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  1. Well They were banished before the degeneration if I read the changes correctly. Moreover Tiki is Naga's daughter and from what we have seen Naga seems to be leagues above other dragons. Tiki's potential was comparable to her own which I think is why Naga acted so distinctly there. Tiki's mind couldn't handle the power and Naga was afraid Tiki would degenerate into what probably would have been the most powerful monstrosity ever... I would guess that Duma and Mila post recon wouldn't be strong enough to warrant the same level of response. Though You would think they would be contacted regarding the treat of degeneration? Or at least dealt with similar to other degenerate dragons... Unless Naga thought they were dead? It is a plot hole as far as I can tell unless we are told that they were just presumed dead... meh. As for FE 4 I get the tension as IS hasn't shown good writing ability in recent entries... However part of me would love to see Loptyr's motives explored more though I am afraid they will try and connect him to Grima... I can see those bugs as being related to Loptyr but Grima is too mindless to be Loptyr. Unless whatever Loptyr sought to do failed? Loptyr has the potential to be one of FE's better villains if done right so I hope Loptyr gets done well if IS ever decides to go there...
  2. Yeah It seems I forgot to replace one when I copy and pasted... Opps... Outside of that how is my argument?
  3. This makes sense for the Archanean chronicles I mean they all take place in the same world and all mythos so far as we know was driven by Dragon power prosperity and for the strongest of dragon kind worship. Then some event happened that triggers dragons to descend into madness. So far Dragons only really are present in Archanea and Elibe and some point later presumably Magvel(If I remember right there only appeared Manakates and Dracozombies there and they fought against Formortiis) In Elibe the dragons were if memory serves non native or at the very least chose to flee the world after a magical cataclysm caused them to undergo degeneration(though do we know if it is the same type of degeneration? ). An interesting thing to note is all the worlds with Draconic degeneration there seems to be a major magical conflict. Even the abysmally vague Fates world features this trait with all the dragons leaving but two one of which threw away his power. As we know the games can be connected by the Dragon gates this leads to my speculation that the degeneration might be related to unsustainable abuse of the magic in the world. Elibe humans created super weapons that upset the balance. Fates had dragons fighting among each other with human pawns that they fed magical weapons and the likes as their fodder. In comparison in Archanea we are told of great magical creations/cities and the like having been created by dragon kind. And if artifacts are considered the Starsphere(Azure) Geosphere(Vert) Lightsphere(Ardent) Darksphere(Sable) Lifesphere(Gules) are suspicious as while we are told the shield was created to seal the earth dragons the gems seem to have strangely excessive abilities for that leading me to wonder if perhaps they were reused from something else?...(the shield's appearance is similar to Naga's other creation Falchion(now known to be both versions at different times which makes sense as well Naga has multiple fangs and they can presumably regenerate) which would make sense as they both originated from Naga's fangs Plus there are also lots of ancient dragon relics either mentioned or shown. We also know that weapons of old but unknown origin exist namely Gradivus Paritha Hauteclere and Mercurius come to mind. All of these things could have played into magical depletion if that were to be the trigger for degeneration to occur in the very magically attuned dragon kin. For Magvel we don't really know enough to make any presumptions but perhaps Formortiis played a role? after all he is interesting as the closest FE has to an Eldrich abomination. As long as Formortiis and Ashera/Yune(Ashunera) remain non dragon entities this does open up the series to expand into what other than dragons exist in the FE universe. Tellius makes sense from the concept of being very early in the FE storyline where presumably the major races of the later games had yet to come into existence. (As well as probably a separate realm) But in all honesty it is pretty speculative given how barren the lore is for this universe. Personally I'd love to have them explore more into what triggered the various degeneration events (we know the scoring in Elibe and degeneration in Archanea (which was once the heart of dragon society) The TDLR Is I suspect that like the Human caused Scouring Archanean Dragons similarly doomed themselves by upsetting the magical balance of the world via artifact creation magical works or quite possibly by some dragons becoming Too strong to sustainably support.
  4. From the Japanese version of the game which is released...
  5. The dragon bit is yeah honestly disappointing though I feel that was probably more to limitations/laziness than anything. The part about the stones being mined could actually be true as a remnants from dead Manaketes as after all couldn't Tiki use other dragonstones? (I assumed it was more like archaeological digging taking stones from the past to be honest) But yeah Awakening feels like they forgot a lot of the world building bits from before or something. However descendants of say Merric or even a city over two thousand years later might not be very significant or likely honestly... Though more connections would have been cool.
  6. As long as the growth to enemy strength is balanced to the player leveling curve then any growth rate works honestly. That said I actually prefer higher growths due to the feeling of actually seeing your units improve so I see it as a positive change to be honest.
  7. I'm wondering about this myself to be honest... That enemy portrait is quite fiery...
  8. This is an interesting note as on earth this is exactly what happens during an ice age on earth. If the conflict removed the water either by triggering an ice age (which would be easy considering how Grima blighted out the sun during their revival, then pretty much all of the geography changes can be explained simply though many years of perpetual darkness cooling the world long enough for a runaway freezing affect. Also importantly that doesn't preclude hot environments from occurring in the world either deserts tend to be hot during the day due to lack of water to mediate the affects of light (and conversely tend to get cold at night) Now FE doesn't necessarily, if at all, follow real world logic but the fact that a real world explanation can cover the geography changes makes this seem like a minor thing when cataclysmic monsters exist. As for the Falchion being male only thing I'm 99.9999...% sure that is wholly a localization thing and not actually canon
  9. He honestly looks pretty cool I notice the sockets that seem to indicate the former presence of more draconic eyes(or something similar) though It is a shame we can't see what Mila's draconic form looked like. (Also am I the only person who would love to get a playable monster character if only as a post game "trial map" type deal? Seeing all these monster portraits really brings it to mind... FE honestly hasn't really used undead to their full potential Doma and Grima and to a lesser extent Fomortiis are really the only foes to use undead in FE...
  10. I guess it was his art appearance that lead to that presumption in the other thread. I agree that Loptyr is one of the series best villains though for any future content in the Jugdral/Archanea/Valentia world all he needs to plot another return is to form a connection to the physical plain. There are so many ways it could be done too as Loptyr seems to be a villain that does things for a reason with an endgame that we never learned. Quite unlike the unstable Grima who simply wanted to erase humanity... *cough* At least we now have a possible motive in an inferiority complex and trying to erase its creators. Being an unstable artificial undead abomination might help explain Grima but nothing can ever save Validar from being pathetically evil for no reason so that will be a sad loose end that only a remake could fix... I did have a thought while writing this is it possible that Grima might have been a potential pawn for Loptyr? I can see Grima looking up to Loptyr but Loptyr looking down on the "fake" dragon. I mainly bring this up with Naga's claim that neither she nor Grima can destroy each other as the one possibility that I can think of to explain that is if Grima had help from someone who CAN... Perhaps Naga's death in future past is simply part of Loptyr's plan to remove the thorn that is Naga from play? Naga expects to fight Grima to standstill only to face an attack launched and prepared by Loptyr or something. It would explain that pesky plot hole in a way at least(would have worked w/out extra dimensional aide)
  11. That is a good counterpoint though I would argue Loptyr probably was above the average earth dragon due to delving deep into magic particularly dark magic/becoming a dark dragon. Dragon wise he probably could be more of an earth dragon equivalent of pre Manakete Gotah. Now the real issue is what went on at the dragon's table... (If the timeline is ever revisited I don't get why they don't use the wonderful potential of Loptyr to well be a competent villain. This hits the heart of the issue. The fusion theory was so strong because it accounted for those elements. Now a possibility that comes to mind for the artificial undead horror Grima is that the earth dragons might still be sealed but Grima could be siphoning off some of the remnant powers from the Dragon's table. The sacrificing humans and the use of the stones on the shield of seals could simply be a conduit to drain that power w/ Grima in a weakened state. (the sacrifice also because of Grima's disdain for humans due to being created) The similarities to Loptyr could then be a literal example of "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" rather than an earth dragon connection.
  12. Sigh a bit sad to hear the supports are short because I was and still am hoping for conversations to add depth to the world. My favorite supports are the ones with the meeting of differing ideologies explaining to the other side or ones that reveal key details about the world such as how people think act etc. As for the actual convos I'll skip them until the game actually comes out :) (namely I want to see how the official translations differ and compare the two with as little bias as possible)
  13. The problem with awakening was the tracks feel out of place on their own for the most part due to how they were meant to flow through battle transitions. At least for me it really bothered me as listening to the out of game audio really was underwhelming as you didn't get the mixing of the theme+ablaze versions. On their own the themes in Echos feel over all more complete which (in my biased opinion) boosts them up a notch (For me Fates and the themes of RD are overall preferable to Awakening though awakening did have some good themes)
  14. Aye it also sort of provides motivation for Walhart (though it would still need more of a connection to strengthen the connections to that plotline as Alm's descendants) Say Alm's line that eventually led to Walhart carrying down the knowledge that Alm regretted awakening "Grima". Thus post near apocalypse That heavy burden would drive him to try and rectify things. That could have left an opportunity to make a less Deus Ex Machina like end solution for the final battle...
  15. Agreed Awakening actually had some decently developed(or potential there of to be) plot points the execution was just less than ideal... By um quite a bit... With a bit more investment into connecting the various story parts it could have worked just the Valm arc wasn't properly integrated with the rest of the story I know it is one aspect that the new FE's as well as the far older ones have done by affectingly bringing the "gods" down to earth more or less Grima's hatred for humans in particular can now be explained based on this origin as it would want to erase the blemish of its origin do to lofty pride and an identity crisis... really an improvement from no explanation :p