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  1. Page 6 is up! Fun with Genny making fan-servicey novels and Gray reaching silly conclusions. xD A note on the "Brand...ish" comic if you're interested, since the original joke revolved around the Japanese language specifically, I had to change it up to make sense in English. For details see spoiler tag below.
  2. Page 5 is up! This time eight panels are dedicated to the same story (read top right to bottom right, then top left to bottom left). Creepy Faye continues! Poor Silque xD It seems to be for this comic! But not sure if it really confirms it for the games. xD I edited the format note so it makes more sense, but I'm glad you figured it out fine! : )
  3. I'd show them a picture of this beautiful forum and its many passionate members. : )
  4. Page 4 is up! It was only a matter of time before Faye got hit by the jokes (and it will continue looking ahead to Page 5 which will be up tomorrow!) Clair was so innocent here I would've felt terrible if Alm crushed her little world. xD Glad the Tarzan impersonation (and George of the Jungle) came through in the text though! It's surprisingly hard to write out that yell! She certainly did notice him as a result! Well, noticed her head-canon villager, rather than Gray himself, maybe. xD
  5. Page 3 is up! We move away from Celica for fun with (a very innocent) Claire, Gray, and Alm. It's definitely a super exaggeration for the sake of humor. xD But in Japanese there is just a difference in formal vs casual speak that they're really playing up here. Happy to help! You're welcome! Glad to have you on board once again!
  6. Translation Help on These Spells?

    That's a good one to settle on for the Flare one! As for Slippy, after watching that video and seeing some of those musical attacks --I'm convinced they're referring to "Slippy" like "Smooth" (think of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"). Alternatively there is also the song "Born Slippy" that is popular in Japan, which may have popularized this term. You've been struck by, you've been hit by, a Smooth Gorilla!
  7. Page 2 is up! It continues from yesterday's silliness with Conrad. Parts 2 and 3! (There is no part 4, so 3 is the last) Hi there! Yes, I'm still around but just don't post as often. Still doing translations in the background though! It's nice to feel welcome, and you're most welcome! I didn't know either until I finally ordered the book a few days ago just to add to the collection. Then just found them when skimming through xD He was an oddball, but I love him! Thanks for being on board! He's the best xD
  8. Translation Help on These Spells?

    Oh sorry, it didn`t notify me of your reply, or I would`ve replied sooner. The portmanteau is nice! It helps increase its power in name alone from Wild Fire. It has the "sudden" feel to it too, The only potential issue is that the image of a "bolt" of fire may be taken as a slender-looking kind of spell, rather than a more wild burst of fire the animation shows due to the relation to the image a "bolt" of lightning may give. Fire Burst/Flash Fire would express progression the same way (the second keeps Fire as the second word, too, as the other two are). However, those lose the portmanteau! Though, one close way may be to use a word that is an existing word made of "fire" and another word. In this case, "Fire Bolt" can be made "Fire Storm" (Firestorm) which itself is a word that has the strength behind it as well as keeping to escalating from Wild Fire. Once again these are just suggestions to help you come up with an idea you like best. Use the quote button if you reply so it pings me too! That way I can reply faster next time. : ) hope that helps!
  9. Current Status: ONGOING (Pg 5 of 16) Hello! Remember me? (xD) So it turns out the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Comic Anthology contains some 4koma (four panel) comics in it! (Had I known that I would've purchased it sooner for you all!) And for those who do remember me, you all know how much I love doing FE 4koma translations! I searched the forums and didn't spot any post about someone already translating/posting these here, but please feel free to lock/delete this thread if someone already did. There's only 16 pages, so a shorter project than last time. I will try to update it daily if I can. Please link back to the main blog post if you share! Feel free to leave a donation if you want! But people's enjoyment is really all I want. : ) Quick Notes: Comics are read top to bottom in columns. Right column is first. Within each column, text flows from right to left. Officially localized names will be used, but if you see me slip up and use an original Japanese name (as I’m so used to them), please let me know. : ) Please note I never played the English version of the game, so some characters may sound inconsistent if you are used to the localization. The comics will likely contain spoilers. ----------------------- Page 1: "My Masked Brother" Page 2: "My Masked Brother" Parts 2 & 3 Page 3: "Villagers" and "Gray is Just That Kinda Guy" Page 4: "Faye" and "Alm and Faye" Page 5: "Dear Diary..." Page 6: "Novelization" & "Brand...ish" Enjoy!
  10. Translation Help on These Spells?

    Hi! This is my kinda thread xD You may not know me but I basically do these kinds of things as a hobby. Please note I haven't played the games, and as I am sure you are well aware, context really matters. So this is just working with what I'm given alone (the animation and names). Do you have the original Japanese descriptions of the spells handy too? The animations show the English but it may help to see the original. Anyway! Sometimes it helps to work backward in these situations: How did they get to "Dangerous/Danger?" The most likely case is a literal translation of 危ない , with the meaning of "danger" in the sense that it could be unstable/risky in general to use such a spell, as it indeed does produce an explosion. Dangerous was the one that may have sounded coolest, or that they were convinced would convey its meaning --not that it matters too much, as foreign words have their own exotic taste to them, and the accuracy of intent wouldn't really matter too much to non-English speakers. EDIT: I also saw there were already some "explosion" themed spells that are different. But that shouldn't change much of the below, as I was focused on conveying a flash/flare kind of flame, slightly different from what an explosion itself may entail. Flare is probably the more accurate way to go. デンジャラス = Dangerous, or more likely "a risky spell [to use] that produces an [unstable] explosion, and hence is dangerous." With that kind of definition, perhaps "Wildfire" or "Wildflare" or something along those lines that conveys both instability/unpredictability and the fact it is heated/produces an explosive flash would be along those lines. デンジャラクト = After some searching I came to the conclusion that this may be "Danger + Destruct", or "Dangestruct" (xD). You could either combine two equivalent English words, or just express a "bigger, badder" explosion. Combining would be something like "Mortalare" (mortal + flare, or both deadly and keeping to flare) or "Flashfire" (which gives a more sudden/unpredictable destructive flame connotation to it). デンジャフュジョン = Danger Fusion --or more accurately, an unstable fusion reaction. It is from this I assume the official localization reached their "Nova" theme, or Supernova in this case, as that is the ultimate end to a fusion reaction (as it breaks down and becomes more unstable). Perhaps something like "Astral Flare / Astralare" (Astral + Flare) or more basic like, or even more "out there" like "Phlasma" (Flare + Plasma). Basically anything that can convey the image of a star (most often associated with nuclear fusion). Though really, Flash > Death Flash > Terra Flash is a fine natural progression as is. Sometimes when faced with silly things like this, localizers can come up with what may make sense when carrying partial intent. Even the originals I read (Blast, Nova, Supernova) still have that progression sense to them, which in the end is likely the main intent behind things. The "instability" is natural in any explosive word, after all! These are just some ideas. You could probably come up with better as you have been working with the game and most likely have played it already. But i hope I could help you in some way. : )
  11. Hello!

    Nice to meet you! I was a lurker for awhile too before I started contributing translations to the site, though lately I haven't been of much use around here. xD I look forward to your art!
  12. Yes, I was surprised they come out a day earlier there, too! Very convenient as it's right when I'm getting off work. xD The quality drop shouldn't be an issue so long as its still readable. : )
  13. Micaiah Character Analysis

    I was requested to look into the Japanese epilogue for Jill, so here it is: 「ミカヤからダルレカ領を任される。亡き父の理想と想いを胸に住民と協力し領地を豊かに発展させた。」 "Micaiah entrusted [Jill] with the territory of Talrega. She kept her father's principals and ideals close to her heart and developed the territory to prosperity." Note that with Haar's A support the keywords above don't change. I bolded some parts of interest above. In Japanese the verb is "entrust," and Talrega is referred to as a territory. The second territory that appears above, specifically, uses the word "領地" which usually refers to a feudal-style territory in the sense of a "fief." I'm not too familiar with how the feudal system itself works, but I'm sure there's an expert on the subject here somewhere who can use the above wording to work out what the Japanese meant in terms of whether the territory was truly independent or not. i hope that helps!
  14. All the characters I voted for are already in, so maybe I'll just do some throwaway votes for people who'll never make it, as usual. xD
  15. Hello there!

    Hello! I don't post much, and you may or may not know me as a lurker here, but welcome regardless. : )