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  1. Thanks! Time to take the gauntlet by storm! It's a shame they've nerfed the rewards though. Shards are actually a bit more useful to me than Crystals since I can use them to level up SI fodder. Not to mention losing orbs feels pretty bad even though it's far more likely I'll pull 2 Ests with them.
  2. Oh dear, is that multiplier back? Well, let's see how it works out this time. Team Elise users, feel free to friend me for the gauntlet. I'd like to have some guaranteed cavalry units to abuse. Otorio FC: 0701619214
  3. Team Elise here! Time to abuse some cavalry buffs!
  4. How dare you. Celica works hard to spread the good word of the Mother.
  5. Eh, I would say horses are pretty likely to scare people off. Makes it seem likelier to be a full cavalry team and no one wants a piece of that!
  6. Welcome to the scummy side!
  7. Defense wins are flooding in now that Camus is my bonus unit. RIP people who got baited by my Hector lead only to find Reinhardt, Xander, and Camus running out at them.
  8. Aimed for blues in the Vantage banner and got a second 5* Reinhardt for a +1 merge. Too bad I still haven't pulled a +Atk version. :< Anyway, spent some free crests from the quests and got a new personal best of 4,854, which as of this moment is Rank 36 in Tier 18. Team: Hector+2 Reinhardt+1 Camus Xander I've gotten 6 defense wins already with this team as well, with a high score of 582. Hopefully with these units, I can start to bounce between Tier 19-20 rather than 18-19.
  9. Reinforcements come in to replace enemies that you've killed. So to prevent their spawn, you have to not kill anything that turn. On another note, there's a graphical glitch on the map and the red tiles shown in the pic above are defense tiles. They're not planning on fixing it, but we are getting free orbs as compensation later.
  10. Finished Infernal with Horse Emblem because that sheer brokenness is the only way I can cope with this difficulty. Final Team: Xander 5* (Siegfried, Reposition, Bonfire, Fury 2, Axebreaker 3, Hone Cavalry, HP+3) Camus 5* (Gradivus, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Speed +3, Vantage 3, Goad Cavalry, Speed +1) +Atk/-Def Cecilia 4* (Gronnraven, Night Sky, Triangle Adept 2, Escape Route 3) +HP/-Res Reinhardt 5* (Dire Thunder, Reposition, Draconic Aura, DB3, Lancebreaker 2, Goad Cavalry, Atk +1)
  11. Time to break out the Laslow stash.
  12. I need to pull a pink sheep though... IS why, oh why, is Genny locked to 5*? If she got demoted to 4*, maybe I would have tried pulling for B!Cordelia or B!Lyn.
  13. Healer gauntlet? Oh boy, I'm ready to get shafted by the random teammate system. I hope Elise is in here!
  14. Besides the obvious Reinhardt sweeper, shoutouts to my Xander and Elise combo for tanking physical and magical units respectively. Tempest Trial units might have boosted stats, but cavalry buffs reign supreme!
  15. I don't think you can kill them off before the final battle. If they get defeated in combat before then, they retreat instead of dying.