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  1. FE Gaiden Leon

    This section of an interview might or might not be relevant. The impression I get his that his personality -- which in this case is also his sexuality, for better or for worse -- may likely have been inspired by his rather beautiful portrait for a male Famicom character, rather than any dialogue in the original game. And things snowballed from there. No intended agenda. No intended offense. No intended pandering. Just a flat-out "he looks gay lol, let's work with that".
  2. I always liked to humorously imagine this was the case for Gaiden, but then Echoes made Lukas and Forsyth into actual Christmas soldiers, so It's definitely not the intent, but it kinda works out that way so it was easy enough for me to have fun with it.
  3. Was the Fire Dragon supposed to move?

    Duma is also able to move in FE2, for whatever little value that has.
  4. According to... who? It sounds to me like you're attempting to make excuses. The reason no Fallen Heroes dropped is because: Armor teams are a premium team that they would like to be effectively exclusive to whales if possible. Celica is a popular character that they know that people will shell out money for, especially as a 'dark' variant. Bloating the 5* pool is a positive for them, not a negative, because it makes Legendary Banners more appealing. Anybody who would quit over a lack of 4* demotions on individual banners likely already has, or at the very least, should have seen the writing on the wall with the anniversary.
  5. is it just me or do leif and nanna almost look like falcom characters leif looks like he'd fit right in as a gagharv character, possibly even an older ys title, while nanna's only a little tinting away from fitting right in with trails
  6. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    And, I believe, never prior to that, if you consider Rhajat to be part of her respective banners (as she was likely separated for economic reasons rather than for thematic reasons) and combine Alm/Celica's armies (which had three males and three females split among two banners.) Yet even then, World of Dawn was out of obligation: Micaiah and Sothe were both mandatory, and Meg can't appease their armor fetish (or degrade the Black Knight) in the way Zelgius can. This is the first time where it feels like they actually could've avoided a majority-male banner and chose not to. Kudos to them for not pandering to shallow audiences for once.
  7. So what role is Neve/Nieve/Naimh supposed to serve, exactly? Seems to be just a sword lady so far, and I already understand that to be Yuzu's "role" among the Cipher mascots. I guess she looks a little bit more sinister, but...
  8. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    groom raven x bride lucius do this for me and i start playing again, devs though at this point i'm half expecting it to just be lon'qu with his hair done nicely for a formal occasion or something
  9. Rally For Marth To Join the CYL2 Winners

    And every character from Archanea is from FE3 or FE12 except Wrys. Even Athena. So. But the biggest factor is probably just that Mystery of the Emblem is the more popular game in Japan. There's your vote difference right there: the people who have the greatest reason to care about Marth prefer what is in this situation the wrong game. Give or take a few thousand people who don't rigorously check which Marth fared better last time, or simply don't care, and there you go.
  10. I mean I got more mileage out of those two than their legendary weapons in their respective games anyway tbf. Effective damage is fun for the whole family, and I can only imagine that that's even more true in Heroes where monsters aren't a thing but Cavalry and Armor units certainly are.
  11. Just a grumbling female player...

    Introducing Celica: Divine Princess, Delthea: Shadow Spirit, and Silque: Mila's Servant! Be sure to obtain at least one of them to ensure that you'll be prepared for the Tempest Trial that will allow you to obtain Valbar: That Dude!
  12. Worth mentioning that there has not yet been a Binding Blade banner yet, either. Unlike the three you list, that game actually has a substantial number of characters in the vanilla game... but post-release, it's pretty much on par (I believe it's Reinhardt/Olwen, Seliph/Julia, Klein, and Technically Inigo.) It's probably a lower priority, but we're due for one of those, too, if for no other reason than to remind the American localization team that they renamed Thite/Tate/Thea/Tito/Titty. You could arguably make a case for Mystery of the Emblem, as well, but Echoes of Mystery did have two FE3 characters on it, they're just listed as FE12 characters for some reason.
  13. Fun as that might be, you'd just have people finding ways to cheat the system for their waifu. Hell, people are doing that already just to get around the one-vote-per-day system by voting on multiple browsers, computers, locations, and so forth. There are always going to be those who take these things far too seriously.
  14. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I'd be more optimistic about this if it weren't for the fact that you and I both know why they're doing it isn't for some noble or pure-hearted ideal. They're 'correcting gender imbalance' because they want to sell sexy women to men who are willing to pay for them. Do you think it's primarily women who want to see the normal, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Valentine's Day, New Years, and Bulgarian Unification Day versions of Tharja and Camilla? Some do, I'm sure, but I can say with near-absolute certainty that the primary reason for the popularity of these characters is not those who rally behind them for their ability to champion women's sexual freedom. Do you know what might actually benefit equality, though, as paradoxical as it might sound? Adding more males. There is a dire, dire lack of cute or attractive males in the game, and the damaged artwork is never as saucy as what female characters get. But you really shouldn't underestimate the market for this sort of thing: there are a lot of women (and indeed men) who would love to see men be given even a quarter as much attention as women are. The scraps they get every few months -- Summer Frederick, Inigo, Arvis, Sothe -- are absolutely nothing compared to what the opposite persuasion gets. Were that to change, banners would become a lot more interesting, and I suspect the fanbase might become a bit more interesting as well.
  15. Banner: Sacred Memories

    4 characters -> 1-2 characters that nonwhales can pull at 4* after the banner ends 3 characters -> 0-1 characters that nonwhales can pull at 4* after the banner ends Since it's only barely worth pulling on launch banners in the first place, I hardly think that this sacrifice is worth the loss.