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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "You're not sure?" That makes things harder... I'll have to improvise. There were four items in the chest, and she glanced over them all. "Well, here's some money, I'll assume that's yours. This staff probably isn't all that useful... nor does it even look particularly of the helping variety... the book could be from here, and this spear is a kind civilians use sometimes, isn't it? You never know if it's needed for self defense, so I'll leave it with you. I'll only bring along the staff then, and you can have the rest." Sidney placed the pouch of gold, the book, and the brandistock at the foot of the tree before looking at the next chest and starting to open it. "Why are there two of these? That seems very inefficient." Sidney only takes Misfortune.
  2. You are all tired of Marthipan's shit and make him take his pants and go home. Marth- Vergil, the Mafia Dark Slayer- Lynched Day 3 Also, you hear a message: "Nice scumplay idiots" Wow, this message writer is getting lazier and lazier. Night 3 ends in 48 hours! Wow an accurate to rules phase time for once!
  3. What's the matter, Prims? Town got you pushing too many pencils? Prims- Dutch Schaefer, Town Jungle Hunter- Killed N2 You hear a message again: "Cardflip in OC sucks." Since I delayed this phase long enough, Day 3 will be 47 hours and 50 minutes to end on Sunday, November 19th at 11PM, unless anyone has serious objections. Or another 12 hours lynch. That also changes phase timers.
  4. Normally phase end would be in 40 minutes but I'm not sure I'll be able to post deadline then. Consider that deadline anyway, but Day 3 might take several hours for me to post. Sorry!
  5. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney was sure to be slow when acting with this girl, brushing her hair aside and adjusting her glasses so as to not obscure her face at all. We're here to drive off the invaders and defend the people... but they have to trust us for that. "Some of it's yours?" she asked cautiously. "I'm pretty good at working on these kinds of locks... here, how about I open this up and you can show me what's yours? Then you can have it back, and whatever else the Derians took are better off not in Deiran hands."
  6. Votals: Walrein (10): Literally everyone who voted Halloween ended over two weeks ago! Nobody wants Walrein's costumes anymore. Walrein- Edna Mode, the Mafia Super Costume Maker- Lynched D2 You hear a message again: "I bet my role is better than Walrein's." It's now Night 2. Normally phase ends are 48 hours after deadline but I will be at work at this time. So, unless I get all actions early, phase will have to end at Friday November 17th at 5 PM EST. Get going!
  7. Well, well... turns out that the music was a ruse, seeing as you've all managed to survive. How boring. This time the day is 48 hours 4 minutes long. That means it ends November 17 at 12 AM EST... get going! Also, you hear a message, which I'm not putting in a quote tag this time because it looks stupid: "Good news, everyone! Nobody blocked my very powerful night action."
  8. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    New Destiny Khan smiled, patting Aaron on the shoulder. "Fear not. I believe you have the potential to be someone great with this someday, Sir Aaron Lawson. And I swear I will not waste this new opportunity for me, either." He raised the Lionheart imitation overhead just as he had the real one, chuckling. "I am quite certain with my decision. Let us both go onward with a different outlook, and may you use your nation's treasure to bring honor back to Titan." Aaron trades the False Lionheart for the Lionheart! He also replaces his old talent, Destiny, with New Destiny. His hearty disposition became confused with Raz's question. "The Emperor's approach? How do you mean? We did not know of Titan's leadership troubles until we visited here for ourselves. New between continents travels very, very slowly because of how far we are from each other, and the route being unknown. It is almost unheard of from the same people coming directly from Dione to Titan, and then back- even the rare traders who stop here usually visit only in multi-continental journeys. If we had known, this journey would have been quite unusual. The Emperor wanted to speak with your leader in order to continue forming alliances across all of Dominus. After unifying Dione, he visited the other five continents- they are all much closer- then finally here, only to discover that there has not been a proper ruler here for years. That has made our initial objective difficult... but the Emperor decided that, at least, we should begin preliminary discussions with Commander Thalia, since she is acting leader of your capital."
  9. Wow those votals I posted sure didn't change at all. Go look at them if you want to see final votes! What matters is that Snike is not getting up from this 10 count. Snike- Rocky Balboa, theTown Italian Stallion- Lynched D1 Also, you hear a message: Well, now it's Night 1. You'll have until 11:30 PM EST on Tuesday, November 14th, to submit any night actions you may have (48 hours and 20 minutes from this post). Good luck.