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  1. That's actually a really good idea...wouldn't have gone there, honestly. While I appreciate a certain amount of silly, I wouldn't go all-out "meme" mode. I feel like I definitely increased the quality of my stuff with this last one. I switched over to recording on my iPhone, which runs smooth as butter (heard that can matter).
  2. Thank you. That's actually one of the things I do pay attention to, and did mention in one of my topics regarding this: I'm also lenient on certain things, like I won't put a video where I'm facing unmerged and sub-optimised characters. It doesn't feel "valid" for me, and I at times make it so my characters are at a certain disadvantage (I think he's facing 90% Blues in my video, for example). I also considered, like you say, laying out my sort of setup and build, which is something I heavily relied on to get him to absurd levels. I also had a lot of trouble on what to make as a thumbnail, so any idea is heavily appreciated.
  3. How do I promote my videos better?
  4. I expected something out of a horror movie. Your avatar looks like a Yoshi, compared to that.
  5. [FE10] NM Draft

    You report whenever you feel like it, but you always include each chapter and their respective turncount and strategy. Boyd.
  6. Which of these would you rather do?

    also This isn't GFAQs. Surprised it's still up, but at least SF is decent enough to move past that.
  7. Which of these would you rather do?

    I found the answer way too obvious to even be considered a question.
  8. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Just forget about Dull-Ranged already. lol +Def yields more results in a vacuum because of it’s damage output...Dragons are very much a thing, which is part of the reason it’s much stronger in practice. And again, super boon. An extra bang for your buck when you Def-refine.
  9. Which of these would you rather do?

    not that I care much about either one of them, but Priscilla is pretty nice and I don't dislike Serra enough for that.
  10. Which of these would you rather do?

    Can I still see Serra if I'm in a relationship with Priscilla.
  11. [FE10] NM Draft

    Zihark. @Hecatia Lapislazuli
  12. Literally sleeping through my diet

  13. Literally sleeping through my diet

    I like my food fresh...but I'd at least chop off the meat and vegetables and it'd save me sometime. Making a fruit salad a few days prior just amazing. That's okay. Eat one meal a day. Technically not wrong. Thing is, people believe that your metabolism is negligeble by the time you go to sleep, which is how the myth of eating at night was born. The whole "metabolism" card people think is kind of wrong. It's a thing, but not to the extent people think it is. Like, I used to be one of those skinny kids that though they "ate a lot and never gained weight", until I started tracking my calories. Turns out I only did so ocassionally, and most of the time I was eating within overall maintainance. At least to give you a known example...the 120-130lbs (55-60kg) kids that can consistently get away with 3000-4000 calories either heavily mistrack or are a disgusting minority. I remember about that. It's cool you got it together.