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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Haven't been this excited for a GH in a while. It's great that Arvis and Jugdral are finally getting exposure through Heroes.
  2. Possible Genealogy TT?

    Maybe Arden will be on an upcoming banner, like maybe an armour knights banner, and was added early for the FE4 paralogue? It's been a while since we've had a new non game specific banner, and armours are still very few. Could be something like Arden, Kellam, and Brom to launch along with a Halloween banner at the end of the month. I dunno, I just don't see him as a TT or quest reward.
  3. Thank you! I didn't realize Fury affected the stat page by default. >_<
  4. Ok this is weirding me out but I dunno if I'm looking at it wrong. I'm trying to remember my Titania's IVs but her stats don't seem to match the info online. She's 5☆ at level 40: 41 hp, 30 Atk, 36 spd, 27 def, 28 res. This is her on the unit page in the castle. Can anyone help?
  5. Holy war banner

    Got Sigurd, Deirdre, and fittingly Seliph after a fair number of orbs (also some good repeats to merge). Then I went over to the dancer banner and spent the rest of my orbs to no avail. It seriously feels like there's some hidden odds on special banners. I've thrown literally hundreds of orbs at it by now and gotten none of the focus units back. Anyway, awesome to have Arvis and Ayra datanimed! Arden is a surprise, and a meh one tbh. But always nice to have more Jugdralis.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    It was obvious from the start that Ninian had more support. She earned that win. Corrin struggled the whole round so to get a narrow win just from the last multiplier would have been the new biggest upset. Glad it didn't happen. The multiplier system has got to be tweaked before the next gauntlet.
  7. Holy war banner

    Dang it, this is like the Crimea banner. I should be more excited but Tailtiu is very unexpected and it's only three characters for some reason. :( Sucks to have waited so long for more Jugdral and that's it. I guess Ayra and Arvis are coming but where is my Lewyn? D: Hopefully we get RD next and after that FE5 to make up for it. Anyway I will be pulling for all three, mainly want Sigurd and Deirdre though.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    What to do?? Ninian has a slight lead again. Do we spam flags or hold off? I'm pretty sure Corrin is gonna get the multiplier last hour either way so I'm torn. I'm sure we have more people and flags but I dunno when to spend them.
  9. Probably Camilla. She is a lot of stuff that usually bothers me, but her being a great unit and her very limited backstory make me like her. I would like her a lot more if she had better armour and was less Corrinsexual, which unfortunately are the two worst things about her and also the two that stand out most.
  10. How long do you think this game will be?

    I don't think the story will be very long. Probably around the length of the 3DS titles. But I do expect there will be more of a focus on post-game, so there will probably be a lot of extras which will significantly increase the total length of the game. Dungeons and side quests may be a part of this, improved from SoV. Which tbh, isn't quite what I want from an FE game, though it is enjoyable to an extent. But as long as the story and characters are good, I don't mind if we don't get another RD size game just yet.
  11. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Story: Best: SoV. It's a competent story, for one, and while it does have some inconsistencies between its themes and narrative, it works. The world building is very strong as is the cast, both of which strengthen the plot. In the middle: Believe it or not, Conquest is my second place story. It beats out Birthright because it's more interesting, and it beats Awakening because while both have no idea what they want to be/accomplish, Conquest is at least bad because it tries to be different while Awakening is bad because it tries to do everything previous games already did but does it worse. I also much prefer the cast of Conquest to either of the other two. Conquest, Birthright, Awakening. Worst: Revelation. This lame excuse for a game came into being purely as a cash grab. The story makes no sense, the characters are at their worst here, it invalidates the entire reasoning behind the split, and it does nothing interesting or worthwhile. Gameplay: Best: Conquest. Pair up is improved, skills are touched up, reclassing is more enjoyable, maps are varied and fun, and the UI is very pleasant. In the middle: SoV's biggest flaw in gameplay is the maps, honestly. They were too faithful to the original, which unfortunately means a lot of boring maps which is especially glaring coming off of Fates. However, everything else is a blast. Birthright has a lot of what Conquest does, with the biggest difference being lack of map variety. It also has a bunch of new classes which are fun to play around with. Awakening was a good entry point for the 3DS era, but it's just been outclassed at this point, with the other games doing everything better than it. SoV, Birthright, Awakening. Worst: Revelation, again. It's annoying to play. It's very unbalanced. These things are enough to turn me off completely despite it being in the Fates series. Overall, my ranking of the 3DS era would be Fates, SoV, and then Awakening. Within that, Conquest, SoV, Birthright, Awakening, Revelation.
  12. The Class You Love The Most

    I will always, always make room on my team for lance infantry. Nephenee, Oboro, and Lukas (even though he promotes to knight) are my favourite members of this class, and of course Ephraim. I would love another lance lord and hope FE16 keeps up the tradition of having at least one cool lance fighter.
  13. Queen Ishtar is probably just because she is Julius' lover and Reinhardt really admires her. She's as good as a queen to him, even if she technically isn't yet, is how I interpreted it.
  14. Predict Smash 5's roster

    Oh hey, haven't been in this part of the forums in a while and it's been even longer since I did Smash speculation. It's always fun so let's see... I don't wanna speculate on cuts because it's trickier than newcomers imo. Assuming this would be coming out within the next year... Almost guaranteed: Inklings, ARMS guy, Rex from Xenoblade, Pokémon Switch postermon. These are all from up and coming franchises and Pokemon Switch is guaranteed to be a huge deal. I think Alola will be skipped for a playable monster but will likely get lots of other references. Very likely: Impa, because it's been a while since a new Zelda character was added and Impa has gotten a lot of moveset potential recently with SS and HW. Elma (Xenoblade), for the same reason as Rex, and because she would have a very different moveset from anyone else on the roster. Takamaru, because Sakurai likes him and wants him playable. Possible: FE Switch protagonist, if they aren't a new sword lord their chances go way up, but if they have a sword then it may be hard to justify adding them. Bandanna Dee, as the Kirby series continues to be strong and he's been showing up a lot and is popular. Captain Toad, he got a spinoff after all and Toad is one of the most iconic Mario characters yet to be playable. Hades, especially if around the same time there's another KI game coming out or being planned. May have a shot: Dixie Kong, depending on whether or not the DK franchise comes back. Ridley, purely based off the insane hype that Sakurai must surely be aware of by now and the return of the Metroid series. Isaac, as he now definitely qualifies as the obscure retro pick (rip gs). 3rd parties: Someone from Shin Megami Tensei (Atlus). Probably the most deserving 3rd party company right now, having a good relationship with Nintendo for the past few years. Square Enix may get another rep if the rumours of them bringing more games to the Switch are true, or even somebody from the Bravely series could show up. And Capcom may also get a Resident Evil rep seeing as the Revelations series were on 3DS and are coming to the Switch.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Ninian and Tiki are the only ones I like, so I'll go with Ninian until she loses to the multiplier and then hopefully Y Tiki will be around if she drops out.