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  1. Playing it now and it's, well, interesting. I'd never tried out games pre FE4. My Japanese is very rudimentary but I've sort of figured out the basics. Wish I could understand the dialogue, I'm only picking up words here and there but not enough to make sense of what they're saying. Would be great to eventually get some of the other Japanese games on Switch, even if they don't get translated.
  2. Trailer Song Lyrics

    I dunno, this song feels more "Lost in Thoughts" than "Heritors of Arcadia", and while I'm not a fan of theme songs I love the latter because the lyrics were translated beautifully, it flows much better, and it wasn't overplayed. With Lost in Thoughts, the translated version was awkward because it had to fit the music which was obviously made to fit the more concise Japanese lyrics. This one feels a little bit like that as well, though it's grown on me since the initial upload.
  3. New Event Calendar (March-April 2019)

    I'm feeling an SoV banner for April for some reason. Tatiana, Silque, Python, and Forsyth, Rudolf GHB and Rinea TT reward.
  4. Open world doesn't fit FE. I don't think it would be possible to make a game where you're playing as nobles of the ruling families during a world war where you can freely wander around if you want the war to actually be taken seriously. If there's a game like that that exists I'd love to see how it pulls this off. Also, since FE is still a tactical RPG, I struggle to picture how that would work in an open world setting. I imagine a big world like BotW interrupted every time there's an enemy, basically SoV's dungeons blown up huge, and that isn't really appealing to me. SoV's dungeons were tolerable but they weren't very long, I imagine having a huge world built like that would get tiring fast. What I do hope for is explorable areas aside from the monastery. I'd love to have some towns we can roam around and do different activities in, take on sidequests, etc. If the monastery really is our base only for the first part of the game, like some people speculate, then maybe that's exactly how we'll access all the training and support options in the later parts of the story, by going into towns, forts, etc.
  5. And yet this is infinitely better than what they went with. Kudos.
  6. Darn, I was really hoping NoA would save the day. Hope there's a reversible cover, otherwise I might actually print out an alternate which I've never done before. It's just so... amateurish.
  7. Eeehhh I'm not willing to make excuses when we have early game map themes that sound like this: This new piece sounds more like battle preparations.
  8. That is really ugly. Wow. On the other hand, the special edition and... Fodlan edition look really good. I hope they go with that artwork of the 3 lords overlooking the monastery for the standard NA box art. The art direction seems to be all over the place for this game, like some pieces are very serious and set an epic tone, then they go with the most ridiculous fanart looking cover design. Hope this doesn't say anything about what the story is like. The music doesn't really seem special which is a shame. I'm tired of sung theme songs and the battle music isn't too exciting. I'm glad they're starting to show more about the game even if it's not exactly to my liking.
  9. Altena Brigid Caineghis Dieck Echidna Feh Guinevere/Galle Haar Ismaire Jill Kurthnaga Leila Miledy Nils Orochi Pelleas Queen Micaiah Ross Sonia Tatiana Uther Volug Wolf Xane Yune Zeiss
  10. As a fan of FE6, I do like this banner and characters but Idunn is really the only "hype" inclusion for me. Ideally I'd have rather had Dieck instead of Rutger and Guinevere or Miledy instead of Thea. Now that would've gotten me scrambling for orbs. Lugh is a character I like but that artstyle is really bad imo, it's also why I never used Raigh despite him being one of my favourites from FE6. And Sue is great but I don't really need her. I'd love to see another FE6 banner this year, I'd personally make it Guinevere (blue), Echidna (green), Dieck (red), and Elphin (staff refresher?), Murdock or Brunnya GHB and maybe Wolt TT reward? Though a better idea imo would be to start doing multi-game banners again. That way every game can theoretically get new characters throughout the year.
  11. Very strange choice then. I guess they wanted to do it as a parallel to Navarre. I expected he'd be a TT reward but it looks like there isn't one this time.
  12. Nice, Thea is a surprise and the art looks great (not such a fan of Lugh's but at least he's in the game now). Hoping to pull Idunn with my limited orbs. Wonder who the GHB will be since she's on the banner? I'm guessing Murdock.
  13. Binding Blade Banner Speculation Thread

    I feel you, I've been replaying FE6 and I really wish I had some spare orbs, but I blew everything on the Tellius Valentine's banner.
  14. Binding Blade Banner Speculation Thread

    Pretty good banner going from the leaks. That's all I'll say for now.
  15. Binding Blade Banner Speculation Thread

    Banner: Dieck (red sword), Sue (colourless bow), Guinevere (blue tome), Lugh (green tome) or Echidna (green axe) GHB: Idunn Is there no TT? Rutger or Gonzalez seem like good fits for that.