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  1. Apologies for the wait everyone! A lot of life changes went on (some really good but keep me really busy too~) I especially apologize to Valbar and Kamui fans, but here are their profiles (finally!) 102 Valbar and Kamui That is all the playable characters done. Now some bosses/other characters remain, and some bits of concept art. I still plan to see this through before the end of the year!
  2. @Interdimensional Observer Thanks for the write up on things about the poll! When it comes to FE9's localization, I often think of this article on the matter. The communication between NoA and NoJ to express intent across properly means they probably reached an agreement on the title that became "The Four Riders." At the same time they did leave a lot to the localization. Really, I would've just abandoned the image of steadfast horses entirely and gone with something more boring like "The Four Knights of Daein" or "Four Pillars of Daein" (or some variants thereof) and such. : ) Or to get more culturally relevant, would've tried to relate them to something like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  3. Hi everyone! Remember that character poll for FE6 and FE7 ? The same ones that were also in the Character Book? While we had the poll results themselves and have known them for a long time, I present them all in one place with every single Japanese fan comment translated. I thought it would be a fun way to see how Japanese fans thought of these characters back then as part of my long-term goal of getting the two fandoms to be closer together. Other things include comparing their placements in their games on this poll to their Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legend (first one, specifically) ranking in their respective games and such. That, and some of them were pretty amusing, anyway. It took several weeks and 49 pages in MS Word, but I hope you all enjoy the fruits of this labor and that it serves as a helpful resource for future references. All the poll results and fan comments can be seen here!
  4. Hello, hope you're doing well! I have a question related to Radiant Dawn, again. 

    There's some peculiar line in the Japanese extended script that I find troublesome. In chapter 3-12, Tauroneo comments on how the terrain isn't ideal.


    “Are the rocks ready?”

    “Yes. They’re in position. However, the terrain conditions are not ideal, so I cannot promise they’ll be much use.”

    “Well, we don’t necessarily need to hit anybody. Our aim is to prevent the enemy from advancing forward.”

    Given that the Daein Army has the high ground and has prepared boulders, I don't see how the terrain conditions weren't ideal. I guess Tauroneo could be referring to how rocks will be relatively ineffective which is addressed in the gameplay due to there being so few rocks in comparison to the horde of enemies you fight but this is just my interpretation. 

    Also, is Tauroneo more harsher on Micaiah in the Japanese version? 

    The English script has Tauroneo criticize Micaiah passively. While in the extended script he's a lot more direct in his criticism. 


    “But, Micaiah… Is this really necessary? Can’t we avoid all of this fighting and somehow pretend to obey the senate?”

    “Micaiah, it was you more than anyone else who used to hate plans like this…”

    “The apostle’s army has incredible numbers. We wouldn’t stand a chance taking them head-on. They would march right through us. We need to give Pelleas more time, but if we hold back, the senate will know we’re up to something. For now…let’s just try to draw this out a bit and stop the apostle’s army.”

    “Lady Micaiah. Your strength moves me. I shall not falter.”


    “No, we don’t have enough time. If we let the apostle pass through here, it’ll be too late and her army will cross into Begnion. That will surely anger the senate, and the senate will move to destroy Daein.”

    “Lady Micaiah, please calm yourself. I know that the one who hates this plan more than anyone else is you.”

    “We must fight with everything we have so that Daein may live on!”


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    2. Kirokan


      Happy to be of help : ) Yes, it was also to show she's not just all bent on killing if she can avoid it. But at the same time, may not mind casualties for the greater good kind of thing.

    3. Icelerate


      Well she planned to light them up so I don't think that's correct. If she didn't go all out, then the remaining forces would join up with Ike's army and decimate the Daein Army. 

    4. Kirokan


      Indeed, that's why I wrote "if she can avoid it." : ) We know she couldn't in that case for the reasons you listed.

  5. Yes, still alive! Today's update: 103 Leon and Atlas 096 Python and Forsyth + Enemy Units 126 | 127 | 128 | 129 | Python's profile had some new stuff I believe! We finally got Leon and Atlas up there too. Whoever thought Valbar and Kamui would be the last of the playable characters people wanted to translate? xD After those two, there are some NPCs/bosses to complete, and then just a few more generic class pages. Then a few pages of concept art!
  6. Great analysis : ) You went much more in-depth than the concepts I covered, especially when it comes to the poem. One thing that may be of note is the color correspondence that comes about which matches the characters (and thus we can attach a character to a season). Said color coding applies to the three in the order they're presented (also note that sans wind, they are in the order as given in the title too). Edelgard von Hraesvelgr (Pink/Spring) Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd (Blue/Winter) Claude von Regan (Yellow/Autumn) I found that interesting! As for wind, for now, I simply assume you, the player, will serve as the wild card to complete the four seasons (and the title convention) that didn't exist in the original poem. : )
  7. Info from Nintendo Topics

    Just a random note that the Japanese title ( 風花雪月 ) is a word that references a different word ( 雪月風花 ) which represents the four seasons. So if anyone can see how the country names or character names can relate to the four seasons, please let me know. : ) UPDATE: This post was made while researching the topic, but the final findings are on the blog here. Aethin on SF made a great in depth look at it too!
  8. Today we have: 116 Jedah, Hestia, and Marla Nothing too new, but that's those three as they were requested! Interesting note on the connotation. Indeed it just says "person she loves." I left it as it was since I figured it still works for one-sided, but maybe not? I'll hopefully change it for the final rendition, then.
  9. Some Pokemon Translation/Localization Articles I Found

    I've read all of Clyde's articles : ) It's an honor that he features me on the front page as a recommended link, as I do similar work to him. But as I have more free time than he does, I'm still always open to recommendations/curiosities to look into for Pokemon/FE/etc whenever!
  10. I feel like it's because Japanese words are pluralized or singular by context, so probably the way the localization went about it. Still may be interesting to look into! The "some" there may also refer to the more dedicated senate/zealots who wouldn't admit gods to be closer to men than they realize. It's okay to ramble! So some others have brought this up as well. What if Bartre is just chastising himself in the second person? I want to research some of his other dialogue to see if there's weight to it. I think the choice of second person would be, if giving the translators the benefit of the doubt, a stab at you, the player, too. "You don't even have a weapon [equipped on me!]" As for why Karla says that, the player would make Bartre go talk to her, so he would be approaching her already. I went to look at the English script but I can't actually find any that cover the scene... since I was wondering if she speaks before that or not. But in Japanese, she says, どうした? 早く構えるがいい。 What is it? Come on already. I think it just implies, since she's in the arena, both are probably in there fighting. When you think of it that way, it makes sense she'd ask him why he's just standing there before he makes his attack...with no weapon. xD But I should add this to the post anyway since it's a popular theory.
  11. Alrighty as we start things up again, we have two new pages: 104 Palla and Catria 105 Est and Jesse + Jesse's in particular reveals new background information that wasn't in the game.
  12. Since I last posted, two more articles for fun. Both involve Bartre and Karla! FE7: Did Bartre die in the epilogue with Karla? (Vague wording causes issues) Did Bartre say a line meant for Karla? (Context matters for determining 1st/2nd person) Ooh that does sound interesting. I'll make the assumption it's much more colorful than the original is, knowing 8-4, but let's see! Noted it down.
  13. Thanks! I had actually found it earlier from the same game script, but for some reason SF isn't letting me edit my posts...xD Thanks! That's a big help, thanks! Will add it to the to-do list. Yes... but it will be rewarding I'm sure, and more importantly, a great reference document. The stranger part to me is you can skip that dialogue just as well as this regular dialogue with the simple press of the Start/+ button. xD I'll keep an eye out for that, but that's the kind of detail localization wouldn't miss, I'd hope!
  14. I'll try to find the scene in question in Fates BR, but do you happen to remember the specific chapter by any chance? That will help save time and significantly narrow my search (as it requires swimming through the game script files, coding and all xD) There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your feelings! It understandably causes a conflict, especially when it's something we've known for such a long time. I'm also working on formulating an article in Japanese for Japanese fans talking about these changes to see what they think of it. After all many of these sorts of articles don't really consult or inform the Japanese side! I think it may be fun. : ) As for the extended script, I'm happy there's at least one person! It's going slowly but surely. The conflict comes from whether I should do the entire thing or only the additional bits not found in the localization. The issue with the entire thing is, put simply, time. The issue with only the missing pieces is that localization still may have changed some important nuances from other places...see the issue? I know SF translated bits primarily in part 4, and my colleague amielleon covered other bits and pieces. So I have to organize what they did (and didn't) do, then figure out which parts of the script remain and translate those. Basically, it's quite the undertaking, especially since it's all done simply out of passion and wanting to share the results with the like..six fans (you included) who care xD (on top of all these other things I'm doing...) But it will come along, one day! (Watch them remake the game with the full script anyway by then...ahhhhh) Yes you can! Though I prefer games I'm familiar with since context is important. Thankfully, I love Pokemon, especially Gen II (and did one article on a different guy already, actually, in that game), and did a few other articles on it already. I vaguely remember the guy you're talking about. Do you remember any specific lines he says? If not, not worries, I'll do some research. But anything to save valuable time is always helpful! : )
  15. I'm curious about that myself. Will look into it xD Hmm, so do you mean she wasn't like Tharja in Japanese but became more like her in English? From what I recall she seemed the same to me in both versions... but it has been awhile. Character changes are harder to study since they take multiple instances across the game to analyze rather than specific segments. But I'll keep it in mind anyway. : ) @Interdimensional Observer I revised my Black Knight article significantly (no changes to the conclusion, but added a lot more context, detail, etc) so feel free to give that a read too about him and Nados. : ) Tweezing is what we do! Noted. I'll assume it has to do with more localization fun but let's see. Another good one! Thanks! I played Bravely Default, and that figures, I was always a little mystified by the strange phrases the swordmasters had xD That makes sense... They do. A lot. And it's a dilemma everytime... xD That's pretty fun. I love it when gameplay fits into the lore/relations/mechanics that way. That entire support conversation has actually been requested multiple times (for good reason) so I'm curious too xD Thank you so much for the run through! I really appreciate it as it helps me with my list compilation with less time searching on my part and more time analyzing. : ) I'm really glad you share my passion in these trivial matters xD I'm aware of this! Wish Kaga had let us do it xD Either way feel free to, but, these games i look at now I know the contexts pretty well, where as for that I wouldn't know the context without playing them...and so the issue is I'd have to probably play it first before being able to really figure any of that out. But I am interested in the game, so let's see!