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  1. I'd like to give my thoughts on this team, considerind that this is the hardest mode in Fates and every character matters Kiran: With his Boon/Bane it looks like he just might turn out like Radiant Dawn Ike, with the defence boon representing Ragnell and the resistance bane representing Ike's awful resistance. Felicia: Both sides of her offence don't look that good, but she gets Rally Strength almost immediately which could lead to some interesting strategies, and Axefaire come reasonably early to help with her offence. Elise: I didn't even notice I got her, she should be my hardest hitting magic unit. Arthur: Not as bad as he looks, having a healer right at the start is a rarity for me with these, and he'll have plenty of time to build up his staff rank to use the status effect staves well with his great skill. I'll also probably use all of my Spirit Dusts on him becuase no one else really needs them. Effie: She should be great, I got Effie as an archer and this should be a speedier but slightly weaker version of that. Nyx: I've never used her before, so I'm just expecting another Elise but with different skills. Warp is going to be invaluable for the harder stages. Beruka: This is going to work out pretty well actually. She won't change her class until she's nearly promoted, so she'll gain levels that actually suit her, and once she becomes a Maid she can use her unique ability to make up for her attack loss. Peri: Having any unit that has access to Rally Defence is a great help to me, the fact that she'll probably turn out well asa Wyvern Lord is a nice bonus. Charlotte: Never used her before, but she shouldn't really be much different than a Berserker. Hopefully her higher skill will allow her to make use of Gamble. Xander: He alone changed my opinion of this playthrough to "concerned" to "somewhat concerned". I've had him as a Master Ninja before and he was one of my best units and necessary for some of the hardest chatpers. Ophelia: Finally, an Ophelia who can make use of her unique ability! I've noticed that the Opheilas I've been getting have been progressivley better. Midori: I've never had that good of luck with Midori, but I got a good feeling with this one. The Elise!Ophelia I had ton my last Conquest PMU turned out to be one of my better units. Kana: The last PMU I had, my Great Lord was the best tank I had, so having a unit coming from a defence boon father should make her into hopefully a great tank. Forrest: Never used a Strategist, but considering everytime I played Awakening I had Robin use tomes and he used them well, so this should be good. Dwyer: I had him as a Malig Knight before but with Elise as a mother, so this should be a physical version of that. In that playthrough he was solid but didn't stand out, but considering what I could have got I really don't mind.
  2. Berserker Velouria
  3. All I need is for someone to choose a name with an appearence for Corrin (and a couple of bucks for some DLC I need) and I'll be ready to start!
  4. If I don't get the required characters needed to start this within 7 hours of this post, fell free to submit another character if you already have.
  5. Seeing that so far these picks have been pretty good and not completely awful choices, I've decided to make the executive decision and upgrade this to a Lunatic playthrough. Though please, don't let this affect whatever choice you had in mind.
  6. I'm really in the mood for some Fire Emblem and I'm down to my last free save file, and seeing as I've done PMU playthroughs of two of Birthright & Conquest on the hardest difficulity (I don't like Revelations), I thought I'd make my last playthrough of this game for a while an interesting one. I thought about making this a "Screw Me Over" playthrough, but my favorite parts of these are who I'm going to get and how they'll turn out, so I want this to be truly random. General Rule: -As long as it's possible and doesn't conflict with someone else's pick, you're allowed to choose whoever you want in whatever class you want, period. Awful and useless picks are just as encouraged as actual good characters, so don't be afraid to choose something weird. -The only rule I have regarding this is that there are only two characters allowed for a single class. Rules: -Corrin, 9 first gen characters and 5 children will be used. -Gunter is not allowed, Lunatic is hard enough and having a truly not-good chatacter won't help things. -Children can be picked regardless if the parents are a picked unit. -If Niles is chosen, then someone can choose a boss character for me to capture and use. The captured character can fill either a normal or child character spot. -The avatar's bane/boon or class can be picked alongside a unit pick. -A single Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Lodestar, Vanguard, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Witch/Ballistician and Anna are available. Self-imposed rules: -Units who need a unit to change class from a character I haven't obtained yet will be in their default class until then -Units must either switch to their chosen class on the map they're obtained or during the inbetween chapter intermission after that -Children must be obtained as soon as I have both of their parents, or at the very latest a story chapter later. -Every unit is allowed to be used until I've completed Chapter 10. -Unpicked but forced units can be used, but only as pair-up fodder -Battle & Visitation bonuses might be used Units 1. Kiran!Vanguard Def/Res 4. Felicia!Berserker(S Arthur) 5. Elise!Sorcerer(S Odin) 6. Arthur!Butler(S Felicia) 8. Effie!MasterNinja(S Kaze) 7. Nyx!Wtich(S Leo) 9. Beruka!Maid(S Jakob) 2. Peri!WyvernLord(S Xander) 3. Charlotte!Swordmaster(S Corrin) 10. Xander!MasterNinja(A+ Kaze) Children 2. Ophelia!DarkFalcon(Elise) 3. Midori!Gerenal(Effie) 4. Kana!GreatLord 1. Forrest!Grandmaster(Nyx) 5. Dwyer!MaligKnight(Beruka) Edited in order of recruitment for my convience
  7. Already finished it because I got the Fire Emblem fever Chapter 18 Everyone was promoted, so no one took any more than 8 damage from the Faceless. I dragged this out for a bit to try and gain weapon experience, and ended it when I thought I was getting overwhelmed. Chapter 19 This chapter caused a rare reset because of that high speed Swordmaster at the end, otherwise this was quick and easy. Chapter 20 Pretty sure this chapter was designed for getting the last of your units promoted, but considering I've already done that this was basically an easier Chapter 18. Chapter 21 Hinoka was still the tankiest person on my team so she led whenever I made a bridge to the next area. I forgot about the lava and reinforcements at the end but Orochi was able to fly up and kill the boss Chapter 22 By this time my units were a little bit better than the enemy, so I could engage enemies more often rather than waiting for them to come after me then clean up on my turn. Though while I still used Hinoka for luring and diving, her defence was starting to fall behind. Chapter 23 I took this really carefully, I waited until the reinforcements in every column stopped coming before I moved on. I had to hold up in the connecting corridors for most of this chapter so it took a long time, but at least I did it all in one attempt. Paralouge 6 I never did this chapter so late in the game, the enemies were the toughest they've ever been so far. I had to do the first few turns quickly to block Candace, so I probably restarted this chapter the most so far.I killed her off once the reinfrocements got too close for my liking Paralouge 14 Probably should've done this chapter before the previous one, Faceless always seem to be be easy to kill fodder, though these ones had annoingly high defences. Paralouge 3 I've always liked this chapter, you can lure and take on how many enemies you want if you know what you're doing, and it isn't too hard either. Chapter 24 The last time I played this, this is when the game started to get really hard, but now that I'm more knowledgeable and I use the paralouges for experience this was really no more different than any of the other ones I've done. Though the reinforcements got overwhelming and I didn't have anyone around to activate the Dragon Veins up top, so I killed Hans earlier than I wanted too. Paralouge 4 The enemies were really tough in this paralouge as well, so I had to do the boring strat taking this slow and lure out enemies. Though the first few turns I had to move quick to protect a reckless Dwyer from the Spear Masters. The rest of the paralouges were samey and uneventful, so rather than try to come up with summaries of them I'll just skip over the rest Chapter 25 Hinoka paired with Caeldori was able to hold off the left side on their own while everyone else went down the middle and right. I took out all of the many reinforcements before going any further than the second entrapper Strategist. I never did this chapter slowly so I didn't realise how many reinforcements there was, it was around turn 18 when I was finally able to take on the middle and kill the ballista & magic orb users. Chapter 26 The only part of concern was the first turn, but even that was pretty easy. Selkie paired up with Corncob to take down Xander. Invasion 3 I had to put all of the statues on the left part of the throne and the Puppets on the right for my methods to work. Selkie paired with Kana ran down the middle and succesfully dodge-tanked nearly all of the enemies that showed up there . Chapter 27 With Selkie being an amazing dodger and having enough people with decent enough defence, this went easily. Selkie herself was able to take on most of the left side and the middle berserkers with a Dual Shuriken. Final Well I learned that the Wyrmslayer doesn't do anything extra to the final boss, luckily Corncob got a crit on him anyways and I was able to rescue Hana and have her finish him. I couldn't edit this with the toolbar, so instead of bolding capped stats I just put a * next to them Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Corncob Hero 17.32 53+8 30 1 37* 33* 25 26 16 Kaze Paladin 18.16 45 31* 1 28 35* 22 24 33* Rinkah Onmyoji 17.30 33 15 28+2 29 35* 22 21 18 Hana Sniper 17.63 38 33* 5 38+2*35 21 19 19 Orochi Dark Falcon 38.17 33 10 38+2*27 25+2 28 14 35* Hinoka Great Lord 38.40 37 32* 9 32 30 24 28 32 Oboro Swordmaster 18.50 42 32 13 27 33 28 27 21 Kagero Mechanist 17.52 37 35* 0 23 24 24 18 25 Anna Adventurer 16.76 38 16 27 21 32 31* 14 36* Shura Berserker 17.28 47+5 31 5 28 29 14 27 19 Sophie Bow Knight 16.33 41 21 11 30 34 26 13 25 Caeldori Spear Master 17.52 41 33 7 29 29 21 23 20 Hisame Basara 16.52 42 29 10 29 27 26 22 18 Selkie Master Ninja 19.57 40 30 3 27 39* 26 16 35 Kana Nine-Tails 16.45 34+5 26 11 29 31 31 20 29 Breif review: Corncob: Really slow to take off, it took him until a bit into being promoted to start doing really well. Him being the only real axe user out of my team was a nice niche, but critting is too luck-based for my playstyle so I didn't really embrace any of the crit-weapons Kaze: He started off strong and only got better throughout the playthrough, he maxed speed shortly after promoting and his defence eventually got decent enough so he could be put in situations that would be risky for just about anyone else. Rinkah: I was very surprised on how she turned out, using all of the spirit dusts helped a bit. I had a Horse Scroll on her almost permanently and she doubled pretty much everything, though she mostly healed upon promoting. Hana: I've heard great things about Archer Hana and I was not dissapointed, she must have got Strength, Skill and Speed every level, and had enough defences to take a hit or two every now and then. Orochi: I got very lucky with her 30% speed growth, she could one round anything she could double, which was anything but Master Ninjas and Swordmasters. I put Galeforce to great use once I got it, it was pretty much a free kill whenever I wanted to progress slowly. Hinoka: My best tank, being able to use the Guard Naginata immediately and a crazy high Defence growth she was my best unit until endgame, then she couldn't keep up offensively. Oboro: While good, she was over shadowed by others in specific areas. She wasn't quick enough to double nor was she really durable to take hits. Though getting Swordfaire at the end really helped her offence. Kagero: Strength was pretty much all she had, good for weakening enemies that couldn't counter but not much else. Her resistance was okay near the end but not enough to engage mages that she couldn't one shot Anna: She pretty much only used the Shining Bow upon arrival and really put it to good use. She was basically an Onmyoji after promoting. Shura: Had a bit of trouble contributing due to pretty low defence and his strength wasn't good enough for the Great Club, but was good for cleaning up enemies and killing Generals with the hammer. Sophie: She didn't get to use the Shining Bow, but pre promotion she got a lot of use out of the Levin Sword. Her offence didn't improve after promoting, but she was decent at killing flying units. Caeldori: A worse version of her mother, but having a better Naginata ranking eventually made her offence better near the end. Hisame: Probably the worst of my team but still decent.He could tank if necessary and weaken things for others. Selkie: The best unit I had for near the end of the gam and onward, she could not only reliably dodge-tank but actually kill things with her great strength and Lethality sometimes. Kana: Decent offence, but couldn't treally engage anyone physical that wasn't finishing it.Near the end of the game she was paired up with Selkie most of the time. That was an easy but fun playthrough, I still got the Fire Emblem itch and one more save slot next, so I'll probably start up one last PMU playthrough of this game before I really put it down.
  8. I've got the Fire Emblem groove back Chapter 11 It's been over two months since I did this & the next few chapters, so bear with me. I took this really slow, everyone had pretty middling, average stats at this point so no one was really good at taking on the wyverns except Anna & Hana. Not the most fun playstyle. Chapter 12 Initially I wanted Corncob and Orochi to run to the exit, but I had them take on Xander & company, which took many tries and careful use of Lightning. Everyone else routed the rest of the map except for taking on Garon obviously. Paralouge 10 Don't really remember but it was easy so whatever. Paralouge 2 Everyone went to the top-right corner until Kana finished off those scary Falcon Knights. Chapter 13 This is the chapter that made me burnt out with this playthrough, dying to too many stupid things will do that to you. When I picked this back up I beat this on my first try, I guess I needed to have a fresh look at things. Chapter 14 The only hard part was the second turn, I had to kill each of the units that ran at me during the first enemy phase. Hinoka was able to tank and lure out the rest of the cavaliers with the Guard Naginata. I had to end this chapter a little earlier than I wanted too due to a berserker getting too close. Chapter 15 Hisame was able to catch up and escape mediocrity by killing a lot of Wolfskin with the Beast Killer, Kana also got in some kills with hear Beastbane ability. I also did this on my first attempt, actually using the Dragon Veins helped. Chapter 16 The first chapter I had to restart at since returning to this, but it was during the first few turns so whatever. Orochi's high resistance made taking on Iago not a problem at all. Paralouge 7 I learned not to wait too long to take on this chapter, so it was the first paralouge I decided to go with to promote the rest of my characters. It was so much easier not doing this late game, Shiro can actually hold his own. Everyone but Caeldori got enough experience to promote here. Chapter 17 I would've completed this a bit sooner if there wasn't insta-reinforcements the moment you crossed a portion of the map. Having all of my units promoted during this chapter made it easy though, the surprisingly quick Maids were the only thing no one could one-round. Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Corncob Hero 2.06 40+5 20 0 26 21 16 18 10 Kaze Paladin 2.06 34 23 1 21 27 16 17 21 Rinkah Onmyoji 1.79 31 9 20+2 19 24 17 15 14 Hana Sniper 2.01 31 25 3 26+2 25 15 14 13 Orochi Dark Falcon 22.51 27 7 27+2 20 16+2 20 10 28 Hinoka Great Lord 22.52 30 24 7 24 24 19 24 20 Oboro Swordmaster 2.07 32 21 6 17 20 17 19 17 Kagero Mechanist 2.47 28 26 0 17 17 17 14 16 Anna Adventurer 1.40 24 12 21 17 23 22 10 27 Sophie Bow Knight 1.48 33 16 6 23 24 15 11 17 Caeldori Spear Master 2.03 32 24 5 21 22 15 17 14 Hisame Basara 1.48 32 20 8 20 19 18 17 13 Selkie Master Ninja 2.20 30 19 3 20 27 15 12 25 Kana Nine-Tails 1.04 31+5 19 10 20 24 20 12 18 Everyone just promoted and are now one or two shotting everything so it's too early to say whose great or not, but I must say that so far I'm very surprised with Rinkah.
  9. I'm gonna vote for Devdan and Danved and see what happens
  10. Oh yeah, I started this a while ago Chapters 1-6 Typical pre actual game stuff, Corrin got to level 10 at chapter 6. Camilla pretty much gives an entire level for beating her. Chapter 7 Decided to risk it and charge the left part with the dragon vein and do this chapter somewhat quickly. Corrin tanked Silas while others went to kill the theiving outlaw. Chapter 8 Took this slow because I didn't know when some of the enemies moved, and because of the sand. Paralouge 13 This was the easiest paralouges/DLCs for me to do right now so I did it first. The only concern was the pretty tough promoted enemies but Great Lord Hinoka with the Guard Naginata could handle them. Anna on the Run This was really easy, Orochi could one round any of them except the bosses and Hinkoa is still good at taking hits. Paralouge 5 I blocked the bottom part with Hinoka and everyone else went top. Surprisingly all the villagers survived, though I had to kill Nichol a bit earlier then I wanted to because one got in his range. Chapter 9 A joke after all the experience I got in the previous chapters, pretty sure I got no more than 3 levels total Paralouge 11 This has got to be the easiest paralouge, nothing but wimpy Faceless with the only danger being not checking some of the more deadly skills they have. Chapter 10 Even with the extra levels I have this chapter is still annoying. The first few turns are rough because of all the two-range enemies and it's difficult to set up a good defensive position. The rest of the chapter isn't that much easier because of all the pretty quick ninjas, I don't think I had a single unit that could double them. Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Corncob Fighter 14.83 34+5 14 0 17 14 11 13 7 Kaze Cavalier 14.65 27 17 0 15 19 12 11 15 Rinkah Diviner 14.77 26 8 12+2 14 17 12 10 10 Hana Archer 14.36 27 20 2 19+2 17 13 9 11 Orochi Dark Falcon 15.23 24 5 24+2 16 16+2 15 10 23 Hinoka Great Lord 14.84 26 17 5 19 21 16 18 16 Oboro Samurai 12.70 26 13 1 10 14 12 13 10 Kagero Ninja 10.0 22 15 0 10 12 7 9 10 Anna Outlaw 13.66 23 11 13 12 17 16 7 18 Sophie Mercenary 13.18 26 12 4 17 15 11 9 9 Caeldori Spear Fighter 14.8 27 16 4 14 16 12 13 10 Hisame Spear Fighter 12.36 26 12 1 13 12 8 11 7 Got a lot of great units here, Kaze, Rinkah, Orochi, Hinoka and Caeldori are all great. Surprisingly Corncob is one of my lesser units this time, his only good stat being his health that's at around endgame level. I don't have high hopes for Hisame either, he wasn't good the last time I got him and his two level ups so far have been poor.
  11. If Corrin is male: Onmyoji!Felicia(S Hayato) If Corrin is female: Blacksmith!Dwyer(Rinkah)
  12. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Last, and most certainly least, Corrin needs a name and appearence.
  13. Thank you everyone for your help with this, I'm glad I made this topic so early so it'd be ready in time. I'll be starting this in about 30 hours from now at the stroke of midnight for 2017, I've been looking forward to doing this ever since I've improved and understood this game better from my other playthroughs.
  14. Unfortunately I have used him last playthrough and thus can't use him on this one, and he really wasn't good anyways.
  15. As fun as this sounds, Kagero is already paired with Kaden