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  1. I'm curious about that myself. Will look into it xD Hmm, so do you mean she wasn't like Tharja in Japanese but became more like her in English? From what I recall she seemed the same to me in both versions... but it has been awhile. Character changes are harder to study since they take multiple instances across the game to analyze rather than specific segments. But I'll keep it in mind anyway. : ) @Interdimensional Observer I revised my Black Knight article significantly (no changes to the conclusion, but added a lot more context, detail, etc) so feel free to give that a read too about him and Nados. : ) Tweezing is what we do! Noted. I'll assume it has to do with more localization fun but let's see. Another good one! Thanks! I played Bravely Default, and that figures, I was always a little mystified by the strange phrases the swordmasters had xD That makes sense... They do. A lot. And it's a dilemma everytime... xD That's pretty fun. I love it when gameplay fits into the lore/relations/mechanics that way. That entire support conversation has actually been requested multiple times (for good reason) so I'm curious too xD Thank you so much for the run through! I really appreciate it as it helps me with my list compilation with less time searching on my part and more time analyzing. : ) I'm really glad you share my passion in these trivial matters xD I'm aware of this! Wish Kaga had let us do it xD Either way feel free to, but, these games i look at now I know the contexts pretty well, where as for that I wouldn't know the context without playing them...and so the issue is I'd have to probably play it first before being able to really figure any of that out. But I am interested in the game, so let's see!
  2. Today @shadowofchaos brought up a fun tidbit about Bridal Tharja's summoning line in FE Heroes. Bridal Tharja and her innuendo with the “three choice question”
  3. @Interdimensional Observer I happen to be a big SMT fan actually! Though I play the spin off games (Devil Survivor 1/2) more, I did enjoy SMT IV! So I knew what you were talking about and thought the same thing with Kirin. Indeed, I wish wikias would reference a lot of their subnotes. A lot of the articles I write are made into sources for the FE wiki for instance, just so there is backing to claims that are made rather than claims one takes at face value. One long term project I'm still working on in the background is compiling the entire extended script. It's quite the undertaking, and I'm gathering the SF and amilleon's scripts first, seeing what remains untranslated, and focusing on translating those... But that's interesting with Almedha! Definitely something to look into on my end for sure! What the! In all my years of playing Radiant Dawn, I have never seen that before! xD Oh my I really want to look into that Micaiah one now. Now here on SF, the wording was "fat, bloated man" but I edited that, because, as a Youtube let's play proves and my memory of that line goes, it's "wretched sack of lard". Dunno why SF Huh. Perhaps SF has the European game script? Some slight differences I believe. But I wonder now? These small lines are always fun (and easy) to look into, so I'm looking forward to this one xD I'll dig through their tumblr later to find the Devdan article! I do trust them and they do have great translations and articles though, if that helps any : ) Did you give this one a read? Ammie's interpretations may differ, but their translation skills and analyses are top notch. I feel like this support will be the same, actually! But I'll look into it to see! Well we can think of a few sample ones to look at, and if we see a trend, can slowly expand from there. For the most part though I feel it will be few and far between, only because I assume someone else would've spotted it by now if a large amount were not so good! Indeed this is very likely. The serious texts are usually accurate translations. I know I didn't quote and reply to everything, but know that I did note everything down! Thanks as always for the discussion and input. No problem! The katakana was vital in showing the difference of intent there. Oh are they? I'll have to amend that then. I was only working with game script so didn't have any contextual clues for which is used and which isn't. I'll add a slight update note to the article. Thanks! Wow I had no idea they were so catty for cats. I feel like that is definitely punched up since I don't recall them being too wild for it in Japanese! I ordered the game in English but haven't got to play it due to, well, doing things like these projects and comparison threads xD Thanks for the recommendation though!
  4. It is! A lot of the translators I outsourced translations to got busy with final exams/graduation, but once things start to settle down a bit the posts will resume. : )
  5. Indeed, for the Japanese culture that brutal honesty/apathy probably came off as especially frightening, where as it may not be so much in English/western culture, hence why they may increase it? That's true about Tharja changes, though. Often these happen when something in one culture may not be perceived the same in another, so has to change to achieve a similar result.
  6. Getting a Certain Book from Amazon Japan

    Ah I have that book, indeed amazon Japan ships internationally for about 10-15 USD. You don't have to worry about currencies, the credit cards and such convert it over without any issue. I do it all the time when not in Japan! Of course it has to be sold by amazon Japan. If it's a third party seller, you may have some trouble. But you can often search the ISBN on ebay (or other sites) and find it too. : )
  7. Indeed, a reminder that none of these are a case of which is better, but just to show us what it was originally and whether the localization conveyed the intent or not : ) That's interesting if she keeps saying it. If I can isolate it on the English script I can find the exact phrases on the Japanese script, too. @SatsumaFSoysoy I think Faye's passive aggressiveness in English is definitely punched up, but I recall to Silque she is still cruel enough for the developers to make notice of fan reactions to it. Still it may be nice to see it side by side : )
  8. Oh really? I'll add that to the list to give a break down view of. : ) Echoes I only played in Japanese (the others like Fates I played in both hence why there's so many more articles). As a result I have to rely on what people who played Echoes tell me was up with that game. xD
  9. @Interdimensional Observer don't worry about it! The way I do these is I compile a list of things and look into them when I get time. I won't feel pressured or anything, so please suggest away! It gives some direction otherwise I'd only look into things I'm personally curious about. Now to address your post piece by piece: Interesting, I'll add that to the list to look into for confirm/denying. : ) I'm happy someone else liked that small scene xD It's one of my favorites so I was definitely curious about it. : ) That's a good question. Thanks for providing the point in the script, will look into it. RD in general is such a mess due to all the script changes and the like that it has so much to dig through xD That sounds fun! The more Blazing Sword the merrier : ) Added. Does their English support imply such? I'll have to look into it later. I understand if you want a second opinion, so I'll do my best to take a look. : ) Ah yes the wonderful amielleon covered that on Kyza. I linked to it when writing his profile during the Tellius Recollection 2 project, which may be where you read it. : ) I believe from memory Devan does use "wa" at the end of his lines, but I'll look into it to double check just so we can have something in writing and a point of reference. I'm always up for more moldy onions! A big thanks for pointing out where in the script they are though since otherwise I'd have to spend the extra time researching. On a related tangent I want to see what Marcia calls Makalov in Japanese when calls him a "eunuch" in English xD Bastian will probably have to be a page of his own huh? That Haar one sounds like fun though! I'm a big fan of Clyde (Legends of Localization) and we follow each other's work (a real honor! He even links to me on the front page of his site), so I totally understand. : ) It was his format that got me to start looking into these things after all. As said before, please request as many things as you want. The bigger the list, the more options I have!
  10. Hmm well that is a good approach to research it from! Maybe compiling concrete replies from Japanese users (or just going to their wikia to see how they attribute his "personality") may work just as well. That sounds like a fun one, I'll add it to the to do list. I read that one, indeed similar lines to what he says there, though they didn't have to worry about any altered survival. Yep I do Awakening! I haven't yet since a lot of it was covered by other sites, but if you have any suggestions I'll look into them. : )
  11. That sounds like something I can do, yes. : ) Though since that's a more general question I'll have to narrow it down to a few specific instances that can display his personality and such. Hmm may be best to see where this proof is first to avoid redundancy if possible! I'll have to search around.
  12. So the reason I haven't done FE1-6 and 12 is because no official localization actually exists on those (aside from names we got now thanks to the FE Heroes poll). Though Shadow Dragon and such makes Archanea possible. Fan translations we could ask the translators directly how they arrived at the translations they did and such, like for the questions you have there.
  13. Hi everyone! Some of you may know me and some may not, but I basically do a lot of FE translation stuff in the background for the fandom. I thought it may be nice to share my FE related localization comparisons with you all. Some are minor, some are major, but they're all just as fun. I've done many for the Fire Emblem games so couldn't narrow it to any one board, so chose to post this in "general." (Though a thread does exist deep in the Fates board somewhere.) My main reason for posting these is I see people sometimes posting the trivia or things pointed out in these articles but then being unsure of where the info actually came from or not having any kind of source to back them up. Since I've only been posting these to twitter, a lot of FE fans miss out on it too. So, this way it's in one neat place and easy for reference. I'll be doing more in the future and hopefully can come back and update this thread regularly if it isn't dead, but we'll see. Please feel free to share these wherever you please if you find something fun. No need to ask for permission, all I ask is to link to the respective blog articles if possible! I'm attempting to sequentially post these on my reddit profile (u/kantopia) too, but if any of you see one that isn't on there, please go ahead and do so without worrying about if I lose out on karma or whatever (reddit scares me, and karma is of no concern to me). I marked it by category and spoiler tags for each game. Please be spoiler wary as some deal with endgame stuff in their respective games. All of these comparisons and more (for other games such as Zelda or Pokemon) can also be seen on my comparison hub page here. If there are other lines in the Fire Emblem games you've always been curious about, please let me know! A lot of these fun things come from reader requests, so please feel free. Without further ado, let's compare! --------------- 7/Blazing Blade: 8/Sacred Stones: 9/Path of Radiance: 10/Radiant Dawn: 14/Fates: 15/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Heroes
  14. Heya!  You wouldn't happen to have a Nico Nico account, would you?

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    2. FionordeQuester


      Sure.  The relevant parts are 0:10 - 1:08; 12:55-16:38.  Though the pre-final boss text before 12:55 would be cool too, the two aforementioned parts are what I'm most interested in.

      The game was localized by Working Designs, who are known for their fairly loose translations.  Was wondering if there were some important plot points in those scenes that didn't make it into their version.

      Anyway, thanks so much!  Don't worry, I'm not in a rush.  So if you have a lot on your plate, don't let this add to your stress, alright?  Thanks, and God bless you!

    3. FionordeQuester


      Heya, just wanted to follow up, and see if you've decided anything for those vids.  If you don't have time, feel free to tell me.  I have other ways of finding out what's being said, so don't feel as though this is something you have to do, alright?

      Thanks for your time!

    4. Kirokan


      So sorry! My weekend got super busy unexpectedly. But... did you end up linking anything? I don't see anything if so... I see your post there about the timings and such, but no link/vid. Is it embedded?

      Try PMing it to me. I'll take a look. If it's something complex I'll tell you to pass it on to the next person. But if it's something not too bad I'll do my best!

  15. Three new pages! Nothing too new, maybe Kliff's stuff is? Either way been super busy, sorry for taking so long: 092 Gray and Tobin 093 Kliff and Faye 100 Boey and Mae