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  1. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    Yes, Hardin reorganizes the Holy Kingdom into a Holy Empire during the plotline. I've already done all of Hardin's localized dialogue from Heroes, so far. I'm currently ensuring all dialogue is consistent with Heroes in addition to graphics work that is being done
  2. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    This strikes me as ironic somehow. Yes, Hopefully the Beta 3 patch revision will be out soon; I’m thinking a month or so at this rate, assuming everything is optimized properly? I’m going to err on the side of caution and say two months.
  3. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    Hardin has made his debut in Fire Emblem Heroes, based on his appearance as Emperor Hardin in New Mystery of the Emblem (with his art more specifically referencing the blue aura shown around him in Chapter 8), so the patch will be updated to accommodate any dialogue localizations or other changes associated with hardin in Fire Emblem Heroes. progress on the patch is continuing to proceed despite difficulties in updating certain graphics.
  4. Fire Emblem 12. Story Script Rewrite.

    There's a ton of progress that's been done already. The main thing holding it back is menu graphics as the one guy who was able to do them has been somewhat inactive and it's essentially been doing everything else except the menu graphics slowly but surely until it can happen. Which has piled up to quite a lot of work having been done and a lot of work continuing to be done on account of dialouge being quoted wholesale or paraphrased in Heroes and Warriors or on account of closer examination of things like the aforementioned Gemstone issue. Very steady progress, just held back from proper release by things that aren't actual text.
  5. Fire Emblem 12. Story Script Rewrite.

    At this point I might seriously suggest waiting for the updated patch, given something you're fast headed towards. Jagen doesn't say five orbs, he says five gemstones (same term awakening uses) here in the source text. Too many important minor details like this are there to where I would probably suggest to wait until everything is sorted out translation wise because there is actually a lot...
  6. Fire Emblem 12. Story Script Rewrite.

    I have several to things present in this discussion currently. Marth and Elice's dialogue is subject to a tad bit of misinterpretation in the original translation. There was extensive discussion over it and the source phrases; in the original Japanese version, Elice is using a term that essentially has the inflection of "softhearted", "tender", "caring", etc; "weak" is a pretty literal translation of the term that brings Elice pretty ooc in the first place. More over, the conversation had with Elice, when the source text is examined more closely, provides one of the most important looks into Marth's character- so important that Tiki echoes the discussion with Lucina in Awakening. This... is the entire blasted point of Marth. Marth holds himself to an unrealistic standard and never thinks of himself; this is why in Shadow Dragon, the thought of marrying Caeda doesn't even cross his mind until Nyna verbally slaps him; why, in Heroes, his main ability with his forged Falchion is for supporting other units, why, in Warriors, Marth has battle quotes talking about protecting everyone ("For the sake of us all!" etc), and, most importantly, why THIS happens in Awakening: Marth is well aware of the fact that people die in war- he says as much at the end of FE12 during the final map- he isn't quite Corrin. But Marth sees it as his own failure when he fails to save an ally, or even an enemy in many respects. Marth is the kind of person who holds himself to a higher standard; and his insistence on not letting anyone die unless there is no other option is one of THE most central traits of his character, and it is by far not just limited to FE12. it's alluded to in Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Heroes, even freaking Warriors And, finally, the last piece of the puzzle: However, it should also be emphasized that Marth knows full well that he cannot save everyone- he simply refuses to allow himself to use that as an excuse to not try. Marth is holding himself to an impossible standard; he refuses to not try and save everyone, even though he knows it is a futile effort. And this is because of his characteristic , almost christ-like compassion and his severe lack of self concern. According to Tiki, he took this to his grave. Marth thinks less of himself and more of others. This is why in the ending he says "my deeds are being spoken of as something I've done alone"; Marth does not view himself as worthy of the praise he is given. This is, again, something emphasized in literally just about every game featuring Marth- one of his defining characteristics. Also, as for the thing with Clarisse and Katarina, she was talking about the 7th Platoon in the original context. So "Kris and the others" is perfectly justified when talking about the 7th Platoon specifically. A lot of the changes made here just strike me as being fairly tone deaf to some degree about Marth and who he is, and why he's an inspiring person not just to Archanea's inhabitants but many Fire Emblem fans as well. I don't want to offend anyone by pointing this out, but I feel like it had to be said before this continues on.
  7. Fire Emblem Theme English Lyrics?

    I would like a source cited for this
  8. Illusory Dungeon!

    I would suggest cranking it up to either Normal/Expert or Hard/Casual just to at least try it; there’s no stamina cost or anything like that and nothing really to lose from trying one of the above. Hard/Expert is the highest difficulty combination so I wouldn’t suggest trying it until you try one or both of the above, but Normal/Expert and Hard/Casual are both a lot of fun, especially since the beats slowly become more accurate to the song on Hard
  9. Blessed Gardens Mode

    We know nothing beyond it’s a game mode in the upper left corner of the battle screen, it’s coming sometime in March via another update, and only Legendary heroes or heroes who have been conferred blessings onto them can partake in the Mode, unless more news on this has dropped since the ingame announcement
  10. Illusory Dungeon!

    Nintendo had to go and make my life difficult working on the FE12 translation update. *sigh*. At least the officially localized title (Those Who Dare to Change History) makes a lot more sense for the name of the 7th Platoon's theme, given that they are indeed a group rather than a single individual. But the "to" is too much to fit in there. =L I can squeeze most of it in, at least. Ranting aside... I don't have Luke yet, and Ryan and Cecil aren't in the game yet, so for my 7th Platoon loadout I had to get a bit creative with what I had. Katarina and Roderick are obvious choices here, but due to the above facts that Ryan and Cecil are not in the game yet and I lack Luke, Gordin is here to stand in for his brother. Gordin can ally with the platoon during the prologue chapters anyway, if you fight Jeorge. As for the missing cavalier, Cain is filling in here, since Cain acts as the instructor of the trainee platoons of Altea. I contemplated going with Katarina/Legion/Clarisse/Athena (due to the Three Assassins DLC map in FE12), but this song isn't really a theme of the assassins; that would be something like Murderous Puppets if they ever use that map theme. Those Who Dare to Change History is all about the friendship and companionship of the 7th Platoon, a companionship and friendship that exists even long after Katarina betrays them, so the loadout was modeled after the 7th Platoon rather than the assassins; with Gordin standing in for his younger brother and Cain acting as their instructor. As a side note, I was really surprised to see Hawkeye as the boss of this map instead of Katarina. Bartre and Fir fit with the theme of Beyond Distant Skies - Roy's Departure (another localized name, albeit inconsistent with the fact "Roy's Departure"'s Japanese name parallels "Marth Embarks" and it should have really been "Roy Embarks"...), so I was expecting Katarina to be the boss here to fit the theme of Those Who Dare to Change History.
  11. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    Please keep in mind that the next revision is literally 6 months of work and cross referencing other games so far, especially since Warriors and Heroes quote FE12 verbatim or paraphrase it at times, so the next patch still in development will probably be a dramatic improvement in terms of consistency with localized games; in particular, the entire UI is almost finished being localized in the same way NoA localized the Shadow Dragon UI from the Japanese version, which will make the game much more consistent with shadow dragon (which was priority 1 for the patch, followed by consistency with Echoes, Awakening/Heroes, and Warriors where applicable). A few important translation-induced inconsistencies were fixed too, chiefly concerning the royal guards of Altea, which subtly but importantly affect certain plot details. Certain characters' dialogue was also brought more in line with how they parse words in the localized games, the biggest example being Legion's dialogue. The main thing holding it back as of now is menu graphics, which are much harder to edit than pure text, as well as a handful of other similar technical issues
  12. Opinions on FE1

    Couldn't each and every one of these praises be thrown at FE11 (Shadow Dragon) but minus the flaws, considering Shadow Dragon retains the map design and makes most characters even MORE viable than before by making Darros for example be able to promote and making all of the promotion items into class-nonspecific master seals?
  13. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Any news on this patch's progress? I know a further revision has been quietly in the works for quite some time following the other sites with info on this patch, with Lachesis even having her name changed to match Heroes (at least at one point), but it's been pretty quiet for a long while now so I'm curious.
  14. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    Just as a progress update, I'm mostly trying to figure out how to replace and edit certain icons on the main menu and correcting a few straggling bits of spelling/grammar errors I can find or inconsistencies; There is also an error involving BSFE Chapter 2's name that I am waiting on OP to assist with. I don't think Beta 3 is terribly far off now, I would hope. I'm mostly trying to make the menu consistent with FE11 and making certain system messages consistent with ones used in 13/14/15.
  15. Updated FE12 translation patch (Beta 2 released!)

    so, Fire Emblem Warriors has released in the west. The name for War of Shadows has been officially localized in Marth and Celica's support conversations; I delayed this patch a bit to implement any last minute name changes brought about by things localized via Warriors. if anyone notices anything in Warriors that is a localization of a term exclusive to 12, please let us know here! It would help things move along more smoothly