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  1. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Well came back in today with 19 orbs. Jakob. Priscilla. Sophia. AND ANOTHER MYRRH. This one is +HP/-DEF. So the +RES/-HP is still the best of them, but it seems to be raining Myrrhs overhere. OK. Three total isn't literally raining, but that is still more than I expected. I am not even sad not to have a Mia yet.
  2. So I grabbed up those Devil horns from the Tap Battle. Gotta say LA!Hector rocks them quite well.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    For Halloween I decided to free pull on colorless. Either would be nice. Got a Virion. Ah well, didn't cost me anything at least. Edit- Forgot to send Grats to @Zeo . Gotta love her broom sprite. Though now Mia shares it with her so there is another source of witchy goodness to go about!
  4. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    So I am having issues getting together a good autobattle team. Armor march just leads to a disaster. So I tried going for a typical Ward Armor Stack and that is just having odd swap shenanigans occur. Amelia moves foward, in range of Oboro. Tharja swaps with Amelia and gets horribly murdered. The AI smart! Or Myrrh moves into range of Green Dragon Fae. Booklyn swaps with Myrrh. I think the AI has the weapon triangle backwards. That is still my best working auto-battle team though, even if it means using my maxed out HM Amelia. Anyways I wish Dorcas wasn't an armor. Else I might try to use a non-armor team of him and Regular Mia for autobattle. I suppose regular Mia and Myrrh could team together. Though Myrrh is another of my heavily used maxed or nearly maxed units.
  5. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    @Jotari Nice! And I think I may have stole your Myrrh for I just got another one. This one is +RES/-HP compared to the +HP/-RES I got first. Not sure which is the better, but I am thinking it is the +RES. I'll keep hoping for more Myrrhs. I would so love a Legendary Armor Core of Halloween Myrrh, my merged Amelia, and Legendary Tiki. The last slot would probably end up being someone easily merged like Effie. That way I have a solid Falchion killer. Though I am lacking a Legendary Tiki so this is a bit of a pipe dream right now.
  6. I keep meaning to do this ever since I learned the trick. But I never really remember to do so. Plus I would be one of the ones that don't actually send them out weaponless because I would never remember to reequip their stuff until I ran into something where I needed them in AA. At which point I would be rather annoyed. That said I built Kana up a while back for some reason so I didn't need to cheese AA with him. He was easily able to kill himself during the have him on your team quest. My 4* Anna was the one that wasn't going to work so well. Sure if I got him alone, but the enemies are kinda bunchy on this map so I figured she would drop for sure.
  7. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    So gathered orbs from unclaimed sources(such Tiki and Mar-Mar skill study), got up to 14. First session no red orbs. Got a 3 star healer who wasn't much. Next session had two reds and one was Myrrh! She is +HP/-RES which isn't ideal, but also not horrible(not -DEF). Not sure what I really wanted, but a RES or DEF boon would have been nice partnered with either SPD or HP bane. Still, quite usable. I. . . am debating if I should pull for more of her. I would love to have her as a staple, but . . . I already had 1 pity breaker on this banner and 2 5*'s this fast is really good, so maybe I should just cut while I am ahead.
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Well as anyone could have predicted. I see not a red in sight. And when I finally do, my meager pile of orbs earns me a Exalted Chrom instead of a Myrrh. I may have been excited if he was a different bane. I was always curious how a +SPD variant would play. But nah. He is still -SPD just like my last. Only my last has +ATK and this one is +DEF. I guess I have Chill DEF fodder?
  9. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I luv Myrrh. I do wish her dragon sprite was unique(zombie rarr!). So Red and then Colorless is my priority. I have little interest in colored bows and daggers. Particularly since green is such a bloated armor color and I am well set.
  10. I did that myself not too long ago. Boy was I furious!
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Bear in mind that is just what the spreadsheet is predicting. It has been wrong before, so lets hope it is this time as well. But I won't get mine too high. Harder to be disappointed that way.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Looking at the predictor it looks like the last multiplier for either side was 5.2. So it has been like 9 hours and the predictor says it will stay Same Hell for the rest of the match. Lets never do this again, ok guys? If that happens it will be almost 24 hours of hell. We might break out towards the end though. Some folks may start dumping more flags than usual on non-multiplier and thus break the gridlock. But this sucks. This really sucks. I am glad I dropped some flags on earlier multipliers, but I still have about 1200 left.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    @Cute Chao I have had an extra Morgan every battle so far this round save for this most recent battle. Finally something other than a squad of dark fliers! Thank the dragons(I got a Legendary Tiki to aid me this time)!
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Thanks. And I really should be saving up, but I went a blew a Yolo on. . . . not sure which banner actually. Probably a half hearted attempt to get a PA!Olivia that is NOT -ATK. But I probably should have saved those. Though I do want lots of Legalts so colorless is the color I want to go on half heartedly. I may actually be happier for the 4* available unit than the focus. Really really bad at orb saving. Need to have an Orbs Anonymous, yes?
  15. Official Pull Topic

    So I see the new banner and think "Hey if I am lucky I'll get a Lute merge!". Of course I just plan to go for the freebie. So I open the session and see a wall of greens with one lone colorless. Of course. Why am I surprised? So I pick a green at random and BAM~! +ATK/-RES Sonya. Uhh. . . Ok. Did not have her yet. So that is good? But I don't really have much use for her. Her speed is just plain unfortunate. I could kill her to give my new super res Blue Micaiah Res Ploy though. Doesn't seem like a good deal since I have that seal leveled up decently. Ah well. Free 5*! YAY!~