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  1. Would be funny if Gunnthra's not a free unit. "Oh, hey sis, thanks for rescuing me. NOW GIVE ME ALL YOUR ORBS. >:[" Anyways, assuming she is free, it's colorless for me. My Elise could always use more merges and a fancy new staff, and I don't have any 5* archers.
  2. Elise S-Rank Tome Game Crash Issue? (Switch)

    No workaround afaik aside from not using Warrior/Pair Up/Awakening specials. Those have been crashing me since Day 1. >.> Curious as to what actually causes it. Can happily say it's never screwed me over against Velezark (which is honestly the most critical time for them because fighting it sucks), but I've no idea if that's just my luck.
  3. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    Sure she'd want Desperation instead of a dead Genny? Killing a Genny means she can run Dazzling Wrath which is way better than Desperation because you can't get hit in the first place. :p
  4. The archer's Strong I (hold X) is their stunner. Takes a little while to charge halfway for regular stun and even longer for heavy stun, so make sure to use it from long range. Besides that, you can use a Dual Attack or wait for the enemy to do a strong attack for regular stun.
  5. Sellng my treasured belongings* to adopt a kitty

    Time to re-roll. Best time because both Sakuras are up. Don't have $40USD + shipping to Canada to spare, but I wish you the best of luck. And hey, it that's not enough, there's always next Halloween, maybe even this Christmas with a Hoshidan Winter.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    "Daggers are (sorta) back as the sword equivalent to javelins" Knowing a little about game development and looking at javelins and hand axes, I'm wondering why we aren't just using throwing swords. I mean, it's far less work animation-wise as you only have to create the throw animation for long-range combat and recycle all melee animations for close-range. Using a dagger like a sword meanwhile...doesn't really work, creating more work for needless realism. Alternatively, given that we're working in a not-realistic high-fantasy setting and weapons like the Wind Edge and Siegfried exist, we could always have short swords that cast not-magic which is still a lazier option than creating multiple dagger animations for various classes. Can you even begin to imagine how they're supposed to work for cavalry? Also lol Canto returning. This day/night thing also reminds me a bit of biorhythm, which I feel was dropped for a pretty good reason (See: My Edward at low rhythm getting axed by an enemy at high rhythm.)
  7. While I wouldn't say that sniper has awesome resistance, if Takumi's the 'base' for archers, then the sniper should have better Res than Def. Could've been confirmed via a full-charge Strong I or any other attack or combo that does an appreciable amount of damage. That said, I'll spare you the additional testing and say that, after firing off two warrior specials at a Lv. 64 mage (who I know from previous tests has way better Res than Def) at the Lv. 64 arena in the Gaiden map -- once with Topsy-Turvy on Spellbane Yumi, once without -- that Sakura's warrior specials are physical, not magical. - Maybe they should've put Topsy-Turvy on Spellbane Yumi from the start to give her a better start. Edit: Actually wait, at 30 Mt until upgraded, she'd generally be better off with a regular silver weapon as you progress. Maybe they should've just made Topsy-Turvy bows available earlier instead. Either way, poor Sakura. :(
  8. While I'm not Tables... Regarding damage reduction, damage being divided by Def/Res does fall in line with my own experience and would explain the following: 1. Why low-level enemies aren't obliterated the instant they touch 240 Mt lightning. 2. Why it took me roughly 3 times as long to kill a high-level enemy with a bronze sword (10 Mt) compared to a brave sword (240 Mt) using Lucina (93 Str) instead of taking me over the 60-minute time limit to kill a single guy. 3. Why, despite endgame enemies packing brave weapons (brave weapons, by the way, greatly outscaling your defenseive stats), Elise and her 42 Def don't take 300 damage from a physical hit. 4. Why, despite having 121 Def, Frederick's damage taken isn't zero from the same physical hit. Regarding how individual attacks in a combo are factored, I'd wager multiplicative. Being additive means it wouldn't scale very well. Also, different attacks -definitely- don't deal the same amount of damage. *Looks at Takumi's Strong I* And while you didn't ask this, Astra is not a trigger skill, nor is Luna nor Sol nor Aegis nor Pavise. Aether's not even in the game. :p
  9. Quick test on a new file, Ch. 3 on Easy, having Rowan and Lissa paired up constantly and with a C-support gained from the previous chapter: Unless I've miscounted, the kill limit / # of support-ups per battle is limited to 15. When you've hit the limit (or maybe when you're trying to break past the limit?) -- either for the battle or because you've hit C/B/A -- , you'll notice a different, higher-pitched sound than the normal support-up sound play. No, 15 is not enough to go from C to B. It's very close though, as I hit the limit in 2 kills next chapter. Restarting that chapter and opting to heal Rowan who bravely took an axe to the face for science twice, I managed to hit the limit in...2 heals. Early conclusions: 15's probably the limit. It's a nice number. Heals seem to be worth as much as a kill. Speaking of heals, I'd like to mention exercise: 1. Go to Ch. 11. 2. Bring healers. If you're trying to build supports with a non-healer, give them Potent Potion. 3. Do -not- get rid of the poison. 3. Clear out enough of the chapter that Xander'll be safe from harm. 4. Command everyone to choke on poison, them trusting you'll heal them. 5. Affirm that trust by healing them. Constantly. 6. When out of heals, clear the chapter. With a deploy limit of 6 and abusing the AoE nature of heals, you can build up to 15 supports at once. If there's another chapter that has environmental damage and has a deployment limit of 8, you could build up to 28 supports at once.
  10. Fun fact: Did you know that you slowly generate musou while at low HP? Fun fact #2: Did you know that you can't die during Awakening? Tiki is...odd. In the little time I've used Tiki beforehand, I remember quite vividly seeing Tiki struggle to kill another dragon. Had her tested at the Lv. 64 Gaiden arena fight. Up against a Lv. 67 Sage and Lv. 65 Fafnir, Tiki would do much more damage to the Sage than Fafnir via crit. From an awakened musou however, the reverse happened. I found this out by accident. lol Far as I can tell, Tiki does use both, just not at the same time as it's move-dependent, which means a -lot- more testing'll have to be done on a per-move basis. Might have to check other characters too, which could take a while. Damnit Tiki, why can't you stay in dragon form forever? orz
  11. A part of me wants -- no, demands Arthur be in the game now. Shadow Dragon arena fight using Anna (126 Lck) armed with Sol: Lv. 30 Pegasus Knight gives 69 HP. Lv. 30 Pegasus Knight Caeda gives 66 HP. (Wait, what?) Lv. 30 Falcoknight gives 85 HP. Lv. 35 Star Lord Marth gives 113 HP. Yeah, does seem to scale with target's max HP. Yes, Sol activates on every non-mook kill. Edit because I hate double-posting: To answer a question you had on Takumi vs. Anna when both have Luna and +20 Luck... In my first test attacking a Lv. 8 Myrmidon on Ch. 2 Hard with just one weak attack, they either did the exact same amount of damage or the difference was so minor that it didn't show. In my second test attacking a Lv. 64 Mage in the Gaiden arena fight with one full-charge Strong I, they still did the exact same amount or the difference was so minor it didn't show. i.e. Anna can actually keep up with Takumi damage-wise -- provided Takumi never crits or uses musou and Anna doesn't use a second -slayer, but still. Also, I'm only eyeballing it, but the Awakening skill seems to boost damage by 20% during uh, Awakening compared to when not using the skill during Awakening. Tested by attacking and critting Frederick on Ch. 2 Lunatic w/ and w/o the Awakening skill.
  12. Okay. (ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳ - Quick Remedy test: Remedy 1 is a whopping 10 HP. lol Remedy 2 is double Remedy 1...which is to say 20 HP. Sol tests using Frederick (42 Lck), Chrom (85), and Anna (126): Killing a Lv. 6 Archer in Ch. 10 Easy gave 9, 18, and 28 HP to Frederick, Chrom, and Anna respectively. Oddly enough, killing four additional enemies with Anna gave me 111 HP instead of 112 HP. Maybe I stepped in lava for a second somehow. idk Killing a Lv. 31 Archer in Ch. 10 Lunatic gave 71 HP to Anna. Didn't bother testing the others. Killing a Lv. 80 Warrior in the Awakening Anna fight gave 57 to Frederick, 115 HP to Chrom, 171 HP to Anna. Almost wrote off Sol entirely from the first test and I still question how useful it is in general cases, but I suppose it'd be nice in those healing-restricted maps.
  13. ...Be right back. *Kicks Frederick into a volcano FOR SCIENCE* Frederick, having Remedy 3, healed himself for 550 HP. Huh, figured Remedy 3 would do more. But yeah, Elixirs are 500 HP.
  14. I don't think it has! Er, anyways, according to this one user... Aegis and Pavise reduce damage by 10% for every 40 Luck Trample is a flat 10% damage bonus on infantry | Luna is a 10% damage bonus on everything for every 30 Luck. The last one is pretty big for some characters. Can personally say that Elise's +36 Luck combined with +8 Mag over Leo more than makes up for her -18 Skl to make her the stronger hitter.
  15. Wouldn't know the best way about it, but how I'm going about it is having everybody choke on poison in Ch. 11 then just mash the heal button 'til I'm out of heals, then I beat the map and do it all over again. Highly recommend you start building Rowan's supports first since he can turn anybody into a healer with his skill, which makes grinding out their supports easier.