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  1. Official Pull Topic

    @Mau Yeah the daily banners definitely made me more excited to log in each day. Didn't manage to tempt me to blow orbs though, so assuming others are like me it probably isn't super great for IS's bottom line to do too frequently. Do hope they keep it in mind for special occasions though! @Noir Good grief. At least some of the pity breakers were new? Or maybe the silver lining is that your Micaiah has the ideal boon/bane in your opinion? Hopefully there is a silver lining anyways. @Cute Chao You are having trouble with colorless too? Ever since I decided Xander was my secondary target it is like the colorless orbs have all vanished on me. I often only see one or none. Though I did get lucky today and saw three in one session after a couple of one orb sessions. Funny thing. Now I am being flooded with red orbs. 3 per session isn't uncommon. Guess what was scarce when I was hunting Micaiah?
  2. Booklyn - My favorite Lyn. Stat wise an obvious comparison would be to Henry. After all they are both speedy Armor Marching Tome units. She gets 2 speed, 1 HP, and 1 defense at the cost of 2 ATK and 2 RES. Her speed tier is better than Henry's these days and she has enough attack to still do her job. So that 2 attack for 2 speed was an excellent decision on her part. 2 res for 1 HP and 1 DEF though isn't nearly as good. But hey it does mean she doesn't have the lowest HP or armored units! All in all I would say better than Henry other than at walling Reinhardt and HerBraveSelf. I am going to go with 9.5/10. She is probably the best of the speedy armors. And yes I just said she is better than Amelia(*cries*). Being speedy does mean that she benefits a bit less from Bold and Vengeful, but it also means she is less reliant on such rare fodder. LA! Lilina - She is the second slowest Green Magic Cav. She has the highest attack and is tied for lowest HP. In a way you can compare her to Green Olwen. They basically just traded their attack and speed stats. Which as Olwen can tell you was a rather nice trade. Lilina's biggest problem in my experience is that Cecilia is close enough to her that a fully Merged Cecilia will simply out perform the harder to get Lilina. I actually compared mine to my 4*+10 Cecilia a while back and afterwords basically never used Lilina. Here is the comparison! 34/35/26/20/29 vs 38/37/27/21/31 The first is my +RES/-SPD Lilina. The second is my +ATK/-DEF Cecilia. Yeah her stat spread is a bit unfortunate since it puts her right in league with a unit that you not only get 2 copies of free, but is also easily summonable. Yeah I can't give her a super high rating. Her potential is a bit better, but not by a lot. I will say 7/10. Not quite as good as Gunny if you ask me, but she is your best bet amoung the green magic horses if you want a one shot nuke.
  3. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Clearing the normal runs is easy enough. But have had difficulty getting a good autobattle team. I did bite the bullet and 5* Sharena. Turns out she isn't helping them much. But I figured Clive would be even worse since horses like to run to their doom. I probably need to give them a dedicated healer rather than letting Masked Marth off-heal.
  4. Part of me wishes dancers/singers didn't come with the skill learned. I always forget to unequip it before trying to train them up. Figured armor day would be a good day to train Micaiah. Also part of me wishes Micaiah was an armor herself. Bold Fighter Dancer :P. Though I suppose Xander would abuse it even more.
  5. Prince of Soup - 34/34 ain't shabby for a dagger. But it is no longer great either. 40/27 does give him some decent magical bulk. The problem is mages have such a need for speed that 34 base speed isn't likely to protect him from getting doubled. Our soupy friend isn't bad, but he can't claim the top spot in offense nor in mage countering. To compare him to Sakura. They both have the same magical bulk. But Sakura has much more protection against doubles. They have the same speed. Sakura has 2 less attack. The prince of soup also might just survive a melee attack. Anyways, offensively he edges Sakura out and for surviving a single shot he also edges her out. 40 HP also gives him better protection against panic, but most folks who run it will be able to ploy him anyways. Still a random panic ploy is far less likely to land on him than on Sakura. For whatever that is worth. Still, better than his little sis. 7.5/10. L!Ike - More Radiant than before! Now with even more Aether! Don't hurt me! Anyways. Warding breath may not make him a mage tank, but it does help his magical bulk somewhat. He effectively has 66 magical bulk against one hit. No mage tank, but a mage check he can be. As long as the mage is slow. L!Ike's biggest issue is his speed. He almost certainly would have preferred those points going to res to go to speed or defense instead. All in all he would be a mere sidegrade, if it weren't for Radiant Aether and innate breath. 4 turn Aether is just soooo much fun. Can you imagine if anyone could have it? Anyways, Ryoma is the better Sword Legendary. And I would say Robin is the better Earth Legendary. So lets give L!Ike a 8/10. Not bad. But I would rather use most of the others if given the choice. And much of his 'improved' state comes from 4-turn Aether(imo).
  6. @Humanoid I do believe so. But I suppose I should do another to be safe. Wait. Does it count if you just enter and immediately surrender? That is generally what I do if I don't actually plan to play with the defense team during a given week.
  7. New Years Camilla - Abstain. I don't have her and her statline is rather unusual for a red flyer so now one to draw good comparisons to. Flying Azura - Flies. Check. Dances. Check. Is fast. Check. Comes with Hone Fliers. Check. Really she is quite the handy tool for a flying team. 30/35 isn't super terrible offensively. When it comes to fast axes you have Innes with 33/37 which obviously completely blows her out of the water. But beyond him she faces competition from only Minerva 31/33 and Camilla 30/32. Her speed is in a much better bracket than those two and while they have 6-10 bulk over her, she still has enough physical/magical bulk to get into desperation range safely. Compared to her PA counterpart she gains 2HP, 1 Speed, and 2 defense for 2 Attack and 2 RES. That is a decent trade. The HP and defense while not a lot makes it a bit safer to risk getting a single hit in melee. Particularly since she lacks a PRF so will have refined stats on top of that. All in all I prefer her offensively and defensively to her PA!Self. 9/10. She is one of the best Dancers around, though I think her PA!Self has the superior artwork. PA!Self's artwork is clearly 10 out of 10!
  8. First thing I did. I have had Arvis on the team since the beginning of the week(as soon as I got home from work I swapped out Mae for him). No defense wins had been accrued at that point so it wasn't before I had a bonus unit on the team(unless that screen takes forever to update). I would say Arena before this is more of a chore. Can only use a single core, can't vary your teams. Unless you got the money to blow on dozens of +10s at 5* of course. I have actually skipped a week fairly recently simply because I couldn't work up the gusto to go through the same old all over again. This gives me a fair bit more flexibility so far in team building so I can enjoy diverse teams again. Or at least it appears to be doing that so far this week. We'll see if that still holds true next week when I am actually trying to climb. That said a really bad set of bonus units could easily sour one on this. I can easily see that. Freddy and Rod though are fun enough to play around with. That said to make it so that you don't feel like you can't use your favorites for anything but support it would be nice if they capped the bonus to twice per match or something. That way non-bonus units can do something other than support without hurting your score. That would still achieve the Goal of making players actually use the bonus unit rather than just tacking it on.
  9. Well my defense win is kind of poor. 290 something. I guess the person played through even after losing a unit to me? Anyways I am kinda enjoying new arena for the moment. Yeah I wasn't able to score enough to stay in T20, let alone advance, so far. But I enjoy changing up units I enjoy. And more importantly I seem to be in the same general range rank wise as my full fire team manages. So it looks like I am back to being able to play with whatever as long as I make sure bonus units get the as many kills as possible. That said I have had to do a bit too much with my non-bonus units. Freddy does fine, but Roderick is only half assedly built right now. I think I need to go and give him some better skills. I am not even sure what his boon bane is. I think he was +ATK though(looks up - Yeah +ATK/-RES). He currently runs Firesweep|Rally DEF/RES|Luna|Darting Blow|Drag Back|Drive Defense. That is basically his starting kit. . . isn't it? I suppose I could put Life and Death on him. But he has missed doubles even with Darting. I really think I need to hunt down a +SPD variant of him. I don't really want to run Al this season even if he would fill the red slot for these two(but he would drive down score so much due to lack of merges) so I could spend those 20k feathers on Rod instead. Scratch that idea. The only +SPD I have ever pulled is apparently -ATK. Go me? Still I my point is I can't help but think so far that all the moaning may have been a bit overblown. Then again we are barely into the week, so . . .
  10. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Congrats on Chrom! I have always been a bit miffed that Masked Marth doesn't have Aether. It sure would have made me much more excited anytime a rerun occurred. With most TT units I keep one for collection and others for skills(assuming they have skills). Masked Marth has always felt like a slap to the face to me. @Landmaster I thought some of the Blue Dragons(perhaps nowi?) could check Alm(assuming he wasn't watersweeping to prevent their counter of course). @[email protected] Thanks for the Grats!
  11. Cutey Pie Christmas Lissa- Too bad being adorable doesn't count towards the score :(. Like Eclipse mentioned she faces extraordinarily stiff competition. A bunch of her stats are in kind of awkward spots. With the right boon they can be in very good spot. Sadly, we don't get to pick our preferred boon and bane. In addition all the points she dedicated to speed is kind of wasted on someone with Bold Fighter. Speed is a bit more useful for Vengeful since it denies doubles. As such I tend to think her best set involves switching over to Vengeful. As I mentioned in my Tharja write up. I really hate to do this to her. . . if she cries I might cry. But 8/10. Too much competition and a somewhat awkward base set and statline. At the same time she is an armored unit with access to Bold and Vengeful. If you have one with the right boon and bane for what you want her to do she can really shine, though if you go defensively it can be expensive(DC and vengeful). A cheaper +ATK/-SPD Brave Axe Lissa would be terrifying to be on the wrong side of. But she is more dependent on having the right boon and bane than the other greens and that hurts her. Else I may have bumped her only one step down from Amelia. Gunnthra - I really don't like most of the wind Legendaries. But she is the most palatable I think. A bit awkward to use at times though. Her B skill is rather handy for knocking out those super dangerous offensive units since often they have lower defense then their allies. And it is just fun when multiple units have the same defense value. BOOM! Still sometimes it just doesn't matter because it is hitting a unit you don't need to have hit when you really need it to hit that unit over there that has 1 more defense. All the chills have this issue though so probably not fair to rag on her's too much. Anyways statline. Her RES is kinda low for mage tanking or Ploying. Particularly if you drop her Fortress Res. Her speed is rather middling and her attack is low. She has somewhat average HP and low defense. Really she is one of those units I keep thinking has lower stat total than what she actually does. In addition being a mounter mage doesn't help her in the scoring department. And that is kinda important for a legendary(in my eyes). To top it off boosting RES is probably one of the least useful in high tier arena. Though it does help against dragons. To be fair she is kinda surprisingly bulky. Just goes to show that 56 physical bulk is kinda handy to have, as long as you don't get doubled. An average 7.5/10 seems about right. Though I certainly won't argue too hard if someone accuses me of lowballing her. Because this is probably the lower end of what she should score for sure.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    @Jules That is one nice Alm you have there. Kinda jealous except I have already have two off banner pity breaks on the dancer banner(at least my 5* rate is really good? Makes a legendary rate look tiny) @mcsilas Grats on the Sonya! I had not green orbs in mine but that was fine since even though I don't have her, I really wanted more Nephenee. Didn't get her either, but it was a long shot anyways, right? As for my pull? I think it was Sully. More exciting is the Tempest orbs. 20 orbs. First dancer session was all colorless with 1 red. Nothing interesting in the red so out I go. Second session 3 reds, 1 blue, 1 colorless. The reds were 3* Athena, 4* Ogma, and 5* Dancing Micaiah! +Def/-HP isn't exactly ideal, but at least she didn't drop her attack to boost her speed like my regular Micaiah did. Still that role is filled. Would have preferred a -SPD one since she is so slow it wouldn't matter or a +ATK to try and get her better one shot abilities, but hey she isn't exactly going to be killing much anyways. Only question now is if I want to continue to pull on this banner. Xander. Well his dance is awesome, but otherwise I don't see me using him much. Elincia strikes me as a less useful version of Inigo. Slightly faster, but loses access to raven tomes and scores lower in Arena. Ryoma is a bit more obvious of an upgrade to the other blue ranged dancer. Doubly since he naturally hits 140. Sadly the ladies don't don't do that. Hmm. . . I think Xander would be my preferred alt if I roll for another. I would probably be hoping for neutral though. He is riddled with super banes. This would have the advantage of giving me a shot to acquire some Attack Tactic too. I really need some of that.
  13. Winter Robin - He is basically a blue Amelia when it comes to his statline. Unfortunately mine is -SPD and doesn't see much use since he just can't manage to steal a spot from Hardin or Effie. Technically his speed stat is a bit less useful, even if it is the same, since Reds are some of the fastest melee units around. And blues can also be quite fast. Compared to Amelia who faces blues and greens he will avoid a lot fewer doubles than she does. Still though I don't think it is enough to knock him half a point so he gets a 9/10 in theory. My neg speed is definitely an 8 and a half at best, but -SPD is hardly his optimal bane. Winter Chrom - Don't have, so I will abstain. My closet axe to his statline is my +DEF LA Hector and the differences are big enough I don't care to try and extrapolate from him.
  14. Fjorm - Built in DC is always nice. Without a speed boon she is basically locked to being an Enemy phase unit. And even with a spd boon she is kinda meh speed wise. However, a Brazen ATK/SPD with a spd boon can be nice. Since she has trouble baiting and counter killing multiple units you can use this to bait one and then go player phase the rest of the way. This would likely require running desperation though so she may have some trouble insuring the first counter kill. 7.5/10. Pretty decent, but doesn't really focus on a niche. She spreads herself a bit too thin. Anyways she is a Legendary so that is valuable. She is a spd hero and that is just great. I will never say no to extra speed. Normal Girl(not) - She min-maxed her speed stat. Sadly for her she only put 34 into attack. She can't pull one shot effects very well with that and with her speed that means she really only has an Enemy phase presence with her default kit. However, 43/34/36 is some rather nifty bulk. A bit less nifty since she gets doubled by everyone. There is also the fact that Vengeful only gives cooldown when you attack which limits her bombing ability compared to Steady Breath and its ilk. Also unlike Bold it has an HP limitation. IS was kinda screwing with us with this banner I think. Tharja actually likes Bold Fighter. Blade + Bold Fighter = Pain. Did you know she can initiate against and kill Hardin? Meanwhile Winter Lissa who is coming up would probably be a more natural fit for Vengeful. Or at least that is my opinion. 9/10. Solid source of magic damage for an armor team. Particularly one focused on enemy phase. If switched to player phase I find her a bit below Jakob since she can't use a brave weapon. @Fire Emblem Fan Yeah, between Lyn and Jakob is tough, but my Lyn keeps missing kills and I don't like running dancers(I have a hard enough time making score cut offs as is), so a missed kill usually gets someone on my team killed dead. Jakob with his Brave+Bold+Bonfire+Quickened Pulse basically never misses the kill and armor march makes him mobile enough for me. Plus mixed bulk makes him fear dragons far less.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    . . . . . . . . . I mentioned that I got a Celica on my free pull while going for Dancing Micaiah. Well I gathered up 9 orbs and opened the two reds in todays session. Today I got a Saber*. It is going to be one of those banners, isn't it? *Saber is new to me so I was not too upset even though he isn't someone I'll use a lot. Then I saw he was -SPD. Apparently the game wanted to make sure I only used him to fill space. I suppose I could level him to get his convo and then brutally murder him for HP/SPD.