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  1. If you mean you can't access the Animation Editor in FEDITOR then open the ROM, hit save, and then reopen it.
  2. maybe next time you find a tutorial with broken images you should contact the creator and let them know about it
  3. what was the original pointer that you wrote? did it begin with 09 or 08?
  4. where did you write the new table to, and is the boss music table supposed to have any sequence at the end of it (such as 00 00 00 00)?
  5. That game looks like a pain in the ass I like the new battle sprite but the hair looks a bit blobby is all. The motion is quite good. The pants are a bit light on the shading. Otherwise it's very nice. the map sprite is very janky... I would stop the arms moving from side to side in the walk down animation. during the standing animation, don't turn the head either.
  6. Boey will not struggle of low speed as his bases will be brought up to match his class bases, so he'll be more or less in the same boat as Gray.
  7. Corrin gains Diviner from that pairing, Rhajat gets nothing new
  8. Genny is at the top for sure. I personally found the pegs a bit overrated but mine were slower than average/ridiculously unlucky with the RNG
  9. Most of these can be answered by looking through tutorials in the Resources section
  10. I just want to point out that "Divine Dragon" is an artefact of FE7's translation which isn't exactly known for continuity with the rest for the series. The literal translation is "god dragon" (神竜) so that's their excuse for being omnipotent I guess.
  11. Alm's base stats as a promoted unit may actually exceed his, unpromoted (even at a higher level), so it may be better to simply promote him
  12. Do you mean the post-battle conversations? I can't think of a more efficient way to do it other than copy pasting each event into each chapter...
  13. no, you need to edit the events
  14. Not sure if people realised but there is definitely a recurring leitmotif in almost every song just like there has been in Awakening and Fates, which I don't mind at all. You can even hear it in the levelup theme, but it's also a big part of Alm's Map 2 and Map 3 themes, as well as the Prologue map theme.