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  1. So There's FE Heroes Music in Smash

    must have only just gotten added, because when i checked the website earlier today that music clip was not there.
  2. its not so much that persay, but mostly that i find it far more expedient to keep a character to a single weapon in most fire emblem games unless that character already has high ranks in all of their weapons. It does vary per game I'll agree, but on the whole getting an e rank in swords and axes isn't particularly useful in the late game when I can just keep that character using lances and bring along a dedicated sword and dedicated axe user instead who can use high level weapons off the bat without babying and thus do their jobs much better. sure, weapon scrolls can help mitigate this a bit and on the whole its not a huge issue, its just always been a bugbear of mine. Yeah lyn, I could teach you to use bows, ooor I can keep you to swords which your much better with at this point anyways and send my mage and knight to deal with those wyverns well you go kill those mages in the other direction. Or maybe its just because of the way i play, idk...
  3. I gotta say, unless its a promoted class with high weapon ranks in all its weapons I never found multiple weapon types on a single class particularly helpful myself since it tends to be easier to just stick to a single weapon type, especially since the weapon levels on promotion for the new weapon types are so much lower then the ones ive already been having the unit use. Probably just the way I play the game though since its one of the things people tend to prefer in a unit... anyways, for a jegan im hoping for a healer type one like a bishop or a new healer class, since it would really help emphasis the support role of a jegan and help keep the useful much longer for like touch and go healing or something.
  4. pokemon coliseum and Xd were great, and id love to see a spiritual successor to it or something similar in the future. anyways, damn is this particular game wordy AF, curious how they fuck up shadow pokemon here btw.
  5. It wasn't the deepest story with the most complex characters, but i will say its very good at emotional investment and making you give a damn for those lovable idiots. anyways... things i would want: optional quiz for character selection, since i always felt it was good for getting you to sortta seep into the experience but it is a bit player hostile in regards to choice so just having it on the side is good. character customization? doesnt have to be indepth or anything, but even just having a scarf appear on a character wearing a scarf would be nice. shinies? might be interesting to see, even use it as a reward for beating the game and starting a new file or something where the pokemon who you beat the game with becomes available as a shiny with like other hidden bonuses. return of eevee at the very least as a starter option some cool new options could be pawniard, rockruff, maybe a ghost pokemon of some sort, and at the very least one pokemon to cover each type return of the recruitment home things from rescue team, probably not a popular choice but i really liked em. could at the very least have it so that you dont need them to recruit certain pokemon but it simply helps and increases the recruitment rate of that pokemon, and also allows you to (kinda) interact with them outside of missions and all that.
  6. I want to be like Ace

    so dead? I kid, ace is a pretty cool dude, but honestly his death was one of the most effective aspects about him in terms of his relation to the plot and themes of the story. me personally, I wanna be like captain t-bone
  7. Master of Arms is so underrated

    because you can get all that and also a horse if you go for great knight and plan properly. to be clear, i dont hate the class but it doesnt do enough to promote itself as a better or even equal option to the great knight. also doesnt help that the swordmaster just has better skills in general, swordfairs +7 is almost as much as life or deaths boost and you dont suffer the penalty for it and astra well not the best sword skill is still a sword skill which is generally more appealing.
  8. Stage idea: Grima's Back

    honestly id rather see a fire emblem stage based on a field to sortta complete the trifecta (colissuem, castle, fields) of common fire emblem elements and battlegrounds. maybe something based on one of ikes stages with the rolling boulders for hazards.
  9. Let's talk about stat inflation

    i think thats more a case of lunatics bad design choices, but fair point regardless. however, id like to point out that frederick may visually be an oifey but statistically he actually ends up being more of a jeigan if you dont reclass him (final average stat total including hp for frederick: about 160, final average stat total for stahl as a great knight: about 210) and that can probably be tied back to the high stat caps (and encouraged grinding) because his growths definitely fall in the oifey category. so I guess... worst oifey best jeigan? i feel ya give reina to much credit but then ive never really used her myself, regardless Its not that she unviabe its more so that shes far less viable thanks to the higher stat caps which means that by the time you get her you often have units who already outpace her or are close to outpacing her, and have more room to grow naturally with less need for coddling just to keep up (and even then after grinding her to level 20 alongside a bunch of other units on my rev file she ended up being way far behind). Gunter is hurt more by this though but i just felt like using reina as an example at the time. well awakening wasnt particularly consistent with who got the bonuses on what difficulty, i do agree that its one of the things i did like about it. as you said though, they didnt really seem to have any idea how to balance it properly (though tbf lunatic awakening is a good example of poor difficulty decisions in general)
  10. Let's talk about stat inflation

    prepromotes are the most hurt by stat inflation in my opinion, you can see it quite easily in fe11 actually where characters like astram get painfully overshadowed by alternatives who have more room to grow. to pick a more modern example, reina could have been a decent unit but thanks to stat inflation she quickly gets overshadowed by better alternatives (frankly not helped by her bad growths). or we go the opposite direction with the promoted fates royals or say'ri who, in order to maintain gameplay relevance, become overpowered by an almost disgusting degree. frankly if reclassing was not a thing in awakening, and was not built the way it is, frederick would be one of the worst units in the series.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    this map was annoying, not particularly difficult just fairly annoying with the number of enemies they throw at you.
  12. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    outside of the chapters where hes a forced deployment, i never found any use for him personally. I mean, poorly aligned as her stat growths might be atleast rinkah can find some use in life as a speedy tank with a weapon type with poor (without reclassing) availability in birthright, and has a class basically all to herself (again, without reclassing) so she has hypothetical value going for her. Gunter is essentially just there to take up space in all of two chapters on all routes, another one on conquest, and another one on revelation, maps specifically designed with him being deployed in mind and the player being forced to use a very limited pool of units. ugh, sorry im rambling a bit. I just... really dont like him.
  13. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    personally gunter is the worst for me, useless or pointless from a narrative perspective and gameplay wise he suffers from poor availability, low stats, low growths, REALLY low stats and not even being allowed to support on the one route he does have okay availability on, and being outshined by better options from day one. I mean yeah hes a jeigan, but he suuucks at it so much that the game tries to force you to use him at certain points to give the illusion of him being helpful.
  14. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    I dont think people hate him, they just dont particularly care for him is all, and its not hard to see why because as a unit hes not particularly exciting and as a character hes generally just kinda ehhh at best and annoying at worst. also he tends to suicide on ya when trying to recruit the bastard, no matthis maybe i wont save you this time!!!
  15. kinda hoping dismounting makes a comeback, it would be a good call back for the return to console. other then that I have a feeling were gonna see more dual weapons at base class in this one considering edelgard can wield swords and axes at base, and the foot slogging armored guy looks a lot like the map foot slogging lance guy ya can see at one point so it could either be a case of divided weapon classes for the armor line or were taking a que from fe1 and giving knights swords and lances at base.