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  1. You've gotta admit, the way the title screen is designed, it makes Echoes look like a subseries of the main game
  2. The Seize ability is hardcoded elsewhere so you can't do it with regular nightmare hacking This hack will allow you to create a table where you can just list off the character IDs of those you want to be able to seize.
  3. My suggestion would be to disassemble the events of that chapter and then study what you find there
  4. I missed this. Your map offset ends with A, which is not a multiple of 4, which may sometimes result in weird things happening. Have you tried changing it to say, C? Can you also please post your events if this doesn't work?
  5. You just need to put yourself in situations where you keep meeting new people. Get involved in a club somewhere. Take some classes in something new. If you have friends then go out, maybe have a drink somewhere, have a dance, etc. Don't let your diagnosis be a crutch... You are still you and you have full control over your actions. Beautiful people get compliments both warranted and unwarranted. Just because you find someone beautiful doesn't mean that they are superficial or that you are superficial. If you are attracted to someone then you should just go for it and see what happens. You never know who you might connect with if you give it a chance.
  6. Gotta be FE4. Newbies will love the return of the children mechanic but also the comparatively darker storyline than Fates and Awakening. It will look like the series is going in an edgy direction, but actually...
  7. Hi turtleofdoom, apologies for taking so long to get back to you. The walking sound fix consists of a table at D70000 of pointers to different sounds. The first pointer is for class 0x01, the second for class 0x02, and so on and so forth. So in this case you would need to first find the pointer for the sound effect of the wings flapping by either looking it up in Sappy, Music.txt (from the Nightmare modules) or by simply copying it from the existing table. Then you need to grab the class ID of the class you're changing, multiply it by 0x04 and add D70000, which will get you to the pointer that you need to change. Then you need to write the pointer in little endian (so reversing it). That should fix the walking sound. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.
  8. I think my favourite part of the soundtrack is how close to the source material they've kept it. I was expecting revamp of the soundtrack like New Mystery, where many of the songs' phrasing and rhythms were changed, but the spirit of the original songs has been kept. They even changed the godawful village theme into something epic.
  9. Sounds like any hybrid class with a tome is your best bet
  10. It's called a leitmotif
  11. your mugs are suffering from sameface, which is what happens when you give everyone the same blank neutral expression. no one has any defining features so they look devoid of personality. (But your technique is getting much better. just work on thinking about who these characters are and what sort of personalities they have)
  12. I'm sure you could achieve the exact same thing with a Dark Knight Corrin or Mechanist Corrin really Putting a +7 and procstack on anything is guaranteed to break it... Nothing to do with Bow Knight.
  13. STR tonic Niles should be able to solo the archers on the right, just make sure he as a vulnerary. Mag Tonic Odin with Nyx pairup and Nosferatu will put a huge dent in the oni savages so have everyone else pick them off. just make sure you place Odin such that when he gets lunged the oni savages won't be able able to pass through. give a hand axe to Beruka and keep together with Camilla in attack stance to destroy the ninjas and the spearfighters (Beruka gets a whopping +7 attack this way in addition to Camilla's dual attack), everyone else just floats around as needed.
  14. It isn't just you, which is why fan projects such as FE7x added new frames to the animation.
  15. Add text where?