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  1. It might have been. I seem to recall the units looked like that was the direction they were heading, but I am not sure if it was the fortress or just a camp up there. I often don't look too closely. And in this case I actually tapped before my brain caught up to the 0 on the kill counter, so I really only saw the after screen. I still should have screenshotted that at least. But I kinda just shook my head and chuckled.
  2. . . . I just had something really weird happen in Grand Conquests. I normally autobattle right? So I pick up my phone and see it is ended. And I have 0 defeated units. Apparently my AI team managed to nuke the enemy fortress without killing anyone or taking or losing any camps. I have never seen the AI pull that off before.
  3. Amelia shouted "I am not afraid" and came out wearing a pair of glasses. Eirika and Ephraim were less than impressed and she made a getting hit animation. Poor girl, she just wanted to have good vision instead of everything being blurry all the time and every has to go and call her four eyes. This made me chuckle more than it should have since I knew a lass who actually refused to wear corrective lenses for a while due to the fact that glasses are, and I quote, "ugly". I don't recall why contacts were out of the question at the time, but yeah she would rather go around half-blind than to wear glasses when she was a young teen.
  4. I am really liking the picnic theme. Perhaps next year branch it out to camping and then maybe spelunking afterwords. Just make it the outdoorsy banner. Beyond that I like the dancing festival ones to get folks who don't normally dance a chance to dance. Valentines usually has gorgeous outfits. And Halloween is THE costume one. I am a bit disappointed since they haven't used it the same way they used the Hoshidan Summer one(as in it could be a reason for non-beast/dragons to fall under that as folks dress up as them or just simply use some more unusual costume choices in general), but still it has a lot of untapped potential. So those four got my vote.
  5. Yeah I always liked the unique flyers, why oh why couldn't they have done it for Genny too. I adore Felicia so I figured to free pull for her or maybe her sis since I like their outfits, but you all can guess what happened. No green. After blowing orbs on Mr. Armored Beast I had only about 20 orbs. And of course each session had at most 1 green or 1 red. Oh well didn't really expect to get anything anyways. Still the girls are cute and Lukas looks pretty nifty, though not competition for my top blue armor slot(though technically that is true for Felicia as well).
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    @Anacybele Yeah forts are major. I had no trouble climbing until I started hitting the 'everyone has level 4 defense forts' barrier. Now at best I can match my 4+1 offense fort their 4+1 defense fort. I'm starting to wonder if I have fallen behind in stones to the point where I will just be locked out?
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah he was my thought too, but despite the fact that I technically have enough of him to +8(or some such), they are all basically +RES or some such bs. Don't have a single +ATK or +DEF one yet, and I am the type that don't like committing to a project until I have all the basic components to finish it. Basically don't start what you can't finish. So he isn't an option yet. That and spending DC on him is. . . questionable. Actually I think the DC issue is what keeps stumping me. I would basically have to kill my only OG Hector or my only Valentine Hector to grant DC to someone so it would have to be a unit I really like/want. And none of the options I have looked at appeal enough to clear that bar. Keaton may have, but that ship never came to port. @Anacybele Grats! Hopefully you stay on that roll!
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Well I am probably done on this mythic banner. No Yune and no Halloween Myrrh. Those were whom I were interested in. More Myrrh than Yune though. Instead I drove up to 11+% and got a Celica. Then the remaining resources turned out an identical Celica and a Lewyn at about 9.5%. So that was my run on this banner. Both of them are new to me. But like Nanima I am not particularly excited. May have been more so if the dupe was Lewyn since Special Spiral comes across as more interesting than DB4.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Destructive Forces

    Well I am on Idunn. Didn't feel like putting forth much effort so easy victory feathers I guess. I got my regular old Myrrh running around.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    All this talk about counter vantage really makes me upset that I keep missing the defense brave users. Neither Keaton nor Reinhardt are willing to grace me. Not sure who other than them would make a great counter-vantage unit. Whenever I look through my barracks it is always a dry spell for that. Getting that ohko just seems a bit tough if you don't get to attack twice, have a blade tome, or an instant charge special. The blade tome is basically the only thing my barracks has access to. Well I guess I got the blade sword too. But nothing ever leaps out at me that that is what I want to burn the extremely expensive counter series on.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    Well apparently I wasn't paying enough attention and dropped to 19 after last week, must have gotten knocked down in the last few hours. I was safe before I left for work. Which sucks cause rising to 20 was such a pain in the ass in the first place. I would have been happy just maintaining it, but last week all defense forts were 4+1 which combined with it not being light season meant no bonus stats for my units. And when every map I get is an anti-EP player map, well I get burned out fast. Really don't enjoy this mode, but want Grails. I don't even have enough to merge up one yet. And I like more than one of the units.
  12. So to make up for each unmerged hero you effectively need to score 3 more bonus kills than normal. Basically Azura would have to guarantee at least 3 more bonus kills than I otherwise would get to be worth it. Given how tough a time Sue would have punching through stuff I doubt even Azura could gurantee that. Not that it matters, I went a head and gave Ephraim a shot. And I now remember why I didn't like using him in Arena. Nothing but trenches and unpassable terrain everywhere, also lots of defensive terrain. I definitely need the rest of the team to run Repo to get him around. But at least he can punch through anything not named Sutr so far. I thought that most greens would stop him, but he is punching through Hectors and Faes easily enough, particularly with help. Sutr though. That blighter had 66 defense when being attacked into. Ephraim couldn't even scratch him.
  13. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Well this lady has been bouncing around in my head for a while, ever since I watched Yona of the Dawn a while back. So I figured why not make a mock up of Yona as a Legendary Hero. Yona - Red Dawn Legendary Hero - Fire - Spd +3 Red Bow 140 BST 42HP/36ATK/16SPD/30DEF/16RES If this statline looks familar to you, it should. I basically took Dancing Xander's and shuffled a point of speed into attack and 4 defense into HP. Super assets would be HP and Attack. Super Flaws would be Attack and Defense. Thought about swapping Def and Res to make her really ploy oriented. But opted not to. Weapon: Dragon's Bow - 14MT - Effective against flying foes. Grants Att+3. If foe initiates combat, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.) Damage calculated using the lower of foe's Def or Res. Cannot be inherited. Look familar? Summer Tiki's Breath turned into a bow and the granted bonus being Att instead of Def. Assist: Dance While the anime didn't really get to it outside of a single mention she can dance. And disguises herself as a dancer to lure foes out in one arc. So this isn't entirely out of the blue. Special: Resolve 4 cooldown - Unit survives an attack that would be fatal. Cannot be inherited. Basically a shortened miracle that also isn't limited to going off when your hp is above 1. A Skill: Fierce Stance 4 - If foes initiates combat, grants Att+6 during combat and Unit counterattacks first. My take on what Fierce Stance 4 would be. Steady Stance 4 gets +8 Defense, but we have seen time and again that attack boosts are being made smaller than defense boosts. As such the if the 4th tier of this skill comes along and doesn't get an attack boost, I wouldn't be surprised. Steady Stance 4 also gets permanent guard. What would a Fierce Stance have? Well in my line of thinking it would be an offensive stance that just waits for the opponent to leave an opening. So permanent Vantage seems quite appropriate. And terrifying. B Skill: Blaze Dance C Skill: Devout Companions - Dancer/Singer Only - If the number of allies within 2 spaces(excluding unit)>the number of foes within 2 spaces(excluding target), foe cannot make a follow-up attack. A little something to make dancers in general to have more survivability and to represent how dancers are generally seen as frail and needing protected by their companions(ie they are not meant for combat). Fits Yona since it doesn't take long for her companions to jump to her aid whenever she gets into trouble.Thought about making it staff available as well. So it would just be a 'support unit' skill. And an image made with the Feh Unit Builder! I'll spoiler it since not every one may care. Plus I was kinda lazy. IF I actually photoshoped in new icons that would be more share worthy. but I just reused existing ones. As such the legendary effect doesn't even show. Maybe if I ever get not lazy I'll edit that type of stuff in.
  14. Man. . . there is basically no one I want to use this season. I do have a Sue, but -ATK isn't exactly great for scoring kills, particularly in a defense heavy meta with a physical weapon. We need an armor slaying bow that can be inherited :D. My best bet may just be to use Ephraim, but my experience with him in Arena isn't nearly as great as in other modes. I do have Legendary Azura. She might be able to help Sue out. But that will hurt my score some since that would be TWO unmerged units on my team. Not sure if more bonus kills would be worth that or not.
  15. Well my ~100 or so orbs got me. . . a 4.25 pity rate. And a 4* Reyson I guess. I didn't have him yet. I would have settled for any of the girls. Though the more I see Palla's art the more it. . . looks off to me. So Marisa and Veronica would be my top picks. Though Veronica is outclassed by FlyingNino. Not sure what I would have preferred her to be though. Anyways enjoyed the paralogue. Veronica is such a suspicious girl. Can't she ever trust Loki. . . wait. That is just good sense.