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  1. Doesn't make me hope for him less xD. Though I agree, he's more likely to show up there. I'll take Sigurd, then.
  2. I'm hoping for Sety, Finn, Ayra and Tiltyu. Nothing stupid about it, except my financial situation after all my pulls.
  3. First one was -ATK +SPD, second was -DEF +SPD, so quite good!
  4. Probably asked already, but does Wrath stack with Wo Dao(+)?
  5. Not sure who asked the question about 4*+10 vs 5*+, but I've made several units 4*+10 when merging got introduced in the game and now, months later, I still think it was the best decision and don't regret it at all. Using these 4*+10 units gave me a lot more points in Arena and a lot more rewards in the past few months than I would've gotten without merging, especially pre-tiers arena.
  6. Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept? If you're scared of Brave Bow & Cancel Affinity, you might also just leave it at Gronnraven+. Give Quick Riposte for a B skill I'd say if you don't have a Setsuna for Bowbreaker.
  7. Debuffer Gaius: Inherited list: 5* Summer Frederick 5* Kagero 5* Seth 5* B!Lyn Notes: Deceptively tanky with 46 Spd (Seashell gives +2 to all stats except HP when at 100%) 69 melee defense (HP+Def) and 66 magic defense (HP+Res). After attacking or getting attacked, foe will take -5 Atk, -12 Def and -7 Res, while all foes within 2 spaces of that target will get -7 Atk. He also has Poison Dagger+, for backup. Edit: Just found out the buffs don't stack, I'm dumb x). I wonder if giving him wind-/watersweep would be effective as a B-skill.
  8. Another one of Roltair's Roy only clears.
  9. Ah, my bad! For some reason, the last post that showed up for me was from July 7th. Might have been a search function mistake? Anyway, cheers :)
  10. There was one, but it's old. Not sure if you're better off making a new one or asking a mod (@eclipse?) if it's okay to revive it. Link:
  11. Agreed! And even with Bowbreaker, if you're up against the Brave Bow / Cancel Affinity version of her, she's still threatening. It wouldn't be so bad if every single team didn't have one though.
  12. I've just fought 7 Arena Assault teams and all of them had a B!Lyn and Reinhard. All. Of. Them. I ran out of counters after my 4th team, but somehow still made it. Sorry, just needed to vent a little ._. Carry on!
  13. I can definitly see this happening eith 'bound hero battles' and the likes. Would be really interesting.
  14. Vantage and Brave Lance don't have the best synergy though, the might of Brave Lance is just so low for that. You're better off with a lancebreaker or something similiar in that case.