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  1. SoV was a remake so of course it didn't have all the bells and whistles of modern FE. Just because TH might have an Avatar doesn't mean it will continue everything the 3DS era had. We've seen no indication of Pair up for example and since formations are a thing it seems very unlikely to be there as well. Likewise we know nothing of how supports will work, but since romance is apparently implied by the Japanese title they may take the marriage system and link it more closely to the story, which could actually be a good thing (see: Jugdral). Until we get more information there's no cause to be either too optimistic nor too pessimistic. It looks like they want this game to have its own identity (don't make me regret this vote of confidence IS) so we'll just have to wait for the next trailer.
  2. I feel like with them announcing this as a thing there will be several echoes in the roster. I think Dixie may be added as a Diddy echo with a few changes so she uses her hair where he uses his tail. Funky works as a DK echo quite easily. Impa could work as a Sheik echo (SS design) or an Ike echo (HW design - unlikely). Dark Samus is highly probable. Shadow depends on Sega but given how close they are to Nintendo now I could see it. As for FE, I honestly would prefer no echoes since we already have enough FE (semi) clones, but if there is one I hope it's Celica and not Chrom. Chrom doesn't make sense as an Ike echo to me since he taught Lucina to fight and she has Marth's moveset... and do we really want a fourth character with Marth's moveset? I know Smash breaks canon all the time but that plus the fact that he would be Awakening's third rep when we don't even have a second Archanea rep in Tiki or Caeda for example, Lyn has been deconfirmed again, and other fan favourites like Hector are unlikely to be added, would make me incredibly salty. Celica on the other hand can easily take Robin's moveset and apply aesthetic changes to the spells (thunder>Thoron: fire>Ragnarok, Elfire: Aura, Elwind: Seraphim, Nosferatu: same but with light effects) and replace the durability gimmick with a self-damaging gimmick. For wild card picks I would love the totally impossible Micaiah echo based on Zelda and Isaac from Golden Sun also based on Robin (thunder>Thoron: Gaia>Grand Gaia, Elfire: Ragnarok, Elwind>Retreat, Nosferatu: Sap).
  3. That's all wrong though. First of all, in SoV there were also scenes where the portraits just appeared in small boxes inside the text boxes. Same thing happened in RD. By extension, Three Houses will probably also alternate between having the smaller portraits for smaller scenes and full portraits for important scenes. The Tellius games also used hand-drawn backgrounds with full portraits in important scenes without the SoV style blurring and it didn't look ugly. Three Houses may/could do the same and it would be fine. The point that TH will probably have more scenes with the 3D models and less with the 2D portraits is on to something, but linking that to the art style doesn't make any sense. There's plenty of games where you only see characters' full portraits in one menu (Bravely series and Octopath Traveler come to mind) and that doesn't mean they have a simpler art style or are less detailed. Saying Hidari wouldn't have worked because all the details would be hidden is odd fundamentally but also because we most likely will see the full portraits several times in the game, if SoV and Tellius serve as a reference in any way.
  4. It's not my favourite art style in the series (that's still Kita Senri and Hidari), but it isn't bad per se. And at the very least the art direcrion is much better than in the 3DS era. It's curious to me that we've seen a lot of characters who look strikingly like past ones: the queen is like a mix of Emmeryn and Mila, the girl looks like Tiki, Blythe is like an angry Marth... I hope this isn't a problem in the final game.
  5. Whew! This was a great reveal. I'm impressed they brought everyone back though I don't think everyone was necessary (ie Pichu, Young Link, etc.) and I would've liked them to trim the fat a little. But hey. Really not happy Daisy is there since she's always the most annoying character in spin offs, but Ridley being shown was crazy! Ever since the reveal I got the feeling there would be less newcomers, and it sounds like I was right. Besides Ridley, Inklings, and Daisy, I'm guessing Rex/Pyra, Springman, Simon Belmont, Isabelle (Villager echo), Dixie Kong (Diddy echo) and maybe Celica (Robin echo) will be in at launch. Any post launch DLC will probably just be more echo characters with maaaaybe one or two original characters.
  6. I hope Malig Knights and/or Dark Fliers are back in some way. Basically, flying mages. Armoured mages would be cool too. I'd like to see thieves and their promotion get the steal ability back. I imagine they wouldn't have access to formations, but since they're a utility class it isn't necessary. I doubt the refresher unit or healers will have formations either. And light/dark magic should hopefully return, since the church would probably specialize in light magic.
  7. What the story is about...

    Good analysis. I agree that the queenly woman is probably an enemy. It's interesting that the lords and avatar don't really look like the typical honourable/naive protagonists we get. Hopefully this is a more serious and morally grey story.
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Hope Treehouse goes easy on the memes and modern slang. Anyway, about the lords... I find something to be excited about for each of them. Edelgard looks like a badass woman, a type of lord we've never really had before unless we count Lyn, but something about Edelgard's portrait and lines in the trailer makes me think she'll be much more like Hector/Ike compared to Lyn's more calm personality. Dimitri is the least interesting at first glance but he strikes me as a Camus, and to have that archetype or something similar as one of the lords is an interesting choice. Plus, he uses lances. We can always use more lance lords. And Claude is dark skinned which hopefully means the country/area he hails from will have a different flavour to it than the typical FE kingdoms. It's nice to see a main character like him after 16 games. He's also the first lord to mainly use a bow, since Takumi isn't technically one. I'm also thinking that, contrary to expectations, the woman we see at the beginning of the trailer will be an enemy as part of the church, and the whip sword guy will be on our side.
  9. I'm guessing either you have to reunite them later on or it'll be Gaiden-esque. I'm kinda hoping for a Gaiden or RD structure.
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I seem to recall one leak from a while ago that said the story would involve several noble families warring with each other through several generations... I don't have the rumour handy but does anyone else remember that? I feel like it would be worthwhile rechecking it to see if there were any other details because the story description sounds pretty spot on. And iirc it was one of the few rumours that didn't mention a title for the game, so it's not like the reveal would debunk it that easily either.
  11. Will This Game's Playable Roster be Elite Heavy?

    It'll probably be a mix. I could see most of the cast being royalty or knights but there also being a good amount of mercenaries. Hopefully we see some commoners join up as well, but given the story I would expect very few of them in the army.
  12. Let's Go as in a simplified remake aimed at the casual mobile audience? No way. I'd be very much opposed to that. They've already done enough with easier modes to try to accommodate casual players. If someone is SO casual that even normal/Phoenix mode is too complicated for them then they likely wouldn't ever migrate over to the main series even if you tried to ease them in with Let's Go. And it would just mean that future remakes wouldn't appeal to the people who would really appreciate them, that being the established fans.
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I really wonder if that manakete/loli at the end looking so much like Tiki is a coincidence or what. This doesn't sound or look like Archanea but if that isn't Tiki then that's an awfully close case of copy paste. I also hope they change the final name. It needs something else to give it more flavour. Three Houses of Seasons or something?
  14. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I think it is, and honestly I'm glad. The Avatar being the Jagen is something I've been saying for a while, it lets them be important without overtaking the plot and strong without being broken (hopefully). I'd rather no Avatar but hey this is a compromise I can live with.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I do hope they take advantage of this delay to improve the visuals. I personally think it looks decent, but the sameface generic soldiers are an issue I didn't notice at first. The maps and battles we saw look fine to me but hey it can always look better. I'd just like to say it's pretty cool that among the 3 main characters we have a woman with no fanservicey bits in her design and a dark skinned guy. Hope to see more diversity among the cast and in the different countries.