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  1. your mugs are suffering from sameface, which is what happens when you give everyone the same blank neutral expression. no one has any defining features so they look devoid of personality. (But your technique is getting much better. just work on thinking about who these characters are and what sort of personalities they have)
  2. I'm sure you could achieve the exact same thing with a Dark Knight Corrin or Mechanist Corrin really Putting a +7 and procstack on anything is guaranteed to break it... Nothing to do with Bow Knight.
  3. STR tonic Niles should be able to solo the archers on the right, just make sure he as a vulnerary. Mag Tonic Odin with Nyx pairup and Nosferatu will put a huge dent in the oni savages so have everyone else pick them off. just make sure you place Odin such that when he gets lunged the oni savages won't be able able to pass through. give a hand axe to Beruka and keep together with Camilla in attack stance to destroy the ninjas and the spearfighters (Beruka gets a whopping +7 attack this way in addition to Camilla's dual attack), everyone else just floats around as needed.
  4. It isn't just you, which is why fan projects such as FE7x added new frames to the animation.
  5. Add text where?
  6. for whom?
  7. it looks SO much better than the first draft. I told you: the foundations are there, your work just needs a bit of refining :)
  8. Who wants the other Spirit Dusts? Maybe Camilla with Bolt Axe? That's about all I can think of.
  9. I must be the only one here who loves using Odin. He's great if you stick a Nyx pairup on him and even moreso if you promote her to either Sorceror or Dark Knight (the latter boosting his defence and movement). Give him a Nosferatu tome, feed him some Spirit Dusts (no one else needs them except Corrin) and Nosferatu will carry him through most of the earlygame. Recruit his daughter and replace him with her, or just use both. Reclass him to your heart's content as he has so many options via his A+ supports. The list goes on. Sorcerors kind of get shafted by the prominence of shuriken users later in the game, so he'll need Calamity Gate to be useful later, which you can only get by recruiting Ophelia.
  10. then the unattached end of the cape would stay stationary and the attached end would fall down.
  11. it doesn't seem to make sense for the cape to fly up after the turn?
  12. You can insert any song of which you have a MIDI sequence, which generally means from most other GBA games and many PS1 and DS titles. As for how to do it, there are myriad tutorials that I've written in the resources section. Please have a read of them and let me know where you get stumped.
  13. you can, but be advised that a lot of the so-called unused bytes are actually used but their purposes weren't determined when those modules were made
  14. no such animations exist. you can use other people's animations if they have explicitly stated that you can and it is considered good practice to always credit when you use someone else's work.
  15. first of all if it is events there is an event assembler questions thread for these things, secondly try putting an empty UNIT at the end of the second unit list