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  1. Love her, she's literally Serra. Hope you like using magic because I'm making you a magic tank. I imagine with so many characters being important nobles that their families will be involved in the plot, not just the "main" three houses. I mean, I would expect that, given that world building seems to be a priority.
  2. I really feel a Three Houses Direct makes sense like, right now. I mean we here on Serenes Forest have been getting tons of new info and hype is beginning to take off. But for the wider Western audience, what have they shown? A few tweets. That's literally all the information NoA have put out, and if they wait until E3 to show off the game I think it'll be a wasted opportunity to build the hype for longer. FE has grown as a franchise but it still needs advertising. I don't think it's a good idea for them to wait until a month before release to talk about the game. They need to get casual fans and people new to FE on board before E3 potentially drowns out the game with other announcements.
  3. Reddit Leak Thread (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    Most of this sounds like something I would absolutely love, which makes me sceptical of its authenticity haha. Really craving more information on the game. The Famitsu stuff has stirred my hype for it.
  4. Every time I think I'm going over to the Black Eagles, Hilda just pulls me back again.
  5. I'd been leaning toward Golden Deer recently but dang Lorenz is such a bad design. If these retainers have a sizeable role in the story it might be enough to push me to go with Black Eagles for my first run.
  6. Ah yes, adding dialogue options that basically mean the same thing adds so much to my experience. Hopefully that's just because this is early in the story, and later on we'll have actually meaningful choices.
  7. One thing I already don't like about Three Houses

    I'm detecting two complaints in the OP. One, the art style being too generic. Two, the cutscenes being 2D (it's the only way I can make sense of the claim that Awakening and Fates were less anime than Three Houses). And yeah, I agree with both. While I've been getting more used to the art style for this game, it's still my least favourite of the post-NES games. It feels a bit soulless tbh. And it's a shame that for the first HD FE they went with 2D cutscenes instead of building on what they'd accomplished from PoR-RD to Awakening and Fates.
  8. Fire Emblem Expo

    So is this over? Did nothing get announced? :(
  9. What House do you plan to join?

    This is honestly a great point bc Hilda is one of the characters that most intrigues me mainly because she's literally Serra and I really want her on my team as an ultra mage.
  10. What House do you plan to join?

    Black Eagles or Golden Deer. Could still go either way depending on what other info we get before release.
  11. Bets/predictions/prophesying thread

    -Jeralt isn't Byleth's real dad, Byleth is actually somehow related to the goddess -Jeralt will die but not early on, he isn't playable though -Sothis will be playable at some point -Edelgard's family will be antagonists at some point in every route, she promotes to Empress before the end of the game -Anna works at the monastery and later leaves with Byleth's group to serve as information gatherer/travelling merchant -Aside from the monastery, there will be at least a couple of other explorable hubs as the story changes locations -There will be at least one giant Genealogy-type chapter with several armies and objectives (obviously they had to practice for the FE4 remake coming next year right?) -No children -There is marriage, but it's not weird because it can only be achieved after leaving the school setting and/or enough time has passed in the story to the point where most S supports will go "It's funny that you were my teacher/student once, we've become such good friends that I've seen you as an equal for a while now... and I'd like to be more than friends" -All 3 lords have same-sex romance options including Byleth (wouldn't be a new FE game without shipping controversy)
  12. Honestly I'm a little concerned. I'm sure it'll do well, since it's a 1st party game on Switch. But I don't think it'll be quite as huge as Awakening and Fates. The hype I've seen here and elsewhere has generally been subdued, and imo that's due to three factors: dull art, a bad direction for the second trailer/info video, and a pretty slow/lack of marketing. The art is polarizing, and apart from the main 3 and Byleth I haven't really seen any hype for the new characters. Contrast that to Fates, for instance. I remember when the retainers were shown everyone wanted to know more about them; they looked interesting. Or with Echoes: the redesigns were really beautiful and made these old characters come alive in ways they hadn't been able to do in Gaiden. The second showing of the game needed to create hype, and personally, it didn't do it for me. It made me (and apparently many others- even outside "the small bubble that is SF" / "minority of vocal fans") confused about what this game is trying to do. It was only after reading and watching many analyses and theories on the school system and other stuff shown off that I managed to convince myself that yeah, this could be interesting. And finally, Nintendo have barely talked about the game. It's coming out in July, so I'm sure they'll be posting more updates now, but like... I thought we learned how to hype up an FE game after Awakening. We know the bare minimum of the story, we haven't really gotten any details on characters beyond the main lords, they haven't done a very good job explaining the gameplay... Anyway the point is that the game feels like it's going to get a lukewarm response in terms of "new FE" numbers and word of mouth, though it's still early to know for sure. Hopefully the marketing really amps up these last few months to create hype.
  13. Positivity Thread

    Haven't really seen negativity aside from the art, personally, unless we're counting apprehension as negative now. Anyway, I like the 3 lords and the fact that none have a sword. I like that we finally have another axe lord and it's a woman, as well as our first POC lord. Dimitri has also grown on me. I like that so far we haven't seen any outright fanservice. Sothis is pushing it but at least the students are fully dressed and seem to be relatively normal people. I like the sound of the reclass system but I'm curious to learn more. Also excited for the explorable castle/hub.
  14. We have new info on FE16!

    Everything points to part of the story being Tellius lite. I'll be pleasantly surprised if instead of retreading old ground they're playing up the similarities to Tellius so they can subvert expectations by not having Geralt die early and not having Sothis be the misunderstood/imprisoned part of the goddess, not having the church be corrupted by those in charge, etc. But I can't imagine what else could happen with the details we've gotten.
  15. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    Would've been the perfect time to introduce changing character portraits since apparently everyone starts in a trainee class and don't stay there for very long.