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  1. Both appear in 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 15, and Heroes. Camus appears in more BSFE episodes (1, 3, 4) than the Whitewings (only 2) do, but all four appear in at least one, and all except Palla are playable in exactly one (4 for Camus, 2 for Catria/Est; Palla only appears in 2's dialogue). If we're going by appearances, I'm pretty sure it's a tie unless you count BSFE as four games for some reason (it doesn't even deserve being counted as one honestly). If we're only talking about playability, Catria and Est win with 9 playable appearances (while Camus has 7 and Palla has 8.) ...I think. I'm probably forgetting something. Did any of them appear in Fersona? That could tip the scales here.
  2. Although Clerics are also apparently capable of being inflicted with temporary amnesia and forgetting their spells for a little while, too. Overclasses are just a mess all around. Conqueror and Rigain are okay-ish (but why Aura of all things), although Alm doesn't really need the buff to begin with. But I'm not sure what they were smoking with the rest of the classes. Some of them barely change, one of them even gets nerfed a little bit to counteract a relatively small upgrade, and then you've got insane crap like Lemegeton. I'm probably not going to invest in them anytime soon.
  3. Branching promotions are a generally more interesting idea. Third tiers are pretty cool, but they only really work on very specific environments -- such as Gaiden's promotion-heavy meta, or as a slight flavor change to account for Radiant Dawn's status as a direct sequel. To function with the standard level curve, they would need to be in a very very long game. Branching promotions, meanwhile, are a relatively minor alteration to the standard system that allows for quite a bit more player choice in how to approach the development of particular characters. The only real weakness to branching promotions is the tendency for one choice to be optimal the vast majority of the time, but even this can still be at least a partial plus if it allows for characters to escape 'bad' classes. I can only imagine how much the Echoes Baron Brigade would have appreciated the ability to slide into Great Knight.
  4. Celica's last outfit kinda reminds me of her original design actually.
  5. Surprised nobody's mentioned this yet. According to the shop descriptions: Geirolul - Skogul Spartan - Spartan Mach - Harrier Morgana - Enchantress Titania - Exemplar Yaksha - Yasha Elephant - Oliphantier Solomon - Guru Maeve - Rigain Overlord - Conqueror get out those thesauri
  6. I'm not totally following the design philosophy here. "Priestess and Falcon Knight are holy classes, let's give them super strong evil variants." "Let's give Super Barons more flexible armor, but don't you dare give them extra move." "What's the biggest problem with Celica right now? That's right -- she lacks arguably the least useful spell in the game!" "You know, we probably should've put these Saint spells in the base game. Ah well, people will pay five bucks for it!" At least it's coming out at a relatively reasonable time in the English version.
  7. If I could make a guess, might they be the Barrier and Invoke Revenant spells previously speculated to be attached to Cipher characters?
  8. Tobin and Leon are amazing for me, and probably the most reliable cornerstones of their armies, but Python is absolute garbage in my experience.
  9. damn, machias is still alive Is it just me or did Elliot get even more feminine, too.
  10. I think it's a bit too powerful as it is, but the idea behind it is fantastic. I think it's an even better solution than casual mode, because it still requires you to puzzle your way out of a situation but can potentially save hours of replays lost to runs of extreme luckscrew. It's the best of both worlds.
  11. I don't really care about the Elibe games, so stick me in the "would rather see Jugdral because it needs it more" camp. Especially as both Elibe games are entirely playable and not particularly alienating in their current form, and whatever presentation upgrade we'd get would be hurt by the inevitable loss of the GBA battle sprites. Kinda reminds me of a certain other series's recent remakes, actually... Still, Binding Blade's alright and it makes a lot of sense to do something with that for the international audience. They've been stuck in a bad situation with Roy for proportionately longer than the average FE6 player is. A remake might also allow them to better integrate FE7 into the world instead of having it as a weird tacked-on prologue that, within twenty years, gets more thoroughly erased than a dictator's critic. I'm just glad they specified "Binding Blade" on its own, because the "hey let's merge fe6 and fe7 into a super genealogy" is the worst idea this fanbase still spouts.
  12. He may disappear after beating Grieth, if you did not collect him before then. That's why he joins you in the first place, after all.
  13. my little conqueror can't possibly be this cute
  14. The maps themselves aren't new, so it's still a little lazy, but they do at least have one.