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  1. Temporal Mystery "Interesting. I'll have to rely this information, and I'm fortunate to have met people who know anything at all about this figure. What it seems to me is that his spells are powerful, but have weaknesses. The... time freeze spell, or however that works, sounds as if it is something he is unable to affect either, and while it is frightening that he can summon legions of soldiers to fight for him, it is less so if they are much less capable than human fighters," Maximus explained. "So you did hear of Dimitrius and... I would hazard a guess that the woman was Camellia, since she seems to be his second in command. She had blue hair, if that helps. As for their goals, I cannot say for certain. Perhaps he is one of many who seek the throne, seeing as he called himself King, but if that's the case he sounds as tyrannical as Ursula if he attacks unprovoked. Still, if he claims he is so powerful while his magic has glaring weaknesses, maybe he's just delusional, but that is a dangerous assumption to make and I don't think we should treat him as anything less than serious unless reason to assume otherwise is found." Just a Vest "It is indeed enough- here, you have assumed slightly over," Cornelius reaffirmed, handing Kaya back a few coins. "The Silver Lining needs not overprice, as we have easy access to fine materials. But, a word of advice- you two seem fine enough young ladies, but night is approaching, and the city folk can be quite unruly, especially considering... your unusual appearances. Of course, it is of no difference to me, but to some it may be, so I advice caution." Tome Options "That's a Conflagrate tome, nine hundred gold, very reliable. And, this is a vendor- we don't have much more than we show, so depending on your definition of interesting, there may or may not be something in front of you." The man pointed to the pile. "If you're really looking for more advanced stuff, that's all in Jotun with the main branch, city of magic and all that, y'know? But too valuable to risk in Madrigal when there's not as many mages who care about the advanced stuff here." Different Fates "Meant to meet? But of course we were, or we wouldn't have," Shylah stated as though it was obvious. "The will of fate cannot be altered once set in motion. Of course, there are many different paths I see through in my mind when using the power of prophecy, but those are merely falsehoods for me to sift through, with a single truth amongst them." She closed her eyes for a few moments, smiling. "Some of the lies are plausible, some not. For example, which decision you made was not so easy to sense, because I do not know your true nature, but I could narrow it down to the three rather easily, even though our meeting could have gone in a variety of ways. Maybe you disliked someone so drenched in darkness and left right away, or maybe some of my powers would bring you fear. There's even some false timelines that have you try to fight me on the spot- though, even with how many of them there are, none exist where I would be defeated." She laughed, apparently quite pleased with that fact. "Well, Mikhaila, you've been rather interesting to meet. But, I am a busy woman... unless you have any more questions of me, I'd best be off. Which questions are you to ask, if any? If I was very confident in my ability to pick out the truth right now, I could give you answers preemptively. Hmm... yes, all animal forms I take have to be white to match my hair. My bird of choice is a raven because they have strong dark energy for birds and a white raven is distinctive! No, I couldn't teach you most of my spells, they're not teachable!" She paused for a few moments. "If those were any of your questions, then I've answered them for you, but if not, now you know, and knowledge is power."
  2. "He was always kind of two faced, charming when he wanted to be, but very unpleasant when he didn't get his way. At least, that's how I remember him," Sidney explained. "But, no, I haven't really kept in touch with anyone here since I've been too far away. And sending letters with instructions how to deliver them to be would be asking for trouble if they ever got intercepted along the way. Maybe I could look around to meet with some of them, but given the level of alert people have for me, I'm not sure how wise that is..." She ran her fingers through her hair a bit nervously before flipping it with a shake. "I liked things back then. Being an adult is hard, what with making decisions that always stick with you, finding a way in the world, dealing with feelings..." She gave a wistful sigh.
  3. It was far later than usual when Dwight emerged at the bridge, looking slightly weary. "My sincerest apologies, Captain Gefalscht and everyone else. I am incredibly late, especially by my own standards, but it was not a matter of my own volition that this was so. I saw the broadcast in the morning, the most dire of news indeed, but as I was preparing for my day I was immobilized by a bout of pain. My age seems to have caught up to me at a rather unfortunate time... however, I've managed to get it to subside, at least for the time being, and will be of as much assistance I can be during this mission. And I will see to some medicine to avoid incidents like this in the future." He was somewhat surprised to see Alphonse on the screen, giving him a nod. "I suppose I don't move quite how I used to, especially after so much downtime. Regardless, as I have less information about the situation at hand- I caught only part of the end of this discussion, and our travel to Earth has made our goal quite obvious to me still- but I am not in a position to advise yet when I know less. When we enter proper combat, that will be different. Admiral Martinson's advice is usually quite sound, either way."
  4. "Mm... if it was King Edwin, this would all be so much easier, right?" Sidney asked, seemingly missing her mother's first comment. Though she hadn't spoken to her mother much about the new queen, it was a fair assessment- Anthony and Edwin had been excellent friends, but Queen Ethel and her father had no such history. "Instead this will be a whole lot of work to try and regain favor. Really, I wouldn't think they'd be so fervent over just a girl, but that's the scenario we're faced with, and I'm in trouble once again. Maybe father's talks combined with that of Prince Owen will be enough in combination- or maybe not, I can't tell, since I don't know the Queen very well." She nodded to confirm her mother's question. "Ferdinand Gallahan, that's him, I'd nearly forgotten his last name. He's different now. I heard he spends time with lots of different girls, Engel knows how they fall for him, and does a lot of singing too. Maybe he really is just bitter." Maybe I'm projecting. "But I don't know what he's hoping for... I didn't think he disliked me that much. He pretended not to recognize me when we spoke, but there's no way he'd forget, so he has to be up to something, at least."
  5. Sidney froze in place as she heard the distant voices and the clunk of armor as guards moved around the front of her home. After they quieted down, she made her way down the red hallway. "Mother..." she started, unsure what to say. "Sorry for causing so much trouble for you and father with my return. It's been a whole big mess, I'd thought there might be some level of things going better since I helped Prince Owen, but that seems to be in the air until he talks with the Queen, I guess. He might be here later in the evening after he has a few meetings to attend, he seemed positive about the prospect of meeting you and father." That thought, at least, brought a smile to her face, but it was all too brief as she thought over the root of her issues. "I think it's Ferdinand's fault... I ran into him yesterday, and he acted like he didn't recognize me, but I don't know who else would've that I've talked to. I don't look all that different, but enough that I'd be hard just to recognize from an old poster if you didn't know who you were looking for. He didn't like me very much when we were younger since I didn't fawn over him like all the other girls... do you or father still keep in touch with his family? Outside of council business, anyway, I think we didn't." Maybe I could find if he's up to something... or if it's just a vendetta. Or if it's somehow not him, though it surely is, right?.
  6. The Herald Departs "Such hostility you show to a bearer of good news. Nonetheless, we of Dione are not so petty as to let this alter the Emperor's grand dream! Yet sky darkens and signals dusk, and I must take my leave for now. In three days, the presence of the Emperor shall correct your misgivings and hopefully begin the ushering in of an era of prosperity for both of our lands." Shaking his head, Gawain made his way through the crowd slowly, riding past the group of now three including Aaron and Raz. "Spread the news! The great Emperor Alexander will be arriving in three days to forge new alliances between Titan and Dione!" he called as he rode towards the city's gates. "Ah, there he is," Maximus remarked to Aaron. "An interesting message, to be sure. I am pleased to make acquaintance with you, Raz. I am Duke Reid's assistant, bearing messages for the Knights. You've met him as well? To summarize for you, four people at near identical times appeared in different places across Titan, all saying they serve someone called the King of Time, and with conjured soldiers of sand aiding them in attacks. The sand images were defeated easily, the others not so much, and this so-called-King did not appear with any of them. Their names... I believe they were Camellia, Dimitrius, Mercury, and Valerie. Are any of them familiar?" Mask of the Damned It was a strange sensation for Mikhaila as she drew upon the mask's power, somewhat less painful than her previous activations, but the burst of strength felt more fleeting. Yet when it was over, she seemed slightly stronger than before. Shylah watched with amusement as the exorcist experimented. "The overall power is the same, yet a bit different. Since you were willing to embrace it, the mask will always give you some amount of its power- thinking of it almost as gratitude, seeing as the deal has mutual upsides. The pain to access full strength is also lessened, but the drawback is you have this full strength for lesser time. So... you'll have to sacrifice more if you want to keep that strength constantly, so you'd best think carefully about when you use it. Still, the constant power should be beneficial to you. How very fortunate." Shopping "Now you're talking!" Velvet responded more cheerfully. She glanced around and plucked a deck off of a shelf, and a few coins from her bag. "Here, my treat since you're livening up a bit." The shopkeeper nodded at the simple transaction, and the demicat was quick to take Kolmar's hand and lead him out to the street, noticing the crowd largely dispersed- at least, back to the usual commotion of the square. "Well, the guy on the horse finally left! I think he was awfully preachy, but probably believes in what he was saying. What did you think about him?" Meanwhile, someone at a stall poked at Joviana's shoulder. "Hey, you- you're a mage, aren't you? The way you look... well, I'm a mage myself, and I think I've got a good knack for guessing. At the Arcane Vendor, we've got plenty of supplies for casting spells. Interested?" The source seemed to be a rather small man- or maybe he just looked small compared to the stacks of books that were with him.
  7. "Months? You're certainly very forgetful, Owen, seeing as it was only a few weeks ago that you had worn one back for our first dance," Sidney inquired. "Well, maybe it's the stress of the whole situation here, I suppose I don't blame you. Anyway, there was a particular red color I had in mind for me, but for you, I think we should find a nice white suit. It'll stand out and be very dignified, I think, so let's see..." ... After settling their shopping and departing the store, Sidney parted ways with Owen until the evening- and yet, departing the store didn't leave her feeling positive. There were enough mutters about a renegade in the city to bring dread to her mind, no doubt to her because of Ferdinand. The long arm of the law at work, it seems... Her heart raced faster as she thought of ways to avoid more trouble than wanted before everything was cleared up. People use ashes to color their hair sometimes, don't they? And sometimes white powder to lighten their skin, but I don't know how well that will work being fairly dark, and I don't think you can do anything about eyes. I can dress differently, and, well... am I overthinking this? She ran her fingers through her hair, taking a few moments to think before heading off to her home. This time she was sure to use the back again to avoid as many people as she could. "Mother, father? Are either of you here?"
  8. "Recent report?" Sidney paused to think about what that could be, her mind coming to the few interactions she'd had the day before, eventually thinking of the green-haired bard. Ferdinand, you two-faced piece of garbage... "Well, thank you, Sir Thwomp. I'll have to see what I can do, then, maybe Prince Owen can speak with the Queen beforehand... I don't know how sympathetic she'll be, but I assume he'd be rather upset were I to be taken away, and I'd rather not have to stay at home the whole duration of our stay. Still, I'll make sure you don't regret speaking with me about this- it's different now." She watched Cass and Claire seem to scurry about to dodge Nona. Is she really that bad? "Have you had much chance to see anything here, Owen? We could work on you getting a suit and me a dress, next, if you'd like."
  9. Sidney's heart seemed to skip a beat when the guard asked her the question she was dreading to hear. She looked to Owen worriedly. If he recognizes me, there's not much I can do to get out of this, is there? Ah, all I do is cause trouble for him... "...Yeah. I go by Sidney often these days, but that's me. I've been in Wyke for about a year, and I work for Prince Owen now as an assistant, and we're personally very close, too. It's been long enough that I know better now about what I did before, both times, and yet I can't just go back with you that easily." She shifted around in her spot. Even though she knew the moment was coming, she wasn't certain how to react. "It would be a setback to far more than just me if I were to go away, and I'm sure Owen can confirm he would be displeased with that, too." Do I know him? Maybe he's just better at recognition than other guards, since I look pretty different from what I did when I was sixteen. His kindness seems oddly familiar, though... it's probably nothing.
  10. Strange Encounters "It is intriguing. Tita hasn't had any real relations with other countries other than occasional foreign traders in Koerm. So we knew there were others in the world than us, but to here stories of multiple foreign continents, it's a bit hard to adjust to, don't you agree?" Maximus enquired. But it was Aaron's other statements that interested him more. "What?! You met him? Yes, that's exactly what seems to be the case. But, the person they all spoke of wasn't with any of the four. And if he's the summoner... then that means he can conjure these sand soldiers in large numbers, anywhere across the continent, even if they are weak... this is grim news. Can you tell me more? What was he like- and he used time magic on you and your allies? Was there anything else about the encounter that stood out to you?" Time of Day "Well, I'm glad you're okay. It's fifteen minutes until five o'clock," the assistant responded. "Um, I have some more books to move around, so if you don't have more questions, I'm going to go do that." Silly Shop "Oh, boo! You don't have time for fun because you don't make time for fun. And we're in Madrigal, so you don't have to do most of those at all here," Velvet retorted, rolling her eyes. "Honestly, I can't believe it's possible for you to be so boooooring all the time. Liven up! At least a little bit!" Natalia seemed to be paying little attention at all to Velvet and Kolmar's conversation, speaking up after a bit of silence messing with money behind the counter. "Is there anything else I can help either of you two with?" Velvet's ears twitched after the shopkeeper spoke up. "Um, not right now, I think. But I might have to try the lottery again soon, just not right now- unless you have something particular in mind here, Kolmar?" Snakewear "Certainly, mademoiselle. For those two, just forty-five gold," Cornelius told Telmara as he approached the counter and examined them. "Twenty for the skirt, twenty-five for the blouse, more specifically." Dark Ritual Shylah nodded at Mikhaila's decision. "Then it is settled. Hold out your arm, then- make your offering. You're familiar with ritual acts already, with those talismans, so this likely won't be too painful." Disappearing once again into the purple smoke, this time it was as a white raven that she reappeared on Mikhaila's arm. With a squawk, she raked a talon across the exorcist's arm to draw blood- when she shifted back to human form again, she stood on one foot, moving her hand to the other to transfer the blood onto her palm. "Partly why I don't use footwear. In bird form, which is certainly my most frequent shapeshifting choice, my talons correspond to my human feet; the wings are my arms. Well, I don't suppose you care all that much about that. Let us begin." The prophet rubbed the blood between her palms, placing one hand back on the mask and the other on Mikhaila's face once again. "Mask of the Damned," she spoke, her voice echoing with power, "heed my words. Submit yourself, shadowy spirit, to the will of your wearer! Obey my call through the sacrifice that has been made." Her hands glowed purple, and Mikhaila felt a sharp pain for a moment before a rather soothing sensation after. Shylah scanned over her briefly before lowering her hands. "Well, that's about all, really... How different do you feel? Probably just a little stronger. But, you should have plenty of control now." Mikhaila's alignment has shifted dramatically, +15 dark, -6 anima/light (this is updated). Her talent has also changed from Curse of the Mask -> Mask of the Damned (this is not updated).
  11. "Don't trouble yourself with that! We usually eat late anyway, since they both keep themselves plenty busy throughout the day. My father does plenty of meetings as well," Sidney assured him. The guard's glance at her went completely unnoticed despite all her earlier caution, a bit too absorbed in her conversation. "They'd be delighted to meet you, since we're involved together and you're so important in Wyke too, and my mother's food is always delicious. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!"
  12. "Better to return later? Well, if you say so." Sidney glanced towards the very tall guard whose presence was quite obvious, but whose company she hadn't immediately associated to the trio, and waved to Claire as she followed. "Oh, we were going to have you not look at each other to keep things surprising, weren't we? That's what Cass's idea was, but I guess it won't be that now. Ah, whatever, I guess it doesn't really matter that much. But I agree with Claire, it's good that everything worked out with what amounted to basically just a delay. It could've all been much worse than that- though, maybe I get to tease the Princess about the little visit. Nah... that would just be mean, since it's not like either of you did anything wrong." She shrugged, slinking up towards Owen as the next person whose shoulder she poked, and Cass was not far away. "Hello again! I'm glad everything went fairly well, from you and Cassandra being here and what Adele said. Is there anything I missed? Oh, and Owen, if you don't mind... after your meetings, my parents expressed interest in meeting you too. If you want to come for dinner, I'm sure it would be very lovely." She gave him a somewhat expectant look- surely he'd accept!
  13. Someone to see... Nona sure knows how to make things awkward without knowing it. "Yes, it's very close," Sidney spoke affirmatively, not putting her thoughts to words. The three of them made it to Sylvester's easy enough, and Adele was there too, so their guess had been a good one, though she was almost surprised that nobody had interrupted them on the way there. "That's her, I'm sure. And..." She darted her eyes through the store, the Wykian siblings' pink hair being noticeable to her when focused on. "That's Owen and Cassandra, surely. Excellent, everyone can get ready at once for it." She wove through the street, tapping on Lady Herman's shoulder. "We've found you again! Claire and Nona are here, as well. Hope we didn't take too long that it's all done, did we?"
  14. "Yes, Sylvester's has always had a good reputation... We were considering going there or somewhere similar to get ready ourselves, even though we got split up." Sidney did her best not to act annoyed at Nona- at least she was going to the same place, and it wasn't really her fault that they'd been interrupted what felt like infinite times beforehand. The details of the split-up scenario didn't feel very worth specifying, nor did correcting her on who would be going- but since dodging Nona seemed unlikely, perhaps extending friendship would work better. I guess Claire will be hungry for a while. "Maybe it would be good for us to all go together, in that case? I'm sure you'll be invited, wherever it is. Maybe someday soon enough, I'll get to be married at the cathedral..."
  15. "I didn't know if you want to go to my home still or the store right away, but this should be the right direction either way, I think," Sidney explained. Against all odds, two more people approached them, with one leaving quickly, but... Ahh! How are people so annoying all the time?! "Our morning has been fairly annoying, we keep getting interrupted trying to go anywhere." Her subtlety was swiftly vanishing. "Anyway, if they're doing training, it could be near the military academy. It's an exclusive place, but there should be places nearby that have places available to practice, I think." Well, it sounds believable. I was never behaved enough to go, so maybe that's completely wrong. "That's where I would head, and I think I know here pretty well. If not, there's a lot of open area near the library." That part was true, at least, even if she had no idea if Morta and Nelon would go there. "If I were you, I'd check those two places in that order." And I would leave now, so that anything at all can get done today!