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  1. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space

    Name: Monty Martinez-Mendoza Age: Fresh out of med school Sex: Male Height: 5'12" (he says it this way to see if people are paying attention. sick sense of humor, bro) Weight: 175 Backstory: With the ANF footing the bills for school, it was inevitably they'd call to collect as soon as he was done. But that was something Monty had to expect when making the deal so there was no point complaining. Especially as his assignment could have been a lot worse. I mean, a relic like a Megalodon probably wasn't gonna see any action anyway, right? Appearance: Short, dark brown hair, and perpetual five oclock shadow. Deep brown eyes, the kind you could get lost in. A bit of a penchant for V-necks, when not dressed for doctor's duties. Sports a healthy tan, and a little latin charm to round things out.
  2. Oh, so she wasn't in trouble then? For having accidentally rushed things along and invoked the 'last resort' option, well before they knew if it was necessary... or if there were other consequences. No, too early to say that for sure, this was only Astrid talking, not Misea. But, promising nonetheless. Mina felt herself breathing a little easier. Her thoughts though? "Well, what's done is done, you're right. It doesn't much matter the blame. As for everything else? I guess... it didn't hurt as much as I'd expected, been led to fear? But I couldn't really call it my favorite pastime for a Tuesday afternoon. I don't intend on running away from my responsibilities, if that's your worry. I accepted this job and I mean to see it through," especially now, with that cloak hanging like an albatross around my neck.
  3. "I should have known better," Mina countered Almira's claim on the guilt, casting her gaze to the ground. "Even after all that talk about my... smell, I never fully considered just how much of a temptation that might end up being. It won't happen again, I'll just have to keep getting better at weighing treating her like a normal girl, with... a healthier eye towards proper boundaries."
  4. At the sound of 'Mina dearest', the woman in question found herself slightly exasperated. Couldn't Astrid see she was occupied? On the very task she'd been sent to do, no less? "Can it wait until after," she began to protest, turning to look at the one who had accosted her, but the look in the eyes that she caught from under the hood, and the added request for Almira's presence stopped her. The teacher almost fancied she could feel the grip on her shoulder growing tighter, and flinched a little. "Very well. Alex, here," handing the pouch with the leftover allotment she'd been given for the outing by Misea. "I'll leave the rest to you, while dealing with this other business, I guess." Wilhelmina wasn't exactly looking forward to what undoubtedly was to come.
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    It seemed Tarquin felt the more the merrier... or at least, that the doctor's addition wasn't enough of a burden to refuse her. Really, quite a bit more toward the latter than the former. The more she saw of him, the more Jess got the feeling that something about the way he carried himself was so stiff and formal. It really was a little amusing, just what she needed to help keep some of that anxiety at bay. Resting her chin in the palm of her good hand, the one that had been wounded now just laying flat on the table, she'd intended to go back to watching the aspiring chef at work, but the shrink had other plans. Fine. They could have some conversation, but she wasn't getting into anything that should be saved for the couch. "Yes, please. I much prefer Jess, actually." Who likes to be called a Jezebel, after all? It wasn't until a sentence or two later that she realized Dr. Hart must've been wondering if she'd've preferred Sergeant Barnes instead. Her answer stood, though, that should be fine. The rant about quitting smoking for caffeine was a little awkward for her. It almost felt like she was expected to give the therapist some therapy of her own, and... she just wasn't cut out for that role. Certainly not now. Barely shrugging, with a weak smile, all she could manage was, "A little in moderation should be fine, Cheryl, just a cup here or there won't get you addicted. And the ship..." what the hell to say here? She hadn't really been anywhere. "I guess, hmm. Impressive?" Easy out, maybe, but she needed one. An unexpected buzz of the communicator she'd been provided was a second out. "Excuse me for a moment," Jess disengaged from the conversation, pulling up the message and punching in a reply--which also left her (un)fortunately missing the description of a travesty to coffee everywhere. After lunch, and an appointment with Dr. Hart, I can be at your disposal. It's hard to guess how long things might run, so I apologize if this is holding you up... Maybe I should reschedule?
  6. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Yikes. So these Cyber TKs didn't even have the luxury of 12 hour doses for their meds? Still, they had almost two hours of time to play with before they had to seriously start thinking about giving her a lead pill, between the eyes, so that was something. "Fuck, that's messed up," Abby couldn't help but mutter. Getting played around with like a human guinea pig wasn't no kind of life. At this point, it practically didn't matter that it gave her x-ray mental vision, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the wretch... if she was telling the truth. And that question would be answered one way or the other soon enough. It seemed Megumi was just as shocked, with the pair of them exchanging fundamentally similar looks upon hearing the prisoner's story. "You betcher ass I'll knock 'em around, real good," Abigail enthused. One more reason for the list. Then, after the doc radioed back to her helpers to get things started, it looked like it was time for a transfer, and she was the designated muscle. That was just fine by her. "Alright," Abby led into things, "I'll be helping you along to sick bay. But, I oughta let you know," she paused to pull out her sidearm, turning it so their guest got a good view before tucking it back, easy to reach. "This turns out to be some ploy, and you're not actually suffering like you say you are, you'll end up with that other cure you requested. The permanent one." A moments pause, and she added. "The doctor's armed too, if you're thinking about grabbing for mine. But enough with the bullshit, let's get ya walking." Stepping forward, Abigail slid open the door and walked into the brig, ready to help the prisoner up--even carrying them--if they needed it, or to just escort them along if they were feeling up to moving on their own. "Fair enough," Thorvald nodded. It was true, Avery was a busy little beaver. Waving off her worry that he'd be too focused on making sure Kim was safe and let one of the others slip through the cracks, he didn't even dignify it with a verbal response. "See you later, then." And he made his way to the lifts, and eventually, the simulations room.
  7. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "Hmm, well, yeah. There's something to be said for that," Thorvald agreed that some testing was necessary, especially as their enemies continued to put the squeeze on them. He hadn't told her not to, after all, just to be careful. "I just, my family would never let me live it down if I let one of their favorite idols get themselves all messed up." Actually, something Kim said just then didn't quite add up. "Uh, so. Did Avery already make the adjustments for a solo T-Link experience, or should I see about finding Christina while you get everything else ready?"
  8. Wilhelmina smiled at Almira's retort, and tried not to think about how she wasn't sure that distinction mattered to Countess. "Well, forgive me for not setting your heart aflutter then," she teased, as the princess chose a parasol, and proceeded to pridefully march along, 'helping'. A casual bystander would scarce think her anything but an excitable young girl, finding enjoyment where she could, as she was forced along for errands. Their approach to the stables didn't seem to distract the owner from his singleminded study of the sky. Craning her neck a little, Mina tried to figure out what had so captured the man's attention. Frowning, she wondered aloud, "...See a storm coming or something? Oh, I'm sorry. We don't mean to disturb you, but some of these horses are for sale, yes? Mind if we have a look?"
  9. Wilhelmina couldn't but smile as Seph willingly took the load she was passing him. "If only my students were so obedient," she teased lightly. Joke though she might, it was actually quite pleasant. Everyone was working together, chipping in to get things done, and there was no bickering or infighting to speak of. If the worst she could expect on this trip was some teasing about smelling good--and well, what had already happened in connection to that fact--the journey was shaping up to be a good one. Almira interrupted her introspection with an excited declaration, prompting a "Hoho?" Turning her gaze back from the bubbly vampire to the boy... young man in question, one of her eyebrows raised a little. "Well isn't that nice? I rather like you too, 'Mira. I hope that won't also cause you to go running off now, will it?" Shaking her head a little in a silent laugh, she waved everyone to follow her with a "Come along now," as she led them toward where the part of town where the stables would be, and where they could get a good look at some possible replacements for the horse that had bolted during the night raid.
  10. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    'A bit different'? That was how Kim was phrasing it? Thorvald remembered her as unhealthily pallid, wracked by shivering, and an emotional powderkeg. "Wait, that was the Artemis that did that to you, not the aliens?" He placed a worrying hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. "You promise me you'll be careful, even in testing. I don't want to have to see you looking like you did in that meeting ever again. I don't know if my being there would help, but if there's anything you think I could do... just say the word."
  11. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    After getting onto the lift with Kim, the new vantage certainly bore out the Asian's suppositions. That definitely seemed to be the other Legionary pilot they'd picked up at the Corona facility, and given she also had just been assigned a new ride like he had... went to figure she had the same sort of questions and wish for a little attention and explanation as well. "Mm, I reckon you have the right of it. Suppose it's only fair I stop monopolizing our head mechanic and let her have a piece too, haha!" A jovial laugh, but not overdone, before Thorvald continued. "Well, since there's only so much one can do in the hangar, and live practice isn't really an option, maybe I should go see if they've loaded the Odin's data up into the sims, give it a spin that way. What about you, any plans? Actually," stroking his beard he stopped and took another look at the lieutenant, curiosity slightly piqued. "What'd you stop by the hangar for anyway?" Nicholas's company? For a moment Abigail was confused, she hadn't heard that name before, but then it struck her. That must have been from when Megumi said she and her sisters had been working as mercenaries. Before the ANF. Which made the gloomy statement following it up all too grounded in reality. The rebel was uncomfortably too aware herself, how things tended to end up in that line of work. The comment of putting Abby in front of a mirror, and letting that serve for introductions just hammered it in further. The pain in her palms, where her nails were digging in, informed her that her hands had balled into fists. Life was so... unfair. She didn't even get the chance to hug Megumi, lie to her that surely some had survived, or anything of the like though. They were already in front of the prisoner, and that ship had sailed. It probably wouldn't have been the right move in the first place. Megumi was a strong enough woman not to need it. Wasn't she? Abby had to wonder. Lord knows she needed a little something when the news broke for her, but... that was a special kind of bullshit. Megumi's sounded different. Her mind was so caught up, she missed most of the first bits of what their captive had to say. Raising an arm, she quickly drew its sleeve across her eyes to wipe any moisture away and help her get her focus back. Oh FUCK. Forgot about the nose for a second. Wincing, she turned an undeserved glare to the girl in the brig, sizing her up. No filter? That definitely sounded worse, more invasive, than the 'naturals' as she called them. Her swift description of the side-effects, though, made it abundantly clear it wasn't just a bad deal for your average joe human getting spied on, but one helluva bum rap for the spook herself. Your own brain, cooking itself from the inside? Christ! "H-How long've you got," Abby stuttered slightly. While she had been confident Vera wouldn't dump her underling on them just to die, now that the real severity was coming out, she was second guessing the reassurances she'd given the doctor on the way over. If she needed a mercy killing... somebody was gonna have to pull that trigger. No, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Abigail turned to look at Megumi, wondering what line of questioning someone with actual medical knowledge would take.
  12. The teacher chuckled a little and smiled, "You probably don't remember when I was younger and poorer, but I stopped in here once before, last time I was visiting. I have a tendency to repeat my patronage, when I've enjoyed the experience. So even if time and circumstance weren't in play, I'm sure I'd have stopped by. And hey, looks like it was the right choice for both of us, wasn't it? Thanks again, and have a wonderful day." Everything collected, Mina turned and nodded her appreciation to Alex once again, for saving her the extra hassle she would otherwise have been faced with, and headed out of the shop with a bit of a spring to her step, and a bundle of purchases in her arms. "Sephtis? Oh there you are. Could you come give me a hand with this and we can be on our way to see about getting that horse?" Almira was smiling and looked genuinely happy, almost back to her normal self. But... Wilhelmina remembered back to the changing room. No. If she's already back to acting like this, then that meant the blame for everything must truly fall upon her shoulders, not the girl's. Unable to shake the sense of guilt, Mina tried to steer her thoughts down more fruitful corridors. She would just have to make something of an effort to avoid being alone with the princess, to keep from tempting her unduly. Prooobably not a bad plan to keep that same policy for the countess too? Sigh... this was going to be a difficult trip.
  13. Wilhelmina reached out to touch the hem of the garment, confirming again what she'd already realized. The enchantment was real, the worksmanship was impeccable; this was no confidence artistry. Alex was willing, and there was no reason to turn back. She was doing this. "I've put 600 down, so you'll need to cover another 300. 900 gold, and telling everyone who asks about it in the days to come that it came from a clothing store in Rolan ought to satisfy her asking price." Seeing that the soldier still looked a little concerned, Mina clarified. "And don't worry, this is from my personal funds. The shopping allowance I've been entrusted for securing the rest of our supplies is untouched."
  14. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Anything she wanted? "A grilled cheese sandwich would be amazing... But I probably shouldn't. Can never seem to stop with just one, and they're probably not all that good for me. Maybe some pasta salad? Or anything leftover of what you'd been planning on originally, really." Jess couldn't help but feel she was imposing, even if he offered willingly. "And good, I'll make you a cup too, then." Filling a kettle with cold water, she peeked into various cupboards until she found the right one, confirming Tarquin's words in the process. The Riese really was a well-stocked ship. Grabbing a box of green and one of black, not sure on his preference, she retreated out of the way, to take a seat while waiting for the water to come to temperature. Resting her elbows on the table, one hand atop the other, and her chin resting on top of that, she watched him go about his half of the preparations. Jess was pondering the right reply to his worry, when a new arrival surprised her. Turning her head suddenly to face them, and see who it was, she jostled her wrist more than was comfortable, but the pain would soon pass. "Ah, yes. He offered to keep me company and fix something up while I waited, as long as he'd been thinking of making lunch for himself. Quite the proper young gentleman," she managed a bit of a smile as she gave her own answer to the ship's other doctor. "You've finished up your talk with Elaine, then, was it? I'm in no special rush, so I'm fine with having you join us if he is. ...And if you can still squeeze me in after without worrying about any other appointments." There was an almost uncomfortable bit of delay between her statements, but hopefully it wasn't too noticeable. Moving on Jess added, "There should be enough water in the kettle, if you want some tea, I only took out two cups though..." She wasn't quite feeling like standing up and fetching another, and the psychiatrist hadn't yet sat down, so maybe she'd take the hint.
  15. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Jess shrugged a little a Tarquin's evident surprise. "What can I say, she was already knocking on the door by the time I got there. Must still not be my lucky day, I guess." He then went on to confirm her guess, it was lunchtime, or maybe it wasn't and he was eating either early or late. Did it really matter? No, it was just the idle roving of a brain with too much time on its hands. "Oh, in that case, I could cook something for the both of us then. I find it always feels a little gloomy to cook for just myself. Kind of... lonely," a twinge from her healing wrist reminded her that maybe she should take it easy. "Or, I suppose if you still wanted the practice, I could leave it to you and fix us some tea while you're at it, or something. You do take tea, don't you?" The sergeant had heard his comment about stopping by the infirmary, and part of her was wondering why, but she felt it polite not to pry. After all, his observation was quite right, it really wasn't her favorite place at the moment, so she didn't really feel much like dwelling on it.