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  1. Score: 4602 Rank: 690 My team consists of Sharena (177), Nino (172 with fury), Eirika (173), and Eldigan (181) for a total BST of 703. To be honest, I haven't run into any teams with broken skillsets or anything and fingers crossed that I never do.
  2. Sounds like a good team! It really is too bad that this quest asks for Tenth Stratum instead of Ninth Stratum... The units in there are just straight up broken at times so sometimes you lose before it even begins. Luck of the draw and all that. One of the runs I had to just surrender was one where there was a 40 DEF Oboro. Camilla was doing 0x4 damage to that thing...
  3. Finished everything except for the Armored quest. My only armored unit is the free 2* Draug, so.... that's probably going to stay unfinished. Cavalry quest wasn't so bad. There's a lot of variety in the mounted units and I ended up completing it using a team of: 5* Eldigan, 5* Elise, 4* Cecilia, and a 4* Ursula. This gave me a nice balance of colors as well as lots of ranged options. Part of what makes the cavalry quest bearable is how easy it is to kite the enemy around the map using that superior 3 MOV and just how varied the roles for units within this move type is in general. The flyers quest on the other hand... I blew a lot of Light's Blessings. I ran Palla, Catria, Est, and Camilla who were all 4*. Catria and Camilla were my main combatants while Palla was there for the Goad Fliers buff and tanking any green units with her Ruby Sword. Est was just there for the Shove utility lol. While these units are all fairly good, the real problem with this team is that none of them are hard hitters without special skills and I would find myself being straight up walled by 36+ DEF units. A problem with fliers in general is that they're ALL melee combatants with 2 MOV so it makes getting damage in with more than one unit the worst.
  4. Bonus characters give a score multiplier of 2x, so you lose quite a bit by not fielding them. I would switch out either Abel or Takumi if you're aiming for the highest possible score. Personally edging towards benching Takumi instead of Abel.
  5. I would say there's 2 situations where I found Gravity to be useful. 1. The obvious one, where your healer is behind impassable terrain and is able to get potshots at an enemy unit safely. 2. Your team composition involves someone with the skill Draw Back. Depending on the map, you can infinitely chip a melee range enemy and kite backward without ever taking damage.
  6. Daily missions would be nice maybe. I finished up all of this month's quests recently so it's just a grindfest from here on out until next month.
  7. My team, score, and ranking. Rating: Tiki (178), Ogma (160), Nino (163), Olivia (149) With the current stat total, I can get around ~630 each Advanced match without any deaths.
  8. Not a joke. It's a screenshot from the app itself. Thank goodness too, because if those stamina costs doubled....
  9. I didn't LOL. That's what happens when you leave that brave weapon at home against Takumi, I guess...
  10. I had to fight a Takumi with Vantage in there once. I, uh, can't say I really want that to be real.
  11. According to this: https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator She has above average attack to balance it out.
  12. Home Menu > Bulletin Board > Scroll down and click on "Recruit Heroes in Hero Battles"
  13. Yeah, arena points are getting pretty competitive. I scored 4,259 last night and was at rank 5200, but I've already dropped down to rank 6018 today.
  14. Otorio - 0701619214
  15. Oh, I just ran into you today!