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  1. A thief, apparently.
  2. Likes Zeke Sirius Camus.
  3. I'd ship it. 8/10
  4. Ask how comfy it is sleeping with those things on his head.
  5. Quite nice. 8/10 I'd only ever heard the TPDP remix before this. Forest of Magic - Touhou Puppet Dance erformance
  6. Is really Eevee-ing it.
  7. Do you bike/cycle at all? idk probably sandwiches or something
  8. Beyond mortal comprehension.
  9. Do you like brisket, if you've had it?
  10. Hasn't watched Kemono Friends.
  11. Likes one of the more controversial parts of the MCU.
  12. hhh

  13. hhh

  14. His contains an unacceptable lack of Tita.
  15. Can't spell banned.