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  1. map sprite palette problem

    I missed the part where you said you used Emblem Magic. I haven't used the program before but it seems like a software glitch as the .bmp you're using seems fine.
  2. Which would be better to use?

    FE7 is better documented as far as events etc. go and if you want normal FE7 mechanics then it's fine. You can create a full hack from start to finish without issue. If you want fancy assembly hacks, skills systems, branching promotions etc, then go with FE8, but be prepared for a more involved hacking process.
  3. map sprite palette problem

    If you edited the image in Paint, and then saved it, it ruins the palette indexing, even if you reorder the palette in Usenti afterwards. If you open your .bmp in Usenti now, do you only see one palette on the side, or multiple? If you only see one then the indexing is gone. What you can do is rip a .bmp from the game and then paste your map sprite image (the entire thing) over it IN USENTI and then save it WITH USENTI. Then try reinserting it. It should work as normal.
  4. Nice! Unfortunately I've only got a legitimate version of the game so I can't play this. any chance of posting a script somewhere?
  5. Portrait/Sprite Editors?

    Everyone just uses Paint to be honest
  6. joshcja can you please speak in English so we don't all have to read your posts 5 times to understand them
  7. Camilla is a useful unit because she joins with great stats for her level and remains usable until the endgame. She has fantastic utility for a long time and is absolutely critical for pulling off a lot of strats in the first half of the game with minimal investment from the player. She does indeed begin to fall off by the end but her usefulness in the first half outweighs this. She can be patched up with a Bolt Axe and Spirit Dusts (no one else really needs them). Many recommend reclassing her to Wyvern Lord which reduces her magic stat so I don't really think this is the best idea. Maybe just for Rally.
  8. FE4 Advanced Spritework

    That was made by Blackavar
  9. Magic Axe Animations

    You would just need to set up a unique animation for the axe and make it function like a handaxe using the spell association editor. Hand axes animations are basically magic spells for all intents and purposes.
  10. Putting Midis into FE8 Rom

    There are labels within the file with spaces in them, which you need to remove. you changed the filename but didn't reconvert the midi afterwards so there are still spaces all over the place. change the midi filename so that there are no spaces and then reconvert it
  11. Setting a Class's Battle and Map Sprite Association

    I would guess that the game's system just matches the labels of the two, but nice work on figuring it out yourself!
  12. Putting Midis into FE8 Rom

    can you please post the .s file contents, preferably within a CODE tag
  13. Setting a Class's Battle and Map Sprite Association

    @Arch wanna shed some light on this?
  14. Melliel's Sprite Dump

    It's very thin compared to the male fighter and doesn't really share the same kind of movement, which is generally something that's done if making female versions of the same map sprite
  15. Putting Midis into FE8 Rom

    Open it in a hex editor and paste write it to your chosen address