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  1. Soren has 3 less speed than Nino and they have the same ATK (both Neutral), so -SPD Nino will end up about the same as him, just with a better weapon. Sonya also has 33 ATK and 2 less speed than Nino, but she does have a pretty good personal weapon I'd say. What are Soren's and Sonya's boons and banes?
  2. Ohayo! Haven't been on here in... weeks atleast, but I was wondering about something and I could use your help :3. I recently pulled a Saber and Shield Pulse looks really interesting! I was thinking of putting it on: Bridal Charlotte/Cordelia Weapon: Brave Lance/Bow Assist: Draw Back Special: Miracle A: Life or Death B: Shield Pulse C: Open Now I was wondering, how would the interaction with Shield Pulse and Miracle be. I assume the cooldown reduction of -2 gets applied, since Miracle activates on the opponents attack. But what about the "Unit takes 5 less damage when special triggers" part? Could it be that Miracle could activate, yet could leave my unit with 2-5 health theoretically?
  3. Can I get in on this? ._. Going full Lighting Breath+, Reposition/Draw Back, Aether, Triangle Adept, Quick Riposte, Fortify dragons (okay, maybe only on 2 >.>) on all my dragons.
  4. These Tempest Trials are amazing to farm SP and HM on. 7 battles for 20 stamina? While also getting orb rewards and the like? I'm gonna spend all my stamina potions on this >=)
  5. @Ice Dragon Besides the assist skill, it's what I'm using on my Fae and it's great so far.
  6. Ah, gotcha, my bad then! Apologies :)
  7. Why would you let Nowi initiate on someone if she has QR3? You're supposed to bait them into attacking you and then she double attacks back due to QR. After that, sure, you can initiate with her if needed, but if you use the 'challenger initiates' stat only, she's ofcourse going to be worse with QR.
  8. I run Triangle Adept on all of my mages and Dragons nowadays. If you know how the AI will act and can manipulate it, I feel it's the best skill to have. B!Caeda (only filling for Linde because higher merges), Tharja and Nino one hit everything on the opposing color and take virtually no damage in return from most things. It teally helped me get deathless runs while breaking the 5.000 point barrier. I feel TA is extremely undervalued aswell, because people feel like you're already 'supposed' to defeat other colors, but TA ptetty much ensures kills a lot of times, which opens up their options and movements for next turn.
  9. At first I saw the orbs (which lined up perfectly) and thought you got all 6 of them in a row xD. That would have actually been the luckiest pulls I've ever seen. Congrats though! Think you might break that 5k mark now and go for tier 20?
  10. My previous highscore of 4.987 points was rank 640 last I checked. That said, after a few merges and some more battles... HELL YEAH! First time breaking through the 5K barrier! Rank 379 as of now and I'm feeling that might just be enough! Crossing my fingers!
  11. Score of 4.972 gets me a rank of 588 in tier 19. Cutoff is rank 619, so I'll probably drop a tier, unless I decide to spend some feathers and try and get above 5.000 points, and even that might not be enough at the end of the season. I'm liking this challenge though!
  12. If you have the feathers, I would promote Reinhard. If you can, try Reinhardt, Olivia, Kagero and either Takumi or B!Cordelia. Give Reinhardt (or Kagero if you'd rather not 5* Reinhardt) Klein's Death Blow 3, give Kagero (Or Takumi) Lonqu's Vantage 3 and see where that brings you. What skills do you currently have on them?
  13. Got him! Actually only needed three units, Azura, Nino and Tharja did the job quite nicely.
  14. Incidentally, I would give her my ring if I could, she's already wearing the dress >.>
  15. Yes, that does work. I think @Ice Dragon got confused and thought you meant the other way around (merging a lower star into a higher star).