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  1. What are your hopes for Book 3

    story wise, im personally hoping that the story doesnt derail itself again from the askr embla plotline and starts to better work in whatever the fucks goin on with loki, but im not holding my hopes up high since the stories disappointed me at almost every turn. veronicas still cool though, i like her but she deserves to have the spotlight again and not just be shoved into the corner for even more generic garon, striperella, and alfonses angsty boyfriend who are all somehow less interesting then lonely small child evil sorceress. gameplay wise, and its a longshot, but i wouldnt mind a stat booster system of some sort that could help older units catch up to newer ones stat wise and help grandhero battle units and free to play units not feel as superfulos. maybe have a hard cap that varies on a unit by unit bases so that newer units dont get even more powerful in comparison to older ones. plus stat boosters always just felt fun to use in regular fe. another longshot system would be a promotion system of some sort that wasnt simply upgrading units but thats a major longshot and unrealistic. more realistically though, i would prefer if they put the old grandhero battle units and non seasonal reward units into the summon pool, and that they add my boys the wolfguard.
  2. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    eh fair enough.
  3. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    i still dont find it useful, 30% is still a drop in the bucket especially when i could just use a good healer, or in this case a sage or anna with a heal or mend staff on hand, who would be able to heal more in one go and benefit from it. Or if going solo, just use sol or nosferatu which can heal more in a round of combat then renewl can if the units strong enough which they inevitably have to be in order to solo in the first place. plus once you get to shit like apothesis its practically useless anyways since the enemies hit so damn hard and soloing the thing is either very stupid or very time consuming. look, if it wasnt such a chore to get i might be kinder to it, but for a level 15 skill i just dont think its worth it. then again, the skill system in awakening is perhaps one of the things i hate the most about the game mechanically speaking.
  4. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    fair enough but i personally value it more then renewel which ive never found to be honestly all that helpful, and in theory i prefer it more anyways since not having to deal with terrain costs is a million times better then a paltry hp gain at the end of turns (the problem being though that awakening doesnt have many maps with large terrain penalties is very true though). neither are anywhere close to the skills i actually put on units mind but between the two i prefer acrobatics.
  5. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    one of my least favorite classes as it currently stands, renewel's about the only thing its got going for it and even then its not high up on my need to have skills. other then that though, their stats tend to be too middle of the road to make them effective fighters, making them objectively worse then a sage due to low combat utility. honestly a trickster does their job better since well they have middling attack stats as well thats usually the case for thief units and unlike war clerics/monks they have the speed to make up for it and acrobatics is just objectively better as a skill. that or it might just be me being bitter over the fact that i never found lissa or maribelle very useful personally, low base starting stats and lower growth rates then the majority of your competitors, yeah thats real enticing.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    Piper / 3077164087 tier 17 my lead unit is almost always cecilia
  7. im not a fan of the idea at all, although i would love to see anna show up with her cannon hubby jake in tow because i feel those too are strangely adorable but thats more a long standing tradition more then anything. if i was forced into a corner and made to chose though, i would say either some genealogy/judgral cameos (since it and three houses seem to share at least some similarities) or some arcahnea cameos because i like the archanea crew personally. the idea of amibo/cameo post game bosses though sounds like a great idea.
  8. BIRTHRIGHT REVIEW (aka Glitch Rants About Ryoma)

    birthright annoys me in the plot department enough that i still have barely even bothered with it, though i think thats mostly because its the biggest example of how lacking in nuance and aggressively patronizing fates is, Conquest mishandled as it might have been does atleast sport the more interesting ideas and i personally found the main character more compelling on that route (especially since they were surprisingly less of a tool on the conquest route) and it atleast got me to feel an emotion now and then. Revelations is the worse route story wise in my opinion though, birthright might be bog fucking standard and severely lacking in creativity but atleast it isnt fucking stupid and boring. gameplay wise though stupid and boring can apply to pretty much all of the games in some form or another. if i had to say what i dislike about the game the most though, it would be its art style. its front loaded with stupid designs, and everything in the back is either uninteresting or aggravating. slightly better then awakenings art though.
  9. Why are simple minded villains looked down upon?

    Well personally i would disagree with his plans being intelligent and call them more convoluted, atleast in the main movies and disregarding the expanded universe, that wasnt so much my point, my point more so being that well hes hardly what i would call a deep character in terms of his motivations and mindset (he wants to rule the galaxy because thats what the sith do i guess, the rebels are impeding that goal, so they have to be destroyed. pretty basic all things considered) he has an onscreen presence and charisma to him that encourages the audience to take him seriously as a threat, something that surtr lacks. Palpatine feels big and important, Surtr does not. to take another example, fire lord ozai is as complicated as a brick, but he works wonderfully as the big bad of avatar the last airbender thanks to his great on screen presence and he doesnt even really physically show up for 2 of three seasons. And thats the important difference in my opinion, evil charisma.
  10. Why are simple minded villains looked down upon?

    i dont think its necessarily an issue of a villain with nuance or anything, people mock villains that try to be nuanced all the time and some of the most beloved villains in pop culture are fairly simple villains when you actually boil it down (emperor palpatine for instance has all the nuance of a plastic bag within the movies themselves, but people still really like him, or atleast like him enough that hes become something of a pop culture staple/the image many people conjure up when they consider a character type like him. The joker motivations for the shit he does can mostly be boiled down to 'for the lols' but hes the most iconic of batmans rouges gallery. Sauron never actually has a single spoken line of dialogue in the movies at the very least, and yet hes become the staple image of a dark fantasy lord. In the context of fire emblem, ashnard is basically a Saturday morning cartoon villain and yet a lot of people still fondly, as a villain, remember him in the fe community) no surtr's problem is that he just lacks villainous charisma.
  11. LM and EM are pathetic

    honestly all lyn and eliwood mode really need are quality of life improvements since as a general experience their pretty fun, not to hard not to easy, hell its the one i usually recommend as a starting point for people. Turning off the forced tutorials and giving the lyn mode maps more to do is probably the biggest change i would make, atleast as far as i can think off at the moment. if you just want a straight difficulty increase though, id say clever replacement and movement of the enemies should be your top priority, weapon replacement to give foes more deadly arsenals or unique arsenals to watch out for, maybe minor stat and number of enemies increase but only where its strategic and where it counts, and more clever enemy ai wherever possible and needed are the biggest points to look for. Map redesigns too might help if your looking for a straight up hard mode hack.
  12. [Datamine] New GHB: Garon, King of Nohr

    who else could they possibly use? Hans or iago? maybe sumeragi or mikoto i guess, but they're all about as appealing as garon. namely, eh whatever.
  13. Losing Interest

    take a break and pick it up again when ya feel like it.. its your free time after all.
  14. Speculation on the next story chapter

    either it will be the finale of book II and surtur will meet his end due to lokis influence well loki helicopter spins in the distance to set up future plots, or surtur will bullshit his way out of it once more and extend the book II length a little bit more. Either way i wouldnt count on it being particularly satisfying. i just want my wolfguard babies ; _ ;
  15. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    surtur is... interesting. I enjoy that they arent trying any nuance with him in terms of motivation, going firelord ozai route really in which hes more a force of nature the protagonists have to confront if they want to prevent everything from being irreversibly fucked. It also helps that, well hes obviously pulling a lot form garons playbook in terms of visual looks and behavior, he isnt a complete idiot and manages to catch the protagonists off guard on multiple occasions, though how he does so at times can be questionable. However, he would have been far more effective if he had been felt more then seen, he steals the spotlight from veronica making her feel more and more irrelevant and turning her into a fucking damsel in distress (atleast for now), he doesn't actually feel particularly threatening, and at the end of the day hes just a lazy garon rip off which is impressive in its own right mind considering how lazy garon as a character was to begin with. it also doesnt help that i could not give a shit about the protagonists survival at all, especially since of the nifil siblings two of them are the 2.0 now with less personality versions of the askr siblings (which is impressive in alfonses case let me tell you), ones another fucking emmeryn rip off now in big sister flavor (i am getting fucking tired of emmeryn at this point) and the last one is the little sister. not helped by the villains supporting cast, with the muspell siblings being kinda boring, loki being miss i obviously have my own agenda and i am really bad at using my special powers, and the bruiser overstaying his welcome by a fucking mile despite being the most sympathetic of all of them.