword user and probably a clone of ryoma, but i'm letting all of this slide for now because these two characters would in theory at least begin to address several of my shallow personal complaints i know that you really want to discredit me because i obviously singlehandedly have the ability to make this game fail in all regions using the superpower of being slightly annoyed on serenes forest dot net slash forums, but i think you're picking the wrong fight here since i'm being a lot kinder than i should be right now because of personal bias toward the characters in question; if anything, you should accuse me of being a hypocrite and encourage people against taking me seriously (like they ever do ahaha their loss) considering how quickly my tone changes once they finally remember to add appealing men
  14. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    potentially the most exciting news about the game since its announcement and it's through a goddamn leak ace job, marketing team can't wait for my hopes to get crushed as it turns out they're the dlc characters because it wouldn't be fe warriors without letting my hopes down one last time, but at least i'd consider it on sale or something if they're playable in the base game
  15. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Apparently enough to get hyper-defensive over a very mild joke that you weren't even the primary target of (it was mostly aimed at the devs) in as few as five minutes. I'm not sure why you're still hiding your avatar when I don't even come here very often and can tell exactly who you are based on this post.