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  1. New Mystery. Love both though, I find Mystery just has a more to it overall, interesting staff use, bonus Archanea saga maps and the MU/Avatar does allow you to change up your typical playthrough. I get to be a badass in battle with the dream job
  2. Actually I wasn't referring to here specifically or any other specific group. I was just lamenting on some unfortunate behaviour that I see here and there, perhaps a little too much, I shouldn't be dwelling on and highlighting the negativity. As for the blog thing, I'm sure it's worse than I'd imagine and I'll stay clear. Also congrats Lyn fans, hope KT does her justice for ya.
  3. It does make it a little hard to be empathetic to Lyn after all the vulgarity that has been displayed. Throwing insults, dissing anything not GBA, doxxing of Camilla supporters and then comments about this game, such as "This game only has s*** characters from s*** games." and "Now that Lyn is in this game finally has a good character that isn't s***.". At the end of the day, It's just the immature part of the fan base doing their thing again while making innocent Lyn fans look bad unfortunately.
  4. The games I have played are Megaman 9 + 10, Megaman Zero 1 + 2 and the first ZX. Interested in picking up the Azure Striker 2-in-1 on the Switch soon or later, looks to be a sweet serving of 2d action platforming. I've picked up Mighty Gunvolt Burst and will be starting that one pretty soon.
  5. In about every run of Shadow Dragon I have to be a cruel, heartless bastard and do like dondon does for endgame. I'm so sorry Tiki. orz I somewhat tryhard my turn counts and at the end of the day they're still unremarkable.
  6. I'll keep it simple and choose 2 wanted maps per game. SD: CH12: Ageless Palace, CH17: Star and Savior (Altea Castle). Feeling like we'll be seeing Talys (CH1). Awakening: Ch6: Forseer, Ch9: Emmeryn. Fates: CQ-Ch25 Ryoma, BR-Ch16 Pleasure Palace. For Tellius my wanted maps would probably be... PoR: Chapter 21: Without a King, Chapter 27: Moment of Fate. RD: Part 1-Endgame; Daein, Arise!, Chapter 3-4: The General's Hand.
  7. ... Jagen.
  8. Seeing Gharnef's battle in the magazine I wonder how faithful developers will make this. Will Starlight be implemented as a weapon and required to even scratch him?
  9. Twould be a passing shame if Ike didn't get to see my Merric flex a little magic muscle. Wait till he shows you his latest: Excalibur!
  10. To die on the battlefield... Arran..? ... Not likely.
  11. All these Ikes on the wrong side
  12. Following what my inner conscience is telling me (via @ruruo) and fighting for old boy Hector. @Alexmender Request sent. I have assigned Linde as gauntlet support officer.
  13. Wow! I just pulled my first Hector. Maybe my inner conscience is right.
  14. Team Marth! ... orz Ike or Lucy I guess... but I have neither! *head-desk*
  15. I was joking around for the most part and there are plenty of people on SF that like it. That said, it seems like the general western fanbase doesn't really like it. This Reddit survey sample for example.