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  1. Why play anything else when you can do your eighth Pick My Unit playthrough Rules: -Corrin, 9 first gen characters and 5 children will be used. -Children can be picked regardless if the parents are a picked unit. -If Niles is chosen, then someone can choose a boss character for me to capture and use. The captured character can fill either a normal or child character spot. -The avatar's bane/boon or class can be picked alongside a unit pick. -A bond unit may chosen (please include your My Castle code and be ready to send an accesory after my first update if you choose this) -A single Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Lodestar, Vanguard, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Witch/Ballistician and Anna are available. -Classes & parents that I've already got twice are retired from being chosen, the list of retirees are: Self-imposed rules: -Units who need a unit to change class from a character I haven't obtained yet will be in their default class until then -Units must either switch to their chosen class on the map they're obtained or during the inbetween chapter intermission after that -Children must be obtained as soon as I have both of their parents, or at the very latest a story chapter later. -Every unit is allowed to be used until I've completed Chapter 10. -Unpicked but forced units can be used, but only as pair-up fodder -Battle & Visitation bonuses might be used -If Gunter is picked, all of the Visit/Battle stat boost will go to him Units: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Children: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. It might be a while before I actually start this (unless someone chooses a bond unit, in which case I'll at least play until I get to Chapter 7)
  2. I'm having trouble deciding on which mode to do my first playthrough on. Normal says it's "for beginners" which makes me think it might be too easy, but I'm worried that Hard might be too tough for a first time player who doesn't know anything about the different mechanics compared to the other games.
  3. Update Chapters 1-6 Boring stuff, Corrin wasn't able to hit level 10 before the end of Chapter 6 but that doesn't matter in this playthrough... Chapter 7 I didn't Heart Seal Corrin here because the chapter would've been outright impossible with just Felicia and Azura. Chapter 8 Still didn't Heart Seal Corrin, I forgot how akwardly long and clunky this map is with 4 units. Paralouge 13 Great Lord Caeldori was able to one-round all of the Heroes with her Swordcatcher, bringing her level to the mid-teens by the end of the chapter. Chapter 9 Now that I have one of my units I made Corrin into a Trobadour. Caeldori got most of the kills, being the only unit where experience wouldn't go to waste. Chapter 10 Caeldori didn't get as many kills as I wanted her to, Hayato and Subaki were used as well because she couldn't do this alone. Got every treasure, even though the whole thing took half an hour. Paralouge 11 Only brought a few units for this chapter, I wanted Hisame to get as much experience as possible and promote Corrin. Hisame was able to get 4 levels and D in lances. Chapter 11 This was pretty tough with just 3 units, one unpromoted. I had to kill the two ninjas next to the green units on the first turn otherwise Orochi would die. Luckily I had two Dragon Vein users to avoid taking a bit of damage from the terrain. Paralouge 14 Hisame had good enough defence to be my main tank, and the Faceless weren't that strong anyways so I wasn't in any real danger. Chapter 12 The first several turns were a bit tricky, I only had two units that could take a hit and one was only decent at dodging. I wasn't able to completely rout the map because the Berserkers and Sorcerers on Camilla's boat were too scary to engage. Chapter 13 I was able to rout this whole map and get Hisame to level 20 by the end of it. I blocked off the left side at the beginning and went right, I blocked off the area to the boss when the somewhat tough reinforcements came so I could beat them without being overwhelmed. I also didn't use the Dragon Vein, things got too hecktic when I tried that. Chapter 14 This chapter was a bit harder compared to what I've done so far, Hisame was the only person I had who could reliably take a hit from the promoted enemies, and I had to ferry Elise to both sides to get Benny & Charlotte. The only chapter that I had to restart more than three times so far Paralouge 5 I blocked the bottom part with Hisame so some of the villagers could escape. I wanted to kill the promoted units in the middle but I finished the map early to save the remaining villagers for their reward instead. Paralouge 18 This was too tough to take on with just 5 units, so I kind of cheated and used Camilla for Dragon Veins and two other flyers to block the Faceless reinforcements. The fire orb in the center really hurt so I had to beat the mage controlling it before I ran out of Dragon Veins, which wasn't too hard with all but Sophie being promoted. Paralouge 8 I used a Rescue staff on Kiragi to make things easier and to promote him as early as possible to build his sword rank. The enemies were kind enough to come in threes and fours, so they posed no threat except the occasional Malig Knight or two. Paralouge 2 I activated all of the Dragon Veins that filled the river and carefully distributed kills to all of my units. I didn't need Kana to take on the Falcon Knights because my team was good enough to engage them. I also took long enough for the bosses and every single reinforcement to come. Stats: Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Corrin Butler 6.68 36 22 15 17 24 19 17 13+2 Caeldori Great Lord 25.11 32 26 9 21 24 24+4 15 14 Hisame Spear Master 4.62 32 21 4 25 22 17 20 12 Rhajat Onmyoji 4.77 28 1 30+2 17 21 13 13 24 Sophie Bow Knight 1.66 36 18 6 23 20 15 15 17 Velouria Swordmaster 1.00 32 21 2 17 23 20 19+2 17 Kiragi Lodestar 19.24 30 16 5 22+2 21+3 21 14-1 9+2 Kana Archer 16.25 30 14 8 20 17 15 14 10
  4. Because I want to get this thing started, I'll just go with Kana getting an S rank with Kiragi since I'm already getting him anyways. In my efforts to make this more interesting, I've really screwed myself over by having my first unit show up after Chapter 8, and 7 characters obtained after Chapter 17. I probably won't be reclassing Corrin until I've got Caeldori to make things not insane.
  5. I got all of my characters chosen, now all that's left is a name, appearence and partner for Kana.
  6. Sorry, but this is a children only playthrough.
  7. I'm allowing people who have already chose a unit to choose another one, also I'll need a name and look for Corrin
  8. Which one do you want to go with? Her base class being Archer or Sky Knight does make a bit of a difference.
  9. Sakura is already being used a parent, I almost didn't realise that myself
  10. Vanguard!Fuga
  11. Corrin is going to be married to Sophie, I probably should've updated that in the OP earlier. Though I can still make her a Kinshi Knight if I have her S rank Shigure or Kiragi if you'd like.
  12. Chapter 23 I took on the enemies one group at a time. Had my three highest defence units park themselves in front of Hinata & his gang and finished them off next turn. I had Effie get an A in Shurikens so she could take care of the guys blocking the stairs and beat Takumi without risk of his skills activating. Chapter 24 This chapter was tricky as usual, dealing with Setsuna is always a pain. I had to freeze her and hope I hit her. Paralouge 22 I used these paralouges to level up my lower-level characters, but my best defensive & evasive units were benched for this. Everyone had to go top because if I had sent some to the bottom-left then my team would've been too spread out. I killed Nina pretty early, which is probably the trigger for all the enemies to run. Couldn't get any of the treasures without using up my valuable staves but I didn't need any of them anyways. Paralouge 21 I took the top block and used it to block off all of Zhara's area. Once all of the reinforcements stopped coming I lured the blocked mages to me and had Arthur & Beruka kill them so they could get enough levels for Tomebreaker. Chapter 25 Effie alone made this chapter pretty easy, she dodge-tanked all of the bottom left units with Charlotte pair-up and a couple of rallies, then destroyed the Automatons with the Spy's Shuriken. I Entrapped the Spy Shuriken ninjas on the right and everything after that was pretty simple. Chapter 26 Other than taking care of the room with all the Heroes, this chapter is just a boring turtlefest. I didn't bother going left because the faceless are a bit harder to cheese with high defence units. Paralouge 3 I'm glad I saved this one for near endgame, it's just an easy experience farm-fest. Ophelia was able to get 4 levels by abusing Galeforce on the squishy Berserkers. Paralouge 15 This was really annoying for once, everything had to go perfectly for the first few turns. It took a long time for me to seal the Ninha spawn, but Kiran was able to tank all of their hits and not get killed. Arthur was able to get an S in staves on the last few turns, which hopefully gave status staves a little bit more accuracy. Invasion 3 I didn't get a lot of kills this chapter, the golems, Dusk Dragon and caltrops took out most of the bottom reinforcements, but I was at least able to get most people to level 20 and the boss' Energy Drop Chapter 27 This was really easy, mostly because all of my units that were entrapped were able to one round the enemies they were next to. Endgame Did this fon my first try! This chapter was immensely easier with a Butler & Maid with some of the best skill on my team, I was able to silence two of the three Enfeeble staff users until I was able to kill them, Froze the paired up units near the end, and Hex & Enfeeble Takumi for an easy kill. Though Midori & Dwyer died to bad positioning, and Charlotte died because Takumi got a vengence off before she could finish her off. Stats before endgame: Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Kiran Vanguard 40.0 45 38*+3 14 28 29*-1 30 36 19 Felicia Berserker 39.58 57+5 35 19 32* 34* 26* 14 23+2 Elise Sorcerer 18.80 37 4 40* 16 30* 28* 13 31+2 Effie Master Ninja 20.0 38 31* 0 28 36* 27 26+2 27 Arthur Butler 20.0 35+5 30 11 36 31 24 26 20+2 Nyx Witch 39.66 38 4 35 19 36* 20 9 18 Beruka Maid 19.32 37 25+2 14 35* 25 31 28 23+2 Peri Wyvern Lord 19.23 37 29+2 4 21 30* 19 29 22 Charlotte Swordmaster 20.0 46+5 34 3 26 37* 29 16 11 Xander Master Ninja 25.0 46 31* 4 34* 31 32* 29* 23 Ophelia Dark Falcon 40.0 38 16 36 20 34*+2 36 9 30+2 Midori General 20.0 48 41* 2 34* 24 32* 34+2 14 Kana Great Lord 40.0 46+1 35* 15 30 36* 29 25 19 Forrest Grandmaster 40.0 41 19 35 23 29 17 14 38+2 Dwyer Malig Knight 18.82 38 28+2 29 23 20 20 27 23+2 Unit review: -Kiran: Great strength and defence throughout the game, the former got crazy lategame with Strength Taker. He wasn't the quickest unit I had, but he didn't really get doubled and the Practice Katana helped with that. -Felicia: Probably the most surprising unit I had in a PMU so far. Until a bit past midgame her stats weren't all that great except Health, which allowed her to take quite a few crits. A combination of good levels and perseverence in getting her experience made her a great unit by endgame. -Elise: Pretty much like a strategist in stats, but she got more time to use tomes. Her accuracy was awful for most of the game, and this is with two Secret Books. Luckily I found an Ember tome which was her main weapon for most of the game. -Effie: My MVP, it took her a while for her to get going but once she promoted she one-rounded everything except Generals. Also she was a viable dodge-tank with Kagero's Dart, which was crucial in dealing with Chapter 25 with ease. -Arthur: Another surprisingly good unit. Having a staff user at pretty much the beginning of the game is a great thing to have, and his lack of magic wasn't that big of a deal what with staves not scaling all that well with Magic. His combat was decent good enough at endgame to the point where he could contribute pretty well. -Nyx: I was a bit worried about her, her levels up until the 20s were only just Magic and Speed, but she eventually got stats other than that and an unusual amount of HP. She was very useful in ferrying around other units with Warp, but that wasn't really needed as much this playthrough. -Beruka: I was a bit dissapointed with her combat, but her accuracy with staves was very helpful. She didn't contribute as much combat-wise as Arthur did but was a good healer. -Peri: Her levels before promoting were lame but she ended up being decent. I didn't rely on Rally Defence as muc as I thought I would because my team had naturally high defence. -Charlotte: She had the roughest pre-promotion fo any of my characters, but she got HP, Strength and Speed nearly every level, and had around 100 Avoid with the Sunrise Katana. Her Skill didn't really kicked off so I never had her equipped with Gamble. -Xander: Another MVP, I had him before and he actually turned out slightly better. The best tank I had with good enough speed to double a good amount of things, though I had Charlotte paired up with him to take on someo of the heftier tanking. -Ophelia: She was like Elise and Nyx, except she could fly and not take a hit as good as they could. Late game she could one-round most physical units and I used that to really take advantage of Galeforce. -Midori: Another MVP, unsurprisingly she turned out a lot like her mother. She wasn't as reliable of a tank as Xander but she was much more powerful, one-rounding a couple things with Effie's Lance, then one-rounding everything with a Brave Lance. Sadly she got her A rank in lances in the final chapters so I couldn't take advantage of the latter that much. -Kana: Like her mother, it took her a while to get going. But unlike her mother she was much more well-rounded and could use lances. Having both Dragon Fang and Aether was a bit overkill too. -Forrest: Had amazing Resistance, but didn't really do too well in other aspects and thus outclassed by all my other mages. I used him mostly for Rally Spectrum once he got it and when I realised that it had a radius of 4 instead of 2. -Dwyer: My worst unit, I tried my best to make him usable but he never got going. both his Strength and Magic were good enough for me to put both axes and tomes on him, but his poor accuracy really didn't help him take advantage of that much. This team was surprisingly good, better than my team for my first run of Conquest Lunatic. It also helped that I never gave up on any of my units and inturn, they turned out well.
  13. General!Scarlet
  14. I'm going to need a final class for Trobadour Corrin. Also the first two real chapters of Revelations are going to be brutal with my supposed main damage dealer unable to attack.
  15. I told myself I was done when I filled all 9 save slots but I sold myself on doing this playthrough, and I want all "Lunatic Cleared" marks on my card. Rules: -Only Corrin and 14 children will be used. -The avatar's bane/boon or class can be picked alongside a unit pick. -Any unit/class choice is allowed, no matter how convoluted it is to obtain. -A single Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Lodestar, Vanguard, Great Lord, Grandmaster, and Witch/Ballistician are available. -Only two of a final class are allowed. Self-imposed rules: -Units who need a unit to change class from a character I haven't obtained yet will be in their default class until then -Units must either switch to their chosen class on the map they're obtained or during the inbetween chapter intermission after that -Children must be obtained as soon as I have both of their parents, or at the very latest a story chapter later. -Every unit is allowed to be used until I've completed Chapter 10. -Unpicked but forced units can be used, but only as pair-up fodder -Battle & Visitation bonuses might be used Units: 1. CorrinM!Butler(+HP-Skl)(S Sophie) Children: 1. Caeldori!GreatLord(Azura) 2. Hisame!SpearMaster(Oboro) 3. Rhajat!Onmyoji(Orochi) 4. Sophie!BowKnight(Sakura)(S Corrin) 5. Velouria!Swordmaster(Effie)(S Hisame) 6. Kiragi!Lodestar(Elise) 7. Kana!Sophie(Kinshi Knight)(S Kiragi) 8. Shiro!MasterOfArms(Camilla) 9. Ophelia!Swordmaster(Kagero) 11. Selkie!Sniper(Setsuna) 10. Mitama!WyvernLord(Beruka) 12. Forrest!Sorcerer(Nyx) 14. Percy!GreatKnight(Peri) 13. Nina!Merchant(Mozu)