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  1. The Second Well

    If you could delete any pokemon, what would it be and why would it be Mr. Mime?
  2. The Second Well

    Why did you dodge both of my questions? What's your MBTI
  3. The Second Well

    @JaybeeHappy birthday! How's boarding school???
  4. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

    @EliesonIt gives more opportunity for the people to interact, and the more people interact the easier it is to see who is town or not. It's hard to constantly fake content in real time interacting with people, which is a big part of why kirsche was in my PoE pool--Refa, Quote, BBM, and Marth all were really active and it was hard for me to consider them as scum outside of paranoia reasons.
  5. The Second Well

    What's your favorite Taka moment? Compare every Rejuvenation character to their Reborn counterpart.
  6. The Second Well

    iris lg rein
  7. Persona 5 Mafia - Game Over

  8. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Playing on Classic seems to cause the game to loop the Intro chapter over and over
  9. Stop trying to hide everything you've said behind this facade of "it was just about the game" I tried to apologize to you for last game before it was even over but you wouldn't even listen to me, instead choosing to attack me publicly for what is now multiple weeks.
  10. why'd you quote me then
  11. I'm very well aware of the drama from this EIMM
  12. I think it's a bit disingenuous to imply that drama is somehow unique to EIMM or OC. There's been plenty of drama in the past with NOC, including stuff which got mods involved. I could probably go find a dozen instances over the years of people losing their shit at each other over NOC games. The fact is that as long as there is more than one person involved, there will inevitably be conflict and drama.