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  1. I think these points show that FE more or less has difficulty conveying villains I agree Ashnard could have come across far better if more emphasis was placed on his policies. As for that "blessed" armor am I not the only one who gets a suspicious feeling about that? It really didn't do the story any justice after all and it kinda makes the story go off the rail in the end by forcing Ike into a final confrontation without any real build up. I just hope that if remakes are made for the games they will try and better develop the characters. Tellius is indeed the least horribly butchered story but like every other game in the series. As for Zelgius it could have been much better if IS had better hinted at there being more at play. You can see the hints at RD story line a little bit but the characterization to me felt back peddled (though as others have mentioned this is not new for the series) Once again the "blessed" armor seems to have hurt the story more than not. IS has shown they have pretty good starting ideas but they haven't been able to pull of a concise story always slipping up somewhere. This probably represents something of their internal organization however not sure what else to say in regards to this. I hope IS will be able to learn from their mistakes and invest more time into getting things consistent but I will not count on it.
  2. I get where you are coming from it is like RD tried to recon him to not be completely evil as he was portrayed in POR which doesn't work after the things the Black Knight said and did in the first game unless you assume he is near bipolar...
  3. I guess I can see the point but I still feel that fates has shown that non randomized skill sets seem better but as always I'm sure there is some ideal ratio of common ground. Perhaps instead of complete randomness there would be specific skills that could be chosen for specific enemies? Well who knows I guess to each their own for me I believe there should always be a winning strategy to get past anything the game throws at you and FE13 Lunatic+ kinda breaks the rules in that regard even if it is unlikely. That said I feel it would have been okay once the players options open up just the early but seems excessive...
  4. For a fire emblem story like any other story there needs to be a overarching structure to it that justifies itself without too much suspension of disbelief. World building is key to this as the development of the world and cast are interconnected as shown best in FE 9 and FE 10(excluding the non-existent supports of RD) But really any of the past fire emblems with supports. By the characters discussing and reacting to the world around them we get to learn more about them and the world as a whole. This in turn makes us like the cast and begin to care about the world as things begin to unravel and develop. As events happen we are left with motivations reactions and general foreshadowing elements that are meant to keep the player engaged. Fates notably didn't do any that as every bit of dialogue is just another moment of praising Corrin for no reason while we still have no reasonable motivations for really anyone and know next to nothing about the world of fates... (Not even the worlds name -_-) Then adding in the extremely generic supports and there is really a lack of any explanation or world building beyond the one liners that prep for a chapter at best. The game basically amounts to flailing in the dark and randomly being thrown at situations as characters act out of character constantly solely to move the plot along in a way that makes every character in the game seem absolutely incompetent or near brain dead. Thus we are left with the complete lack of any redeemable qualities beyond lamenting about what could have been from the base line bullet points that IS tried to pass as "characterization" and "world building". The TLDR is that regardless of the medium it is portrayed as a story has to be a story not a ill compiled mixmatch of unrelated garbage because you can't throw bullet points together and call it a story at the last minute.
  5. No the problem is that certain enemy skill combinations were outright impossible to win against... you weren't just "adapting your strategy" you were "resetting until the game seems possible..." That is the standard that any Luna+ Guides will give due to the absolute brokenness in the early chapters in particular. This is especially bad for the early maps in particular the one where if an enemy gets Luna+ they can proceed to kill any and all of your units irregardless of the players action.(because even Freddy can't take a hit or OHKO said enemy...)
  6. What people are missing regarding Lunatic+ in awakening is that it isn't the enemy only skills that break the balance of the game but the randomness of enemy skills particularly near the beginning of the game. If the strategies to beat a mode include reset until a workable enemy skill set is found then that mode isn't balanced period. Fates fixed this by setting each enemies skills which by far is a step in the proper direction Even the enemy only skills are fine (The only exception I'd argue would be the loss of skills on captured units considering generics pretty much suck anyway it felt like an unnecessary F*** You to the player) Enemies with set skill sets actually provides a tactical layer to the game that players can predict around(Random skills are a bit unfair due to being unpredictable semi random would be far more acceptable)
  7. This is an interesting question though I have to agree that there probably is not a standard turn length between each game as it would likely be a function of how long the battle is lore wise expected to take(normalized) given particular terrain weather objectives etc...
  8. I think the key problem is IS most recent games haven't shown the ability to pull off even a cliche Fire emblem plot in the recent releases. Now a redemption story could be quite interesting if done right but after how badly the screwed up the story of fates I don't think they are currently up to the task anytime soon. There isn't any need for that kind of approach a redemption story could easily allow a relatable protagonist as could a the ends justify the means anti hero. Though if you are referring to IS's storytelling capability... well yeah...
  9. Yeah it isn't the only place in the game where there is a huge disconnect so sadly I get the feeling that there indeed were parts not in communication or something... (At the very least the story was a rushed afterthought written with no oversight or quality control to rush fates out for some deadline... I mean especially once you look at revelations it seems lie the game was exceedingly disjointed as if they really did just things near the end to try and meet deadlines such that quality control and consistency were lacking entirely...
  10. Yeah he is a huge non-sequitur I kinda feel they have a disconnect between the writers I feel different people wrote the supports and the... abomination of the story. Though this is a bigger issue in the game in total it is a mess... It is like different parts of the games were handled by people that didn't talk to each other... >_< From the get go... The result is what can only be described as borderline personality disorder mess... It is like the story team just... didn't pay attention and half assed some crap together to... well I have no idea. Overall it feels like fates was a series of bullet points story wise for most of development and they at the last minute tried to put the jumbled mess together and never looked at the supports whatsoever in a rush to get the game out... Sorry if this rambled but basically I have do idea what IS was doing but they certainly come across as incompetent at least with regards to story. The whole story literally feels like it was a complete afterthought with no quality control or real development done by someone with little to no knowledge of the other parts of the game...
  11. Ah interesting I had heard about Nosferatu before but didn't know the exact costs So I take it that spell in particular is female only? And by double cast I presume you mean heal the same target twice? as I know that was a hated thing in FE 5... @AzzAh interesting so Nosferatu is basicaly their main EXP source. So you need to split between leveling and healing I man with the lack of staves it makes perfect sense...(as the staff does the work for you and seems to be the source of Exp)
  12. I can agree on all sides yeah height might have been too strong so if it returned they could feel free in balancing the affects so long as it achieves the main principal As for the idea of enemies setting up destructible ladders or the dragon vein landslide bit I love those ideas.. I could also see enemy fliers setting themselves up as warp points for enemy spellcasters too (I really liked the warp ability in fates it has so much unused tactical potential...)
  13. Interesting... so out of curiosity how did healing work in the original? As magic costs health it either means limited healing (as healer hurts self akin to Micaiah and healing items) or just healing items... And can anyone explain the generic weapons versus "equip-able"? Is it say like the default weapon if you haven't equipped another one yet?
  14. The first two points I can agree on readily (the latter was honestly creepy...) now if the made the "my castle" more like base preparations in Tellius it would probably feel better than the weird carnival vibe Fates seems to have tried for... You could even have multiple buildings etc. if you wanted rather than a menu... I could even see optional scouting or beast/bandit raid/monster repelling type side missions just not roulette carnival gem collection... Now regarding the skill system of FE13/14 I love that it is changed FE to a very skill heavy style but I could certainly see ditching the skill to class link for non class skills(certain skills should return as permanent fixtures for specific classes personally) Instead we could see a RD like system with skill scrolls a bit more readily available. There was way too many "filler" skills in FE 13-14 Keep Initiation skills(blow series), seal series skills, Renewal, Wary Fighter/ Canto(needs to come back), Rally series, Counter/Counter magic, Warp(used more by enemy in particular FYI),Amaterasu, Proc Skills, Lunge, Switch, Shove, Smite, breaker series skills, replicate(enemies need to use it as well FYI could be excellent if the AI kept either the original or copy back near support units w/ rallies/aura buffs/staff users), Vantage, Steal,Pick/locktouch,Paragon,Discipline,Aptitude,Blossom(better aptitude with drawbacks), Proc skills(both combat & utility),taker series/galeforce, skills like Knife/shadowgift/lumina could be interesting to see if they give units access to the whole weapon type even if the class lacked it...) I could continue but I hope I got the point across... basically relevant skills rather than the simple +number etc. skills...
  15. I have to say Eincia's Gambit as my favorite defense map(though several other maps in the same game come close). The far inferior recreation in FE14 also confirms my suspicions that the key defining factor that made it and other other defense/assault maps in RD so good was the importance of the high ground due to a very real accuracy modifier... They really need to bring the high ground component back (with perhaps fliers being exempt from it?)