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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    Denny : 0419805833
  2. Roy and Sigurd coming to Fire Emblem fates????

    The Hero and Vanguard classes in fates are different both in stats and the skills you gain from it. They are not the same class with aether added in for vanguard.
  3. amiibo and fe

    You can recruit amiibo units for the main story yes but you cannot marry or support with them.
  4. Amiibo Stats Scaling

    Their stats don't scale with story progress what you see is what you get.
  5. They keep their unique weapons regardless of whether you recruit them through the unit logbook or through battling them.
  6. The characters that appear on the Einherjer Shop are based on your streetpass team setup.
  7. Amiibo Thread

    To get the amiibos to run the stores you have to scan them again and then talk to them after scanning them the original 3 times.
  8. MyCastle Codes

    Here's mine. 08587-71578 96041-35534
  9. Fates DLC for Both Games

    If you're referring to dlc from map pack 1, it does. I bought it for the special edition and was still able to access it on my conquest cartridge. If you're referring to the path dlc though idk. Though I assume if the DLC map packs are compatible across different cartridges buying paths may be compatible as well.
  10. Ammibo Exclusive Content?

    There's no limit and they can be forged.
  11. Amiibo

    Marth's Suit isn't an accessory, it's the costume characters wear when they're in the Lodestar class which is Marths class.
  12. Replica-sword locations...?

    You can buy them by having the amiibo character associated with the replica take care of the weapon armoury.
  13. Where does it say you HAVE to buy both physical versions to get the bonus, I see the bonus on their website for their bundles that are one physical route+the other route as digital for 60 bucks as well as just one physical on their own for 40. And the link you sent doesn't even say you need to preorder both physical. Edit: I forgot to glance the ad itself on the link, but it seems more like a misunderstanding. the actual preorder doesn't seem to imply that you need both it just means you can get it from preordering one or the other.
  14. Amiibo Info

    I'm gonna assume your confused as to how the stat caps don't match the ones on the site, its because theres a feature in my castle where u can set up statues that raise the caps of characters theres info at the bottom of this page. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/my-castle/buildings/
  15. Fates DLC Rounds 2 started

    The Anna map is out, and anna seems scale with chapter progress as well. She's a lvl 18 adventurer with all stats caps at endgame. Edit: It's only for the map though, when you recruit her, she's at her base stats.