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  1. Space Jam 2 confirmed

    lets go lebron
  2. yah and they just traded for josh gordon they just couldn't take it when the rest of the nfl was happy
  3. And despite that, Flacco somehow had his best game ever in Cincinnati. Yeah, it's inexplicable; that was his best game. i'm very happy with this week tbh ravens #2 in the division baby pat mahomes is for real btw, that aint a fluke
  4. My favorite standups are either Dave Chappelle or Lewis Black, probably because we're from the same area. I actually saw Lewis Black live on campus once too! Jim Jefferies is a close third though. I've also seen second city in Chicago and DC (not exactly standup but plenty of famous comedians got their start here) and a few night clubs in New York. I've also seen Nick Offerman live and he wasn't that great, but Donald Glover is a pretty fucking good standup comedian live. I do love watching Bill Burr and Norm Macdonald in the right mood. John Mulaney is timeless and regardless of mood I enjoy watching him.
  5. General US Politics

    If he was convicted by the state of New York and not convicted of federal crimes, then Trump cannot issue a presidential pardon I believe.
  6. the browns at least became the ravens arguably the greatest thing theyve ever done
  7. As a Ravens fan, I would love for the Browns to be 1-15-1 for the rest of their existence. Same with the Steelers (but they'll be 0-15-1).
  8. today was probably the most amusing day of football i've seen in a while
  9. Maybe the Bills will finally be a garbage team instead of a mediocre team. This is pretty much what they've needed but never got since the late 90s.
  10. so who's watching pitt-cleveland... EDIT: ben roethlisberger picked off in OT... EDIT 2: LOL FIELD GOAL BLOCKED TIE GAME
  11. Flacco literally has more completions than Peterman has yards.
  12. ... yeah i'm caught off guard, but at least they got two firsts but this year the raiders are gonna tank (on defense) EDIT: also i'd rather be wrong than have mack in the AFC lol EDIT 2: I thought about this some more. Raiders are trying to rebuild again -- their 2016 season was pretty much a fluke in some ways considering all the close games they won, they were still 2nd in their division at 12-4 and likely would've flamed out at the divisional round if Carr stays healthy. 6-10 is probably closer to the kind of team they are and Gruden's probably trying to rebuild, also having 25% of your cap in two players is a problem. Lots of picks with your franchise QB might be better than a franchise QB and pass rusher taking 25% of your cap. Bears have a QB on a rookie contract, and might be trying to ride this window for the next 4 years.
  13. the raiders arent gonna trade him away he's gonna sit out a few games, the raiders will have like zero sacks or picks, and throw a 25 million dollar contract at him anyway the ravens are lowkey really really stacked, the young guys from last year developed hard and our wide receiving corps actually exists and complements each other our schedule is tough but W A T C H O U T the last time Flacco was in a do or die year this happened (random homer fact of the day: Flacco has the most consecutive playoff games with 2 touchdown passes at 8, and he's #2 (would've been far and away #1 if Torrey Smith could tap his toes in bounds for once) for most consecutive playoff games with 3 td passes we're gonna make waves fuck george iloka, glad hes out of our division