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  1. How do you cover black bars in videos?

    I have Sony Vegas.
  2. How do you cover black bars in videos?

    That's because they're covered by the side skills and a blue backround. FEH plays at a resolution that leaves black bars to the side after recording.
  3. Is there some sort of tutorial or anything for this? Can't even phrase the inquiry properly to look it up. What I mean:
  4. I would understand competitiveness, which is not something I see as "bragging rights" (unless sarcasm). It legit feels more satisfying when your characters beat competent threats. I barely made into T20 this week with a +7 CC Bonus Unit Henry, two +3s (one being girl Grima) and a 5+5*-equivalent in Florina (4*+10). And that was after I gave everyone dual Rallies, Charlotte with double Spurs+Wrath, girl Grima's Prf, etc. Don't say such dumb things.
  5. So nothing to say in terms of actual currency gains?
  6. Where did you get the father and son sprites? They're so crisp next to mine...


  7. Is doing well in Arena really worth it at a certain point? I never saw much of a competitive value in it. Most of my reasoning is just wanting to fight better characters. I'm struggling to make T20 and actually find myself having to climb back up from T18 if I don't. You know there's something wrong when you have to sacrifice actual performance (skills like Reposition over double Rallies, Aether over something else, DC, etc.) as well as actual characters (most mages and Dancers), etc. I'm not saying those kind of characters can't make it, but Dancers pretty much narrow down to Olivia (if you're F2P), and the only mages I like just so happen to be 5*-exclusive (and their merges don't make a massive difference either way). The sum of it, I find myself having to sacrifice actual performance and team composition just to apease to scoring. I just try to stay as high as I can so I can net a few feathers.
  8. Sleep is a waste of time

    actually here it is 1:34
  9. Sleep is a waste of time

    You know that feeling when Charles Xavier told Magneto he wasn't alone in X-men: First Class? I'm Magneto.
  10. "Johns" in Heroes

    Well, I didn't include said Hones or Spd Tactics/Waves, Drives or even a Summoner S-support for that. In fact, he wasn't even +Spd. Here's the actual example: If you're curious about the A-slot, I find it's surprisingly good defensive. I used to really sleep on defensive Spd, so I really took it upon me to look into it. Ran examples against most other defensive A-slots and namely Steady Breath & Close Def against +Spd & +Atk examples of her, testing raw survibility (the last two using Atk Ploy instead of Spd Ploy). He marginally outperforms Steady Breath in that one aspect, disregarding the clear killing advantage (4-Turn cooldowns). And for whatever it's worth, it doesn't severely limit him from being able to counter strong Greens as much as it looks like. I really like the first set, personally (since I also don't have Wrath yet). The idea for me isn't to be built to counter only one character counter-triangle while sacrificing important matchups, but to be able to do that if you have the chance and might need it. I also like being flashy, so you can see why "doesn't need to" will never stop me. :p If I can prove it in a feasible setting, even better. I do flashy as long as it's supposed to make sense. I also don't think I've ever run against Ayras reaching 50 and above all that much. The other day I saw one reaching 52, and then buffs. But it doesn't happen all that often for me, and I was simply highballing agaisnt him. A guy tells me he doesn't even see her at around 715-720+. Then again, I only barely scratch around that. 718 was my very max, of today (to which my Libra isn't even a part of, because fuck the system). The thing is, I base a lot of these under workable. Doable, and hence, "consistent". I don't assume a guy sorrounded by 3 people, each with doubles Spurs on top of a cover tile. In fact, I tend to make them generous and assume Drives and Tactics, which doesn't even tend to require more than one or two sorrounding units. A lot of these are no different than what people do to feed Blade Tomes (assuming they don't have full Tactics). And this is the lesser case scenarios, which is overall minimal, if the result is being able to survive and kill counter-triangle. I think you overstimate a lot of these people. They legitimately sound like the only think they can do is poke at this or the other, rather than give sound arguements like you guys are doing. These people are definitely not one of those.
  11. Henry Appreciation Topic

    Is there any particular reason you want +Atk? I feel people get the misconception trying to fix his Atk is where to start off with him, but it doesn't do a whole lot unless something more specific (Owl Tome + Bonfire on top of Atk buffs). At least he gets quicker kills off of that. I appreciate it, thank you. I'll let you know, it's actually thanks to how much I liked him in Awakening that I've always kind of wanted one. My initial idea was a 4*+10, which is a lot more feasible to other people. That can actually be a pretty legit defense team. If I had Candelabra on Henry, I had a pretty wacky and annoying idea. If he's in some sort of choke point on top of a cover tile with Guard + Obstruct...GG. LOL I think it's overrated how much investment he needs to be good. You don't even need CC to make him good. Owl Tome really helps, and you have 2 F2P options available for it, to which you can at least make him a solid ranged counter. Panic Ploy is what allows him to function that way, which lets him beat all of his Ploy'd matchups. I also mentioned this: Blade Tome is fairly common, and probably one of his better sets. Granted, it does require CC, but then he has the added benefit where it can harder to Ploy him than most other, conventional Blade Tome users. That's the sum of it, yeah. But I also think people misconcept as "good > bad" instead of "good > not as good/less" Thank you.
  12. "Johns" in Heroes

    So with anyone unfamiliar to the term, it's basically a slang for excuses. It's mostly used in competitive Smash Bros. on people who make excuses. You're probably wondering, in what kind of context would people "john" in a single player strategy game? I've seen my fair share of people discrediting others' (myself included) builds regarding their character's feats. In my case, I tend to do a lot of scenarios where I have my characters consistently go against the triangle. It seems people have a hard time swallowing that, or maybe even the result of effort, so they resort to things like that. The other day, I reproduced a scenario where Libra would avoid a double from a 50 Spd Ayra and kill her thanks to that. A guy called me out on it, as if the 1 extra point in Spd he needed was some sort of unfair advantage or something. It's almost like you're not allowed to use actual strategy in a strategy game, and that characters have to beat one-another in "fair" terms a-la "No Items. Final Destination" motto.
  13. R3van is that really you. People that lost the light forgot that it isn't about being superhuman, but remembering that being human is super.
  14. The chibis look like toys to me. That's why they're adorable.