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  1. Honestly, Female Robin is more likely to just not be part of the story at all since it'd be weirder to have two Robins partake in it period. She's probably just an alternate skin for male Robin.
  2. Mario is a platformer, Fire Emblem is Strategy RPG, Pokémon and Persona are RPGs. Warriors games are Beat Em Up Action games. I can understand though, everyone has games they aren't good I'm not good at Shooters or Puzzle games. Hopefully you be able to at least try Fire Emblem Warriors sometime to see if you like it. Everyone has that one off exception, like I'm good at Metroid Prime 1-3 on Wii.
  3. I'm not arguing with you or saying who should be put in over who, all I'm saying is that Tecmo Koei and Nintendo used a non-important character before with Agitha in Hyrule Warriors so the possibility is there for anyone to really make it in. Probability is just a case of who is more likely then who.
  4. I know, and we already have story relevant characters from Fates in fCorrin, Xander, and Ryoma..and likely at least Camilla and Takumi. They'll likely put in a few non-important characters as well to avoid the Fates crew being Royals only (which Azura counts as) Regardless, I like them both, though my preference does go towards Oboro.
  5. True, but they put Agitha from Twilight Princess in Hyrule Warriors and she was completely optional to even meet. Not saying you don't make a good point, just saying. This game is 3rd Person, like a lot of games (Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, etc) not first person like Halo, Call of Duty, etc.
  6. I think following Hyrule Warriors style would be the best course of action. Focus on three games, add a few more later as DLC, then a bigger DLC expansion or sequel to bring in more.
  7. I thought that too, honestly. Tecmo Koei may consider fRobin/mCorrin their own characters even if they share slots, levels, upgrades, etc. Alternatively, it may be possible that non-story or DLC characters don't get bond supports all..particularly likely for DLC characters..I mean, we know that some villains will be playable, they may not get supports at all dye to not making sense. That said, I'd love to see supports between the two Robins and Corrins.
  8. I wouldn't mind fRobin having her own slot if she still shares levels, upgrades, etc with fact I'd prefer it that way. I also just thought of how annoying it would be to have to upgrade (add new combos, no flinch for X number of strikes, elemental resistances, etc) like in Hyrule Warriors' Bazaar two identical characters..that could potentially be even more annoying then level grinding depending on the materials needed. Since bond conversations are separate from battle, by which I mean they happen after you've already completed the mission, they may feature only mRobin regardless..any non-story or DLC characters may not even get any at all..
  9. Since Marth is already in, I'll say the following.. Tiki Caeda Draug
  10. If there's one clone there will likely be more, such as male Corrin. Let's try something different then. Many of us have explained why we feel FRobin being a separate clone character instead of alt would be a terrible idea. Why don't you explain what possible ways it would be a good idea because, frankly, there aren't any I could think of at all outside of a cosmetic change to the Character Select Screen since gameplay-wise having her as a clone or alt would function identically outside of having separate levels.
  11. You do realize that ALL characters end up with low, mid, and high level exclusive missions in Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Modes. What if I HAVE to do a Male Robin exclusive mission to get to where I want to go but I rarely ever want to use him so he's severely under leveled for the mission? Then I get screwed over for preferring to use the identical character I like more when having an alt would easily solve that hassle. It's not even about 100%..with how you talk about this I get the feeling you've never played a Warriors title..or at least not for very long.. I mean, heck, I was FOR the clones in Smash U/3DS getting their own slots yet I'm wanting fRobin, who I greatly prefer to mRobin, to be an alt skin..shouldn't that say something about how tedious having them separate will be?
  12. I don't think just having a party system will make it less tedious. Tedium may be the name of the game, as you say, but why add to it? Beyond that, if Female Robin is an alt then you could use her instead of Male Robin on any 'Robin Only' missions that will pop up in whatever this game's Adventure Mode analog will be. I'll be honest, if they are identical then all that having them separate accomplishes is giving them a spot on the CSS and their own Levels/Stat Growth. Not worth it in my opinion otherwise I'd hope for separate. Why force people to level grind identical characters? It's a poor design decision as it promotes tedium rather then fun.
  13. We'll see. She may have a page on the site due to technically being an individual character and promotional reasons. While moveset clones are fine for fighters, it would seem more lazy in a Warriors title I feel, as such if she's like Toon Link to Link in Hyrule Warriors, great, love it, but if she's a straight clone then I'd have preferred her be an alt..I am not level grinding two Robins regardless of how it's done..that's far too tedious..
  14. I'd love too see non-SD/Awakening/Fates characters in the base game, but I very much doubt it. At best they could be free DLC akin to Medli in Hyrule Warriors Legends but will likely be paid dlc.
  15. It would still take extra time and be an annoying ordeal over all. If she's not part of the story there's no reason to not have her as an alternate costume with her own unique voice, quotes, etc..especially since she likely shares the exact same moveset. Even an alt skin might as well be it's own character, just reusing a moveset and animations, like the Koopalings in Smash. Being an alt doesn't make her any less of her own character and, infact, I'd hope to see more to maximize the roster without having a massive CSS.