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  1. Official Pull Topic

    And with the TT orbs and the orbs from the maps, which I just now cleared, I got Sanaki. +HP/-ATK. Of course. I am not actually sure what boon/bane I wanted but either defense being baned would have been fine for +HP. Attack just makes me sad. Ah well. Got the one I wanted most. If Legendary banner doesn't soak everything I have I can pull blues and get YET ANOTHER dancer. But I don't actually feel all that pressed. My best fliers are blues so a green dancer is better for my flier teams.
  2. If you are going for one snipe. If you don't care pull all. Regardless you should assume it will be at least 100 orbs before you get a 5* on a standard banner. And even that isn't a particularly high number if Lady Luck doesn't care for you. Assuming all sniping is one pull per session which is worst case scenario by far you get 20 chances for 100 orbs vs 25 chances for 100 orbs. The probability difference between them isn't huge. And the pulls you lose out on are easily offset by 'focusing' on what you want. Particularly since you are likely to get 2 or 3 pulls per session unless you are going for green and so the difference is more like 21 or 22 or even 23 if you are real lucky vs 25. As for the rate ups? Pity is nice and all but pulling on what you don't want in an attempt to build it usually isn't a good idea. Rather it is a good way to end up with something you don't want.
  3. Well. . . Huh. Whatever they did GC balance wise let me hit Tier 25 this time. The only time I have gotten there. I was always missing 1 or two orbs before. Certainly helps that I can now semi-reliably clear Infernal with a bonus map. That said my efforts aren't really good team wise since I basically only play a couple of the 22 rounds each time. With all lances and one played recharge per day I just barely, and I mean barely, hit T25 with probably 90% or so of my runs being infernal.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Hah. You got Chrom whilst my first red was Lucina(-ATK). Uggh, banner is terrible. 40 orbs and a not a single green in sight. Not entirely sure why I dropped orbs here. None of the units are super wanty for me, but I think I want Sanaki just cause A) I don't have regular Sanaki even and B) just cause of the controversy. No such thing as bad publicity, yes?
  5. I am pretty sure a friends A Tiki killing things in GC or RD counts. I don't ever recalling having to touch my A Tiki since I have Astellius on my FL.
  6. Since Amelia was all kitted out for Arena I decided to see just how much of this map she could tank. And turns out she doesn't need anyone else to attack at all. And don't ask why I kept Rallying. The extra speed was totally unneeded. I kinda went overkill on the support. The real bench mark is the kills. So she needs Ike's Earth Season att and a drive attack seal. Beyond that all she needs is a fortify armor on that first turn to make sure Julius doesn't drop her hp too low to handle the axe safely. Or basically it turned out I didn't need to change anything from what they were running for Arena, so all that time I spent trying to figure out how to max her defenses with drive res/spur res/2x drive def were unneeded. And. . . apparently I can't figure out how to get a streamable video to embed. Don't much feel like just registering new accounts for stuff. Anyways I was just surprised she could handle all those reds.
  7. Mine is only +9 but she feels like she is a TT boss. Her team may only be worth 714 on average but it is hilariously easy to win. Put Amelia in range. Win. That is it. Maybe I should trade her buddy Hardin out for a second L!Ike to get to 66 attack. But that probably isn't needed. I could equip Fury 3? I am not seeing much ranged right now in the arena.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    The new banner got me a Seliph. Didn't bother opening the greens or colorless. 9 orbs into the Ares/Ishtar/Lene banner got me - Ishtar. +DEF/-HP. Not exactly sure what that defense will do, but it didn't hit her offenses, so yay?
  9. I don't think I would mind seeing Breaker/Reaver weapons added into the game. However, I think with the way Heroes it it makes it a bit trickier than say just adding a SwordReaver as an Axe. After all the only thing it would change is the sword and lance matchups. Red tomes, Red Dragons, etc wouldn't be effected. Though I suppose we could make it effective all the way around. But that could also be confusing in its own right. Another option would be to have no change to the triangle but to have such weapons carry the breaker skill. So the SwordReaver would be an axe with inherit SwordBreaker 3 or some such. Perhaps have them have less mt and be undefinable like the raven tomes.
  10. @Hawk King With just Eirika as a +10 I do realize staying in 20 isn't going to happen ordinarily. I had just thought that my 720+ scores I was seeing would have got me up high enough and was surprised that it wasn't enough. However, looking at the first deathless run score I realized my average was pretty darn low. Nearly every matchup must have been near bottom of the score barrel. A second deathless run got me a 720 average which is more expected since it is close to the middle. 3600 though is only good for rank #7191. About 1500 ranks off from staying. As for +10. The simple fact is most of the units I want to play with? Yeah. 5* exclusives. Even with the kind of money I've dumped on this game that ain't happening. Amelia is the only one even remotely close. And I don't want to even think of the dollar amount that went into her. As for the ones more easily available that I like. Way too many reds. I have a hard time thinking a non-red that I really like that isn't named Amelia or Hector or I guess my Ephraim. Let alone available as a 3 or 4 star. So my teams will almost always be a mix of variable merge levels. Which is why I really only try to stay in during fire season. My only 5*+10 is fire blessed so that is really the only team that stands a chance. It just kinda surprised me because I could have sworn I had stayed in 20 before(or at least come darn close) with a full deathless run, but this time it wasn't even close.
  11. So my fire team, my strongest legendary team, is 2000 ranks too weak to stay in tier 20. According to the Arena Score Calculator at articsilverfox they should be in the 712-726 range. Though I was playing with EP Ephraim when I did my no death run and due to running Solar Brace and Sturdy Stance they should have been in the 714-728 range. Problem of course is that EP Ephraim is just hard to use. If I gave Myrrh and Eirika Aether and Siegbert Galeforce that would push them up to 716-732 with EP Ephraim. Would that finally be enough to stay 20? Though maybe it is just cause the game doesn't want to give me good scoring matchups. Dividing my score by 5 gives me 718. Which is on the low end for even the 712-726 standard set up. Basically trying to figure out if I should fish around and try to stay in 20 for a change. If Fire team during fire season can't do it, then NONE of my teams can.
  12. @D4RTH In general I would say decreasing doubling increases bulk by more than increasing defense. But even with 30 speed he is rather slow. And while he does lose some bulk from -HP I hadn't noticed any important thresholds being missed when I went from +ATK/-SPD to +ATK/-HP. That said the res is kinda like not having any boon at all. Anyways since I could get some use out of +SPD I would likely go that way even if -DEF hurts worse than -HP for him. But since I was looking up ep builds for mine anyways here are some numbers for Standard Heavy Blade Galeforce Ephraim. Against Sundere's List +SPD/-DEF - +RES/-HP 101-24-1 VS. 100-24-2 Without buffs 106-19-1 VS. 106-19-1 With Hone Cavalry Against 700-710 Tally List 133-26-9 VS. 130-29-9 Without buffs 144-19-5 VS. 144-20-4 With Hone Cavalry Against Fury+Moonbow overwrite 213-16-5 VS. 206-20-8 Without buffs 222-9-3 VS. 222-9-3 With Hone Cavalry When it comes to survival on enemy phase Speed tends to win or come within 1 or 2 of a tie. Generally speaking +SPD performs better ep with hone in place. Without hone +RES makes up some ground and on 1 configuration actually surpassed by a matchup or two. Also I forgot to take my merge from +2, so these numbers take a +2 into account instead of base or +1. My oops there. Basically they look almost identical with a hone inplace with perhaps a slight edge going towards +SPD. So I would go +SPD since I think the boon actually helps a bit. Whereas going +RES is just trying to avoid the slightly higher durability hit. The boon does nothing for him. But I also tend to have a rather strong inclination towards pushing speed. So you'll probably want to wait for a few others to weigh in as well.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    So I figured wth and decided to put a few more orbs into this banner, even though it off-bannered me once. Nobody is a huge pull for me, but I have never been good at saving orbs. Low and Behold a Wild Lene appears. -SPD/+RES. I am starting to think I have a -SPD curse. Oh well. It just means I have ALL the dancers/singers. Well I'll level her up, but plan on sac'ing her for her sword later should I ever pull a better one so I am not going to bother to skill inherit her. Will be useful to train up swords though.
  14. I am kinda of scared to think what my +9 Amelia is capable of with the stat boosts. Wonder if I should quickly Summoner support her just for shenanigans sake! 68/60/47/45/32 sounds like it could be fun.
  15. 2 Lucina's +HP/-RES +DEF/-HP What would you pick? I'll almost certainly use the other for Aether fodder. I never have enough of that.