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  1. I just want to point out that "Divine Dragon" is an artefact of FE7's translation which isn't exactly known for continuity with the rest for the series. The literal translation is "god dragon" (神竜) so that's their excuse for being omnipotent I guess.
  2. Alm's base stats as a promoted unit may actually exceed his, unpromoted (even at a higher level), so it may be better to simply promote him
  3. Do you mean the post-battle conversations? I can't think of a more efficient way to do it other than copy pasting each event into each chapter...
  4. no, you need to edit the events
  5. Not sure if people realised but there is definitely a recurring leitmotif in almost every song just like there has been in Awakening and Fates, which I don't mind at all. You can even hear it in the levelup theme, but it's also a big part of Alm's Map 2 and Map 3 themes, as well as the Prologue map theme.
  6. Start by copying shading patterns over from the original mugs, and make sure that parts aren't awkwardly cropping out or overlapping each other as they are now. For instance, in the last portrait, the hair should fall behind the cape, not in front.
  7. Nice! Looks heaps better.
  8. You have literally recoloured portraits and copy pasted them onto others without even so much as blending them.Why is Lucius' hair going over Renault's cape? I can still see some of Glenn's neck going OVER Zeis' armour. Lots of big glaring issues like this. Additionally you have blended FE7 and FE8 colours which makes them look weird. Start over.
  9. The 3rd mug is fine as it's basically just a small edit of Farina. However, the first portrait isn't right on a few levels. Firstly, there's no outline on most of the hair, and I'm pretty sure you are using FE8 colours for the hair with FE7 skin tone, which creates clash. The hair around the face could do with some darker shading as well. If you look at Farina's hair you will notice there is ample usage of the 3rd and even 4th skin tones around the hair to create the illusion of depth. So the 1st portrait's hair looks a bit flat due to the lack of shading.
  10. I already answered your question on FEU buddy also it's Agro, not Argo
  11. Please upload the DLC music! I heard an arrangement of Expedition from FE3 in one of the trailers and it must be listened to.
  12. Did you actually try to do anything, or did you just read the tutorial and put it in the 'too-hard' basket?
  13. I really like all of this! I haven't much to critique on because it isn't FE style spriting but it all looks so cool. The only thing I have to say is that the huge text for saving seems a bit unnecessary.