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  1. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Two cops, one death. Via has been killed. Deadline is whenever Rein sets it because if I set it 48 hours from now I will be at work. All relevant results should be out, if you didn't get a result your action went through.
  2. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!
  3. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

  4. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    After discussing with Rein, Cam has been modkilled Phase continues as normal, with a 2 hour extension
  5. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Phase is paused til Rein gets back
  6. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    I need to go eat so no flavor It is now Day 5. Day 5 ends in 48 hours at 6PM EDT, August 4th.
  7. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Also to clarify, if a faction is eliminated I will say so. There is still at least one Schemer left in the game.
  8. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Hey, Omega. It's a 1v1. That means only one of us is making it out alive. And that one is gonna be me. But not me me. Because I'm dead. YOLOSWAG has been killed! Phase continues as normal
  9. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    everyone shut up GAME PAUSE
  10. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    my b Hitmonleet (7): SB, Omega, weinerboy, Weapons, killthestory, Athena, Via Elieson (3): dyachei, Sully, Evan Athena (2): Iris, Cam dyachei (1): Snike Killthestory (1): Marth eclipse (1): Elieson
  11. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Hitmonleet (5): Omega, weinerboy, Weapons, killthestory, Athena Elieson (2): dyachei, Sully dyachei (1): Snike Killthestory (1): Marth eclipse (1): Elieson Hitmonleet (1): SB Athena (1): Iris Snike (1): Evan About 1 hour 15 minutes left in the phase
  12. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    10PercentLuck is having trouble with the new user post limiter, so this is a message from him:
  13. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    I'm letting dya edit that post for formatting
  14. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    There's a chill in the air as you gather in the town hall to see who is still alive. You were relieved to find no one had died yesterday, and even more relieved to find out that Refa was conspiring against you after you'd stabbed him to death. Er, well, you knew he'd been doing that before you'd killed him. You'd never just kill someone because you were paranoid about them... Haha... No, really... Someone closes the door behind you to keep the warmth inside as you begin doing a headcount. Halfway through, you hear a knock at the door. "Who's there?" someone asks, but the only answer is more knocking. As you get up to go see who it is, there's a scream from the other side of the room. Shinori has been killed. Knock. You begin to panic. Someone in here must have done it. Refa's cohorts. Pretending to be your friend, in this little building with you. They killed Shinori, you think to yourself, and they'll come for me next. You make for the door. You have to get out of here. The hall is too small. There's no room for privacy or personal space. Knock. You try to make your escape, but you find the door is locked shut. The others start pointing fingers, shouting at each other, blaming one another for the death of Shinori. You don't know who to believe. You shout out at the person outside, the one who must have locked you in, but your only response is another knock. You beg them to stop. You don't want to be stuck in here with those maniacs. Defeated, you sink down, back against the door. The knocking continues. You're the only sane one here, you think as they blame each other, saying this or that person was in league with the nefarious Refa. You can only hope this doesn't last, and that you'll be able to leave at the end of the day, and that tomorrow will bring back some semblance of reason and rationality to this town gone mad. And if not, all that NOCing might just drive you crazy too. It is now Day 3. Day 3 ends on July 28th, at 8PM EST. For this day phase, the game will play out like a regular No Outside Contact mafia game. That means no one can communicate outside of the game thread without explicit moderator permission. Results are now going out.
  15. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!