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  1. I'm trying to apply this FE6 translation patch to a ROM using NUPS. However, every time I try I immediately get an error saying "Error opening file <location of ROM>". I thought it might be a permissions thing, but I've done some digging around and haven't been able to find any settings I need to change. Other information that may help: - I believe I'm using a clean Japanese ROM. It has the label "Eurasia" on it - I also tried applying the patch to the backup file of my old FE6 ROM with no success. I do not remember the source of this ROM - Both the ROM files and the UPS file are in the same regular folder that I can access from my Desktop and not in a compressed folder
  2. Transferring DLC to new cartridge

    I was actually just about to ask a similar question on this forum. For personal reason I prefer having cartridges of the games rather than digital versions, and I was wondering if DLC I purchased on a Conquest cartridge would be available on a Birthright Cartridge. Now if I read this right: Then the DLC is tied to the system, so it doesn't matter if the version of the game is digital or physical, so long as it's played on that 3DS. Have I understood this all correctly?
  3. I just realized why Levin's name was changed

    Yep. I mean, it's not like IS has never gender swapped names before (Dorcas), but I'm guessing they don't want to make such a big habit of it.
  4. I started Playing Gaiden Just Now

    Easy mode does one other thing: it allows you to freely swap items between Alm and Celica's parties without having to use the merchant/trader/runner/whatever guy. Anyhow, general tips: - Villagers work like trainees in later games. You don't have to accept the first class you are offered when promoting them; you can refuse and talk to the statue again to get a different option - Sisters, Pegasus Knights, Swordfighters, and Archers are the good classes. Cavaliers and Soldiers are okay. Mages are bad. - Magic costs HP. Watch out. - Bows have a minimum range of 1 and can have a maximum range of 5. Watch out. Again. - Fights tend to be much more like slugfests than other games. It can often take the concentrated efforts of several units to bring down some enemies, especially bosses or lategame Gold Knights/Barons. This is mostly due to accuracy rates being quite low all around. You'll get good use out of your fast-forward key.
  5. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    I just started Chapter 2 and was reminded of something else that bugs me: Eve is a feminine name (and so is Eva, for that matter). Realizing that IE has used gender-swapped names before, and that these are pretty inconsequential characters, does anyone else feel like these could be changed? 'Eve' at least seems like a pretty simple fix: change it to 'Yves', which has the exact same pronunciation but is a masculine name. As for Eva... I dunno, maybe 'Ebba' or something? All this is assuming that I'm not completely missing some sort of subtext where the Kamikaze Brothers (including Alva) are supposed to have feminine names for a reason.
  6. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Well, since we're on the topic of mostly inconsequential script changes... This should probably read, "I'm going to back up Sigurd."
  7. Inheritance time

    If Dew got the Wind sword, there's no need to do this and you can give the Thunder Sword to Fee or Nanna (or Azel!Delmud, but that isn't part of this conversation).
  8. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    I finished the Prologue. Minor nitpicks: Two things here: 1) 'Chalphys' bugs the hell out of me. I think it should be 'Chalphies', like how you pluralize other English nouns that end in '-y' (puppy -> puppies, variety -> varieties, etc.) 2) Maybe I missed the discussion, but shouldn't 'Baldo' be 'Baldur'? This one has 'Chalphys' as well.
  9. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    I finally broke down and started a file with your patch. But before I get too far, here are my thoughts on your discussion points: Draco/Wyvern or is this all set I honestly don't care which one you use. I've never been a stickler for this. As I've said in the past, I'm more interested in the dichotomy between these guys and the Pegasus Knights than what you actually call them. bastard/dastard? The words aren't interchangeable, so there really shouldn't be a discussion. If the translation is a pejorative insult or in reference to a child born out of wedlock, use bastard. If the translation refers to a backstabbing villain, use dastard, Julius death QuOtE!1 I'd say either all caps or normal. The alternating letters are weird. What to do about Tailto, other unliked names? I'd use the mythological reference for her in particular, though I don't really feel that strongly about it. I'll keep a list of names I think are fishy as I play, though I've already spotted one: Vylon. Is 'Byron' a legitimate translation? EDIT: Andorey -> Andrei is something I can get behind. The bros have a text wrapping error. (Joha*)->Verify my fix Might be a while until I get to this one. Loptyr Sect -> Loptyrian? I prefer the former for purely subjective reasons. HiPriest -> Bishop I'm fine with that change, but I'd consider changing the NPC Bishop into something else Langobalt -> Langbart->Had to revert, too many letters I prefer Langbart anyhow. Blade/sword/brand I'm guessing this refers to the magic swords? I like Fire Brand/Thunder Sword/Wind Blade myself, but that's purely subjective and might be taking too many liberties. Plus, as I understand it, you don't have enough room to add the extra word anyhow. Ch 5 convo reptor "what are" Yet to see this Missing translations - welcomeback, ending, intro Graphics replacement?->holy blood, title, et cetera riot gharnef pls
  10. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Gonna jump on this one again. Saying 'dastard' instead of 'bastard' is not the same thing as saying 'darn' instead of 'damn'. 'Dastard' is a distinct English word with a specific meaning different from 'bastard'. I'd actually wager that 'dastard' was used because that's the actual translation, and not because of some misguided need for censorship. When Sigurd calls Arvis a 'dastard', he's doing so because Arvis acted in a villainous, treacherous, cowardly way, not just because Arvis is a jerk. So before you finalize these changes, you'll want to check with someone who knows Japanese to find out what the actual translation is
  11. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    I have seen it both ways, but according to the CIA Factbook it's just 'Singapore'.
  12. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    "Clipping someone's wings" is an English idiom. I'm all for keeping the name of the sword as Wing Clipper.
  13. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    RE: Adjectival/demonym of Grannvale It's a really awkward name to work with. As far as I can tell, there is no real-world country that has a really similar name, which makes this even more annoying. Anyhow, there are a bunch of different ways of creating an adjectival: add a syllable/sound (Croatia becomes Croatian), replace the last syllable (Sweden becomes Swedish), remove the last syllable or sound (Slovakia becomes Slovak), alter the word in several places (France becomes French), or leave it the same (Singapore remains Singapore). Demonyms are most of the time just the plural form of the adjectival (people from Cambodia are Cambodians), but some use different methodology (people from the previously mentioned Singapore are Singaporeans). Now as I said, Grannvale is kind of hard to work with, and most of the standard methods don't appear to work, as people have already said that 'Grannvalian' sounds pretty bad (and I would have to agree). You could try just 'Grann' and 'Granns' as your adjectival and demonym, though I still think that sounds a bit awkward. Someone suggest 'Grannvali' to match Jugdrali, and that could work too. You could also cut out the -ale syllable entirely and try again - instead of 'Grannvalian' use 'Grannvian', for example. You could also just fudge it and make something up. 'Grannvaen', maybe? Just some thoughts.
  14. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    I'mma jump right in here for a sec. I'm more than a little sleep deprived right now, so forgive me if this all comes out in a jumble: Don't forget to change any references to Holy Blood - Baldo is now Baldur, Holsety is now Forseti, and Lopotusousosusouosuo is now Loptyr. You may also want to think about changing 'Fala' to something that more closely matches 'Valflame' (like perhaps 'Vala'), though given all the pissing and moaning that occurred when Twilkitiri made other such small changes you may want to get more opinions about it. Also don't forget other little tidbits like the names of the Deadlords, the adjective form of Jugdral being 'Jugdrali', Eldigan being the 'Lionheart' instead of the 'Lion King', and Seliph being the 'Scion of Light' instead of the 'Earl of Light'. If you were using Twilkitiri's patch as the base, there was still a lingering use of 'Ira' (instead of Aira, which you are changing to Ayra) that I noticed in one of her Brave Sword-get conversations.
  15. I'm not sure if it was actually confirmed, but I got a general vibe from the community that this was due to stuff in FE5 (which I haven't finished). Maybe I should have stuck it in the 'for discussion' section? Um. I think you're missing what I'm going for. I understand what you're saying, that any pairing is valid within the context of the game, but I'm looking more for pairings that were confirmed by other means (e.g. Lewyn x Fury is made officially canon by the fact that Ced has Forseti in FE5) or don't have any other options outside of killing one of the characters (e.g. Marth never marries anyone but Caeda). I'm actually trying to avoid speculation, even if it's speculating on something heavily implied like Roy x Lilina. The fact that I found someone speculating and making assumptions is what caused me to make this topic to begin with, out of curiousity about how many times throughout the series that IS explicitly said that two characters are together, despite other options.