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  1. Any votes I don't use on Tate, I'm going to burn on Makalov. Some people just like to watch the world burn.
  2. Favorite gaming series

    If I have to pick five... 5: Fire Emblem - Though it's still the most *important* to me, there are games I like better. 4: Suikoden - Only dropped down a spot or two because holy hell did IV and Tierkreis suck. 3: Zelda - I can't describe what it was like to play that game 30 years ago, before walkthroughs became ubiquitous. I don't know if it's different for little kids playing, oh, BotW. But this game was so far ahead of its time it wasn't funny, and the others expanded upon it perfectly. 2: NHL - Don't laugh. This game has been there for me every year since the early 90s. 1: Final Fantasy - Just so many hits, so many life-changing games. I beat VII again for the first time since it was new, and... yeah, it is still great. Apologies to the haters.
  3. One of the things they could do is break up FE4's stages - which were very large, and often prone to issues where taking one castle too early leads to cheap deaths - into smaller chunks. You could get 25 stages out of that. That way, you can also use Thracia as a sequel of sorts. The issue then becomes the fact that you are fundamentally changing how the game works. They showed they were willing to do that for Monshou, but they kept it close to the vest for Echoes for the most part.
  4. What Hard Video Games did you managed to clear?

    You know this isn't a competition, right?
  5. Overhead. The cost of development is fucking astronomical nowadays, and yet the game is still $60 before the DLC and loot box bullshit. So the work that goes into cases, the labels, etc., wherever you can cut corners, you cut them to increase that profit margin even a little bit. For you younger members, go find an old instruction booklet for most NES games. They were huge sometimes! Large, with hints in the back, some were in full colour, with art. I think Final Fantasy's was 77 pages or something. Now, even the PDF manuals look cheaper in comparison. It's just a matter of dollars and sense in an industry that's as tight and competitive as it's ever been.
  6. What Hard Video Games did you managed to clear?

    Not entirely sure what constitutes hard nowadays, because most of today's "hard" games - non Dark Souls division - are hard for the sake of being hard, usually by calling it "retro" and making it cheap as hell. But these definitely qualify: Ninja Gaiden 1 through 3 Castlevania 1, Simon's Quest + 3, + Super Castlevania Every Zelda before Ocarina of Time Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Battletoads Star Tropics Metroid Kid Icarus Metal Storm* Streets of Rage (2 + 3 weren't too bad, but one was hard as hell). VVVVVV (though to hell with the perfect clear bollocks)* Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! (the NES game) 14-0 Solomon's Key An asterisk denotes anything I beat for the first time in the past ten years (I'm 37), which goes to show how much harder it gets over time. Now, I very rarely play a game over the default difficulty and if it's an older game, I'm very likely to use things like savestates.
  7. Have you ever made a stupid mistake when buying a game?

    The first time I went into Dubai, I accidentally bought a bunch of European PS1 games (this was 2000). Needless to say, no one was interested in taking returns, and I had to sell them for like a fraction of the cost.
  8. Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch?

    I've been burned so much by the virtual consoles of old that I'm a little bit skittish regarding the idea of a new one. There's only so many times I can buy Metroid, and if I'm going to go in for Gamecube games that I don't already own, then at this point, I need a guarantee that I don't get burned when Nintendo updates their system in the future. Having to repurchase all of these VC games again and again on the newer systems is terrible, and unnecessary, and just exploitative.
  9. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Forgive me if this was addressed in this three year old thread of 19 pages, but am I the only one having a world of problems importing this patch to use w/ OpenEmu on Mac? I just get a blank screen despite patching effectively. It's notable that OpenEmu doesn't support the standard ips patching method (simply renaming the patch)
  10. Actually, I checked the math, and revenue did jump when the Ayra banner hit. But it also jumped on every other new character focus: Graph is from App Annie, from 9-1 to 10-20. Those peaks you see are, listing as Date: Event (Rank among all US games on iOS): - Sept. 1: CYH 2nd day (3rd on Aug. 31) - Sept. 15: Dauntless Crimeans (9) - Sept. 29: Performing Arts (5) - Oct. 16: World of Holy War (8) - Oct. 19: Tempest Trials/Ayra (9) So it would appear that this specific incident hasn't really had any more noticeable impact than any other summons, and in fact the CYH one was far more successful and even sustained. Going back to the issue of power creep, it should be noted that top tier units have been given out as freebies in the latest events. Black Knight was free, and he's ridiculous. Arden is going to be free, and JESUS CHRIST. Everyone's mad about Arya, but Arden - who was a middling unit in Seisen - is the real issue.
  11. Bolded emphasis. Places like this are white noise to the devs. Maybe they'll listen to feedback on how the game *plays*, but once it comes to money, the guys that matter only listen to the bottom line. And let's face it: the DLC for Awakening and Fates did very, very well (not too sure about Echoes; I think $50 was too much even for superfans. I didn't even get any Echoes DLC, and I have every game save Thracia on display in my house), and as someone mentioned in one of the FEH threads, that game's gross earnings jumped after the Ayra update.* We have to accept that this is a major series now, and as such, in 2017, it tends to cater to people who have more money than brains, and are far more willing to use the former than the latter. That means, if we really want something to change, we have to simply start making that decision at the base level and not paying. It sucks, I know, but consider the alternatives: the closest analogue to Fire Emblem on Nintendo systems is Advance Wars. There is already a very good Advance Wars clone on iOS for like $5, and there's another indie game dropping that looks good, too. So someone will give us the core gameplay experience without IS or Nintendo's input. It's inevitable. We just have to show there's a market for it. * - Actually, the maths on this don't check out. Gross earnings did jump when the ayra update hit, but the jump wasn't even as high as it was when the Performing Arts update hit, per App Annie.
  12. I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not defending the game just because others are worse. I'm literally saying that the design of the system being used is bad and there is no real defence. The fact that it hasn't been outright shitty until now is more of a happy accident. I can assure you: I would never have gotten into it had it not been Fire Emblem, and even then, IS has - by far - the best system. Even your initial 1* Virion can be a good unit with some effort; I can't say the same for low-star units in the few others I've tolerated long enough to play a bit. But in no way is that a defence; damning with faint praise might be more appropriate. Without reading the entire thread again, I think someone mentioned that part of the problem was that people said "I'm surprised IS did this to us!". Noble, but also naive. I don't know if they've changed since the FESS days, but back then - I'm going back over a decade - they were quite difficult to deal with from a fandom perspective. Furthermore, the $50 "Season Pass" for a Gaiden remake, three separate games to tell one "canon" story, whatever the hell is going on in Warriors, the increased focus on fanservice (which is saying something!)... these decisions stick in my craw because they're decidedly anti-consumer. IS - and really, no mid to large tier developer - is worthy of "trust". Cautious optimism, maybe. But never, ever trust.
  13. I read Vincent's article, but I have the reaction to much of the controversy regarding Ayra is overblown for one reason: if you play a gacha game, you have to expect the worst. It is designed to be a shitty, manipulative system, and the way to get people paying into a shitty, manipulative system is to offer them a carrot, with the stick being that the carrot will go away. We've learned with FEH one thing: if there's a really popular summon, everyone pays into it, with the others being ignored. I'm willing to bet no one paid into the focus for Minerva while the dancer focus was going unless they had a heavy overdose of orbs., for example. Everything that is going on with FEH right now is working as intended. They know Ayra is extremely popular. They know the other units are popular to a lesser extent. So put some super skills on them, and separate Ayra into another focus that has two characters everyone has and don't care about (Eldigan isn't at 500HM for me). More people spending orbs into more areas, and ohbytheway the dancer focus is still going. Three focuses ending within days of each other with timed, desired units. I'm willing to bet their internals look FANTASTIC on this. Vincent mentions that this game is better than other gachas. He's right; I've only played a few (P&D, Tales and Fate GO, the latter of which is terrible), but reported on the industry long enough to know how bad it can truly get. But with this system and the focus on making money that it has, things are going to escalate. Power creep is a thing in games like this for a reason; it's how to get players to keep spending, and you're not going to do that with Defiant Atk. This was inevitable, and anyone who thinks otherwise is naive. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if behind the scenes, we found out that more math was skewing the up-front numbers. If you'd told me that in the Tempest focus that Ayra had a lower pull chance than the Incest Twins, or if they were lowering the 5* rate for whales, I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Vince is right. This is a bad precedent. But it was designed to be a bad precedent and I'm shocked we didn't hit it sooner.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Battle on the Beach!

    Yesterday, it was all someone's Asura. Granted, this is fine, because Asura is a beast. But I wish it varied a bit more. Or even let us have a choice, even if that choice sticks for the duration of the round.