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  1. Skill Request Thread!

    Thank you so much!~ does anyone have Sakura with Lance Faire and Benny with Bowfaire and Vantage?
  2. Skill Request Thread!

  3. Skill Request Thread!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! :0 Lastly so I can stop pestering this thread. I needs Jakob with sword and/or lancefaire Sakura with Lancefaire Elise with Lance and Shuriken breaker Mozu with death Blow, gamble and renewal Abd Benny with Bowfaire and Mov +1
  4. Skill Request Thread!

    Got it thanks~ just need Aptitude and sword and/or Lance fare on Jakob. i can’t beleive how hard it is to find aptitude on him, I’ve been to like every My Castle I could find...
  5. Skill Request Thread!

    Thanks a bunch~ anyone also have Jakob with armored Blow and Aptitude, with sword and lance fare?
  6. Skill Request Thread!

    Oh sorry, it looks like I can’t see signatures on mobile. at least not with then new layout of this site, because I used to be able to see them.
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    Your castle address?
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    Would anyone happen to have Selena with heart seeker. Ophelia with Gamble , Certain Blow, Death Blow, And Tome Fare. and a Mozu with Axe fare?
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    Would anyone also happen to have Mozu with Lance Faire And Renewal? Rendheaven and Sword Faire on Oboro? And a Takumi with vantage?
  10. Skill Request Thread!

  11. FE10 Tierlist 2017

    Oh sorry, its been a few years xD I could SWARE they both show up i remember a conversation between Lyre and Zihark... maybe i'm thinking of a support conversation...
  12. FE10 Tierlist 2017

    I usually see TONS of Miccy hate in poles like these on other sides. Glad to see that shes at least given some benefit of the doubt by users here. I usually get a lot of flack for saying this but shes personally my favorite character in the entire FE series. anyways: Mia: 8.0 I like her and shes been good when i trained her, I love her TureBlade outfit too. But i feel like Ike and the gang had WAY too many strong characters and I hardly ever find a way to give her EXP over the rest of the Ike group. Kyza: 0 in my books low bases, low growths, not a royal. Lyre: 3 ONLY BECAUSE I find it Hilarious that during Miccy's chapter where she fights a TON of Laguze in the dark, If you manage to Talk to her or Lethe with Zihark they will take him from you and he will start roaming as an enemy unit and attack the Dawn Brigade,and He will join Ike's team in the chapter where they meet Ike xD............ Other then that... low bases, low growths, not a royal. Ranulf: 6.5 VERY STRONG, Requires little work to get going and is just a great unit. However he suffers from not being a royal and being locked to 1 range when this ENTIRE GAME has 2 range everything... Reyson: 6 because hes a flier.... other then that I prefer Raphael with the boots skill to have the same MOV as Reyson.
  13. Yeh because enemies don't target her after she dances or anything... And its not like she caps luck and has a luck +4 skill or anything....>_> And its not like Axe users have super high HP and STR in Lunatic and have WTA over Azura plus can OHKO her.... Because dodging is the MOST reliable thing in this game right? And I just love having units stand adjacent to my frail ass dancer at the end of a turn to proc Amaterasu rather then having them go kill someone after she refreshes them. And she dosen't have a mini Amaterasu already or anything that I already don't use because I have healers :/ she SHOULD dodge, but if she doesn't, I can sorta rely on miracle. Well 1. I never said that anyone as better then anyone else, i said that Silas performs better in the Ninja class then Xander. 2. If there were a tonic that gave anything other then stats maybe I'd consider it, but I'd rather the skills and Mess hall
  14. You know, you dont have to sit here and tell me which skills are and aren't OP/expensive I know the skills and all i really got as things to keep certain characters alive such as miracle on Azura, or the lvl 35 skills that characters would get in the class I made them that way they would have it before the end game when Ied only get to use if bout 3-4 chapters. I mean.... I can only speak from my own experiences so....
  15. Nope, I don't even use that skill. Skills are expensive. Its the version of the poster that the US got and its still autographed so.... it will do, but I did buy the JP version And I like Silas as a character, hes got that adorkable best friend vibe like my actual best friend and the only reason I benched him was because he wasent pulling his weight as a caveleir But hes pretty scary as a Ninja @[email protected] It seems to me that YOU are not reading what i say.. So let me rephrase it... IMO Your point on having high base stats matters the most for units who join later in the game. Because, Units with low base stats and high growths with time to actually use their grows rates usually end up far better then the rest of the cast in the aras they have higher growth in. For example, Mozu starts with 7 base speed and in my experience she caps her 22 Speed in archer class by lvl 15-18 this has happened in all 3 of my play throughs so far. You would be pretty hard pressed to find someone who joins you at lvl 15-18 with over 22 SPE when they join. And the only ones who DO join you with over 22 SPE are Ryoma and Camilla (And maybe Anna depending on how long you wait to get her?) regardless she still shoots over them upon promotion to Sniper where she then has 26, which is more then Camilla's 23 base, and Ryoma's 24 base (and Ryoma has a 4 lvl lead on Mozu at that point) NOT TO MENTION that Mozu has a lower STR gain then the 2 of them and in my current play has MORE STR then the both of them as well as speed. Similarly Saizo for me in both my runs that he shows up in has a base DEF of 9 but 15-18 by lvl 15 thats more then pretty much the entire cast's join DEF, and the only one i think beats that is Camilla... So AGAIN, having high bases DO matter, BUT it matters MUCH more in units who join later int he game as units who join earlier with higher growths will almost always be better in those key areas.