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  1. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    I like steel types (Riolu just edges out Lucario)
  2. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    This took forever to narrow down, I had to do coin flips for some, and I could probably make two more
  3. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    It was a really close call choosing between Bartz and Cecil for me, glad Cecil got some recognition ...Also, including the names of the characters is a good idea that I probably should've done before, edited my post in case there was anyone people didn't recognize
  4. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    I can't make a definitive top 9 from every game I've ever played, so I decided to tackle this by picking some of my favorite games/series and choosing one of my favorites from each as a representative (that was the plan at least, but there were two games I couldn't put in just one for, oops)
  5. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    I honestly don't know if I could narrow that to just 9
  6. Should the magic triangle return?

    I find the magic triangle to generally be pointless because of how similar all the magic-using classes are, I don't particularly miss it because things honestly don't feel different without it. That said I am in favor of incorporating magic into the standard triangle like in Fates and Heroes.
  7. 3x3 of the week! #4 Favorite Pokemon

    Picking just 9 was very difficult and may have been influenced by the art I was able to find
  8. Yeah I'd say the holy blood dudes from Jugdral would be the strongest, since it makes them practically superhuman in lore and obtaining their holy weapons gives them anime-esque power-ups. Among those I'd place bets on either Julia or Julius topping the list, given their specific holy blood. Taking magic blood out of the equation, Athos does come to mind yes, though it's difficult to judge exactly what he's capable of. Ike and Walhart are definitely who I'd look to for pure physical capabilities. I would also say Karel, but that depends on how much truth there is to some of the stories we hear about him.
  9. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    Fae from FE6 does, as for Tiki the closest thing to feathers would be the FE3 Divine Dragon design, which looks like it has... fur.....? It's an odd design to be sure.
  10. QOTD ♚♛ 1411 - Favorite image?

    Does Twitch Plays Pokemon count?
  11. Stages for a possible "Sonic Mania 2"?

    Honestly I didn't want old stages in Sonic Mania and I wouldn't want any in another game either.
  12. Who is better Zephiel or Nergal?

    I don't think people liking Zephiel actually means all that much. According to his dialogue in FE6 he finds human emotions as a whole to be the problem, and states that a world run by the manufactured dragons with no self would be a better state of existence.
  13. QOTD ♚♛ 1411 - Favorite image?

    I have yet to play another game that has impressed me so much with its atmosphere as Metroid Prime did
  14. CYL TV Spot?

    I'm still not over the short clips of live action Greil death. I think I love this ad.