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  1. Also has the added side benefit of actually showing all five orbs at once on the title screen, which is an unintended but very appreciated side effect of using the FE11 logo.
  2. ...I was using the game (for 12 specifically; some things like the tucked away Ice Dragon's Temple in Awakening were tip offs from friends) but I guess I'll use a script dump now The issue I have is getting the Japanese dialogue, as of writing I'm basically having someone feed me the kanji where I need to check straight from their Japanese playthrough (one other relevant thing I got the kanji for to check, and the fan translation makes this specific moment WAY out of character because of what seems to be a misinterpretation of the kanji for the context)
  3. I'm working on a write up for Legion's dialogues as we speak. I'll PM it when completed
  4. And we can make Reese's jokes as well. Reese's Pieces, now in Traitorous Mage flavor
  5. Absolutely no doubt about it. Eine got localized as Reese. EDIT: well, I'm late to this party. I'll update the name chart once I finish this paralogue @joesteve1914 I think, in light of this, the poll on what Eine should be localized as should be closed. Maybe keep the Binding Shield one open unless you have to close both. Also, have you decided what you think on my proposal for Tar-Tar? EDIT 2: Updated. Added Clarisse and Reese to ingame heroes names. Did I miss anyone?
  6. You'll probably be interested to note that Tokyo Mirage Sessions handled this, not Awakening; she uses "Big Brother" for Itsuki I think since the avatar can have multiple names, it is probably best that we go the route of TMS and have her call the avatar Big Brother in the same vein as she does Itsuki. "Tar-Tar" is.... really strange, even with the default name of Kris. And I didn't even pick up that it's supposed to be derived from "Avatar" until it was pointed out to me because it seems out of nowhere. Awakening itself has Mar-Mar, and Tiki even says this when she recalls Marth on his death bed... which is kind of soul crushing how she says it. Should I put Tar-Tar > Big Brother down on account of TMS? Right now I have no idea how soon I'll be able to get the raw kanji for legion's dialogue; right now we're mulling over one other piece of dialogue which should hopefully be done soon. Legion's entire set of dialogue is a lot... but it might get done soon, no idea how soon. I'll probably send at least that one minor note we're looking at if not the entire Legion thing. I'll probably wait until I see how they make him talk in Heroes to even start on that also, the two names are "temple of the ice dragon" (Tiki) and "ice's dragon's temple" (the avatar) on the awakening note, it does this: Avatar: Well, that is...most flattering. I don't know what to say. ...... Tiki: What is it, Mar-Mar? Avatar: ...Mar-Mar? Tiki: Ah! Forgive me! I was in habit of calling Marth by that name... It must have slipped out by mistake. Gracious, the resemblance is so uncanny, it's making me forget what millennium it is! Avatar: Heh, I suppose there are worse people to be mistaken for... Tiki: Please, forgive me. Avatar: Actually, I must admit, I rather enjoyed the attention... I'm not 1000% sure, but I think how Awakening's localization "handled" it is by avoiding it altogether and having Tiki let Mar-Mar slip out. Anyone can feel free to correct me on this. i feel like TMS's "big brother" will work better for the avatar himself. er, Tiki only does this for MALE avatars, right?
  7. Basically, which I can look through and approximate accordingly along with looking at other key things. There's a few things that aren't technically mistranslations, but miss an inflection from the Japanese dialogue that make them way out of character and there's one dialogue in particular that a lot of people take issue with that I'm looking over right now since a very similar dialogue happens between Tiki and Lucina in Awakening. @joesteve1914 I'd probably put the patch off until a few days after the banner and Echoes of Mystery paralogue, just in case they localize something else at the last minute- assuming they aren't out by this weekend which they might be
  8. I'm going over some key dialogue like Legion's dialogue myself with a few other people. Since you're doing parts of the script dialogue over anyway, is there any chance we could work it out to where I run the kanji by you and what I think the best approximation for those dialogues are to be in line with localization? The only legwork you'd have to do would be putting it in. Legion's dialogue is basically a matter of using the same code of style as he has in Awakening and Heroes, and applying that to what he says. His dialogue is written with an intentionally strange grammar, and Awakening and Heroes approximate that to English in a specific way Also, I found the two localized names for it, taken from Avatar X Tiki support. What should I put down on the name chart? EDIT: I put both down with a forward slash separating them I also updated Cain's current epithet as "Great Bull" now that you found it in the script. I also moved Roderick up by Sheena and removed the "voting gauntlet" specification since he's in the next banner. I hope the layout I made the namechart and the notes I added are acceptable
  9. Added some names to the name chart. I think I might have stumbled onto the reason why it's Ice Dragon Shrine instead of Temple; it might be a localization that was already done that the old patch actually picked up on. I'm looking into it, along with what Cain's title is in the old patch and if and where Hero-King is used at all in FE12 when are the changes to Legion's dialogue being implemented? After all the names are set? Because there's some other dialogues that need to be looked over as well that I am looking into also, the name chart link should be added to the OP so that people can see the name changes across the board EDIT: Katarina, Luke, and Roderick are heading the next banner in Heroes. We might get a localization of Katarina's real name. Legion is also an enemy with dialogue @joesteve1914 I also found what I believe is an official localization of Ice Dragon Temple in Awakening, looking into it now http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Tiki/Supports Tiki refers to it as "Temple of the Ice Dragon"; the avatar refers to it as "The Ice Dragon's Temple" Should we use the first, second, or both? This is a similar situation to Divine Blade/Exalted Falchion
  10. Olivia very specifically mentions Tellius in her Japanese supports with donnel, but 8-4 shit the bed pretty badly with this and, having apparently never played Tellius, turned the entire serenes massacre into a fucking joke about swans. Also, points for somehow translating Ravens as "evil swans". Panne also makes it very very clear that Laguz existed on a continent across the sea, the same continent that Priam is implied to come from, and return to in his ending; which is obsensibly Tellius itself. I also want to point out that the Fates continent is quite literally the lower half of Valentia/Valm once you rotate it 90 degrees, that a great disaster (most likely the flood, but merely speculation) completely wiped Hoshido and Nohr off the map, and their histories along with them, and that both Anna in the Japanese version of Fates (her quote, literally saying "All the Heroes of this world are not born yet, and the stories you know will come to pass- you know what I'm implying, don't you?") and to a more subtle degree Intsys confirm that Fates is intended to be the first game in the main timeline; similarly, Owain makes himself a bootstrap paradox, Rhajat reincarnates into Tharja, and Corrin reincarnates into Robin, all of which are very unlikely if not impossible should they occur in different universes. the stunt the first dragons pulled is pretty eerily similar to Loptyr, with "becoming ascended spirits", and the First Dragons aside from that seem to be much more primal than other dragons in the series- hence the name. They did so to escape degeneration, which Loptyr likewise did. The last part is very, very tenuous at best; it basically relies on entire populations being trusting idiots that are willing to take random redheads who may or may not be running con deals at their word enough to worship deities that may or may not exist because, well, why not? Fuck Naga, lets worship this "Ashera" that this Anna provides absolutely no proof whatsoever of besides her own word which we will take her at. Provide tithes for Ashera to you, Anna? Sure! Take all my money! EDIT: this is probably irrelevant so by all means continue the argument from before this, didn't mean to digress
  11. No, Tellius has so far remained the same continuity as Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral (along with Fates)- for example, Olivia explicitly mentions the ancient Serenes massacre and Priam hails from a continent across the sea; however, 8-4 pretty severely mangled most of the canon connections to Tellius with bad translation of them (for example, changing the Raven Laguz to "evil swans" and insinuating they rather than Begnion Beorc burned the forest down). The same is true of Treehouse and Fates with it's connections. So this, Chrom mentioning Ashera, Olivia's mistranslated mention of Naesala and Leanne, the allusion that Laguz are the ancestors of Taguel and potentially Manaketes are all worthy of note. True that Kaga was never a part of Tellius, but Awakening confirmed Tellius was a part of Kaga, with 8-4 fucking up their translation being the only hurdle to this. Elibe and Magvel are so far the continuit(ies) that are up in the air and probably seperate
  12. What is Asheunera/Ashera/Yune?
  13. And then we find out in a few months that there's some sort of very backasswards way on Hard Classic that you have to be very specific about on a second playthrough and then Berkut and Fernand both join when you start the Duma fight. im not bitter about Lehran, why do you ask?
  14. The true power of Falchion, Exalted Falchion (Divine Blade Falchion in the Japanese version, same as 11 and 12's epithet). The Falchion in its true power has a might of 15 compared to 12 of the Parallel Falchion. The "base" Falchion is called the sealed Falchion in Awakening, and has lost it's power since the events of FE12 took place. Hence why it is so much weaker than most weapons compared to the Divine Blade Falchion of Marth's era which was perhaps the strongest sword in that era, similar to the fully realized Divine Blade Falchion of Chrom's. Why do you think them not having the final gemstone was so damn important? Lucina performed a partial Awakening ritual with only 4 of the gemstones- Validar kept Sable from their grasp- and this resulted in a Falchion that was only at partial strength. As a result, Falchion could not kill/seal Grima, only somewhat harm him and drive him back temporarily at best. Future Past has Lucina perform an Awakening with all Five Gemstones on her timeline's Falchion, which becomes Exalted/Divine Blade Falchion. The entire reason the gemstone was important was PRECISELY because they needed the full emblem to use the full Awakening on Falchion, not in spite of Falchion. Lucina performed a partial Awakening without Sable in sheer desperation, and this resulted in the half realized Parallel Falchion.
  15. I'm talking about IN Awakening. Not as DLC or anything. Parallel falchion is weaker than the real one. In awakening's base game. And it comes from a different timeline. But this even holds true in both Fates and Echoes; Marth's Falchion is stronger than Lucina's Falchion in both games. The entire POINT of parallel Falchion is that it's an alternate timeline version of Falchion that got fucked up by Lucina, and that's a point they keep intact in Fates and Echoes's amiibo item appearances compared to Marth's Falchion. Regardless of how you spin this, you're either looking at a rip off starsphere in the same way they have a rip off Gradivus (!!) in Echoes, or you're looking at a Parallel Starsphere which cannot be used as concrete, hard and fast evidence to say something about a wholly different timeline. Both of which have a different item name, just like Parallel Falchion does.