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  1. SF Mafia Info Dump & Resources

  2. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Signups

    I bet you use the light discord theme
  3. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Signups

    use ctrl+shift+v guys it doesn't make stupid formatting people have been doing this for ages (read, since we got SHITTY RICH TEXT BRING BACK PLAINTEXT) and it makes me so mad you have no idea
  4. Alice in Brexitland Mafia - Game Over

    I personally don't feel a huge difference between 10 one liners and a 2 paragraph post (or, god forbid, a eury post) although I can get how other people might dislike it but other sites I feel have a ton of their spam be not really useful to figuring out gamestate and it's hard for me to sift through it for useful information it's pretty rare for SF to spam like that, plus I also kinda feel that SF players are a lot more efficient with their time whereas some people on other sites just devote all their free time to a game to compensate maybe bias
  5. Alice in Brexitland Mafia - Game Over

    SF is by far the least spammy places I've played on so many 1-2 liners spamming up the thread on other sites @[email protected]
  6. Alice in Brexitland Mafia - Game Over

    In defense of Shinori's actions, trying to convince the town to go after other scum was his only avenue to victory, and I think this is something a host has to accept as a possibility when you include any role or faction that's not part of the Town or Mafia. In Smogon OC games where have 3+ factions is incredibly common this kind of thing happens all the time and it's usually considered normal so that's my perspective as someone who also plays a lot there. In my experience, other sites have huge gaps in player skill, you'll have a couple people who are probably better than anyone on SF but then a ton of people who are a lot worse than our worst players (and tbh I think generally the "worst player" in a given game is someone who is new, and Arcanite still played pretty well for a new player). The regulars here are all pretty good and no one really stands out as being a power player these days SF has an advantage of being a small/tightly knit community
  7. Alice in Brexitland Mafia - Confirmation

    They refused to come post here (Vel is actually at work or something or he'd probably come shitpost here) If you have Discord I can direct you to them
  8. Alice in Brexitland Mafia - Confirmation

    vel and don say hi
  9. The Second Well

    maybe the real cigarettes were the friends we made along the way
  10. The Second Well

    who am I voting I change my vote to weapons
  11. The Second Well

    what is love
  12. The Second Well

    Who is your waifu?
  13. The Second Well