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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    Ok I literally didn't phrase half of my Q5 in a way that I meant to so I'll add this as a better version 7. What character do I actually play frequently that you think I'm likely to feed most on
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    1. Thoughts on EiMM games being a lot bigger recently than they used to be? 2. Favorite boss battle in any game? 3. Rank every two color combination in MTG from favorite to least 4. What Fire Emblem games have you played and also rank them best to worst 5. Ignoring "Zed because you don't play other champs", what character do you think I'm likely to do best/worst on in league? 6. tits or ass
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney to (12, 12), attack Pirate 1 with Montana flavor after work
  4. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    I thought the q reason would be easy, it's like a with a longer tail (depending on how you write it).
  5. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    1) What's your favorite non-red color and non a letter? 2) Rank all the Fire Emblem games that you've played (i think this is all of them?) from best to worst 3) Favorite boss battle in any game? 4) Top 3 favorite Fire Emblem classes? 5) Top 3 favorite Magic sets?
  6. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    i have been conscripted... I will vote haru
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Ampharos

    I'm only asking you a few questions because I'm not a sadist. 1) Generic first/current impressions question and comment that we should talk more 2) Favorite fire emblem class in any game? 3) Rank all the fire emblem games best to worst, and feel free to elaborate on why FE12 is fucking terrible 4) What was my best league name? 5) Favorite boss battle in any game? 6) What is the real meaning of Christmas? 7) tits or ass
  8. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    It's bait, it's a setup, don't-- "Alright, maybe I will end up enjoying this a bit," SIdney growled. Two arrows, straight into Arteria, not quite the lethal hits she was expecting- but they connected, at least. "S-someone else just get her! We will not let you do as you please here, madwoman!"
  9. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney's newfound habit of shouting about orders was nearly cut short very quickly as an arrow whizzed close enough by that it caught some of her hair as she was distracted with clearing a path for Suleiman. She turned her head when she felt it, glaring as the arrow clattered to the deck instead. "Think you're smart, huh? Gonna take more than that to get the better of me! Can't be helped, you just don't have what it takes." Two arrows later and she was done, and Sidney looked towards an entirely threat. "Are you quite finished with your nonsense about the glory of battle, or whatever you're prattling about? I can only hear maybe half of it in the rain, but I can't help but think I didn't miss much! Hollow words, hardly worth considering when you just hope that everyone's as crazy as you are. The ship isn't going down, but I'd be happy to send you there!" Putting aside her normal- albeit pretty fancy- bow, she drew her family's weapon and took aim at Arteria. "I've seen you a few times- on the opposite shore of the beaches, down the aisle at the wedding- yet I don't think we've really met. I am Sidney Montana! This bow was my father's, and his father's before that, and so on. Let's see if it can put an end to your lunacy!" Sidney to (12, 14), attack Arteria with the Montana
  10. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Brilliant Texts "Well, the uh... catty girl is right that we don't have anything from the Lost Age, but I'm sure we have some things surrounding the time period. Hmm, let's see, you err... you do seem to be the fighting type still, so I guess that's somewhere to start? Follow me, then." The librarian guided the two towards a section near the back of the library, gesturing towards a specific shelf as she stopped. "We have military records here, some new and some old," she began, much more familiar with the contents of the library than having any grip on the battle that had raged on before. "About midway through this shelf here would be close to what you're looking for, I think, in terms of time period. If not, the two shelfs to the left also contain books somewhat like this. If you'll excuse me, I'll, err... well, be reopening the library, as it was." Velvet started to look through the books as soon as they arrived. "'Formations of the Wind Age' doesn't seem to be quite what we're looking for, I don't think... 'The Evolution of Battle-mages', 'How Foreigners Changed Combat on Titan', 'The Greatest Military Leaders of History', maybe 'Forging through the Ages' could be something... 'Occult Techniques: the Power of the Strange in Warfare' seems a bit out of place... 'The Armies of King Nicholas', maybe? I guess if it was as simple as looking at titles, we'd know about this already. Hmm. How about you pick one and then I'll pick one to start skimming through?" Arrival "I've met Noctus once myself," Thalia spoke. "It was after I was announced as acting leader for Madrigal that he appeared within the castle, entirely ignoring all sorts of the magical defenses that are within it. Not that magically defending an area is entirely feasible, but there are alerting charms and such that he wasn't affected by at all. To my understanding, he doesn't like interfering directly, or maybe somehow can't, yet he thought it was important to give me a lot of advice for when I'm in charge, and he's never spoken with me again or given any indication he wants to do so. But he would definitely be a useful ally if he ends up changing his mind about being so passive. Maybe we'll really see him again, but I'm not so sure." She turned her head suddenly as footsteps could be heard to the south, then louder as more armed troops arrived than had been present even during the battle, the colors of Balor, Ibis, and Trine split into distinct sections. "Finally, they're here..." Among the group were each of their province's leaders, all fairly easy to tell apart. Damas was as armed to the teeth as his soldiers, wearing armor not dissimilar to them and carrying a vicious axe. Eliza was dressed significantly more for proper meeting situations, but still kept a spear about her- not out of place, considering the circumstances. Lastly, Reid wore classic robes denoting his spot as an Archsage, a tome in hand as he continued on ahead of the others. "An all clear with no sight of the enemy whatsoever in Veiro. Handled impressively as usual, Commander!" Duke Reid greeted her, stowing his tome. "Though he may claim to be King, his military might certainly seems to be lacking in comparison to the Knights. Why, several soldiers of his tried fleeing and ran into us. Safe to say with what little of them there were remaining we dispatched them with haste. Ah, but you others don't quite look the part of Knights of Madrigal. I am Archsage Reid Mazzarin, Duke of Trine, joined by my esteemed colleagues Duke Damas Glaivor of Balor and Duchess Eliza Rhodes of Ibis- but who might you all be?"
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Nelon to (13, 12) Accolon to (13, 11) Serge to (10, 13) [after Owen moves]
  12. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    it is mid postgame recording and people are telling me to post the unflipped role PMs -- athena_57, you are Mitsuki, the Matchmaker. You don’t show up all that often anymore, but you always enjoyed making shipping jokes about people… or were they jokes?! Anyway, you played NOC but were also somewhat infamous for some of your EiMM play, most notably your public Makaze witch hunt. But there’s no hard feelings there, probably, so let’s leave that behind and talk about the more important things. Which are apparently shipping. Since you like shipping, you have a set of abilities that work in pairs. Each night, you can respond to this role PM with one of the following abilities. You can only use each once. -”Let’s mix things around for USER1 and USER2!” You will switch the places of USER1 and USER2 for the night, such that any action that targets 1 will target 2 instead, and vice versa. -”How compatible are you, USER1 and USER2?” You will compare the alignments of both USERS that you pick, and find out if they are both members of the mafia or not. -”USER1, USER2 is perfect for you!” You’ll convince USER1 to target USER2 with all of their targeting actions they may have that night. In summary, you’re the Pairs Jack. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- EvanManManMan, you are Marth, the Pantsless Prince. You’ve changed your name quite a few times, but you’ll always really be Marthipan, star of the amazing FE1 LP. You’ve played for a while and you’re generally pretty good, but you also have something of a trolling streak that can get in the way of all that. Also you wanted to put a lyncher in your recent Twitch Plays Pokemon setup and what is even up with that dude? Regardless, you’re here to lead the armies of Altea to victory… well, this analogy doesn’t really work. As a responsible leader, you’re always looking out for people. Each night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: A prince’s protection for you, USER!” You will fend off USER from almost any action- however, Marth has been nerfed greatly since the original FE1, so you will not be able to stop killing actions. In summary, you’re the Safeguard. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- Iris, you are Walrein Ampharos, the New Candidate. The votes are coming in for the 2018 SF Mafia General Elections and this time, YOU are the lucky man who is the leading candidate for the glamorous, exciting, and much desired post of Town Governor. Your campaign looks great, and the platform of “I [used to] have rein in my name like the last governor” is tough to beat. Also, you have nobody running against you. However, you were kind of hoping the perks were better than this role. If you receive the most votes in a day phase, you won’t be lynched- you’ll win the election as the new Town Governor and instead survive, and it will be a joyous time for everyone! There won’t be a lynch for that day in celebration. Also, since you’re a politician, you will show up as guilty if your alignment is checked. This is self explanatory. In summary, you’re the Town Miller Governor. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- SB, you are Makaze, the Game Solver. To be honest, you have not played that much normal mafia on SF. Mostly you play elsewhere, or do EiMMs instead, but that is a whole different story. But instead of a multitude of games, you instead have a few memorable ones, most notably IDNSFMM5. Your initial reads are generally pretty good, but you don’t always explain yourself well, and that leads to rather hilarious situations where you think you’ve figured everything out, but you’ve actually gone further away from the truth than what your initial thoughts are. This time will be different! Once in the game you can announce in thread, all bold and as your entire post, “I’ve solved the game for the eighth time!” This won’t exactly tell you who’s scum, but thanks to your logical skills, you will be able to avoid all forms of death for that phase and the next, unless you break the rules. Keep in mind that you are not able to post at night, though… don’t modkill yourself! In summary, you’re the One-Cycle Deathproof. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated.
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney nearly stumbled as the boat shuddered in the waters as the rain pour down from above, clinging to the rail as not to fall to the deck- or worse, the waters below. Her arrows had hit true and the pirate sage was dead and gone, but they were quickly being beset upon at all sides. If nothing else, those near the wheel didn't pursue them, seeming to prefer their high ground. "Not a chance!" she hollered back to the other captain, somewhat doubtful that her shouts would be heard over the storm overhead and the trouble below deck. "Look alive, everyone! We've gotta get footing and fix the ship or it doesn't mean a thing what they're boasting about. Then we can make our move outwards after- keep moving!" Brushing her drenched hair to the side, she set forth to take another shot at her best target. That guy, she narrowed it down, noting that some of the others had been cornered portside. Making a dash across the ship, she rushed past the stairs towards the swordsman, not feeling terribly remorseful about interrupting their duel. Sidney to (14, 13), Silver Bows Swordfighter 3
  14. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    If you've not seen, the Discord has the setup pinned (at the bottom of the first page of the spreadsheet there is a document with all the role PMs as well). Congratulations to the Town for winning SFMM5! We may do a short writeup, and plan on doing an audio postgame as is now what I do for basically all my games. If you are interested in participating, DM me on Discord (IIRC Omega is the only confirmed participant thus far), though I don't want it to get too crowded.