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  1. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    I feel like this turned into "my 10 most wanted" really fast. Most deserving, imo, are (in no order): Ashnard: One of the more well liked villains, is a sword wyvern, would probably be a tanky flier which isn't too common. Jill: Very popular and generally considered one of the better written FE characters. Sephiran: Important in two games and generally considered a good character. Medeus: Now that Gharnef is in, it's only fair if the dragon that started it all also makes it. Nyna: She's probably the biggest Archanea character still not in Heroes, and since she's important in both games it feels unfair to exclude her. Nils: Ninian is more important to Elibe, but you can't have one without the other. Plus, I feel like he's important to include for the western fans that started with FE7. Sonia: May be odd to choose her over Nergal, but I feel she was the most iconic villain in the first game to hit the West. Emmeryn: One of the most important Awakening characters left. Flavia: See above. Basilio: See above. My 10 most wanted would be very different and much more skewed towards Tellius.
  2. This argument is a thing since Awakening and frankly isn't true and is just used to dismiss criticism against the bad writing in the 3DS era. FE used to take its writing seriously and have stories that made sense. Awakening and Fates, and to a degree SoV, have a very different approach that is more like what you describe. But it doesn't mean we can't hope Three Houses doesn't ignore its own themes (Fates/SoV) or isn't a confused 3 in 1 mess (Awakening).
  3. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Seems I got unusually bad luck on this banner. 350 orbs and I only got Reyson when I was down to 7. Freaking gacha. They really need to block some of the older useless units on new banners.
  4. Well, with Nintendo seemingly foregoing a January Direct and instead announcing stuff on social media this year, I'm thinking this got delayed again. I mean, unless we get an FE Direct, I don't see a general one happening until March if there isn't one this month, and two months seems awfully short to basically re-announce the game and release it. I would've guessed May, now I'm guessing September. Would love to be wrong...
  5. A Month of Smash Ultimate

    It's amazing how much more fun this is than Wii U. A change of hardware makes a world of difference. I've not stopped playing yet and I still have a ton of single player stuff to do. While having everyone back is cool in its own way, the roster still has some questionable characters in it and glaring omissions. DLC doesn't excite me at all at this point since the plant is there just for the sake of being shocking and while I'll probably buy Joker (and Erdrick if he's added) none of the rumoured third party characters are what I was hoping for. Still, this is the most fun I've had with Smash probably since Melee. And that's not a diss to Brawl and 3DS since I had a ton of fun with them too, it's just Ultimate is so good.
  6. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    10/10, love it, great banner finally Tellius and laguz get some love.
  7. Right now, after one trailer, I'm cautiously optimistic. I like the style but I hope the final game looks better. The gameplay looks interesting, with skills, troops, and exploration. And the characters all intrigue me, except Byleth, because I suspect he's the avatar and that inherently makes me apprehensive. The story doesn't seem too innovative from what we know, but I like the idea of focusing on the three houses and I'm hoping that means there will be more politics involved. The music is good but I'm not a fan of the bit of the sung version of the song we heard. As far as another delay, I would be very disappointed, and would need a port or remaster of another game in the meantime to make me feel better.
  8. If these titles actually mean anything then it should really be one of the endgame RD characters (is there a reason why we're putting them in spoilers in this thread when we don't anywhere else?). If Mythic is just going to be more lords then what was the point of making it separate from Legendary?
  9. All the leaks and rumours are boring to me. I get that Smash has evolved beyond "Nintendo All Stars" but these characters are so... meh.
  10. Create a Classic Mode route

    Isaac: Alchemy Unleashed Stage 1: dark Kirby on Green Greens (symbolizing possessed Tret). Music: Isaac Battle Theme. Stage 2: blue Roy and red Palutena on Temple Battlefield (Saturos and Menardi). Music: Saturos Battle Theme. Stage 3: giant Inkling on Pirate Ship (symbolizing the Kraken on the Karagol Sea). Music: Weyard. Stage 4: giant Charizard x2 on Venus Lighthouse (end of original Golden Sun). Music: Venus Lighthouse. Stage 5: Sheik and Captain Falcon on Fountain of Dreams (Karst and Agatio on Jupiter Lighthouse). Music: Elemental Stars Remix. Stage 6: giant Bowser on Castle Siege (locked to lava cave) (symbolizing Mars Lighthouse being lit). Music: Apollo Ascent. Boss: Rathalos (end of second Golden Sun). Music: Battle Scene/Final Boss. Credits: Venus Lighthouse
  11. I wasn't expecting to like K Rool since I'm not into DK at all, but he immediately felt great to play and I love his movements and expressions. Zelda I always liked playing casually even though she wasn't that good, but now I can feel confident choosing her for more serious matches too and I love it.
  12. Hrid and Gunnthra look pretty, but like, Nifl banner vs RD banner coming up? Easy choice, I'll save my orbs.
  13. Favourite: GCN/Wii. Best story, best world, two great lords, fun gameplay with the return (but not predominance) of skills and other enjoyable mechanics, and a lot of heart and ambition. Least favourite: DS. I only played Shadow Dragon, which while I find enjoyable has a lot of things I don't like as well. If I was more familiar with FE12 it might be enough to bump the DS era up a few spots, but as it stands, Elibe makes the GBA era a solid second place, 3DS is saved by SoV and I like Fates despite the bad writing, and Jugdral's story is good enough for me to overlook the meh gameplay. I haven't played any NES FE, but if I had it just might be last because the remakes theoretically improve on the originals.
  14. If Assist Trophies Were Ever Made DLC Characters

    Isaac, I've wanted him since forever so that's an easy first pick. Lyn because she's one of my favourite FE lords and her not being playable really feels like a miss. Skull Kid because Zelda needs more unique characters and he's my favourite of the AT characters for the series. Alucard, love Castlevania and though I haven't played SOTN I'd love him playable. Black Knight because bias, but if I had to pick as an unbiased director, I'd pick Shadow to give Sonic a second rep, or Takamaru because he seems cool.
  15. @Slumber and @Sunwoo among others basically summed up my feelings on these two games, and I'm not one of those people who say anyone who likes Awakening/Fates is a bad person (I actually like Fates decently enough), but since I consider it the weakest "generation" of FE I'll give my 2 cents. To me, what Fire Emblem was fundamentally changed with these two games. They at once simplified and overcomplicated things too much. What I mean is, the 3DS lords are good because the game says so. All of them, except Lucina at least the way I see it, are worshipped so much despite having clear faults that never get dealt with or developed. Chrom whitewashes his country's/family's dark history? It's ok, he's a nice lovable dork. Robin pulls off dumb/questionable strategies? Of course, he's (read: you, the player) the best tactician ever. Corrin can literally do no wrong and if he does it's ok because it's part of what makes them so awesome. Other characters are reduced to gimmicks and while this happened in other games it's played up to 100 here and it affects most if not all of the cast. Meanwhile, both games have needlessly complicated plots that aren't even sure what they want to accomplish. Awakening starts strong but finishes that arc before it even really gets going in favour of Validar, the most embarrassingly awful villain in the whole series, and a random Valm arc that does nothing. Fates has 3 versions that tell incomplete stories that aren't even good. And finally, the fanservice and waifus are clearly at the forefront when neither was part of I enjoyed about FE before and negatively affect the writing: ie. supports in Awakening are all whirlwind romances and Fates lets you marry your siblings, except they aren't really your siblings, but they sort of are, but not actually. The gameplay I liked at first in Awakening, but grew to dislike the focus on reclassing and making OP kids. I ignored the kids in Fates and with the changes to Pair Up and reclassing, as well as other improvements from Awakening, I really like how those games play (except Revelation). I also echo the sentiment that the hugely biased attention these two games got for a long time made me dislike them more than I did at first. It's gotten better now, but for a while it felt as if IS and Nintendo wanted to forget the rest of the series, and the attitude of many online was "well, it's not only natural but correct to do so since Awakening Saved the Series (TM) and the games before don't matter". It got ugly between old and new fans for a while there and unfortunately IS and Nintendo only made the divide worse instead of trying to bring the fanbase together, until Heroes imo. I do feel that after Heroes and SoV there's less animosity than before. Hopefully Three Houses will be something new and old fans can enjoy so we can move entirely past it.