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  1. is it really digging if i don't even need to go below the surface is it really complaining if i'm actually being generally positive for once despite my well-justified pessimism i should be complaining about the fact that there's now zero defense for azura being withheld for dlc specifically because spineless consumers will pay for her now that niles may destroy the logic used to justify her exclusion, and i should be complaining about owain being yet another sword user and probably a clone of ryoma, but i'm letting all of this slide for now because these two characters would in theory at least begin to address several of my shallow personal complaints i know that you really want to discredit me because i obviously singlehandedly have the ability to make this game fail in all regions using the superpower of being slightly annoyed on serenes forest dot net slash forums, but i think you're picking the wrong fight here since i'm being a lot kinder than i should be right now because of personal bias toward the characters in question; if anything, you should accuse me of being a hypocrite and encourage people against taking me seriously (like they ever do ahaha their loss) considering how quickly my tone changes once they finally remember to add appealing men
  2. potentially the most exciting news about the game since its announcement and it's through a goddamn leak ace job, marketing team can't wait for my hopes to get crushed as it turns out they're the dlc characters because it wouldn't be fe warriors without letting my hopes down one last time, but at least i'd consider it on sale or something if they're playable in the base game
  3. Apparently enough to get hyper-defensive over a very mild joke that you weren't even the primary target of (it was mostly aimed at the devs) in as few as five minutes. I'm not sure why you're still hiding your avatar when I don't even come here very often and can tell exactly who you are based on this post.
  4. to be fair, caeda looks similar enough to lucina that they might've thought lucina fans would get confused and roll for her anyway
  5. Personally, what I would have done would've been a vain attempt to get at least a little bit of representation from all continuities while accounting for gameplay diversity as much as possible. Some more than others, certainly, but only such that every character serves a clear and obvious purpose. Archanea: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, [Camus] Valentia: Alm, Celica Jugdral: Sigurd, [Arvis] Elibe: Roy, Lyn, Hector Magvel: Ephraim, Eirika, [Lyon] Tellius: Ike, Micaiah, [Black Knight] Awakening: Chrom, Robin, Lucina Fates: Corrin, Azura, Camilla, Takumi, Outlaw Anna The roster has obvious weaknesses, although ironically not significantly more sword users than the current one, but DLC is used to shore them up. Something like DLC1: Inheritors of Light: Leif, Lilina, and Owain. Focus on child characters. DLC2: Silent World: Minerva, Eliwood, and Elincia. Focus on characters who should be in but couldn't quite make a cut of 25. DLC3: Legendary Warriors: Nephenee, Tharja, and Leo. Focus on the most popular characters who aren't in the game, with mild consideration of gameplay/region. (still doesn't leave any room for fe4 gen 2, but genealogy is regrettably obscure so it's not like i can just make all of the dlc jugdral) This is obviously completely unrealistic and always has been for countless reasons, which is why I would never have bothered expecting it or even posting it prior to now when it's irrelevant anyway. But I think the sentiment is nice, at least. To be honest I was actually on board with the "choose from three games" thing at first, but after seeing how they did it I regret ever giving them a chance. Superficially that's actually the right way to handle it, but with direction that incompetent they would clearly have been better off just going the safe route. look at how this game handled fates no daggers no ninjas no unique hoshidan crazy magic no beastmen no oni savages no azura no unique classes whatsoever besides the ones that are basically stand-ins for other classes already, and in the way that they're presented the difference between camilla and a theoretical other wyvern knight IF WE HAD ONE would be practically nil i'd almost hazard a guess that if this game had had tellius it probably wouldn't have had laguz either way
  6. Focusing on Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates for DLC is probably a good thing, since at this point they've proven so proven so woefully incompetent at pleasing older fans that they might as well just give up on doing that and at least try to salvage what they can from the people still willing to defend them. I say that knowing full well that the former includes me, who at this point has lost virtually all interest in the game. If their plan was to capitalize on those three games (I'd say two games, but they're actually doing Shadow Dragon before Awakening, which is a good show; albeit, too little and too late) in the hopes of preparing a worthy sequel, then by all means, god speed. For their sake, hopefully that phantom audience exists. I want no part in that, and will not support a game based upon the vague idea of another. Azura, Camus, and Tharja seem like obligatory additions if they're missing. Them aside, I could imagine some permutation of Oboro, Charlotte, Minerva, Draug (sadly, I'd rather Lorenz), Nowi, Gaius, and Owain. Felicia, Jakob, and Kaze might also be possible if they add daggers. Ugh, it's so frustrating seeing a game with so much potential turn out like this.
  7. Idunn has quite a number of advantages going for her. She fills a sorely-needed niche (as what would presumably be a Green Dragon, currently only occupied by Fae), she fits very cleanly into the current system without stretching belief too much (although she doesn't actually use a Mage Dragonstone, there's one in the data), and she has an entirely serviceable humanoid form that is presented as sympathetic. She's also a waifu, and while that does zilch for me, I'm sure that helps her chances for a number of other people. She's also probably the weakest of the bunch so it would only be fitting to give her out first.
  8. Lissa's the only character I've seen who made me think "wow, this looks fun." It may or may not be a coincidence that her reveal was the last time I had any real excitement for the game. Still, failing all else, they really did her up right. Points for that.
  9. While this is entirely true, this is a situation that they created completely for themselves, and not one I (or anyone else) should feel obligated to feel sympathy for. They made a deliberate choice to focus on Fates, the game with the Royals. They made a deliberate choice to include every single other Royal, even the ones that were unpopular (Hinoka, Male Corrin pending implementation), could reasonably be excluded (Elise, Sakura), or could otherwise be removed for balance reasons (Leo, w.r.t. Hinoka.) They then made a deliberate choice to exclude her anyway in favor of characters from previous games, despite the fact that the end result of doing so appears to have been so meager that the only people satisfied with it are the people who would buy any game with Lyndis in it -- which has nothing to do with the original M.O. to begin with. The circumstances behind Azura's exclusion were created based entirely upon a series of bad decisions that they themselves made, and the only people that can be held accountable are them and, to a far lesser extent, anyone responsible for the creation of the royals in the first place. Don't go trying to pin this on anyone else.
  10. and yet they're still pushing all eight royals when literally only camilla even comes close so
  11. i- i don't even have words what the puck was the point of having fates as a focus game if you're only going to focus on royals and then go out of your way to ignore the royal with the most interesting potential for a moveset the one saving grace is that since she's probably dlc now they might be able to do her right instead of somehow making her a sword user
  12. I feel like we should all take a moment to appreciate the fact that they had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a character more unique by giving them a sword, and still threw it away. While this was probably a necessary concession to get her in at all looking at the amount of effort she seems to have had put into her, it's still a bit maddening. In any case, uh, Caeda looks about the same as I expected... and Tiki's implementation seems frankly bizarre, even if I give it points for creativity. Guess all my hopes are riding with Anna now, so hopefully there's more to her than Takumi 1.2.
  13. Clearly Lyn will dual-wield Durandal and the Binding Blade, and Celica will "borrow" the Valentian Falchion from her man like a sweater and then "forget" to ever give it back. inb4 corrin uses tiki's divine dragonstone
  14. Lissa looks fun and we might get more Gaiden remixes. Darius somehow ended up being the most attractive guy in the game. five bucks he's not playable
  15. if this were in a vacuum, i wouldn't care at all unfortunately life doesn't work that way; they said themselves that weapon type was the main reason why we're not allowed to have a game that focuses on the series as a whole instead of just 2ish games, so they frankly deserve all the heat they get for bringing in one of the few lords from the non-focus games that could easily be justified as a non sword-user and then making them into one the glut of sword users isn't the problem and never really has been, it's the fact they cited trying to avoid it as a major influence on game development and then ended up having just as many as we probably would have had anyway they would've been better off not saying anything at all, which says something considering how well that's working out for them with people's faith in shadow dragon representation