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  1. I think child Tiki dressed in adult Tiki's costume could be cute. There's also the possibility of her getting Nowi's outfit..similar to what her Spotpass character got in Awakening and Zelda got with Ilia's clothes in Hyrule Warriors.
  2. Essentially the same thing that they need here, honestly. They can, as I've said many times now, code in a flag to make the character model default to the default costume if an incompatible costume is used for it. As for any other animation issues you believe could happen due to different facial models, Bayonetta 1 & 2 already shown that isn't much of an issue by allowing you to play and appear as Jeanne or Rosa in place of Bayonetta in both gameplay and cutscenes..and I'm pretty sure Bayonetta 1 & 2 have more complicated cutscenes (and arguably gameplay) then the Warriors series has. The face would really be the only big difference since Smash shown that Robin and Corrin's different genders can have the same skeletal proportions with no issues. That's actually a bigger issue for competitive fighter games like Smash then one like Warriors where fighters HAVE to be 1:1 while Warriors can flub it a little since there's no competitive aspect where every single frame counts and one miniscule difference could effect a ton. Also, you are literally only looking at the Story side of things, which they could just disable costumes on if it was actually a big deal, leaving them for the Free Play Mode and the larger, more time-consuming Coliseum Mode.
  3. There isn't any 'sense' to make or not make. You are only focusing on how it would affect the Story Mode, ostensibly one of the smallest modes in a Warriors game, and I've already given very easy ways to fix that tiny issue. I'll list them again since you seem to willfully ignore or disregard them. 1) Flag said Alt so that it will not show up in cutscenes, only in gameplay. 2) Only allow default costumes to be used in Story Mode (but allow them in Free Play Mode). 3) Keep as is for a 'humorous' effect of the wrong voice coming out. This would be similar to using Jeanne or Rosa in the Story Mode of Bayonetta 2 (or just Jeanne in Bayonetta 1) where they appear in Bayonetta's place in cutscenes but with Bayonetta's voice (and also end up with some scenes having two Jeannes or Rosas). It's not something most people make a big deal out of because they KNOW how it's supposed to be. 1) It still wouldn't cause much issue, I feel. I mean, Smash & Tekken haven't had any issues with character/gender alts. It's also due to there not being any characters that can appear as different genders. 2) That's due to having to keep the moveset 1:1 with no animation hick ups. Smash did the same for all gender/character alts. This is why both Robins, the Koopalings/Bowser Jr, both Wii Fit Trainers, both Corrins, and others like Lucina & Marth all have the same proportions as the other(s). 3) They re-used the face models to aid in keeping animations consistent since the faces between Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Sheik, and Impa are all similar enough to past iterations not to matter much. Smash and Tekken both shown this isn't a hard issue to overcome. 4) I don't know where you are going with this, honestly. I'm simply saying that, technically, Link & Dark Link are different characters but you can use Dark Link, as a costume, in Story Mode. I also think it'd be odd to have this be the only game where you can't play as either gender of Robin or Corrin (disregarding any amiibo appearances of Male Robin..since there is no female Robin amiibo). I kinda want female Robin default if only for the possibility of a female Robin amiibo being made for this game.
  4. I feel more fans would be disappointed by the lack of a gender alt then would be by a lack of cohesion in the story caused by playing the map using the opposite gender character since doing only that would have absolutely no effect on the story at all, it would only be like playing Free Play Mode or Co-Op in Hyrule Warriors with a character that wasn't there story-wise..which wasn't really all that concerning..more humorous then anything. Heck, for all we know, Robin could end up like Ruto, Agitha, Zant, or Ghirahim and not be playable in the story even if they take part in it, or be like Toon Link in Hyrule Warriors Legends and not even be part of the story, making this all a moot point either way.
  5. Not in regards for this. Again, not really. It's not really any different then Link appearing as Dark Link during gameplay. The mismatched picture would only appear at the bottom of the screen and affect nothing else. The vast majority of people would have no issue with this at all, they would know it's just a costume. There is no way they would have both Robins or Corrins as anything but alternate costumes. They are too similar in abilities to earn their own slots and having both as their own slots would likely only cause annoyance from fans. I play games for the story, but costumes tend to be absent from that. It's not like it made 'narrative sense' for Link to be dressed in his OoT, TP, SS, LoZ, Dark Link, or Fierce Diety looks or dressed as a post man or for Zelda to be dressed as Ilia in cutscenes or gameplay and yet you could do those. Most people are smart enough not to be confused or bothered by a costume swap since they, of course, know what the default is.
  6. Male & Female Robin aren't really THAT different..they only show any real differences in their support conversations, not really the story of Awakening. As has been said though, the story and supports do not matter in this as the simple work around, if there is an issue, is to simply default all story & support related elements to use the default Robin model, this works regardless of which gender is chosen as default and allows both forms to be playable for the majority of the game, which will undoubtedly be Coliseum Mode, not story mode/supports, which is honestly only a very tiny part of what the game will be, especially once the possibility of DLC is brought up. This would also allow Tecmo Koei to use either gender Robin or Corrin as foes for Coliseum Mode missions for a bit more variety. Beyond that, it also wouldn't be that jarring during story missions since the default Robin's/Corrin's picture would show for talking parts of story missions..and most players are smart enough to know that the default one is x gender.
  7. It's a simple fix. In the support conversations and cutscenes they could use the default character model/costume if a particular costume is 'flagged' in the code as incompatible with the scene/support. It's really not that hard to do, honestly. Also, supports will likely be done Fire Emblem style with mostly still shots of the characters and a dialogue box (fully voiced or not) and the alt likely won't be shown in those scenes even if it's something that still works (such as Great Lord Chrom or Nohr Noble Corrin). All in all the costume won't likely affect much of anything, similarly to how such costumes didn't affect Hyrule Warriors (such as the Dark Link costume). If they actually let such a mundane obstacle keep alt gender costumes out even when it's something easily fixed, like stated above, then that's just disapointing. Additionally, if it IS somehow a big issue in story, then they could make it so gender/character alts only work in Coliseum Mode.
  8. Honestly, some may get new they may use PoR Ike for Warriors and give us a new Ike amiibo with that design. I wouldn't be surprised if they make new amiibo for some of them in general. Probably not f Corrin though since they used the same pose as the Smash amiibo (aka her Fates pose) albeit with the chainsaw Yato and covered thighs for the Smash one. Honestly, I think that the Mirage forms of Chrom and Tiki would just be costumes. None of the weapons in Hyrule Warriors changed characters' costumes and that would keep that costume from being usable with said weapon. Outside of maybe costumes, I don't think we'll see anything really referencing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I am hoping the design rights belong to Intelligent Systems though, it could even be funny to see costume swaps, like Tharja wearing Kiria's default outfit.
  9. Pretty much what I was thinking, honestly.
  10. They can, again, default to the normal look during those conversations. We also don't know how those are going to work in this title yet.
  11. They made a big deal out of Fire Emblem Warriors being fully voiced during the E3 livestream though, so that won't likely happen.
  12. Like I said, they could just default to the normal character model during cutscenes and even have that character appear in dialogue boxes during story missions if a character/gender alt is used. It's not that jarring, it happens in Hyrule Warriors as well. After doing any story you can go into Free Play and use any character you'd like. Beyond that, it wouldn't be too jarring even in normal story mode because you know what character you chose to play as and the one chosen to play as usually doesn't have a role during the story mission. For example, if you chose to play as Zelda during the last story mission in Hyrule Warriors, Ruto will take Zelda's role even in the dialogue boxes changing all mention of Zelda to Ruto. They could also disable costumes in story mode if they see it as an issue. The story mode honestly won't be as much of a problem as it seems.
  13. Considering how many important and popular characters in Fire Emblem use Swords, I'm expecting to see more sword wielders than any other weapon type. I'm going to believe IS and TK at the moment and believe they won't totally dominate the roster, but I suspect they'll take up more of it.
  14. Only for the cutscenes, really. They could always put in a Flag for any gender/character alts to have it return to default if used or even keep it as is and call it 'comical' for the 'wrong' voice to come out lol Granted, they could also write dialogue in such a way that attention is never called to Corrin or Robin's gender by other characters so that only their storyline voices need swapping. Regardless, considering how the story is actually only a small part of any Warriors game, having something like that keep out something kind of defining like that would be a bit sad.
  15. I think Male Robin will be default, but I love Female Robin, so I hope she'll be a Smash style alt at least. Honestly, I think that Nintendo isn't done with Smash amiibo. I wouldn't be surprised if we get other alts like FemRobin, Alph, Male Wii Fit Trainer, Shorts Samus, Underwear Shulk, etc. The Koopalings may not if only because they could just give them Mario Series amiibo figures. There's also the possibility of FemRobin getting a FE Warriors amiibo if she does end up default.