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  1. Two of the game's three blue dancers dancers are currently up for grabs. Ninian has the rare Fortify Dragons and Blue Azura is basically Green Azura without the nifty super axe. I would probably aim for Ninian of the two. @bottlegnomes I do indeed have a 4* Effie, but she is +ATK/-RES if memory serves. In addition Lyn is likely going to steel the blue slot on my main armor team. Due to that, Gwendolyn has the same problem as Effie. Competing against Lyn for an Armor slot. Plus I find their artwork kinda meh. And yeah Mathilda is rather unimpressive, but she came up due to mobility. All my DC units seem to be bulky slow/immobile units so a quick one that can get around easily would be an interesting change of pace. I guess I have a number of lance fliers laying about. Est and Shanna both could probably hit 4*+10. And I have enough Clair's for a decent 4* merge. More than likely I'll just be too indecisive until we get a new shiny unit that just screams that it wants DC.
  2. Yeah I won't disagree that there are more without than more with, my main statement was that many that want her to fodder her could possibly already have her even if they aren't a whale. I suppose saying many could have made it sound like I was saying majority. Axura gets the same treatment from both of us. Even the same merge value! Drive Res has too much competition in that slot for me to truly consider. V!Ike will be ward breath fodder. Last time I merged a breath Ike to +1 I ended up regretting it. The breath is worth more to me than a measly 1 point stat boost to two stats. Besides I am hardly using him. He just isn't working out as well as I hoped for. Hector would be DC Fodder. I have a perfectly serviceable +ATK/-HP one. Not sure who I would give it to, but I currently have 4 green and at least 5 red DC units. Meanwhile my only blue DC are Fjorm and Nowi. So another DC lance would be nice. My high res lances are Mathilda, Robin, and +RES Gwendolyn. And I suppose once leveled, LA!Eliwood. Already mentioned Tharja. I just wish one of the many seasonals I don't have would have made the final round. I would be a lot more excited then. But well I intentionally aim for unique combinations above all else and sorta ignore the others. So most of the seasonals I don't have already have people filling their roles. Doesn't mean I don't want them, just that I put them low priority. Bridal Caeda would be so nice to have for completion sake, but I have so many strong blue mages that dropping cash for her would be silly. Not that I blame folks for not voting for her. If I recall right, she is kinda poor SI wise and doesn't stand out too much power wise. Oh well. As long as Axura doesn't win I will be happy. Poor gal just isn't worth much to me since I already have her, even if I absolutely adore her design.
  3. Or if you already have her. While spending money makes it easier to get a single copy of each seasonal, I am sure many non-whales have a Tharja. At which point the question becomes if a merge is worth not having vengeful on another(if neutral is better you can just fodder your original, though that may not be ideal if you heavily invested in her). I am sure some folks who already have her are voting so that they can actually have vengeful on someone else without losing their only copy of her. I know I am. The breaths are nice, but most of my units that want them(mostly dragons) are functioning just fine. I won't be upset if either Ike wins, but I think Vengeful will make a bigger splash on my units. That said if I didn't have any of the units that one would have had all my votes. I have missed lots of seasonals after all.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Ouch. At least she has Res Ploy and a Dual Rally for fodder? My 4% Pity breaker was a session with only a single stone that was a focus color. 5* Hawkeye(+DEF/-RES) was waiting to welcome me. I knew I should have pulled one of the off color stones. Oh well. No more pulls on the Movement banner. I just have a strong aversion to leaving a pity rate behind. And any further pulls at this point will likely lave one. So no Tana for me.
  5. My Dragon team of Myrrh/Adult Tiki/Nowi/Ninian triumphed rather easily. Myrrh repositions her buddy across the water so that everyone is together on the right side and then we just sweep folks on down. That said I did give Myrrh the Iote's Shield seal for this. Also that Axe Flier's special actually took a chunk out of Tiki's health. And Corrin smacked Nowi awfully darn hard too.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    So. . . my free pull on the Bound hero banner was a 3*Nino. Where were all those green orbs when I was trying to snip out a Elvector? Man it would be nice to have gotten Azura. She and Shigure are the dancers I don't have. Oh well.
  7. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Rebecca was my main archer for quite some time. I was even using her over Innes. I imagine Boey and Mae don't count as weird. Well maybe Mae. But Boey is a solid Raven mage. But if you do count him I invested in him more than I do for most units. And Mae. Mae is just kicking arena tail on her defense team. I was struggling to get defense wins until I brought out a Blarowl Wings of Mercy Mae.
  8. Uhhmm. . . Hector. . . I am not sure how to say this. . . I know you are proud of your 43 defense, but there is no reason for you to highlight green. While I haven't gone through every unit I have, I suspect he is the only one doing this. Hector, will you please stop breaking things! You aren't here to fight the interface! See, even Seasonal Hector wants boons to be easily seen in the app! But apparently not banes.
  9. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Flier was easy like usual. Cavalry took 2 tries. I needed to swap some seals and assists around and switch Cecilia to her raven build. Armor I didn't try yet since I don't yet want to clog my barracks up with more Ursulas. Infantry though. . . my god was infantry painful. Boey could handle most of the map himself with a raven build. Which is the build I gave him long ago. BUT I kept losing a random unit right at the end when the enemy was basically done. Finally I found a combination that worked. Boey, Henry, Summer Xander, Ninian who only got to dance and get punched in the face by the green cav mage. Summer Xander provided Infantry Pulse and has plenty of HP, which Henry and Boey's Ignises appreciated, and tanked and killed the red hors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marissa has Infantry Pulse. Marissa has plenty of HP. And doesn't take increased damage from the red horse. Why did I use Xander? I must have completely forgot that Marissa carries infantry pulse. Well at last this made +SPD Xander useful. He would have failed to kill the horse with neutral or worse speed.
  10. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    What exactly was in that gift Lilina gave him? Hip Dancing, Swinging around his Axe, and belting out some tunes. That is terrifying. You just had to go and complete that imagine in my head, didn't you?
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Flier was the easiest, Armor Second Easiest, and Infantry the hardest. Didn't try cavalry because don't like to fill up barracks now when I have all year. For Flier my standard H!Nowi/S!Corrin/NY!Azura/Filler team did it handily. For Armor Tharja basically solo'ed the map. Infantry gave me issues. In the end Jeorge/Lillina/Ninian/Lute pulled it off. My problem was that at first I was trying to use PA!Azura and she kept getting ganked by the lance and a remaining mage. Ninian could survive both with 1 HP left. Boy am I glad I got the +1 merge just recently.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    So I am either insanely lucky or unlucky. Went and dropped 20'ish orbs plus about 20 dollars, this time on the movement banner. I don't have Tana yet and I figured any non-blue sessions I could pull green for more Amelia merges. So 20 bucks later I have 2 Amelias from back to back sessions and an Elincia from an all red session. Uh. . . I mean that is great and all. But I would have settled for a single Tana. Oh well my Amelia is now +8 I suppose. Now I need to debate on if I should spend my TT orbs on this banner to try and get her to +10 on this banner.
  13. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    So Ninian was my only bonus unit fully built at the moment. So my initial 2 bonus runs were dragon Emblem. And boy did I mess it up. First map I left Myrrh in range of a red tome. So Myrrh got to do the rest of the maps with 1HP. Where is our Dragon stone Healer?! Then I misread an enemy stat of a lance user and end up letting Nowi take significantly more damage than I planned so she is sitting at 11HP. Reinhardt had to clean up that mess once the final map came around. B/B. Second round went better, except Nowi got doubled by someone I didn't think could double her(apparently I can't math). Due to Fury which I forgot to unequip Myrrh was again at 1 HP at the final map. In the end I won by having a 6 HP Adult TIki kill a TA Cordelia. That said the positioning required to pull all that off cost me my speed score. Need to spend today leveling up the LA units so that I have a 40% at level 40. Those Armor Boots. I need them. Amelia may finally get more use outside of armor emblem.
  14. Favorite Dragon Appearance

    Thinking about Myrrh, I think I have another reason I like her fierce look. Her attacking GRRR is just so cute and such a juxtaposition with her fierce appearance that I just adore it. Anyways with 77 votes in I can't help but make some statements. I am kinda surprised how few votes Nowi got. I am surprised Tiki Adult beat both her younger self and Nowi. I am not surprised Ninian is second. She was either gonna be second or first I was sure. Not surprising Corrin and Fae are in the middle. Their designs are really unique as far as dragon designs go, but otherwise well done graphically(I think anyways). However, being unique can work against you if it is so different it alienates folks. And finally, I didn't expect Myrrh's lead to be this big. I figured it would be a much closer contest. Maybe I should have allowed voting for multiple dragons. That could have been interesting, but it didn't cross my mind at the time of poll creation.
  15. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Again I tend to think Lovelyn rolls off the tongue better than Lovelina, but I do like them both. I am starting to think I just have a thing for Lyns name. It just goes so well with so much! And yeah, as I said Bookina would be too unspecific since it could be several. Though I had forgot we had Bunny Lucina, so I had forgotten one was already here. Alright. I can't get the idea out of my head that LA!Hector is a fusion between Hector and Elvis. I don't know why that idea is in my head, but it will NOT leave me be. So now I must submit - Elvector - “Thank ya. Thank ya very much,” No can this idea please leave my head?! I mean could you imagine him with the Sing assist?! Even if he lost 2 to each stat for the dancer penalty he would still be an abomination! Begone! More seriously can someone please explain why this popped into my head? I am really hoping this isn't an early sign of insanity.