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  1. He is a flying mage. Just look at Armour March.
  2. okay lolol, I expected more like "thats a terrible idea why would you fodder a Nephenee for that". Killers are cute.
  3. I'm still waiting on people to notice the Nephenee rip-off I made of her.
  4. Not sure how well-known this is, but the description regarding Wrath isn't exactly to the T. Basically, it can actually activate during actual combat. and I am so damn glad for my Charlote omg and my adorable little toons <3
  5. +Atk/-HP, too. Fairly ideal, you could say. I wanted her, regardless. Yeah, I'm heavily looking into that. Only current problem is my lack of Tharjas. But by the way she's been performing, Owl Tome is working pretty well. What was your "gameplan" when the banner was on? I pretty much YOLO summoned all the F2P orbs I could gather, to the point it built up to around 3.5%. I just kept sniping Reds. And it's not like I got all that lucky, since at least 4-5 of those didn't even have Reds to snipe on. I spent the whole Mystery banner sniping Reds, but "only" got Athena & Luke out of it.
  6. Depression

    I'm only really logging in to post this, because I think everyone should be watching this video. This makes sense of a lot of things, including as to why I was "depressed" for a part of my life and how I finally came through it. A lot of it has to do with the current type of lifestyle I'm going through, in which I simply shut off social media (huge-ass step) and not boggle myself down with food (also extremely overlooked).
  7. If we-re talking bod...