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  1. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    (flavor later) Thorvald Bless Jess
  2. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "...Excellent work on the mitigation." Jess managed, pulse quickened by a near scare. The dodging of the first attack on the Aria wasn't so bad, but when that second oncoming beam was too closely targeted, unable to be evaded and Tarquin had to raise the shield to intercept... The fact that it was the wrong color helped, certainly--immensely even--but it was still quite a bit of a heavier situation than would have been ideal for her coming immediately out of the gate. Jess needed something to focus on, anything to avoid unbidden memories from surfacing, and unfortunately her helmet was in the way, keeping her from slapping her own cheeks to try and snap herself out of it. Did the boy notice her muted distress, or was it just a happy coincidence? Tarquin's words her--though nothing particularly special in their content--gave her tasks, reminded her of her responsibilities, and helped to stave off the worst. "We still have plenty of cartridges for the rifle," Jess recited, running down the instrumentation as she confirmed. "But we are looking to be down to only two shots with the railgun... maybe three if we can manage to draw the fight out a bit for some passive recharge. Otherwise we'll be forced to break into emergency reserves, or see if someone can assist with a midflight refuel." Lifting her gaze, Jess began to purview the battlefield, trying to recall who might have such capability and narrow down their current location. In contrast to earlier, this was the worst possible timing. Violent violet streaked through the air, cutting the space in front of them like a hot knife through butter, the air shimmering, almost melting in its wake. It was not immediately in front of them, of course, much closer to the ally perched on the edge of the water, where the Riese met the sea. But that honestly didn't matter. The first three times she'd experienced the weapon it hadn't been fired at her either, but it still held terrible impact. Jess's blood ran cold, and time crawled to a stop. It felt like her body forgot how to breathe, she needed to actively concentrate on keeping her lungs moving, on basic living. And her eye... her socket started to itch. Mouth dry, tongue thick and barely responsive, she still had to warn them, do anything to help. Not again, it couldn't happen again. "Al... mydis. You can't... let that hit you. Absolutely not. Forwarding you... everything I've got. Stay alive." Who knew if the feeble amount of information she'd be able to collect and pass along would amount to anything. But every moment not spent keeping atop the Aria's thrusters humming, and monitoring its energy reserves now had a new purpose. Jezebel Attune Alriana
  3. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Well, so much for Thorvald's plan of swooping in and neutralizing the Ceres with surgical precision after it had been softened up a bit more, a feat he'd been finding necessary with more and more frequency. As the afterimages of the green warp-glow faded from camera, a sinking feeling settled in. He'd failed them. Astin had been counting on him, and he couldn't deliver. On the brink of sharing the news with the rest of the squad, his finger paused above Transmit. No. Better not. Imagine what that might do to morale. Sure, folk were probably already wondering, unsure or curious. But knowing for certain wouldn't help any in this circumstance. At any rate, they'd freed up their unit that had been surrounded, and were making good progress as things proceeded, all things considered. The unlucky rebels... had made their own bed, and were far enough away nothing they could do would interfere. The Riese was priority. Rumbling the lumbering Odin backwards and up into a prominent position would hopefully draw a larger portion of the fire, if the recent data were any indication. It was settled then. Thorvald to 9,18, Rocket Barrel Cat 1
  4. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    'Come in, Jess the girlfriend stealer!' being broadcast over ANF open channels brought a very weird mix of emotions to the forefront for Abigail. Foremost among them was relief. Even after having found out her old crew was alive, and trying to coordinate along a meetup, there was always some level of uncertainty. Would anything else crop up somehow that might get in the way? This, that, and other worries competed for a place at the table. Then of course, there was also embarrassment. Even for fairly forward person like Abby, just, having a relationship pipebomb like that one tossed out into the open, with no cover available, well that was a little much. Guilt, hope, greed, pride, determination, and giddy glee also swirled around in a wild cocktail. Had Calina and the others been watching her last exchange there, where she dunked on that cat mech without even taking return fire? It sounded like a big 'maybe', given the grumbling about her still using the Heracles, but who knew for sure? Then, of course, aside from the theatrical public presentation, there was indeed a private line raised to her as well, utilizing the familiar band of frequencies they'd always chosen in the past. Abby sniffled, and would have wiped her nose, had a silly little thing like her helmet not been in the way. "My god, Calina. If you ever scare me like that again... I thought you were dead, you don't know..." she started, but quickly changed tune a little. "Heh, actually I bet you know exactly how that feels. I'm so sorry, there's so much discuss. Come and help us mop this up in a hot minute, and then getcher ass on board. Fuck," she shook her head a little in strange disbelief. "I can't wait." But she would have to for a little longer at least, like it or not. Hilling had begun broadcasting his own words, reining folk in from too much early celebrating and beginning to pull the group back to calculated coordination, when suddenly the situation changed. Cutting himself off and swearing, his new craft kicked into action, responding to a sudden warp and threat from what was apparently the enemy commander. And then he was gone. Abigail's jaw dropped, and time stopped. When it finally started up again, some dozens of seconds later or so, the Luna was in custody, and the Ceres was gone, green afterglow of its warp field hanging in the air. "Dammit, dammit, dammit! Punching a hole in their formation here, help me or not, and then I'm gone, don't even try to stop me," she radioed to Thorvald and the Riese team, rasping through her tears. Abigail Focus, Attack Sacarian 8 with Sniper supported by Thorvald Rocket Barrels
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Jess swallowed, steadied her breathing, and nodded, acknowledging Tarquin's systems transfers. "Generators and thrusters, in my control. A good choice for division," she added in, old habit of dishing out positive reinforcement to her squad kicking in. It wasn't false praise either. This was perhaps the best natural choice to make, given their circumstances. Leaving the boy in full command of weapons targeting--the area where his record showed he clearly took a shine, and where her new disability would be the most hampering--was clearly for the best. Furthermore this way, if needed, she could engage the Aria's hover systems without that somewhat more complicated mode of movement causing any burden or distraction. Getting into a rhythm of activity, having something clearly defined to do and setting about making sure it was done well, was a stabilizing experience for her. It was perhaps the only thing that kept her from freezing up entirely at the sight of the alien craft firing its distinctive weaponry, incinerating one of the newly arrived ANF machines. Being needed, having someone relying on her, and a menial task just crying out for attention was just enough to keep her from slipping into a traumatic stupor. Her copilot's voice also helped, as his breaking the bit of silence was a positive trigger to force her to focus. "A-Agreed," Jess shook slightly as she settled back down from the shock. "The escaping machine is a good priority and cleaning that up without having to wade through a defensive line keeping us at bay would be ideal." It would also hopefully keep them far from those deadly violet beams. No, don't think about that, something else, anything else. Tightly clasping her clammy hands, she struggled to drown out the sound of her heart beating in her ears. Oh, right, what about that? Jess still hadn't quite gotten used to hearing the German the boy seemed to have a habit of lapsing into, and there was something inexplicably embarrassing about that. Wasting some time wondering whether the uncomfortable feeling that accompanied these utterances was because she was expected to understand what he was saying and didn't, or whether she was feeling flustered because Tarquin was counting on her not to know proved a decent enough distraction. But she couldn't afford to get caught up in that forever, she had a craft to help control, and maybe a little more as well. "I can pull up some vectors to maintain range... should the initial volleys not be sufficient, and..." she paused and quickly manipulated some inputs on her console, "Can certainly pass along some assistance to other allies sharing our same clear line of fire. Hailing one now." "Phalanx Fighter," Jess didn't actually know all the pilots' callsigns, so had to improvise. "I'll be forwarding some trajectory data on that Ceres unit. I've started running predictive algorithms, and if we add in some coordination to force the enemy's reactions, they should be considerably hard-pressed to evade our assaults. Hope you're willing and able to play along." Jezebel Attune Makoto
  6. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Death Becomes Them Strike Suit Online
  7. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me. Thorvald wanted her to go for a swim? Has he seen a Heracles get wet before? Still, what really were the options? There was nothing but water all around, and unless she wanted to sit back and twiddle her thumbs... "Shit," Abigail swore and banged a hand on the dash. Then again, getting in the water was better than flying through the sky in some tin coffin, even if she wasn't much good at it. Gotta try to stay positive though. Jess was doing everything she could for the Riese, despite the sabotage, so if she was giving it any less than her all too, Abby could never forgive herself. That said, even if she pushed herself like this, getting shots in at the traitor still seemed just out of reach. She'd have to settle for working on one of the uppity house pets. Elaine had already started in on one, nothing better than to follow her lead. "Nice shot, Jailbird," she gave credit where it was due. "Here's putting on some more pressure." Abigail cast Focus, move to 8,17, Pulse Kunai vs Cat 8
  8. Ohoho? So this was the game they were playing at? Fair enough, if outrageous farce is the order of the day... hmm, how far should she go? Rocking her shoulders a bit as she adjusted and straightened her posture, Mina did her best to put on a look of suffering disdain as she gazed down upon Misea from on high. Despite the effort to keep a straight face, a slight crook at the corner of her mouth likely gave her away. "Very well, sir knight, you may begin by... gah!" The teacher had started to slightly raise one leg coincident with the throne beginning to slide backwards, a wholly unexpected development, and the bit of surprised shriek that escaped was most decidedly, less than regal. Wilhelmina didn't need to be told not to move, pressing herself up against the backrest and freezing in place was the natural state of affairs in a circumstance such as this. When the ride came to a stop, it was unfortunately a little conspicuous when she lowered her leg back down, but there was no avoiding it. In fact, it wasn't even on her mind, which was rather more occupied by a heady release of tension. After a moment's indulgence passed, she quickly brushed her lap then raised her hand to her chest. Her heart was still beating quite rapidly. "Well, that was certainly... haaah." A sigh, then she pulled her legs back up under the chair as she craned forward a little to get a better look down the stairway passage that had lain hidden beneath the seat's prior location. Fascinating. Just what else lay in store? Whatever the case, a few ultimately harmless thrills were just what the doctor ordered to take her mind off the previous guilt, hurt, and confusion she'd fallen funk to. Who would stop now? "R-Right, as I was saying... You may begin by leading the way to the lower dungeons. I was thinking of maybe redecorating, but really ought to freshen my memory before finalizing a decision." Even without the slight stutter at the start, the patently obvious attempt to divert and disguise--to continue from earlier--was paper thin at best. But if they could both share a few laughs about it afterward, so what?
  9. Mina narrowed her eyes a little at this development. Both Misea being unusually cagey, in comparison to their previous mostly forthcoming nature... and then there was also the bizarre request. What games was the knight up to now? They clearly did know something. Seconds passed in silence, as Wilhelmina pursed her lips in thought. What harm could there possibly be, was the conclusion she finally arrived at. With a bevy of opportunities forgone in the past to actually do her harm if that was truly a hidden intent, she could see no reason why now would suddenly be the time to pull the trigger. At best, this was an embarrassing prank of some kind, that no other observer would be around to witness. No, childhood fantasies about being a princess had absolutely no sway in the matter. Whyever would you say that. Striding to the throne and purposefully settling down onto it, the teacher did her best to look regal and imposing, though the forced behavior felt so comical she had to fight to suppress her own slight snickers as she did so.
  10. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Looking at his watch as he slid into the cockpit, Thorvald nodded slightly with a tightly pressed smile. Eight minutes since the alert first went out about the incoming unknown. Closer than he'd have liked to that hard ten minute deadline, to be honest, but even so, there was little that could have been done to speed up the process. Still, it was obvious the situation in the field was a bit of a general disarray, several craft had already launched in ones or twos as they'd become available to do so, and the engage would be starting out without any sort of careful, centralized plan. On the one hand, there was some uncanny parallel to that earlier mission where Tarquin took off without authorization and had to be chased after and retrieved. On the other hand, the lost boys hadn't actually turned traitor, so this was going to be fundamentally different, fundamentally harder to deal with. Even the launch protocols that had been established in the wake of that prior event hadn't been enough to prevent the current confusion and piecemeal from happening, as the captain or XO presumably had begun authorizing the craft individually as they'd become available. Nor should it have, probably, given the nature of the current threat and the clear and present benefits of having at least some response sortied and available over no birds in the air at all. That just meant there was only one way forward. Take a firm grasp, play a little catch up, and ride out the storm. Assessing the situation, Lieutenant Kim and the Avalon crew were tangoing with Vera. One of their new hires had seemingly gotten caught up in that engage as well. Trying to pull anyone away from that was going to be a nonstarter, the enemy ace would almost certainly capitalize. Thorvald wasn't sure adding more fuel to the fire was really the best use of resources, however. A slightly worried thought in the back of his mind wondered how much of that was personal bias after their words on the beach, and the Esther affair. Were personal feelings clouding his judgement to a detrimental extent here, or was the deeper sentiment that despite everything in the past, Vera was not the foe to be most concerned with. Case in point, the inhuman invaders right in the Riese's face here. Two unique models could be picked out, one having closely engaged with Aliza, and the other with the milder, more relateable ETs the crew had acquired along the way. Well... 'mild' was still probably not the right word to apply to either that cross between a lizard and a shark, or to the four horned four eyed foreigner. But compared to the aggressive assaults from the Sacarians, both mental and otherwise... well, the cats had also formed a ring around the Ceres. Had it not been for Firmia's transmission, Thorvald may have been more eager to assume a charitable interpretation--that the surrounded mech was in need of saving, perhaps--but it seemed the actual information came down otherwise. So that's what Avery had managed to nick to secure her escape? He worried over the fate of Astin--were they held hostage inside with her, or laid out somewhere unconscious on the Riese still--but for the time being such concerns had to be put from mind. 'Don't risk the Riese to do so' was a given, of course. How best to proceed then? Hmm, this should work. "Elaine, Tarquin. Asking you guys to play mid to long range support on this one. Hold out on the Riese surface for now and cover us, while keeping the enemy from molesting our home as best as possible. Going to try for a spearhead maneuver, but if they don't engage and push past, we'll fall back as well. But we have a decent shot at the Ceres and disrupting their formation right now, so we've gotta take it. Abigail..." he paused a little, some slight discomfort involved in picking her for this task, all things considered, but the call made sense. "Take my immediate six. Aliza, Vvi, Alriana, if you can safely break away and join in, do so. If not, well, we'll manage the best we can." Makoto and Caroline were already on the move, so no need to inundate them with further orders. Okay, let's do this. Pulling the levers and engaging the Odin's super robot systems, Thorvald transforms his machine and prepares to roll out. Tranform to tank mode, move to 8,16 and Rocket Barrel Marianne Jess's eyebrow raised in surprise, but Tarquin's offer was not unwelcome, just unexpected. Especially as he took care to phrase his words in a way that minimized any pressure. "If you don't think I'd be in the way, then... yes, I'd like very much to try to help out. Thank you." Following the impromptu invitation, things had carried on well enough, getting suited up and settling into a mech was a little like riding a bicycle, once the body started going through the motions, it was almost like second nature. The interesting part would come as they moved forward. For now, Tarquin was manning all the controls like usual, as she simply studied and observed, but soon... soon she should be able to step in and take over some of the minor functions. It would just be a matter of communication, should be eas-- What was that? Was that... it was, wasn't it? "Uh... nicht sprekken Deustch?" Jess stammered slightly, trying to recall stock phrases from long ago... at least anything vaguely relevant. No point asking where the bathroom was here, after all. Thankfully, the lead pilot recognized his minor misstep almost immediately, but it was a worrisome factor, and cast another shade of unease on the whole situation. It was hard to maintain a positive attitude when things crop up without warning. "R-Right, that makes sense," she agreed, as he outlined his thoughts again, this time in English. Though... from the looks of things, when compared to some craft she'd been in, this Aria wasn't as marine deficient as it was being made to seem. Should she... should she mention that now or...? No... just keep observing, maybe she missed something. If their hand looks like it might be forced, she can raise the issue then.
  11. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Jess had been in the middle of a small bit of daydream feeling sorry for herself when a voice called out her name, forcing her to raise her head and face reality again. Straightening back up from her slouch, and sitting forward in the chair, the troubled soldier turned to find that Tarquin had stopped on his way to the hanger and was giving her a curious look. It hadn't stopped there, but he was worried enough about her to actually ask. On the one hand, it felt a bit embarrassing, awkward and ashamed to be worried after by someone so young. On the other hand, hearing kind words was a balm for the soul that made one want to try a little harder. Her mouth twisted a little as she prepared to speak, body lagging behind her emotions, which to be honest were still not really all that collected and put together themselves. "Oh... sorry about that, I just..." A bit of a sigh after the preliminary apology, and her lowered her gaze to his feet. Maybe it would be easier to speak that way. "I don't really know what I'm doing. I was supposed to pull myself back together, to get prepared to help out, join in with somebody maybe, to like, sit in the backseat and ease the burden, or even to just be a backup if somebody in one of the already assigned set of pairs got hurt or something and needed to switch out. But even after that week of downtime, I still... the thought of heading to the hangar, climbing into some machine, going back out into battle. For just a moment, I locked up a bit and had to sit down." Her expression softened and a self-effacing smile spread across her face. "Not very inspiring behavior from me is it? But thank you, I think it's passed now, and, huff," pushing herself up out of her seat, Jess walked over to stand beside him. "I think I am ready at least to head on down. If nothing else, I can maybe help out the mechanics as I wait on standby. Before we arrive at the enemy base though, I really have to try to find something better, more defined. A purpose. But for now, just... do what I can, right?"
  12. "A... throne?" Mina finally managed, after the pair had circled around what clearly could be nothing but. "Just what kind of place have you brought us to rest... You said you'd been here before even?" Another couple of chests flanked the symbol of authority, but with the new development the teacher balked a bit at the thought of digging into them without knowing more of the story. When it had been possible to assume this was some bandits' den, secreting away their ill-gotten, pilfered goods or the like, that was one thing. This... was something entirely different. "Missing the false wall, I could certainly see happening your last visit--which was when again exactly? But..." Wilhelmina found words fail her for a moment. There was an intense confusion that was hard to express. Giving up on trying to lodge a reasonable objection, she simply pivoted to something perhaps more manageable. "Just how much of this are you familiar with anyway? What were the circumstances that led you to shelter here?" It was hard to imagine any lord the sort that would desire a throne to just, suddenly establish themselves somewhere on short notice. These sorts of things tended to have a more storied history to them. Could the mystery be unraveled, at least somewhat, by pulling at Misea's threads? And if vampire knight couldn't answer... who could?
  13. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Fanatic 1cc? None of the games he'd purchased had had that title, to Thorvald's recollection. He'd clearly have to do a little more digging if he intended to have any sort of meaningful conversation in the future, but that was certainly a matter for another time. Especially considering Esther had rightly put her finger on the bigger issue. A bit of a frown slipped across his face, as it settled into a worried expression. "Seems like that's the case. If Vera was the one giving them the orders then... hmm, that's a bit of a relief in some respects." It certainly meant worrying about her little sister getting caught up in some inter-agency cross-fire was off-base, and also ought to rule out attempted rescue too, unless the cyborg warrior was working things at a much deeper level than suspected. Perhaps he was being outplayed, but Thorvald felt better about her being on the level than if she were several other Apotheosis he could name. "Guess I don't have to worry anyone'll sneak up here to either kill or make off with you," he nodded, a weak smile gracing his face. There was no reason not to voice his thoughts, really. "Then... you're gonna have to forgive me for cutting this a little short. Knowing you're taken care of, that I won't be failing in the promise I made, I ought to be going. We can chat more later, though." If Vera shows up herself, maybe there'll even be something worthwhile to report back to the girl. It was a bit weighing on him that she still seemed so disheartened, but there were a lot of factors at play, and of course she hadn't yet revised her opinion that the ANF, him included, were her 'enemy'. But, time to put that aside and finally find out who else had been dealing with him as an 'enemy' all along. A quick wave, and he ducked back into the hallway, striding purposefully to the elevators. Cowgirl? Really? Abigail shot the mouthy assistant a dark look, before turning her attention back to Megumi. Hearing it from the doctor herself, it was a lot more reassuring that she felt things were under control, even if they were to be targeted. Given what the woman had shared with her of her past, knowing that they'd been properly warned in advance and not already taken down with the rest of the ship unawares, there was very little cause to argue or complain. "If you say you're good, you're good," Abby nodded and shrugged slightly. "I'm just glad I didn't have to walk in here and find you all dead. Got no problem rushing off to where I'm 'supposed to be', now that that's out of the way," the rebel worked in a bit of spice at Olivia's expense as she turned to make an exit. Thankfully Valerie had been more personable, wishing her an incident-free battle, which earned the girl a smile back before she left. Or would have left, had the injured patient not shown up just at that moment. Seeing Ice Cream Lady's back approaching the door she'd opened, holding the legs of a victim, Abigail scooched aside and yielded the right of way. Ah shit, that boy from the colony who had too good an opinion of her, despite what she'd been responsible for, was here too. Dealing with Makoto and his mother still wasn't the easiest thing for her, but maybe she could escape while his attention was understandably else-- Oh shit! That was Christina they were carrying, and it didn't look good. Yeah, the girl had taken a serious turn toward Bitch Boulevard and had floored the accelerator, but even still she didn't deserve to end up like this. Abby bit her lip, uncomfortable but not sure how to deal with the situation. For a moment, the stupid idea of trying to help by pushing the bed closer to the people doing the carrying had crossed her mind, but it worked out better on the whole just making sure she didn't get in anybody's way. Megumi then was fully in her element, and there wasn't anything Abigail could do, so fighting back the slow building feeling of anger at her general impotency, she finally managed to secure an exit. "Fuck! Somebody just bought themselves a thrashing," she growled as she made her way to the hangar.
  14. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Thorvald had been steps away from the door to the brig when Jess's message about the unknown, roughly ten minutes out, came through. He'd gotten into the habit of daily check-ins with the prisoner, feeling a sense of responsibility, given the agreement he'd made with Vera, plus Esther wasn't a bad egg, not really. One one of the early visits, during the beginning of the big preparation week, she'd made some noise about wanting a console and some games. Not being terribly plugged into the world of electronic entertainment, it had taken a bit of poking around online to settle on something, but thankfully the order had arrived shortly before they shipped out of central. August 11th wasn't exactly top candidate on the calendar for any sort of present, but he hadn't let that stop him from wrapping and delivering a trio of Seihou vertical shooter titles, and the hardware to play them on. According to the research, they were part of a wildly popular series, which thankfully didn't much care about continuity as far as picking up and playing any game in particular. Whether witches, fairies, vampires, and princesses flying around and firing projectiles at each other until they got tired and decided to become friends was even up Esther's alley was anybody's guess, but at least he'd tried, right? The fan forum claimed there was something for everyone, from the competitive scoring player, to the ones just in it for light fluffy stories and relationshipping, so hopefully... Anyway, ten minutes, huh? Could probably bop in for a quick chat, apologize for having to leave early, and still make it to the hangar in time. Yeah, shouldn't be a problem-- Huh, another message from Jess? Apprehend Avery? That was... the details went unsaid, left vague, but there were only so many things it could be. If she was the mole, like it sounded, and was making her move, then there was even more reason to at least show face with their Apotheosis captive, and make sure nobody came to 'liberate' her. Sure, Vera had turned her over voluntarily, but they'd all seen how well the lieutenants saw eye-to-eye with each other, so there was no telling what might happen in this case. Worth a little delay for the peace of mind. Still, he should send word to one of the others to make sure the Odin started getting prepped without him. Maybe the mechanics would be on it anyway, but better safe than sorry and... Honestly, maybe a little extra busywork could help take a friend's mind off what was very possibly a betrayal that unhappily deep. Given how close Astin and Avery had been, tossing out a little light distraction didn't seem like a bad idea at all. "Hey, Astin. Announcement didn't come at the best of times," Thorvald typed into his communicator, "I should still make it to the hangar in time for launch, but if you wouldn't mind poking some of the mechanics and make sure all the preflight checks get done on the Odin for me, I'd really appreciate it. I know you've got your own stack of stuff to sort through, but you've always been able to step up to the task before. Anyway, I trust you'll manage to come through. See you in a bit." Right, time to make this visit quick then. Thorvald stepped into the brig. "Well, this is gonna be a short one for now," he started off, as soon as he caught sight of the prisoner. Already a good sign, they hadn't been nabbed yet. Tilting his head toward the speakers that the captain's message had come through he shrugged a little, expressing that circumstances were out of his control. "Looks like I'll have to put off listening to your full review till later, but... first impressions at least?" Abigail burst into the infirmary, gun drawn, quickly scanning the room for threats before lowering it. "Huh, would have expected this to have been a high priority target in the event of the moles activating. Guess they had other plans..." The rebel was actually quite relieved to see her friend safe, and her worker bees busily preparing for the worst. Best case scenario would see it all as just wasted effort, but if it turned out needed, well good to be ready in case of an emergency. The importance of having proper medical facilities to deal with any aftermath to treachery was one of the main reasons Abby had been worried it might top the list for sabotage. Clearly something else had been deemed more important, however. Taking a few moments to collect herself, Abigail was faced with a bit of an internal struggle. Part of her wanted to keep prowling the ship to try to find Avery, or anybody else suspicious. Bundled under that general inclination was a burning desire was to go and make sure the bridge was secure. However, giving that even half a serious thought, she had no choice but to admit, the alien incursion during the last battle had already proven that particular area of the Riese to be quite self-sufficient when it came to dealing with unwanted guests. On the other hand, doing the responsible thing and congregating in the hangar with the other pilots was probably the smarter alternative. "Fuck, this situation," Abby expressed her displeasure without mincing words. "Well, at least you're all all right." Listening to Jess's announcements, Jess found herself feeling... out of place. She was certainly crew, fell under 'all hands', but didn't see any way she was really going to be making herself useful in the current situation. Did she just go to the hangar and gear up, on the off chance one of the pilots who deployed in pairs didn't show up? Could she even fill in properly? ...Maybe, maybe not. But it was better than staying in her room feeling sorry for herself, wasn't it? Was it? Heaving a bit of a leaden sigh, she stood up, and sallied forth. As she slowly made her way to the hangar, Jess was trying to recall which of the pilots Avery was, so she could be prepared if she accidentally crossed paths with her. A young boy pushed ahead alongside and past her, all geared up in a pilot suit and in a rush to get to the elevator. Jess found herself reminded of the other young pilot she'd made acquaintance with. Without really planning for it, she turned the corner making a loop and poking down the other hallway, where she seemed to remember his quarters were, but stopped when she realized she didn't even know what she'd do if she found him. After a few moments just standing awkwardly at the end of the hall, she shook her head and righted course, but soon found herself sidetracked by another diversion, as she stepped into the cafeteria. Apparently her subconscious was doing everything it could to delay her, and when she realized that, the sergeant got more than a little frustrated with herself. Squeezing her eye shut and grinding her teeth a little, she tried to fight past whatever it was that was causing her to drag her heels. How embarrassing. Was she really this afraid? And she claimed to still want to help out. Pathetic. She should have gotten off back at base, walked away and never looked back if this is how she was going to be going forward. It was so... frustrating. She pulled out a chair and slumped into it, needing a few moments more to compose herself before finishing making her way to the hangar.
  15. Mina grunted a small affirmation to the vampire knight, and leaned her staff against the wall. It would continue to glow for a little bit, even without her in continual contact with it, but it would slowly fade. Certainly no hard time limit, as she could easily take hold and charge some more magical energy into it, so there was no reason to rush through the mechanisms either, but the teacher didn't want to keep everybody waiting either. ...she didn't want to keep herself waiting for that matter either. Curiosity is a harsh mistress. Wilhelmina sets about opening all three chests