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  1. "... It is baffling," Dwight commented on the footage. He had been content with letting the younger pilots ask questions, but this was different. "If this is not a sort of tampering, then it appalls me as to what our enemies are capable of. How did they get this far? The sort of technology this is, to trivialize the ANF's defenses like so, it has to have been in development for years, if not decades. And yet we knew very little about them... it is concerning, and appalling, that this is the scenario we are in now. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before..."
  2. Disappointment (a 5, "it doesn't work," was rolled) The three spellcasters channelled their magic onto the wreckage in an attempt to clear things. For a moment, it seemed that it would work- there certainly were flames burning the wood, at least, but they were short lived and petered out, with only a few planks or so crumbling, and nothing close to a path that could be traversed. However powerful the magic was in battle, it didn't seem to have quite the same effect here. "Hmm... how unfortunate. Perhaps I have overestimated the similarities of this Irradiate tome to proper fire spells, and it may not be suitable for burning wood after all. My apologies for this unsuccessful endeavor," Yarvus commented. "We'll have to listen to Miss Velvet, then, and go the longer way. A few miles northwest, then, surely? Any other direction we could go would be a waste of time, so I'd assume that's what she meant." "It is northwest," Velvet confirmed. "If you have those maps ready, Raz, those would be helpful too so we go the right way specifically. I'd not want to lead you all the wrong way when we can't afford to go slowly. As it is, there's no point dawdling when it didn't work- let's just say better luck next time and move onwards." She started to lead everyone onto a dirt path with a surprising amount of turns to it. "It used to be that a lot more people lived near these parts of the river and ocean before technology progressed to the point that we could transport water more easily across Titan, so there are lots of old beaten roads- probably why there's enough information for Raz to have maps of here," she explained as they walked. The trek was uneventful, for the most part, but that wouldn't last long...
  3. "Destroying the obstructions?" Jarvus seemed surprised by the prospect, but smiled after a few moments. "It hadn't crossed my mind, but I can provide assistance if you want, Misses Gran and Josephine. While my anima knowledge is rather poor, I am more focused in Light magic, and I possess an Irradiate tome that is not too different to scorching the wreckage with your fire magic. With our combined skills, we can have a real chance of making this through much more easily." He withdrew said tome from his robes. "We should work together at the same time for the best chances of success, I would think."
  4. (fuk u marth) Journeying Onwards Trine Castle proved a much better place to rest than in the fields that the group had rested in traveling- the rooms provided were quite luxurious and comfortable. Still, with time of the essence, they were off early enough the next morning to travel towards Koerm's capital, Port Veiro- and one of the places that had been robbed of treasure. As they left for the docks to take the river and reach there more quickly, a sharply dressed man on a horse overtook them before dismounting his steed and bowing. "I was fortunate to catch you all before you left. I am Lord Yarvus Johnson, a knight in service to the Mazzarin duchy, and the Duchess requested I accompany you to assist on your quest in search of the Gifts and combatting the actions of Timaeus," he introduced himself. "I am at your command for as long as you deem my presence necessary, both in and out of battle. I possess some skill in the magical arts, and have received training from Duke Reid himself to further hone my abilities, so I hope not to disappoint. Now then, with that settled, I understand that it is important to make haste- I'll not chat on any longer. I'm sure you've had quite an earful from Duchess Ashley already." ... Chapter 5: Thievery's Wake January 5th, 963, 11 AM. Ford River, Trine. The aquatic journey across the Ford River towards Veiro went smoothly for two days, but it was just before noon of the third day that trouble struck- on the horizon were wreckages of a trio of other ships lay in the way of any hopes of any further transportation. "This is terrible! Whatever happened, they've completely blocked off any way of getting past... trying to ram them would be far too risky, and we don't have the manpower to try and dislodge them at all," the ship's captain told the passenger group, shaking her head. "Who knows when such manpower can arrive?" "We are at quite the impasse, then," Jarvus noted. "Are we to wait here while the time mage Timaeus has free reign to roam across Titan, attacking and taking from whomever he pleases, while we lack mobility and possess poor leads as to what he could be up to? Truly we've found ourselves in a dire situation." "Well... we're not terrrrribly far from Veiro, are we?" Velvet spoke up. "It's usually about four days by ship from Fordright, and we're part of the way through our third day. It's unfortunate that we've been delayed, but if we were to depart the ship and walk... we could probably make it in three days if we're quick by foot. That way, we could notify the city of the wreckage and see if they can deploy a crew necessary to clear it for others- or if we're lucky, we could even find some help nearby and make the journey even quicker. I wonder... could Timaeus be responsible for this? He seems to hound us at every turn, but to anticipate our movement would be absurd, unless that's another quirk of his magic." "I wouldn't suspect this to be his work. From my observations, Timaeus is a very meticulous fellow," Jarvus proposed instead. "This sort of chaotic attack is very different from the organized siege on Fordright. Still, the circumstances in which we are in seem far too unlikely to be a complete coincidence. There are hostile forces about, but I would bet against them being due to anyone's own actions against us, rather simply a product of the volatile times we live in." "Perhaps so." The demicat shrugged. "In any case, if you wouldn't mind, we could use the gangplanks to reach the shore and begin from there. It seems much better to me than simply sitting about while our ship is anchored. But I can't help but think that our way being obstructed is a sign of ill omen ahead of us... let's go on." Leaving the ship didn't prove too difficult- the ship could come quite close to the shore without being in danger due to the steep banks of the river, and the planks were sturdy enough to support even Telmara's weight, though Jarvus's horse was briefly spooked. "Now then! If I remember correctly from past travels, there's a military outpost that isn't too far from here, a few miles at most," Velvet began again once everyone collected their bearings. "Since we're close to where the river meets the sea, and... well, it's not that close to the boarder, but close enough. Maybe the soldiers there would have some clue as to how to handle the situation at the river. It's not likely that they'd have a perfect answer, but it's northwest anyway, on our way to Koerm. Unfortunately, we're only about halfway through the journey in terms of distance, since it's much easier to travel in the open ocean. Setbacks like these will only serve to make our journey even more of a struggle, but we'll simply have to make the best of the situation."
  5. "Ah!" Sidney smarted from the spear attack she was just under. Today's not my day for dodging... Still, although her attacker right there, she felt a bit more opportunistic, backing away and looking instead towards the sky for an easier target. Sidney to (8, 9), Steel Bows Reliant 1
  6. "It is rather mystifying," Dwight agreed with Tristan, though somewhat more politely than Roxanna. "To be Captain, she obviously had to have passed the specific tests required for the position, and her results must have been quite good in order to pilot a ship at an age as young as her, especially a brand new vessel such as the Riese. The most obvious answer is that while she was spectacular under the simulations she was given for testing, she is struggling to have consistent results when presented with real-world scenarios. She wouldn't be the first person to have that happen, though her results are a bit more... extreme than is typical. It is largely the social aspect of being a Captain where she falters, which isn't something that is learned through tests. I can't claim to truly understand the situation either, Ensign Calvin."
  7. Patient Planning "That and more was taken. I doubt any of the other ones are even of remotely comparable power to the Cosmic Dream, and yet... it is a grim omen. What exactly Timaeus is planning isn't clear, and that makes it much harder to figure out how to stop him," Ashley observed. "It is only obvious that he wants power, but what exactly does he want to do with it? He calls himself King of Time, but the Throne of Dreams cannot simply be taken by force. And nobody would support someone like him, who stages attacks and thefts... well, maybe a few Councilors with twisted priorities, but I digress. In addition to your own search, we will be continuing our own research in Fordright as to what could be occurring. And, hmm... if you'd like, I could assign you a guard to bring along. We are still very defensive with the siege freshly in our mind, but that can't let us ignore what is happening in the outside world, so someone extra should be helpful, I would hope?"
  8. Dwight sighed as the battle concluded. Even though it had gone well, the fact that Hannah had the difficulties she did meant that there was room for improvement. "Well, not all battles can be completely smooth sailing," he remarked off-handedly. Fortunately, what seemed to be the group's biggest difficulty yet was still not a complete failure by any means, seeing as they were victorious, after all... and that Hannah was ultimately much tougher than any human. Jess had left, but Roxanna and Tristan both remained as far as people he spoke with very much at all went. "There's room for improvement, but ultimately it was a fine battle. We have plenty to look at for ways that future battles can be made better, and unfortunately, we will likely have to keep engaging in these sorts of battles with Apotheosis. Still, when approached correctly, no situation is truly impossible."
  9. Sidney scoffed at the attempts of the soldier, his lance hardly coming close to hitting her at all. Two machete strikes left him in a rather sorry state- the wyvern riders circling nearby seemed much more frightening, though one of them was probably lower to the ground than he should've been. She looked towards him, somewhat unnerved by the surrounding Deirans. If this fails, I'm in so much trouble, but... Two months ago she would've hardly considered putting herself at stake for anyone else, but that was where she found herself, aiming her new bow at the flying target. Sidney to (10, 8), uses SILVER BOW on Reliant 3
  10. no flavorino on this internet Sidney to (12, 12), equips Machete
  11. Amassing Power "Well, he seems to be alarmingly successful with his goal of gaining this power, if he's to defeat the finest lancer in Fordright," Ashley agreed solemnly with Raz. "I must set to the city's affairs, and especially its defenses. Not including Sir Maximus's Iraxen, we hold another weapon with storied history in the city." The duchess gestured towards the person in the now-lone occupied cell. "That is Zodiark." The figure moved somewhat, but it was impossible to discern anything about them beneath a strange navy blue cloak. "We know almost nothing about him, since his cloak is impossible to remove. He doesn't eat, probably doesn't sleep, and rarely speaks, but he was caught as a prolific assassin using the dagger known as Nightfall. And never does he explain himself beyond saying it's for the best, and occasionally asking to be set free." "Of course, letting him free would be absurd," she continued after a brief paused. "The last person he killed, and the reason he was found, was Duke Therum after his renouncing the Black Queen. Nightfall was confiscated from him, but unlike Iraxen, we have not entrusted it to the use of someone skilled in our services... it is too dangerous. I shall have its location changed to a different secure location immediately. I am sure Lady Elizabeth in Fernait is on guard of her Windrunner now. And Commander Thalia holds the Balmung, the most powerful sword." She frowned. "But those are the ones we know of. There may be other powerful items across Titan we are not privy to the information of... and the tome he stole from Jotun was the Cosmic Dream, which my husband found and archsages were researching in Jotun under safe conditions. It is frightening to behold, from the one display I was privy to." The young duchess paused for a few moments to catch her breath. "That said, I suggest you stay the night still. Depending on your direction headed, we may be able to grant you extra supplies. If you wish to track down Timaeus, and you think Veiro the best place to visit for that, we could also provide transportation freely in the morning. Whether there is your priority, or if you want to go to Jotun, or elsewhere- that all depends on your own plans, but the duchy promises to aid as much as we can." Simple Transaction "The physic staff for you, then." Nathaniel handed over the staff after counting the gold, his expression at last somewhat more positive with the completed sale. "I wish you luck on this journey of all of yours." The talk of visions seemed to be rather beyond him, and he didn't ask more, simply looking towards a book behind the counter that seemed to be one of the few non-magical volumes in the store.
  12. Dwight Trusts Astin if hit, if not doesn't do anything
  13. Oh... Sidney hadn't expected the battle to start quite so suddenly, with both Cass and Owen advancing right away, and the old lady waving some sort of staff at her? It was a bizarre sensation, but somehow an emboldening one. She certainly couldn't just let the Gaffney siblings advance while she did nothing, so instead she readied one of her bows to fire at the mage nearby. Sidney to (9, 13), Steel Bows the Mage
  14. Dismissal Morris didn't seem to have the courage to answer Kolmar's pointed question, and after a few moments of quiet Ashley clapped her hands, Sir Ronald appearing swiftly again and unlocking the cell door when she pointed to it, binding Morris's hands before taking him away. "Perhaps he'll reflect on his cowardice and loyalty to gold in jail. In any case, I hope that was at least somewhat conductive to finding a new place to go on your journey," the Duchess began, probably ready for another longer tirade, before Ronald returned again. "Duchess Mazzarin, I gave the prisoner to one of the other guards since I was relayed news. Duke Reid and Sir Maximus were attacked during their travels... it seems to be by this wizard again. Sir Maximus is apparently very injured, and is being kept for healing in Madrigal, and Duke Reid is returning as soon as he can. Jotun had three important tomes stolen, apparently while the more public attacks took place, including the one Duke Reid had sent for further studying..." "What?!" Color drained from Ashley's cheeks as she heard the news. "But, the two of them... and that tome, this is terrible. That certainly explains the bizarre behavior of these four attacking people, but if Fordright suffered so much during a decoy plan, what are we to do?" "Er, I don't meant to alarm, Duchess... but there were important weapons stolen from Koerm as well, at a similar time..." Ronald continued. "And... lastly there was even almost an event at Madrigal. But, it was thwarted by the Knights as well as the visiting Dionetian soldiers, yet there was nothing to catch but sand again. Sorry, but better you know than not... Duke Reid should be back in two days' time." The duchess shook her head in dismay, seeming lost for words after she had so many to speak before. "Well, I have much to attend to now... you are all still free to stay, of course, but I need to address this much changed state of affairs. Your theory certainly seems more confirmed now, Miss Raz, so make of that as you will." Heal and... longer heal Nathaniel moved the mend staff away from the counter before answering Kaya, gesturing to the two staves in turn. "Heal staves are five hundred gold. The physic staff will cost you one thousand two hundred gold."