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  1. Don't know if playable mages have weaker attacks than pegasi et. al. or if enemy mages just have that much more Res than knights do Def -- best resource on that afaik would be this which just gives approximations Will say though that attack speed and stun mechanics are definite factors, mages attacking more slowly than most and having to charge up their C1 before they can get a stun. Trade-off is that mages get to stun anyone and, last I checked, they can charge their C1 really quickly. Well, the cavalry mages at least.
  2. Things I'd want taken straight from Heroes: - The ability to skills with built-up SP rather than earn them at arbitrary levels. Do you really want HP+5 and Gamble as your first skills? No? Fine, go ahead and buy Axefaire as a Lv. 10 Fighter instead. Lethality as a Lv. 2 Ninja? Not sure if that's a good idea when you need Locktouch the next chapter and I'm not even sure how you got the SP for Lethality at Lv. 2, but okay! - Levels to skills. Seal Def's -6 was kinda extreme in Fates' early game. Being able to upgrade skills also gives a nice sense of progression. - Skill list. I just like knowing what I can expect to get from a character without having to consult a guide. It's also kinda hard to get you to save SP (and promotions) if you can't see what you're saving for. :P
  3. Here you go~ For the record, there is a sticky. :P
  4. Could lead to faster, easier clears, maybe? Trading off your own ability to attack in exchange for up to 7 allies (hopefully) dealing damage equal to yours would be crazy. Maybe they'll also finally sprint. Probably won't happen, but damnit, that's what I'm wishing for. lol
  5. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    It'll probably work. Horribly. But a smarter strategist wouldn't use it on a mission where they're the only one available. :P
  6. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    I'm hoping Strategist mode amps allied characters' aggression on-screen. Always seemed silly to me how you have to look away for them to do something. Destruction Pact looks...tempting. Just hope the damage doesn't count for ranking purposes. lol (Fun fact: The warrior gauge slowly charges itself when you're at low health) On an unrelated note, @VincentASM, I should've checked on this earlier, but did you ever finish labelling all of Sakura's soundbites?
  7. Your thoughts on biorhythm?

    Nothing like watching your low-rhythm myrmidon take an axe to the face and die from a high-rhythm fighter~ - Biorhythm is an unnecessary complication that can 'break' the rules of the game in a way that's not in your favor, the solution being to use units that can ignore the rules in the first place.
  8. Need help grouping voice files (Sakura)

    Initially, I was gonna play the game, do something to trigger a voice clip, then find the clip number to label it which is, uh, not very efficient. I settled on transcribing what's said instead. lol -- 011 - I can do this! 012 - I can't do this much longer... 013 - Is everyone okay? Sorry I'm late. 015 - D-Do we have to fight? 016 - Defeated? Here? 017 - I wish I could've been more helpful. 018 - Corrin! No! 019 - Ryoma! This can't be! 020 - Oh no! Hinoka! 021 - Takumi! If only I could've protected you! 029 - We've come this far. I can't hesitate now! 030 - I--I'm ready! 031 - It's over. Is everyone okay? 032 - Oh no, we lost! 033 - We're close now! 034 - If only we could prevent this somehow 035 - Let's at least try to enjoy ourselves 036 - Why is winning so bittersweet? 037 - That wasn't as bad as I thought. 038 - Wow, I wish I had that kind of strength! 039 - That was so inspiring! 042 - How do you do it? 043 - I'm amazed at you Elise. Your courage continues to inspire me. 044 - R-Ryoma, how is it that watching you always brings the best in me? 045 - What power! I hope to be as strong as you one day, Hinoka. 046 - Your aim is on point today! 047 - Just what I'd expect from an expert with a spear. 048 - What mastery, Corrin! I hope I'm strong enough to fight beside you. 049 - Look at you! I'll never be that strong. 052 - I'm, uh, simply doing my best. 053 - I didn't know I had it in me! 054 - Oh, just barely! 055 - I'm--I'm--I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you, Ryoma! 056 - It has more to do with your training, I think! 057 - What!? Don't make me blush, Takumi! 058 - Well, I've learned so much from watching you, Oboro! 059 - If I'm not doing everything I can, then I'm not doing enough! 060 - Even I'm surprised, but I couldn't have done it without you! 064 - Come to me if you get injured! 065 - I'll do whatever I can to support you! 068 - Are you hurt!? 069 - It is an honor to fight beside you. 070 - Don't forget: I'm here if you need me! 073 - I hope I don't become a burden. 074 - I'll try to do what I can for our team! 075 - It's a comfort to have you beside me! 078 - I may not be strong, but I'll fight with all I have! 079 - I--I, uh, won't let you do this on your own! 082 - Thank you. We're stronger as a team! 083 - You're here! I'm so glad you found me! 088 - I'll be there as soon as I can! 089 - I hope I don't let you down! 092 - Thank you! I'm sorry to be a bother! 093 - You came! What a relief! 094 - I'm so glad to have you here, Elise! 095 - Th-Thank you, Ryoma! I hate to be a burden. 096 - Oh, Hinoka! I feel like I'm dragging everyone else down. 097 - Takumi! Who knows what would've happened if you hadn't come? 098 - Thank you, Oboro. I'll try to be more useful from now on. 099 - I--appreciate your help, Rowan. It was really quite gallant. 100 - I knew I could count on you! 103 - I--I'm just happy to be of use! 104 - Please, that's what friends are for! 105 - You're welcome, Elise. You and I are always stronger together. 106 - I'm just grateful for the chance to help you, big brother. 107 - I'll do my best, Hinoka! 108 - No matter what, you'll always look brave to me, Takumi. 109 - There's no need. Supporting each other is what we're here to do. 110 - No amount of danger could keep me from helping you. 111 - Of course. We're on the same side. 114 - If we stay focused, we're sure to win! 116 - Excuse me, but--I have to defeat you! 118 - Please wait! You need backup! 119 - We'll do better if we pool our strength! 129 - So, um, should we fight? 130 - A-Are you ready to fight? 131 - As a Hoshidan princess, I invite you to do battle. 132 - Now that we're here, I suppose we have no choice but to fight. 133 - Meeting you here like this, Ryoma--It's a cruel twist of fate. 134 - I'm not backing down this time, sister! 135 - Here we are, Takumi. I won't hold back if you won't! 136 - I'm sorry, Oboro, but I can't retreat now! 137 - Don't underestimate me, Lyn! 138 - I'm your enemy, alright? 139 - R-Ready when you are! 140 - On behalf of Hoshido, I accept this fight. 141 - Don't worry, Elise. I'll fight with all my heart! 142 - That's kind of you to say, Ryoma, but I'll give this my all! 143 - Understood. Let's see if your training has done me any good. 144 - I may not have your power, but I intend to fight my hardest! 145 - Of course, Oboro. You're just the opponent I was looking for. 146 - Get serious. Got it! 147 - *Exhale* I manage to win! 148 - I--I've made my family proud! 149 - I won? I suppose luck was with me today, Elise! 150 - How could this have happened!? 151 - I hope you know, Hinoka, that you're the one who made me this strong! 152 - I'm sorry this had to happen, Takumi. 153 - I didn't think I could do it, Oboro. 154 - Can I make this up to you, Anna? 156 - I'll give this a try! 157 - We'll see how this goes! 158 - It's worth a try! 159 - That wasn't so bad! 160 - What can I do? 161 - They were waiting for us. 162 - I'm sorry! I've let you down! 163 - Things are starting to go our way! 164 - If only I could've done more! 165 - I--I did it! 166 - Such a disappointment! 167 - We've got to do something! 168 - Don't worry, leave it to me! 170 - Hold on! It's not over yet! 172 - Let's go! 183 - Corrin! No! 184 - What mastery, Corrin! I hope I'm strong enough to fight beside you. -- Triggers seem obvious enough for most of them. Can't figure out what to label them though. >.> Also, would you happen to have the JP versions of 018, 048, 183, and 184? I figure them being copies of each other in English is because in Japanese, Sakura has to refer to Corrin as both male and female. That distinguishment isn't here, but I insist on correct labelling. >:|
  9. Two questions: 1. Does Anti-Air Focus affect critical hits and warrior specials (many of which send enemies airborne last I checked)? Sounds like it would overlap with Critical+/Warrior+, but maybe it does work which would be great. 2. I'm not sure if it's possible, but do Robin and Linde have a combo that'll let them at least half-charge their C1 on the target they just stunned? I'm pretty spoiled by Elise's C1 almost always being fully recharged by the time I crit the target. lol Robin and Linde though I have difficulty getting even a quarter-charge.
  10. Well, that is... a thing

    Try using their C1 when the meter under their mini portrait is full. Their weaknesses are well-compensated by it. Maybe overcompensated. lol
  11. Would be funny if Gunnthra's not a free unit. "Oh, hey sis, thanks for rescuing me. NOW GIVE ME ALL YOUR ORBS. >:[" Anyways, assuming she is free, it's colorless for me. My Elise could always use more merges and a fancy new staff, and I don't have any 5* archers.
  12. Elise S-Rank Tome Game Crash Issue? (Switch)

    No workaround afaik aside from not using Warrior/Pair Up/Awakening specials. Those have been crashing me since Day 1. >.> Curious as to what actually causes it. Can happily say it's never screwed me over against Velezark (which is honestly the most critical time for them because fighting it sucks), but I've no idea if that's just my luck.
  13. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    Sure she'd want Desperation instead of a dead Genny? Killing a Genny means she can run Dazzling Wrath which is way better than Desperation because you can't get hit in the first place. :p
  14. The archer's Strong I (hold X) is their stunner. Takes a little while to charge halfway for regular stun and even longer for heavy stun, so make sure to use it from long range. Besides that, you can use a Dual Attack or wait for the enemy to do a strong attack for regular stun.
  15. Sellng my treasured belongings* to adopt a kitty

    Time to re-roll. Best time because both Sakuras are up. Don't have $40USD + shipping to Canada to spare, but I wish you the best of luck. And hey, it that's not enough, there's always next Halloween, maybe even this Christmas with a Hoshidan Winter.