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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Well, at least you're all confident... I don't like what could be very well attacking the innocent civilians of that village, and the explosives still seem so risky to me." Sidney doubted the general really cared for her opinion, but she felt like voicing it regardless. "But if we have to go that way to reclaim Wyke from Deira, then I suppose it can't really be helped... we'd better be careful not to get caught up in any aftermath, if the explosives... well, explode too much." Putting it that way only increased her doubts, really, but maybe magic wouldn't be all that easier if the firearms at least had a clear weakness to begin with.
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Cass? Oh, no..." Sidney's heart sunk- she knew the two siblings didn't always agree with each other, but it had gotten so bad that Cass went out on her own? She gave him a brief hug and a pat on the shoulder. "All we can do is hope, I guess... Leaving here in the middle of a warzone, when Deira could possibly attack at any time, I can't help wondering what's going through her head- bringing others, too. I..." Sidney cut herself off from going any further- it would probably only make Owen be more upset if she mentioned Deira would try just capturing her instead of worse possibilities. "I hope she's alright too." ... Sidney didn't think she liked Tarasque all that much. She'd not seen the General terribly often before, but dismissing the princess's absence immediately felt like a bad way to start off, at least to her. The thought of fighting against explosive-wielders didn't inspire her very much, thinking back to the Magonsaete shores and her rather close call with one of them the first time she saw such a weapon. "Would magic not be easier? It's a known quantity, at the very least..."
  3. The Second Well

    now it's Walrein time
  4. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    SF is the hulk hogan
  5. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Time Past at Home "Oh, you're hear about that guy, too... so it isn't fully a coincidence. That's what the big meeting is for, to talk about how to deal with someone like him!" Andrea looked at Kaya with awe. "Wow, adventuring like that sounds so exciting. Father always says I have to be careful, I can't be too excitable, or I'll go running off like you, but all of the work in the castle is so boring. I'm fourteen. We have a little brother Atlas too, he's only three! The nurses are taking care of him at the Castle, and Antonius is... he always acts in charge when Father's not around, even though he just makes the advisors do most of the work for him. I'll show him! When we all go back home, I get to say I got to meet our awesome big sister first!" Company "Huh. Wouldn't have figured you're the type to hang with groups, you seem more like someone who tends to be running solo to me, from what I've heard..." The man chuckled at Kolmar's offer. "I'll pass, anyway, I don't have time to be running around all over the place. And I'm not leaving the glasses at the bar to clean 'em up myself, eh?" Sick Beats Even with all the commotion in the city, the music hall is at near capacity- or maybe because of it, with how much attention the House was receiving after the break-ins, in an ironic twist. Still, Raz managed to find her way a good seat before the show began not too long afterwards. A tall blonde woman walked onto the stage, interrupting all the idle chatter when she lowered the lighting with a wave of her hand before turning to face the orchestra collected there. The performance began with a brief yet thunderous, blisteringly-paced prelude largely focused on percussion, before transitioning to a much calmer piano and violin centric waltz, one that lasted for over half the allotted time itself. Next, it moved on towards a quicker-paced woodwind piece, though not nearly one as rapid as the beginning, pausing briefly before the finale, a grand piece with the clamor of cymbals and a distinct tone of victory about it. "Thank you for your time, I hope you all enjoyed," the woman spoke briefly before leaving the stage, one of the officials audibly approaching her for going slightly past the time limit. Still, it was certainly enjoyable. Cutting Line "Shut up. This is my place- I say we're up next, that's how it's gonna be." After the two mages did finish leaving, he walked into the arena, hoisting his sword. "Listen up! This hotshot thinks he's got what it takes to beat me, and you all know how that ends up! Time to show this punk how good the Knights of Koerm are, huh?" He pointed his blade towards Aaron. "Go on, I'll even let you get started first if you want... it won't make a difference!" Judas fell over, his eyes wide with shock. "Wh-what kind of guy are you, ignoring half of that...!? That's just not right, must be something crazy with you! I'm a tough guy, b-but that was--" "You're an idiot." It was a voice Aaron recognized, and clearly Judas did as well, with his expression becoming even more sullen hearing it. Fia made her way into the ring, drawing her own sword, a lustrous green rapier. "Others are working hard to train or defend the city, and then I hear that you've come over here like you own the place, parading your ego about! Is that how you represent the Knights of Koerm? I'm increasing your watch time, Judas. If you've got time to laze about and pretend you're 'directing' the sparring that goes on here anyway, you've got time to defend our city. You didn't recognize his weapon- I don't know how he got it, but that's the Lionheart- an axe for a brave fighter, unharmed on the assault and relentless in defense. Even if you didn't know how it looked, you should've known what you were up against when he brushed off your first attack. Hardly worth calling yourself the best duelist if you don't know when to call it quits... and awfully convenient to leave out people you lose to when they're not around. Like me. I don't want to hear your excuses- next shift's starting soon, and if I hear you weren't on it, you'll be feeling a lot worse than bored. Or need I give everyone a reminder of how our duels always go?" Judas glared, but walked off without complaint. "Hmph. He's right that he's not a bad fighter, but he's got a bad attitude..." Fia sheathed her blade. "Being Captain is a lot of work. I was out front since 3 AM, and now I still have to check on everyone here, though it seems fine other than him. You're not too bad yourself there... Lionheart or not, you had some pretty decent axework. Judas really is one of our best fighters, and you did well- whether or not you'd win with something else, I can't say. Sierra always loved dueling, too... I only ever beat her once, out of a lot of tries, but at least I don't lose to anyone else."
  6. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Mmm..." Sidney was late to wake. It wasn't until she heard some rather loud shouting that she scrambled up out of her bed, calming down when it was evident that there wasn't any danger, at least not immediately. She got dressed and ready for the day at a more leisurely pace than she would've if there was clearly a problem, but still brought all her equipment as a precaution. Worst that happens is I'm dragging around a few extra things. Finishing smoothing out her hair, she left her room of the hall- outside it sure seemed like the Raewalden soldiers were getting ready, at least for something. She only saw two people she knew left in the hall, one of whom she liked significantly more. "Morning, Prince Owen... er, and you, Baron... Thomas. What's happening out there? You, ah, you don't look too well, Prince."
  7. The Second Well

    1) Favorite role you've been of every alignment? 2) Any unpopular opinions on common roles? 3) Name a role that you wish you could've had in any game. 4) Power-rank these games I hosted you were around for: Choral Mafia V, Badass Mafia 1, Badass Mafia 2, RTFR2, Encounter Mafia, Resurgence Mafia 5) Least favorite mafia game to you that other people liked? 6) Favorite game of mafia that other people didn't like? 7) Best avatar I used on Discord or Skype that you can remember? 8) What champion do you expect me to do worst on that I play frequently 9) Power rank all the NA teams 10) Thoughts on Iris's inability to count?
  8. A Serious Analysis of Enemy Promotion Item Budget

    This is true, but less funny. That's true too. I forgot about that when I wrote it because Dark Bishop exists, though there are also no enemy Loptyr Mages either. In that case, 24x has no unpromoted enemies, and Chapter 23+24 have none except for Thief reinforcements, but the Final Chapter still has no excuse with its Armor Knights. I mentioned how early they show up (2x) but true, I did call it out more for unpromoteds than give it credit for promoted units. Maybe because of its reputation for being one of the hardest games but it still doesn't bother promoting all the lategame enemies. I edited in comments about Dark Mages for Thracia.
  9. Okay, not really. This has nothing to do with the gold values of promotion items for enemies, sorry for the big letdown. Based on a conversation I had on Discord, I decided to look further into when enemies start promoting in Fire Emblem games. At first I was only looking at "when do unpromoted enemies stop showing up in maps?" which I found out was appallingly late for most games, but I decided to break things down further. Here are some bits of trivia for enemy promotions in each Fire Emblem game, with the exception of Fates, which I don't have an easy way of checking and could not be bothered to track down maps for. Also, I only counted main story maps for games where you can do chapters out of order. Also I ignored postgame content. Some games have tricky exceptions, but one general rule I want to put in place first is in the case of what I counted for classes that don't promote. For the sake of argument, weak classes like Soldiers are clearly meant to be ranked with unpromoted enemies (and in some games Soldiers promoted), whereas Manaketes (and Laguz in Tellius) are obviously intended to be bigger threats, so I counted them with promoted enemies. That out of the way, let's start: Shadow Dragon: Emereus from Chapter 6 is the first promoted boss, and all bosses after are promoted too (or Manaketes), with the exception of Chapter 8's Kannival. The first generic promoted enemies are actually earlier- there's a pair of Horsemen in Chapter 4. In the original FE1 Hunters didn't promoted and instead Horsemen were an individual class, so if you ignore them, then the first promoted generic enemy is the non-Minerva Dracoknight in Chapter 7. After that, there's a Hero and Dracoknight in Chapter 10 and 4 Horsement reinforcements, Chapter 12 has a General and Sniper, Chapter 14 has a Sniper, Chapter 15 has a Bishop, before finally promoted enemies start showing up as mainstays in Chapter 16. There is only a single map in this game without an unpromoted unit! That map is 24x, not in the original FE1. Even Endgame has Fortify Curates. At least every combatant is promoted. Gaiden/ Shadows of Valentia: Here's our first interesting case. Not only are their 3 tiers for some classes, there are also two routes going on simultaneously, so the order can be a bit shaky. What's more, some enemy classes don't really fall on a tier level (mainly Witches). I've decided not to count any of them as unpromoted, because they're generally all quite threatening. For Alm's route, the first tier 2 enemy is Slayde as Chapter 1's last boss (okay Desaix is there too if you're a grinder) and a generic Knight is there too. From there on, there's a pretty consistent flow of tier 2 enemies, both generic and boss, on his route. The first tier 3 enemy is a Bow Knight, who was unnamed in Gaiden but named Lawson in Shadows of Valentia. From there almost all of the tier 3 enemies on Alm's route are generic in Gaiden, but named bosses in Echoes (the exception being Shizas the Gold Knight, who is replaced by Berkut in Echoes). This lasts up until Nuibaba's Manor, which has a whole bunch of tier 3 units. After that there are a good amount of tier 3 enemies and bosses for the rest of his route. Notably, Rudolf's map has only tier 3 enemies and Cantors. For Celica's route, the first proper tier 2 enemy is Wolff (or Blake if you go north), all the way in Chapter 3. However this is a bit dubious because there is a Cantor enemy in Chapter 2, as well as a Dracozombie which is very obviously stronger than the monsters fought before it. Then, at Grieth's Citadel, there's Grieth himself, a Dread Fighter, and also the first generic tier 2 units of the route. Celica starts fighting Tier 3 generic enemies in the first map of Chapter 4. After Chapter 4 starts on both routes, tier 1 enemies are almost completely done away with. However! The last unpromoted enemies, even with all the put away is... Chapter 5. Yep, in Alm's gauntlet, there are unpromoted Bonewalkers and Gargoyles. Probably just in case you didn't use Alm that much, for whatever unholy reason. Mystery of the Emblem/ New Mystery: This is a lot more straightforward. The first boss is a promoted unit... though you don't have to fight Lorenz. But the second boss, Rumel, is also promoted! And there are generic promoted enemies in chapter 2 also. In fact, there are promoted generic enemies in every chapter except Chapter 4 and the dragon maps, and there are no unpromoted enemies at all after Chapter 16 (though there are Soldiers in Chapter 17). The only boss in the whole game that could promote further is Ellerean and he's recruitable, though Chapter 4 has Guile the Pirate and Chapter 7 has Dahl the Thief. This is the best showing for promotions so far, and arguably best or second place overall. Genealogy: Genealogy has a weird class system. Promotion is... fairly arbitrary due to the level 30 system, so I won't bother going over the promoted status of bosses and such. But what I can say is that there are unpromoted enemies in Reptor's squad at Velthomer in Gen 1, and unpromoted Dark Mages also in front of Velthomer in Gen 2, respectively the final and penultimate castles to seize. That is very late. At least Julius in Belhalla only has the Dark Warlords! Thracia 776: Thracia, on the other hand, has a much more normal class system. There is a generic Warrior in 2x, and every boss from Chapter 3 onwards is promoted (in the chapters that have bosses, anyway. Some don't... Thracia is weird too). And it therefore also has no excuse for the Final Chapter having generic Dark Mages and Armor Knights. Well, maybe the Dark Mages have an excuse, because they wouldn't want them to share a map sprite with Veld... EDIT: It was brought up that Dark Mages are technically promoted from Loptyr Mages, even though I don't think there are any enemies of that class at all. But they give promoted EXP, so fair enough. In that case, 24x has only promoted enemies, and Chapters 23+24 also only have them with the exception of Thief reinforcements. Also, Thracia is one of the games that does throw promoted enemies at you earlier, which gives points in its favor, but, Final still has Armor Knights, which is disgraceful. Binding Blade: Laygans from Chapter 8 is the first promoted boss, and then every boss from there is promoted (okay there's a random named Bandit in Elphin's version of Chapter 10 but he's not the chapter's main boss). Elphin's version of Chapter 11 also has the first promoted generic, a Berserker. Every chapter from 12 on mixes in generic promoted and unpromoted enemies, and I do mean every chapter, with the only exceptions being 24 and final which are all Manaketes. Chapter 22 has a higher percentage of promoted enemies than unpromoted, and maybe Chapter 23 (I got bored counting really fast), but other than that it is a poor showing. And let's be honest, Idoun is such a bad final boss she can probably be thrown in with unpromoted units... Blazing Blade: This is the game that prompted me looking into all this in the first place. I'm ignoring Lyn Mode. Bernard of 16E/17H is the first promoted boss, and bosses stay promoted except for Zoldam the Shaman of 17E/18H, which is two chapters later if you don't skip the Port Badon gaiden map. But the first generic promoted enemies aren't until Genesis (22xE/23xH)! If you don't go to Genesis, you don't see any promoted enemies until a single Sage in 24E (Vaida's map) or a Warrior and Bishop in 25H (the three castles map). It does not get a lot better. Unpromoted enemies do not go away until the Final Chapter in Eliwood mode and 32xH! In 30E/32H, a majority of the enemies are still not promoted. That is insanity. For shame, FE7. Sacred Stones: Tirado the General is our first promoted boss here (I am not counting Chapter 4's entombed), and every other boss after stays promoted too, even the monsters. Chapter 9 Eirika has a random Sniper, and both routes have some promoted monsters in Chapter 11. Other than that, it is unpromoted-fest until Chapter 13 Eirika (ft 3 Rangers) and Chapter 14 Ephraim (ft the two most bullshit Druids in the world and two almost as bad Bishops). Chapter 14 Eirika has none, but Chapter 15 and 16 have a good amount and then it's mostly promoted from there. It is only all promoted in the Final Chapter, which is disappointing. However, Chapter 19 starts about 50/50 and then has tons of promoted reinforcements, and Chapter 20 is almost entirely promoted monsters, so it isn't quite as bad as some other games. Path of Radiance: The first promoted boss is Balmer, a sage in Chapter 7 of Path of Radiance. Weirdly, the next boss Kamura is a Knight, but they are promoted from there on out. Chapter 13 has a handful of promoted generic Halberdiers, Chapter 16 has a single Sniper, and then starts mixing in promoted enemies more generously as the game goes along. What I was surprised to learn is that after Chapter 24, there are actually only two unpromoted enemies in the entire game left- a pair of Knights near the start of Chapter 27. A pretty good showing for Path of Radiance. Radiant Dawn: This is another tier 3 game. Starting with Radmin in 1-8, bosses hit tier 2, and never dip back down to tier 1. Then, tier 2 generics start in in 2-2, then pick up a lot in Part 3- almost every enemy is tier 2 there (except for some weird exceptions in 3-12 and 3-E, and also invariably all of the Dawn Brigade units that you didn't use when they're enemies, but they don't really count). Then part 4 rolls around, and enemies are nominally tier 2, but they are all secretly a buffed version of the class they are named after. Starting in 4-3 every boss except Numida is tier 3 (Izuka has a mastery skill so he counts), but generics never quite hit tier 3. Probably for the best, since Mastery skills on every enemy would be just awful. You could say that the majority of the game is promoted but that's a little cheap- still, the tier 2.5 enemies of part 4 are a marked increase, so there's definitely something to be said for that. Awakening: Last but definitely not least. Validar is promoted in Chapter 6, then every boss starting in Chapter 9 with Campari is promoted. There's a Sage and Hero in the climactic Chapter 11, and from there promoted enemies start appearing quite frequently. Impressively, there are no unpromoted enemies after Chapter 16 at all, which I was surprised to find out. I would say Awakening has the best promoted enemy showcasing because of this, with Mystery being arguable. Say what you will, but Valm and the Grimleal don't skimp out on Master Seals. Anyway, that's all I have to say. This post is pointless and I just spent 3 hours on it. I hope some people enjoy reading it.
  10. The Second Well

  11. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Colorful Purchase "Ha! You be careful now, y'hear?" The barkeep waved after Kolmar before getting back to cleaning off the glasses as he departed the establishment. Not too long after, however, one of the bar's patrons followed after, a rather larger man. "Think nobody noticed you in there, pal?" He glanced around briefly, before lowering his voice. "Alright, I don't have a problem with you, but you're a bit daft to just be walking around the place, especially on the street headed straight towards the bay. What brings you back here when you were avoiding it, Whitman?" Shooting Stars "Mm, I'm sure it'll come in handy. Better to be prepared, isn't it?" Velvet asked, handing the shopkeeper the needed gold for both gem and tome. "Hmm, as for me... well, I'm not all that in-tune with my magical side, so maybe not here, but..." She darted around a bit, looking at a few stalls, before stopping at one with some weapons. "Ooh. That's a rare dagger! I think I'll get that one for myself." The demicat withdrew further coin for the next shopkeeper. "And now we're better prepared for anything!" Always Forward "Huh, didn't you listen when I said this place is for training right now? And we upped the security already, but not everyone's gotta be on watch at all times- that doesn't make any sense- I work at night, anyway, and sleep in the afternoon." Judas punched at Aaron's shoulder, not so much as to injure, but clearly meant as a form of intimidation. "Those guys look like they're finished up. You don't impress me that much- fancy trying to prove me wrong?" Hope of Recovery "Well, we appreciate the gesture, then. You are correct, however, the rest of the museum remains perfectly intact. Part of why it was such a strange break-in. You're free to look around wherever you like otherwise, miss, the gallery fee is 100 gold. There's a musical theatre on the upper floors, as well." The guard pointed towards the stairs, and then the rest of the gallery past an archway, a large statue at the front Raz would probably recognize as the Koermese Knight Captain Baldur from the Wind Age. (Music boost: 500g, +1 spd/lck/res next battle. Art boost: 100g, +1 mag next battle)
  12. The Second Well

    1) Rank the SFMM games in order even though it's 2 > 3 > 1 > 4 2) What new and exciting plans do you have to ignore people who haven't been in SFMMs in favor of adding intrigue to Reinfleche, Town Miller Governor? 3) Favorite game you've hosted? Favorite on SF if your alltime favorite wasn't here? 4) Favorite role you've made of every alignment? 5) Three roles you really wish you could've played as? 6) When will I win a smogon game 7) Worst example of a host handling an ambiguous situation in a game? 8) Why Paperblade? 9) What sort of new and returning features do you hope to see in the next Fire Emblem game? 10) how will hunter be saved
  13. The Second Well

  14. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Sisters "Oh... so you're just here by accident, not because of the meeting? That's a funny timing..." Andrea still seemed quite on edge, giving a little sigh. "I hope everything goes okay. Antonius is in charge at home for a little bit, with help. Father's kind of scary, too, not all that happy to do this meeting, but he said it's important that he comes still because Mr. Damas is coming too. Er, sorry. Duke Glaivor. But, it's probably easier that way if you don't want to see him. S-so, you're my big sister?" She seemed rather pleased at the idea. "What sort of templey thing are you doing here, then, big sis? What even are temple things to do?" Pranks for the Memories "Ha! That's quite the price to be paying for a practical joke!" The bartender gave a hearty chuckle. "It really does taste completely horrible, but you're not supposed to drink it because of the taste, it's about the effect after! Besides, even if it tastes awful, you'd be doing them a favor in the long run- not sure if that's what you'd be intending. Tell you what, I'll knock off the label... 20%." She tapped on the little tag on it. "Buying something like that just for amusement's sake, some sense of humor you've got, huh? Still, if you're one of them traveling groups, it'll probably come in handy. Just don't use it all in some sort of joke, you hear?" Kolmar has Deal, so Rainbow Tonic is only 1420 gold if he wants to buy it! Woohoo!
  15. The Second Well

    this is a good pair of questions I was thinking on a while for and forgot to answer, so I'll go with actual coolest/had most fun with. I didn't go so far as to look though like every game but I gave it some thought. NOC: Kratos Aurion the Hidden Jailkeeper from Nostalgia, or Aang the Avatar from ATLA Mafia if Kratos is cheating / Proto the Informant from SFMM4. Aang was also fun to play too. OC: Arianne the Void Hivemind from Void / Luigi the PGO in SSBB no