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  1. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Bill Hicks is a dead stand-up comedian. That youtube video is just conspiracy bullshit. You pretty much fell for the bait.
  2. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Also because it's a visual novel and not real life. I doubt it emulates the Japanese legal system, too.
  3. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Oh yeah I posted that just to make clear that this is a bad idea. Clearly his personal lawyer is either incompetent, playing 4D chess (lol), or non existent.
  4. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    http://wshu.org/post/alex-jones-backtracking-now-says-sandy-hook-shooting-did-happen#stream/0 Very interesting development here. I don't know if he even has personal lawyers.
  5. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    EDIT: I got a bit heated. I'll respond in a moment. 1) I looked over the net neutrality thread and I can see why you'd think people were jumping on you, but many were just being matter of fact due to the fact that a bunch of things in that thread were widely discredited, and none of that was from you. That's kind of how it goes. Having that said, I was pretty informal in asking because I found it kind of absurd, seeing as I looked up both actors. 2) We all have our own conspiracies, but this is the guy circulating things like "the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax/false flag to take our guns away" and "Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza place in DC." Those conspiracies. Not stuff like the Koch brothers controlling a ton of Republicans. When we say "conspiracy nuts," it's people who say things like 9/11 didn't actually happen and the Holocaust didn't happen/it wasn't 11 million people. This is Alex Jones tier conspiracy nut. 3) People who post in this subforum are held to a standard. Do not take it personally, but any opinion in here is open to challenge, and it's a safe forum if everyone is open to learning. Also, I'm not sure why you came in here to post that you don't know who Alex Jones is; you're better off dealing with this via PM, especially if your issue is with me, because if you're going to get personal I'm not going to indulge you in public, and I'll be far, far more open to hear it in private. 4) I'm not willing to listen to a long (probably on the order of 30+ minutes) talk and refute it just to indulge a user that I know will not take anything said to contradict him seriously. Furthermore, the two actors involved in said talk were Sandy Hook conspirators. If he hones in specifically on what he found convincing, then a discussion can be had, because it's possible I won't even specifically see what he liked about it! Otherwise he is soapboxing or not trying to discuss anything. It doesn't help that I don't find the recommendation or the actual video credible enough to watch. He has a chance to convince me to watch it by giving me a summary, but instead he chooses not to respond and you choose to call me out for little reason other than to make this oddly personal... 5) To make this fully relevant to Alex Jones, this might be why someone has heard their name lately. He has thrown his shit into the ring to dilute the news pool, and it has done lasting damage on a number of people who have already had horrifying things happen to them. He's extremely harmful to the country.
  6. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    you have to definitely give a lot more info than that what made it convincing? what did he say that convinced you? etc etc I find it hard to believe he's convincing in any way
  7. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    He's an act that pretty much appeals to the fringe conspiracy theorists. He's a crazy ass guy who says crazy ass things for ratings. It's very scary that he's more or less conditioned many in our society against fact. To add to that wonderful and woefully trippy LWT segment (because I swear, half the time I see LWT i felt like I just took acid) here's a representation of how parents of victims are harassed by conspiracy theorists: https://videosift.com/wtf/video/False-Flag-Hoaxers-Claim-Mass-Shootings-Are-Staged A lot of this seems to be pretty much a follow-up from other commentators like Rush Limbaugh as well, and a natural evolution into something even more absurd. But rest assured, you're not the crazy one; he's been saying crazy shit for years and indoctrinating Americans on things that aren't logic while flaunting his riches in public. I'll end this on this note:
  8. https://pastebin.com/PxgEe235 should have all the info on it
  9. TFS Abridged

    I know right! Dragonball Super was literally announced, began, and ended in the time it took TFS to finish android saga. Props to those guys; this project was like almost a decade long, and extremely comprehensive. It's really hard to sustain that especially as you get older and busier. Even if we may not agree with the direction they've taken (well honestly I'm fine with it, but with changing styles you can't expect everyone to be wholly on board), let's just give these guys a hand for their patience and persistence on this project.
  10. TFS Abridged

    Very late news: Not an april fools either.
  11. General "mass killings" thread

    It's interesting, because Las Vegas has enacted some policies in place to make sure police were specifically trained to de-escalate rather than shoot first ask later or something. Shoots have gone down 36% since 2010 until around 2017. However, the LVMPD (las vegas metropolitan police department) is actually understaffed as a result of some of the rigor that is required to become an officer. I think what stands in the way is funding and staffing issues, and I'm not sure if the state prefers an oversized police staff to an undersized one.
  12. General US Politics

    Yeah I don't think this will do anything to him if grab em by the pussy didn't.
  13. General US Politics

    What the f are you trying to say?
  14. How important is abstinence?

    I think you may want to rethink this somewhat. It almost sounds like you kinda want her to shame herself by outing that she's not a virgin. (Which is why I'm saying that shaming comes from everyone, because this really does feel like shaming, even though it's a Christian tradition). I mean I get you're pretty religious, but to a very large extent that is between her, you, and whatever deity you believe in. Not something to parade about in public. However, if she doesn't mind it then it's whatever. I just think the implications of asking someone to not wear a white dress is just mean.