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  1. Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade (v0.1.3 released)

    Looking good, Tailtiu dear. Looking good, UI, as well! Always appreciated to see your more stylistic art choices at work, Pi.
  2. Full Shiny teams are the best sign of a special snowflake.
  3. How many people are we gonna have to blacklist from appearing in the eventual Pokémon Heathers musical at this rate?
  4. Just when I thought you finally had your sense of self on the right track again, Paperblade...
  5. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Son of a gun, I just realized I made two mistakes, seeing that image. I messed up on the mouth frame placement, my bad. That should be the better one!
  6. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    Kirb stop being a wizard, geez. So hey you need a Linde? Because I can give you a Linde. :o
  7. SB and Paperblade Suffer: Pokemon (Jan 14: Part 61 up)

    It comes back like a bad dream. (Incidentally I forgot to watch part 62, oops!) Remember when Taka's Chatot was the most godlike? ... Yeah neither do I. ' 3' But it's okay, we'll just walk in another physical metaphor for this game's cycle. We can never have enough of those, right? Could it be!? The end of the Magikarp sidequest!?!? Has God finally given us a break!? (I gotta admit I chuckled too) Hail the Blue-Eyes Red Dragon! Please save us from Titania's ever-climbing body count! Then let us drown all our sorrows in the big blue drink. "Hey you havin' fun yet GONG?" ' 3'
  8. What black magic is this!? Only Kirbdein wields such power!
  9. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    You work a bit faster than I thought you would. I enjoy me some proof of concept and look forward to more progress with baited breath. ' 3'
  10. Good run this year all things considered. Now I sleep again...
  11. Aaaaand this makes the final entry for this year!