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  1. "Ooh, now isn't this place just lovely? I knew we would be well off to like somewhere quiet" Sidney giggled as her and Owen entered the shop, giving a small wave to Morta and Ceirch. "You've never seen oatmeal, Morta? It's not my favorite, I think it's a little bland to have too often, but it's not so bad that I'd compare it to Kearney." She approached the counter, smiling at the old man who seemed strangely familiar; maybe she had been here as a child and not remembered. "Good morning! Hmm, I think me and Owen would like to know what's available. Do you have anything sweet or fruity?"
  2. there still are I think this game is going to be 17 players based on modest interest received. I am still iterating on the setup, so this may change, and if interest goes up or down that is also a factor. It will be some time before this starts still basically.
  3. "Well, that wouldn't be much fun at all! Unless you want to spend most of the time hiding around the city, looking for opportunities to go anywhere... maybe it would be fun, just in a different way." Sidney teased. "I would have to teach you all the shortcuts in Tytila! Or just how to be sneaky in general, which I think it's safe to say you don't think you have much experience with- sorry, dear." She squeezed Owen's hand, then started with him out the door. "Whether or not that would be interesting, there's no need for it, so let's just make the most of our time instead." Walking past the guards, Sidney swung her arms slightly to the side, making sure that they noticed exactly whose hand she was holding. I think that should put any concerns about me to rest! "Anyway, I'm only hungrier now that I've been thinking of all this. There are lots of nice, small stores, hidden little places amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. I'm sure we'll find somewhere we both fancy soon enough." Sidney leads Owen to some breakfast place that isn't the Golden Experience
  4. it's not full signups and some people have expressed interest but not in the thread @kirsche
  5. "Fair enough, Captain Gefalscht. So long as..." Dwight's comments were cut short by the arrival of Brant, who provided dire news. "An attack right now? That's among the more inconvenient timings, but... nothing that can be helped. Russia is not in the EU, nor ANF. What is Apotheosis thinking?" Well, if they were cooperating with the ANF, and the dealings went as far as the Kremlin, perhaps that was enough to Apotheosis to consider them as close enough, but it was certainly strange. "Is there anything I can do for this, Captain? It would likely be best to alert the crew that they will have to put aside their differences for the time being, in case difficulties arise with this transportation- and given the short notice, I can see many ways this may go wrong."
  6. This is a followup on my previous interest check, because some people expressed interest in a traditional town and mafia OC game instead. Please post if you're interested so I can know how many players to make this game (I think there are certainly enough to have a game). This is the ruleset I will be using. Compare and contrast them to the NOC game Revival of Mafia Mafia. Game rules: 1. This game is Outside Contact, or OC. You can talk to any player at any time as long as you're both alive. Please invite me to any PMs on SF and any chats you make on Discord (my discord is reinfleche#2095) or Skype (my skype is reinflechezero), though Discord is preferable. If you don't have Discord, it has a great web client at and it will probably benefit you to use it. 2. Don't quote your role PM (or if you have a role that could possibly find another)- paraphrase instead. If you want to quote other things, feel free. If you want help from me to fake a quote, I will do that too. 3. Similar to the above, sharing screenshots is strictly banned. If you want to screenshot something for future reference, you can put it in your role PM. 4. Do not invite players who were not in a PM from the start into a new one, with the exception of substitute players. 5. If you attempt to modkill yourself to the advantage of yourself or your team, I will make sure that it does not benefit you. Please just don't do it! 6. Editing your posts is allowed. Don't edit your votes. Also, please tell me/screenshot what you edited if you do so. 7. Ask me if you aren't sure about something. I will be as helpful as I can. 8. Don't be an asshole. Games are for fun, don't try and give other people a bad time. Setup information: 1. There are two known factions in the game, the uninformed majority Town and the informed minority Mafia. However, both of them have the same win condition, "You are aligned with the Town/Mafia, and win if all threats to your faction are eliminated, or if this is in some way inevitable." There may be other factions. 2. This game might have items, I am not sure yet, but I am leaning towards no. If there are no items... don't claim thief! 3. This game will not feature any hidden players. 4. This game will not have a fool, lyncher, or any variants on those. (if you don't know what these roles are, great, they suck) 5. Death may or may not be the end. 6. If your role PM contradicts the rules your role PM is correct, except for rule 3 and 4 of setup information. 7. You may not self target (unless your role PM says so). 8. Investigative role results are not guaranteed to be accurate. 9. I am not sure what phase this game will start on. All phases will be approximately 48 hours long, with the exception of Day 1 which will probably be 72. 10. Whoever has the most votes at the end of a Day phase will be lynched. There are no minimum voting requirements for anyone to be lynched. If 2/3rds of all votes are on a given player at any time as determined by me, I will end the day phase early if I can. 11. If the Town is in a mislynch or lose OR a lynch correctly or lose scenario, I will alert all players at the start of the Day phase. This will only account for a single hostile faction, however, if there are more in the game- so they could possibly be in trouble even before this. 12. I am not a perfect host, I might make mistakes in role PM phrasing but I try to be consistent. I will do my best not to make any major errors. As mentioned before, there is not currently a number of players yet. Ideally there will between 15 or 19, something like that. I am not sure when this game will start, I have not made the whole setup yet so I will need time. At the very earliest it could be about a week from now. Also I might want a co-host. But I'm not sure yet.
  7. Gauging interest, who would want a possible normal OC game after the end of EiMM and the current NOC game? I have some ideas but if not enough people are into that right now it might be better to hold off. A couple people I've asked have expressed interest but not sure it's enough to make a game out of
  8. "Mm... she's your sister and my friend, Owen. I have faith in her that she can make up for it all, given time, and I doubt that is misplaced... I think she wants to make everything better, too." Sidney brushed her hair aside, smiling as he confirmed the story to her and kissing his cheek. "Thank you, dear... it feels liberating to be able to be free to walk the streets of Tytila and not watch my back. So, I suppose it's only fair that I use that chance to tour you of it now!" "But, where to start is a good question- I didn't really have anywhere in particular in mind, I just thought it would be nice to view the different places. There are sometimes performances, but in this weather, it might not be very likely. Hmm." Sidney took a moment, looking back towards his bed. I didn't really think this through. "Well, f you haven't eaten, we could always stop somewhere for breakfast. Everyone likes the Golden Experience, but I always thought it was overrated. Not that the food is bad, but for the price point... well, even some of the nobles balk at that. Not to mention some of the frequent visitors aren't terribly pleasant." I bet Ferdinand's not too happy with me being let off, sour bastard. "I like quieter places, anyway. Not being able to hear over my own thoughts always annoys me, much less each other. Does that sound like a good idea?"
  9. Prophecies "Hmm. I would say that you arrive in Calimdour some day seems very likely," Regus agreed. "I just think it is important to keep in mind that that the details can be ever shifting, so do not trust it absolutely." He paced back and forth a bit, mulling the details over. "A strange laugh and golden claw... I have my theories as to what that could mean, but no way of being sure- by themselves, the ideas are rather far-fetched, so I won't trouble you with dozens of strange variants that could all be completely wrong. There are many paths ahead, and perhaps that too is a detail that could change." In Celebration "No? Well, I suppose if you are a traveling fighter, then the armor can still be of much use. Regardless, there should be no issue housing the eight of you," Ashley explained. "You're right, though, it is questionable! I was appalled that they would ask for such things. Exemptions can be important for things such as help funds or public works, but when the wealthy are complaining while the less fortunate are suffering even more, I won't hear about any of their nonsense. Some families of power are selfish- it is the duty of the Duchy to keep that in check." She sat at the table, taking a few slices of ham and potatoes for herself. "I'll have rooms cleaned up for eight, then, so all of you will have a spot for yourselves. And if you'd like, I can have literature from the libraries delivered to you as well. You should all feel welcome." New Spells "A Conflagrate tome will cost you nine hundred gold," Nathaniel responded. He didn't seem to heed her comment very much, picking up a copy of the fire tome from behind the counter and placing it on the desk as well.
  10. Dwight gave a brief sigh as he observed Jess's confidence seem to crumble again at his points, which had been rather the opposite of what he was attempting. "There will be a next time, even if not this specific scenario. I can't imagine that the road ahead will be one without difficult decisions to make, Captain. But they can certainly be made easier. And... I will take your word on the stutter." He was largely skeptical on that, but it didn't seem to be an argument worth pursuing. "I would advise caution when dealing with the more upset members of the crew, Captain Gefalscht. Juria in particular was particularly unhappy to see Abigail simply walking around with Brant, and had... I assume some very choice words of Japanese, I admit I'm not fluent in it whatsoever, but the tone certainly didn't lend to being pleasant. It is hard to fault her on her anger, considering recent events, so I would think it best that they be kept separate whenever possible."
  11. also faust in 2017
  12. just because it's a realistic representation doesn't make it one of the shittiest and least interesting role designs possible
  13. Sidney couldn't help but flush at Owen's nickname for her, avoiding a giggle which would likely be in very poor taste. "Freya did a lot of it, really. I mostly found where you were, then held off two of them, no fighting involved. I was so confused with what they could be doing, what they thought they'd gain by capturing you, but when I was sneaking after I climbed up to the window, I heard one of them mention they wanted to sell you to the Derians- they just capitalized on the people who were actually upset about the wedding to take you instead. Well, they chose the wrong prince to try and kidnap with us around!" She took his hand, giving it a light squeeze. "Not that I could name any other princes, personally... Ethel has no children, of course, and other than that I have no idea. Maybe my father would know, but I don't really care. Until that information becomes important to me, then you're the only prince I want to be around anyway." Her expression softened a bit at the mention of Cass's own struggles. "If that's how she feels now, then... I don't want to say that's good, it's not that, but... how should I say it? I'd rather she regret her actions than, well, if she didn't regret them and was totally different now. I don't think I would be able to face her if she kept acting like that. But that's not the case, so I'll be sure to talk to her when I can. I'm sure we'd both like to stay friends, especially in such difficult times." She smiled cheerfully at that prospect, and that Owen liked her idea. "I'm glad you think so! There's been so much happening that it's been hard to fully appreciate what it's like being back home. But it'd be a shame for you not to experience some places here when we might not return for a long time. Oh, and before we go, I almost forgot to ask. It seems obvious, but you were the one that mentioned to the Queen not to keep looking for me, right? I can't imagine how else it happened, but... it means so much to me. Fearing that guards would come and take me away in my own home was a horrible feeling, so... thank you."
  14. Sidney opened the door with his permission, shutting it behind her and merely looking at him for a few moments. He seemed to be in as good of physical shape as she'd seen him, and while she hadn't expected him to suddenly be much worse off after resting, the concern that she hadn't done well enough had lingered in the back of her mind. "I'm glad you're alright," she spoke up, approaching him and kissing him briefly, then sat down on and fell over onto his bed. Affection had its time and place, but too much now would certainly be unwelcome. "I know you must be having a hard time with this... I'm hardly as close to Cass and Adele as you, and if it was difficult for me, I can only imagine how hard that was for you. So, I didn't want to bother you in the aftermath. But, I also recognize that moving on like nothing happened is impossible, so... I guess I mostly wanted to say that I'm here for you, if you ever need to talk with me." She pushed herself up, realizing a bit late it was likely undignified and somewhat intrusive for her to lie on his bed like that. "Sorry about that. I'm just a little shaken. You guys are pretty much my only real friends I ever had... I was too haughty and vain when I was younger to understand the importance of that, so for that to change was good, but now that I've made friends, it's difficult for me to have those friendships strained. I don't know how to speak to Cass yet about it all. And Adele, well... I hope she likes where she gets to stay. That much, I'm glad I could help with. Coastal Raewald is beautiful and rather quiet, so maybe it'll be a good change of pace for her." "Anyway, I haven't even gotten to what I came here for." Sidney shook her head, taking Owen's hand. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come for a walk. There's still plenty of sights to see in Tytila, and maybe we could get breakfast together... it would be nice to just relax with you for the day. I understand if you have anything else in mind, or if you're busy, but if not, I think it would be lovely, don't you?"