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  1. screenshot

    Suddenly we're Yggdra Union now, hopefully with 100% less mermaid massacre! Once I got Alphonse to go Swordmaster I never looked back, it was the most hype.
  2. screenshot

    I was even about to suggest investing time in the Rewind feature. We have to see more mermaid faces after all!
  3. Hi, I'm Mel's friend. Hopefully I won't bore you. I may bore you. (my strength shall return...)
  4. screenshot

    Deneb's face sprite <3 It's always nice to have a goofy character like her in games. Would bet she and Anna would be BFFs.
  5. screenshot

    Everything dies. But it's the way of canon so follow it true.
  6. screenshot

    Sounds like typical banter between Nell and Olaf during the Field Training of Advance Wars. ' 3'
  7. screenshot

    Why yes I would totally trust a woman who has sublime magical powers and would want me to mingle with mermaids just so I can grab a spear that can make the Pope almighty. Because that always turns out well. ' 3' (the answer is "no, don't trust")
  8. screenshot

    Oh god the fucking twin mages with the stupid looking hats. Please go away, they are a blight on my senses.
  9. screenshot

    Sand Boy's feeling a little sleepy after a big battle, is all.
  10. screenshot

    Some seeds are sown for Neutral Sand Boy Arbitrator Alphonse and he lets in some silver haired lady. Seems legit. Look, birbmen! (I actually really like birdmen in this and LUCT, they have saved my ass more than a few times)
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. screenshot

    And so it was that Neutral Gale Boy Negotiator Alphonse's story took shape. I also really like the face sprites for this game, even if it makes some hard sells for some of the character ages for me at times. Ah well. Teddy bear girl OP.
  13. screenshot

    Fuck me I completely missed the last virtue thing. With full canon go gloriously, baby.
  14. screenshot

    Pan's Labyrinth! With no casual mention of Pan's totally cool enemy dancers he has in his keep or that by even sparing them you can get two to spawn at turns 25 and 30 for sick loot. Which usually means playing the map fast and/or in a certain way. But more importantly Pan having totally cool enemy dancers in his keep. He won't be the last to have some but he is one of the few in this game to have them employed. You can interpret that as you will. Same for his conversation with Lara, there's not much room to interpret that most ways because we have no other basis for it. Thanks, Kaga. Kemph's such an utter shitshow and I love him. There was just something blasé about Hans in Fates in terms of his assholery and he had little charm, but something about Kemph's snakeoliy presence sells it to me wholesale and I eat it up. Similar to Iago I guess, haha. Speaking of Olwen, she's always been one of my favorite FE5 characters but Heroes made me appreciate her even more as she gets some lines about wanting to make children happy because they deserve a good world to grow up in and they were rather sweet.
  15. screenshot

    Damn bro, you waste no time. ' 3' It was something of note that when I found out that these games were the progenitor for what would become FFT and still happened to be traditional "turn-based" instead of "speed-based" like I was used to, and that little factoid sort of blew my mind. It's been about 6 years since my last playthrough and I got pretty close to the end. I do intend to see this one through, ayup. I clocked in my votes and hope that you keep MC's name as Alphonse. Because I'm a canon whore 'n stuff. (on that note canon route or riot) (get an Angel Knight too or also riot)