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  1. Moved to a new place and the showers sting like a BITCH.
  2. Thoughts on Aerial Grabs

    I don't think it should be as common. Characters that do have them have something else going for them, and it's not like they tend to be really good characters as it is (coincidentally). Yoshi's my absolute favourite with them in Brawl. Very few players really used it to it's full extent. Maybe applies to 64 and Melee, as well...
  3. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    Hahahaha holy shit what. How would that even happen.
  4. New Voting Gauntlet!

    Yes. More Charlotte.
  5. Is it sad I still take my time?
  6. well it helps that for the past 8 months there's absolutely no steam after taking a shower, the fact the thermostat thing doesn't turn on and or the possible reaffirmation when asked, I outright admitted it Maybe.
  7. General "mass killings" thread

    So are you going to ban guns to the public yet?
  8. I'm aware, man. Hell, I'm not quite over my own situation and I'm still taking this lightly. Everybody making it as if it's a big deal. lol
  9. What about them? Dude, even I'm not making a big deal out of this. "jailbait loli for money"? "Fanservice"? It's a very innocent outfit. The whole thing is fairly innocent, and I'd likely be the first to jump up on it if were something as bad as you mentioned. She didn't get the usual (actual) fanservice treatment a lot of females get. Nowi legit looks 10-12 and walks around in the most unfitting and skimpy "outfits" and the only excuse 30-year old lolicons have is that she's legal under our jurisdiction.
  10. The Last To Post Wins!

    The hair is a dead giveaway, for one. Then, yeah. The face is different, but it can also vary a bit because of the artist. Her figure also looks more childish, for whatever it's worth. No Erin Fitzgerald kills it.