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  1. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    If you've not seen, the Discord has the setup pinned (at the bottom of the first page of the spreadsheet there is a document with all the role PMs as well). Congratulations to the Town for winning SFMM5! We may do a short writeup, and plan on doing an audio postgame as is now what I do for basically all my games. If you are interested in participating, DM me on Discord (IIRC Omega is the only confirmed participant thus far), though I don't want it to get too crowded.
  2. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    lynch time -- Killthestory, you are Refa, the Wife. You’ve built up quite a resume of games, having played for quite a while now. Beloved by much of the playerbase, you’re pretty popular. Just look at EiMM, where everyone wants to team up with you when you’re playing! But, you also have reputation of always rolling scum in regular games. No fair bro, it’s not your fault everyone rigs alignment except you! You’ll just have to do your best to prove that you’re a wonderful townie. As one of SF’s dearests, at day you’ve got the power of your vote counting for two on your side. However, your belovedness comes at a price- if you die, the next day there will be confusion among the mourning, and all votes will be done in PM for that day phase. They will be revealed only at the start of the next night phase. In summary, you are the Lightkeeping Mayor. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- It's Night 8. That death effect activates and all votes have to be done in PM tomorrow. You have 24 hours but don't make me phase end at 3 AM.
  3. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    hi boron happy birthday jaybee! No deaths. It's Day 8. Day 8 ends Saturday at 2 PM (in a bit over 48 hours).
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Serge (10, 12), Nelon (9, 12), Accolon (8, 11)
  5. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Actually I'm just going to shorten the phase end time to just under 24 hours (3 PM EST tomorrow). There are only 7 people left so 48 hours is really not necessary.
  6. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    votals: read them -- Marth, you are Boron, Forgotten No More. Finally, you have made it into your first SFMM as a role. You probably could’ve been in SFMM3 and almost definitely should’ve been in SFMM4, but you were not. Now you don’t really play mafia (actually I haven’t talked to you in quite a while hi Boron), but you’re not just gonna let people forget about it now that you have a chance! You have never liked OC as far as I know of and are here to take revenge on everyone for leaving you out of the fun and games. You will not go down forgotten! Each night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: WITNESS ME, USER!” Not only will USER will target you with all of their night actions, but anyone who visits USER will also target you instead of their intended target as well. You have infiltrated the town in secret and have replaced Jaybee, the Birthday Boy. For the purposes of all investigative results, you will appear as the following: - Marth, you are Jaybee, the Birthday Boy. Lucky you- every day you get to celebrate the joy of turning eight years old again! This joke has almost been around for eight years itself. You used to be a lot more active in the SF Mafia community, but even these days you haven’t left completely, and are usually around every once in a while for a game. Not this one when I asked you on Discord, though. Sorry Jaybee, are we not good enough for you?! It’s time to celebrate! Each night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Celebrating my 8th birthday at USER’s house!” USER and their friends will be partying it up with you all night. Every action done by either USER or anyone who visits them will instead target you. In summary, you’re the Martyr+Decoy. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. - In summary, you are the Godfather Martyr+Decoy. You are aligned with the NOC Diehards and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- It's Night 7. Submit your damn night actions. I guess phase ends in 48 hours but come on.
  7. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    this phase end is technically late but i wanted to watch the smash direct sue me BBM was killed! He was: -- Brooklyn SullyMcGully BBM, you are Shinori, the Rager. You’re a long time player of the scene, but you have a bit of a reputation for often getting distracted during games and getting mad at people. But you swear you’ve put game distractions in the past! And alright, you get mad at things sometimes, so what? Everyone gets mad, what’s being insinuated here calling you the rager, huh?! You’re not getting too defensive, everyone else is! Maybe Eury wallposts at you too much irl. Your anger makes you powerful. If you vote for anyone who’s voting for you first, your vote will count an additional 1.1 times… your decimal vote will mess around with ties a bunch. That’ll show anyone with such audacity! In summary, you are the OMGUS Mayor. You are aligned with the Town and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- It is now Day 7. It ends in about 46 hours at 10 AM EST on Friday August 10th or earlier if there's a hammer.
  8. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    votals: this day is less than a page -- Ampharos, you are Prims, the Reverse Networker. You’re a big fan of NOC and have hosted a lot of NOC games. Your preference is strong enough that around when you started hosting a lot was when SF became mostly an NOC site when it was about 50/50 before. Ironically, despite the fact you like NOC better and have a lot of experience with it, you’re actually pretty good at OC as well. However, this time a line has been crossed. Back when YOU co-hosted the SFMM games they would never be OC! It’s time to fix things up. You love Insomniac, it’s like your favorite role. In fact, you are an insomniac, and can post in the thread at night! So useful! But, there’s more- you wish to expand your love of Insomniacs to others. Each day, you can respond to this role PM with “Day X: USER, join me to talk at night, just like in good old fashioned NOC.” USER will gain the power to post in the thread with you during the next night. You like your mafia roles to have multiple parts, so this one has an extra part too. Each night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Inspecting USER with my gun.” You will learn the full role PM of that USER. However, you won’t actually kill them with your gun, mafia full vigilante is not the kind of stuff you put in your wholesome mafia games. In summary, you’re the Insomniac Barista Rolecop. You are aligned with the NOC Diehards and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- It is Night 6. Night 6 ends at 10 PM EST on Wednesday the 8th (about 48 hours) or if I get all actions in before then. Which I should, seeing as there are only 9 players left.
  9. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    alright i'm not even pausing votals are the ones i did before + elie and marth -- acidphoenix, you are Omega, Mad Max. To be honest, I wasn’t sure to say for you at first. It was a clear call that you were a relevant enough part of the community, but I didn’t personally know you all that well besides that you were pretty chill. But then IDNSFMM5 happened with your legendary rants back and forth with a certain someone else. I thought you were a big NOC only guy, but then you had to go and sign up for this game, but whatever, you’re staying on this team. You’ve always been a rather composed and relaxed individual. If you partake in your team’s factional nightkill, you won’t show up as a visitor of sorts on any role that checks that. The one way you seem to lose your composure is when you narrow in on a 1v1, or rather where you’re from, the Thunderdome. Once in the game at day, you can announce in thread, all bold and as your entire post, “USER! Join me in the THUNDERDOME!” As soon as a host sees it, you will kill the USER you name, and the day will continue on. This will disable your passive listed above for the next night since the Thunderdome will have made you lost your chill. In summary, you’re the One-Shot Dayvig Ninja. You are aligned with the NOC Diehards and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- It's now Night 5. Night 5 ends Sunday, August 5th, at 2 PM because this is an awful phase end time. That gives you 60 hours and 36 minutes, which is pretty long but whatever.
  10. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    I am home, but probably not staying up for too long since I have back to back shifts. D5 Votals acidphoenix (6): Amph, SB, Evan, Via, Sully, Iris Cam's vote is of course nulled. With 12 alive 8 votes is hammer. We may or may not be around for hammer but will try to do so as soon as possible if it happens.
  11. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Still not home but confirming the above. Unfortunate situation to be in but felt this was the fairest call to be made all around. Sorry about all that folks.
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney's eyes darted across the ship, assessing the severity of the situation. Which was pretty bad. Those two...! At either end of their ship, Apellon and Arteria loomed, but they were not the most pressing concern yet. Not far from the plank the pirates had used for boarding, past where Owen had struck down one of the mages, stood another, and that marked her target. "Let's go, everyone! I say there's only room for Captain Montana in these parts!" Sidney to (9, 14), Silver bow on Sage 2
  13. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    It's time for me to say farewell. weinerboy was lynched! He was: -- Euklyd weinerboy, you are Reinfleche, the People’s Champion. … allegedly. It is neither entirely clear who the people you’re championing are, nor who appointed you a champion. But, you’re tired of this garbage political stuff, and have left office for the last time. It’s time to pursue your real passion. Step one, stop being a governor, you’ve completed. Now it’s time to rely on the power of prophecy! The only problem is that does involve you having to be correct. Also, you’re not really sure of what comes after step two, but it will probably be great. You love third parties, so it’s time to cause some mayhem. You like to be unpredictable, and like roles that are too… but you’re going to have to play pretty clever to unlock them. Each night, you must respond to this role PM with “Night X: Predicting the deaths of USER1, USER2, and USER3 soon.” Depending on how many people you guess right (as in, they die either that night or the next day), you will gain some abilities to use as well for the next night. This ability can’t be roleblocked and technically does not target, but your unlocked abilities are not immune to any such tampering. They are as follows: -0 correct: You were wrong. You get nothing. Play your cards better! -1 correct: It’s a start. This night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Stirring up some trouble for USER.” OR “Night X: Let’s not worry about the details involving USER”. Either you’ll stop USER from using any of their night actions, or you will stop all night actions from targeting USER for that night. -2 correct: Hey, that’s pretty good. This night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Using advanced cardboard box technology to find out about USER”. You will learn who targeted the USER in question as well as who they targeted as well. Metal Gear is still great, okay? -3 correct: You’ve done it perfectly, so it’s only fair to unlock the best power! This night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Now it’s Rein time, USER!” USER will be killed. Sure is a lot better than in the governor days, huh? One more important thing is to be informed so you can properly guess. Each night, you can respond to this role PM with “Night X: Combing the spreadsheets to learn about USER”. You’ll look through the various SF Mafia databases to figure out USER’s role PM. In summary, you’re the Prophet. You are aligned with the Schemers and win if all threats to your team are eliminated. -- You see a couple of additional notes as well: -- Welcome. The two of you are the Schemers, Paperblade and Reinfleche- a Wolf duo of hosts neither aligned with Town or NOC Diehards (that's the mafia). Your role PMs and mod-provided fake claims will be posted in the following messages. Additionally, the two of you have some factional abilities. Firstly, between the two of you there is 1 BPV that will protect from any kill except a lynch. Secondly, if the Paperblade role dies first, the Reinfleche role will inherit the Arsonist prime and detonate ability- similarly, if the Reinfleche role dies first, the Paperblade role will inherit the rolecop ability. Lastly, if the game somehow ends such that all players are dead, the Schemers will be declared the victors. and supa: It looks like you'll have to do everything yourself now. Well, you're the remaining host so it's time to enforce all the rules! You've acquired a new ability. Each night you can respond with either "Night X: That's an infraction, USER." or "Night X: Modkilling all rulebreakers!" The first will mark a player for the use of the second, which will kill all marked targets. People previously marked by Double Kick count still, which is a bit of a mixed analogy. You don’t have a limit to how many times you can use either ability. (This doesn't count as a real modkill.) -- The Schemers are eliminated. If the 14 of you remaining somehow manage to all kill yourselves, they'll win still, but that's out of their power. It is Night 4. You have until 6 PM on Thursday, August 2nd, or in approximately 48 hours.
  14. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Phase End Votes that matter: weinerboy (10): Ampharos, SB, dyachei, Via, CT075, weierboy, acidphoenix, killthestory, Athena_57, Elieson
  15. SFMM5 Game Thread- Town wins!

    Nobody's dancing furiously this time. Currently these are the effective votals: acidphoenix (2): Omega, weinerboy, killthestory