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  1. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    It's not that much more complicated. Those are the key differences in the history of the three books, everything else is just put around the context of their times (given that the books were written centuries apart, it makes sense).
  2. How important is abstinence?

    I don't think that's inherently immoral; it's just impractical. A life isn't less valuable because they have a single parent even without the best home life, and giving birth isn't immoral. Regardless, abstinence isn't necessarily moral. Pregnancy out of wedlock is often unintended and occurs because people do not practice safe sex with very few exceptions. Sex before marriage is an inevitability because human beings are naturally pretty horny, and abstinence-based sex education is harmful in lieu of sex education about safe sex.
  3. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    I thought it was because infant mortality rate was high and outlawing homosexuality ensured reproduction or something
  4. 39 I only know this because I'm a homer and Super Bowl 35 was 2000-2001 (for the 2000 NFL Season).
  5. General US Politics

    yes i have no idea why i was thinking virginia apparently the nunes memo was a flop on FNC lol that's pretty fucking impressive
  6. General US Politics

    fwiw I agree that saying "they're gonna lose, psh" is a bad mentality and that everyone should go out and vote. But he's definitely going to lose. People -- especially in Virgnia, which is blue-purple -- will not vote for him.
  7. That's not really a firing, b/c if he had a year it's likely he'd be given that year, neither side pursued renewal although real talk, does anyone know anything about don martindale? the only time he was DC was in like 08-09 and he was trash at it, but that was like that dysfunctional Broncos team with Josh McDaniels I'm glad McDaniels isn't going to the Colts. That situation is an abomination, but those Broncos years were ridiculously awful and someone greenlighting the Tim Tebow pick in the first round is the dumbest shit he ever did, esp since he traded up for Tebow. That, and being ridiculously standoffish with his assistants and players.
  8. *Doesn't get signed back They didn't renew his contract. It's a minor distinction, but if his contract were intact, he'd probably stay another year.
  9. In what way did he did that with Fisher? Because in ten years with Fisher he made a super bowl and was a yard from taking it to OT against the greatest show on turf and made it to the divisional round a few times in a division with either the Ravens/Steelers both or Peyton Manning, and that was from 99-09. It's just that Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Mularkey and whoever else are shit coaches. Whisenhunt was already proven terrible on both the Titans and the Cardinals.
  10. I was personally shocked when they kept him after firing whisenhunt and Vrabel is such an out of nowhere hire that I dunno where the Titans really go from here They're really not that great a team @Hylian Air Force Jeff Fischer was pretty much a lame duck coach by the time 2010 hit or whatever year he got fired. I don't think the ownership is really to blame; going one and done as the #1 seed to an upstart ravens squad lead by a rookie QB is bound to make ownership shakey on your performance. Especially since the Titans had seen little playoff success outside of like 2003 since their super bowl berth. The game definitely passed him by
  11. I dunno man I've heard nothing but awful things about that coaching staff, cause Mariota didn't seem as bad when I saw him in the playoffs as the stats made him seem
  12. The things the Patriots did is unsustainable, and the Eagles do not even have to pay their QB yet. They probably have the cheapest set of QBs in the league; like 11m total poured into the position this year. We're pretty high on the Eagles now because they looked complete with a backup to an MVP quarterback but I dunno. The league's a shitshow and that's why it's fun. Imagine their coordinators getting poached at some point in the future. Like 6-8 coaches get fired every year after all. Also Manning and to a lesser extent Rivers. The oldest QBs after those guys retire will be Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Matthew Stafford. Rodgers is fine. He spent 3 years on the bench. He is basically two years behind Rivers in starting. But given that Palmer (2003 draft) just retired, yeah retirement is on the horizon for some of the greats.
  13. QBs can definitely fall off a cliff quickly when they're old. Favre's dropoff from 2009 to 2010 was pretty gradual, and Manning went from MVP-calibur to crap in the middle of the 2014 season. I'm also predicting that Bell won't stay in Pittsburgh next year and Ben Roethlisberger will miss games and possibly fall off a cliff. It depends on their OL holding, and if their next RB can pass block.
  14. thats what we said in 2005
  15. is it really that idiotic