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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Tomebreakers are apparently incredibly rare or some such since I basically have 0 options there. And the bigger issue is that even with breaker my mages would die due to attrition. No, even with one seal and one hone speed I have no issues deleting the mages on my phase. The problem now is the cavs. It takes two mages to take down a cav. I end up in a situation at the last reinforcement where I just can't quite make it. I actually thought I had it, apparently I had forgotten the extra wave Infernal gets. That wave was just able to overpower my units. I might be able to manage if Tharja gets TA. But I need some grinding for that. She is also lacking a positional. Thankfully I have a Selena that can solve both with one go. TA2 might be just enough to let her get the ko on the green cav without Soren giving her a hand. I also need Soren to get some SP and something better than his AoE. Right now it lets Tharja finish off the first green cav, but he can't recharge it in time for the next one. That said I will probably do the 1 turn cheese route, particularly since I have realized -Atk B!Roy with a hone cav can manage with Fury 3 and speed +2 seal. I have Hinata's out the wazoo so I already gave Roy Boy Fury 3 some time ago and I have Speed +2 forged. Now I just need the SP to teach him galeforce since I never bothered to grind his SP all the way up. I really wish I could have managed another way, but alas.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    So I figured I was will to drop a bit on an orb Pack. Got one Ayra. Res Boon/Spd Bane. Figured I may as well blow the rest of the orbs since I had 4 reds in that session. Woot! Another Ayra! She can't possibly have a worse Boon/Bane. Res Boon/Spd Bane. *Throws phone through the window of IS HQ*
  3. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I don't mind Galeforce advertising, I just wish it was on more units so I can actually give it to someone without murdering a B!Roy or something similar. As for Cordelia, yeah I had planned on the next one I draw to eat feathers to give Cordelia Brave+ and the +10 merge. I just never bothered to save the one that bumped her to +9 since I basically never needed the +3 attack from Brave+ and Galeforce would likely only be used on rare occasions. Anyways I have been trying things left and right. So it might be my only hope. Only question is if I kill that Hana or just up and give B!Roy the full LnD experience via Jaffar. I'll have to grind him a bunch of SP though. I guess the good news is with so many good reds on the banners I might get lucky and pull a better boon/bane for him sometime. Uggh, those mages are seriously annoying. Most of my heavy hitters juuuust miss doubling them. My Summer Corrin with LnD3 would be 2 speed off. My Darting Blow Soren is 2 speed short. LnD 3 Delthea is 2 speed short. Neutral Linde is 3 short if using darting blow. Neutral Nino is also 3 short with Darting Blow. How many Speed seals can we get again? I suppose if I clear that squad assault and upgrade I could get 2 +2 speed seals which may be all I need. But I only have 11 Sacred Coins and I don't think I can get enough before the map ends so that is a dud. At least @donkeykhang shared a way to do it with 4 mages. I am just not sure if my mix can pull it off. For Red Tomes I have . . . +Atk/-Res Tharja and +Def/-Atk Leo. Oh and I guess I could 20k the Lunatic Arvis. Also I have way less moonbow. And positionals are beginning to become a problem.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    So my free pull had no reds, 4 colorless and one green which was a 3 star Barst. Reposition I guess.
  5. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Low on LnD fodder. I do have a Jaffar that I got instead of Takumi that I could kill, but I am kinda loathe to burn him on B!Roy. I guess I could spend a bunch of shards and feathers to get that 1* Hana I have up up. But like Jaffar I would rather save her for someone who would use LnD regularly rather than just for one map. That and any B!Roy strat will have to wait until the weekend. I really don't feel like Grinding SP up without the bonus. *Sigh* Why can't Cordelia get Gale at 4*. I have a rather pretty +9 4* Cordelia. I don't really want to 5* her only to get her GF and a stat decrease. Armor + Healer ain't working. I'll try full armor later when some stamina regens. But I fear I'll need a heal to make it all the way with armor. Plus those mages are going to be a pain. They appear to be stated out so that even +Atk Hector with Hone armor can't one shot the blue mage. Single digit HP left, but the blasted mage survives. Ninian + Armor might also be an option. My only other option might be BraveLyn/Reinhardt/Ninian/Some other person. But it sounds like lack of Brave Bow may leave that wanting. Oh and the C-Smokes should be only on initiation. It is very annoying to eat such a large penalty when you attack the smoke unit.
  6. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Frankly I am not sure how I am going to complete infernal. I managed Lunatic with my fliers, but Summer Corrin literally survived with 1hp. Arvis would kill her on Infernal I don't doubt. I also did not realize the AoE skills ignored spurs/distant defense/etc. I very nearly crapped myself when it hit for 8 more damage than I calculated. I will probably just have to try to out tank it with armor. The only Galeforce I have is -ATK B!Roy and he hits like a wet noodle. So I'm not sure if I can 1 turn cheese it like others are.
  7. Could PVP be implemented?

    The only way I would see pvp working in heroes is if builds were hidden. In other words you can not just select your foe's unit and instantly know everything about them. Yes if you know the meta you can guess at what they have. And with weapon graphics you can know what weapon they are wielding which can further narrow the types of builds you expect. In addition you could guess at their special by their cooldown number and expected builds. However, you wouldn't know for certain. That one turn cooldown you thought was moonbow could easily be a Sacred Cowl instead. And now your Reinhardt is overextended and has a rather angry unit staring him down. Is that lance baiting your Reinhardt not expecting your lance breaker or do they have Deflect Magic equipped? But yeah as long as we can see a unit's exact build and stats and their locations pvp would just stall. Maps are so small I don't know how much Fog of war would help there. However, not knowing the exact stats or build of the enemy could be the key to making pvp exciting. The win would go to the one most experienced and capable of predicting the enemy's builds. Kinda like how Pokemon works. You may know what they have standing in front of you and you may have a decent idea of what most people run on that fella, but you could still be brought down by a rather unexpected build. Boy did I love doing that to people back in the NetBattle days. The cries of 'WHAT THE HELL?!', 'WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THEM THAT?!', 'HOW DID YOU SURVIVE THAT?!', etc just filled me with unbridled joy. That said Pokemon and FE are completely different beasts and not knowing the opposing build and stats may not be conducive to fun in FE, particularly since you can see it in every other mode.
  8. I personally prefer +atk myself, however, Spd does increase both bulk and offense. My reasoning is that sub 30 ATK is just too low. Where as 34 speed is 'good enough'. However, since she for many functions as a debuffer getting that extra speed to insure that she doesn't get doubled can go a real long ways. If you are looking for mixed defenses and base kit(or at least some kind of triangle advantage deal) there is Arthur in the Axe pool. Emerald Axe built in. He also carries lancebreaker. He fears no Lance unit in the game. With a +Res/-HP boon/bane he has 40HP/30Def/28Res compared to Selena's 37/32/28. Selena has 25 Atk/35Spd and Arthur has 32ATK/29Spd. Arthur's speed is in a rather unfortunate spot so Selena does tank better simply due to speed. So he would probably rather switch his atk and spd for maximum tanking ability. As for lances. If you happened to get Summer Robin she is probably the best mixed lance infantry with 35/28/29 and 34 speed. Oboro can be decent that way too +Res gives her 40/35/28. But only 26 speed. Like Arthur sacrificing her atk gives her the same attack as +atk Selena. Still those are the names that pop up for me when I think 'Like Selena'. I think Selena might be the fastest mix tank infantry in the game. And speed is almost as important on defense as it is on offense.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    So I collected all the orbs I could get form the Paralogues and the associated quests + the daily log-ins. On my last pull I had 2 green and 1 blue. Since Deirdre was my backup choice I picked a green. Since I broke my pity rate and was thinking of buying an orb pack anyways I went a head and pulled the other green and the blue. No Sigurd. And likely that means I won't get him since I can't really blow any more cash then I just did, but hey 2 out of 3. Deirdre is fine and will likely make my roster. Res Boon/Atk Bane. 30 Atk + a Legendary is still quite a usable attack stat, doubly so since she ignores stat boosts. Tailtiu is going to be foddered or at least benched. The ONE stat she can't take a hit in. And she gets nothing of value in return. HP Boon/Spd Bane. I don't even know who would want her skills. Deirdre would probably much rather have Distant Defense than Atk/Res +2. Delthea could use a + upgrade and having the option of either Drive Attack or Drive Speed could be useful in some circumstances, but I don't really feel that much of a need for it. Well I suppose I'll eventually come up with someone I want Drive Speed. Well at least one of them is usable. And honestly I would probably get more use out of decent Deirdre than a decent Tailtiu anyways.
  10. Yeah that is a big reason I didn't just jump on the +Atk one. That said the Res boon having an HP bane would seem to not be an ideal mage tank boon/bane. Too bad I don't have a +Res/-Def Fae laying around anywhere. Do have a +Def/-HP 4* though. 35/36 defenses(with fortify dragons) is rather tempting, but I think I have other uses for 20k feathers. Anyways from everyone's comments it sounds like the +ATK isn't exactly needed and I can hang onto my current res boon. She is the only dragon I have that is magic tanky(my ninian is a res bane/spd boon) so I may as well focus on that.
  11. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    I have mostly been focused on getting stage 2 on the seals. Basically I plan on upping the ones I consider high priority to 2 first and then bump them up to 3. I just don't have many coins since I don't enjoy AA much. And I tend to view that as the best use of my limited supplies. Anyways Atk+, Distant Defense, and the spurs for spur stacking are all fairly high on my list.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Yipee! Ninian won! I may have been on Team Corrin, but that was purely because I like her and I figured her multiplier intervals would be more easily accessed by me. Final Rank in Army -1,395 Final Total Rank - 4,010 Not bad I was getting a lot of Adult Tiki's these last couple hours. Sadly I don't recall all the names associated with them. And that would be my Amelia :D. By far my highest merged 5*.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    My numbers are - 1,649,201 and 2,989,276 Yeah, I had leftover flags from the first two rounds due to not being on during multiplier rounds. That wasn't a problem in the finals though :D.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    You know before this post I would have said I wouldn't have cared even if Fae went all the way this time. Congrats. Now I am glad Ninian kicked Fae out of the running. How do these puns just keep getting worse? Isn't there a floor somewhere for them to run into? 62,487,674,247 vs 62,531,439,753 is what the spreadsheet is saying for me
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Ok. . . Apparently I missed that one. I think that might even be worse than CorWIN. *Says it aloud* Scratch that. Definitely worse.