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  1. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    I don't think Roy is even that "bad", per se. I think his biggest problem is that he's a lord and that one is usually too busy trying to get him to accomplish secondary goals in a chapter and seize the throne to worry about his combat and utility. The maps are so huge and Roy only has 5 movement so if you want to finish anything in a reasonable timeframe you've got to rescuedrop him everywhere. He isn't free to become a decent combat unit even if he had the growths and/or stats for it. He could probably do with some extra functions that aren't combat-oriented, like be able to open chests without a Chest Key or Lockpick (I can't remember if Chest Keys are in this game) or have an ability to buff other units like Azura's dance can. The maps of FE6 are also poorly designed around Roy so really, you'd want to look at redesigning most of the game.
  2. Conquest Pairings.

    Silas x Mozu is not amazing. It makes Sophie a lot more... Sophie, in that she's quite frail but quite strong/speedy.
  3. Conquest Pairings.

    they're pretty boring pairings tbh
  4. Second Seal Mechanic?

    If you want skills then it'll have to be FE8 as there is no public, working skill system for FE7
  5. [FE7] Music - Instrument Shenanigans

    Dunno, I made that patch many years ago. You can open it with NUPS and get the patch data if you want to check.
  6. [FE7] Music - Instrument Shenanigans you probably want to install this
  7. Music

    You can't. It's impossible. GBA hardware and software are not capable of playing compressed sound files like MP3s.
  8. Inserting Shine and Aura in FE6

    click the button that says ダウンロード
  9. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Elise has great utility as a Wyvern Rider (more fliers is always good) and is best to be switched early so she can make it to C Axes for Bolt Axe. Terrible accuracy so will need a good support and/or attack stance to compensate. Arthur loses Hand Axe utility which is super important in the conquest earlygame by being reclassed so you might want to wait a bit Odin should be kept as Dark Mage and given magic tonic + Nyx Pairup + Nosferatu. Eventually you can reclass him to MoA, ideally with a speed pairup, and he will do quite well with an arms scroll as he can then use beast killer and hammer straight away Jakob/Felicia are best used by cycling between lots of class trees and getting lots of skills. have a plan though. Archer Mozu is the best way to use her Laslow likes being switched to Ninja ASAP to work on his shuriken rank Can't really think of any other good heart seals
  10. Black Knight Map Sprite

    you'd be better off posting this in sprites. coupleof notes: if you want it to be usable in a hack the palettes must match the normal map sprites exactly I would just splice off the capes from another map sprite e.g. the Hector Lord
  11. Favorite Preparation theme?

    FE8, FE11, FE12, FE14 are all standout tracks for me. But if you had to make me pick then it'd be FE15 for sure.
  12. If all you want is the EXP, then why bother caring about the pairings? Also, everyone will cap their levels with judicious use of around 6-7 paralogues along with the main story. Just make sure you pair physical mothers with physical kids, and magic mothers with magical kids, and you'll be set. Nina can go either way and Dwyer prefers to be physical.
  13. BR PMU

    Merchant Sakura (via Azama marriage)
  14. Level exchange-Gameplay Mechanic

    It's a terrible, gamebreaking idea tbh
  15. Song seems to desync no matter what I do

    what program are you using to insert this?