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  1. FE3 Book 2 Reversed Recruitment LP

    Get hype, time for the finale to begin! Chapter F-1: Stat Update:
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Passed a class that they might have been worried about. Congrats!
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Posted a mobile twitter link.
  4. Post a fact about the person above!

    Got a new computer.
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Presumably meant torn?
  6. Grand Hero Battle of Deliverance: Sluice Gate

    The usual clear: @mampfoid @Landmaster @daisy jane @Nanima @Sasori wow, Lugh and Raigh did a lot of work on that first EP. Nice Job! Takumis putting in fantastic work, as ususal.
  7. FE3 Book 2 Reversed Recruitment LP

    Time for the showdown with Hardin. Chapter 2-20: Stat Update:
  8. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

  9. Wow, Mareeta! That's pretty cool. Can we please get normal Mareeta and also her mom and dad, IS? Berkut is fine, but Corrin and Tiki are lame. I can think of around a dozen characters that would have made more interesting choices for a Fallen Heroes banner.
  10. FE3 Book 2 Reversed Recruitment LP

    Just the one chapter this time: Chapter 2-19: Stat Update: Well it seems the dracos were changed into starting enemies, at least on Lunatic. FE3 enemy AI is super weird when escaping. It seems like enemies can only leave once per turn, even if the leave tile is open, which is super bizarre. It's not just a unique sprite, it's a wholly different class with different bases/promotion bonuses which are superior to regular bishops in every way. He gets 2 extra skill and 1 extra strength, speed, defense, and resistance. Maybe it has something to do with him being Excalibur's inheritor, who knows. Just a symptom of Kaga being seemingly super biased towards wind mages and wind magic, I guess.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Revisited this one too. @Landmaster @mampfoid @Sasori @daisy jane @Nanima Not much to say here, wasn't nearly as tricky to figure out as Marth's.
  12. Legendary hero battle: Marth

    Returning for a 1-turn: @mampfoid @[email protected] @Landmaster @daisy jane Had to break Minerva and Morgan's support for this one, Minerva ended up with too much def otherwise.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle: Alm, Saint-King

    For some reason Tibarn taking out the blue mage was really surprising to me. Dude is just buff AF. Good job on the clear! Yeah it's not, but it goes to show how with proper planning you can make just about anything happen. Hinoka didn't even have the boost from her PRF to help. Good job on Infernal! You'll figure out Abyssal some day, I'm sure.