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  1. I already answered your question on FEU buddy also it's Agro, not Argo
  2. Please upload the DLC music! I heard an arrangement of Expedition from FE3 in one of the trailers and it must be listened to.
  3. Did you actually try to do anything, or did you just read the tutorial and put it in the 'too-hard' basket?
  4. I really like all of this! I haven't much to critique on because it isn't FE style spriting but it all looks so cool. The only thing I have to say is that the huge text for saving seems a bit unnecessary.
  5. sry @circleseverywhere will tut harder
  6. By the way, I made this back in the days where we could only do 8 tracks. In my opinion, the imported strings sound pretty damn good next to the GBA samples. Just food for thought. They are heavily used in the FE12 soundtack so if you are going to use more FE12 songs, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to import them. Just a note, if you use any samples other than FE7/8/Advance Wars/Mother 3 you will have to manually turn up the volume by about 33% as FE samples on their own are quite loud (FE6 excepting).
  7. This has a broken Dropbox link, I have the program... somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it up. Trial and error, but if you rip the sf2 using GBAMusRiper and open it up in Viena then you can view the percussion instruments just like everything else. You shouldn't have to "redo" it... just copy the drum track in the .s file so another blank text, then search and replace all of the notes with the desired new notes, then copy and paste back into the .s things. Again, the strings hit hard because that track heavily uses expression which Sappy ignores unless you run it through ipatix's program, which integrates it with volume commands.
  8. You've done a decent job but I have some notes for you. First of all, FE11 and FE12 have a very unique way of setting up many of their instruments. By this, I mean that many of the tracks have seemingly random notes shifted up/down several octaves for no good reason. If you look at the .sf2 files you will actually find that these are set up to play different samples in a different octave, producing a different sound. A good example is how the horn in FE12 works - the very high notes are actually a punchier horn sample thus producing the more staccato sounds heard in the first four bars of Endless Battle. They are set up so that they play two octaves lower than the actual note, which means that by pushing the notes up 2 octaves higher, you get the same pitch but a different sound. In this same way you can use different octaves to make different samples play with different panning settings. The string section you are talking about in Endless Battle actually has 3 different settings. There is a low line, a middle line, and a top line. I would suggest opening this up in a MIDI editor so you can see what I'm talking about. These are all the same string sample but the lowest it made to play from the left ear, the middle from dead center, and the top from the right. I don't really know why this was done as it wasn't really necessary. Why didn't they just split them into different tracks? I have no idea. Secondly, you will want to run most of your MIDIs through this program. There is an often unused feature in MIDI files called "expression". This allows for crescendo/decrescendo during a note. Many games don't use this but again, FE11/12 do, which is one of the reasons why the soundtrack sounds very emotive and... expressive. By running your MIDIs through that program you are ensuring that you are getting all of the dynamics of the original tracks. Also, it fixes up the Velocity values. The GBA engine doesn't play Velocity values at their true level - rather, it adjusts them with a formula where the loudness increases exponentially with the Velocity value, which means some notes sound much louder than they should be. To summarise: You will need to manually adjust some of the tracks in a MIDI editor such as Anvil if you want them to play correctly. You may even need to separate some of them, particularly the string section in the bridge of the song. Use midfix4agb to get the songs sounding EXACTLY as they do in the original.
  9. Hi everyone. Dropbox had an update a few months ago and destroyed a lot of links that we used for hacking resources. If you find any, can you please report them here? We will endeavour to fix as many as possible but it's very difficult to go through each manually to figure out which are and which aren't. Thanks, Management
  10. I would definitely say that the problem has been fixed; the child units are usually on-par with their parents, rarely better, and sometimes worse.
  11. Is this US only? I checked the AUS eShop and no such preloading option was available...
  12. I routinely use Wendy just for kicks so I think that's plenty enough. She is heaps of fun to use if you bother to put the effort in. The same goes for most mediocre characters really.
  13. I just found your eternal bond hack and i want to play it so badly but i cant find a download link so does that mean your done with it all together 

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    2. Trinidaddi


      damn looked really great


    3. Trinidaddi


      how did you get ephraims map sprite in the game i must ask?

    4. Agro


      Please don't PM me with hacking questions. If you need to ask something then use the hacking subforum for it. This question is easily answered by searching through hacking resources as there is a tutorial entirely dedicated to importing map sprites.

  14. Ah... this is probably because you need to edit the palette yourself manually. Palettes are arranged in such a way that colour 1 = hair 1, colour 2 = hair 2 and so on but they have to be arranged correctly. Your custom animation doesn't have it's palette set to correspond wih the standard game palettes, which is fine, it just means you have to edit the palette.
  15. Does this topic answer your question?