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  1. Dubious Pride Albano inspected the axe at Aaron's further mention of it. "I can't say I do. Axes are not ranked highly among famous weapons, as people generally seem to prefer swords for their style. And even so, the axes themselves tend to be more mundane, such as a Brave Axe- very common among skilled axe wielders, but that tells much less of a story than, say, the Masamune or Zodiac Spear. The only axes of true fame I can think of are the Lionheart and the horrible Axe of Madness. Clearly, it isn't the former, and I would hope you would never boast about the latter." "As for the ambitions of those who refuse... I cannot say for certain. There are too many Councilors to make a collective judgement call on all of them. For Duke Glaivor, it is a simpler explanation, in that he is extremely paranoid. There is almost nobody he trusts other than himself, a trait of his that dates back to his days as a warrior. Duke Bereen is complicated, in that he is generally a supporter of provincial rights. Fernait has done well under his rule and many of the possible candidates want to make nation-sweeping policies that he dislikes. Neither of them could stand someone they have any issues with on the throne, even if it would lead to Titan as a whole benefitting. Were only the five of them to all agree- the approval of all five Dukes has in the past overruled an unruly Council like this one. But that does not seem to be in our future." Cool Party "Well, then we have ourselves a deal. A pleasure to be of assistance," Cornelius spoke agreeably, counting the money and handing her the dress. "If you ever feel the need to dress yourself for a different occasion, then the Silver Lining is always open- well, nine to seven on weekdays, ten to three Saturday, Sundays off, and with national holidays off of course." Present and Past "Well, she is just doing what the law says. But a lot of people are just resistant to change, even if it's good. They don't like her being in charge instead of a Monarch," Layla explained. "If you ask me, I think most of the people who dislike her are that sort of resistant, ignorant, or just greedy. As for lore- what do you mean? History? There's the library for that. Or if you want to hear about famous people, there's Monarchy Hall and the Heroes' Shrine." She looked up at the front seat. "I hope the Councilor gets here. Higana looks really annoyed too."
  2. "Tea leaves?" The mention of the new tradition was of interest to Sidney rather quickly. Am I really so childish as to believe that? Perhaps it would be fun, but... She hesitated before rummaging through her pockets- as little money as she had, fifty gold (so the sign mentioned) was still something she could do away with. "Well, there's only so much that can really go wrong with tea, right? I haven't made any in a long time, but surely if I can follow instructions well enough then it can't be that bad. Yeah... I'll get those. That could be a fun afternoon."
  3. Dark Gaze The woman smirked at Mikhaila's first statement. "Do I really look like a guardian? No, I have no place in the lack of creatures here. But with the Order of Knights so prevalent, it would surely be impossible for them to flourish. Even in the Black Queen's time, they would be vanquished in an instant. Not like the wilderness of Rathuum, or even the type of ghouls that would lurk in smaller cities. The people of Madrigal are disciplined, especially as the next age of darkness draws near." She snapped, appearing to vanish in a purple smoke, before her voice spoke from behind Mikhaila, and she sat cross-legged atop a small wall. "The mask... there are no texts you could hope to find of it. It is an artifact from the Lost Age. When the King then ruled in those dark times, the people attempted many desperate rituals to gain enough power to stop him. One of them resulted in that mask... of course, it all failed. It is a powerful artifact, one that surely even your grandfather would struggle with." She laughed knowingly. "How easily I can read your thoughts. But to me, the mask is but a trinket. The bloodcasting it allows you to access is feeble compared to my own powers. I am Shylah, youngest of the Magi, the Dark Prophet. There are many futures that could lie ahead of you, and the seven you travel with in hopes to find something to rid you of it... Yet you don't know what exactly you search for, just the hope that one of them could solve the problem you have. Isn't that right?" Chilled Taste "Ah, the Frosty Mantle, or so the tailor called it. You'll find it's very helpful in the cold," Cornelius advised. "For you to purchase it, that would be six hundred gold. Do you consider that to be satisfactory?"
  4. "Oh, of course. It is rather late." Sidney felt rather sheepish for being at the store at the late hour, though it hadn't exactly been a specific destination she was planning to visit. She looked around at the shelves, before realizing once again she was strapped for cash. How did I not remember to take anything at all from home? There has to be at least some in my room... It'd be rude to not say anything. "Well, I don't know exactly what I'd get, so maybe tomorrow would be better. What, uh, sort of things would you recommend for me to get, anyway? Mostly came by because I was curious, not with any goal in mind."
  5. Festive Dresses "Certainly, mademoiselle. We have quite the selection available. In fact, I may be able to think of some things with dual functionality if you'd like." Cornelius lead the way to an aisle in the store, and picked out three dresses and a white robe. First he showed her the three- one orange with a red flame pattern, a yellow one with a dark blue electricity pattern, and a light blue one with a purple snow pattern. "These may look ordinary, but they're quite durable to wear when traveling. And in addition, they're resistant to the elements shown! Or, alternatively, if you just want something to put over your normal wear, there's this Seraph Robe, made long ago. It has no such resistances, but is said to be very healthy to wear through magic. Of course, we also have more normal clothing, if you'd prefer something more specialized." Same Old Song and Dance "Wow, that sure must be exciting. I don't really have adventurer skills, though, so if I was traveling it would be as a musical band or something. I didn't know there were magic schools in Vespen, I thought most of them were in Jotun. Then again, I'm not a student of magic, so what would I know?" Layla looked around the hall with some annoyance that the performance hadn't started yet. The woman on the stage, Higana, seemed similarly annoyed. It took a few moments before Layla pointed to an empty seat at the front. "Oh, great... Councilor Georus is late. He has enough power that he always holds up shows, since he says he'll get the place shut down. Lots of people make a big fuss about what the Commander does, but at least she's an honest woman who looks out for the people. I don't care how many of her investigations she starts, because most of the people she does them on are scumbags anyway. Oh, but you're not from here, you said- do you hear about those? Recently an awful lot of people are upset with the Commander since they say she's overreaching her power since she's not a real Queen. But, it's been four years of all the greedy people getting away with too much because of that. So I think she's doing great."
  6. "So you say..." Sidney frowned at his statements, briefly pondering how much truth there was to them, but the crowd of people around them was increasingly unnerving to her. Some of his statements seemed fair enough, but others conflicted with what the younger man she spoke with earlier said about him taking interest in current events. And the smile on his face was not encouraging her on terms of his sincerity. It took her a few seconds to realize the hand he extended to her, where she shook her head. "No, not me. I've asked what I want to, and I suppose those are the best answers you'll give me. I'll believe my eyes before the word of anyone else, so until I figure things out... I have no interest in that, nor any place here." Sweeping her own hair away from her eyes, Sidney made her way past the small group of others. What's the matter with me? Am I seeing things too much when they're not there, or is Ferdinand just a cheeky jerk as he always was? There's never really an answer out there... She found herself wandering off throughout the city, until she looked up and had no idea where she'd found herself. The... herbalist?
  7. A Refined Experience The neatly-written sign was likely a good indicator for what Raz was to expect upon visiting the store. A sharp-eyed man in an equally sharp suit glanced at her as she entered, and he made a sweeping gesture with both hands towards the available clothes. "Good afternoon, mademoiselle. I am Sir Cornelius, and I welcome you to this establishment. Your clothing seems somewhat worn-down from travels. However, fear not- choosing here clearly shows that you have exquisite taste for fine dressing when the practicality of road-wear is not required. What may I interest you in on this day? Perhaps something for the upcoming Year's Beginning festival, or even just any given formal occasion?" The Interregnum "Well, if you seek her, she is not hard to find. There are countless tales of her exploits in Ibis, with criminals finding themselves injured or slain almost every day. And her style was always... distinctive. Yes, in all facets of her life, Sierra is certainly rather unique." Albano again gestured towards the painting. "You can see for yourself that her black armor and orange cape are certainly far from the whites and blues of the Knights. But as for battle, her two-sword offense is equally different. Others seem to always fail at it due to their lack of familiarity with the idea, but Sierra uses the two blades with both elegance and deadliness. Your own weapon... it does not seem standard issue, is it? We examine a great many here, with some of the originals preserved for historic reasons, though we do not often display them." The elder man nodded at his story. "You are correct. Commander Thalia has been considered to be appointed Queen several times, but the Grand Council find her unsuitable, unfortunately. She has the approval of three of five Dukes, which is the most that can be reasonably expected of anyone. Duke Argalian and Duchess Eliza both grow weary of the interregnum, and approve of most candidates so long as they have passable standards. Meanwhile, Dukes Bereen and Galivor are both too self-centered to put their egos aside for the good of the nation, and deny almost anyone. Lastly, Duke Mazzarin considers people on an individual basis- but those he agrees are fair-handed enough do not suit the wants of the Councilors, who also act out of self interest. At the same time, Reid refuses to compromise his principles. He believes a second poor ruler, especially after such a long period of deliberation, would send Titan even further into despair. Most people seem to agree with him and find the Council's attitude incredibly distasteful. Rightly so, if you ask me. The six Monarchs chosen in the Heroic age barring Ursula were all fine leaders, and there are good people like them that could lead our nation. The refusal of the Council to agree with the people is abhorrent behavior. And yet it seems unlikely they would ever support a kind-hearted leader barring someone who has done great feats- like Sierra. I doubt even Bereen and Glaivor would be able to deny her. If you believe your destiny is to pursue such righteous feats as her, then pursue them. I will certainly not be the man to tell an optimistic youth they have no chance at heroic deeds. There is potential in us all for greatness." Amped at Music "Yup, I'm from the city!" Layla responded loudly enough that a couple in front of her turned to give an unpleasant look, an expression she seemed to completely miss. "There's so much to do here that I don't leave a lot. Sometimes I visit Fordright with my family, though, it's very pretty there too, and I love the boats on the river. My parents are both musicians themselves, they played instruments in a famous song! It's where I got my name from. When I'm done with music school, I hope my skills are good enough that I'll get to play here plenty. I may not look it, but I'm pretty good at the cello. What about you? You look kind of strong, but you haven't been here when everyone totally should, so are you a Knight?"
  8. Well, I feel slightly less forgetful if he can't recognize me right away either. Sidney gave a bitter frown, and vicious glares at the bandmates' insinuation. "Your song... was it not meant to be something familiar? You said it might be to some of the crowd. What was it supposed to be about, then? I'm not sure I believe you that it was all a big coincidence, especially because you smiled when you spotted me."
  9. "Hmm, well thank you very much for your assistance, you both. I'll be trying to attend to that now." Sidney gave the younger man a knowing nod before slowly weaving through the crowd, but keeping her focus on the musicians, and specifically Ferdinand. She knew the Golden Experience would have plenty more people than she'd like to encounter, but trying to talk at the stage would bring far too much unwanted attention too, so she stopped them instead along a relatively quiet street, tapping the green-haired noble on the shoulder. "What are you up to?" she spoke accusingly. "I saw you notice me, and the comment you made. Was that terribly necessary? And yes, hello Ferdinand, it's been a long time, and as you seem to already know I'm still not interested."
  10. "Oh well, as I said, I'm not that renowned," Sidney dismissed the confusion. The mention of a name made her thoughts click, but she did her best to not show it. Ferdinand... He liked me when we were younger, though I didn't feel the same. Probably why I forgot him. So maybe the song has a level of... jealousy over the stories? "Do they go on for long, usually? As I said, pleasant or not, I think I know a few reasons he'd at least give me time of day, but I'd rather not make a big fuss about it."
  11. Apprentice Bookkeeper "Okay, just being sure. My boss would be really mad if anything happened," the girl spoke, adjusting her glasses. Upon standing up, her youth was more readily apparent, notably with her being shorter than Kaya. "The Gifts and Fire Emblem... section C of the third floor, take the stairs up and head on right at the top. The Emblem is sub-section 3, which starts about midway through the second shelf. And for recent history, that's easy. It's right there." She pointed to a pair of shelves on her left, labeled "Modern History" by a card with fancy handwriting. "For magic, the entire left half of the fifth floor has a lot to say on it. There's a section for every kind of magic, with works both historic and recent. If you have other questions, there's a bell at the top of each floor. Or you can ask now too." Modern Heroes Albano watched curiously at the young man. "Perhaps so. The origins of heroes and legends are varied. Young Sierra was much the same, visiting often and saying how she would protect everyone and be here one day. With the conviction she spoke of, we may have been wise to have started the tablet featuring her even ten years ago! Then we could fill in the details." He chuckled, pacing in place a bit as he went on to explain more. "She's been here three times since this event, and many before. When she was a knight, she would always regale us with stories, and before then she would come help paint. An intriguing girl... I don't think she considered being Queen for an instant. She said it would be wrong for her to take the crown after stopping the wicked woman who wore it just before, an abuse of power. Instead she ventured off to Ibis, hunting thieves and evil mages that threaten the peaceful lifestyle there. She is fierce, but thoroughly optimistic, even to the point that it may be her greatest weakness. She thinks there is good in the hearts of all, and would rather spare people until proven wrong. The Black Queen was the only person I can think of she truly hated. Often left out is the dozens of other times she wanted to challenge Ursula, for as strong as she is fighting the many whose minds were tainted by evil magic would surely fail. Then finally, on that fateful day, the Queen was arrogant enough to accept." He touched the painting, pointing at the scene. "In truth, Sierra's chances of losing the battle were almost nothing, but the Queen overlooked her as just a fed-up knight. Had she looked into her past, she would likely have been more wary. Sierra's rise to her rank before the battle was quick, due to her skill when she joined the Knights at 15 and her extensive training before. To date, she's never lost a duel, and considering she's not from a noble background, reaching Sergeant Major so quickly was nothing less than remarkable." After his explanation, he looked to Aaron. "What do you hope to do that would bring you here? Have you a goal in mind, or just confidence?"
  12. For the Road "Ah, the traveling type. Well, you certainly don't look like anyone I'd no, so not a surprise there. One of the exploring types, perhaps?" the barkeeper thought aloud, retrieving the four bottles for Kolmar. "That's ninety gold total. If you are in a group, you're certainly not the first. Saw a few odd fellows last night, mostly complaining. Only one of them seemed at all pleased. Had an unusual-looking hat and coat, but seemed to make off well." Literary Mind A small young woman was sat in a chair that Telmara walked up to, eyes closed until she spoke up. "Wha-! Oh, uhm, hello. Sorry, everyone went out to hear the man on the horse, so I was resting a bit." She gave Telmara a look over briefly, taking a few moments before pointing at her tail and asking, "you'll be careful with that, right? If it damages any of the shelves you'll have to be held accountable. But if you are, then I can direct you to anywhere you might need to see here." Sing-Song "No, both halls here have the magic barrier up at all times. It's so that the two halls don't interfere with each other. I heard that they got the person who made the sound spell here to make one for the Council's meeting room, too, so that people wouldn't be able to find out secrets! The spell has probably existed for a long time, since this is a really old business. It's nice to meet you, Jocelyn, my name is Layla." She took the mage by the arm, heading to the row she talked about. "Well, let's not just stand around! It'll start soon, so we want to be seated for it, right?"
  13. Forever in Memory Aaron entered the modest stone building near the southwestern corner of the city. On the inside, however, it was far more extravagant. Mounted on the walls at every turn were paintings, stone tablets, or works of writing depicting acts of valor. Many small sculptures were placed in alcoves as well. Some of the acts more easily recognized to Aaron included a painting of Tyrius's use of the Balmung to slay hordes near the Dark Portal, what was likely his favorite in a sculpture of King Peregrine holding the Lionheart, the lancer Baldur defending Cirinne III from an assassination attempt, and most recent of all, the unmistakeable duel between Black Queen Ursula and Sierra Tairn. "Do you like them?" an astonishingly old man in light brown robes asked the visitor. Despite his appearance and slow speech, he seemed to have no trouble moving. "It is our duty at the Heroes' Shrine to keep history and remember the great deeds that have let our society be how it is today. The most recent tablet was finished only weeks ago. We do our best to maintain everything so that those with reverence for history can understand what happened- especially important when an Age draws to an end. I am Albano, current curator of the Shrine- I remember much of these events myself. One hundred and nineteen years ago was when I first was born to Dominus, just before the dawn of the Heroic Age, and I may yet be fortunate enough to witness another begin." Looming Darkness Mikhaila's city exploration lead her down many streets to see different buildings, though every once in a while she heard some strange noises. It appeared to be a rather fruitless search in the hunt for anything unusual, until a woman's voice spoke from behind her. "What are you looking for, purifier? Madrigal is a city of light. There are no lurking specters for you here..." Her words, though quiet, had a slight echo to them as she stared at Mikhaila with deep green eyes. Long white hair, pale skin, and shadowy tattoos gave the exorcist a clear impression of her skills. "You're always on the hunt for darkness, but it's your greatest ally. The mask strengthens you, but I know you'd get rid of an instant despite its power. Has that never struck you as foolish?" Performance Preparations "Right you are, ma'am! I'm sure it'll be a delight. Here's your ticket, and it's up the stairs on the right here. " Sure enough, almost directly up the stairs she found herself in a gigantic array of seats in a semi-circle. A small woman, presumably Higana, paced back and forth on the stage as many other people were preparing instruments or music, pointing to people at varying intervals. "Isn't it so exciting?" A younger red-haired girl spoke up next to Joviana, arriving just behind her. "This is my third show to see her, it'll be a blast! You're lucky there were tickets, they sell out a lot, so I bought mine six weeks ago. The fifth row has the best non-reserved seats for hearing everything. Even though they use magic to amplify the sound while blocking the other rooms from hearing it, it's better to hear it up close!" Books, Clothes, and Stories Raz was given a brief nod from the two men before she made her way to the square. She, too, was confronted with the same commotion that Kaya and Telmara had dealt with. Despite the demihuman's appearance, the horse-riding man seemed to pay no notice to her- it was a large enough crowd that even with her abnormalities, she was difficult to single out. Several different people in the crowd seemed to be addressing him at once, some angry. "Our negotiations are meant to be diplomatic ones. It would be ridiculous of us to try and claim land here when our Empire is thousands of miles away and only mere hundreds of us have arrived on your continent. The Emperor's vision is one with only the grandest of intentions for all the nations that we could involve in this great alliance! To reject the plan without even meeting him lacks great foresight. I, General Gawain, have felt nothing but pride working alongside him in this noblest of goals, and I implore you all to consider what prosperity it could bring." The library's doors itself were unobstructed when Telmara dragged Kaya along through the crowd. Even through its windows, bookshelves from floor to ceiling were visible everywhere. Whether or not the dragon priestess's interests were in the books or a more immediate area were the only thing that could prevent their entry. For Raz, someone as nimble as her had no trouble darting through the crowd to find at least two stores- MadrigalMart seemed to have a few options for clothing among a myriad of others, while Silver Lining was a more dedicated shop to outfits.
  14. Suspicions "A shame indeed. Hopefully the investigation shall vindicate us as in the right and we can resume normal hours soon," the dark-haired man agreed. "As for rules, there is currently a fifteen hundred gold betting limit per evening per customer, as per the Commander's demands. Similar rules are in place at nearby establishments. It's considered a precaution, but to limit the spending of those who are wealth seek to indulge themselves too is a far reach. But to ignore the words of the Commander would end poorly for us, so we abide." House in Rouge A blonde woman waved to Joviana as soon as she entered, smiling widely. "Welcome to the House of Rogue! Our music soothes the mind to allow for a time of relaxation and enjoyment for our listeners. We have two shows on our different floors today. On the first floor we have a free entry showcasing some newer artists displaying their craft, while on the second floor we have the renowned Higana conducting a brand new piece of her own, entry only five hundred gold! Do either of those sound interesting to you, ma'am?" [first show- gives +1 res for the next battle. second show- gives +1 spd/lck/res for the next battle.] Commotion in the Square The National Library was located just near King Tirigus Square. A six-floored building, it has literature from all across the continent, ranging from tales recounting historic occasions across Titan, the personal writings of King Mattias detailing his hardships when under suspicion, to books written even in the past few years, including excerpts from Magus Noctus's "Examining the Secrets of Magic." Reaching the library, on the other hand, proved difficult at the moment. A vast crowd of people in the square seemed focused on gathering around a single man in orange armor atop a horse. In his hand he held a long silver axe, and he gestured to those around him. "... It is a shame to learn that a lack of full leadership plagues the nation and continent of Titan at this time. But nonetheless, we of Dione come optimistic to develop a relationship with your county. In six days time, our great Emperor will arrive here in your capital of Madrigal to speak with this Commander that leads in place of a monarch. We hope to make the best of these talks for all involved after sailing so long to reach here. For as far as Titan is from the other continents, spoken of only quietly to us as the Land Blessed by the Dragons, we of Dione are a compassionate union of nations!"
  15. "The Golden Experience? They sure must have a lot if they frequent there often, or perhaps I underestimate how lucrative their musical ventures are." The man's looking made her a bit nervous, so Sidney thought quick to make an excuse. "Ah, well maybe you've heard of me... Sidney Faren. I've been traveling a lot, so I wouldn't be a big name here, so you might've just heard my name mentioned in passing. Or not- I'm not that famous." She tried playing it off a bit, and thought she did pretty well. The other man's comment surprised her a bit, and she shook her head. "No, no, I wouldn't be looking to join them, but the song interested me. I was looking to talk about some of the, ah, inspirations for it with the singer. And I might have a few stories of my own he might want to hear. Do you know him?"