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  1. Adding Recruitment events?

    how do you assign the convoy to the unit good sir
  2. Adding Recruitment events?

    I'm working on a FE8 engine hack, I was able to use the unit place to add characters but they have no trade capabilities and do not save to the unit list on the main map. Is there anyway to add a custom recruitment?
  3. Custom Battle animation Pointers

    So I am trying to use one of the peer classes in FE8 to make a link class I managed to import the animiation thrugh FEditor. My problem is I don't have a animation pointer from FEditor to assign the animation with nightmare or FEBuilder, How do I find the pointers for the animations?
  4. The Last To Post Wins!

  5. The Last To Post Wins!

  6. A work in progress

    standing random workings and such scrap animated SARON well to be honest I started making the lance guy for a contest on feu many many moons ago and im still working on him slowly but surly ,I'm not sure if this should also go in a request section but ?I was wondering if some one could make him go into FEeditor ?ive been trying but i cant get him to meet the color requirements?well thank you guys for looking at my try of a battle sprite :D and if anyone wants to help out with the battle animation pm me :D
  7. Hello

    Why thank you for the good greetings every one .I do hope my stay is well ,and I know it will be :D
  8. Hello

    HAZA,being on a forum again time to start le hackin
  9. Hello

    Why to all who read this I bid tidings of joy ,im justin otherwise known as loler coaster I love computers ,video games (mostly strategy-mid evil games )but gta and sims are some exemptions I first played sacred stones when i was about 10-12? loved it,got onto the internet some time later and learned about modding and such, got more into tech and now I build computers and other such stuff.I used to reside on FEU but then it closed,then sos but idk what happened to it ,so now I decide i will spend the remainder of my fire emblem days here.I hope my stay is full of peace love and happiness,if there is anything you want to know about me just ask right here i'll be happy to answer