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  1. no dude its physically impossible trust me
  2. idk man if that's what it took to make us lose to a top 3 team in the league then i'm fuckin fine tbh i have a masters in physics so i'm gonna say that reality literally broke in order for tucker to miss
  3. https://streamable.com/6qdxo What's even more bizarre is how straight it started. What the fuck? I'm not even salty about this loss over that.
  4. Tennessee went in 1999-2000. Granted, that was the AFC Central then, but still.
  5. Marcus Mariota has 10 completions on the day.
  6. same i rooted for the steelers and they actually won me a game
  7. General US Politics

    It's ridiculous that people think the sexual assault allegations would be anywhere close to enough to sink Kavanaugh. The issue with Kavanaugh is that he was performing shitty "me vs the libcucks and the world and the haters" politics that should absolutely not be on the bench. It doesn't matter whether or not he committed the sexual assault but he kept fraternal biases alive as soon as 2-3 years ago. It's nearly impossible to prove from the early 80s, especially in a good ol boys club like Georgetown Prep. The issue is that Kavanaugh engages in shitty politics well suited for this thread, and that is the kind of temperament that should've lose him this job, not the sexual assault allegations. He failed miserably in the public job interview and he was literally only pushed through due to partisanism. This is not a very hard concept to grasp, but the amount of hate Ford is getting for opening up about what was probably the worst fucking day of her life is horribly absurd. Our cheeto cuck of a president insisted on doing it instead of, you know, being an actual fucking leader. Seriously, stop harping on people for being conservative or liberal and harp on our president's conduct, incompetence, and the shitty supreme court nomination he literally just made. He fucking told shitty history just to justify his shitty supreme court pick. And no, this is not an opinion. Kavanaugh is objectively a horrible pick for the supreme court and there's nothing you can do to fix that. At least Neil Gorsuch is a decent and calm man that I happen to have disagreements with.
  8. General US Politics

    You, like many others in this thread, care way too much about factionalism, pointing fingers, and putting blame on an entire movement for the actions of its fringe to have a discussion with. Please think about this more instead of pointing fingers at some nebulous "american left-wing" that you only care to point fingers at instead of engage with. People in this thread should not be out to get one another (which many people seem to be doing, and it's not limited to the "right wing" of this forum at all, and I was very very very guilty of it for the last three years too), that's really shitty politics, and that's the vibe I've been getting the entire last like 5 pages.
  9. It's also hard for me to grasp your frustration, because I fucking love the Ravens even though we've won the division only five times ever and missed the playoffs three years in a row. I've been blessed with a team that had 7 playoff trips in 10 years and 10 playoff wins out of that with a whopping 8 on the road. I will brag to my dying day that Joe Flacco alone holds the record for most consecutive playoff games with 2+ TDs, most road playoff wins and he had the greatest super bowl run of all time, despite his last three years being bad statistically. John Harbaugh is a fucking baller despite missing the playoffs the last three years. But I'm also gonna acknowledge that the last three years were a necessary sacrifice for a team that might finally be great again. There were plenty of good and bad moments but I'm sticking with it nmw. It's just crazy to me that you're willing to claim 6 super bowl wins and Ben roethlisberger records but the moment they drop two and a half games you think fandom is pointless and that the Steelers we're never worth rooting for. The Steelers have been to four super bowls in your lifetime, my team has been to two and been knocked out three times in the playoffs by your team. Shit happens and this is part of the reason people hate the Steelers so much -- the fans that call for a firing because the team isn't up to their standards. I, as a division rivals, would absolutely love for the Rooneys to sell the team and to fire Tomlin. Take that for what it's worth. Having that said, you know very well by now that "it's just my opinion" isn't a valid defense on serenes. Now, I'm sick of dealing with drama, which Patriots RB will score like 4 rush TDs on the Colts tonight?
  10. Ana, people are trying to have a calm and rational conversation with you and you're throwing a tantrum. It's not helping your case.
  11. Chiefs won Super Bowl 4. They've won like 4 playoff games since. Anyway, teams have to rebuild. Only the Patriots have bucked this trend, because their rebuilding years (2009-2013) were still competitive as fuck. Ravens missed the playoffs the last 3 years because our roster was full of holes after the Super Bowl win and we had to clear out cap. Our drafting had gone downhill and we had to re-evaluate, and many of our players started getting old and injured. Our QB also had a torn ACL/MCL and last year had horrible back pain. It's been beautiful to see the fruits of the rebuild, since we are looking like a legitimate Top 10 team. I'm still an Orioles fan and we won 47 out of 162 games, a .290 win percent, due to bad contracts, injuries, and bad drafting. Also, Tomlin's a more relaxed coach as a whole and it seems like many of the players (including Ben Roethlisberger who's been whiny ever since they drafted Rudolph) are getting old and need a change of environment. But then again, I've been saying the same shit about the Steelers going downhill in quite a few of the last 5 years and they still made the playoffs so what more do you want... They really haven't had a rebuilding phase except in the late 90s (and 2012-2013 I guess, but they were still 8-8) so this kind of thing was inevitable. Either way, it's really bad commitment to claim fandom when the team's good and to boycott your team when they're bad. That's the morality that people are attacking.
  12. personally, i'm stoked we haven't allowed a td in the second half all season. we're about to get back our best interior pass rusher and best cornerback/defensive MVP next week. and our starting tight end. positions we're already fucking deep at. ozzie has done one hell of a job with this roster.
  13. put "Is Flacco elite?" afterwards too bc of that primetime asswhooping on the Steelers
  14. https://i.imgur.com/ifRp05w.gifv hell yeah
  15. Ana, the vast majority of the time an NFL team wins around 8 games by within one score, it's because their defense can't put the game away or their offense has to do late game heroics which is unsustainable. A lot of teams tend to lose 5-6 less games the next year if they win the fashion the Steelers had last year, and when Shazier went down their defense went to shit. Their expected win-loss record was 10-6 or 9-7 or something based on their point differential, which is the stat correlated with future success and consistency.