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  1. Illusory Dungeon!

    I thought I loaded up FE Heroes not deresute The party used in the tips video was almost my defence team.
  2. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    I stumbled on this "only 1* Felicia attacks" clear on twitter. It's quite the feat. Something about a sped up Felicia Astra amuses me; the rapid thrown daggers.
  3. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    I was dreading the return of this one since I barely managed to clear this infernal during it's initial debut with a regular party. I was fortunate enough to have acquired a bunch of broken fancy skills(and two 4* Caedas to use for merges) from the hero fest banner which opened the way to victory for my silly self-hard mode meme team . It was still a tough battle though. orz Units Video
  4. Why are Iron Man runs called that?

    I imagine the term comes from Ironman Triathlon / World Championship. A series of long distance races without a break demanding great endurance. Gamers have come to use this term to define any general no resetting/reloading run. Long ago I've seen FE players generally just call them no-reset runs but they both mean the same thing in the end.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Looking at some of the twitter responses to the official results tweet I've seen the usual pointing out that Marth's accumulated votes would make him second, I'm also seeing requests for the top 3 males to receive brave versions because of the awkward 2nd/3rd place situation.
  6. When most of your votes don't matter (except the last one)
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Enemy persuasion for Wind Sword's exclusive skill haha Jokes aside, this could not come soon enough, I can't wait.
  8. Voting for my Altea gals (+mascot drgn) meme team is complete. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ Will be throwing the last one to Marth. Why couldn't people have gone with the more handsome FE12 mug? That said, I wouldn't mind if Ephry and Hector are the ones to receive brave variants. It's probably their only chance to get alts in a reasonably amount of time (... Listen to me saying this just as Eirika randomly gets a second version...). Marth IMO feels like he's in a far better position to get a (seasonal) variant. ... Am I being too naive in hoping for a groom/formal!Marth to pair up with my bride!Caeda? Maybe a dagger type unit that throws roses. C'mon IS, make him as adorkable as Ran-chan here.
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    I had doubts whether I'd be able to clear this Infernal but with some persistence the gals pulled it off in the end! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ Units Video
  10. Third day, third vote. Anyone that has seen my GHB/BHB meme red trio team know what to expect:
  11. Don't really care. Gonna be a hipster and vote Cloud 7 times.
  12. I'll be sure to turn in whenever I can. Omega Force(/KT?) has made it pretty clear that this entry will be shaking things up from the usual Warriors formula. As someone that follows the series, what changes or new elements would you say that you are most looking forward to, are there also things that you are skeptical or unsure of? You're going to play the Lu Bu theme while fishing, yes?
  13. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Here we go again! In search of rumoured beauty we encounter the fearsome sapphire lance. Blue units are OP can we pls nerf? Units Video
  14. Bound Hero Battle: The Restoration Twins

    Squad name in clear need of improvement. Suggestions gratefully accepted. m(__)m