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  1. It was +2 for Ephraim's Siegmund, but with that came a new passive. Without the passive, he would have gotten +5 attack, same as the silver lance.
  2. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I know, that's why my comparison was only against other red swords.
  3. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    The reason they do this is probably because, aside from pulling favorite units, there's no real incentive to pull units from new banners if there's no powercreep. They could do it in the form of releasing new skills (not uninheritable), but even then, people would only feel like pulling one or two of them. Like, why would you pull for Ayra when you already have a 5* lvl 40+10 Eirika/Athena/Selena for a while? Whales pull massive amounts for Ayra because she's the best unit out there with her weapon, special and stats. Powercreep IS inevitable and not always bad, it keeps things from getting stale. Is powercreep going too fast is the real question I guess. I actually feel that FEH is taking it relatively easy on the powercreep compared to some games (like you mentioned, Dokkan battle for one).
  4. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    After getting 2x Rebecca and 1x Eldigan (Already got 2 from the Ayra banner, thank you very much) from ~350 orbs, I'm quite done with pulling on this damn banner for now x).
  5. You're thinking of Arvis in your post, not Arden (Or did you think of Pursuit Ring instead of Recover Ring?) As for H!Jakob, he's an Archer, so it'll be hard to give him a Raven build xD.
  6. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    She's one of, if not the best, anti-mage unit out there. Felicia has 9 less ATK than H!Sakura, but 3 more SPD and one more HP+RES. Felicia is much more accessable, coming in 3* and 4* while H!Sakura is a limited edition halloween unit. Sakura however, does come with Kitty Paddle, which seems to be pretty good on first sight. Personally, I spent ~220 orbs and got two 5* Rebecca's.
  7. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    Don't think they're underwhelming at all. Nowi is a new red mage flier with a superb A skill and hone fliers. Jakob and Henry are ranged armored units with high BST. Sakura is basically a better Felicia and Kitty Paddle looks pretty great.
  8. It's been like that since the moment Br!Lyn got introduced for me. I've trained up 7 counters for her, so it's no trouble for me anymore, but it is annoying to see the same thing over and over again.
  9. Question, I finished the main story and gotten all of the history mode characters and all of the 'skins'. What should I be focusing on? I could try and S-rank all missions and collect all of Anna's memories, but are the rewards worth it?
  10. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    So glad they didn't (I knew what you meant xD), I really want it on my Felicia, combined with Atk / Res Bond. On another note, I'm not really into Nowi's art, though I love her cute chibi sprite!
  11. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    Sakura has three skills aswell D=. As for me, they all look fairly entertaining, but none of these characters are my favorite. I'll probably try and get Sakura and Nowi though for Kitty Paddle+ and Atk / Res Bond.
  12. Top Unit(s)

    Lucina at 88, Chrom at 69 and I'm still avoiding the Anna lvl.80 mission for now x). I'd like to rank Lucina up to 88, so I can use Gil to level other characters to 99 aswell.
  13. I used BK on the left side of the map on 5/hard while sending Azura to the right side. She might not clear the whole map, but it was still around 7/8 kills for only 10 stamina that takes a minute or so to play.
  14. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Can confirm, 320+ orbs and I got an Inigo and a Boey while trying to snipe Azura with green Orbs. Yes, I can attest to that.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    The anime is coming in 2018, but the visual novel has been out for a while now. It's on PS4 and maybe on steam aswell (I know I saw the first one on sale there last week). Definitly recommend it ^^. I'll go check Golgo 13 out aswell then, thanks! :3