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  1. Does Twitch Plays Pokemon count?
  2. Honestly I didn't want old stages in Sonic Mania and I wouldn't want any in another game either.
  3. I don't think people liking Zephiel actually means all that much. According to his dialogue in FE6 he finds human emotions as a whole to be the problem, and states that a world run by the manufactured dragons with no self would be a better state of existence.
  4. I have yet to play another game that has impressed me so much with its atmosphere as Metroid Prime did
  5. I'm still not over the short clips of live action Greil death. I think I love this ad.
  6. Interviews

    I didn't actually ask much the first time around so let's go Favorite story from any medium? What human value or trait do you admire/value most? Favorite dessert? What is a game you really enjoy that you feel is overlooked? Favorite quote?
  7. I just did my free roll on the male CYL banner hoping for another Hector and I got +atk -def Julia. I was hoping to get her back in Hero Fest so I'll take it.
  8. I've been wanting Tana throughout this banner, didn't get her yet but today I got Innes which I'm pretty happy with because I've been playing since launch and he's the first good archer I've gotten.
  9. Galaga and Tekken are long time arcade favorites of mine, though nowadays I'd be excited to see an arcade cabinet period.
  10. hhh

    Last year was the busiest and most consistently stressful year of my life in recent memory. Man that's cool, it probably beats my Mexico trip, but that was more of a relaxing beach trip anyway I guess. Also imagining you in Texas is hilarious. I see no issues with this plan, it is clearly foolproof.
  11. hhh

    Yeah we'll see how it goes. You can let your face know that the excitement is because I'm going from about seven classes(long story) to just three this time. Yo that's cool, where were you? (as in, where in the world, on the cruise) You can do it Mei. Man, I'd like to visit New York some time. Only visit though.
  12. hhh

    I am well, yes Had a mostly relaxing summer, went to Mexico for a bit, classes start tomorrow but it's the first time I've been kind of excited for school in years so that's neat How have you been?
  13. hhh

    Hi Mei
  14. fate

    Not planning on using any quartz for this event, but i did a ticket roll and got Marie so I'm counting that as a win.
  15. I assumed and am fine with alternate versions of Gohan and Buu, since it's pretty easy for them to have very different playstyles, but I'm curious to see what will differentiate these versions of Goku and Vegeta in gameplay. I'm glad all three of the Android trio made it in. EDIT: Or maybe not? Meh