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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    In my view, it is too early to tell. It is possible that the resources used were draft models. They might be saving the more polish version when it is nearer to the release since they need content for their Directs. Just my two cents on the matter.
  2. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Of course not. XD We seems to a diversified group so I wouldn't be surprised that some people will share the same preference as you and I.
  3. Personally like the art style for all three characters especially Claude and Dimitri. If ever we will have a MU, I am looking forward to the customization.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Good points. It is indeed more similar to Chinatsu's style now that I saw the side to side comparison. Either way, I personally like it.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    If looking at the trailer, it isn't confirmed that full VA will be implemented. To b honest though, it seem too early to tell. 🤔
  6. Three versions?

    I am really hoping not. Like second person said, Switch games are more pricier. I don't think that Nintendo is that suicidal to incorporate three separate versions. I wouldn't mind multiple playthroughs if there are separate routes though. It is plausible for interactive fiction but incorporating in a game with graphics would be huge though.
  7. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I agree with @Sunsurge. I prefer the approach with Robin as oppose to Corrin. The other FE:A characters has the right balance importance as Robin. I hope FE:3H will be the same with some improvements. That would be great if this happens.
  8. I have mixed feelings about this. I did enjoy Fates even if I have to buy the LE but my wallet did not. XD To be honest though, I am hoping that this is only one cart and the story does not split the game into three separate games. I was lucky to get the limited edition because in our country, we don't have pre-order and it's first come first serve basis plus you mixed in those who bought the LE just to sell it on premium. Regarding the topic, it's too early to tell but I don't think we have to choose which House we serve.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Although I have to re-arrange my budget in order to buy a Switch and this game, I am very much looking forward to more news. =D
  10. In my own opinion (and own wallet, I like the avatar and the S-supports so yes for me.
  11. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  12. Currently clocking in 49 hours on my Normal Classic playthrough. Probably clocking in 50+ hours if I finish the storyline. Still deciding whether to recruit the kids during or after the storyline though. But since I paired off characters based on what I think looks good together.and I didn't focus on producing powerful children, I'll probably recruit them if I feel like it. Would like to start on my Hard/Classic mode soon so finishing the storyline is priority.
  13. The Sword or The Magic

    I like using both magic and strength. Same reason as you. I like my MU to be a jack of all trades.
  14. I'm having trouble deciding between Libra and Chrom now that I see Chrom's support convo with FeMU for my first playthrough. But since it's chapter 10 for me now and I have Sumia and Chrom at level A already AND the "S" support convo is available ( I just have activate it.) I'm going to pair-up my new FeMU with Chrom for my next playthrough. And now I found Stahl adorable and there goes my third file. Now I don't have a file for my Lon'qu playthrough. D: