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  1. Just gonna mention that the recipe for Grima is more or less how the alchemist Paracelsus described the creation of a homunculus, less the dragon's blood. This also leaves no doubt as to which human fluid was used.
  2. Was Rath an only child?

    I don't know if there's any official word. I think that Rath and Lyn's paired ending, which states that they returned to Sacae and had a daughter pretty strongly implies that it's Sue.
  3. Why is Lester blue.

    I have two out-of-universe theories: 1) Lester was designed as a son/nephew of Lex and repurposed. 2) The designers decided there were way too many blond Gen 2 characters. In-universe, either one of Edain's parents had blue hair (maybe her mother, since Ullir was blonde) had blue hair, or Edain/Midir is canon and somehow in FE hair green + yellow = blue.
  4. That one I've wondered about (thought it may be a case of support writers and graphics designers doing different things). Of course, in that game Tiki looks like Nowi's type of dragon (presumably to avoid programming different models) and breaths what appear to be big hunks of ice too. My guess is that certain types of dragons can breath whatever the heck they want.
  5. Just want to point a few things out: Tiki's appearance and breath change drastically between Books 1 and 2 of Mystery. There's no apparent reason for this in the story or the game, but since it took extra effort to program it must be intentional. In Binding Blade (post-Kaga, to be fair) we learn that a Divine Dragon can be corrupted into a Demon Dragon, with a pretty drastic cosmetic change. My conclusions from this are that Divine Dragons have always canonically had more versatile powers than just light, and also that Duma's one-eyed form may not reflect his original body. In the very game where a lot of FE's overarching tropes and lore were solidified we see a Divine Dragon go from a silver ice-breather to a fluffy mist-breather in the span of a few years. All while keeping Gharnef's FE1 line telling her to burn all intruders. Who knows what a degenerate Tiki would have looked like and been capable of? I don't know if Duma and Mila being Divine Dragons was an unspoken part of Gaiden's original lore or a retcon, and unless Kaga improbably chimes in odds are we'll never know. But based on the evidence in Mystery and the post-Kaga FE series, I don't think it's a big stretch.
  6. FE4 ending bug

    The old patch went through a few hands, and I don't think it was so much a matter of "let's not finish the ending" as "we can't figure out how to get the ending to work!" I suggest the new translation patch. Project Naga translated the whole script from scratch, fixing errors that were made before the modern Western FE fandom existed, including a drastic mistake with Arden's characterization (in Japanese he's apparently whiny, not an idiot caveman). In all honesty the only reason to stick with the old translation is if you're extremely allergic to localized names.
  7. At least it goes farther than the Shadow Dragon manga. I get the feeling that the authors add so much to the plot development that they end up cutting out the end when it comes to light that nobody wants to serialize a manga based on a 5 year old game.
  8. The financially minded among us would do well to invest in Kleenex: I have a hunch their stock's gonna go up when the next chapter is out. Credit to Oosawa for staging it so that the Sigurd/Dierdre meeting is even more heartbreaking, not to mention giving Azel a light at the end of the tunnel...and then revealing it to be across a large body of water. Ouch.
  9. Happy birthday!

  10. You know, based on the design notes, I think manga Trabant is closer to Kaga's intentions than what we saw at the game. O-sawa has an amazing ability to take already sad moments in the game and just make them absolutely heartbreaking. I think we're in for a hell of a ride.
  11. An acurate Translation Patch of FE3 and 4?

    The FE3 patch is totally playable and understandable. I don't know if the script is as polished as it could be, but as far as I can tell without being able to read the original Japanese it conveys everything well enough. The entire game script used in the patch is on the main SF site, you can check it out and see what you think. As for FE4, honestly at this point I'd hold off and wait for Project Naga. I don't know how long they're going to take, but what they're offering looks a lot better than what we have and I think that your patience will be rewarded in the long run. The J2E Renegade/Twilkitri patch that's currently out is okay (we've all been living with it for a long time now), but I gather that the original translation wasn't complete and most of the revisions were more about fixing technical problems rather than improving the translation.
  12. Gotta love how Oosawa worked a gameplay element into a story like that. There's only so much you can do that in the narrative before it just gets ridiculous (imagine if Ira said "I have a Brave Sword, so I can hit you twice!" - it'd just seem stupid) but it was integrated very nicely.
  13. That's interesting. I'm into weapon art and that kind of stuff, are there scans of those pages available somewhere?
  14. Fire Emblem 1 updated translation patch

    This is news to me! I shouldn't be surprised, I know that translating a text-heavy NES game is like trying to put corset on a hippopotamus. What kind of stuff was cut? Good luck with the patch! The font's gonna take a bit of getting used to, but I think it's aesthetically more pleasing. The NES FE games are like old gems, any polish you can give them really helps.
  15. Any love for the original FE1?

    It's not so much that the characters were very good or the lost chapters were pivotal (though it sucks that FE3 cut the first ever dragon boss), but it feels to me like the experience isn't complete without them. Plus, if a person's only exposure to the story was Book 1 the references to Jake and Anna in FE4 and FE7 still don't come across the way they should. Also, I hate dismounting indoors with a passion. Might seem like a petty complaint, but it's easily one of my least favorite mechanics in the series. Though the weapon level system means it's not as annoying in 3 as in 5.