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  1. Which language do you play this game in?

    My first language is Spanish, but I prefer games in English as that was my only option for a long time and I've spoken it since I was little, so I play Heroes in English.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Did Tharja win? She won didn't she? Sigh.
  3. Overall Favorites: Pegasus Knight(s)

    Caeda, Clair, Tana, Elincia, and Sigrun. Top would be Elincia, for being one of the best written characters in the series. Caeda is the original FE princess and is a kickass unit and good character. The others are all interesting characters and I enjoy using them.
  4. Overall Favorites: Mercenaries

    Saber, Dieck, and Echidna. Saber is my number one in the series thanks to SoV, Echidna has a cool backstory, and Dieck is top FE6 units and is pretty chill.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    The choices are so bad. Player worshippers everywhere. I'll be on team Sigurd.
  6. Opinions on Bravely Default?

    I ended up loving BD. It has a pretty good story, and really great characters and voice acting. The gameplay is solid and if you like RPGs you will appreciate how it feels like a classic one with major improvements like a toggle for random encounters. The job system is fun and the game uses pretty much every aspect of the 3DS to enhance the gameplay. The infamous second half, I didn't find bad at all. Like I said it isn't a problem because you can choose how fast you want to progress through the second half. It's definitely worth playing the whole game yourself, because the final battle just won't be the same if you watch a video of it.
  7. MC: Both are some of my favourite characters in the series but Ike is number 1. Cavalier: Titania, as a character and unit she is great. Mage: Soren. Myrmidon: not a huge fan of any of them but Lucia for her role in the story. Fighter: Boyd, usually one of the first to promote. Soldier: Nephenee by far as the first playable foot lancer in the West. Knight: Gatrie is one of like 3 knights in the series I actually like. Archer/Bow Knight: Rolf, even if he isn't the best unit. Thief: Sothe if we take RD into account Medic: Mist, a great supporting character Pegasus: Sigrun... ok she's only in RD but I don't really like Marcia or Tanith. Wyvern: a rough one because both are awesome, but Jill has a much better arc. Cat: Ranulf for his story presence. Tiger: Mordecai, such a lovable guy. Hawk: Tibarn is probably my favourite of the laguz leaders. Dragon: Ena, for her role in the story Other: Reyson, though I didn't like him at first
  8. Other: Roy, I like his character even if he is young and naive. Cavalier: none of them particularly, but I usually train up Lance and Alen. Archer: Klein, but honestly it's mostly due to Heroes bias because I've always had Wolt as my only archer. Knight: none of them Cleric: Saul, funny guy. Mercenary: Dieck, great unit. Fighter: none of them Pegasus: I always use Shanna but I'm not really attached to her. Thief: Astolf is the most interesting of them, but I like Cath too. Mage: Lilina, hope she gets bumped up to lord in the remake! Troubador: Cecilia as a character, but I don't really use either of them Myrmidon: Fir. Rutger isn't that interesting to me and Karel shows up too late. Nomad: Sue, because she looks like Lyn and supports my headcanon. Brigand/Pirate: Geese, though Gonzales is likeable too Refresher: Always gotten Lalum so I don't even know much about Elphin, but I don't particularly like Lalum. Shaman: Raigh, don't like Sophia and Niime is cool but comes late. Wyvern: Miledy, but I like Zeiss too.
  9. Spent about 200 orbs so far. After around 140 I pulled Ayra while sniping for Lyn or Camilla and being presented with only reds and blues. I wanted Ayra too, so I wasn't upset, but the other two were my main priorities. Then today after getting some more orbs I pulled Lyn after about 180 orbs total. Super happy about that, and she's going straight on my horse team. I really doubt I'll get lucky again and pull Camilla before it's over. But at least I got two of my three.
  10. I think in general FE stories are good, with Jugdral and Tellius being the closest to outstanding. Some are pretty standard and most have certain flaws, but overall they're all told competently and are enjoyable. There's definitely room for improvement though. They should take more risks. Less dragons and cults, a change of the usual setting, more complex themes, more mature writing in the sense of telling stories that are gray and not plainly black and white.
  11. Work, mostly. Weekend trips or going out when I'm not working. And I've been going to the gym so there's also that. When I have free time at home I prefer to play other games (right now I'm juggling BotW, Odyssey, and Bravely Second). Actually, when I do play Heroes it's mostly at work in short bursts or on auto, hahaha. So for me it's not really an obsession or hobby anymore as much as a quick and entertaining distraction.
  12. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    And yet, I'm willing to bet that if Loki was the exact same character but instead a handsome male with his chest showing and his legs exposed in such a way as to emphasize his dong people would object much more. And rightfully so. It doesn't actually have much to do with the character we've seen despite what some would say. And before anyone points out Odin, he is a comical character and his outfit plays into this, while Loki is meant to be taken seriously.
  13. Create a Voting Gauntlet

    Light v dark Linde, Delthea, Seliph, Julia, Raigh, Henry, Sophia, Odin Sweet v sour Fae, Mist, Selena, Lute, Gordin, Lukas, Jaffar, Raven (I just realized how hard it is to think of stereotypically sweet boys and sour girls in the series, as opposed to the truckloads of sweet girls and sour boys, and especially within the limits of who's already in Heroes). Brains v brawn Lute, Merric, Lilina, Reindhart, Ayra, Hinata, Titania, Ogma
  14. My priorities are Brave Lyn first and foremost and then Ayra and Camilla.
  15. Kinda cringing at how "Children of Fate" is a phrase that could refer to so many games, especially recent ones. Awakening kids, Fates kids, Alm and Celica, Jugdral kids... Let's maybe come up with more creative monikers IS. Also bummed it seems to be the Fates kids as I'm not interested at all in pulling them, and it confirms Micaiah is not coming before next year. But at least this way I can go all out on Hero Fest.