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  1. I actually enjoyed it a ton and ocassionally still look quite forward to playing it. There's still a bunch of unexplored territory for me, like certain pair ups and their children with their respective paralogues, as well as the many DLCs I've yet to play.
  2. inb4 IS concedes that and also gives him like 35 atk to boot oh wait
  3. nah thats actually useful advice you know assuming i can actually stick with a book and not with the munchies
  4. Literally, people discuss these things for sport. I don't think Jill is farfetched at being the best in the game, when the only real thing seperating her from that is how much you invest in her (which definitely pays off). And at least regarding those two, they have a somewhat decent stretch from other "best" characters. Example: Jesus on Wings Haar Jill Top Titania Ike
  5. I don't see your point. You're making seem as if axes are bad, when it's actually starting to make a case for them with the supposed amount of Blues set to counter Reds. This game is all counters. As long as there's something to counter, you'll find your place.
  6. What if they make Dorcas broken.
  7. Actually, my -Atk Charlotte can kill H4xtor if she has an Armouslayer. Like, normal Armourslayer even.
  8. I don't understand what you're trying to say...
  9. In these last two years or so, some people leaned towards the possibility that she might just be the best in the game- and at the very least, 2nd. She does what Haar does but in a significantly harder part of the game. She does require a ton of investmet, but it's not like she doesn't pay off by being the possible best unit in the game.
  10. tip dieting is x5645645765464643 easier when you actually have a life I don't.
  11. So I take it the myth is also true, in which the thing does really stack with Wo Dao...they really should fix that. The kill itself is an amazing idea, and it's cool it takes up a B-slot because a lot of characters generally want either QR, Desperation or some sort of Breaker (if not, Vantage). Going off of stats alone, I knew she's really good. I want one for Wrath (for Charlotte) and the other for keepers.
  12. Is Archie Sonic really multiversal.
  13. That Edward is amazing.

    1. Soul~!
    2. SSbardock84


      Haha, yeah. I was really happy with the way they turned out :)