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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    I was starting to think that Alfonse gets benched so hard that I'd be free of double Alfonse gauntlet battles, but eventually I did get one. Thank god for friend carries.
  2. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Pre-charged special on a stat inflated distant counter unit is nasty, as were all those smoke debuffs the enemy were packing, but in the end Love pulls through. Units Video
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    This could be Shin's (aka. the Sakura whale) LP of FE6 hard mode where Lot was ridiculously RNG blessed and ended up being a crutch for him for the whole game.
  4. Rival Domains Discussion

    You're welcome! It's great to hear that my pampering of Caeda turned out helpful for others too.
  5. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    野兎 ‏did a 1* Felicia no damage clear again.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Request sent. Our leads belong together. (*´∀`*)
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Not too keen on VG so I'd like to do the level one Robin exploit too. I sent a friend request if it's cool with you.
  8. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    Holy crow that was tough... got lucky eventually and stumbled on a victory on infernal. I initially had chill speed 3 on Marth during my first clear so that taking out Takumi would be easier, I derped and forgot to put it back on him while recording but it turns out I didn't need it after all. Didn't need ploys on Kat either. Units Video
  9. Heroes Crackships Thread

    So the crack supports I have going are... Cain x Cordelia They seem to share a few things in common. Both are sole survivors that had to abandon their squad to deliver a message and are tormented by survivor's guilt, Cain failed to protect King Cornelius and Cordy failed to protect Emmeryn, they're loyalty belongs to their game's protagonist lord. Both have red hair is a thing too I guess. Abel X Palla Est has left you Abel. It's time to move on. Seth x Reinhardt ... Renowned general bromance? :thinking: Luke x Olwen So you finally scored huh, Luke? It just took some dimension hopping... B!Lucina x PA!Azura Team poster girl Cecilia x Jagen Protagonist's teacher and guardian. Michalis x Katarina Mic: "So what's your story?" Kat: "Well... I tried to kill Marth but-" Mic: "I like you already!" S support achieved!
  10. Illusory Dungeon!

    I thought I loaded up FE Heroes not deresute The party used in the tips video was almost my defence team.
  11. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    I stumbled on this "only 1* Felicia attacks" clear on twitter. It's quite the feat. Something about a sped up Felicia Astra amuses me; the rapid thrown daggers.
  12. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    I was dreading the return of this one since I barely managed to clear this infernal during it's initial debut with a regular party. I was fortunate enough to have acquired a bunch of broken fancy skills(and two 4* Caedas to use for merges) from the hero fest banner which opened the way to victory for my silly self-hard mode meme team . It was still a tough battle though. orz Units Video
  13. Why are Iron Man runs called that?

    I imagine the term comes from Ironman Triathlon / World Championship. A series of long distance races without a break demanding great endurance. Gamers have come to use this term to define any general no resetting/reloading run. Long ago I've seen FE players generally just call them no-reset runs but they both mean the same thing in the end.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Looking at some of the twitter responses to the official results tweet I've seen the usual pointing out that Marth's accumulated votes would make him second, I'm also seeing requests for the top 3 males to receive brave versions because of the awkward 2nd/3rd place situation.
  15. When most of your votes don't matter (except the last one)