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  1. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Elise has great utility as a Wyvern Rider (more fliers is always good) and is best to be switched early so she can make it to C Axes for Bolt Axe. Terrible accuracy so will need a good support and/or attack stance to compensate. Arthur loses Hand Axe utility which is super important in the conquest earlygame by being reclassed so you might want to wait a bit Odin should be kept as Dark Mage and given magic tonic + Nyx Pairup + Nosferatu. Eventually you can reclass him to MoA, ideally with a speed pairup, and he will do quite well with an arms scroll as he can then use beast killer and hammer straight away Jakob/Felicia are best used by cycling between lots of class trees and getting lots of skills. have a plan though. Archer Mozu is the best way to use her Laslow likes being switched to Ninja ASAP to work on his shuriken rank Can't really think of any other good heart seals
  2. Black Knight Map Sprite

    you'd be better off posting this in sprites. coupleof notes: if you want it to be usable in a hack the palettes must match the normal map sprites exactly I would just splice off the capes from another map sprite e.g. the Hector Lord
  3. Favorite Preparation theme?

    FE8, FE11, FE12, FE14 are all standout tracks for me. But if you had to make me pick then it'd be FE15 for sure.
  4. If all you want is the EXP, then why bother caring about the pairings? Also, everyone will cap their levels with judicious use of around 6-7 paralogues along with the main story. Just make sure you pair physical mothers with physical kids, and magic mothers with magical kids, and you'll be set. Nina can go either way and Dwyer prefers to be physical.
  5. BR PMU

    Merchant Sakura (via Azama marriage)
  6. Level exchange-Gameplay Mechanic

    It's a terrible, gamebreaking idea tbh
  7. Song seems to desync no matter what I do

    what program are you using to insert this?
  8. Falcon or Kinshi Jakob

    I would prefer Falcon Knight as he will have great utility as a Rally Speed/healbot and will have decent staff utility. His combat as a Kinship Knight would be pretty mediocre
  9. Nyx is a great PU bot as an Outlaw for units like Leo and Odin (though I don't think this puts her any higher)
  10. Niles can usually solo the archers with STR/Def/HP tonics and will counter them as well. just be careful not to put him in a position where they can use attack stance and keep the ballista occupied as the AI will prefer to use the ballista over attacking Niles. one of the Pegasus Knights will attack him if he is in range AND they get to maximise their movement (so they will attack if he is on the ballista tile) so kill them before them get to him or move him as needed. Make sure Niles has vulneraries or a concoction the turrets are useless and unreliable Paladin Jakob or Malig Knight Felicia can solo the west oni savages. make sure they always attack the Throwing Club ones first Nyx + Nos!Odin can solo the east oni savages and probably take on Oboro. may need spd tonic to avoid getting doubled. If Odin has 6 movement or you dance him you can drop Nyx next to him such that they will 1RKO two of the oni savages without Nyx ever getting attacked. pair her onto to Odin thereafter Break the wall down or use Wyvern Elise to drop Corrin in range of the two spearfighters. Corrin will get attacked and activate Silas's VoF Silas can then 1RKO ninjas with a javelin + Corrin attack stance or any other attack stance really Effie can 1RKO ninjas with Arthur Pairup or any attack stance and a javelin Arthur gets a handaxe and abuses attack stance Corrin, Arthur, Silas and Effie can take out most of the enemy units here with ease. Even better if you also have Wyvern Elise but not necessary. Bait Hinata if needed and destroy him with Javelins. You will have a free turn to reorganise your units so that the Spearfighters can end up in range of javelin + attack stance combo and get 1RKO'd. make sure you kill the seal def ones first. most of the mooks can be killed in a single battle provided you use attack stance correctly, eliminating the need for a healer When Beruka joins gets Arthur to give her the Handaxe and keep her with Camilla. she will get a ridiculous amount of bonus damage from this. Camilla and Beruka to jump around as needed Selena can go help Niles or pair onto him to keep him from getting attack stance'd by the archers. she is useless against everything else except ninjas I guess When the pegs start spawning VoF Silas with Corrin support should be able to 1HKO, and of course Beruka and Camilla can murder them too
  11. Odin Is Stupid

    Remember to give Odin Life or Death and Lightning to kick the Wary Fighter!Generals and Stoneborn in the ass
  12. Confused about parallel classes

    Sort of - dad passes down his primary class first. If the child already has that class then they get dad's secondary class (therefore, Percy does not get Cavalier from Arthur etc.). Then they get mum's primary class. If that primary class was already passed down by dad, or the child already has that class, then they get mum's secondary class. If the secondary class is also already owned by the child, then they get a parallel class. It's designed such that every child always gets 3 heart seal options (including their first class) regardless of parentage.
  13. Confused about parallel classes

    The system mostly refers to the kids, unfortunately. Percy will get Pegasus Knight from Beruka though.
  14. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    The setting/tone is pretty great and it correlates well with the gameplay. Leif's life is meant to be hard so the game is hard. Not a fan of some of the mechanics designed to trick blind players but the bullshit is what makes it so hilarious to play. It is that much more satisfying when you break things in your favour, too.
  15. Conquest Lunatic: First Time Through

    Sorry, I don't really see where the extra investment is aside from the initial Heart Seal. Everything else she learns/gains on her own and the Attack Stances should form as a natural result of good strategy and unit placement... and EVERYONE in early Conquest needs good Attack Stancing to be used properly except Camilla. All I was saying is that Wyvern makes her (pre-learned!) skills even more useful.