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  1. Did he end up killing the bow cav and mage though? I think you might need a Hone Speed to do it if you don't have a +Spd Hector. Mine is +Spd/-Atk. If he does, then all you need is an archer to snipe the pegasus and Hector won't be in danger on the second turn even if he has to tank the lance knight.
  2. I've got a Bonfire/Vantage Hector so I just put him right above the mountain in range of the blue mage and bow knight. Next turn I kite back and he tanks and kills the Lance knight. So I mean, he doesn't personally kill everything on the map, but he does over half the work! Oh, I also had a Fortify Def on him. Don't remember if it helped him survive, though.
  3. Finished with my team: Gordin Hector Xander Reinhardt Well what do you know, Hector steamrolls yet another GHB.
  4. I mean, childhood friends never win they say... EDIT: I thought you said smash, so my mind jumped to something more obscene. Never mind, just ignore me....
  5. I was able to 5* and train Xander to level 40 just in time for the season to begin. Team: Xander (Siegfried, Swap, Blazing Light, Fury 2, Vantage 3, Hone Cavalry, Spd +1) Reinhardt (Dire Thunder, Reposition, Draconic Aura, DB3, Vantage 3, Goad Cavalry) Gordin (Brave Bow+, Draw Back, Moonbow, Atk +3, Swordbreaker 3, Fortify Def 3, Atk +1) Hector +2 (Armads, Swap, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Hone Atk 3, HP+3) I was able to hit 4820 points with this team in a deathless run which puts me at Rank 920 in Tier 17. The last fight was pretty rough tbh. I was against a team of Julia, Reinhardt, Azura, and Eldigan on the map with a bunch of forests in the middle.. The player I was against didn't put any Assist skills on anyone other than Azura so I had to be really careful on how to split up the team so that I didn't get blitzed down by a Reinhardt with 5 or 6 Mov. I could definitely feel the pain of forest restrictions on my cavalry units here, but with some careful kiting, I was able to dispatch all the mages before they could get the jump on me. Phew.
  6. Bring it on. I've got flags to burn and I want Team Tharja to keep me in 3x points mode!
  7. mkv clearing 11-3 for the quest with free units. What a god.
  8. It was a problem last time with Ch 10 too. Just restart the app and try again I think?
  9. Only things I can think of: 1. You haven't switched to Normal difficulty 2. You haven't finished Ch 10?
  10. inb4 DB3 + Atk Embla Ward Reinhardt with full cavalry buffs busts out of a dark alley screeching wildly at you.
  11. Still hoarding 2215 flags on Team Robin waiting for 3x bonuses... Here's hoping next round will give me more opportunities to spam these flags.
  12. I don't think it's awful, though that attack artwork's expression has his mouth real wide open. Something about his artwork makes me think of Resident Evil or something like that. Maybe the shading?
  13. They can call it Echoescalibur to avoid having the same name as Merric's unique tome. Ok I'm prepared to die for that terrible pun.
  14. No. You're matched up based on team strength rather than tier. One of the people who lost to my team is in Tier 3 while I'm in Tier 15.
  15. So far, I've only been able to use flags for the 3x bonus once. So here I am on Team Robin, waiting around for the next opportunity with a fat stack of flags.