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  1. Yesterday, it was all someone's Asura. Granted, this is fine, because Asura is a beast. But I wish it varied a bit more. Or even let us have a choice, even if that choice sticks for the duration of the round.
  2. I was wondering how in the blue hells people were at almost 500K points within hours of the gauntlet starting. With numbers on the line - the number of feathers for rewards, etc. - that makes the whole endeavor pointless. It's already a P2W game designed for whales, now we're adding dumb luck and fidgety, Aspie-like devotion to the mix?
  3. If a remake of Seisen were to happen, a few things would have to change. For one, the maps are so huge; those long stages won't cut it, and would have to be broken down into individual maps. Secondly, that would eliminate another problem (read: taking a castle, then having an army just show up and slaughter your advance units). Lastly, I think they'd have to, either natively or via an expansion pack, address Thracia, which would need a total difficulty overhaul.
  4. Happy Birthday!

    1. Superbus


      Thanks, I appreciate it!

  5. Same here. He not only gave me that, he literally warned me about the DLC before I bought. Bravo zulu, Matthew from the Shelton CT GameStop. That was legit.
  6. What's the worst that could happen?
  7. The obscene cost makes it a harder decision than it should be. DLC that costs $5 more than the base game is simply not a good precedent. That said... let's not front. I'm likely going balls out and getting the season pass.
  8. This sounds like a topic @Jyosua should get involved in.
  9. I can think of a few things that continue to persist in 2017: * A lack of an auto-save feature - I can understand having save points. It's kind of dumb, especially on mobile, but I get it from a difficulty curve standpoint. But not being able to drop and run from a game without penalty - ESPECIALLY on mobile - is inexcusable. * Missables - More specifically, missable major items that you can only get at a certain point, for a certain time, doing a certain, very specific thing that you had to have a strategy guide to do. This, of course, was a bigger problem in the days before GameFAQs (PSX era); I missed my chance at the Da Chao Fire Chamber in my FF VII replay because of this shit. * Game Over on leader death - Look, I know Persona 4 got Gary Stu levels of stupid after awhile. But I refuse to believe that the entire party, including our support character, was so traumatized by my guy his ass kicked that they forgot to cast the same Recarm spell they just casted six times in five minutes to save Teddie's sorry ass. * Pay-to-win in premium RPGs - You're already making me pay X dollars just to play. Then you're probably charging me Y dollars for the optional-but-not-really DLC. Don't start putting healing and crafting items behind a damn paywall, too. This is a major problem with certain Idea Factory games.
  10. It does me great joy to see Ice Dragon kicking as much ass here as he did on FESS. Congrats.
  11. - Persona 3. I loved P4, but for some reason, I couldn't get into 3. Probably because it's a little dark for my tastes, and also because some of the characters were either unlikable or just bullshit. "OK, so what else do we have?" "Well, we have a class clown, a bishie, a uptight valley girl, a ten year old..."You know what? Let's add a fucking dog." "..." "Yes. A Persona-using dog." "... BRILLIANT." - Smash Bros. This has been going on for years: a new Nintendo system comes out, and they say "here, have a fighting game you didn't like when it was an N64 game". And I go "Absolutely! I will pay the maximum MSRP for a game I do not like!" Then two months later, when I confirm that, yes, I do not like Smash, I will return it. Bonus! On the Wii U, I even bought DLC! God, disposable income is dangerous. - Stardew Valley: I played this game a long time ago. It was called Harvest Moon. I didn't care much for it then, either. Last, and probably most controversial on this board: - Fire Emblem Fates. They went backwards on some mechanics, but what really got to me was the story. A lonely 13 year old writing in the fanfiction forum could do better than that Mary Sue/Gary Stu shit. So let me get this straight: my avatar is literally the only person that can either win, or stop this war? And the same people who are desperate to have me back one minute are ready to slit my throat the next, if I make a bad choice? Or, even more laughably, they're both ready to kill me if I go "lol nope" and don't pick a side? And of course, EVERYONE loves My Unit, and he/she is the greatest military and cultural leader to ever walk the world... dear Pesci, I pray they don't bring back My Unit in Echoes. Every game it's been added to, it has detracted from the experience.
  12. Numbers. Especially with three or four new games coming down the pipe, that's a lot of members, with a lot of posts, a lot of quotes, a lot of information in those emails... that's a whole hell of a lot of strain on the web server, SMTP server, etc. You literally don't understand what you're asking for. And that's before you even get into what happens if you post in... uh, whatever the "crazy" board is here.
  13. I do think a spin-off section is a good idea. As it is, I think you can consider putting in: - Tear Ring Saga (currently in General FE) - TMS:FE (I know it's newer, but the Wii U is dead and it's barely a Fire Emblem game as it is) Eventually, you will be adding Heroes and Warriors, which obviously qualify but are new.
  14. All Polygon did was compare what Gaiden was to what the series' template is. And as mentioned before, Gaiden was basically Simon's Quest. Can you imagine if Konami - in an alternate universe where they're still good, didn't humiliate Kojima, and weren't just shitting their best IP into Pachinko machines - remade Simon's Quest II today? It'd look a lot like a really good Metroidvania game, right? That's more or less what we should expect here, given IS's history and the like.