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  1. SRPG Studio help

    if need be i may just go for fire emblem rom hack instead but keep the details i already disclosed just alter the name a little Just call it Final Conquest
  2. SRPG Studio help

    just checked the damn demo version wont allow you to export the demo game which sucks, so it's pretty restricting.
  3. SRPG Studio help

    i'll do the demo for free and with the full thing being a paid thing plus i'm having the money go straight to the PDSA.
  4. SRPG Studio help

    dragon quest and a con i need to save for as im splitting the hotel bill with my best friend so funds are hard to get so i feel your pain buddy.
  5. SRPG Studio help

    are you able to output a playable version with the demo version? plus nearer the time i'll be putting a request for a beta tester before i release the demo to the forum my goal is to get Mangs to play it as i find him very entertaining plus i plan to include him in the game somewhere as an enemy or a recruit-able ally but only if certain conditions are met.
  6. SRPG Studio help

    Thanks ProfImpossible, I can share a bit of info on the game You follow the Journey of Gladiator Ivan, his Sister's best friend Mercer an archer with a very serious attitude and Martel a swordsman tasked with protecting Ivan on his Journey (the Jagen of the game Not a super Jagen) in the four playable chapters you will recruit a flirty Dragon rider who develops an interest in Ivan called Shara, A skilled Thief called Freyja, a Dancer called Celeste and last but not least a sage by the name of Ried who is a little like Lute from Sacred Stones. As for the Demo It should be available once i can figure a few things out as the demo is very limiting.
  7. SRPG Studio help

    I will share the game rest assured only thing i'm trying to figure out is how can i change the main screen before you begin the game the demo i'm working on will have 4 chapters and i plan to have 30 chapters and may include voice acting since i do that myself and i'm working on becoming a professional. Would anybody be interested in being a beta tester for me once i've done a good amount of work on the demo version and once i figure out how to change the back ground for the screen before you start the game?
  8. SRPG Studio help

    I'm planning on getting this and creating a game for steam just need to learn everything in the demo version i may make a submission for the next fee3.
  9. it's a good point but who knows maybe they devs can make it work?
  10. i'd say joining the two games into one huge adventure (No waifu emblem) so no getting to flirt with Louise (sorry Mangs) plus if it stayed true to it's original formula and had no "shiver" casual mode! then we would have a interesting game. Take shadows of valentia for example that game was amazing yes the maps were huge but the dungeon crawling was what won it over for me. Fire Emblem Echoes: Eblibian Chronicles would be a day one buy for me and if it was fully voice acted that would be a plus with the option to have a japanese track as dlc to please the weebs. (Although i wouldn't be doing that)
  11. i got fire emblem 4 advance on a hard drive somewhere but i wish you the best of luck, this shows a lot of potential.
  12. Fire emblem OVA abridged

    I was the Voice of Shiida
  13. Looking For Some Help Undubbing FE Fates DLC

    The english voices aren't that bad but it seems weebs get upset over english only games. So why not just wait for a fan translation if some players (not all of them) enjoy the localization?
  14. Do people these days finish games they buy?

    i beat all my games apart from advance wars one strum is a cunt to beat ! and i been stuck ever since i got the game.
  15. Limited Edition (Europe)

    i already got 4 limited editions and 2 normal editions as i'm part of a group that does giveaways of games for gamers but no details yet.