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  1. were you banned for ever?

    1. Nobody


      well, rip in pieces

  2. Mugen is cool and all but...

    I thought something along the lines of Soul Calibur, but the 2D graphics might be more appropriate.
  3. Make Heroes-style characters of SF users!

    Someone make an adorable chibi of me.
  4. Dragon queen in Radiant Dawn?

    Then don't picture it.
  5. Dragon queen in Radiant Dawn?

    Pretty sure Almedha is older, just by looking at them. She looked like she could have been 5-10 physical years older. LOL
  6. How do you pronounce "IS"

    Funny enough, not only do I still have my GC, but I've been playing a little light OoT. RPGs were never my thing, but you make it sound it's not much of a drag like traditional RPGs would have it.
  7. How do you pronounce "IS"

    They did? I literally just know them from FE.
  8. Like, how do you pronounce IS. You know, Intelligent Systems. I literally say IS, like "is"...you know, since people never bother to put a period in-between. It just stuck on me to call it like that.
  9. Zihark almost made two rounds and Zihark dude didn't budge? @DarthR0xas Your theme is 2cute