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  1. This banner is a big meh for me. I mean Hinoka is nice and all so I'll do a free pull/tickets on green. But I just don't feel excited about this one at all. Not sure if it is the banner or if I am starting to burn out on FE. Hopefully it is just fates burnout though.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Sounds like a bunch of luck on free summons today! Congrats to all with good pulls! @Dayni It is like the Gacha is mocking you when it gives the low rarity version of the character to you, isn't it? So first I was like "Why are they all red." Then I realized that sword valor can only be on red units. Ooops. So My one pull has one red and some others. The one red is a Original Celica. Odd. I don't think she has sword valor. She is +ATK/-RES. My current base is +ATK/-DEF. Also looking at the fact that this will make her a +4, that means this is the FIFTH time she has pity broken me. I don't think I have ever gotten her when actually pulling for her. She just likes to surprise me. Wait. Does it count as pity breaking if it is on the free pull of a banner you don't plan to pull on and only did the freebie cause why not?
  3. Jokes and Memes about Heroesúspell_palette_swap/ Haven't really seen any other Muspell to Askran swaps. Seems like Laegjarn is the one most popular for that(people apparently have good taste. I am shocked).
  4. L!Azura is really beginning to tick me off. The extra move is annoying enough, but the bigger issue for me has been that I am using NY!Laegjarn as my bonus and for some reason Azura will absolutely refuse to attack anything on my team except Laegjarn so even on map where I should be able to separate her I can not because she will not take any bait. She doesn't care if the unit is a DC-less red or not. Laegjarn is the only one whose blood she is after. I guess regular Eirika and Armored Myrrh just have too much res to be a valid target? But yeah her absolute refusal to take any kind of bait is really grinding my gears.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    Well this week has breathed some life back into AR for me. I was content to just sit in T17, but I am netting enough to climb up without really trying to. I don't know if that is because of the changes and Nailah or if most of the annoying teams are up in the higher ranks now. Though I am still hating Wary Fighter armor stall teams. The ones I have ran into I keep missing by a single turn or having to sacrifice a unit for time. I am kinda wishing my Nailah was +RES. Some extra RES would greatly increase her ability to hammer a Reinhardt/Veronica combo.
  6. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Given cats have a reputation irl for being solo creatures maybe they could come with a solo type effect making them stronger if the aren't near allies. Kinda like Winter Ephraim's skill set. Of course that has already been done so might be kinda boring.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    As a purely pp unit, probably not. But I tend to play in a mixed phase to enemy phase style so 30'ish speeders like their speed for double denial. At least in story content. That does falter in Arena where 30'ish speed isn't really going to do you any favors. But yeah his -spd isn't too bad. That complaint was mostly for Nailah's sake. I just included him in it because of course all my 5*'s would be -SPD. @mcsilas Thanks! Tibarn can probably live without it, but Nailah is going to need QR in her seal slot to make sure she can double foes. Countering non-counter folks won't do any good if they just get danced to murder me anyways.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @Florete It is true what they say. Someone always has it worse. And unluckily for you, you are clearly that example for me. Pretty sure Firesweep off 5.5 is better than Close Counter off of 6.25(*cries for you*). Jeez. That winter banner is just being hard core on us Forest dwellers, huh? @Tybrosion Grats on Azura! And I guess also on filling a hole in your collection. @Vicious Sal Be careful doing anything luck based for the next couple days. Clearly you used all your luck up in one great big spurt. Congrats! @Alexmender I am rooting for you! Grats! Congrats! I doubt I would feed a Nailah if only because you can't hand off both DC and Null anti-counter at the same time. Really wish those skills started off of Guard or something so that you only needed 2 of the 3 limit to pick up the third tier. I really like maximizing my inheritance and it just annoys me so much when I can't do it becuase the lower levels of the skill just don't exist anywhere. @Baldrick Congrats on your birdie? @coldhand25 Grats! @Cute Chao Congrats! 170 orbs isn't too bad at all. @NanimaThat is a nice haul there! @Mau Ouch. That is how it was for me when pulling for Christmas Eirika. no colorless in sight. Dratted Desire sensor. @MercaketeCongrats! @Etrurian emperor Someone needs to uninstall that desire sensor from the server. It is such a pain! @Diovani Bressan And let me guess you already had both yet to boot? :( @mampfoid Congrats! +RES is definitely an interesting option for her thanks to her b. @Falter Yeah that Tibarn would be rather tempting to keep! And saving orbs is so tough. Need to get a whip for the orb hand. Might be the only way to get it to listen. @mcsilas Grats on both blues! Ok maybe I shouldn't have tried to make up for all the skipping I did to avoid temptation during the hunt for Christmas Eirika all in one go. This is a long post. Free tickets, Story Orbs, Orb Pack, plus just under 30 orbs stashed. At first I was getting a bit salty. Barely any blues at all. Bleeding me dry one at time. Then I get a session with 2 blues and 3 reds which could eat all the rest of my orbs. Both focuses showed up. It is like the Gacha is apologizing for driving me up to 5.5 and then to 5 again for Eirika. Wait. never mind. They are both -SPD. Seems like the Gatcha Got me. Nailah is at least +ATK so if I get really lucky and get a 2nd with the remaining free tickets I can make the bane go bye bye. I really want to use her to try and counter the AR cancer teams. But losing speed puts her in a bit of an iffy spot. I do wonder if I should give her a light blessing. Someone needs it so that I can complete those quests. Tibarn is +HP and over all isn't terrible. Not a bad run at all. Seems like my bad luck streak has hit its end.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilasCongrats on the crazy dancer! @Glaceon Mage Congrats on Eirika even if +SPD isn't great for her. Actually I was kinda miffed about her being so slow. We don't have a fast colorless armor yet and she would have been a solid pick for that. @Anacybele Sorry about the pity breaker and I really hope those 'super' paks fail. I liked the old monthlies well enough. I would like to see them make a come back and these insanely expensive bs paks go bye bye. @Florete Holy. . . I think the closest I have ever gotten to a 6 is 5.5. That 6 is. . . is. . . terrifying. I think it might give me nightmares!
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Yep. I just wasn't expecting to see her again so soon, let alone with the same same combo of boon and bane. Apparently my bad luck streak has ended. I had 10 orbs, I figured what the heck lets see if I can get a Christmas Fae. . . and I get a Julia. Still a 5* though(even if I already had her, this one has a better boon). I hunt a dragon and get a dragon hunter instead of the dragon. Another amusing incident where I can forgive the Gacha for playing hard to get with me. Though I was supposed to be saving orbs for beasts rather than burning them for someone just for collection purposes. I am just bad at saving orbs. They are slippery little things that just slide between your fingers!
  11. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Well I am on Azura right now. Only one I had that made it to the finals. But I have been kinda checked out this whole guantlet. Hopefully my lead didn't cause any issues for anyone. I did change Titania out for Hinoka for this round. Figured two greens likely to run a TA effect would be awful. So you get a spear flyer with hone fliers instead. And I get the feeling I am going to have several thousand flags at the end of this. Too much same.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks! Also daisy may remember I had gotten lucky on the legendary free pull and got flying nino with +SPD/-ATK. Well Arena orbs came in last night and gave me enough to basically yolo again to say bye to that banner. Another Flying Nino with +SPD/-ATK. The game is really doubling up on natures for me lately. @Nanima That is a really nice way to send that banner off! @Alexmender Grats on Gunny and it seems like Faye is a being a mean little Eirika Pity breaker. She did that to me too the first time when I hit 5.5. @KMT4ever Gah. I really hate when Legendary banners push you up and over 10%, let alone 11%. 11 just makes you want to feel sick to your stomache. You have my condolences.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    So like my last post I have been avoiding this thread to avoid being tempted to spend. In the mean time I had driven my pity all the way back up to 5% on the Christmas banner. At that point I was figuring I would get another lone off banner pity breaker. But nope Christmas Eirika has appeared. In a way that makes me Merry even after having to drive up to 5% twice. Seriously every orb form this month and all my saved orbs from last month are gone. I should be salty about driving that high twice one orb at a time due to the game refusing to give me colorless(maybe two if I was really lucky). Now it is story time. Back in October when Legendary Eirika came out her brother decided to show up during the same pull I got her, both with a +RES Boon. Well guess what? It happened again! Only this time, they are both +ATK/-DEF. Yes. Both twins got the exact same boon and bane combo. . . in the same pull. I think you two are beginning to take this twin thing a bit too far. I can forgive the Gacha if it makes me laugh. So this time it is forgiven. @daisy [email protected] Since you commented on my first drive being terrible I figured I would let you know it had a merry ending. Even if the ending drained me of, if my math is right, at least 360 orbs, probably likely 400-450. Drove up to 5.5 the first time and 5 this time. Sniping so probably an average of 2 per session at best.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Dude! Congrats on the final Matthew!
  15. So does having 4 4's earn me some kind of special payout? Because I really could use some more orbs.