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  1. Telmara (88, 70) uses her Kaya support for the extra 2% hit she needs to wind it up on Cavalier B for 11. Aren't you lucky? (10 exp/1 wexp) Raz (78, 40) also barely hits for 12, with 1 to spare. (96, 35) However her follow up is decidedly less accurate. (10 exp/2 wexp) Whether or not the sand soldier understands Aaron's words (it's hard to tell), it does understand (35, 28) that it just took 15 damage. The javelin in return (23, 99) lands true as well, dealing 6 back. (10 exp/1 wexp) Joviana's Gust (67, 86) blows the Cavalier away, rather literally, dealing 11. (33 exp/2 wexp)
  2. Dwight accepted the bottle he was handed over, nodding. "Thank you. I think that should be enough, and I'll use them appropriately. I appreciate your time, and hopefully this will be effective enough that I won't be in more trouble any time soon." He shook Val's hand, then with a wave, departed the infirmary for his own room. He took one of the pills as instructed, thinking over the realities of the perilous situation that everyone worldwide was now a part of. Douglas... I wonder how he is faring, he pondered.
  3. Time for another enemy phase, the third one! Moves, which I may have clowned up a bit: Fighter B holds, Cavalier A L11, Cavalier B L10, Nomad A M10, Mage A H8, Weston G7 (positions look slightly odd because of Canto) Cavalier A takes a stab at Telmara (57, 84), or a Javelin rather, for 11. Then, Cavalier B trades his bro for the Javelin, (11, 86) throws it at Telmara for 12, then uses Quick Thinker to trade it back! [2 exp over 2 combats] And after that... who even rolls a 100 for a hit rn. nomad A you bitch (100, 27) [1 exp] Fighter B remains overly defensive (aka I do all the moves at once) and bashes Kolmar (63, 49) for 12. He avoids Kolmar too (64, 37) thanks to WTA and the forest bonus. And that's all for the enemies. It's turn 4. Player phase begins. -- Spreadsheet As you know already, the Greatforger tile uses wind to move the sand enemies by up to 7 spaces in any direction. It does nothing to the human enemies, though (Mage A, Weston, and Dimitrius).
  4. The great archer menace falls (25, 13) to a 14 damage hand axe smack. His auto-spacing was not enough. (30 exp/2 wexp) Enemy phase will come soon!
  5. Kolmar makes the big play (37, 94) for 14 damage and the kill on the Monk. (30 exp/2 wexp) Raz bowinators the other archer (45, 97) for 11 damage (93, 42) and gets a sicknasty dodge, and Endorphins gauge. (10 exp/1 wexp) edit: also heals (11 exp/2 wexp)
  6. The next few days went by quickly for Sidney, seeing as she was much more legitimately busy than she had been for a long time. Dinner with her parents and the Prince had went by well enough, and after that she had plenty of preparations to make for the wedding. To be the maid of honor had caught her off guard, but she was sure not to slack on it. So of course her plans were for naught when there were dozens of citizens in the church when she arrived with Cass and Owen. "What gives? I can't believe they're so crazy as to resort to violence over something so petty..." She shook her head, considering her options. Her Zodiac Claw wasn't far, as usual, but to use it against civilians seemed like overreacting just as much as they were. Other than that, she had... plenty of hair bands. Sidney sighed, readying a few of them. "This is absurd. Let's stick together, Cass and Owen... if we have to subdue them, so be it, but even with makeshift, uh, stuff to hit us with, we should be careful." Sidney deploys at (7, 18)
  7. Welcome back snake. Telmara goes to the Raz school of close hit rates (77, 74) and smacks Monk B for 9 damage. She even dodges his attack (73, 44) as a bonus. (10 exp/1 wexp) Joviana connects as well (47, 33) to deal a perfect 14 of the Soldier's remaining health. He was not a lucker dog. (33 exp/2 wexp)
  8. Hello, it's enemy phase time again! Their moves: Soldier B I11, Archer A M9, Monk B K10, Fighter B J9, Cavalier A K6, Cavalier B I6, Nomad A M5, Mage A F6, Weston F4 Soldier B goes for #bigplays against Aaron (21, 74) but only gets #littleplays and does 6 damage. Aaron is mad about this presumably (17, 52) so he hits back for 11. (10 exp/1 wexp) Archer A (40, 26) fires at Mikhaila and does 9 damage. (1 exp) Monk B (54, 40) casts Soul Surge and does a brutal 13 damage to Aaron! Watch out lad. Everyone else just moves mostly. It's turn 3. Player phase begins... with a new friend. -- Spreadsheet
  9. Heals transpire, Aaron on himself and Kaya on Raz! Kaya gets 11 exp and 2 wexp, which makes a level up. (40, 79, 33, 93, 10, 37, 17, 30) HP, Mag, Spd, Lck, Def. Wow! Enemy phase comes later tonight!
  10. This game looks awesome. Super unexpected but definitely not unwelcome, I liked UMvC3 a lot and Dragon Ball is super cool so they are a combination that interests me. I'm glad the movesets are fairly simple because I'm not good at moving my hands for some of the tougher games and the baseline just looks pretty sweet. The Final Flash in a gameplay video I saw destroyed the background when it was used and got a KO, that sort of attention to detail makes games so awesome. I'm excited to see what else will be added.
  11. (4, 20) wrong tome for that Jovi, but archer is donezo nonetheless (30 exp/2 wexp) Joviana levels: (43, 29, 46, 51, 45, 72, 85, 96) HP, Mag, Spd. Also, she hits C tomes.
  12. nice ks Velvet (49, 43) (33 exp/2 wexp) She gets a Silver Bow. Kolmar's aim is dubious (88, 6) but Charm makes him hit. (33 exp/2 wexp) Kolmar levels: (43, 60, 60, 63, 16, 39, 58, 15) HP, Spd, Res. Mikhaila swings (58, 1) and destroys the Monk instantly! 42 damage almost kills him twice over. (30 exp/ 2 wexp) edit: she also sends Mend to the convoy Raz isn't so lucky, (89, 40) missing her first shot, then getting hit back (20, 91) for 15, ouch. At least she hits the second attack (6, 63) for 14. (10 exp, 2 wexp)
  13. Kaya heals Aaron to full (11 exp/2 wexp). He will need it shortly! Then everyone scurries along. It's time for enemy phase. Here are their moves: Myrmidon A M10, Soldier B I8, Archer A L10, Archer B K11, Archer C P8, Monk A P9, Monk B K5, Fighter B K6, Mage A C6, Weston C4. Of course, these positions come with some combats. Myrmidon Image A attacks Aaron (26, 9) for 8. However (30, 34), Aaron makes his talent completely useless still by not missing, dealing 12. If sand soldiers had feelings, Myrmidon Image A would likely be experiencing regret. (10 exp/1 wexp). Aaron levels. (49, 85, 13, 22, 64, 31, 63, 10) HP, Mag, Skl, Lck, Res. thank god, stop getting speed (aaron now has more magic than raz bydeway) Archer A attacks Mikhaila and connects (54, 67) for 8. (1 exp) Archer B is cheekier and longbows Kaya (38, 19) for 13, but he takes 7 damage back from Dragon's Rage. (5 exp) Archer C sees Raz's snazzy new Steel Bow and raises his own Silver Bow. However he didn't factor how quick she was (79, 32), giving Raz Endorphins for her troubles. (46, 30) (64, 69) Raz returns fire impressively and that guy got completely dunked for 12 then 6. I seem to have not thought that attack through well. (10 exp/ 2 wexp) After the archer fails, Monk A uses the opportunity to hit Raz at close range while she's bow-equipped (42, 49), hitting her for 10. (1 exp) That was a lot of fight for turn 1. But, now it's over! It is now turn 2. Player phase begins. Spreadsheet. Even though it's already on this page.
  14. Mikhaila finishes off the Fighter (28, 56) pretty easily for 10. 33 exp and 2 wexp for her makes a level. (80, 77, 34, 22, 99, 34, 28, 81) Skl, Lck, Def
  15. Aaron hits Fighter A (17, 88) in the face for 11 damage. He doesn't like that much, (27, 74) and swings back for 9. (10 exp/1 wexp)