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  1. On harder difficulties, I guess. The Sky games aren't too lethal on Normal though; you can probably weasel your way through 3rd without much more tact than you'd be expected of from SC, and SC itself isn't too bad. Just don't think FC Normal is going to prepare you for SC Hard or the Fun Time Trio will provide you with at least one new posterior.
  2. Honestly I like CS1 more than CS2. I liked 2 more until, like, two-thirds of the way through... and then it just kinda fell apart for me. Pretty much everything after the Bareahard mission turned me off. 1 is pretty consistent and gets noticeably better after basically every chapter. $40 isn't a bad price for either game, but I'm definitely not double dipping.
  3. I said nontrivial, not good. Morgan is almost completely redundant with a confirmed character, so I don't see them as terribly likely; having said that, Grandmaster offers a wealth of possibilities and both their popularity and importance tend to be higher than other kids. Essentially they're a bit like Lucina in that they bring zilch to the table mechanically but have other valid reasons to be considered. Unlike Lucy, these reasons just happen to be fairly weak. To be honest I'd be more concerned about her overlap with Celica than anything else, since she seems like obvious DLC. This is actually a good point. I forgot about her because I forgot Fates even had beast units. What a mess that game's world was. Yeah she's probably getting in.
  4. Noire competes with Virion, Takumi, Gordin, and Jorge. I don't see it happening. Awakening Trio and Lucina excluded, Morgan is the only one I see having a nontrivial chance. Fates royals and Archanean archetypes just take up too much real estate.
  5. It's not particularly ridiculous that a distant descendant might be familiar with Marth but not Anri. Like, I imagine most people today are familiar with Alexander the Great, but I doubt a whole lot of people are familiar with his father Philip II in comparison. Philip's accomplishments are actually pretty impressive as well, but his son just outshines him so much that even they largely end up as a footnote. Or as backstory, if you will.
  6. inb4 another thread devolves into ike and lyn not getting their usual level of pandering In Archanea, I assume. Caeda and Camus are both pretty obvious inclusions. Could see Hardin/Draug/Jagen happening as well, but they're less likely. As for other games, Azura is probably a lock but there's not much else of value. I imagine at least one DLC pack will be Sacred Stones since they hate acknowledging that that game exists besides obligatory mentions of Ephraim and Eirika, so getting them out of the way means they don't need to do much for that game.
  7. It's almost like it's a bad idea to invest money into a service that relies on abrupt power creep to stay afloat.
  8. yeah i'm not dumb enough to think anyone i like stands a chance, they never do Donnel was probably my best shot of getting a character I actually like in, but I kinda doubt he's got much chance now since we already have a bunch of Awakening characters and any open slots will probably go to a villain or Tharja. Henry and Redhead Canas definitely aren't getting in when Tharja exists, Hinata definitely isn't getting in when Ryoma and even Hana exist, Sheena is never getting in over Draug/Kellam/Effie, and Xane's probably too complicated to work in a game like this. The best I can hope for at this point is Merric and Wrys. I'm not super in love with either, but they're okay, and they're at least popular enough to stand a ghost of a chance compared to tiddy monsters and main characters.
  9. STEAM happened before Smash though, didn't it? Smash, if anything, lets him use a sword more often than he usually does/would.
  10. As far as an Awakening trailer goes, everything here is pretty reasonable. Lucina is functionally worthless for as long as Marth and Chrom exist, but she's too popular not to include. Lissa and Frederick are both pretty good choices for Awakening, with Lissa being one of the most unique Cleric candidates and Frederick being a pretty well-liked guy with a semi-uncommon weapon type. Robin is obvious.
  11. I'm going to have to disagree somewhat: Alisa and Machias have some of the worst character introductions I have ever seen in a video game, with Alisa's you-know-the-one scene in the prologue in particular being so cringeworthy that it took all of my love for FC/SC not to put the game down then and there. Jusis also starts out pretty badly, but he gets vindicated by subsequent playthroughs when you realize he did nothing wrong and everything is Machias's fault. Luckily the prologue itself is over pretty quickly, even if the forced drama from it doesn't completely evaporate until Chapter 3. And once it actually does get going it's probably more consistent about it than FC on average until at least endgame. So there's that.
  12. Christ. I've hated Photobucket for a long time since it's literally impossible to view their images on mobile devices (it spends like 3 minutes loading ads and the image ultimately never even shows up, not that you'd be able to see it at the standard zoom anyway), and yet I somehow continue to be impressed that they find new ways to make their service even worse. Of course, if this means that fewer people dare to waste my time with pointless Photobucket links then I'm all the happier for it.
  13. This sounds cool, uh, but... If I'm reading this right, doesn't that make this effectively a board game with day one DLC and pre-order exclusive content. That kinda unnerves me, man. Is this common? Nobody ever wants to play board games with me so I don't follow them much, but this is new to me.
  14. Lucina getting into this game is less surprising than water being wet. She's by far the most popular character from her game and the third most popular from the entire series -- and unlike Lyn and Ike, she didn't even have the advantage of an entire game's fanbase rallying behind her on principle, which ought to at least make things even. Of the three creepily devoted fanbases she's the only one who is in a game that already has been officially confirmed. There was practically no need to even mention it because Lucina getting disproportionate attention is the norm rather than the exception. Her presence is no more a surprise than the sun or the moon; her fans can count on being pandered to as they always are, and only the most deluded of those who dislike her would expect it to suddenly cease in a game like this. There is thus no need to react. Like, Chrom is more of a surprise than she is.
  15. While I have my issues with the games, especially compared to their predecessors, they're still pretty fun and worth a shot for people who can't quite get into Sky FC. I do already own them, though, so I'm probably not going to buy these unless there's something radical like Olivert being added as a Mirror.