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  1. Almost nothing in Smash is balanced around 1v1 play. Therefore, I expect tourneys to ban Literally Everything, and then we can play something else. :) Relevant materials for anyone who wants to preemptively ban anything - http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/what-should-be-banned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQRo2PrkyJ0
  2. I would not worry about games dying. Good games last forever - you'll still find online matches for Smash 4, which has been out for 4 years. If a game dies, that usually means the sequel is out, so you can jump ship at your leisure.
  3. Whether Final Smashes become legal in tournaments is a matter of balance and perception. Do some characters have stronger FS's than others? Is this good or bad? Does the game become centralized around them? Does it encourage camping until your meter fills? Even if FS's are only meant for casual play, you still expect them to be somewhat balanced. So the community will decide whether they make the game more varied and exciting, or less so.
  4. What about Wario Land?

    Wario Land 4 and Wario Land: Shake It! have some of the cleverest folded level design I've seen in platformers. Nothing else quite like them.
  5. Chromasia

    Is Chromasia's combat deeper than Rock-Paper-Scissors? Totally serious question. Most RPGs are complex-yet-shallow, so I'm interested in whether or not yours is. Did you make something really unique like Clash of Heroes, or did you stick RPS on top of Fire Emblem? (BTW, have you played Advance Wars?)
  6. Octopath Traveler

    Is Octopath Traveler more than an Attack-Attack-Heal RPG? Are there any interesting decisions in battle?
  7. If you need gluing advice... http://www.thistothat.com/
  8. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    Considering that games should cost about $100 nowadays with inflation, I try to buy games from my favorite devs at full price, so they can eat. Nonetheless, I take a deal when I get one.
  9. Shovel Knight is a 7/10, and Specter Knight is a 9/10. Better design and polish all around. But if you're gonna get both, may as well get the Treasure Trove for all 4 campaigns.
  10. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    1% drops is a sign that the developers actively hate you. I'd DROP the game if I were you. :P
  11. A Bomberman game for 2+ players?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bomberman_video_games I'm pretty sure almost all Bomberman games allow up to 4 players.
  12. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Do the random drops in your game ever have less than a 25% chance of appearing? Are they distributed from a "randomized bag", or is there no guarantee regardless of how many times you Kill The Thing?
  13. Of the Shovel Knight series, the only one I really recommend is Specter of Torment. I do NOT recommend Fairune. I played the 3DS demo, and literally all you do is walk around. It's like Zelda, but minus all the interesting gameplay.
  14. Lode Runner Legacy also looks very nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evM_1rXyYn0
  15. There are lots of good games on the Switch. You should definitely get Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, or you might die of regret.