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  1. I...feel the prevalence of swords might be overexaggerated List of every sword main in Shadow Dragon. (Units more proficient with another weapon excluded) That's 10 sword mains of 22 swordsmen in a cast of 59. While I don't doubt the chances of one of Cain / Ogma / Navarre getting in, the idea that Marth has next to no non-sword-wielding friends is a little silly to me. And hey, there's the off-chance that all 9 swords mains not named Marth get axed so he can pull from the pool of his other 49 friends. :p
  2. Did you count the +10Hit from support? :P Actually, now that I think about it...To the OP: did Benny get support from a second Benny?
  3. Don't mind this one bit. There's an argument for preservation of intent, but I -highly- doubt gay conversion therapy nor date rape allusions were intended and thus should not be preserved. Authors are inconsistent and editors don't catch everything the first time through. My guess on what they did: Kamui takes lessons from Foleo, temporarily appears as F!Kamui on-screen, confusing Soleil and even the player. The crutch of the joke -- M!Kamui appearing to Soleil as a woman -- is preserved but is less unintentionally offensive. Would argue funnier too when the player's seeing what Soleil's seeing. Wouldn't throw it completely out of the question, though that requires Intelligent Systems going above and beyond for a localization when they'd probably prefer to just work on FE15 and try to avoid repeating the same mistake.
  4. It's great being able to equip or unequip skills. Trueblades? Elite Ninjas? Ranged enemies, period? Throw on Defensive Formation and throw javelins in their faces. If she can't kill in one shot, DF becomes a really great safety net for her as she softens up enemies for you for your next turn. If she doesn't need DF as everything around her is juuuust slow enough, take DF off. - While with Benoit DF is a necessity, with Effie it's an option for versatility.
  5. Message I'm getting is that they're actually liked. Well, the females at least. Royals, Aqua, and Oboro were more or less shoe-ins and I'd expect 1st-gen characters to beat 2nd-gen by way of sheer availability. Really, it's a fight for the upper-mid ranks, so Eponine, Ophelia, Soleil, and Kinu occupying part of it is a pleasant surprise to me. I suppose you could pin the first three on their fathers, all three of whom are pretty popular, but Kinu's father is a few steps away from the pit Fuuga, Yukimura, and all the male children not named Foleo occupy. Results for the women in general are pretty varied compared to the men, where it's royals > 1st gen > 2nd gen + Kamuisexuals that no one ever uses for the most part. Flora being just behind Sakura at 8th place, the aforementioned children, Luna not sharing in Odin+Lazward's popularity, Orochi at dead last, it's all over the place.
  6. On Xander's Guiding Lance: Hm, would need to do a little testing, but​ it comes off to me that you're meant to use it as a support weapon. Much like how the Silver effect doesn't apply if strictly used for support, the Rally Enemy effect might not apply either. Might not apply on enemy phase too, making it a good defensive weapon but again, needs testing. Alternatively, used as a high-powered, accurate last hit weapon with no enemies nearby, but if it ever comes to that, I think you've got the situation under control regardless of weapon. Think I'll do that testing right now, actually. Boost Thunder should be a similar case... Edit one distraction later: It's horrible. D: Rally Enemy works on the enemy phase and player phase alike, regardless of whether it was the main unit or supporting unit using the weapon. i.e. It's a lot more trouble than its worth in an overwhelming number of situations. Much better off just using Silver.
  7. Never been a problem. lol Her high Luck offsets offsets her somewhat low Skill and she's pretty comfortable with the weaker but more accurate tomes all thanks to her Mag. If you really need someone dead, a drop in accuracy is well worth the trade-off for 4 shots at an enemy. Even before factoring support bonuses and support attacks, a lot just works in her favor. :3
  8. Besides the fact that he's awful? The fact that he's awful. > Lv 14 (Thought he was 15 earlier, my bad) 37 HP 18 Str 22 Mag (which is lower than the 24 Str he'd have if he re-classed to Trueblade right now :\) 22 Skl 17 Spd​​ (Oh dear God...) 27 Lck (Yay, low Sorceror cap! >.>) 19 Def 18 Res Perhaps I've been screwed by RNG, but dear lord, it's just horrible. >.> He just doesn't have the offensive power of Strategist!Elise (31 Spd + 36 Mag <3) or utility of Azura to justify his inability to take a single enemy that isn't low on health for fear of a guaranteed lethal 2x counter-attack from just about everything. Heck, Elise can actually survive a hit just by downing a tonic or two for those instances where she needs to get every attack in on player phase or in those instances you just need her to take one for the team. Basically, I should've made him quit his day job. As a Sorcerer, he does nothing any of my other units can't do better.
  9. If I could grind, I could test it out. Sadly, I can't. ._. Can only go off my Awakening experience where all ranks past C took two battles no matter how many hearts were gathered in a single one, leading me to believe there's a cap per battle. If the same applies to Fates, you're looking at 5 battles to A+ Zero, 7 to S Nyx. With Mozume's Paralogue and the first special My Castle battle, that means it -might- be doable by the start of Ch. 11 for Zero or 14 for Nyx. Whether it's sanely possible without levelling Odin too much to the point that you may as well stay in Dark Mage / Samurai is another question, buuut insanity's the norm in Nohr so what's a little extra challenge?
  10. It's not the worst idea, having Odin as an Adventurer which takes advantage of his hybrid stats while fixing his massive Speed problem not to mention the Shining Bow being much stronger than most tomes and Bows being strong, period, but being at Ch. 26 Nohr and having only two units married, I'd say the viability of even getting Odin into the Adventurer class is a bit of a problem. >.> Admittedly, I didn't plan for supports until Ch. 10 (Really late edit: Ch. 20! ​How did that get through!? D:), but the prospect of getting him into Outlaw by Lv. 10 or even Lv. 15 so he can start fixing his Speed problem while working on his Bow rank seems...difficult in that light. If you want an Odin that doesn't suck, I'd say he's better off as a Samurai -> Trueblade. If you've got 2500G to spare early on, you can make him reclass the very second he joins and work on his Speed + Sword rank, quickly picking up Flowing Strike and Vantage along the way while putting the Dark Mage's Bind to good use. As a Trueblade, Swordfaire will mostly offset the Magic loss from not going Adventurer. Won't really miss staff use as you have enough healers as-is. You'll also get to take greater advantage of his high Skill and Luck. If you're really bent on using him as an Adventurer, you can try Samurai -> Adventurer, but that's a lot of re-classing and screws with weapon ranks. Just...whatever you do, if you intend to use him, keep him out of Dark Mage. I speak from experience with a Lv. 15 Sorcerer Odin. >.>
  11. No, it assumes you aren't low-manning Ch. 9 or 10, the latter of which being a -really- bad idea to low-man and, by extension, the two before it. It also assumes you don't support-grind Zero in two chapters for Eponine or hack Asura into Ch. 10. How do I put this... Your only other early-game option is so bad that using Mozume can't possibly hurt you. Ch. 8? I'll give you that it'll be harder if you drop any units because you'll have to drop someone more useful. Ch. 9 and its semi-stationary Lancers? Not so much as safety's not an issue. You can easily have her replace Odin for those times when you need to sweep enemies. Ch. 10 with its Ninjas, Lancers, and Pegasus Knights? When the Pegasus Knights alone could ORKO half your units, Mozume is a god-send. Simply being on the southern turret (or the eastern one, should the boss not be killed quickly enough -- and I really doubt most of us even attempted killing him) can be a great help as it frees up Zero to out-right kill enemies. Depending on how well you've got things under control, you could have both step off the turrets to kill enemies rather than injure them. Meanwhile, Odin'd be best for replacing Nyx if she needs to get off the western turret. That's...pretty much it. Ch. 11 and onward, your options start to expand and you see more variation in enemies that won't work completely in Mozume's favor, though you'll still get the occasional flier that's damn-well worth having a second bow for. If nothing else, by that time, you can safely drop both her and Odin, but her great growths and the experience she'd have gotten by that point should let her stand on her own.
  12. Nohr may have limited EXP, but EXP gains scaling to level should offset that. All that matters is how much you're willing to suffer with a ranged unit worse than Odin for a bit -- and even then not by that much since you'll be seeing lancers and ninjas more often than you will axes and bows, not to mention a mere Bronze Bow being 1Mt stronger and 10 Hit better than a Thunder tome. For fuck's sake, she starts with the same speed as Odin. Her -much- better growths will quickly get her to stop being Odin. Her Paralogue comes just after Chapter 7, right? If you really want, you can drop one unit you'd have used in Chapter 8. Alternatively, drop Odin in Chapter 9 and start training Mozume right then and there. I mean, who else could take Odin's spot anyway? There's nobody else on your team! lol Chapter 10 is the same deal as there's just enough space for every unit you have but one. Plus, with fliers around and Chapter 10 being Chapter 10... ...Yeah, thanks to circumstance, she's genuinely viable in Nohr. Her rough start is barely a hindrance.
  13. Through sheer dumb luck genius, I got Kotarou to switch to Explosive Darts for -20 Avo. Made life a lot easier~
  14. Yeah, the chokepointing in the GBA games was rather ridiculous as was the whole one-route thing. On some maps, simply getting people through the halls to fight the last few enemies was a slog and nothing really happened during those turns. The more open design in the 3DS games combined with generally more aggressive enemies and the occasional wave of reinforcements meant that you'd be busy even when the turn counts are going higher than they ever were. In the rare hallway case, Pair Up also let more people squeeze through the same area without causing a jam. I also feel the 3DS games have faster combat animations. Not so much feeling: The ability to outright skip watching the entire enemy turn if you're going through a map for the umpteenth time. Well, Pair Up certainly gets Knights/Generals to places faster and you can de-pair on the same turn without assistance unlike Rescue which required a third unit. Actually, that's just Rally Spectrum which would pretty much break the game otherwise. :P
  15. If you don't particularly care for for Flamboyant, for mid-game purposes (I really can't stress that enough since post-game can get complicated for both you and the enemy), I suppose you could re-class from Basara to Trueblade at Lv.5 to give you something that'll pretty much murder Berserkers. Think about it though: Putting Breaking Sky on a Trueblade doesn't make them a hard counter to Berserkers since they were already one in the first place. :P They just...counter harder. Besides, by switching classes, you're not covering weaknesses, only swapping them for new ones. Breaking Sky can't help with that which is the impression I got from the thread. Now, reverse weapons on the other hand...Well, I forgot about those. haha Much simpler and much more temporary than a re-class. Doubt you'd see Berserkers with their own reverse weapon often. Swallow Strike's unnecessary. Quick-draw Katana would suffice and would work on both phases, not to mention require less re-classing. :P