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  1. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Kaya heals Joviana back to full HP [15 exp/2 wexp]. (47, 36) Raz chunks the cav for 14 [11 exp/1 wexp]. On other phase (56, 91) Koerm Cavalier A deals a savage 21 to Merc B [36 BEXP/170 TOTAL] and then steals his spot. Koerm Monk A, meanwhile, (23, 8) roasts Fighter B with Irradiate for 30 [33 BEXP/203 TOTAL], and Koerm Monk B (58, 93) does 15 to Cavalier A [36 BEXP/239 TOTAL], sending a Speed Vial to the Convoy. Lastly, (7, 10) Judas uses his killer axe to cut Soldier A down real quick [30 BEXP/269 TOTAL]. Enemy phase time: Usavrn goes first (14, 86), hitting Joviana for 21 (26, 40) and taking 9 back [14 exp/1 wexp]. Next Archer B tries to finish her after triggering All In, (90, 70) but misses (22, 14) (76, 17) and takes 17 then 8 damage for his efforts [10 exp/2 wexp]. Mercenary A goes after Judas, (1, 37) (83, 59) (73, 18) hitting for 11 and 5 and dodging Judas's counter. [1 BEXP/270 TOTAL] Fighter C also goes for a finishing blow, (90, 27) but misses, (45, 27) and gets crit for 36 for his troubles. [30 BEXP/300 TOTAL] Last but not least for enemies, Valerie carefully aims down her bow. "Mister Whitman... Are you really so foolish?" she muttered under her breath. (80, 18) She let loose a fierce shot, barely missing his neck but still connecting with his shoulder for 13 damage [1 exp]. "What are you doing?" Shylah snapped. "Of any way you could go, you walk towards her? I don't need your help, so quit following me! You'll regret it... and not just because of her." It's Turn 7, the second to last. Player phase begins. the spreadsheet. Also, pretend Fighter C is dead, I forgot about the Killer Axe I just used. Try not to take about a month for this turn?
  2. CYOR III THE FINAL - Sign-ups

    Start time doesn't personally matter to me
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney shrugged, brushing her hair aside. "I doubt that either of us have a significant amount of naval experience that either of us could make a sure claim of confidence that we're going to be amazing as a captain. But I think I could at least get things in line on the ship with letting everyone know what to do if people wanted me as first mate instead. Whatever is decided on as what's needed from me, that's what I'll be doing, and I'll do as best as I can with anything." Decima was much more charming, at least. "Beats me... thanks for all the help, Decima. I hope the conditions are nice so we can make it as smoothly as possible and have a safe voyage. Though, that is a good question. I'm not sure we do have enough for that one." She looked over the three ships. "The small one won't do at all, but the caravel, that one could work. It might be a bit tight, but I'm sure we could make it work, probably with much more ease... I wonder," she spoke up after a moment of thought, "if it's worth taking both of the smaller boats? Well, I'm not sure it's useful to have two, but it has to be worth at least considering, though maybe not. We wouldn't want to split who's able-bodied enough to crew the boat too much. Hmm... perhaps it's best left to theorizing."
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney scowled at Esclabor's insinuation. "I didn't say I was an excellent captain of years of experience on the ocean, but I was certainly doing more with it than just playing around as a toddler... I can't say for sure if that's more or less than Baron Ceirch would know having his father a sailor, and perhaps knowing the way around Wykian waters would make him better suited to the position, but I thought it would at least be helpful to volunteer. At the least, I could be first mate and keep things straight on the ship." Still, Decima's plan sounded good. "The more, the merrier, probably. Hopefully, our path is relatively simple, but it might not be so easy... perhaps luck will be on our side, but it's better to be prepared for the unfortunate, so everyone scouting would be really nice."
  5. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Mika vulns up to 24 HP. (28, 75) Nice chip Velvet [11 exp/1 wexp], for 9. That makes C Hidden, and a level up. (86, 29, 20, 8, 77, 34, 11, 51) Strength, Magic, Skill, Luck, Defense! (66, 46) (17, 46) Joviana and Fighter B exchange magical attacks, dealing 14 and 11 respectively. [10 exp/1 wexp] Joviana levels up to level 10. (64, 41, 18, 78, 68, 21, 63, 9) Magic, Luck, Resistance.
  6. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Nobody has ship experience? Well, maybe none of the people you know from Wyke, but you're speaking too soon for me, Baron Esclabor," Sidney spoke up cheerfully- this was perhaps the most useful this facet of her background learning would ever be. "The Montana family always made its name by trading, and I've been on my fair share of sea voyages with my father's ships- traveling, helping, even a bit behind the wheel. I'm not perfect at it, of course, it was never my strongest affinity, but if nobody else is up to the task, then I think I can do a pretty good job of leading the way." Meanwhile, Decima also had her own valid comments. "It's true, work on a ship isn't for everyone... if you ask me. it couldn't hurt to scout, surely, just to be certain that this isn't too good of a situation to be true. It looks like the coast is clear to me from here, but I suppose that we'd rather be better off safe than sorry, don't you think?"
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Well, that took long enough, but for the most part, Sidney did feel better. "I appreciate it, Lady Nona." She could stand on her own just fine now, though she still didn't like the look of the burns on her right arm and side, and her clothes would definitely need some fixing before any more serious combat attempts. "Well, I'm not in perfect shape, but... I'll be alright, Owen. Thank you." She wrapped her arms around him for a moment to hopefully abate his worries, but didn't hold him for too long- he had plenty to worry about. "Mm... you're probably right, Lady Nona. As much as I do try helping and to be of assistance, it's probably not wise, nor would I be very effective with my sorry state right now as things are." She lowered herself down slowly, just to be careful, rubbing along her still tender ribs and chest. "Ohh, I don't think I'll like how this feels later, either... but I do not want to inflame it any more, since that would be worse, so resting myself is probably still for the best. I have... there's a lot I don't want to think about or talk about right now. I don't think I'll actually fall asleep, but if I do, wake me if you must, I don't want to delay everyone." She leaned back, drifting off a bit.
  8. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    I'm an IO you fuckwits
  9. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    i ctrl+f people's full username if it's usually shortened if i'm trying to find specific posts which usually works pretty well, or if not something like their member title or location
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Well, at least someone was helping her. Sidney took Freya's hand, slowly, carefully bringing herself to her feet as she did over a few moments. It was a bit dizzying, almost, as she was still dazed from the explosion and flashes, but she made it up, leaning on the armored woman until she could push herself off and support her own weight well enough. "Th-thanks, Freya..." Now that she was already standing as well as she could be expected, she had a simple enough time staying there, but still she felt pretty miserable all things considered. Walking hurt a bit, but was definitely possible as she listened to Owen outlined possible steps to take. "I'll help if you need me. With the villages, or with anything else you need," she spoke hoarsely, certainly far worse sounding than her normally clear and confident voice, wheezing between breaths. "I'm... going to need some help myself first, though... can someone please bring a healer over towards me? I'd prefer it not to be the other way around, with how limited my motion is right now..." It was a strange feeling, almost of complete helplessness, as she shuffled about in place rather weakly, not straying too far from Freya's side in case she felt like she was about to topple over again, maybe at her physical worst she'd ever been in her life. It was all something of a rude awakening, the village practically crumbling, and just when she'd thought she could end the madman, he managed to escape a clean cut and bring even more chaos and pain. "... Sooner rather than later would be nice." She felt some amount of irritation at being almost completely ignored despite being right next to the situation- dire as it was, surely it was a good idea to take preventative action against the situation becoming worse, yet here she stood, battered and beaten down to her lowest.
  11. IDNSFMM5 - Signups

    You don't need it? Oh, alright. I guess we won't host it.
  12. Alice in Amexitland Mafia - Capitalism Wins

  13. Alice in Amexitland Mafia - Capitalism Wins

    or Grace but keeping up with names in 2018
  14. Alice in Amexitland Mafia - Capitalism Wins

    ##Modrevived, not player revived! Now it's Rein time, Manix