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  1. well i feel PoR is perhaps the series at it's best writing, the gameplay is fairly middle of the road all things considered. good ideas here and there handicapped by sloppy execution in a lot of parts (i love a lot of the level concepts but the execution could have been done better in a lot of them, and well the laguz are a good idea they just end up being too finicky in execution) radiant dawn actually does a bit to address some of my concerns for PoR's gameplay and on a personal level i like it a bit more, even if overall i feel por is the stronger game.
  2. Stardust Crusaders is a filler arc.

    Honestly i feel your overblowing parts one and two a bit to much. they were good certainly but i would say that part 3 was overall better just due to having a stronger central narrative, tighter pacing and construction, stronger character growth and dynamics, and giving room for its other characters and themes to fucking breathe by locking dio in a fucking closet making his time spent on screen all the sweeter. plus part 3 has better battles. and no oldman joseph becoming a vampire would have been fucking stupid in a bad way, not fucking stupid in a good way.
  3. my best guess is that the dragon laguz will get exclusive breath weapons that operate under similar rules to the beast transformations (ie, if standing near or apart transform at start of turn.) but be placed in the breath catagory. looking at then weapon descriptions for the beast laguz they mention that if the unit is standing next to beast or DRAGON units that the unit gets to transform at the start of the turn after all.
  4. erikias route tana Bow trainee innes gerik tethys marisa l'arachel dozla saleh ewan cormag rennac ephraim route some lady? amelia lady dracoknight duessel lady pirate mr druid sword trainee merc lady some man some man2 assassin lady knoll
  5. i agree with you on the whole prequal thing, and that idea especially seems interesting. Ive always felt the connection between ol archanea and ylisse and plegia was forced and unnecessary but if its going to be there then getting to see how it came about might make for an interesting story and game. a very dark one but hey judgral pulled it off. as for sequal potential.. well im inclined to agree with you an idea of sorts did pop into my head in regards for a sequel. set almost twenty years out in the good timeline (16 or 18 maybe), past lucina is no longer a plot device and is now a young women markedly different from her future self, being rather brash and confident and having an overactive imagination from too many sweets and tales of murder dragons and noble heroes. she wants to be special dammit, and someone like frederick considers her to be a bit/quite the brat at times. none the less she is the exalt to be, and so chrom decides to put her to work doing something that he felt helped him mature, and thats running the shepards or shepards like organization. past Lucinas like, fuck yeah adventure, and so after meeting the current iteration of the shepards group including the customizable avatar for this adventure (no relation to robin) and a mysterious paladin lady who wears a mask (future lucina playing the role of oifey), and just making the worst impression, things begin to kick off. after some nice bandit murdering and even a brief skirmish with regna ferox and one of its new surprisingly aggressive khans that will allude to a conflict with regna later in the game, past lucina begins to find herself in the middle of a spiraling conspiracy to revive a dark dragon and well everyone initially assumes its grimna (its not as a cameo robin will later point that he destroyed grimna for good) it turns out the plots actually to revive the grandaddy of all fe dragon villains Medeus and actually plunge the world into darkness this time with his shadow dragon powers. past lucinas character arc would mostly revolve around growing up and maturing into a responsible figure worthy of being a legendary hero like she always wanted, and a figure disguised future lucina isn't embarrassed to be associated with, with the metaphorical (and maybe sometimes literal) echoes of marths own journey from the distant past helping her along the way. things dont go swimmingly for her unfortunately since shes not very good at the whole heroing thing at first, and the death of past lucinas parents happens since dead fe parents is so in vogue and in this case i feel it would be surprisingly effective. Stuff gets blown up or killed good, a war with regna ferox happens (the aggressive khan having been particularly unhappy about how they basically spent a shit ton of lives and resources to help ylisse conquer valm and got jack shit for it, something thats been hitting the country hard till the current day and also hes just extremely aggressive, his behaviors both justifiable and irrational), and a revived medeus almost wins but gets smacked down by a heroic past lucina and stuffed back inside the dragons table because the mother fucker just wont die (darkness in peoples hearts and all that). past lucina has fully realized her character arc, and despite the grief takes up the job of becoming the new exalt. peace is back the coy little harlot that it is, and the game ends on a positive/optimistic note despite all that happened, triumph in the face of adversity and all that. might not be perfect but it could be interesting enough.
  6. What are the themes of fates?

    not it doesn't. it still doesnt mean choice factors much if at all into the thematic core of the three stories fates present us. the idea of the story being about choices falls flat on its face because the three stories are independent of each other not dependent on each other. its not a game about branching interconnecting narrative its a game about narrative. takumi doesn't go crazy because of my choices in a narrative context, he goes crazy because i in the real world picked one game over the other. hell, its not even because of corrins choices within conquest that takumi goes insane, its because anakos forces him to go insane and that speaks more to predetermination then choice. the story fails on a thematic level about being about choice because corrin and the player have little agency within the story itself to make choices. takumis a git anyways, never felt sorry for the bastard.
  7. What are the themes of fates?

    quite the convoluted family tree nonetheless
  8. they often do address the idea though is more my point, its never been the sole focus but its always been a concern to some extent or another. the geanology series especially i think addresses this to an extent. still though, i get your point on that one now in that it never has been the primary focus. fair enough, my thoughts on god and religion tend to be fairly cynical anyways.
  9. What are the themes of fates?

    i was being hyperbolic but to be a bit more serious here, neither of those were particularly well handled. as for fates 'consequences of ones choices', no it did not particularly handle that well either, in fact its main promise falls flat on its fuckin face considering theres very little in the way of actual choices corrin or the player has to make in the game and they in fact mostly spend both stories following around others unquestioningly like a doofus.
  10. What are the themes of fates?

    how the fuck would that even work.
  11. no, it did not. the story of awakening did not suffer from being rushed, it suffered from bad execution and construction. the entirety of valm should have either been cut or reworked drastically since it contributes nothing to the stories themes, the plotting, or any of the characters arcs. the future plot line was also pointless and even potentially detrimental to some of the characters involved in the situation. the plegia plotline was the closest plotline to being good but it had no polish, and the grimeal plot was the definition of tacked on to the point that it needed to add retroactive information to pretend that it wasn't tacked on. its all a pointless waste of time that only manages to muster the idea of 'be excellent to each other aight?' in its thematic messages. It also fucked up any of its character arcs so theres that to. awakenings story would not have been better if given more time, it would only be better by ripping out the guts.
  12. What are the themes of fates?

    in theory its about whether blood ties trump familial ones or not, but in reality i would say the closest thing the game has to a unifying theme and message is the same one awakening had and that was 'love each other aight?" which always seemed a bit incongruous on the non revelation routes considering all the bodies.
  13. im going to forcibly disagree on this one, its not the worst thing ever but its far from even halfway decent. quarter way decent story maybe and even then i feel thats being a bit generous since any of its good ideas it nicked from other fire emblems and then did an either half assessed or quarter assessed job with them.
  14. edgelord: whether or not i like her is massively gonna depend on her personality cause well i dont have anything against her design nothing about it is particularly doing anything for me either. dimitrio pasta: aside from the hair bein a bit weird, hes perfectly fine. statisfactory. okay. another one thats gonna be make or break on personality for me claude rod: [s[oh look its the token black guy[/s] don't mind the look but im really hoping personally hes not gonna be another sassy archer type, though considering his visual design it seems very likely. blyte: not a bad default look for a possible avatar character overall. still, hope there is plenty of customization options since those are always fun. mercedes e-class: headshot looks alright, curious as to wether or not shes an enemy or an ally hildamilda: OH LOOK A PINK HAIRED CUTE GIRL, HMM I WONDER IF SHES GOING TO BE A SPUNKY TYPE OR A SHY TYPE? diva: ashurena is that you? your planning something again arent you... anyways shes aight seirios face(?): nice design, and ya know i kinda hope shes evil honestly since it would be an interesting situation william wallace: THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY'LL NEVER TAKE... OUR KILTS!! fuckin love him, and even if he turns out to be a generic evil douche i will still love him cause of that design. mrs tiki.: hi tiki. unamed blokes: can barely see anything of them so its to early to call.
  15. those elements are in almost every fire emblem story honestly, once ya boil down their essential elements. granted, they arent universal but pick any fe and you can find probably two of those elements in its story. its why so many lords in fe's history tend to dislike war to some degree or fashion, as their character growth is often centered around growing up and buckling down despite their personal misgivings. this all isnt a bad thing mind, i just feel that i need to point out that its kinda how the series role which is why it lends itself so well to it. idk how ya feel about her, but ive always felt ashera was interesting from a story telling perspective in terms of religious commentary. not expertly handled or anything, but better then i would expect.