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  1. Enhance a wish: FE edition

    eh why not i wish that another remake of the archanea series is done only in an fe3 two in one format with plenty of attention put towards updating and decking out the game in all the bells and whistles and excellent writing well remaining true to the core ideas present within the archanea games. cause like, i was listening to three houses theme song (kek) and i was suddenly swept up in an urge to play a game where i could wander around a camp and talk to marth and caeda and cain and abel and jagen and alllll the rest in between chapters.
  2. Next Famitsu preview (personal skills and crests)

    i believe that holy blood does manifest a brand marking as well, since lief mentions it at one point during... something? so the crests are basically just the holy blood system i guess?
  3. Next Famitsu preview (personal skills and crests)

    fair, and i suppose it'd be a bit difficult to come up with original fun and balanced skills for every character in an average fire emblem game. it just feels like they could have done a bit more then just +4 def if no action taken.
  4. Next Famitsu preview (personal skills and crests)

    people have probably already brought it all up recently, but after parsing through the article with google translate this is what i could find 1. class divides by gender are a thing to note again, and im not particularly a fan of this especially in a game thats trying to set itself up as more in depth and open in terms of unit customization. that said, so long as they provide alternatives that can fulfill the same needs or aesthetics as the mono gendered classes for the opposite gendered classes then i suppose i can accept it in this case. im still annoyed though - -..... the classes in case your wondering that the article mentions seem to be a fist fighter class and the dark mage of all things so im gonna hope for/assume that they have witches as a thing and like a female kungfu class? 2. gauntlets do indeed have a brave effect but are not unsurprisingly locked to foot bound classes only. definitely interested in seeing how it’ll interact with gameplay once i get my hands on the game. 3. hidden talents. apparently if a units got a star or some sort of indicator next to one of the weapon skills in the learning screen (you know, the screen they showed that was for teaching scrubs how to ride horses and swing swords better) that’s a hidden talent for the unit meaning if you put the effort into teaching them that skill they’ll be hell of a lot better at it. upon closer inspection it looks like if your student has stars beside a certain weapon skill and you fill it all the way up, the student now starts receiving double the weapon exp for that skill. 4. school activities, or to meme here SOCIAL ACTIVITY!! basically force your students to participate in school projects i guess as part of a motivation system/learning thing? im not entirely clear on it but it basically looks like forcing people to do stuff. speaking of motivation though... upon closer inspection its kinda like the support system but your designating students to go pull weeds and thus build trust soo... maybe its how you grind supports? or their the supports themselves? idk, force children to perform manual labour and watch them grow closer like some sort of weirdo. 5. if they aint motivated they probably aint gonna do as well. motivation being the... motivation i guess to incentive players to participate in the social activity aspect of things. basically, if you interact and keep your students happy they’ll be more likely to learn what your trying to teach them like riding horses 6. personal skills, and boy are they as... boring as fates personal skills were - -. the main house lords get a flat exp multiplier (a 1.2 multiplier...) each and a lot of the other personal skills are in the vein of ‘plus 5 damage when alone’ or ‘plus 5 hit when standing near boys’ stuff like that. hopefully crests will provide more interesting effects? idk im just kinda tired of skills in main series titles being so underwhelming in fire emblem these days, once upon a time having vantage and wrath was actually really fucking scary. now bllppppthhtthhhhh!... well hopefully it wont be like that this time with other skills. oh yeah, class skills are a thing as always. 7. squads and formations. they do indeed seem to provide some pretty strong effects form what i can tell though i could be missing out on what they actually do through the broken english. what i can parse anyways, you can buy squads like weapons and equip them if you have a high enough rank, the difference being that squads actually level up themselves depending on how they do. squads provide stat boosts when equipped but can also decrease certain stats so a cost benifit situation there and you have to buy more people for a squad if you run out/low on them, that said the article guarantees that buying a new squad is expensive but replacing them is cheap which i guess means dont let your squads run out and keep em topped out? idk, the more interesting bit is the sleights or whatever their called. depending on the formation/squad or whatever you can essentially pull off a super attack such as attacking multiple enemies at once or even more criminally insane granting multiple allies a +5 to movement for a turn. 8. remember old professor dude from the trailer? hes apparently going to be obsessed with the crests in some fashion from what i gather which just endears him to me even more. he will be my best friend with his stupid monocle. 9. pony tail blue lions guy, from his personal skill being called ‘lone wolf’ im gonna guess that hes the navarre esque character of the game. glad to see the tropes still in place even with a game that seems to be trying to be as different as possible. 10. calendars! 12 month calendar, each month is apparently a ‘chapter’ meaning if it follows standard fe game length its probably gonna be about 2 and a 1/3 in game years ish? 11. really forcing the school stuff since apparently you have a teaching rank that determines how many ‘actions’ you can take and thus the more you interact with your students the more you’ll be able to do per in game week
  5. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    medeus from fire emblem and the hippo from punch out
  6. during the trailer when the class promotion screen is shown for eldgard you can see thief as one of the options so i suppose that means anyone is technically the thief.
  7. Create a Fire Emblem Boss!

    Name: TeriezBio: One of the cardinals of the Rozient church, possesses a silver tongue and is well loved by his people. Manipulates foreign conflicts in order to bring prosperity to Rozient. Is highly militaristic and is considerably more nationalistic then he is religious. Dreamed of being a knight in his youth but was forced to give it up due to circumstances. StatsLevel: 17HP: 68Str: 15 Mag: 29Skl: 33 +5Spd: 29 +5Luck: 30Def: 25Res: 25 Leadership: 5 stars Weapon: Lucianell (light tome), Fortify Skills: Aegis, Pasive, Sol, Luna, Vantage
  8. How do you keep your children safe online?

    definitely not a parent myself, but if i had to give recommendations it would be that if your kid(s) are really young then keep track of what the interact with and have like a safety drill with them to emphasis how to go about things safely like not clicking on suspicious links and the like, and keep any credit cards away from them since kids can blow through cash like crazy and its disgustingly easy to use one. also as they get older start trusting them more with self monitoring and giving them more freedom and the like since from what i've read letting kids feel independent and like you trust them can be really beneficial.
  9. you have to admit, hectors a man of his word.
  10. Anime Review - Yu Yu Hakusho

    the dark tournament is pretty good in terms of being a tournament arc, but the chapter black saga is waaaay better in terms of story content and character. the demon election tournament is when the show starts to peter out though but thankfully its the tail end of the show and doesnt overstay its welcome. A++ quality show, and the dub is fantastic. wish more dubs would make english track versions of anime openings cause that shit was the jam.
  11. not a gb or gbc colour game but i would rather like to see the zelda cdi trilogy remastered the zelda oracles games would be neat, that or the kirbys dreamland games also battle arena toshindan
  12. im annoyed, especially since the female avatar outffit reminds of the sexy teacher sterotype for some reason, but so long as i can ignore it then im okay. except for maybe that one magic professor dude, if i can romance him then i just might.
  13. "Educated Brigand" Jokes Thread

    i heard thy got professor fergus to take over the class, bit of a controversial pick that one.
  14. "Educated Brigand" Jokes Thread

    what can you expect, she tried to ruin their reputation as a reputable school for business and banditry. i mean you couldnt even call that a raping and pillaging class by the time she was done neutering it, and the economics class was a complete sham!
  15. "Educated Brigand" Jokes Thread

    soothsires academy really went downhill after hyman took charge, the macedon vikings university started to walk all over them in the academy rankings.